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Amazon tired of dominating, wants to submit:


(repost with reformatting to make easier to read)

She worked at the shell station. I was entranced the first
time I bought something in the associated mini mart. She
was very tall, even statuesque, with long blond hair, a
proportionate body, and about my age, but looking fabulous
for it. But it was her smile that got to me the most. It hypnotized
me and brought my smile out too. I found myself buying things
in there when getting gas, stuff I didn’t even really
want. I just wanted that smile. Somehow it warmed me and
I couldn’t get enough of it. She was friendly, sparkly
and that smile did me in every time I saw it.

Eventually she must have moved on and I never saw her working
in there anymore. Oh well, no more need to buy stuff I didn’t
need, but I missed the warmth of that smile. I still had fantasies
about her even though I no longer saw her.

Then one day, while having a favorite IPA at local watering
hole, she walked in on those long, long legs and her comfortable,
confident, easy manner. I smiled at her as she sat down next
to me at the bar and I was rewarded by that smile. “I miss
you at the Shell station.”

She looked surprised, and said, “You remember me? And
where I worked?”

I told her that I used to go in to buy things just to see her
smile. She smiled. I melted.

“You really came in just to see this middle aged woman
who is way too tall?” She asked me.

“Are you kidding me? You’re gorgeous, no matter what
your age. You are tall but you still have a gorgeous body
and your height is beautiful too.” She blushed. It was

“Really? I bet you just have some sort of amazon fantasy….”
She trailed off, looking down at the drink that the bar tender
set in front of her. “I’ve been hit on so many times by
men looking to be dominated…” she trailed off again.

“I have had fantasies of you, many…” Now it was my
turn to trail off.

She looked up at me with a question in her eyes before she
spoke, “along the amazon lines?” There was almost
a sadness in the question.

“Well, actually, ” I replied, “It started out something
like this conversation about the amazon thing and I found
out you had a boyfriend who constantly craved for you to
dominate him and that it saddened you because you actually
hungered to be taken and that was beyond him.”

“Oh, my god! You had me pegged. How did you know?” She
smiled shyly.

“I didn’t. It was my fantasy. The thought of taking
you willingly just turned me on and on…I can’t believe
you really crave to be submissive.”

“I do hunger for it and have always been ashamed of those
feelings.” Her face was a mix of shame, hunger and mischief.
The mischief was coming out.

“No need to be ashamed. Embrace it! And you are making
me hungry. I could eat you up.” She looked up at me with
a look of disbelief. I glanced down and could see her nipples
beginning to poke up under her silky blouse. She noticed
and looked down herself and looked up at me.

“Look at what you’re doing to me!” She whispered.

“God, I’m just thinking of what I’d like to do to you…”
I thought I might have gone over the line.

“Tell me! Please!” She almost pleaded, but again looked
down, embarrassed.

I raised my hand and brushed a long lock of her hair off the
side of her face and tucked it behind her ear and I felt her
shiver. She didn’t look up. “No.” I replied. “You
tell me what you want. I’m known as gentle, sweet man.
I worry about going over the line. I’ve always wanted
to let my dominant side out. I don’t want to worry. I want
to know what pushes your buttons. If I know, then I won’t
worry. I’ve never had a woman who really wants to be submissive
to me, at least not that I’ve known. If I knew, I could have
let my animal out. I want to let my animal out right now.”

She looked up at my face and then down to my lap. “I see you
DO have an animal wanting to get out, ” she giggled.

I grinned. “You’re doing this to me. I can’t believe
we’re really having this conversation. So tell me, what
pushes your buttons? Or what buttons do you want pushed.
What would you like me to do?”

She paused, uncertain, and then, suddenly she gushed out
in a flurry …”I want to be taken, I want to be naughty,
nasty and a slut without guilt. I want to be spanked on my
ass and my pussy, my cunt. Oh god it feels so naughty to say
that word. I want you to use me for your pleasure. I want my
nipples pinched, pulled, twisted and bitten. I want my
face fucked, my pussy, my cunt and oh, my ass. I want you to
tell me what to do and do it! I want you to show my boyfriend
what a real man would do…” She looked down again and
her stream of wants trailed off. She thought she had gone
over the line bringing her boyfriend into it.

I laughed. “That’s actually how my fantasy proceeded.

“Really?” She looked up hopefully.

“Yes, in it, you take me home and in your amazon mode, you
tell him I’m here to show him something. I whisper in your
ear to make him strip and to tie his legs and arms to the chair.“
She smiles that smile and I want her right now.

“No need for more let’s go. He’s at home right now.
We just had a fight about him always being a pussy. I think
he needs that lesson, and I certainly need some lessons
too.” She squirmed a bit on her seat and i looked at those
distended nipples straining the fabric of her blouse,
imagining how long they must be. God what a turn on.

“Should I follow you?” I asked her.

“No, I just live a couple of blocks and can walk back for
my car later. You drive.” As we walked to my car, I touched
her for the second time, a soft caress of her firm buns smoothly
showing their shape through her tight mid length skirt.
She jumped in surprise, but then wiggled it under my exploring
fingers. I gave the nearer bun a firm squeeze as we got to
my car. She got in and her dress slid dangerously high up
her thighs. I almost drooled. She looked up at me with a fire
in her eyes as she saw me ogling her bare thighs. I tore my
eyes away and got in on the driver’s side and my stare returned
to those creamy thighs.

“The way you are looking at me is making me wet.”

“Show me.” I replied in a commanding voice. Her face
took on a look of horror as she looked around the bar’s
parking lot and then seemed to relax. She smiled at me and
never taking her eyes from mine and slid her dress up further
exposing her panties with a tuft of slightly darker blond
hair sticking out the sides and a damp patch in the middle.
She grinned as her hand swept around to tease herself (and
me) and she slipped two fingers under the elastic and down.
She groaned as her fingers clearly slipped between her
nether lips and stirred her honey pot.

“Let me taste you.” She pulled her fingers out and sure
enough, they were almost dripping with her juices as she
raised them to my face. I could smell her womanly scent as
I leaned forward and at first licked and then sucked them
into my mouth. A taste of heaven. “Now pinch your nipples.”
Again, she looked around nervously, but exited and did
as told. She moaned looking me in the eye and I couldn’t
believe it as she let go and her nipples stuck out further
than before. I couldn’t wait to play with them and shifted
the car into gear. She directed me to their apartment and
we got out. She grabbed my hand and impatiently led me to
their door. She asked me to wait in the entry hallway as she
went to find her boyfriend. I heard her find him. I think
she caught him playing with himself in front of their computer.

“You like to watch?” I heard her ask him. I couldn’t
hear his reply. “Take off your clothes and then sit back
down. I have something for you to watch.” Her commanding
tone was nothing like that shy woman at the bar. A couple
of minutes later she came back out and got me and led me into
the same room. I was startled to see him already naked and
restrained to the chair. He even had a gag in his mouth, but
no blindfold. He looked up at me, startled. I chuckled at
his predicament. She introduced us and he nodded. She told
him I was here to show him what a real man would do with her.
He didn’t look embarrassed. He looked excited. And it
was showing in his probably re-hardening cock.

I sat down on the sofa across from him with her standing between
us. “Now show me that beautiful body I’ve been imagining
for the last year.” She smiled that smile and slowly started
to unbutton her blouse. As it opened, she caressed her bra
clad breasts and then tweaked her nipples. One hand went
between them and unclasped the hook and her bra fell open.
I bit my lip and I’m sure my expression showed the intensity
of my lust for her. The fire smoldered in her eyes as her fingers
flicked across her hard protruding nipples. They must
have stuck out three quarters of an inch. Her areolae had
almost disappeared, sucked up into those nipples and what
was left was crinkled with tension. I saw a slight shiver
run down her body. She looked over her shoulder to her “man”
as her hands slid down her waist hooking her thumbs under
the elastic of her skirt and slowly lowered it exposing
and wiggling her ass to him. I could see his now fully hard
cock pulsing with his heartbeat.

As she straightened back up and the dress fell the rest of
the way to the floor, she kicked it away and quickly slipped
off her sandals. “Now show me all of your beautiful body.”
She smiled her twinkling smile and raised her arms and spun
around. Her long hair flew out with the motion. Her breasts
were firm and high and those outrageously long hard nips
protruded into the air. Her waist was narrow and her hips
flared widely. That’s a weak spot for me. Big tits, little
tits, I don’t care, but I love a narrow waist and wide flaring
hips. She was a goddess. My pants bulged. “Now come here.”
She took three steps toward me coming close. I had to fight
my habitual gentleness and firmly grabbed the back of her
neck and forcefully pulled her into a kiss. Not a gentle
one. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues frantically
dueled. My other hand stroked down her back to those luscious
buns and I pulled her tight against my body, pressing her
against my obvious hard on. “You did this to me, ” I
whispered into her ear. She groaned.

“Now strip me, ” I said in my ever more confident commanding
tone. She didn’t hesitate and started to unbutton my
shirt and as it fell open she caressed my hairy chest and
lingered on my nipples. Then she went lower and started
to unbuckle my belt. Both of my hands stroked around to her
hanging breasts and I felt those distended nipples and
her breathing quickened. My fingers got more forceful
and twisted a bit.

“Yessss, ” she hissed at me, so I twisted a bit harder,
pinching and pulling at the same time. “Ahhhhhhh….yes,
harder.” I’ve always had a thing for nipples and now
I didn’t have to worry about being gentle. My hunger grew.
I’d forgotten about her job, but then I felt my pants drop
to the floor, my cock almost slapping her face. She knelt
to slide my shoes off, looking up at me past my flag pole.
Oh, those eyes, that expression. I reached for it and slapped
her face with its rigidness and then smeared my precum around
her face. “mmmmm, ” she moaned, her expression was
that mix of lustful hunger, insecurity and mischief that
stoked my fires. I’m surprised I didn’t cum right then.

I continued to rub my head around her face and then across
her lips. Her tongue slithered out and swiped across my
gooey head. Now it was my turn to moan as her lips parted and
she slowly slid me inside. Oh, god. My hands slid to the sided
of her face, my fingers threading into her hair and I pulled
her all the way onto me. I felt a moment of guilt as my cockhead
hit the back of her throat, but it disappeared when she didn’t
gag. I felt her make a swallowing motion and my head was in
her gullet. I don’t think I had ever felt that sensation
before. I pulled her back and then down again, and released.
Her mouth came off long enough for her to pant “fuck my
face, please!”

My motor revved and my grip tightened on her head and now
instead of moving my hands, I moved my hips. I thrust and
pulled back and thrust and pulled back. No gagging, just
a steady moan. I realize I was looking over her back and her
boyfriend had a frantic look watching. I thought I would
torture him more, so I stepped a step to the side pulling
her with me until we were in a side view to him. He had to watch.
I noticed the frantic look had turned to one of hunger. I
realized the frantic look was because he couldn’t see.
Now he could see, but couldn’t have her… his hunger
unfulfilled. His cock still pointing skyward and he was
unable to even touch himself.

Having been distracted, I had loosened my grip and my thrusting
had decreased. She took the moment to pull off of me and said,
“I’m so hot that I can feel my juices dripping down my
legs. I can’t believe the way I’m feeling.” She started
to go back to my cock. Her beautiful eyes locked on mine,
desire, lust, hunger. I knew I wanted to last longer before
my first come and the way I was feeling that wouldn’t be
long if she continued her oral ministrations. I pulled
out of her mouth and she moaned with disappointment.

“Please!” she whispered throatily, “I want you…I
want to taste you, please cum in my mouth, fuck my face!”
She seemed so desperate. Fuck it, I thought, and slid back
home. She pumped me with her hand while laving my head. Then
she dropped her hand and looked back up at me with that hopeful
face. I got the picture and my hands returned to the side
of her head and began fucking her face in earnest. I didn’t
last long. I felt my balls tighten and that tingling coming
on. She sensed it and forced her nose to my belly and swallowed
me while my body tensed and I let out a long groan, and she
swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. By the time I pulled
out there was no trace of cum on me or apparently in her mouth.

I hoisted her up by her arms and she stood before me. I backed
up to an armless chair next to the sofa and sat down pulling
her toward me. “I want to feel those juices of yours smeared
on my leg. Straddle me and hump my thigh while I explore the
rest of you.” She stepped forward and spread her legs
a little as she started to straddle my thigh. I could see
her thin, but long haired bush and silhouetted through
her moist and clumping hairs, I could see the outline of
her puffy lips and a large bump at the top of her slit. Oh,
my, she had a large clit. I could hardly wait to suck and nibble
it. But then she lowered herself onto my thigh and, indeed,
I could feel her juices. She put her hands on my shoulders
and ground down with a groan. I could even feel her almost
rock hard clit grinding into me. She took some initiative
(some habits are hard to let go) and leaned her face into
me for a kiss. One hand left on my shoulder, her other caressed
down my chest, stopping to pinch a nipple and I felt myself
take a sharp intake of breath. She released it and her hand
travelled down to my cock. She smeared my precum over the
head with her thumb and then pumped my uncut foreskin up
and down my shaft. My hard on had never gone down. Our tongues
tangled and she kissed around my face sighing and moaning
as she ground herself onto my leg. The juices were flowing,
mine and hers.

My hands slipped around to her tits, lightly caressing
and flicking fingers over those mountainous nipples and
she ground harder. Then my hands opened grabbing the whole
of her breasts and squeezed and massaged them more firmly.
She returned the firmness on my leg and the speed of her rocking
increased. I zeroed in on both nipples and again pinched
and twisted and pulled. She grunted a yes into my ear. I pressed
her breast away and upward and she sat straighter, still
grinding. I lowered my head o her chest and got close up and
flicked my tongue across her left nipple, then her right.
“Please suck it!” I did, sucking it in so hard I swear
it nearly touched the back of my tongue. “Oh, yes!”
I sucked the other one just as hard and as I let it start to
slip back out, I let my teeth pinch it and rasp over it as it
pulled out. She really ground down hard.

I was low enough that my arms could reach around her and grabbed
her ass in both hands, pulling the cheeks apart and helped
her grinding motions on my leg and my mouth went in for more
of those delectable nips. This time my teeth bit more firmly
on one nipple and didn’t let go as I pulled back again.
Her moaning stopped. Her breathing stopped. She pushed
down hard on my leg, but I didn’t let her nipple go. Suddenly
she let her breath out in a long sigh as I felt a sudden rush
of her love juice flowing down around my leg. She quivered
and quaked and her nipple finally popped out from between
my pinching teeth and she continued pushing down on me trying
to catch her breath. Finally, she collapsed, slumping
forward, her nips brushing mine and her head on my shoulder
as I hugged her in her release.

Minutes later, lifetimes later, she lifter her head off
of my shoulder and kissed me again. I moaned into her mouth
and she moaned back. She pulled back and looked into my eyes
and with a look now that had as much satisfaction as hunger
said, “and you haven’t even fucked me yet.”

“When I’m ready, ” I replied. “And I have fucked
your mouth like you wanted.”

“But I want to feel you come inside me, my pussy, my cunt.”
She inhaled deeply at the thought, and her use of that dirty
word, cunt. She decided she liked being dirty.

“Oh you will… Or maybe I’ll save it for that sweet

“I can’t wait…” She looked at me pleadingly.

“Oh, yes you can my sweet. There is much more on my to-do
list.” I grinned and helped her up off of my thigh. She
could barely stand straight and I could feel her honey dripping
down my leg. I looked down at it and up into her eyes. She smiled
with an almost guilty look. “No guilt!” I scolded her.
“I asked you to do this and you did exactly what I wanted.
It turned me on so much.” I scooped a finger full of her
juice and brought it to my nose, and inhaled, and then to
my lips and licked and then sucked it clean. “Mmmmm. Nectar
of the gods, or should I say goddess?”

I heard another moan, or was it a groan, from nearby. It was
her boyfriend, helplessly looking on in lust and frustration.
I scooped another finger full of her nectar and rose and
walked over to him, still gagged and still hard. Even he
had a pleading look in his eyes, begging for release. Actually,
he had enough precum that had slowly boiled out of his volcano
that it looked like he might have already cum, but it was
clear and not white. Oh the torture he must be feeling. To
his surprise, I smeared my dripping finger across his upper
lip. With the gag still in place he couldn’t even lick
it off, but I’m sure he could smell it. He groaned. I smiled
what must have seemed an evil smile.

“I think he needs a bit more torture. I want you to blow
him, but don’t you dare make him cum!” She looked at
me with a raised eyebrow, perhaps not expecting me to bring
him into the mix. “Now!” My tone of voice startled her
but she quickly fell to her knees between his and reached
for his throbbing, wet boner. She brought it to her lips
and licked some of the precum off of his head, pulling one
of those stretchy strings maintaining a connection as
she pulled away and looked teasingly up at him. He mumbled
something desperate and incoherent through his gag. She
smiled wickedly up at him and leaned forward and swallowed
him whole all the way to the base in one smooth motion. I could
imagine the feeling of his head going into her throat as
she made swallowing motions. But all of the sudden he jerked
his hips upward and nearly roared through his gag. It was
clear that this had put him over the edge and he was cumming,

SWAT! My hand came slapping down hard on her jutting buns.
She squealed and jerked back, some of his cum spilling from
her mouth and back down onto his cock and balls. “You naughty
slut! I told you not to make him cum!”

“I’m sorry! He’s never cum that fast before…”
she pleaded.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” I looked down at her ass and
could see a read outline of a hand print on her gorgeous cheek
and slapped her other cheek just as hard. The force pushed
her face back into his lap and smeared into his goo. Her hands
were on his thighs, her face cheek rubbing on his still hard
and slimy pole as she braced for more punishment. Slap,
slap, slap! I delivered three more as she groaned into his
crotch. Then I gently caressed the sting away feeling those
delicious globes. My hand wandered between her slightly
spread legs dragging a finger between her pussy lips on
the way. God, she was so wet. That really DID turn her on,
and me. I was still hard as steel. I had never dreamed that
being dominant with a willing submissive could be such
a turn on. My hand continued further up and my wet finger
tickled her asshole. She squirmed and pushed back. “Not
yet my naughty, nasty slut.” And I swatted her ass one
more time.

Remembering one of her requests, I nudged one of her legs
further apart and delivered a swat to her exposed cunt.
She groaned and archer her ass higher. She wants more? More
she got. My first swat to her pussy had been much softer than
those I delivered to her ass, but she seemed to want more.
I was still a little worried about going too far or too hard,
but her reactions eased my worries. Each swat to her cunt
was harder and she pushed back trying to hump my hand as I
caressed her lips and clit between each swat. She got wetter
and wetter. She kept shouting “YES!” every time my
hand made its seemingly harsh contact. And then, “Oh,
gaaawwwwdddd YES!” and as she finished the last yes,
my hand made its caress of her cunt, it literally sprayed
my hand. Oh, my! What a squirter.

I could not resist and rolled her off of his lap and onto her
back on the floor in front of him. She lay quivering with
her arms flopped to the floor on either side of her, and her
legs splayed as her juices ran from her pussy down into the
crack of her ass. I dove in. She tried to raiser her head,
but it flopped back. I gently tongued her sensitive lips
and swollen clit and she groaned. As she came back to reality,
she started to gyrate her hips against my tongue, nose and
lips. I even ground my course bearded chin across her inflamed
nub. She groaned louder and bucked against me. I was fascinated
by her clitoris. It was the largest I had ever seen. It was
almost like a little penis. I started a jacking off motion
with my fingers. I could pull her “foreskin” back and
see her head. I went down and gave the closest thing to a blow
job that I have ever given. I licked and sucked and she groaned.
I sucked harder feeling it swell even larger in my mouth.
I rasped my teeth across it, then a gently bite. She just
kept groaning and moaning and thrusting her mound against
me. Insatiable.

My arms reached around as my mouth did its work and worked
her breasts and titillated her tits. She arched up into
my face again as I gave those wonderful nipples a twist.
With her ass raised up, I couldn’t resist and my tongue
darted down to her ass and I swirled it around and heard her
moan again. I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her
rectum, pulled it back and thrust in again and again, pushing
more of her pussy juice in with every thrust.

“He’s tongue fucking my ass, ” I heard her tell her
boyfriend who could do nothing but look on. “Oh, god,
it’s so nasty. It feels so good.” I couldn’t believe
it as my tongue did its thing, with my nose bumping her little
penis and my fingers twisting and pulling both of her nipples…she
arched up and came again. Her nectar flowed down my face,
into my mouth and down her crack. Where does it all come from?
After a moment she collapsed to the floor. I let go of her
nipples, pulled my face up and crawled to her side. Draping
an arm across her heaving stomach, I leaned in for a kiss
and she kissed me back with more energy than I thought she
would have left. Soon she broke her kiss and started licking
her own juices from my face and beard. After she lapped as
much as she could, her head collapsed back to the floor and
she sighed. She stared at the ceiling and asked “how do
you do it? That was incredible!”

“You did half of it!” I replied.

“But, but, you knew just what to do.”

“Because you told me what to do, back at the bar.”

We both remained silent, kissing, snuggling, caressing
there on the floor, just two feet from the feet of her helpless
boyfriend. After we came back to reality, I looked up at
him. I cracked up. He was staring down at us in amazement.
His cock was no longer at full staff, but his belly and balls
were covered with his own cum. Without anything but our
visual and aural stimulation, he had cum. I guess a good
time was being had by all.

I reverted to my dominant roll and commanded her to “Clean
him up!” She looked at me and then at him and understood.
Giggling, she got to her knees and started to lap up the mess.
“Do you like his spunk?” I asked.

“Not as much as yours.” She quipped.

“There is still time, my sweet, but continue cleaning
him.” I was entranced by her back side. Her buns were shiny
with her juices. Her pussy was matted and swollen. I couldn’t
resist and as she slurped his now re-hardening cock I grabbed
her by the hips and thrust into her cunt in one stroke. There
was plenty of lubrication. She sighed and whispered up
to her boyfriend that “He’s fucking me! He’s fucking
me at last.” I was. Oh, god, she felt soooo good. A warm,
wet, velvet sleeve enveloped my cock. My hands gripped
those real woman hips and I thrust faster, each plunge slapped
my thighs against her ass cheeks. Each plunge drove her
into her boyfriend’s lap with a grunt, hers and mine,
but she was no longer paying attention to his cock. It was
back to full hardness from her brief cleaning and the sights
and sounds before him. She paid no attention to him, immersed
in her own world. My fingers griped and squeezed her hips
as I drove home again and again, harder and harder. I could
feel a splatter of her juices with every impact. I could
even feel it dripping off of my balls as they slapped her
clit and swung away. I was going to cum soon and I didn’t
want to. I wanted it to last.

I swatted one of her cheeks and she squealed. With the same
hand I reached for a handful of her hair and gripping it pulled
her head up off his lap, and leaning forward across that
long body, my cock still, but fully embedded in her dripping
pussy kissed her hard and passionately. She moaned into
my mouth and ground back against my motionless cock. I could
feel her vaginal muscles contracting and releasing on
me. I flexed my cock in return. Mmmm. I broke the kiss and
my other hand grabbed some more of her hair. It was like the
reins of a horse. I was breaking a bucking bronco. I was pulling
her hair hard enough to worry, but she reassured me with
a breathless “More! Harder!” Insatiable.

Well, if she wants more and harder…I gave it. Hands on
the reins of hair my hips pulled back and plunged in. Thrust
after thrust. Her cheeks giggled with every thrust. Her
moaning had become continuous. I had enough tension on
her hair that her head was held up in his lap. Her eyes looking
up into his, her mouth hanging open, his cock sliding back
and forth along the side of her face, from her ear to her cheek,
her nipples grating back and forth squeezed against his
thighs, she was pushed forward and pulled back as I pounded
into her faster and faster. She was soooo hot. Then I heard
her whimper, “oh, god, oh god, OH GOD!!!!” I felt her
cunt contract on me and a warm spray and I couldn’t hold
it anymore and felt my own warm spray erupt inside of her
as we both groaned and convulsed as spurt after spurt of
my cum pulsed out of me and into her.

I released her hair and fell forward onto her back, crushing
her breast into his thighs, his rigid cock now tangled in
her hair. My hands wrapped around her and gently stroked
her breast and nipples as I slowly pumped in and out a few
more times, relishing the super sensitive feelings. She
seemed to relish them too as she quietly moaned with each
stroke and caress. When I finally and slowly pulled out
she sighed and collapsed backwards onto the floor, sitting
there looking up at me, grinning with satisfaction. Perhaps
she wasn’t insatiable after all.

I rose to me feet and walked around behind her boyfriend’s
chair. She looked up at me in confusion. I whispered in his
ear, “If I take out the gag, will you be a good boy?” He
nodded. I pulled the elastic strap from behind his head
and up and over and he spit the gag out.

“You two are so hot. I’ve never cum so hard in my life
and no one was even touching me.” He panted. “You aren’t mad?” I asked him. “I was at first, perhaps more confused than mad. But I
deserved it. I can be such a pussy sometimes. But then it
was all about you two. It was so hot.” He had a fire in his
eyes as he said this.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, but you speak in the past tense.
We’re not done yet.” I looked down at her and she smiled
that smile back with a look of disbelief. Then her look turned
to confusion and he startled as I started to lower his chair
backwards onto the floor. His arms and legs were still tied
to the chair and his head was on the floor staring up at me
with a question in his eyes. I looked over at her and beckoned
her with a motion of my finger. She rose to her feet and came
over to me. I grabbed her hands and pulled her body to mine
as my hands stroked down to her ass and pulled her harder
to me and kissed her. My cock had never gone down and was squeezed
between us. She was that hot. My second cum and my cock still
hadn’t gone down.

I pulled away and tried to regain my dominant voice and “commanded”
her. “Now feed him my cum.” She looked at me and then
down to him, his face staring up from the floor, his body
restrained. She smiled and started to squat above him,
and realizing the chair would be in the way, she turned to
face the top of his head. With her legs on either side of his
head he looked up and muttered, “Oh god….” His voice
trailed off. I could imagine his view up between her legs.
He could see her swollen splayed lips, probably dripping
with both of our cum. She slowly lowered herself and at his
first contact, she sighed.

Her feet were planted by his ears. Her legs were bent in a
squatting position and her hands were slightly behind
her on his shoulders. I was looking down on them and his eyes
were staring up with a look of disbelief, but no objection.
As he cleaned me from her, she gave slow gentle gyrations
with her hips and a look of extreme satisfaction in her eyes.
I got behind her straddling him, but still standing, I leaned
forward and lifted the hair from one side of her head and
kissed her neck. With a sigh, her head fell to her other shoulder
exposing more of her neck to my kisses. I kissed and nibbled
her neck and ear and whispered to her how beautiful she was.
It was slow and gentle and her pelvis continued its slow
rocking into his face. It was nothing like the animalistic
moments we had just experienced. It was more like making
love than fucking. But I wanted more fucking.

Her face fucking of him was slowly increasing in speed and
I could tell her excitement was rising again. As I was nibbling
her ear I whispered to her, “Now feed him your ass…let
him get it nice and lubed from my cock in your third whole.
She chuckled evilly and slid forward slightly so that his
nose was buried in her cunt lips and his tongue must have
found her crinkly rim. She sighed, “oh, so nasty…so
naughty.” I could hear a muffled moaning from him below
her and wondered if he was going to suffocate. My nibbling
of her neck turned into a gently bite as I let me teeth rasp
across her skin and she grunted and pushed her neck harder
into me as if asking for more. My arms once again enveloped
her as my fingers enveloped her breasts. As I squeezed them
firmly I bit her neck a little harder. I felt like a vampire.
And she seemed captured by glamor (the vampire type). She
sighed has she ground down onto his hidden tongue.

As I continued to bite her neck, one hand twisted a nipple
while the other found its way down between her legs to her
dripping snatch. My fingers slid in on either side of his
nose and probed in and then upward to her swollen clit and
flicked, then pinched, then back down and slid into her
cunt and I curled them upward and stroked the spongy surface
along the top of the inside of her love canal. Now she was
humping his tongue and my fingers. “Oh, that feels so
good, so good, ” she moaned, “oh, so fucking good,
don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Did she just command me? Oh no. I pulled my fingers out and
she moaned at the emptiness, but her grinding continued.
And then she grunted in surprise as she felt my hand slap
down onto her pussy. Then again, and again. I delivered
three quick slaps between her splayed legs as my other hand
twisted and pulled at her nipple. It happened again. She
wailed loudly pushed back firmly against me and let loose
another load of her nectar, this time all over his forehead
and eyes, which he shut while moaning up into her ass. She
ground down onto him growling as her come flowed and I continued
my assault on her nipple until her climax subsided and she
slumped back against me with me holding her up. I gently
lifted her to her feet, but she couldn’t stand and fell
forward onto her knees just above his head, and sighed heavily.
I stared down at her. Her legs somewhat spread, her ass cheeks
spread, her pucker shiny with his saliva and her pussy and
his face wet with her she-cum. Where DOES it all come from?
I swear I could see both her pussy and her asshole pulsing.

While she lay there recovering her breath, I lifted the
back of his chair and put him back into the sitting position.
Even he was breathing hard. I wondered if that was from lack
of air, or was he nearly as excited as we were. He certainly
was exited as evidenced by his twitching rock hard cock
still poking straight up from his lap. He looked up at me
in wonder and amazement. At least he hadn’t cum this time.

I walked around to her head. She was still kneeling behind
the chair, her shoulders resting on the ground and her head
on its side. She heard and saw my feet by her head and looked
up at me with much the same look of wonder and amazement he
had just given to me. I was starting to feel like Superman.
I had never felt that way before. I was still the man of steel,
at least one part of me. She struggled up onto her elbows
and nuzzled her nose along the underside of my erection
and her tongue slithered out along the underside of my balls.

“Good girl.” I told her. As her energy returned she
got more energetic and rose further onto her hands and took
my head into her mouth and moaned. The vibrations almost
tickled, but then she plunged down onto me all the way. This
time I let her face fuck me, rather than me fucking her face.
I was standing there in heaven, towering above her. I looked
up at her boyfriend, still restrained in his chair but he
was twisting his head to the side to try to see, but he couldn’t.
All he could sense were sounds behind him, slurping, and
moaning (both of us), and my occasional “good girl.”
But before she could make me cum (and she could have easily),
I pulled her off. I had one more hole to fuck, and wasn’t
sure if I could manage a fourth and the third was almost there.

I pulled her to her feet and she managed to stand this time.
I pulled her by the hand until we were both standing in front
of the chair. She looked at me and we both looked at him. He
looked up at us questioningly. He looked exhausted and
he hadn’t been able to move for an hour. I lifted her hair
again and nuzzled her neck, fondled those firm breasts
and gently tweaked those long, long nipples. She moaned
softly, leaning back into me. I let my hands slide down over
her tummy, gently caressing her pubic hair on their way
past to the insides of her thighs. I applied a slight outward
pressure on her inner thighs and she spread her legs slightly.
I gently pushed her forward with my chest and she waddled
with her legs spread, over his lap. I growled a soft growl
into her ear, “Give his cock your cunt.” She inhaled
slowly and put her hands on his shoulders. For the first
time in my life, I touched another man’s cock. It didn’t
even feel weird. It felt natural as I pointed it in the direction
of those well lubed pussy lips and I pushed down gently on
her shoulders. At my urging, she lowered herself onto him
and he slid in all the way in one smooth well lubricated stroke.

She sighed as she sank down onto him and leaned her back against
my chest. I heard him groan simultaneously. I pushed her
shoulders forward into him. Her breasts were on either
side of his face. He nuzzled between them. “Suckle them, ”
I commanded. He did as told. They were both so obedient.
She moaned at the ministrations of his lips and tongue…and
cock. I could see him trying against his restraints to thrust
upward into her from below. She rocked back and forth and
up and down in response. She was letting out soft grunts,
more like squeaks as the gently moved together.

I stepped back and admired the lovers, and her ass as it gyrated
in her lap. I stepped forward and caressed both of the globes
of her ass cheeks and she looked over her shoulder at me with
mischief in her eyes. I nodded as I let a finger trace down
between her cheeks over her rosebud and down to the back
of her pussy. I felt his cock barely sliding in and out and
I slipped a finger alongside and entered her as well. I pulled
my honey coated finger out and back up her crack, this time
stopping at the rosebud and gently pressed. It slid into
the tightness surprisingly easily. She groaned and arched
her shoulders and ass back at me and her chest forward into
his face. I stroked my finger in and out, and then added a
second. She groaned again. “So hot, so nasty, ” I told

“Uh-huh. It feels good to be so nasty for you.” She replied
as she continued to gyre on his cock and my fingers while
he continued to suckle her nipples. “I didn’t know
it could be this way, this good.”

“Neither did I, ” I replied as I pulled my fingers from
her bung. She moaned with regret as I did. I stood back up
and straddled his legs and my still rigid cock poked into
her back. As I pushed her shoulders forward into him, she
got the picture and arched her ass back, almost pulling
off of his cock.

“Oh, god yes. Fuck my ass. Slide that hard cock into my
slut ass.” She almost snarled. She was really getting
into it. And I no longer minded that she commanded me. Her
wish was the same as mine. I squatted lower and pulled her
cheeks apart as my head slid down her cleft and stopped at
her quivering sphincter. She moaned at my pause. I pushed
forward and upward and between his saliva, her juices and
my precum, I slid in easily in one long stroke. I groaned
as well. Warm and velvet, but if I thought her cunt was tight,
this was incredible. I could feel my balls resting on his.
It didn’t even feel weird. I pulled back and thrust back
in. We both groaned. He did too.

“I can feel you, ” he said. I murmured an agreement.
I could feel his rigid shaft through her thin membrane as
I stroked in and out. He could hardly move, but she humped
us both as I stroked in and out. It felt so good, so naughty,
so nasty, so hot. My excitement was building, if that was
possible. I knew I had already cum twice, so I hoped I could
make this last. It was soooo good. I put my hands on her shoulders
and started to apply more force with my strokes, not fast,
but hard. She responded with a grunt on every hard inward
thrust and inhaled deeply as I retreated. Again and again,
harder and harder. “Oh god!” I heard him cry as I felt
him thrust up as far and hard as he could in his restrained
state. I looked at him and his eyes were open but rolled back
as he almost screamed.

“He’s cumming…he’s cumming in me!” She panted
excitedly and pushed down hard onto him and grinding down.
“Oh god, I’m cumming too!” she squealed. I could
feel her juices and perhaps some of his pour down over my
balls. Unbelievable. I paused as they slowly recovered.
Then I slowly began my stroking again, as their breathing
returned to normal. I was savoring the vicelike velvet
grip of her ass as I continued my slow gently thrusting.
“Oh, so good, ” she murmured again. I could still feel
him as I stroked, but I could tell he was finally softening.
I was still the man of steel. I slowly picked up my pace and
force and soon I was once again pummeling her. He finally
slipped out of her and she scooted back to give me easier
access and more full penetration. My hands slipped down
to those glorious hips and my force and speed increased
further. She was grunting and squeaking. I was grunting
too, like an animal. Hell, I was an animal. I was consumed
as I consumed her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Your ass feels so good, ”
I panted and moaned. She panted and moaned with me. “Bite
her nipples, ” I commanded him. He obeyed as I continued
my frantic thrusts.

“Harder!” she cried. I wasn’t sure if she meant him
or me. It didn’t matter. We both complied and suddenly
she cried out and convulsed as I felt one last flow of her
juices and felt her abused sphincter clamp down hard on
my abused cock. That was it for me as I screamed a primal cry
and exploded inside her. I was no longer thrusting. I was
nearly paralyzed as squirt after squirt of my cum poured
into her ass canal. As our climaxes subsided, all you could
hear was heavy breathing, and a soft moan from her. This
inspired a growl from me. I just held her from behind savoring
the heaven I was feeling. Minutes later I pulled my finally
softening cock from her with a slight pop and watch as some
of my cum flowed out of her ass, tickled down her gaping pussy
lips and onto his flaccid cock beneath. So fucking sexy.

I fell to my knees and simply said “wow.” She uttered
the same in agreement as she rolled off his lap and onto the
floor on her back next to me.

“That was some lesson. Have you ever considered being
a couple’s councilor?” She giggled.

I leaned over her and kissed her gently. Then I rose and started
untying him. When he was free, he looked up at me and said,
“We may need some more counseling.” She laughed out
loud. I picked up her cell phone from the nearby table where
she had set it when she first came in and programmed my number
into it. When I turned back to them, they were snuggling
comfortably on the floor.

I set the phone back on the table and told them “It looks
like you might not need it, but if you do, remember, I only
do house calls.”

I hope you enjoyed this long tale. McMonkey.

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Very good....erotic, domination, oral.....and nothing
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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to re-post it with paragraphs!!!!
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Marvelous story! I wish I could live the half of it. Especially
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That was so awesome.


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Omg. Freaking hot and erotic. Very well written. Hope you add more chapters to this story.?
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