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Alone in the Dark??


A cold winters night has come over the area. Warm, and safe
from harm you curl up on the sofa with a book, and a glass of
wine. Fire crackles in the fireplace across the room. The
clock on the wall ticks through your mind. Only the sizzle
of fire, the ticking of time, and the sound of your own heart
penetrate the silence as you delve deeper, and deeper into
your thoughts, and the written words before you.
You try to relax. Much to your dislike. The winters weather
takes its toll on your paradise. The wind picks up. Rattling
at the window just behind you. Taking you from the fantasy
world on the pages before you. Snapping you back into reality.
The sounds of the elements has its way with you. Forcing
you to peer aimlessly out the glass. Not only wind, but cold
temperatures, and a tremendous amount of snowfall in just
the few minutes it seems you’ve been occupied. No matter
the mood you’ve tried to set for yourself, the tensions
of the day, compiled with the ever worsening weather outside
your windows makes it almost impossible to truly relax
in the manner you need. Try as you may to dive back into your
reading. There seems to be no hope. Maybe soft music will
help cover the outside interference that has intruded
your peace.
Again you try to dive back into your book. No matter how hard
you try to concentrate there seems to be one thing or another
that will not allow you to get through more than a few pages
at a time before you become distracted. Weather it be the
wind at the windows. The chiming of the clock. The fire dying,
and needing attention. Or not seeming to find a comfortable
volume level for the music you so need. If it’s not one thing
it is always something else. Is there no place in your life
for peace, and serenity? No way to hide from the world that
surrounds you?
As you finally find the peace you’ve been searching for,
the lights go out. The music has stopped. The lights are
out. Only you, your thoughts, and the glow of the fire. The
sounds of winter again begin to take there toll on your stresses.
Wearing at your nerves. Pounding through your body through
the seemingly safe confines of your warm house. You look
out the windows to see if the rest of the neighborhood has
blacked out. All there is to see is pure white delicate snow
flying past the glass in such a way that it no longer seems
so delicate. Still, you have to know weather it is only you
who has to do without electricity, or if it is related to
the storm. Much to your dislike. Your curiosity gets the
better of you. Not your mind pre say, but another strange
force that hides within you pulls you to your feet. You head
for the front door. Step by step. Not knowing for sure why.
But going still the same. Each step you take seems to coincide
with the ticking of the clock. Closer, and closer you get.
Pausing for a moment at the door as your hand touches the
knob. Thinking to yourself that there is no real reason
to be opening the door. Something stronger again takes
control. You ever so slowly begin to turn the knob. Easing
open the door for a quick peek around. There is no point in
turning on the light, but out of instinct you try anyway.
To no avail. As you look at houses around the block, you see
that it seems to be only you who has no lights. You think nothing
of it as you begin to close the door. In a split instant your
eyes glance to the ground. Noticing a set of footprints
in the ever deepening snow. Again your eyes search the yard.
A shadow of a man appears at the end of the sidewalk. Hurriedly
you slam the door behind you. Leaning against it gasping
for breath. Expecting for that surprising shadow to try
and push his way in. Harder, and harder you press yourself
to the surface of the door. Waiting in anticipation. After
what seems to be an eternity, and still nothing. You begin
to breath a bit easier. Suddenly the lights are on again.
Safe again.
It’s time to give up on trying to have a peaceful evening.
It’s time for bed. Off go all the lights. And away to bed you
go. Leaving the fire to die, and the clock to tick to itself.
17 steps up, and a right turn down the hall. A nice warm bed
awaits. As you turn the corner at the top of the steps, you
notice a light in your room. You think to yourself it is on
you must have left on earlier. Or was it?
The weary day has begun to take its tole. That, and the unexpected
thrill of a power outage. Not to mention seeing strange
shadows in the night. All you have in mind now is crawling
into bed. Pulling the covers up to keep you safe, and warm
from the winters chill. Sinking deep into a dream. Letting
the troubles of the day disappear in your slumber.
Toward the bedroom you go. Knowing in the back of your mind
that you didn’t leave the light on. Still paying no attention
to the voice in your head. Closer, and closer you get. Never
a second thought. You push open the door. The voice was right,
and so were you. There is a light. Not a light per say. A seemingly
never ending array of candles light your bedroom. All sizes.
All shapes. Tall thin candelabra’s. Tiny scented ones
filling the room with the most wonderful aroma.
Another slow step inside. Gripping the door. Fear takes
over your body. Before you can scream. Before you can turn
and run. Before another second ticks by, a strange force
freezes you in your tracks. You know you should be scared.
Yet there is something that keeps you here. As strange,
and eerie as it all is there is something about it that makes
you feel safe. There could be no one on earth who could go
to this much trouble just to harm you. The thoughts scramble
through you mind trying to think of all the people you know
who could make their way into your home without you knowing.
As name after name comes to mind, a pair of hands take you
by the hips from behind. Your eyes close. Your body tenses
with fear. You can feel his breath on the back of you neck
as he begins to whisper in your ear. He tells you that you
have nothing to fear. The voice you hear is very familiar,
yet you can’t place it. He whispers to you. All you need do
is let him take care of you. Even with all that you have there
is something missing. He tells you that he knows what he
has that missing piece. He also reenforce to you that nothing
will happen to you. Especially nothing you do not desire.
Your desires are why he’s here.
You nod your head in agreement, as he wraps his arms around
your waist. Kissing you ever so lightly on the nape of the
neck. He asks you only to trust him, and enjoy your time together.
No questions asked. Just a man doing nothing more than giving
nothing but his full and undivided attention to a woman
who so desperately deserves it.
His arms loosen from your sides. Slipping up your body.
Then falling away. You feel the urge to melt . Suddenly the
light shining through you closed eyes is blocked. The feel
of silk wraps itself over your eyes. Your eyes covered by
slick fabric. Not knowing what to expect next. Still your
trust is suddenly in his hands. And his hand you feel. Wrapping
around the back of your neck as he sweeps you from your feet.
You count the steps as he takes you across the room. Resting
you gently in the only chair in the room. His face brushes
yours as he tells you to be still. And he’ll be right back.

What seems like an eternity passes. In reality it has only
been a few minutes. The scent of a rose crosses your nose.
He takes you by the hand, pulling you to your feet. You slowly
follow behind him. Gripping ever so tightly to his hand.
The warmth on your skin tells you that something is different.
You should know where you are. It is your house. Being blinded
is a disadvantage. All you can tell is that the room temperature
has changed, and the glow of candles has dimmed. What may
be next is still a mystery.
Never in your life would you ever expect to be controlled
like this and be so willing to follow along. A strong willed
hard headed open minded woman doesn’t let things like this
happen. Never would you be quite this passive. Even as wonderful
as being passive feels to you. This is uncontrollable.
Being out of control is not usually a good thing. Until now.
Until now, out of control has felt so good. Felt so safe.
Not until out of control has felt so erotic.
Your body warms. Your blood begins to boil, and you’re not
even sure where you are. Let alone what will happen next.
Still you are willing to go along. The air seems to have grown
heavy. There is a warm glow upon your face. Still you have
no idea where you are in your own house. Silence sometimes
is a good thing. Not this time. You can sense his presence,
yet is touch has left. The sounds of his breathing are no
longer there. Left in a darkened state to listen to your
own heart beat. The only aroma is the lingering scent of
the rose he had given you.
You begin to tremble. Knowing he is near, yet you try to remove
the silken scarf covering your eyes. Through the silence.
And darkness his hands again touch your hips. He pulls you
to him. Your back pressing against his chest. His arms glide
around your waist, as his breath penetrates your hair.
Caressing the back of your neck. He begins to speak. Whispering
to you that you must get ready. There are so many things to
do. So little time.
Still he holds on to you. You push yourself harder against
him. The feeling of his body against yours seems to have
taken your fears away for the moment. The safety is short
lived, as his hands wander across your stomach. Sliding
upward. Slipping between your breasts. The rough of his
fingers caressing your neck. Then sliding downward again.
One by one each button of your blouse is undone. He slips
it from your shoulders. Leaving you half naked to the eyes
of a stranger. His hands wander your bare flesh. Never doing
more than that. The jingle of your belt is next. The button,
and zipper of your pants. Gently he slips them over your
hips. Sliding each leg free.
You begin again to tremble with fear. Trying desperately
to cover yourself. He asks you if you wish for him to stop.
He offers to go. To leave you to yourself if you are that afraid.
A part of you wishes he would go, but there is a piece of you
somewhere tucked in the back of your mind, who. Even though
you are unable to see. Knows this stranger. His voice is
familiar. The passion flowing through this darkened place
far out weighs the fears you have. You realize he has done
you no harm, and after all this he will not.
One small question. And a short answer may not take long.
Still it seemed like an eternity. Still you are standing
before him in all of your feminine glory. Wearing only a
bra, and panties. Suddenly that is of little consequence.
Somewhere in that brief time your fears, and inhibitions
have gone. You find him again in the dark. Pressing yourself
to him. Reaching through the dark silence you take his face
into your hands. Pulling him close to you. A gentile kiss
on the lips, and a few words whispered into his ear. You whisper
to him, that your trust is in his hands. There has been no
reason thus far to doubt what he has said or done.
With those words, he continues. Slipping each strap of
your bra off your shoulder. Reaching behind you to unfasten
it. You manage to hold it to yourself. Keeping yourself
covered at least for now. He kneels before you. You seem
to melt at the thought of what could be next. The sensation
of his lips to your navel sends a chill through you. You panties
slide over your hips, and down your thighs. You step free.
Most men you would think would stare at a naked woman. This
time it is not the case. Before you can even take another
breath, he sweeps you into his arms. Taking only a few steps.

Who could have thought what he was up to next. Without warning,
you are gently placed into a warm scented bubble bath. The
room again becomes silent. Him leaving you to enjoy your
time soaking away your fears. Submersed in the feel of bubbles,
surrounded by the scent of lavender.
Still, your eyes must remain covered. For now. Even in the
darkness you can still sense his presence. You can hear
his breathing. All there is to do is enjoy the gifts you’ve
been given, and wonder why anyone would go to so much trouble
just for you. To yourself you are nothing special. At least
you wouldn’t have dreamed so until now. Your thoughts turn
again. Thinking. Wondering whatever could be next. Through
the darkness, you hear his footsteps coming toward you.
You sink yourself deeper into the thick lather that surrounds
you. Trying to protect yourself from what may be coming.
Even though you know there is no fear. You sense him on the
edge of the tub next to you. His hand runs suddenly through
your hair. Your chin in his hand, he ever so lightly kisses
you on the cheek. Asking you not to be afraid. You smile at
him as if to agree. Knowing deep inside he is not here to do
you wrong. Even though you have yet to see his face. There
is something about him you recognize. His touch, his scent.
Something tells you that you know him, so there is no fear.
Only wonderment.
His hands touch your shoulders, leaning you forward. A
sudden splash breaks the water. He fits himself into the
tub behind you. You feel your way through the warm water,
and bubbles to guide him. Noticing he is still dressed.
Shoes and all. He rests behind you. His arms wrap around
you. Pulling you to his chest. All sense of fear has gone.
Replaced by the security of his arms, and the beating of
his heart. You grip his hands tight into yours. Holding
him back. Trying to absorb as much of him as you can. Letting
the serenity, and passion flow between the two of you.
Quietly you soak together. Not a noise to interfere. Only
the sounds two people in total bliss make. The flicker of
candles adds to the heat that is building. Still you wait.
Wondering what else he could do to make you feel this way.

His hands slip from yours. Sliding over you arms, ever so
slowly moving upward. The feel of his fingers through your
hair relaxes you even more. Your head falls forward as he
strokes his callused fingers through the blonde locks
of your hair. Each time more gently than the one before.
Slower, and slower. Each stroke more erotic, more sensual
feeling than the last.
Through the darkness you find his hands. Stopping him from
going any farther. Again you hold his hands, and yours tight
to your chest. If only to feel the beating of your heart.
That is not to be.
He pulls his hands from your grasp. The sudden splash of
water startles you in the darkness. You can only guess what
he’s doing. He rises from the water. His clothes soaked,
and dripping. Scented bath bubbles trail down the fabric
of his clothing. He steps from the tub. Leaning to you, whispering
to you that he will return. You smile at the thought of him
trailing water through your house. A sight you wish you
could see, but just the image in your mind will have to do
for now.
He quickly returns. The sound of wine pouring into a glass
fills your ears. He places the long stemmed glass in your
hand. Two glasses tough together. As he sits at the edge
of the tub in front of you. You lean back, enjoying the flavor
of your drink. Soaking up the warm water, and the attention
he is giving you. Hiding in the foamy water. Smiling at him.
Thinking. Waiting for what he has on his mind next.
Unbeknownst to you, he takes the giant sea sponge you keep
at the edge of the tub. Dipping it into the warm soapy water.
A hand touches your chin lifting it upwards, as a rush of
water flows down your neck, and over your breasts. Suddenly
startled, you now know what he is up to. Searching the foamy
water, he takes you by the ankle. Lifting your leg above
water. Soaking wet sponge touches the sole you your foot.
warm water running between your toes, trailing down the
back of your leg. As he massages your naked foot clean, you
suddenly feel the sensation of his lips ever so lightly
to your arch. His hand slipping up your lower leg, holding
you behind the knee. His mouth surrounds one of your toes.
His tongue swirling over your naked skin. His breath warming
the cooling water that still remains. One by one. Into his
waiting mouth they go. A nibble at your ankle, before his
sponge filled hand makes its way over, and around your calf.
Soapy water draining from a soft sponge slips past your
knee. Circulating your thigh. Never taking things too
far. A soft kiss inside your thigh just above the knee. He
lets go. Letting it sink back into the water. Taking a hold
of the other.
The same sensations fill your senses again as his touch
reaches the other ankle. Being blindfolded really can
be a wonderful thing. The anticipation that fills your
body every time he pauses almost makes up for the blindness.
Never have you had such intense pleasure from just a touch.
Never before has a man taken the time to delve so deeply into
your mind. Never has such an intense, erotic sensation
filled your body, mind, and soul.
You think to yourself that he is only beginning. You hope
you can withstand all he has to offer. Whatever that may
be. You can only wonder, and hope. You have your ideas. Weather
or not your mental thoughts are his will remain a mystery.
You can sense that if you were to ask, he would do, but that
may take away from the adventure he is taking you through.
So it seems best to remain quiet for now. Sinking deeper
under his spell. Falling farther into the serenity, and
passion he has created for you.
Each time he pauses, you wonder what next. Each time something
you never expected. Finger at a time slipping into his mouth
as he slowly caresses your arm with his dripping sponge.
Ever so gently massaging warm soapy water into your skin
the length of your arm, over your shoulder, down to the small
of your back. Upwards again. Over your delicate ribs. The
touch of his bare hand brushing against your breast. One
arm, then the other. He then pauses allowing you to sip your
wine, and for him to absorb the expression on your face.
To admire your beauty before going any farther. You startle,
almost fearful as his hand surprisingly brushes between
your thighs beneath the bubbles. Sensations of a sponge
tickling your soaked blonde pubic hair. As quickly as it
came, it is gone. Touching to your stomach. Circling your
navel. Bigger, and bigger circles. Between your breasts.
Circling each. Water, and bubbles trail from your erect
nipples. Returning to the water below. Cleansing your
flesh of the days aggravations, and tensions with each
stroke of his hands.
Again he pauses. This time your pleasure has come to an end
for now. He takes you by the hands. Pulling you to your feet.
Not only water, and scented bubbles stream down your skin,
but the days frustration seen to be falling into the water
as well. He cradles your wet naked body in his arms as he lifts
you from the tub. Setting you on the floor. A warm towel touches
the base of your neck. Sliding between you, and the feel
of his bare hands. Whipping away unwanted soap, and drying
every inch of your soaked flesh. Each arm, your back. Caressing
over your breasts. Your stomach. Down each thigh. Ending
at your feet.
If you could only see him kneeling before you with the look
he has in his eyes. You’d be in amazement. He stands again.
Wrapping your towel under your arms. Securing it in front.
Covering as much of you as it does. Kissing you on the cheek,
he tells you, you need to dress for dinner. We’ll be having
a picnic. Yes a picnic in the winter in the middle of a snow
storm. Still you’ll need the best dress you have. You have
an hour. Blindfolds are optional. The sound of the door
closing is the last thing you hear from him for the next hour
as you prepare yourself for the next stage in your adventure.
Silence to yourself. Nothing obstructing your sight.
No one to interfere with you. Only your own hands to touch
you. You, and you alone. Alone with your thought, and ideas
of what might be next. Thinking of what could be, of what
might be, of what you wish would be. All the while you prepare
yourself for him. Trying to look your best. As if it matters
to him. You know in the back of your mind he doesn’t. He’ll
be here for you no matter what.
Your hour is up. In fact it has past. He knocks on the door
to the powder room. Telling you it is time for dinner. Again
there is silence as you hurry to finish. Out the door. Down
the short flight of steps you go. Around the corner. Instinctively
you head toward the light. The light in this case is only
a few candles burning in the living room. You head toward
them. Wondering. Not knowing what to expect. He told you
it would be a picnic. Who would have thought of one in the
middle of winter? Who would have thought of having one indoors?
Complete with blanket, basket, and all the trimmings.
Everything but the ants. Could you have imagined this?
He met you at the doorway. Dressed in a suit, and tie. Taking
you by the hand leading you toward the living room. In front
if the crackling fire, a blanket is laid out on the floor.
Candles burning in the center. 1 full compliments of dinnerware,
and wine. All surrounded by over sized pillows. The aroma
of food emanates throughout the house. He leads you to the
far side of the blanket. Helping you sit down. A glass of
wine is poured for you, and exits to the kitchen. He returns
with tossed salad, and fresh baked bread. Still steaming
from the oven. You ask him why he does not eat. Is reply to
you is that he is here for you. Anything you ask, anything
you desire. It is his job to take care of. Sort of like having
your own personal valet. Back into the kitchen again. This
time only long enough to check the main coarse. You ask him
what will be served. Chicken Parmesan, dripping with sauce,
and cheese. Over linguini, and Fettuccini Alfredo. For
dessert. He tells you that will remain a mystery until the
time comes. What more could you ask for. Wine, candles,
fine food. Nothing, but company for dining. That’s not
the way this seems to be going. One minor thing will not spoil
the evening you are having. Your dinner companion is here,
he just isn’t allowing himself to join you. At least not
He stands in front of you in his suit. Watching, waiting
for your direction. You glance back at him, hoping he doesn’t
see. You notice him looking at your long tan legs curled
up to your side. Always keeping an eye on him, as you slowly
eat. You can tell he is lost in a daze just watching. You know
just how to get even more of his attention. Delicately you
slip each shoe off. Seductively rubbing your feet together,
brushing them over the blanket you rest upon. Each little
movement allows your legs to slip farther out from the slit
in you dress. Far enough the lace band at the top of your stockings
are exposed to him. You again glance up at him. His eyes glued
to you. You invite him to join you. He says no. again you ask,
batting your eyes. Slipping your dress a bit higher. He
smiles. Still he says no. You shake your head at him as you
rise to your feet. A few steps to him. You take him by the lapels
of his coat. Turning him around, and pushing him to the floor.
Standing over him, a foot in his chest. Glaring down at him.
Pointing a finger as if to say. You will sit down, and be my
dinner companion. All he can do is smile. You head to the
kitchen for another fork. Upon your return, he has already
poured you more wine, and some for himself. He holds the
plate, slipping a bite of creamy Alfredo noodles into you
mouth. Sensually you begin to feed one another. Bite after
bite. Never letting a drop go to waste. Devouring it all
as if it were some sort of aphrodisiac. Even small droplets
left on you lips, are swept away by his fingers, and slipped
between your lips. With dinner finished, he rises to his
feet to get dessert.
You wonder to yourself what it could possibly be. Thinking
of everything imaginable. From the exotic, to the normal.
Could it be strawberries, and cream? Could it be chocolate
mousse? Endless things pass through your mind. Upon his
return he sets a small crystal dish before you. This you
would have never in your life expected. All the time to prepare
for this. All the work to make things just so. All the effort
to make dinner so special. You knew in your heart there was
a silly side in him somewhere, but to be served vanilla pudding
in a crystal dish in the middle of a romantic evening. He
took the chance that you would understand his sense of humor.
He was right. Nothing could be more perfect. You really
aren’t a gourmet kind of woman. A simple meal with out all
the attention would have been just as wonderful. This mixed
the best of 2 worlds. Making it even more special. There
seems to be none for him. He sits before you feeding you spoonfuls
at a time. Enjoying the way your mouth surrounds the spoon,
as it slips into your mouth. The way it slides back out. Empty,
ready for more. As the spoon slips from your mouth this time,
you take it from his hand. Your turn to feed him. Being careful
not to drip any on his tie. At least the first few times. Then
the teasing begins. You, touching pudding to his lips as
his mouth opens waiting for the next bite. You keep pulling
away with the spoon. Enticing him closer to you. Each time,
with every bite, you allow him closer to you before feeding
him. Close enough to feel his breath. Close enough your
noses almost touch. Then you back him away just to antagonize.
Being a tease. Trying to be the one in control.
He’ll have none of it. No matter what chemistry is forming
between you. He takes the spoon from you, but not without
a struggle. He does gain control. Smiling at you as he waves
a spoon at you. Surprisingly, he tosses it over his shoulder.
You wonder what has just crossed his mind. You can tell by
the look on his face that it is out of the ordinary.
He reaches into his inside jacket pocket. Flowing behind
his hand, is another silk scarf. Over your eyes it goes.
With no fight from you. Blinded, you feel the touch of his
lips to your cheek. The touch of his finger to your lips.
Of all the thoughts that flow through your mind. What happens
next was not one of them. A few seconds of silence. Just enough
to leave you to wondering. Again, you feel his finger against
your lips. This time accompanied with the taste of pudding.
Once you realize the taste at your lips, your mouth slowly
opens. Waiting for your next taste of dessert. Your lips
surround his finger as the taste of moist vanilla covers
the wet inside of your mouth. Your tongue swirls around
his finger, as pudding melts from his skin onto your tongue.
You wait for the next taste. It does come, but not before
a drop of vanilla is hanging from the end of your nose. Once
more you wait for another taste. Through the darkness you
suddenly feel the heat of his breath, ant the wet of his tongue
at the tip of you nose. You find his face with your hands.
Pulling his mouth to yours. Lips separate. Tongues mingle
together as one. Long, deep, wet, passionate kisses break
the dark sensual mood. Your arms wrap around his neck, as
your weight lays him back. Your body pressed to his. Your
lips never losing touch. His arms around your waist. Holding
you tight. Your kiss breaks. He rolls you to your back. Holding
your hands to the floor over your head. The touch of his face
ever so slowly travels down your neck. Feeling the heat
of his breath through your dress as he slips down your body
gently fading away. Once again you’re left wondering.

The scent of a rose breaks your senses. It now takes the place
of him. Softly caressing your skin. Tender petals weaving
over your flesh. Through your fingers. Down your arms.
Your neck. Slipping beneath your dress. Caressing between
your breasts. Your breathing deepens, as you find it hard
to stay still. Anticipation is a wonderful, and normal
thing. You’re beginning to get used to it. Still you don’t
want it to stop. Still. He does. Left again in your own silence,
and darkness to dream.
One at a time your shoes are slipped from your feet. His hands
wrap around your ankle. Sliding up your calf, over your
knee. Softly slipping up your thigh. Stopping just past
your stockings. Rolling nylon, and lace off your skin.
One then the other. Slipping your toes from there hiding
place. A light kiss to the sole of your bare foot is replaced
by the tingle of rose pedals. Circling your ankle, before
slipping under the hem of your dress. Roaming the flesh
of your thigh. Stopping only when he reaches your panties.
Tracing down the other side even more slowly than before.

As the sensation of silky soft rose pedals disappear from
your senses. You lay still. Basking in the glow of passion.
Absorbing the energy. Letting the velvet feeling of roses
sink into your flesh. He looks at you. Watching as you lay
still. Your breathing finally begins to slow. The beating
of your heart calms just in time to feel his touch again.

His fingers run through the back of your hair. Supporting
your neck he helps you sit up. Your arms find there way around
his neck as he cradles you in his arms. You hold tight as he
picks you up. Away you go. To where? You’ll have to wait and
see. All you again can do is wait, and wonder. Through the
house. Up the stairs. Even in darkness you know where he
is taking you. You’ve walked this route in daylight, and
dark. You know the steps. You know the turns.
Your body warms with anticipation as you pass through the
doorway. Your heart begins beating faster. Each breath
you take. Faster than the one before. He puts you down. You
release a deep sigh as your bare feet melt into the soft warm
carpet. Relaxing as he holds you around the waist, His face
nuzzled in your hair, his breath in your ear. His body pressed
to your back. Silence surrounds you. The flickering of
candles warms your face. The sweet scent of lavender still
lingers in the air.
He whispers to you not to be frightened. To put your trust
in him. A smile comes to your face that he cannot see. You
feel his fingers gripping the material of you dress. Raising
it over your head. Covered in only matching bra, and panties
your skin exposed to him. Soaking the candle light into
your flesh. Each thin black strap of your bra is slipped
off your shoulders. Unhooked, free to fall if you hadn’t
held it to your breasts. Shyly hiding yourself as if you
are ashamed. He reassures you there is nothing to fear.
You allow it to fall to the floor. Laying in a heap together
with your dress. His calloused hands again touch your waist.
Gently sliding up your sides. Raising your arms into the
air. The sensation of silk flows over your skin, as he slips
a camisole over your head, covering your bare skin. Suddenly
your panties slip down your thighs. He waits as you step
free. All he can do is admire as he waits for you to find your
balance and step into the silk that matches the camisole.

He stands again. Holding you by the waist. He kisses you
on the neck. Tells you he is sorry, this isn’t what you think.
He removes your blindfold. Before you. Your very own bed.
The covers turned down. The sheets adorned with red, and
white rose pedals. He takes you into his arms. Gently laying
you into bed. Covering you as you try to get comfortable.
You turn to him and smile. Asking him. Why? He tells you that
this is not the right time. He will however stay until you
fall asleep. You agree. Settling into your warm, safe bed.
The scent of burning candles fills your senses. The feel
of roses massages your skin. He pulls a chair to your bedside.
You watch each other. Wondering. Wondering what if. Wondering
Your eyes begin to close. Each time they do, you open them
again. Trying to stay awake. Trying to keep this experience
lasting forever. He rises from his seat. Sitting at the
edge of the bed. You make enough room for him to be comfortable.
He holds you in his arms until you finally fall to sleep.
Drifting off to dream with a smile.
You awake a few hours later. Everything is just as you left
it. There are thoughts, and memories in your mind, but no
signs of those things. No pile of clothes, no candles, nothing.
Was it a dream, or was it real? Only the rose pedals beneath
you, and the single rose clutched in your hand tell you.

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