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All of her fantasies were coming together in that night.


Maria and I went dinner at a local restaurant, we finished
around 9:00 PM and we decided to go home, during the drive
home Maria had her hand resting on my thigh and then with
a mischievous look in her eyes she began to run her hand upward
until it rested on my lap and she giggled as she felt my manhood
beginning to stir under her massaging, I laughed and asked
her if she thought it was a good time for that sort of foreplay
and Maria responded giggling that any time was good when
I was with her.

So, I quickly looked for a place to park the vehicle and solve
the issue at her hand, I remembered there was a public park
with a small pond nearby, so I turned onto it through an almost
deserted looking dirt road on side of that park, there was
just a small house on the other side of the street with the
lights off, and a few cars stopped along the same side of
the road, I stopped on a lonely stretch under the shadow
of the trees I shut off the engine and we looked around, the
grass was covered in a light fog, a light rain falls slightly
and the moon was shining brightly, so I took Maria in my arms,
our mouths locked in a wet embrace as our tongues danced
with each other’s, she started unzipping my slacks and
reaching in to free my throbbing cock, immediately I felt
her fingers close around my cock and began a steady up and
down stroking, then Maria dove down with her hot lips and
wet mouth and engulfed my cock completely taking everything
into her mouth except my aching balls.

As Maria was totally lost in sucking my cock, I reached over
her and began to pull up her skirt until I could feel her silk
panties against my fingers, she moaned as she spread her
thighs allowing a easy access to my searching fingers,
I slipped under her panties and eased my fingers along the
lips of her warm and wet cunt, Maria moaned louder as my finger
started sliding up inside her pussy, and then I began a rhythmic
fucking motion in and out of her pussy hole. [image] I was so turned on, that even before I could tell her that
I was about to cum, I let out a groan of my own and started shooting
spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her throat, Maria
swallowed every drop all the while milking my balls with
her hands until I have emptied myself into her mouth, her
own body was shaking wildly as she too got a violent orgasm,
then as Maria calmed down I asked her to get out of the car
and as she did it I took her to the front, I then reached around
and unbuttoned the buttons on her blouse exposing her cleavage
to the moonlight, then I unsnapped her bra that was restraining
her firm breasts and watched as they jumped free into the
light, my mouth moved to her nipples, sucking them into
my mouth and gently biting on them, I then leaned down and
engulfed one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked on it,
after a few sucks I moved back up her body and our lips found
each other’s again after a long deep kiss I turned Maria
with her back to the car and lift her onto the hood.

As she was in position I sucked on her nipples again with
my tongue and fingers, then I kissed down to the top of her
skirt and slowly lift the hem, my hands moved up her thighs
to the edge of her silk panties, which were already soaking
wet from her previous orgasm, little rain was coming down
but we didn’t care on it, I unzipped her skirt and pulled
it from her body, so the only thing between my intense raging
hard cock and her wet pussy was her thin pair of panties,
Maria’s body looked amazing in the moonlight, the little
rain pouring down on it, and running across her naked body.

I didn’t waste more time and kissed my way up her thighs
to the edge of her panties, I stick out my tongue licking
the rain and already thick cum that has made its way out of
her cunt and into your panties, Maria wrapped her legs around
my head, as I put my whole mouth on her mound, letting her
feel my hot breath through the fabric of her panties, then
I slipped my fingers to the waist band and peeled them down,
Maria’s wet pussy was shining under the moonlight by
the cum and little rain, amazed I stared at it for a moment,
then I moved quickly to her slit and using my fingers I parted
the wet folds of her pussy lips and flattened my tongue,
tasting her juices as I moved my tongue up to her swollen
hard clit, then I flicked my tongue across her clit in rapid
movements bringing deep moans from Maria’s mouth, I
flicked my tongue across her clit and then sucked it into
my mouth, pushing it hard against my teeth and started massaging
it with my tongue, slowly at first, and then in rapid flicks
of my tongue, all the time bringing deep moans from Maria’s
throat, telling me she was in the throes of multi-orgasms
and I even could feel her clitoris "pop" as it
slipped between my tongue and lips.

Maria began to moan and squirmed with extreme sexual pleasures
coursing through her body, she screamed over and over with
demands for me to put my hard throbbing cock deep inside
her, so I began to alternate between sucking, flicking
and massaging her clit until I could almost feel him swelling
in my mouth, then I reached down and grasped my face in her
palms pushing my face into her warm wet pussy and Maria arched
her back as another orgasm reached her trembling body,
I continued sucking on her hard clit, as she began to push
my head away from her cunt because the pleasure was so intense,
I slipped my hands under Maria’s tight ass and pulled
her roughly against my mouth, sucking and licking her clit
faster and harder, coaxing another climax from her excited
naked body, then Maria screamed totally out of control
and breath "Stop! I need your cock in me now!"
[image2] Maria quickly slides down off the car and dropped to her
knees in front of me and unbuckled my slacks pulling them
down in one easy motion, her hands grasping my hard cock
and quickly moved them around to hold my ass and pulled my
whole body toward her mouth until my cock slipped in between
her lips and down her throat, almost bringing me to an immediately
ejaculation, I stepped out of my pants and we were both totally
naked with the falling rain pouring down on us, Maria lowered
her body back onto the car guiding my throbbing cock into
her soaking wet pussy, and taking her by the ankles and spreading
her legs in a "V", we both looked down to watch
as my cock sank slowly into her pussy, Maria raised her legs
high and placed them on my shoulders, as she reached back
and pulled on me, making me sink deep inside of her warm body
until I feel my balls banging down against her ass cheeks.

We could feel the light rain mixed with our sweat and running
down our bodies as I plunged my hard cock deep inside her
pussy, slowly I pulled it out almost to the head and then
back in again, our rhythm began to increase as Maria lay
back to a better enjoy of my cock pounding her pussy, I bent
forward and took a nipple into my mouth and bite lightly
on it, and then I began licking the sweat and rain from her
breast, I slowly stood up straight, holding her legs apart
and began a steady pounding as I relentlessly stroked in
and out of her warm, wet pussy, Maria digs her heels into
my waist as I leant into her driving my cock as deep as I could,
she could feel my balls steadily slapping against her ass
each time I plunged my cock into her, all the way to the hilt,
I watched her body as I sensed it arching, her breast became
more tight and her nipples more firms, I smiled as I knew
Maria was prepared to achieve another great climax, so
I reached down and grabbed her thighs, pulling her pelvis
up tight against mine and my cock deeply inside her, and
hitting her G-spot, all of a sudden a scream of pleasure
erupted from Maria’s throat and she screamed "I’m
cumming, I'm cumming, drive your cock harder and don't

As Maria’s orgasm washed over her, I quickly pulled out
my cock from her pussy and dropped to my knees, I sucked her
clit into my mouth as another orgasm hits Maria, her body
was moving in all directions at once, as I sucked hard on
her clitoris, her fingers digging into my scalp, trying
to push my face deeper into the folds of her pussy, I sensed
all of a sudden a change of direction as she tried to wiggle
away from my sucking mouth and flickering tongue because
Maria was having one orgasm after the other. [image3] The light rain was making our bodies shine under the moonlight
as we both were gasping for air, Maria slowly slide from
the car hood and down in front of me as she took the full length
of my still hard cock into her mouth and all the way down her
throat, with only two or three deep throat maneuvers and
a flood of cum was shoot down her throat until it runs down
her chin, I then reached down and lift Maria into my arms,
our bodies naked, wet, but satisfied, I put my mouth on hers
and we kissed deep and long, suddenly Maria tapped my chest
making me stepped back one of two steps and then she started
run and disappear into the fog enshrouded park while half-heartedly
shouted to me “Come on! Catch me if you want me again!”

I looked back because it seemed a light was turned on and
immediately off in the house across the street , I looked
better but no light and none was there, so I went out into
the trees chasing Maria, as I catch her, I tackled her in
the wet grass, and we started kissing, she stroked my cock
gently, lightly kissing and licking my cock head, until
I was full hard again, then she swallowed me all the way,
while gently squeezed my balls and sucked hard on my cock,
her tongue was teasing it as she let my cock slide in and out
of her mouth, I then pushed her back, and felt down on her,
awkwardly I got between her legs, and licked her pussy wildly
until Maria reached another orgasm, what really didn’t
take long, I then moved up and slid the full length of my cock
all the way into her wet pussy, I fucked her hard and fast
until she was almost ready to scream, then stopped, surprised
Maria pleaded. “What? Put it back in, do not stop now!”

I did it as requested and grabbed her hips, and shoved my
cock into her pussy very hard, I pumped her for a few minutes
then stopped again, I took my cock out of her dripping pussy,
Maria was ready to protest again but I turned her body so
she lay there with her back to me and I whispered on her ear
“Now, I go to fuck you from behind!”

Maria giggled and I slid just the tip of my cock at the entry
of her ass hole, she pushed back to me and took all my length
inside her tight ass, I was feeling so hot that after just
a few more strokes I exploded inside of her ass, and Maria
screamed from another incredible orgasm, she let out several
screams of pleasure as spurt over spurt of warm load runs
down her ass inner walls.

We both lay down on the grass under the moonlight, exhausted
and reaching back our regular breath, she opened her arms
to a better breath of the pure air and her hand found something,
she pushed it and it was an old rope, then Maria almost jumped
with a wild look on her face, I know that look very well, so
I knew she had another of her crazy and wild ideas, I just
sat on the ground and mumbled intrigued “Well, what’s
going on now?”

“Do you remember that movie we saw a few weeks ago, when
a guy handcuffed her girlfriend to a tree in the middle of
a forest, leaving her like that for an hour, so all the walking
by could fuck her? That was really wild, wasn't it?
And we both loved it, wasn’t it?” Maria said slowly,
too slowly for me, I thought.

“I remember yes. It was pretty exciting, though, yes.”
I said wondering just where that conversation was headed.

Maria taped me on the shoulders and lay me down again against
the ground, then sat over me and said with a hoarse voice
“Let me play that role, tie me to a tree and let me stay there
for an hour!”

“What? Have you gone mad? I don't think so! Out here
in the middle of the park? It’s too dangerous!” I said
a little louder than I should have.

“It's only around 10:00 PM! The maximum we can get
is someone walking with their dogs. Come on, let’s do
it!” Maria said with a lecherous grin as she handed the
rope to me. [image4] Reluctantly I finished agreeing with her idea, Maria hugged
a nearby tree, her heart raced with the expectation, I could
hear it as I tied her wrists with the rope to the tree, naturally
I was scared, but very aroused, too, so as I finished to tie
her I grabbed her hips, and shoved my cock into her pussy
very hard, Maria pushed back to me and I pumped her hard,
after a few more strokes I was ready to explode, I took it
out of her pussy and splashed my load over her ass checks
while she screamed from another orgasm, exhausted she
leaned on the tree, catching her breath, I stepped back
and then started laughing.

Surprised and curious Maria turned her head back I laughed
again, slapped lightly her ass, and said, “You should
see your ass baby, it’s brightening under the moonlight,
it looks like a beacon of a lighthouse to guide any passerby
to you.”

Maria laughed too, then I told her I will wait in the car and
will be back in one hour, Maria giggled a yes, so I slapped
her ass and left, the little rain already finished so Maria
stood there aroused, waiting, and waiting to someone walking
through the park, then Maria jumped as she heard a female
voice behind her say laughing. “You look like you're
in an embarrassing situation sweetie, I have read stories
about people being tied up, and left out in public to be fucked,
but never could think it would be real.”

Again she laughed, that time with a little bit of evil in
that laugh, Maria’s heart race in expectation as she
felt the as woman positioned herself between the tree that
she was tied to and her naked body, then the female assailant
slipped her head down between her legs, put a hand on each
of Maria’s knees, and gently spread her legs apart, the
woman explored awkwardly with her tongue until she found
Maria’s pussy hole, she licked her pussy lips, and then
she slipped a finger inside of her pussy hole, Maria just
mumbled and pleaded. “Please, lick me more!”

The woman giggled, then ran her tongue up and down the length
of Maria’s slit as she fingered her pussy hole, then she
spread Maria’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and
revealing her hard clit, and then she licked Maria’s
clit and sucked it into her mouth flicking it with her tongue,
Maria began panting heavily and whispered “Don't
stop now, I want you to make me cum.”

The woman didn’t need to be asked twice, she slipped her
tongue into Maria’s pussy and fucked her deeply with
her tongue, she spread Maria farther open with her fingers
and she lapped eagerly at Maria’s pussy juices, then
the woman went back to sucking and licking Maria’s clit,
Maria rocked her pelvis back and forth rubbing her clit
on the woman’s long tongue, Maria’s legs trembled
as she came for the woman, her creamy juices dripped from
Maria’s throbbing pussy and the woman drank as much of
Maria’s sticky cum as she could, then she said grinning
“Ummm, you taste so good sweetie.” [image5] “Thanks a lot, hopefully someday I will be able to return
the favor.” Maria replied hoarsely as she leaned against
the tree for support, suddenly, the woman put her hands
on the back of Maria’s ass and pushed till her lips were
snugly on her clit, and then began nibbling at her pussy
lips as her tongue moved up to Maria’s clit once again,
she sucked it in and out of her mouth, then the woman inserted
two fingers into Maria’s pussy and fucked her harder
as she sucked Maria’s throbbing clit, then the woman
inserted a third finger and that was too much for Maria to
take and she screamed in ecstasy as she came in the woman’s
mouth, she licked the hot juices from Maria’s pussy and
then she said giggling “ “Mmm, that was good, I needed
that, was it good for you too honey?”

Maria just could mumble a yes, the woman laughed wickedly
and said she go to call several friends over to fuck her,
and Maria heard her footsteps as she walked away, as she
walked away Maria could hear the sound of a cell phone being
dialed, she must have fulfilled her promise as after probably
15 minutes three guys came up behind Maria, they commented
so sexy she was and laughed about the unexpected offer to
them, almost immediately Maria felt a huge cock pressed
against her pussy, and then slammed inside her, the other
two guys hold her legs out, so Maria was completely horizontal
as the man drove deeper and harder into her, he must be really
excited as he came quickly, but Maria wasn't empty
long, the next guy took his place and pounded her pussy quickly,
he lasted quite a while and she came several times as he hammered
her sopping wet pussy.

The last one said he didn't want sloppy left-overs,
they all laughed, and he smeared the dripping cum on Maria’s
ass hole as his finger poked into her ass, Maria pressed
back against his finger taking it all into her, then he removed
his finger and pressed his cock into her ass and pushing
hard until he was all the way inside of her, then slowly,
he pulled his thick cock out of her ass, without thinking
Maria immediately swung her ass around and backed up to
the waiting cock, he then rammed it back and started fucking
Maria hard and wildly, Maria was being wild too and she rode
the throbbing cock without mercy, slapping her buttocks
against the guy as he hammered her ass back and forth, she
was moaning loudly with each of his thrusts, then she screamed
as she came violently, following her orgasm the man screamed
and unloaded his cum into her ass too.

He then pulled his cock out of her ass and stepped back, one
of the guys laughed and got behind Maria and started to insert
first one and then several fingers into her wet, cum filled
pussy, retrieving a large glob of the other man's jism,
he then started to rub the collected juices into her recently
fucked ass hole as saying to the others “Let’s for another
turn, now I want her ass.” [image6] And Maria was fucked in her ass again, the two guys they had
fucked her pussy got their turn into her ass, while the guy
that had fucked her ass took his turn into her pussy, so she
was fucked three more times, by that time all three men were
tired and satiated, and having experienced an completely
different and unexpected situation, they all giggled
and thanked her for the wonderful time, and as they left
again Maria could hear the sound of a cell phone being dialed,
and then she heard one of them talking on the phone about
a woman on the wood so she knew that within a few minutes someone
else would show up.

Maria adjusted her body against the tree for not be so tired
and not long after, another group came by, she heard several
other men's voices and they didn’t waste their time,
a first one immediately pushed his cock up into her pussy,
so Maria knew they had been called by the other ones, or even
by the woman, as they seemed to know very well what was waiting
for them, he fucked her hard and steady for several minutes
while the others whistled and encouraged him, until he
blew his load inside her, he then called the others and they
cut Maria’s ropes and freed her from the tree, it took
her a little while to snap the rope and get free from the tree
and then she rubbed her wrists to get the circulation back.

Maria looked up at the group of men, but the darkness from
the shadows of the trees was hidden a few of them, anyway
after her recent ass and pussy fuck, she needed a cock in
her throat, and she thought it was time to be herself to command
the situation, so she grabbed the nearest man by his cock,
engulfed its full length deep into her throat and immediately
started giving him one of her tongue swirling blowjobs,
it didn't take long for the man to blow the contents
of his big balls out in a torrent, Maria tasted his cum as
it slid down her throat into her stomach, but to her disappointment
the man pulled his cock away before she could clean him up,
anyway immediately another hard cock took its place and
was presented to her and she sucked him to a gooey climax
as well.

As Maria sat on the ground and catches her breath, another
cock, a big black cock was presented to her, without thinking
she leaned on her knees and hands taking the position of
all fours and swung her ass around and backed up to the waiting
cock, Maria bent forward at the waist and pushed herself
onto his hard cock so her sopping pussy swallowing it instantly,
she rode his cock without mercy, slapping her buttocks
against him as she pumped her ass back and forth against
him, the man was speechless as she was doing all the job for
him, Maria was still pumping frantically when he shot his
load into her, she continued to pump even after he pulled
out, she was so fired up that she did not realize the cock
was missing, Maria still felt it inside her even though
it was not there anymore, then as she was recovering from
the fucking she had just received, she heard a whisper coming
from her back, "Now it’s my turn." [image7] Maria turned her head back and another erect cock was ready
for her, she guided it into her soaked pussy, bending again
at the waist to flatten her ass against the man as his hard
cock slid into her, another man offered his cock to her mouth
and she took him in greedily, with one cock in her mouth and
another in her pussy, Maria went into a smooth, steady rhythm,
as she went on the cock in front of her with her mouth, she
pulled slightly away from the cock pushing into her pussy,
then she would push back on the cock behind her and pulled
slightly away from the cock in front, so they were pumping
in and out of her both holes in perfect rhythm, the three
of them connected in a smooth sexual flow, Maria could not
believe what was happening to her, it was so weird, so bizarre,
so fantastic that she could not even think of stopping it,
all of her fantasies were coming together in one night.

Maria thought she heard moaning sounds from the nearby
men but she realized the sounds were coming from her, she
increased her rhythm, surprised by how well the two men
stayed with her movements, she pulled at the buttocks of
the man in front of her, jerking him toward her face, deep-throating
him even as she pushed back on the cock behind her, flexing
the muscles of her pussy around the engorged cock, then
the two men exploded together, hot come flowing into her
pussy and gushing into her throat, Maria’s own orgasm
came a moment later and she went into a frenzy of spasms and
squeals and shrieks, if someone else was walking through
the park for sure they have been listening her, but she didn't
give a damn at the moment, she felt so thoroughly well fucked
that she didn't care if someone else was listening
or watching.

Just as Maria sat back down on the ground to regain her breath,
two more men came over and took their positions, one knelt
between her spread legs and buried his face in her sloppy
pussy, Maria was wordless, she couldn't believe that
the man would want to eat her with all that cum seeping from
her pussy and trickling down her thighs, but he did not hesitate
and went straight for her clit, tweaking it with his tongue
at first then he went deep inside her, with a weak moan Maria
pushed her mound into his face as he started slurping up
the cum inside her, meanwhile the other man offered his
huge cock to her mouth, he had loosened his belt and his jeans
had fallen to his knees, and he was playing with his balls
with both hands.

Maria reached down to her pussy , interrupting the other
man's job, and scooped up some of the juices that were
pouring out of her, and then she rubbed it over the erection
of the man standing in front of her, Maria’s hand slid
up and down over his big cock, getting nicely lubricated,
then she took it into her mouth, tasting her own juices as
she sucked him slowly, reaching down to her pussy again,
she took another handful of juices and worked it into the
ass of the standing man, sliding her hand up and down between
his cheeks and slipping a finger into his ass hole, gladly
she could feel his cock flex in her mouth every time her fingered
eased into his asshole. [image8] Maria could hear movement and deep breathing from both
sides of her, she glanced at her sides and realized that
all the others men were watching them, she didn't care,
she was in the throes of another orgasm, wave after wave
of pleasure washing over her as the man between her legs
sucked away at her pussy and she tongued the head of the cock
in her mouth, Maria then felt the cock in her mouth went rigid,
the balls pulled tight, and the man's ass gripped her
finger, she knew he was ready to shoot his load, so she quickly
pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off all over her
breasts, and then the man between her legs immediately
brought his head up out of her crotch and began licking the
other man’s cum off her breasts, he was eager for it, his
tongue hot and furious licking over her chest, then Maria
felt him lay on his knees, his cock leveled with her pussy,
and guided his cock into her pussy as he sucked away on her
nipples, she lifted the heels of her feet and spread her
legs wide letting him bang away, and then Maria gave a huge
shudder and came violently, matching her partner thrust
to thrust as he unloaded his cum inside her, then he whispered
a thank-you into her ear, and stepped back.

Two other men took over, one of them quietly but quickly
knelt before Maria, tickled her feet a little bit making
her laugh, and started to suck on her pussy, the fact that
it had obviously so recently been well fucked and was covered
with a mix of men’s cum and her juices didn't seem
to bother him too, seeing the man taking over of her pussy,
the other man pulled his cock out and brought it to her mouth,
and she started to suck deep and wild on his hard cock, it
was just a couple of seconds and suddenly the man unload
his cum into her mouth, pulled his cock out and left, Maria
was in disbelieve with his premature ejaculation, a little
frustrated indeed, she started to get up and then realized
that another man already had taken his place, quickly unzipped
and started to pull off his pants, revealing a another hard
huge black cock, Maria sat back and again the man who was
licking her started to suck back on her pussy, moving his
tongue rapidly inside her, she lifted her legs on top of
his shoulders and leaned back to her full enjoy, at that
moment the black man brought his large, menacing cock towards
her vacant mouth and she started to suck him, it seemed those
guys obviously didn't like to waste any time and neither
did Maria.

After a couple of minutes Maria switched positions and
got on her knees on the ground, the two men switched positions
too, the one on her pussy fill her mouth with his cock as the
black man inserted his hard cock into her from the rear and
started to fuck her, slowly at first and then faster and
faster, a few more minutes and the man on her mouth with a
hard thrust loaded his cum down her throat, Maria swallowed
the maximum she could, then as he took his cock out of her,
he rubbed his cock head over her lips and she cleaned it well,
meanwhile the black man fucking her pussy pulled out and
started to insert first one and then two fingers into her
wet cum filled pussy, retrieving a large glob of the other
man's cum, he then started to rub the collected juices
into her ass hole, after a few minutes he inserted one, then
two cum-coated fingers into her hot ass hole and slowly
started to finger fuck her ass, then pulling is fingers
out of her, he brought the head of his cock towards her back
door and feeling Maria push eagerly backwards toward him,
he started to insert his hard cock into her ass, even being
a so hard thick black cock, being lubricated with the other
man's cum and her own juices, it entered Maria’s
ass easily, then he squeezed her ass cheeks together and
started to ass fuck her with a steady rhythm. [image9] Another man of the group, not wanting to be left out, shoved
his cock into her mouth, and as the black man looked insatiable
and kept pounding rhythmically her ass, Maria sucked and
slurped on the hard cock into her mouth and then he exploded
and shoot his cum down her throat, as he stepped back another
one took his place, Maria’s hot mouth immediately started
sucking him wild and deep, having one cock up her ass and
another in her mouth Maria was in ecstasy, and finally the
black man on her ass erupted and spurts over spurts of cum
were loaded into her ass hole, slowly he lowered his thrusts
until pulled out his cock, but then the one that Maria was
giving head got behind her and he too started to fuck her
into her very well lubricated ass hole, he fucked her very
rapidly from the start and after four or five minutes he
exploded copiously leaving hot cum oozing out of Maria
in a steady stream.

Maria lay down on the ground exhausted and satiated, she
had really enjoyed her fantasy, she looked around to check
if someone was missing, but all of them were already done
with her, after the men thanked her for the wonderful time,
they all got dressed and left, Maria sat limp and exhausted
for a few more time, but no one else came in, so Maria slowly
stood up and looked around for me, but she couldn’t find
me, what surprised her, because she asked me for 1 hour there
and sure enough she was there for more than 1 hour, she was
really mad thinking that I had fall asleep in the car and
forgot the hours, so she needed to walk stark naked to where
our car was parked.

The night was almost over, the sun was rising, and the fog
was thinning, not a very good situation to be in, Maria thought
as she squatted down to pee, then she started taking her
way to the street where we had parked the car, Maria then
arrived what seemed to be the end of park or maybe another
street, Maria stopped and looked around, the place didn’t
look very familiar, she wasn’t sure if she was on the good
direction, but then through the fog Maria saw the house
at the other side of the street, only that time one light
was on, she sighed in relief and walked to the light, curiosity
was too big and she decided to see what was going inside the
house, Maria was hoping none could see her, so she looked
both ways and darted across the street and crouched between
the parked cars, she cautiously approached the house and
noticed a large window with a soft light emitting from it,
and immediately she was drawn to take a peek inside.

As Maria peeked through the window she saw a man and woman,
they were not very visible by the fog on the window, but she
clearly noticed they were both completely naked, she failed
to suppress a little gasp as the woman dropped before the
man and grabbed his thrusting cock with both hands, then
the woman's tongue darted out and licked all around
his cock, Maria knew she should have moved on, but she did
not, her gaze was riveted to the couple in the room so she
looked around to make sure no one saw what she was doing,
and then she started laughing in silent just thinking about
that hilarious situation, a very well fucked naked woman
caught peeking through a window and watching a couple fucking
inside the room! [image10] Then Maria turned her attention back for what was going
on inside the house, the woman had lowered down and was licking
the man's hanging testicles, the man tapped the woman's
head lightly and the couple climbed onto the bed, they were
getting where they'd be more comfortable, Maria thought,
the man then straddled the woman after she'd gotten
on her back, one of his hands was kneading one of her breasts
and he was tonguing the other one, watching the guy tongue
jabbing around and against the nipple, something looked
familiar on their silhouettes to Maria, she was not sure
if it was the man or the woman, but something looked very
familiar to her, she tried to look better through the fogged
window but she couldn’t, the only thing she could see
was the man’s cock had gotten hard and he was shoving it
into the woman’s pussy, and that made Maria vividly aware
of the way her own nipples had become stiffly erect, she
could just touch her breasts with her fingers and start
coming like crazy, after all Maria had been through that
night she was still getting sexy-hot from what she was watching.

Maria was almost ready to crawl through that window and
join them, but she was afraid to scare them and end up in jail,
so she abandoned her voyeuristic distraction, and concentrated
on look for me and our car, she let a sigh of relief as she saw
hour car, so she walked down the street and opened the door
and fall over the passenger’s seat ready to ask me why
I didn’t picked her up after one hour as agreed, then she
was shocked as I was not there, she was taken by surprise
and for a couple of minutes Maria stay speechless, then
she looked better inside the car, her clothes and mine’s
were in two piles in the back seat, so she thought that I couldn’t
be too far away, maybe outside to pee or something else.

Then from the corner of her eye Maria noticed a flash of light
and some voices from the other side of the street, turned
her head aside, she saw the front door of the house was open
and the woman was kissing the man and then he left and walked
to the street while waving to her, everything normal if
both were not still naked, Maria thought, then the man started
running down the street in direction to our car and Maria
gasped as she recognized me, that’s why one of the silhouettes
looks so familiar to her, she thought.

I opened the door and jumped on my seat, then was my turn to
be shocked as I saw Maria sitting there, her eyes fixed on
me, I tried to ask her what she was doing there at the same
time as she asked me why I didn’t picked her up from the
forest, we both finished our questions at the same time,
so we just look at each other and we burst in laugh, after
a few minutes she asked me what the hell was going there with
the woman, I made a pause on my laughs to tell her that the
woman was watching our previous performance through her
window, and as she saw us enter the trees of the park she had
decided to follow us to watch us again, but as she entered
the trees she crashed against me as I was living the park
completely naked, without let me say a word she lay on her
knees and started blowing me, then she asked me to go with
her at her house to be more comfortable, I did it, and honestly
I was completely aware of the time we spent in there.

As I started to apologize for my forgetfulness Maria kissed
me deeply stopping my excuses, then she just said “I’m
exhausted let’s just go home and sleep, tomorrow I will
tell you my story!”

I turned on the engine and drove back to the main highway
and we went home for a relaxing shower after our adventure,
I glanced at Maria while driving and she was sleeping on
her seat, her face with an expression of pure pleasure,
I could feel that surely she had exceeded her expectations,
and her fantasy was fully realized, but I needed to wait
for the morning after to know all the story,

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a great orgy full of great sex and fantasy enjoyed by all well written


vikingluso replies on 5/4/2016 4:38 pm:
Thanks a lot for a so kind comment