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All Tied Up


All Tied Up
"So are you ready to begin?" he asked as he moved
towards her, rope in
hand, carefully watching her reaction. Taking half a step
and her arms moved reflexively toward her chest, but she
herself and they fell back limply at her sides as he reached
her. He
ran his hand along her neck, feeling her soft skin as he looked
her eyes. She blinked slowly, relaxing as she enjoyed him
her neck.
He could see she was still quite nervous, but that was natural
what he was about to do to her. Signs of her being scared or
uncomfortable was what he was watching for; nervousness
would just add
to her excitement. Letting his gaze move downward, he watched
fingers run along her neck, then down across the front of
shoulder, tracing along the edge of her neck where her pale
skin was
already slightly flushed. Pleased that she was already
somewhat aroused, he let his gaze move down to her cleavage,
where the
round curves of her tits escaped briefly from her thin shirt
converging and returning into hiding. As he ran his hand
across the top of her tit, he could feel her trembling; he
slipped the
tip of a finger down under the edge of her top. Let her wonder
if he
was about to fondle her, or pull her top down and let her tit
pop out,
he thought. After teasing her for a few seconds, he removed
his hand,
and heard a soft gasp as he let it brush down across her chest
as it
returned to his side.
Taking her hand, he moved behind her, straightening her
arm along her
back as he did so. Taking her other arm, he pulled it back
until both
her arms were behind her. Carefully, he closed his hand
around both
her wrists, holding them together. He had her restrained
now; in this
position he could easily hold her arms behind her back even
if she
started struggling. But she wasn't struggling, just
waiting nervously
to see what would come next, giving herself to him. With
her lovely
body there in his control, he knew what would happen. He
was going to
fuck her. However he wanted. He was getting hard now, as
he imagined
sliding up into her. And the best part was knowing that she
desperately wanted him to take her.
Reaching around her waist, he pulled her body towards him,
her wrists
still pinned together behind her. As he pressed her against
him, her
wrists pressed against his crotch, and he let her feel how
aroused he
was. Leaning forward, he started lightly kissing her neck,
to her gasp lightly as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder
give him better access to her. Her back was arched from having
arms pinned behind her; as he kissed her neck he had a clear
view of
her tits pressing outward against her shirt. Slowly, he
sliding his hand up her stomach underneath her shirt, then
back down
and lingering around her waist before sliding down and
slipping under
the edge of her jeans. He didn't want her to know where
his hand was
going next, although he had already made up his mind. He
needed to
get one of those tits in his hand, to feel the smooth naked
skin, to
dig his fingers into the firm flesh. And he knew he would
get what he
wanted soon enough.
Slowly now, he worked his hand up under her shirt, running
his fingers
along her ribs and feeling her chest move as she breathed.
Soon, his
hand reached the bottom of her bra, and he ran his hand back
and forth
across her chest, tracing the edge of it. As he pushed upwards,
soft flesh gave way as his fingers slid under her bra. He
could feel
the pressure of the elastic pushing against the back of
his fingers,
and then the back of his hand, as his hand slowly devoured
her tit.
With his hand in place, he gave her a good squeeze, feeling
his fingers
sink into the soft flesh.
He held her there for a while as he fondled her, then let one
wander over and brush her nipple. She squirmed and leaned
trying to get away, but with his hand still firmly wrapped
around her
wrists, she was going anywhere. With her tit in his hand,
he pushed
her chest back towards him, and hooked his chin across her
throat to
hold her in place. Good, he thought, the slut has sensitive
Slowly now, he took one finger and circled once, then twice,
her nipple, feeling her squirm in his arms as he teased her.
When he
was done, he pulled his hand out of her shirt and forced her
down onto
her knees.
Forcing her forward, his free hand went for the rope, and
he slowly
started looping it around her wrists. When he was done,
he checked it
more carefully than he needed to, admiring how the rope
held her
wrists together perfectly. With a shove, he pushed her
over on her
side, leaving her lying there in front of him with her strawberry
blonde hair hanging across her face, in front of her eyes.
He gazed
into her eyes for a while, absorbing her helplessness,
then reached
forward and stroked her cheek, pushing her hair back from
in front of
her face. She looked so vulnerable with her chest pushed
forward and
her arms pinned behind her; he knew he was going to enjoy
fucking her.
He let his gaze run along the curve of her hips as he imagined
beneath him. Now that she couldn't resist, he thought,
it was time to
begin the process that would end with her pussy exposed
vulnerable. His hands found the snap on her jeans, and he
ran his
fingers inside the band a bit before finally unsnapping
Continuing, he grasped the zipper and tugged it downwards,
to reveal a thin white sliver of cotton. Instead, he found
a stretch
of bare skin and a few curls of hair. "You slut!"
he laughed. She
looked up at him, unsure of what to do. "I thought you'd
like it."
"It's just one less thing I have to take off before
I fuck you, " he
smiled, as he ran his fingers through her hair, thinking
about what he
was going to do to her. She blushed and tried to roll over
on her
stomach and hide herself as he made his intentions obvious,
but he
kept her on her side. Reaching upwards, he slid her shirt
up her
chest until the bottom of her bra was peeking out, taking
time to run
his hand across her soft skin.
Moving behind her again, put a loop of rope around her elbows,
slowly started pulling them together. When they were almost
he ran a few more loops around them, then secured them in
place. The
next loop of rope went across the back of her neck, around
in front of
her shoulders, then across her back, then returning back
the way it
came. When he had the loose ends behind her neck again, he
pulled the
ropes behind her neck and back together and tied them in
place, making
sure her shoulders were pulled as far back as they could
Her ankles were tied next, and pulled back towards her wrists;
not to
tight, though, since he intended to leave her like this
for a while
and watch her squirm. As an evil thought entered his mind,
he decided
to add one last piece of rope. Pulling her head back and forcing
her jaw, he ran a single strand up from behind her back, through
mouth, then back down behind her, gagging her and keeping
her head
pulled back. When he was satisfied with how she was restrained,
took a few steps back to admire his work.
With her head pulled back, the long curve of her neck was
open to him,
rocking back and forth as she tried to adjust to the rope
in her
mouth. With her arms pinned tightly behind her, her chest
was pushed
forward as far as it could go. Below the curve of her tits,
her chest
and stomach were stretched out as the rope around her ankles
her thighs backwards, and he watched her undone jeans inch
downward around her hips as she struggled.
Kneeling in front of her, he admired her body, on display
in front of
him. With her head pulled back, not only was she powerless
to stop
him, she was also completely unable to keep and eye on him
and see
what he was up to. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, he tugged
upwards, watching as inch after inch of her stomach, and
then her
lower chest came into view. When a teeny bit of the bottoms
of her
large tits was exposed, he stopped, and ran his hand down
along her
Slowly, he tugged the zipper on her jeans downward, then
peeling her jeans downward, feeling the backs of his fingers
against her smooth skin, as he tugged her jeans downward
until a half
inch of the top of her bush was visible. He remembered how
she had
told him she didn't shave. "And don't even
ask, " she had said. But
curiosity, hormones, and submissiveness had evidently
overcome her;
as they discussed their plans for what he was going to do
to her, she
had volunteered to let him be the first to shave her. Running
finger through her pussy hair, he watched her squirm a little
as he
thought about how he was going to strip it from her and mark
her as
She was bare now from the top of her bush to the bottom of her
perfect for what he had in mind for her next. Moving his hand
to her
side, just below her ribs, he began tickling her. Caught
by surprise, she let out a quick "Oh, shit!"
and started bucking and
wiggling in a futile attempt to get away from him. Watching
giggle and squirm, he intensified his efforts until she
wiggled enough
to make her shirt start riding up along her chest.
His attention firmly on her chest, he continued tickling
her as she
begged for him to stop, watching her tits bounce and slowly
slip out
from under her shirt. It wasn't long before she gave
a good hard kick
and they popped into view, her long, hard nipples keeping
her shirt
from sliding back down over them.
As his attention turned from tickling her to her chest,
he could hear
her panting and struggling to catch her breath. Running
his hand
upward, he cupped one of her exposed tits and gave it a squeeze.
Sliding his fingers upward, he listened to her moan and
he rolled her
nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Tugging on her
nipple, he
let her tit bounce a little, admiring how it moved. She certainly
have nice tits. Maybe he would fuck them. He imagined himself
thrusting between them, until he came all over her neck.
She was his;
if that was how he wanted her, that was how he would have her.
many good ways to use her, so little time.
The fun he was having with her helpless body was causing
his dick to
strain uncomfortably against his pants. It was time to
do something
about that, he thought. Reaching behind her, he untied
the ropes
holding back her head and holding her wrists to her ankles.
As she
stretched out again, ankles and arms still bound together,
he pulled
her forward and positioned her head by his crotch.
As he fondled her tits with one hand, his other hand grasped
her hair
and pressed her face against himself, rubbing her cheek
up and down
along his erection, letting the rough fabric of his jeans
slide along
her soft skin. Not so much because it felt good, though it
did, but
to emphasize to her how completely she was at mercy, and
make it
abundantly clear to her what she was about to be forced to
Slowly, he let go of her tit and started undoing his pants;
it wasn't
long before he had his dick out, and could enjoy the feeling
of her
pressed directly against it. After enjoying rubbing her
face against
his dick a few times, he let her take it into her mouth.
Leaning back, he enjoyed the feeling of her warm, wet mouth
surrounding his rock hard dick. She had admitted she loved
cocks, so he just relaxed knowing she'd take care of
him. As he felt
her forcing herself further and further down, taking him
deeper and
deeper into her throat, he realized she intended to an even
better job
than he had anticipated. Was the extra enthusiasm because
she was
turned on by how he was treating her and no longer cared?
Or was she
simply trying to impress him with her skills?
As she kept sucking, he imagined how he would soon bury his
dick deep
in her pussy. And then, of course, her ass, though he hadn't
told her
that yet. The first time he took a girl, he enjoyed knowing
he had
used every hole she had. It'd be fun, he thought, to
throw her over
the edge of the couch, pull her jeans down, and stuff her
good. But
it would take too much time, and he was already so close ...
he took
her head in his hands, and prepared to let her enjoy the feeling
being held in place as he forced her to swallow. Anticipating
was coming, she moved faster now, urging him onward until
his grip
tightened and he let loose inside her mouth. Pulling her
closer, he
heard her choke slightly as he made sure she took at least
a spurt or
two deep in her throat. As he pulled out, he could see her
swallowing and trying to clear her throat, but he saw a hint
of a
smile at the corner of her mouth. Good. She had enjoyed being
"Not bad, bitch, " he said to enhance her mood,
as he pushed her off
his lap. She blinked and blushed slightly, as he stood and
walked off
to leave her stranded on the floor for a while. The truth
was, he was
enjoying himself immensely, and couldn't wait to
use her again. But
the pacing was better this way, he thought. Being forced
to lie
in such a vulnerable position for a while, especially right
being used, would make her feel even more submissive. She
would think
about what he had done to her, and wonder what he would do
The more he cultivated her submissiveness, the more completely
would give herself to him. When he was done with her, he wanted
telling him what a wonderful job he did, and begging him
to use her
again. You didn't get to that point by stuffing her
As he wandered the apartment, doing some minor chores and
ready for what he had in mind next, he kept an eye on her lying
in the
center of the floor. Every now and then, she moved her legs,
to get into a more comfortable position. But mostly, she
When she was facing away from him, with her head resting
against the
floor, he decided to confront her with another change of
Striding quickly towards her, he quickly and methodically
untied her
ankles. Reaching up between her legs, he caught the front
of her
jeans in his hand and tugged, his fingers nestled against
her bush as he inched her jeans down along her thighs. As
squirmed, her ass wiggled in the air, and he caught his first
of her pussy nestled between her thighs as her jeans moved
down to her
knees. After a few good tugs on each cuff, her jeans came
off easily; he put one hand on the inside of each of her knees
leaned his weight forward, forcing them open.
She looked at him, then down at herself, then back at him.
She saw
where he was looking; lying on her back her thighs were wide
completely exposing her pussy to him. Moving forward,
he settled into
position between her thighs, making it impossible for
her to close her
legs and cover herself. Then slowly, he started running
his hands up
and down the insides of her thighs, letting his fingers
slide along
her smooth, sensitive skin. Slowly teasing her, he moved
letting his hand slide upward until he could give her clit
a quick
flick with his thumb. Watching her squirm helplessly,
he gave it a
few more flicks, then settled into massaging her sensitive
little nub
with his thumb.
With her arms still pinned behind her, she couldn't
really lie flat on
her back. She was forced to keep her weight off to one side
or the
other to avoid sitting on her wrists, and now as he toyed
with her,
she was forced to pivot from one side to the other, letting
her hips
swing obscenely in the air in front of him as she tried to
get a break
from the intense, direct stimulation he was giving her.
As he watched
her tits bounce back and forth as she panted and flopped
from side to
side, he watched her carefully to see how close she was to
When he thought she couldn't take much more, he suddenly
"Don't stop!" she gasped as she gave him
a wide eyed look. Leaning
forward, he started playing with her clit again, but slower
this time.
As he brought his head down toward her ear, his other hand
moved up
and started squeezing her tit. "I'm not going
to let you cum until
I'm inside you, " he whispered in her ear. "And
first, you're going to
have to wait patiently while I shave you. Are you going to
be a good
girl and cum real hard when I finally shove my dick deep inside
He could hear her panting, and knew she was close again.
He gave her
nipple a good pinch, enough to break her concentration.
"Answer me!"
"Yes, " she panted. "Whatever you want."
"Good girl, " he said, as he sat upright again.
Taking hold of her
lower leg, he lifted it up and across in front of him as he
her other leg, using his leverage to twist her over on her
Kneeling behind her, he proceeded to untie her arms.
When he was done, he pushed her knee up towards her chest,
and pulled
her wrist down towards her ankle, positioning it along
the inside of
her leg so her arms would hold her thighs open for him. Loops
of rope
quickly secured her first wrist to her ankle, and he rolled
her over
onto her back so he could do the same with her other wrist
and ankle.
When he was finished, he took a moment to admire her body,
out and spread open in front of him. With her legs pulled
up and
apart, her pussy was held open, and he could see she was already
wet. Her arms, pulled forward, were holding her tits together;
leaned forward, his hips pressing against hers, and gripped
one tit
firmly, lifting it up as he slowly wound rope around the
base. When
he was satisfied that it was tied tight, he pulled the rope
upward and
attached it to her knee, forcing her to have to hold her leg
close to
her chest to avoid pulling on her bound tit. When he was satisfied,
he repeated the procedure with her other tit.
As he watched her squirm and try to get comfortable, he admired
he had done to her. It would be a tough position or her to hold,
he was sure she'd last long enough for what he intended.
Heading to the bathroom, he retrieved the tub of warm water,
cream, and razor. Taking up his position between her legs,
he soaked
his hand in the water and started rubbing his hand through
her bush,
making sure it was nice and wet. "How do you feel?"
he asked her, as
he started rubbing shaving cream into her pussy hair.
He watched her pause as she thought for a moment. "Helpless, "
volunteered. "Well, " he chuckled, "that's
to be expected. What else?"
"I can't believe I'm doing this."
As he touched the razor to her skin, she glanced at him and
their eyes
met. "Sure, you can, " he chuckled, as he slid
the razor along her
skin, slowly peeling her hair away with short strokes.
"Weren't you
telling me that you've always wanted someone to take
you and use you
like this?" He saw her blush and nod as he pulled her
labia taut, and
stripped them of their thin hair. "This is what happens
to naughty
little girls who have those kinds of fantasies."
As he talked, he
continued working on her, exposing more and more of her
soft skin
until only a small rectangle of hair was left above her pussy.
they meet a guy who understands their fantasies, they end
up stripped
and tied and turned into helpless little sex toys."
Working carefully now, he took the razor and removed a bit
more hair,
turning the rectangle into an 'H', marking her
as his. "There we go, "
he said as he started playing with her clit again, "nice
and shaved
and ready to be fucked."
He watched her squirm as he played with her. He liked this
but it wouldn't really work for fucking, especially
not the long hard
pounding he wanted to give her. But that was ok. He would
putting her in a new position for his use.
Detaching her wrists from her ankles, he tied them together
and folded
them upward between her tits, securing them in place on
her chest with
a rope that ran above her tits then under her arms and around
back. Taking several loops of rope, he attached each ankle
to her
thigh. When she was well secured, he detached her knees
from the
ropes around her tits. He wanted to be sure that when she
control of herself, he'd be able to feel her hips swivel
as she bucked
and squirmed and tried to kick her legs, impaled on the floor
him as he fucked her.
He watched her watch powerlessly as he moved into position,
rubbing the
head of his hard dick up and down her slit, feeling her soft
sliding along the tip. After a few strokes, he positioned
himself at
her entrance. Slowly pushing forward, he felt her warm,
silky wetness
surround him.
All his teasing had left her soaking wet, allowing him to
easily slide
deeper and deeper into her. When he was deep as he could get,
he let
his weight rest on her hips as he rocked back and forth, enjoying
feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around the full length
of his dick.
Pulling back a few inches, he slammed back down into her,
feeling her
soft flesh slide along his shaft. God, it felt good. The
thought of
her spread open beneath him, watching helplessly as he
enjoyed using
her as his own private sex toy drove him crazy. Pulling almost
the way out now, he gave her a few good long, hard strokes,
her pussy wrapped around him, sliding up and down his dick
as he
fucked her hard and fast. Putting his hands on her hips,
he settled
into a nice rhythm, relentlessly banging away at her, driving
her down
against the floor beneath her.
As he fucked her, he let his eyes run across her exposed body.
nakedness turned him on almost as much as her tight little
wrapped around his hard dick. He could see her tits on display,
tightly in place between her arms, with her erect nipples
sticking up
on top of them. He had tied her like that because it was how
wanted her tits to look while he was fucking her; now he was
his wish. As his gaze wandered downward, past her slender
towards where her thighs opened up beneath him, he watched
as his
disappeared again and again inside her. He liked how she
was spread
open, how he could see how her lips were being held open by
the hard
dick sliding between them, and how her hole was completely
filled as
he repeatedly penetrated her.
As he kept fucking her, he could feel her squirm slightly,
and heard a
soft moan escape from her mouth. Good. He wanted her to enjoy
used like this. He wanted to feel her cumming as he pounded
away at
her vulnerable little hole, to know beyond a doubt that
being stripped,
tied up, and fucked hard drove her crazy.
Leaning forward, he lay down on top of her, feeling her soft
brush against his chest, and her firm stomach press against
him as he
lowered his weight onto her. "You like getting fucked
like this,
don't you?" he whispered into her ear as his hand
moved up and started
playing with her nipple. She didn't answer; he could
see that she was
blushing. "Having someone tie you up and use you turns
you on,
doesn't it, you little slut?" Her breath was
getting ragged now, and
she was squirming as much as she could, considering the
on her movement. But he just kept pounding away at her, knowing
was no way she could escape, or even get herself a break and
catch her
breath. He loved how he had her pinned down and impaled,
powerless as he enjoyed her flesh pressed up around him.
"Are you
going to cum for me and show me how much you like being used
"Oh, god, " she gasped, arching her back and
letting him even deeper
inside her, spreading her legs as far apart as she could
to give him
complete access to her body. He felt her pussy contract
as she came,
her body straining against the ropes as she shook and gasped
as her
orgasm washed over her.
"That's a good little slut, " he whispered
in her ear as he kept
fucking her while she tried to catch her breath. Watching
her cum had
reminded him that fucking her firm young body was really
turning him
on; he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Sitting
back up, he
ran his hand across what was left of her pussy hair, reminding
that she was his. As he watched her lying there, spread open
him, he let himself go, enjoying the wonderful sensation
as he felt
himself filling her hole with his cum.
When he was done with her, he pulled out and wandered over
to the
bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving her lying naked and
exposed on the
floor, with a hole full of cum. He wanted to give her time
to think
about what was going to happen next. He had thoroughly enjoyed
her so far.
After a while, he returned and knelt beside her and started
the ropes binding her arms and tits. When he had them undone,
forced her to her knees and pulled her arms behind her, bending
so he could tie her wrists to her elbows. When he was done,
he sat
down in front of her, and pulled out the nipple clamps he
retrieved from the bedroom.
He could tell from the nervous look on her face that this
was a first
for her. He watched her carefully as he cupped her tit, positioning
the clamp around her nipple with his other hand and then
tightening it, stopping only when he saw her wince with
pain. But she
just sat there, not saying anything or trying to pull away.
He loved
bringing them to this point, when they realized there was
no use
resisting, and just accepted everything he did to them.
attaching the other clamp, he gave a few tugs on the chain
them, making sure they weren't coming off. Once he
was satisfied, he
connected a length of rope to the chain and stood up, pulling
on her
nipples and forcing her to her feet.
With her arms tied behind her, it was difficult to get her
legs under
her, especially since leaning forward caused the leash
to pull on her
nipples. When he had her on her feet, he slowly led her back
forth across the room, watching her body move, and giving
a good hard
tug on the leash when she didn't move as directed.
After a few passes, he took the chain between her tits in
his hand and
pulled upward, lifting her tits off her chest. "Up
on your toes!" he
commanded, as he pulled harder, adding pressure to her
nipples. When she complied, he took a moment to appreciate
stretched out form. "How long do you think you can
stand like this?"
he asked.
She had her head thrown back, trying to push her chest upward
and take
the pressure off her tits, but she was still able to give
him a
"that's a stupid question" sidelong glance.
"Not too long."
He could see she was already wobbling a little. Standing
on your toes
was tough. But nipple clamps could be very inspirational.
"Would you
like me to do something else to you?"
"Yes, " she said, with an exasperated sigh,
clearly more interested in
concentrating on her balance. "Well, let's
see ..." he mused,
pretending to be thinking about what to do with her. "I've
shoved my dick in two of your holes, how about we go for three?"
"Ok, " she panted, her mind elsewhere. Women
could be so cooperative
when they were tied up and naked.
"You sure you want to get fucked up the ass?"
He could be such a tease.
"Yes, please!"
"I don't know, I'm kind of enjoying holding
you here like this ..."
he could see she was almost crying as she glanced over at
"Anything but this. Please."
He let go of the chain, and let her tits fall back against
her chest.
Before she knew what was happening, he grabbed her around
the waist
and pushed her face first down over the arm of the couch,
her ass up
in the air towards him.
As he held her ass with both hands, he squeezed her cheeks
with his
thumbs so he could get a good look at her. For some reason,
he had
always enjoyed how a pussy looked, peeking out from between
a woman's
thighs, knowing what was hidden in that thin slit between
those soft,
delicate lips. Digging deeper, he ran one thumb up and down
her slit,
then pulled her open so he could examine both her holes,
nestled so
close together.
It would take a while to lube her up, and he was hard now. Pushing
forward, he slid himself into her pussy, so he could enjoy
her while
he got her ready. Squeezing some lube onto his fingers,
he fucked her
as he slowly forced her asshole open. As he poured some lube
her, he glanced up at her arms, bound tightly across her
bare back.
She wasn't going anywhere.
He watched her lying exposed in front of him as he pulled
out of
her and pushed the head of his dick up against her asshole.
Unable to
resist any longer, he pushed forward, feeling her tight
muscles give
way and slide slowly down the length of his cock. Leaning
forward, he
enjoyed the feeling of her firm ass pressed against him,
then started
slowly sliding in and out of her. As he continued fucking
her ass, he
heard her breathing quicken as she let out a soft moan. He
resist giving her a few good, hard strokes in response.
turned him on like taking a submissive young girl, using
her however
he wanted, and then seeing how much it turned her on. Sliding
hand under her hip, he found her pussy and started rubbing
her clit as
he fucked her ass.
As he played with her, he could feel her moving underneath
him, unable
to control herself, or maybe trying to get a break from the
direct stimulation ... he didn't care. Feeling her
hips rock back and
forth while his dick was still deep inside her ass made each
deeper into her feel wonderful. Reaching up along her back,
where her arms were held securely behind her back, he grabbed
hair and pulled, forcing her head back as he fucked her hard
behind. "Oh god, " he heard her moan, as she
squirmed beneath him. He
could feel the tremors running through her body; the little
slut was
going to come. He rubbed her clit harder now, as he tightened
grip on her so he could hold her in place as she came. Girls
buck and kick pretty hard, and he didn't want her surprising
him and
catching him off balance. He wanted to be able to fuck her
feeling her ass completely impaled on his dick until she
moving. It wasn't long before he heard her scream and
jerk forward,
but he was ready for her. Tugging on her hair, he held her
head back
as he felt her thrashing helplessly beneath him, unable
to get
away as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her. When
finally calmed down, he pulled his hand out from under her.
Despite having already cum a few times today, he knew he
wasn't going to last too much longer. As he got ready
to pump his cum
deep into her ass, a deliciously evil idea came to him. Leaning
forward, he reached around her and loosened the nipple
slightly. With the chain between them firmly in his grasp,
he kept
fucking her until he couldn't hold out any longer.
With a quick yank,
he pulled the clamps off of her nipples. As he listened to
her squeal
with pain as the blood returned to her sensitive nubs, he
lost control
and felt himself cumming inside her ass.
Exhausted, he lay forward, wrapping his arms around her
as he rested
his chest on her back. He felt her stop moving as she recovered,
still beneath him bent over the arm of the couch with his
dick in her ass. Holding her in his arms, he gave her a squeeze.
"Was that how you needed to be fucked?" he whispered
in her ear. "Uh
huh, " came the quiet, submissive reply. "Good, "
he said, as he stood
up and gave her ass a smack. Pulling her back towards him,
he stood
her up turned towards him, so he could take one last look
at her naked
body. "So are you going to be a good girl now and let
me use you
whenever I want?"
"Yes, sir, " she said, as she stared at her feet
and blushed.

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THAT has to be one of the hotest stories I have read in awile.loved


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after reading the story it reminded me just how much a submissive
i am..i miss being tied up and used...i am so wet i am aching
for use