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All Right Now


They say that variety is the spice of life. While it is great to have variety, I truly believe that the ability to be spontaneous is a lot more spicy...

I was getting ready for bed by the large vanity. Brushing out my hair, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and so on when my Joey walked up behind me. I look up into the mirror to discover that my handsome man is completely naked and judging from his big hard cock, he was very excited to see me. I was also naked, since Joey and I rarely wear any clothing when we are truly alone.

He started caressing my shoulders and kissing my neck. His hands traveled down to my breasts, pausing to gently pinch my already hard nipples. I am already wet and swollen from seeing him behind me in the mirror. I am already longing to feel every inch of his hardness enter me tenderly and slowly. His skilled fingers work down my belly and he starts teasing my swollen clit. He slowly eases a finger inside of me and back out again. He is teasing me, knowing that I am ready for him. I moan in anticipation of his next move.

I want him so bad. Please enter me is the only thought I had. In a sudden and very welcomed movement, he bends me over. As I brace myself by grabbing the cool granite vanity, I feel his throbbing cock enter me from behind. It feels so good as my body easily syncs with his. Gently, he grabs my hair and pulls my head up so I can look in the mirror and watch. Our bodies are moving together as one and we look so incredibly sexy together. It is incredibly erotic to watch as he thrusts deeply into me, over and over again. His pace quickens and I can't control myself any longer. I explode with pleasure around him. I continue to ride him through the bliss of my orgasm, still unable to take my eyes off of us in the mirror.

Joey slows and pulls out of me. He places a towel on the vanity counter and helps me up onto the vanity. He pulls me to the edge and thrusts into me hard and deep. I watch as he disappears into my soaking wet pussy. I continue to watch as his pace quickens and he is taking me as hard and fast as I can take. I can feel the pleasure rising within me again and I tell him that I am going to cum soon. He tells me that he is going to cum soon as well and it drives me over the edge. I feel as though there is electricity coursing through my entire body as I watch him give me another explosive orgasm.

Joey was ready to cum and I was craving the feeling of his cock exploding within me. I was watching with anticipation, I wanted to see his spasms as he shot his load deep inside my pussy. Instead, another spontaneous surprise was in store for me. I was still watching as he pulled out and released his love all over my belly. Seeing his explosion was the perfect ending to our act of spontaneity.

As I finished getting ready for bed, I felt satisfied yet still longing for more. Joey has a way of doing that to me. I will never get enough of the love he has to give me.

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very nice job of writing


TrucknLuvn replies on 7/25/2017 8:00 am:
Thank you!

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Short and to the point just the way i like it. Very nice


TrucknLuvn replies on 7/25/2017 10:21 am:
Short and sweet is often underestimated!

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very sexy and loving gesture to let you watch him cum on your belly


TrucknLuvn replies on 7/25/2017 10:20 am:
Actually, it was. Thank you.

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bravo! I love it. This is the kind of stuff that gets me so hard