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Alice Goes For A Walk


Now, Jon, " you said, "she's ready to go
out. Where shall we take her?" I was on my hands and
knees in the middle of Jon's living room. I still had
my short skirt on, and underpants, but sandals, shirt and
bra had been discarded a while ago. It was the addition of
a bright pink collar and leash that had given my lover the
sense that I was now ready to go out. It was a hot summer night,
and I wasn't shivering from the cold, but from feeling
exposed, and from being stirred up inside. This was only
the second time Jon had been included, and it was apparent
that he was enjoying himself. I hadn't asked or even
implied, that I wanted to play with him. Clearly my lover
had made a decision to let another man use me. Part of me thought
that I ought to be upset by this, but mostly it turned me
on. Once I would have been, but things had changed. Over
the last few months, I had reached a new place in my head while
playing these games. I was finding that I could just let
go of something dwelling inside of me. I no longer worried
about what this meant to me, or why I wanted to do this. I gave
up on big questions, on trying to figure out what I needed
or what I wanted.I let my gut reactions of embarrassment
and humiliation wash over me, leaving arousal in their
wake. Those feelings only made me want more of my lover,
and to let him take as much of me as he wanted. A thought that
had gone through my head several times was along the lines:
"he's gently, each time, pushing at my limits",
but there wasn't much gentle about how we were playing.
So I stayed on hands and knees, and I tried not think about
going out. Still, it was hard to avoid those big glass doors
in front of me. Jon had sat down on the couch, next to me and
was fondling my breasts. More gently now than earlier,
but it wasn't the intensity of the touch that pulling
hard on me. I stood very still and thought about the fact
that it was another man's hands touching me. It wasn't
that it was just another man, I had had many lovers, male
and female over the years. It was the scene. I hadn't
played with anyone for a many years, until my lover and I
had carefully begun this part of our relationship a year
ago. For me, no really, for us, the domination and submission
was part of the trust that underlay our love. While Jon and
I were friends we had not had anything approaching a sexual
relationship before this. He was married, happily and
quite monogamous. I wasn't sure what he wanted out
of these games with me. I knew that he was no stranger to bondage
or discipline, but I had no idea of what he would do to me,
with me. My lover had, in essence, said to me "do this,
do it for me, I don't ask, I tell you". And I so knelt
while another man caressed my naked breasts and talked
about me as if I was there only for his pleasure. "Out?"
Jon asked, rolling my nipple between his fingers. "Out
on the porch?" I was still sufficiently anxious that
the porch actually sounded pretty tame to me. "Oh,
no, I mean Out, out. Down the street. Walking the dog. Displaying
the body". I stood very still." Actually, she's
not quite ready. Lets get her into pants, to save her knees".
How thoughtful, he's worried about my knees. He grabbed
my gym bag and pulled out a pair of old grey sweats. "These
will be easy to put on" and tossed them to Jon. Standing
behind me, and leaning over, he reached his arms around
me and unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt. This was not a development
I had thought of. I am always worried about looking heavy,
and I knew that on hands and knees, with my ass up in the air,
was not a flattering. He lifted on leg at a time, as he pulled
my skirt off, leaving me there in lace underpants. I didn't
know which was worse for me, feeling my ass exposed, or the
visible wet spot. Jon had not taken his eyes off of me, and
now rested a hand on my shoulder. He slowly ran it down my
back, as if stroking his dog. My eyes were firmly fixed on
the floor. "Hand me those sweats", my lover
said, as he worked each foot into them. He drew them up slowly
over my legs, touching me softly on the back of my thighs.
He tightened the drawstring and stood up. "Let's
go". I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. There
are two ways that dogs walk with their masters. There are
eager dogs that bound ahead, pulling their owners after
them. On the other hand there are hesitant dogs who follow
behind. That was me. We walked out of Jon's house, and
down the steps, which are long, and therefore difficult
on hands and knees. I don't think I have been so acutely
aware of my breasts since I was a teenager. I could feel them
bouncing underneath of me with each step down. I didn't
move very fast, and once or twice felt a strong tug on the
leash. Neither man said very much, and I had no idea of how
much they were watching. Jon lives on a long street that
gets used as a cut through in his neighborhood. Its not a
main street, but it can get busy. There are houses only on
one side, and woods on the other. When we got to the side walk,
Jon said "Well, which way?", and got the reply"oh, lets
just walk a bit". The two men turned towards the business
area, walking side by side, with me behind. I felt ignored.
There wasn't a lot of foot traffic but several cars
sped by. There lights flashed on me, quickly, but I couldn't
tell if anyone could see me. I was putting most of my energy
into walking on all fours.It was easier, of course, not
to think about it at all. My lover stopped, and turned around
towards me. "Alice, are you doing OK?" he asked.
I nodded, as he reached around to stroke my breasts. I didn't
think they could get harder, but my nipples responded immediately
to his touch. I heard a car slow and pull over to the curb behind
us. I tried to hold my arms in front of my chest, as I sat back
on my heels. I couldn't exactly squat like a dog, but
this seemed good enough. I hunched over to protect and hide
my chest. "Alice, if you sit like that, I will tie your
arms behind your back". I let my arms drop to my sides.
My lover looked up expectantly as a door opened and voices
reached us. I couldn't look, and kept my head down but
all of the sounds seemed to reach me in great clarity. I heard
feet hit the ground and indistinct words in male and female
timbers. "Hi", a female voice, young, as steps
came closer, "We, uh, just noticed, uh.." "Oh,
please do come and see my pet", as a hand stroked the
back of my head, gently at first, then grabbing my hair,
hard, and dragged my head up. The steps came closer, and
I could see out of the corner of my eye a figure bending down.
"Wow, she doesn't have a shirt on, that must be
against the law". It was the voice of a teenaged boy.
The girl just giggled. "Would you like to touch her?"
my lover asked. The boy was rocking back and forth on his
feet, not sure at all about this negotiation. "Can
I touch her, uh, her, tits?" I tried to remember how
I felt about sex at that age, and couldn't. "Sure"
my lover said to him, and to me "Alice, sit up straight,
hands behind your neck, again". I did, and got a glimpse
of the other two.Very young. Teenagers. I hoped they weren't
the children of anyone we knew, I hoped that this wasn't
going to be a lot of trouble later. And then I stopped thinking
about things like that, as the guy reached an awkward hand
and squeezed my right breast. People touching, people
watching. My nipples were painfully erect. "Uh,
wha, look at that" the girl said, barely able to get
to words out between gasps and giggles, "look at that,
there's a, uh, a ring on her boob, uh, through, uh, in
her boob". The boy stopped touching long enough to
look at my other breast. "Oh, that must have hurt to
get that done" said the girl, saying what was probably
the first thing that came to her mind. It was a toss-up as
to which of them was more surprised. The boy reached out
to touch the ring, totally entranced. "Go ahead",
urged my lover, "she likes to have the ring played
with". I thought that I was inured to being spoken
of in the third person, since he had been talking about me
to Jon all evening. But I found that talking about me like
that to these two young people was reopening feelings of
being used. The boy reached out and twisted the ring a little.
"Harder" said my lover. "Hurt her".
The girl stared at him in amazement and started to say something, but
never got beyond gasping and stuttering The boy pulled
harder, and pulled my nipple out as far as it would go. Tears
squeezed out of my eyes and I moaned. My eyes slitted open
to see my tormentor. The first layer was confusion but something
like pleasure sat behind his eyes. "You people are
very very weird" said the girl. "Come on, Mike,
lets get out of here". But Mike was clearly too fascinated
to leave immediately. He pulled on my ring again, and the
girl started tugging on his arm. He pinched at my nipple
and grabbed at my other breast. "I want to go",
she said "I don't think this is fun". Reluctantly
he let go, and turned. "Well, Mike" my lover
started "I'm going to have to finish your job"
and he slapped my right breast, hard enough to make me lose
my balance. As I fell I noticed the boy turning around to
watch. I was pushed, face down, over a low railing in someone's
yard. "Jon, hold her arms down". Jon stepped
over the railing, into the yard and grabbed my arms, and
smiled into my eyes while he supported me. My lover yanked
the sweats down, and then the underpants. There was certainly
enough light to see what was going on. Bent over, all I could
see was Jon, and I couldn't hear the couple. I didn't
really care, I knew what was coming. I received only a dozen
open-handed blows, enough to warm and redden my ass but
not much more. My pain was being nearly naked, outside,
with an eager unknown audience watching my punishment.
I heard the girl gasp, again, and say "Mike, really,
I WANT to go now". "No, let me watch this, its
wild". But the car door slammed a few feet away, and
a minute later the engine revved. I wondered what would
happen to the young couple's relationship. When Jon
pulled me up, it was just the three of us standing there.
I tried looked around, quickly, for other people. "On
your hands and knees, Alice, I didn't give you permission
for anything else". I pulled up my clothes and scrambled
down onto the ground. Jon bent over to retrieve the leash
and gave a tug on it. "Ready? Where shall we go?"
he asked, grinning. "Not so fast" said my lover,
"Alice, did I give you permission to put on any clothes?"
"No, Sir" I replied. "Then take them off",
and I pulled down the sweats and pants to my knees again.
"No, Alice, off, all the way off". Jon, still
in front of me, saw my face. This was hard, this was going
to be embarrassing. I pulled them off and handed the clothes
to Jon. I was totally naked in a part of town where I might
run into people who knew me. "Bend over" said
my lover's hard voice, "bend over the rail and
spread your legs apart". I did as I was told, aware
of how much utterly ludicrous I must look. I felt some relief
in having my head hidden. "Jon, come here, around
the back, I want you to watch". Watch what? Jon moved
to where he could get a good view. "Look at her cunt,
she likes this". My blushing was pointless, no one
was looking at my face. My lover stroked my labia with a warm,
dry finger. "Head down more, Alice its hard to see".
I obliged, hoping for more. Moving my head forced my hips
up higher. I balanced myself with my hands on the ground.
His finger traced a circle around my clit, and I tried hard
not to move my hips, but I wanted that finger on my clit. "Ah,
watch the slut move". I couldn't help but groan,
as he smeared my juices over my entire cunt. His finger moved
on, past my vagina and probed into my now slick anus. Here
I was, outside, naked, bent over someone's railing,
and all I wanted was to be stroked, caressed, touched,
somehow, until I could come. The frustration I felt was
getting be incredible. "Please, Sir", I tried
to ask. Two fingers were shoved into my ass, hard. "She
talks out of turn, Jon, amazing". The fingers twisted
inside of me, and spread apart like scissor blades. "She
needs a lesson". The fingers inside of me savagely
held me open. I heard a rustle of zipper and clothing and
then felt his cockforcing its way into me. It seemed larger
than usual, but my whimpers of pain were ignored. My lover
grabbed my breasts brutally and pulled upwards, forcing
me to arch my back and half stand up. The rough material of
his pants abraded my warmed ass. Out of the corner of my eye
I could see Jon watching us. I didn't care if he saw me
being fucked, all I wanted was to be permitted to come. The
power of my lover's strokes increased, slamming my
thighs against the railing. Fingers from one hand pinched
my labia, and pulled my cunt open. "Nothing, nothing"
he grunted at me, "nothing is going to rub on your clit.
This is not for your pleasure. Mine, all mine". And
with the last word he pulled me close in a spasm, bending
me to fit his body contours. For a moment, being pulled
close to him was the only thing I wanted in the universe.
But the agonzing throb in my clit returned. I was nearly
in tears. The fucking had been powerful and pulled deep
inside, but I wanted, needed more. Then more softly, I heard
him say with pleasure, "Ah, Alice, Alice".
He bent me forward at the waist, but did not withdraw. "You
are most wonderful". I did not feel wonderful, I felt
frustrated and horny and exposed. He was clothed, I was
naked. His still hard cock was in my ass, but my cunt felt
tremendously empty. He leaned down on my back and reached
around to tweak my nipples. They throbbed, my clit throbbed.
"And you, right now you would do anything I asked.
Wouldn't you?" I nodded, although I wanted to
plead with him. "Anything"I said softly, moving
my hips very slightly. His hands moved lower across my belly
and pulled on my pubic hair from above and behind. "Oh,
Alice, I know you, I know what you need right now. And it makes
me smile to think that I won't give it to you".
With a small pop that I felt more than heard, he pulled out
of me. "Now, sit on the rail. Spread your legs and show
Jon your cunt". I kept my back to the sidewalk, but
tried to turn my head sideways to look at him. "Open
yourself up, I know you like it, my little bitch of a dog".
He jerked on the leash around my neck to emphasize his point.
"But don't come". I reached down and pulled
open my labia on either side of my drenched vagina. Jon walked
around to the front of me and leaned forward to see in the
dim light. I wanted him to look, even more I wanted him to
touch me. My lover was right, I would have done anything
to be touched right now. "More" Jon said. I felt
full of shame, not in showing myself, but that that I wanted
so much to show myself. So with my middle finger I pulled
my clit hood back, while the two fingers on either side pulled
my inner labia wide. I stuck two fingers into my cunt and
felt my thighs get wetter and sticker. I wanted to fuck myself,
to touch my clit, but I didn't dare I was an animal in
heat, totally in their control. I would come when they wanted.
"Ah, Alice" my lover said "in the face
of terrible desire, you begin to lose your inhibitions".
And with that, he jerked on the leash, hard and pulled me
back. "Get up, its time to go home." He grinned
at me, and reached a finger into my cunt. He threw only the
sweat pants at me. "You can wear these going home,
but don't hide your breasts. I know you will do anything
for me, but its not quite time for what I want". I only
hoped that Jon was as frustrated and disappointed as I was.
Before tonight, I hadn't though I could fuck another
person besides my lover, but I would have fucked Jon or even
the teenaged boy, at that moment, if it meant coming. My
lover and Jon started off ahead of me, going towards home
at a good pace. I stayed a few steps behind, and to the left,
and tried to keep my chest up. Occasional tugs at the leash
were more for my discomfort than anything else. My frustration
subsided to a dull roar, but I didn't have much trouble
keeping up, now that I could walk. I could hear low talk between
them, but not make out the words. Finally a few words pitched
for my ears floated back to me. "Oh, don't worry,
I'll give you a chance with her, " I heard my lover
say. "But not when she wants it so much. It will be much
more fun to force her." We climbed up the steps at Jon's
house, my lover and Jon still leading me by the bright pink
leash around my neck. My arms hung at my sides, and my breasts
felt almost unbearably heavy, bouncing and swaying as
I was tugged along. I don't think I felt naked anymore.
I was aware of my breasts, but the embarrassment was gone.
They led and I followed. I wasn't sure if I was grateful
to be wearing my sweatpants or not. I wasn't sure how
much I wanted to be displayed and exposed. My extreme desire
was fading, sort of like a color being washed out of an old
cotton shirt. It was still there, but not very strong, although
just looking at it could remind you of what it had been. It
was replaced by a lethargy and exhaustion. We'd only
been out for about a half hour, and hadn't done all that
much before hand. But still, I could have laid down and gone
to sleep very easily at this point, had I been given the option.
We went into Jon's living room, with soft off-white
leather furniture and warm lighting. I curled up in the
corner of a big chair, and let my lover and Jon talk softly
and drink their beers. They seemed to know how tired I was,
and let me drift off into a half sleep while acoustic delta
blues played in the background. I felt very peaceful. I
happily drowsed on, a small animal napping. It couldn't
have been very late at all when I dimly heard the phone ring
in the background. Jon spoke in a low voice, and then dialed
another number. My lover murmured into the phone, too,
but I couldn't rouse myself to pay attention. I must
have slept for a bit, because in a while, Jon came back and
gently shook my shoulder and stroked my breast. By then
it seemed quite natural to me that he should touch me that
way. He didn't own me the way my lover did, but my body
existed to be touched at that point. He was free to touch
me, until my lover said no, and I acquiesced entirely. He
handed me a large mug of coffee. "Alice, you need to
wake up. Here have a little of this". I smiled up at
him as he sat down on the arm of the chair, and put his hand
on my naked back. As I drank the coffee, he started touching
me again. My lover wasn't in the room, and Jon didn't
offer to tell me where he was. Jon didn't offer to tell
me much of anything, but kept stroking me like a well loved
cat. The touches were gentle and without much pressure,
but his rough fingertips provided plenty of friction in
their trail. He ran them back and forth across my nipples
and my body began to respond.I looked at him, but he stared
back and I quickly broke my gaze, and looked down. "Good
Alice", he said "Good, pliant Alice. You need
to wash up a little after your walk". He stood up and
took my hands and led me through his bedroom into the grey
and pink tiled bath. The lights were dim but warm.It was
somewhat steamy from the bath and the air seemed scented.
He reached up to my neck and unbuckled the collar and leash.
"Take off your sweats" he said, in his normal
quiet tones. I hesitated and blushed, a little. "Don't
be silly", he said, "its nothing I haven't
seen, or more to the point, nothing you haven't shown
me". I slowly untied the pants and let them fall. He
watched intently as I stepped out of them, and sat down next
to me on the edge of the tub. "Turn around" I did,
with my back to him, supporting myself on the towel rack.
I wondered what would happen next, but received no clues.
Silently, he ran his hands up the backs of calves, along
the backs of my thighs, and cupped my ass. The coffee had
begun to wake me up inside, and his touch was arousing me
on the outside. He stopped touching me before I was even
close to reaching any peak. "Get into the tub"
he said. I did, sitting down, carefully. The water was soft
and fizzy, it felt wonderful on my skin. He took a thick washcloth
and a bar of Dove and started washing my back. "Lift
your arms". I did, conscious of pulling my breasts
up as I did. He washed my shoulders, my armpits, and then
my breasts. "Hands down, get up on your knees".
I knelt in the tub and he ran the cloth across the backs of
my thighs, and around to the insides. He stopped, and I spread
my thighs as far apart as the tub allowed. He washed ran the
cloth up between my legs, and scrubbed my ass. With his hand
cupped, he poured water down my ass crack and ran a bar of
soap along my anus. It felt wonderful, and I closed my eyes
in pleasure. He squeezed the washcloth over my ass, so the
water rinsed out the soap. He the gently rubbed the cloth
over my cunt, taking away the last external traces of dried
pleasure from earlier in the evening. He was careful not
to touch me too much, not to arouse me more than a some predetermined
level. I felt the small push of an enema nozzle at the still
tender entrance to my ass. "Relax", he said,
"don't make it harder", as he filled me
with warm water. "Hold it for a moment". He turned
the shower on, and taking a handheld spray, sprayed my body
with warm water, stroking here and there as he did. "Get
out, and empty yourself". I did, and he indicated
for me to get back into the tub. He rinsed me inside and out,
twice more, forcing me to hold the water for longer than
I was accustomed, but never to the point of pain. I suspected
he knew my limits, and was sure that this was all deliberate
and planned on his part. I looked at him to ask what next.
"The pain will come later, Alice", he murmured
as he rubbed some oil into my skin, careful to barely touch
my cunt and ass. It was all quite pleasant, and I felt clean.
My arousal was still quiet, my desire there, but in control.
It was no longer my control, but Jon's and my lover's.
When Jon stopped grooming me, I reached for my sweats, but
he said "no, put this on" and handed me a one piece
silk teddy, trimmed in lace. It was a dark burgundy red and
with an opening at the crotch. The top was loose and had thin
satin straps. As I stepped into the garment he said, "wait,
take out your nipple ring". I wondered about that,
it was something that he and my lover found erotic. I pulled
the straps over my shoulders, and realized that it offered
no support for my breasts, they swung free underneath.
I padded out of the bath, and he handed me a pair of high-heeled
slipon shoes in black. "Put these on, too".
Finally, he handed me a short curly blond wig. I glanced
at myself in a long mirror. I wondered about makeup, surely
I needed red lipstick and some dark eyes. Still, I thought
I looked good, pivoting in the shoes. It was a costume, not
too strange, it just wasn't me. As we went back into
the bedroom I was going to ask where my lover was, but Jon
started giving me instructions. "First of all, for
the rest of the evening you are a high paid whore. Mine. I
have paid for you. You will do what I say, no questions. You
need to wearthis, too" He handed me a large mask made
of some soft black cloth, stiffened to fit over my face.
I understood why there was no makeup. The front would nearly
cover my entire face, leaving my mouth and chin underneath
clear. There were two eye holes, rimmed in red satin, and
two long wings, sprinkled with dark glitter, that covered
my cheeks. It fit over my head with surprisingly comfortable
straps in back. I was unrecognizable. "Say nothing
to anyone who comes in". That stopped me. Who did he
have in mind? Clearly someone who he wanted to hide me from.
Ah, someone might know about the ring. Certainly no one
else of our friends had something quite so, well so different.
It made me smile to think about the uptight little professionals.
I tottered back into the living room on the heels, confidently
hidden behind the mask and costume. "Sit down, on
the floor, at my feet, finish your coffee." Jon ordered.
He then gave me a small bowl filled with wine. He stroked
my head, and then stood up. "I forgot one thing"
He went out and came back carrying the pink leather collar.
Tossing it at me he said, "put it on". I did, and
sat still. He said nothing, but drank his beer, and I sat,
and lapped at the wine. We passed ten minutes that way. I
don't know if he was nervous, he never showed that kind
of outward sign. As I waited, my confidence started to
slip away. I alternated between anxiousness and desire.
I heard a tapping at his wide glass door and started. I had
little peripheral vision, and needed to swivel around
to see. My lover came into the room with Sam, another friend
of his and Jon's. Sam was in the middle of a messy divorce
and best known for dating women 20 years younger than he
was. He was a sweet guy, trying to get laid, and not quite
sure how. He was always kind to me, and although other women
thought of him as a foxhole feminist. I thought that if he
would just calm down, could probably find some wonderful
woman for the rest of his life. "So", Sam smiled
at Jon, but couldn't look directly at me, "this
is the, uh, uh, girl, uh, lady, he mentioned." When
Jon didn't say anything Sam continued struggling
to find something more to say. "She's good looking,
cost a lot?" Jon shrugged. Jon did not give things
away, even to Sam. Sam felt he had to keep talking. "What
will she do?" Sam sat down on the couch, m y lover in
the chair I had been in. The three men formed a semi-circle
around me. Jon shrugged again, and said "what do you
want?" Sam thought, and took Jon at face value. "Let's
see her tits". Then he grinned, like a kid in a candy
shop. I looked up at Jon who nodded. I got up on my knees, all
three men were close enough to touch me. I tried not to look
at them as I let one shoulder strap fall down so that the silky
top fluttered around my breast. I plumped up my breast and
pulled my nipple towards my mouth. I could stick my tongue
out and flick it over the nipple. As I started to do so, Sam
jumped up. "Wow, oh wow", as he grabbed me and
tried to suck my nipple into his mouth. He snatched at my
other tit, clearly in breast heaven. It felt good to be grabbed,
to be desired, but Jon interrupted him. "Sam, wait,
let's do this better". Sam reluctantly disengaged,
tweaked one nipple, and sat down. Jon snapped the leash
onto the collar and pulled the silk strap back up over my
shoulder. He started walking me around the room, I followed.
Despite Sam and my lover's eyes following me, this
wasn't too hard. I liked being watched. "Do something
disgusting, slut". That was from my lover. It was
the first thing he had said. I had been acutely aware of him
watching. When I stopped to think about that, it made me
feel very safe, very loved. I believed that Jon cared,
too, but his tough act was harder to penetrate. I also believed
that Sam cared, but probably cared about getting fucked,
mostly. Jon walked me over near him. He ran his hand down
my back, raising goosebumps over my entire body, and then
pushed the straps down from my shoulders. Grabbing my breasts,
he pulled me upright. "Something really lewd"
he said. I wasn't about to ask what, and just waited
for someone else to supply something for me to do. Say nothing,
Jon had said. As for disgusting, I wasn't sure what
would fall into those categories. I was sure that the limits
on my behavior were well outside of Sam's. "Hands
and knees again" Sam cried. He had clearly lost his
initial discomfort. I figured that I could count on him
to fill the empty air spaces, and any other empty space that
stayed still long enough. I complied. "Make her stick
her fingers in" he said. "In what?" Jon
asked. I suspected he was howling with laughter inside.
"Unsnap that thing she's wearing". Jon
reached to me, and undid the teddy, rolling it up to expose
my ass and cunt. Sam was delighted. "Turn around,
oh my, oh my". I turned facing away, so that my ass was
towards all of them. Sam started running his hands over
my ass and reached to touch between my legs. "Stick
a finger in your hole, honey". I wanted this more than
Sam, probably. I put my head down on the ground, raising
my ass up in the air. I spread my legs apart so the three men
could see deep into my cunt. I licked my middle finger of
my right hand and traced around the edges of my labia, before
slowly sliding it in. I hadn't needed to lick my finger,
I was sopping wet, obvious to the three of them, too. "Whore",
Jon said as he reached over and rolled me onto my back. If
he could have seen my cheeks, Sam would have had no idea why
I blushed. But it was true, I wanted to fuck all of them. Jon's
hand's felt strong on me. "Now the other one,
honey", Sam said. I opened my mouth a little, and rubbed
the tip of my finger on the end of my tongue. Then reaching
around, I started touching my anus. It was a bit sensitive
after the earlier play, hell it was stretched and sore and
started all sorts of feelings running back and forth in
me. I wanted them to touch me. "Fuck yourself"
That was my lover, softly. I did. I didn't have to act.
My knees were bent, and pulled up to my chest, but my toes
pointed straight up in the air. My lover came around back
of me, and sat behind me, close, forcing me to sit up a bit.
He grabbed the inside of my thighs, near my knees, and help
my legs as far apart as they could go. His thumbs slid down
the inside of my thighs, till he was holding my cunt lips
painfully wide. I leaned back into his arms and started
moaning and rocking my hips, fingers pumping in and out.
"Whore", Jon said again, to remind that he was
watching me, wide open, again. "What a show".
Sam was enthusiastic, and having this audience kept raising
my excitement. I started rubbing my clit, and getting close
to coming, for what must have been the tenth time that evening.
Sam had unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. He was
not in my direct line of vision, so I couldn't see him
entirely. It looked like he was stroking himself. "Let
me fuck her, oh let me at her". "Do you have a condom?"
Jon asked. "Of course, of course!", Sam replied,
shucking his pants. He put the latex on, and came at me with
one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. I lay on my back and
looked up at him as he stood over me, spreading my legs wide
while the other two watched. "Hold your knees wide,
honey". I grabbed my legs apart for him. I thought
he would just plunge into me, but he leaned over and lapped
at my clit once or twice. I moaned again. I wanted to be fucked.
I was ready, but he was large enough to hurt going in. I must
have winced because he stopped and said "oh, are you
ok?". I nearly laughed, it was so different from the
treatment I received from Jon or my lover that night. Here
was this he-man, fucking some nameless whore, and he was
concerned. I kissed him on his cheek, then and there, and
grabbing his shoulders, pulled him into me. Once in, it
was marvelous. I started to move on him, but he grunted once
and flopped on me. He lay there, and then pulled out quickly.
"Oh, too fast, too good". I was left frustrated
again. I tentatively touched my clit, knowing that Sam
would appreciate the show. But, Jon, not one to lose momentum,
grabbed me up and said "suck on him" and pointed
to my lover. I crawled over on hands and knees and tried to
open my lovers pants with my teeth. I couldn't, so he
helped and I slid his cock into my mouth. I suspected that
he wouldn't be able to come again, but I knew he liked
it so I went for a while. I guess he was embarrassed, too and
faked an orgasm for the benefit of Jon and Sam.I could have
laughed. All these tough tops, and they're premature
or flaccid. I smiled inside and felt a warm charity to them,
and not at all used, but still quite a bit horny. But I was
the premature one, and warm feelings were not to last. Jon
was the true cruel top of the group. He probably thought
I was enjoying myself too much, and that the others were
too tired or excited to really put me in my place. He grabbed
me by the back of the mask and pulled me around. Pushing me
onto all fours on the floor, he pulled the silky cloth down
over my hips, leaving me in the collar and shoes. He pulled
a set of nipple clamps out of his pocket and snapped them
on me. They were sharper and meaner than the ones we usually
played with, and I nearly cried out for the pain. He stood
there for a few moments, and when the pain cleared from my
face, he hung little fishing weights off of each, and set
them swaying. I sucked in air, hard, but was silent. I could
see Sam behind Jon, his eyes as wide as saucers. He was clearly
out of his league. Jon pulled his cock out and stuck it, condom
covered, in my face. "Suck" he said. I did. Oh,
I did. "You want to get it wet, very wet".He rocked
his hips in and out of my mouth, pushing his cock as deep as
it would go. He pushed on me enough to keep the weights swaying
on my nipples and a slow pain burning in my breasts. Suddenly,
he pulled out of my mouth and went behind me. With no grace
or warning, he shoved himself in my ass, hard, fast and painful.
I was wide from before, but it felt like he was tearing me
open. Naked, being fucked hard in the ass, I wanted this.
The room was entirely silent, except for Jon's hard
breathing. He started pounding hard and held onto my shoulders.
As he moved in me, he reached one hand around to my clit and
rubbed it back and forth. The weights on my nipples were
swaying back and forth, as I felt an orgasm, like a long awaited
friend, rise up from deep inside of me and explode across
my body. I jerked with spasms of pleasure, and bit hard on
my lip, drawing blood. When the sensations seemed to finally
ebb, I was ready to quit, and must have slowed down. Jon
was not. "Oh, no, little whore" he said softly,
"I'm not nearly done, bitch". He continued
to ride me, hard, squeezing my shoulders painfully. He
leaned down on me, putting his weight on my back, and reached
around to the nipple clamps. He started pulling my tits
down from my body, stretching them as far as they would
go. "I want to see you cry" he said in my ear "I
want to see you hurt". He sharply bit into me, in way
that would leave a bruise on my back. A scream started somewhere
deep in my throat, but he clamped a hand over my mouth. He
stopped moving, but did not pull out."Get that gag"
he said to my lover, his voice still soft, but filled with
power. He pulled me back, like a rider pulling on a horse's
bit as he tied it over my mouth. When it was tied on, he held
me up by my breasts, forcing me to arch my back and balance
on my knees. He continued to pinch my breasts in rhythm with
his strokes, as if showing off to Sam and my lover. In this
new position, tears started spilling out of my eyes, pouring
in great cascades down my face, dripping onto my breasts, and
spotting the carpet.I don't know what Jon had tapped
into, but I couldn't stop. My lover, who had seen this
before and learned to watch, sat back, intent on the scene.
He knew where my limits were and how much I needed this. He
even understood what this meant to me. The fact that I wasn't
sure at this point wasn't relevant to me. The feelings
were so strong, and had built so high in me, that the orgasm
was not enough to purge them. I cried, silently into the
gag, letting pain and pleasure and humiliation wash over
me. Sam was not nearly so sanguine. He jumped up, and started
to protest, "Hey, Jon, that's not right".
"Shut up Sam" was all Jon would say. He bent over,
forcing me back onto hands and knees. As he thrust into me,
ripping me open, he pulled back on my hair, lifting my head
up, forcing me to meet the other's eyes. I felt that
the mask hid nothing of me, I was entirely bare to the world.
Jon's endurance was amazing. He reached around to
my clit, first lightly touching, and then pinching, then
digging his fingernails into me. I crossed the line between
pain and pleasure a dozen times, losing track of the room,
the people, even who it was on top of me, using me. All I knew
is that I had no choice, no will, but was only a body to receive
what this rider gave me. I took it in, all of it, my naked body
hungry and grateful. "You slut" he whispered
to me, his southern accent creeping into the muted words.
"You need the pain as much as the pleasure, and both
give you a glow, a beauty that I want. That I will have".
I heard him, but I don't know if I responded. I don't
know if I stopped crying, because the waves, oceans of feeling
poured over me, swamping me, carrying me away. It could
have been a minute, or ten, or a hundred. I knew that I must
have come, because eventually the feelings stopped. I
was drained and slumped onto the floor. The next thing I
knew Jon put me into a long coat, and he and my lover carried
me downstairs. "We've called you a cab. Go home
to my place and sleep". I nodded, I still had no voice.
"Thank you, Alice", Jon said softly, "I've
never felt anything like that before. And somehow I doubt
I will again". But it was my lover who kissed me on the
forehead and said "I love you, and always will"

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thanks for a great story....i'm nice and wet
favorite part was when she had to finger herself on the railing
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Simply Amazing!!!