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AfterA Long Day


I know you've had a long and rough day, and I truly wish that I could be the one, for once, that you come home to. I understand that you're exhausted, but a glass of diet coke and a nice neck massage would do you wonders. Sitting on the sofa beside you I would let my warm hands and fingers rub and press your stress away.

Starting at your nape and along your taught shoulders, my fingers would loosen the knots that developed during the day. Sliding your top down off one shoulder, I would carefully drive the tenseness away and replace it with a feeling of gentle relaxation. My warm hands on your bare shoulder, caressing your skin. My lips would descend to your neck and as your head tilts, my kisses would fall on all those exciting spots that I know make you feel warm inside.

Your eyes close and as you further relax, I lift your top up over your head and toss it to the chair beside. I then strip off my own shirt and toss it alongside yours. Sliding closer to you on the sofa, I press my chest to your back so that you feel the warmth of my skin on yours. Your head turns and my lips find yours for a deeply sensual kiss. The clasp of your bra slips apart beneath my fingers, and as it falls away from you, my hands replace it, cupping your lovely breasts, my thumbs resting across your nipples.

Together we stand and I let my fingers trace their way down from your breasts to the waist of your pants, where again the clasp opens allowing them to slip down around your ankles in a heap. My warm hand slips across your pelvis, tenderly teasing the tops of your thighs while sometimes slipping within the fabric of your panties getting ever closer to the cleft between your legs.

Pressing back you can feel my hardness against you, and as you wiggle your lovely ass against my crotch you can tell I've come to full attention. Stepping out of your pants you turn, and let your hands wander across my naked chest, slowly working their way down to my stomach and then lower still. A slight moan slip from my lips as I feel you undo my jeans and reach within, searching for that hardness that you so crave.

Having your hands on me always makes me burn hotter, which you well know, and I can see you smile slyly as your fingers find what they were looking for, and squeeze it gently. A louder moan from me and you silently slip my jeans down, revealing my full body. Underwear are optional you know . Now standing before you, fully nude, you again grasp my cock in your hand while pushing me to sit down.

Your tongue licks your lips in anticipation of the taste. Me seated. You kneeling between my legs and feet. My cock hard and straight in your hand. Your lips lower until they just touch the tip. Your tongue sneaks out and lays a warm trail along the head of my manhood, before your lips wrap themselves around my shaft. Deeper you take me in your mouth, and as my moans get louder, you move faster. Your head nodding up and down, I feel you grasp my balls. A slight massage there and my moans become become a cry.

Pushing you away from my cock before I explode, I see the little pout on your lips. Playfully, my hand gives your ass a sharp slap. I notice the pout turn to a look of surprise, then into a grin. Reaching from my sitting position, I pull you towards me, turning you slightly in the process. Quickly I pull you down, until you are sitting in my lap, my cock standing up between your thighs against the wetness of your pussy. Your grin widens and you wiggle yourself further onto my lap indicating to me to continue.

I spread your legs slightly and dip my fingers between to the wet and swollen lips of your delicious pussy. Stroking your clit, a sigh of delight escapes you. Easily I slip two fingers into you, slowly beginning to move them in and out. My other hand slides over your chest seeking a nipple. A moment later you inhale sharply as I find what I was looking for and give it a quick pinch and twist. Again between your legs, my fingers delightfully stroking.

The moans I hear from you serve to spur me on. My fingers dive faster into you as my other hand pulls and plays at your erect nipples. I feel your juices flowing warm across my fingers and your breath quickens, coming in short gasps. Faster my hands move. Closer and closer you sneak to release. Louder and louder your moans become. Your legs are spread wide begging for more. Fingers now moving swiftly in and out of your free flowing pussy. You begin to shudder and I realize that you are close to the height of ecstasy. A few more deep strokes and you groan loudly, turning that into a roar of sexual release as you reach the peak and fall over into a cataclysmic orgasm. Shaking uncontrollably, you clutch my legs as I try to pull you upright and into my arms.

Finally the shaking subsides and you rise off of me. My cock still hard, sticks up in an invitation. The look on your face says yes, so I stand and guide you to a laying position on the sofa. Your fingers grasp my shaft and pulling me towards you, you slip me in between your legs and further into your waiting pleasure spot. I slide in easily and deeply, feeling your nectar surround my hardness. I stay there for a few moments, enjoying the stillness and warmth, before the desire to move overtakes me and I draw myself almost completely out before plunging in again. Almost completely out, then plunge in again, deeper than the last time. I feel my balls slap against you as I bury my cock, hilt deep, in you.

Your legs spread further and your eyes close. My hands fall to your gorgeous breasts, Massaging them. Teasing your nipples. My thrusts now in time to your movements. Faster and faster as I feel my eruption looming. My grunts, your groans, a symphony of erotic music which spins us faster to explosive conclusion. I can barely control my thrusts anymore as my legs are quivering so much. Another deep thrust and your legs wrap around me holding me within you. I feel you clench and that's all it takes to push me over the edge. Collapsing on to you, I grip you tightly as my cock releases in a shot. I cry out, hearing you do the same, and I give out. My legs shaking. My breath coming in ragged gasps.

We lay there, softly stroking each other. Neither one of us willing to be the first to break the moment. Our eyes are closed, yet our lips manage to find each others, and we relax there, lost in a kiss that lasts a minute or an hour. Who can tell.

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Damn man that was so hot. Thanks for sharing.


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good story hot and sexy