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After her shower


My brother and I started playing video games again, trying
to take our minds of it, but it wasn’t working very well.
Both of us had raging hard ons, and kept re-adjusting ourselves
while we couldn’t stop thinking about stuff. We played
like crap, because we couldn’t concentrate on the game
as much as on Becky and our thoughts. He kept asking what
was going to happen and what we were going to do, but I said,
I have no idea, I’m not sure how she is going to handle this
or how far she will go with it. I said, this is her first time
with this sort of thing and I don’t know how serious she is
or adventurous she will be.

I said, I guess we will have to just wait and see and let her
do what she feels comfortable with. Then I said, just try
to stop thinking about it and pretend we don’t know what
she is up to, just in case she chickens out with it. So she
finally finished her shower and came back out to let us know,
but she was still wearing her robe, she didn’t get dressed.
I thought to myself, this is a good sign, at least she didn’t
put on baggy clothes and get comfortable before coming
out. As far as she knew, I didn’t know what happened in the
bathroom between them, so she thought I was still hoping
and waiting for her to make the first move.

When she came out, she said oh boy, I feel better now, bringer
our attention to her and making us acknowledge she was standing
there in her robe again. We both looked at her and I said,
cool, you had a good shower? She said, yea, it was very nice,
I feel rejuvenated now. My brother said, well, you sure
do look better, you seemed like you needed some relaxation
for a bit, you were running around like a mad woman all day.
She smiled and said, thanks, you think I look good? He said,
you always look good, you just look more relaxed and comfortable
right now.

She smiled again and blushed, as she said, stop it, you’re
just being nice. He said, no I’m not, you’re a beautiful
woman, I bet guys stare at you everywhere you go, every day.
She smirked and said, you really think so, and you’re not
just saying that? He said, yes, look at you, you’re beautiful
and you have a killer body, a guy would have to blind or stupid,
not to look at you or think about you. She smiled really sexy
and devilishly again as she said, so have you thought about
me then? He paused for a second, trying not to be too obvious,
and then he said, I am a guy, I’m not dead you know.

She said, yea, I know, but that’s not an answer. Come on,
just tell me, I’m curious, I want to know. So have you, have
you thought about me before? He said, well don’t be freaked
out or mad or anything, but yea, I have, how couldn’t I? I
mean, look at you, you’re amazing. She blushed again and
said, so what have thought about? He paused again and said,
well, that’s kind of personal, I don’t think I should say.
She said, ok, sorry, I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or
make you feel uncomfortable. He said, no, it’s not that,
I just don’t think I should be telling you what I think about
you in my head, thoughts are not always controlled.

She said, ok, fair enough, but you do think I have a nice body
though, right? He said, yea, for sure, from what I can tell
that is. She said, good, I have a question for you guys then,
do you guys think it’s sexier for a girl to shave down there,
or be natural? We both said, to shave, for sure, it’s way
hotter. She kind of got a nervous look for a second and then
said, can I ask your opinion then? We said, sure, ask away.
She smiled and looked at us very sexy, as she reached down
and undid her robe and pulled it open, revealing her smooth,
shaven, perfectly proportioned body to us, and saying,
so what do you think, be honest.

He stuttered for a second and said, uhhhmmmm, while we both
just sat there with our jaws dropped open in shock and amazement,
as we stared at her beautiful, sexy, amazing, cock hardening
body. She said, come on, tell me, we’re all adults here aren’t
we? It’s not like you haven’t seen a girl naked before, is
it? He said, no, it’s not that, it’s just, should we be seeing
this, are you sure it’s ok? She said, yea, why not, just tell
me what you think and be honest with me. Does it look good
or bad? I really want to know.

We both stared at her incredibly amazing body for a second.
Although she wasn’t in sports or anything, she had an incredibly
toned body. We gawked at her firm tits, flat belly, and nicely
shaven pussy. Her pussy was totally bare, except for a small,
nicely trimmed patch of hair just above her clit. I couldn’t
take it, and I blurted out…I love it, it gets me hard every
time I see it. She said, yea, I know that already, but I want
to know what he thinks.

She stared at him and smiled, holding her robe open and gently
wiggling her beautiful, shaven, nearly perfect naked
body in front of him, taunting and teasing him, as she said,
come on, tell me what you think, I can take it. Both of our
cocks about tore through our pants, as they immediately
throbbed and pulsed with excitement from her openness,
eagerness, and awe inspiring body. We both reached down
and tried to re-position ourselves and give a little extra
rub as she smiled and said, I take that as a yes, you must like
it. She said, but really, I want to hear it, do you like it
or not?

He nodded his head and stared intently at her smooth, shaven,
sexy body, as he stuttered and said, uhhh huh, I like it a
lot. She said, good, that’s what I wanted to hear, I’m happy
now. She closed her robe quickly and smirked as she said,
ok, that’s all I wanted to know. We both looked shocked and
saddened at the same time, as our eyes got a confused look
to them, like they were saying, wait, that’s it? You got
us hard and now you’re leaving? She smiled really huge and
laughed as we sat there staring in confusement and sadness,
and she said, what, you didn’t want me do that? I kind of laughed
a little, as he said, well, it’s just that…

She jerked her robe back open and said, no I’m just kidding,
I know you weren’t done looking. We both looked relieved
and made a “ shhwew” sound as we immediately smiled again
and said, don’t do that, you’re killing us. She smiled and
giggled as she held her robe open again and wiggled her amazing,
naked body in front of us and said, you want me, don’t you,
you guys really want me, and she giggled more. We both stared
intently, as I laughed and he said, do you really want to

She said, heck yea, I want to know exactly what you think
about me. I nudged him and said, she asked for it, go ahead
and tell her. He said, you sure you want to hear it? She said,
yea, tell me, I dare you. He said fine, I think your freakin
hot, and I have wanted to fuck you ever since I met you. He
said, there, what do you think about that? She smiled and
said, thanks, that’s hot, but I don’t think you have the
guts to do anything He said, don’t tempt me, unless you’re
willing to find out.

She dropped her robe on the floor and moved closer to him
and said, why, are you getting turned on? He said, I hope
you’re not just playing around with me? She moved closer,
inches away from his face, and reached down and spread her
pussy lips open and said, does it look like I’m playing around?
He gasped and stared at her glistening pussy as he licked
his lips and said, are you daring me? She kept her pussy spread
and pushed it forward, towards his face and said, yea, I
guess I am, I dare you. He reached out and grabbed her ass
and pulled her pussy to his mouth and started licking it
and sucking on her clit.

I was shocked at how bold she was being for her first time,
and how well he was responding to her. She moaned and threw
her head back as he devoured her pussy, and I watched in amazement.
Then she pushed his head away and said, I want to see your
dick now. You got to see me naked, now it’s my turn. He still
held her ass in his hands as he looked up at her and said, and
then what? She said, I tell you what, if you show me your dick,
I will do whatever you want. He said, whatever I want? She
said, yes, anything you want. He said, would you give me
head? She said, if you whip it out for me, I will definitely
suck it.

He said, ok, and he stood up and unzipped his pants and dropped
them straight down and said, there, now go for it. She stared
at his cock for a second and smiled as she thought about this
being her first time sucking another guy’s dick in front
of me. He said, what are you waiting for, aren’t you gonna
do it? She smiled again and said, take it easy, let me look
at it for a second, this is my first time doing this. He said,
ok, take a good look, because in a few seconds it’s gonna
be in your mouth.

She smiled devilishly at him and grabbed his cock and said,
I hope your ready for this, I know I am. He said, ohh, I’m ready,
trust me, I’m ready. She dropped down to her knees and played
with his cock for a second, as she inspected it and looked
it over. Then she looked up at him and said, I have been waiting
for this, as she stared at his eyes and took his cock in her
mouth and started sucking it. He immediately moaned and
said, oh my god that feels so good, I can’t believe how good
you are.

She smiled and kept sucking his cock and stroking his shaft
as he said, I can’t believe you’re sucking my dick right
now, this is so hot. My cock throbbed and I started to rub
it while I watched in amazement. I new we both wanted this
to happen, but I never expected her to be so bold and eager
to do it. I was dumbfounded at the way she changed and how
she was acting. I watched her sucking his cock for a few more
minutes, loving the way she moved her whole body around
and was getting so into it.

I couldn’t stand it, as I watched her sucking my brother’s
cock, I pulled mine out and started stroking it. She heard
me jerking off and looked at me with a huge smile and said,
you want some too? I said, it’s ok, I don’t mind watching,
it’s pretty hot. She said, no, get over here, I want you both.
I shrugged my shoulders as I stood up and got next to them.
She smiled like she was in heaven, and she grabbed my huge
cock and started stroking it while she sucked his cock.
She looked in my eyes and smiled out of the corner of her mouth,
while she sucked his cock and stroked mine.

Then she pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled seductively
as she leaned over and took my long, thick cock into her mouth
and stroked his. She went back and forth between us, sucking
our cocks and jerking us off, or about 15 minutes. Then she
grabbed each of our cocks in her hands and stroked them as
she said, ok, which one of you wants to fuck me and which one
wants their dick sucked more? We looked at each other as
she guided both of our cocks into her mouth at the same time
and sucked on them both together.

I said, well, what do think? He said, this feels awesome,
my wife hardly ever does this to me, I kind of want her to suck
mine more. I said, that’s cool with me and I moved away from
them. She took her hands and stroked his cock and balls as
she bobbed her head up and down on his cock at the same time.
I watched for a minute, but she looked over at me and said,
what are you waiting for, get down there. I got down on the
floor and she moved over and straddled me as she lowered
her drenching wet pussy onto my long, thick, hard cock.

She started riding up and down on my huge cock while simultaneously
bobbing her head up and down on his cock at the same time.
Within seconds, she got into a good rhythm as she moved her
mouth and body up and down on our hard cocks at the same time,
sucking and fucking us both together. It wasn’t but a few
minutes when he started moaning more and saying how good
it felt and that he was getting close to cumming. I think
he expected her to stop right away, because his wife never
swallowed before, but she just kept going.

He moaned more and started to pull away as he said, seriously,
I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold it much more. She reached around
his hips and grabbed his ass and jerked him back to her, making
his cock slam deep into her mouth, all the way to the hilt.
He said, you mean you’re gonna…your gonna let me cum in your
mouth? My wife never did that before, are you sure you want
to? She didn’t skip a beat, she just sucked his cock harder
and faster and deeper as he moaned and said, oh my god, that
feels so good, I’m gonna cum right now.

He reached forward and grabbed her head as he started to
jerk and spew his cum down her throat. He moaned louder and
said, oh my god, this is so hot, I can’t believe you’re doing
this. I started trusting my cock up into her hot, wet pussy,
as she finished milking his cock dry and sucking him clean.
She backed her mouth away from his cock and stared at it as
she licked her lips clean and said, wow, you’re not getting
soft yet. He said, what do you expect, you just did what I
only dreamed about before, I’m still in shock. She said,
what, you mean swallow? I always do that, it isn’t worth
doing if I don’t get the tasty treat at the end.

He looked at her in amazement and she said, is it going to
stay hard? He said, yea, I think so, you’re so hot, I don’t
think it will ever go away. She smiled and said thanks, that’s
so nice. Then she said, I’m glad you’re still hard anyway,
now you can fuck me while I finish him off. He said, really,
you’re gonna swallow his too? She said, yea, why not? I love
to suck dicks, it’s one my favorite things in the world.
She said, and swallowing is just what goes with it, it’s
not worth doing unless you’re gonna do it right.

He said, damn, I can’t believe how cool you are, I wish I knew
this before. She said, well this is my first time with sort
of thing, I never did anything like this before today. She
said, so anyway, do you think you’re up to having sex with
me while I finish him off? He said, sure, I’d love to. She
smiled at him as she slowly lifted her sopping wet pussy
off my cock and told him to lay down. I moved out from underneath
her and backed away as I watched her now straddle him and
get ready to slide her eager pussy down on his raging hard

I eagerly watched as she reached down and parted her pussy
lips and gently rubbed his cock head over her warm, moist
pussy before guiding it into her. I thought I was going to
explode as she spread her lips open and made sure I saw every
inch of his cock slide inside her glistening, wet pussy.
She started riding up and down on his cock and staring at
me with a sexy smile, letting me know she loved every second
of it. Then she said, come here, don’t you want me to suck
your dick now?

I gladly moved closer as she reached for my huge cock and
pulled me to her. She devoured my cock and started bobbing
her head up and down on it franticly as she bounced up and
down on his hard cock at the same time. After a few more minutes,
she said, this was getting tiring and asked if we could change
positions. We said, sure, what do you want to do now? She
moved over and leaned on the couch and stuck her beautiful
ass up in the air and wiggled it around in front of us and said,
I want you to do me from behind while he sits down and lets
me finish sucking him off.

I couldn’t even blink my eyes, and he was already up behind
her and guiding his cock in her dripping pussy. I watched
him slide his cock inside her pussy and start fucking her
and then I went and sat down on the couch in front of her and
let her start to suck my rigid, throbbing cock again. She
dropped her mouth down on my huge cock and immediately started
sucking it as she moaned and moved her hips back and forth
on his raging cock. A few minutes later, she did something
I never expected, it was something she almost never let
me do, because it hurt her.

She moved her body forward, making his cock spring out of
her wet pussy, and said, do you want to put it in my ass? He
looked shocked, and said really, I can do that? She said,
sure, if you want to, I don’t know if I am ever going to get
the chance to do this again, so I want the full experience
while I can. He spit on his hand stroked his cock, getting
it all nice and moist, and then dripped a wad of spit down
on her ass hole too, and rubbed it around with the tip of his
cock before trying to wedge it in. She dropped her head down
on my stomach and moaned, as she tightly stroked my cock
and felt him shoving the head of his cock inside her extremely
tight ass hole.

He slowly and gently worked his hard cock back an forth,
sliding it in her ass a little bit farther each time, until
he was buried all the way inside her. She moaned over and
over, as he worked his cock in her ass while she tightly jerked
my cock off. Once he started shoving his cock in and out of
her ass faster and harder, she started moaning louder and
driving my cock in her mouth and sucking it like crazy. She
moaned and sucked my long, hard cock like a mad woman, until
I exploded and flooded her mouth with cum, as he pounded
in and out of her ass from behind. She was sucking and swallowing
and bobbing up and down on my cock like never before, as he
fucked her tight ass hole.

She finished swallowing my cum and cleaning my long, thick
cock, when she said, I want both of you to do me at the same
time. She didn’t even let us have any time to think, she just
pulled away from him, making his cock pop out of her ass and
make a suction noise. She got up and straddled me, putting
her knees on either side of me and slamming her hot, wet pussy
down on my cock. She started riding up and down on my long,
hard, thick cock for a minute as she moaned and said how awesome
this was and how she couldn’t believe we were really it.

She turned her head and looked back at my brother, who was
stroking his cock while watching her pussy sliding up and
down over my huge cock. She smiled at him and said, go ahead,
put it back in. He moved behind her, while never letting
his eyes leave the sight of her smooth pussy, stretching
out over my long, thick cock. He put his hand on her lower
back and guided his hard cock towards her ass hole with the
other hand. He said, are you sure you can do this? She said,
I don’t know, I never tried anything like this before. It
has only been a fantasy for me, until today, I hope.

He said, I never did it before either, but I have thought
about it before. She said, well quit thinking about it and
do it then. I was the only one who had experienced this before,
and I knew they would both love it once they tried it. There
are so many different feelings and sensations for everyone,
how couldn’t you like it? Anyway, he rubbed his cock over
her asshole a couple times before starting to push the tip
against it. His cock slid in her ass fairly easily because
he had just been fucking it a few minutes ago. I think all
three of us moaned at the same time, as his cock slid in her
tiny ass hole and pushed against mine too. We filled both
of her holes and stretched her out more than she has ever
been stretched before.

Her ass and pussy were stretched to the brink, but she moaned
and jerked her body back and forth on our hard cocks like
it didn’t hurt at all. She did most of the work for the first
few minutes, as she worked her body on our cocks, making
them pound and slam in her holes as hard and deep as they could.
After a few minutes, we started pushing back and forth too,
hammering our cocks in her holes as she rocked back and forth
violently on them at the same time. Unfortunately, she
wasn’t experienced and seasoned enough to handle it for
very long. It was too much for her small holes to handle and
she stopped moving her body around and just let us do the
fucking, while she tightened her body and moaned like crazy.

The feeling of her extremely tight ass hole, and the feeling
of my hard, thick cock pushing against his, was obviously
too much for him to take. After only about 5 or 6 minutes,
he started moaning louder and saying he couldn’t take it
anymore. He said it feels so good, I’m gonna cum any second
now, and he started thrusting deeper and harder into her
ass. He started moaning harder and faster as he said, oh
my god it feels so good, I’m gonna cum, I can’t hold it anymore,
I’m gonna cum. She said, you don’t have to pull out if you
don’t want to.

With that said, he slammed his cock as far and deep in her
ass as he could and started pumping globs of warm, sticky
cum inside her as he jerked and pushed forward even harder.
He finished cumming in her ass, and then he pulled his already
softening cock out as he said, oh my god, that was so fucking
hot, I can’t believe we just did that. The feeling of his
warm cum, pumping in her tight ass, drove her crazy. As soon
as he pulled out of her, she started bouncing up and down
on my long, hard, thick cock like a mad woman. My brother
stood behind us and watched her ridding my cock like a true
cow girl as he stroked his flaccid member and milked the
last few drops out.

He went to bathroom to clean up, just as I started taking
over and thrusting my huge cock up into her pussy like a young
rabbit. She moaned and grunted each time my long cock darted
hard and fast into her, but she also told me in between of
her moans and grunts, that she loved me and was so happy we
did this. I knew it turned her on and it felt good, because
of her moans and talking, so I tried to keep up the pace and
fuck her as hard and fast as I could. She just moaned louder
and louder, and moved her ass around as I slammed my cock
into her.

She started telling me how fucking hot it was, how good it
felt, how awesome it was to have two guys at the same time,
and a few other sexy, erotic things, making me go crazy and
loosing my rhythm as I went to town. I quickly tired, and
she took over again, riding up and down on my long, thick
cock, while twisting and moving her hips around at the same
time. She started rocking her hips back and forth and tightening
her pussy as she lifted up and down at the same time, making
the sensations intensify and throwing me over the edge.
I started moaning and saying I was going to cum, as my body
jerked and shook, while I tried to hold back longer.

She knew I was going to cum any second, and she slid off my
cock and down to the floor, between my legs, and engulfed
my cock into her mouth and sucked and twisted her head around
as she squeezed the shaft at the same time, forcing me to
blow my wad deep and hard in her mouth. The more I came, the
more she jerked, sucked and swallowed, taking every large,
powerful blast down her throat. She kept sucking and milking
my cock dry, long after I finished cumming and now starting
to make me way over sensitized and beginning to jerk and
grunt uncontrollably. I couldn’t take it anymore, and
told her she had to stop, and she seemed bummed and sad, like
she didn’t want this day to ever end.

My brother came back out as we sat there resting and recuperating
after the arousing act we just finished. She looked at him
as he went to grab his clothes, and she said, were not done
already are we? It was just getting good. He said, you want
more, don’t you ever quit? She said, well you didn’t get
to finish eating me out, I wanted to see how much you liked
it. She said, if I go get freshened up, would you try it again?
He said, did he cum in your pussy? She said, no, I swallowed
it for him. He said, you don’t have to freshen up then, I’ll
do it for you. She sat back on the couch and spread her legs
and reached down and spread her pussy open too, taunting
him to come and go to town on her.

He looked as she displayed herself in full view for him,
and she smiled devilishly and said come and get it. He wasted
no time getting down between her legs and making quick work
of her pussy, licking and sucking it like a tornado, making
her buck and wiggle around like a fish out of water. She moaned
and wiggled her body around as he ate her pussy so good, slowly
making her go over the edge and start shoving her pussy into
his face harder and grinding it against his tongue and mouth.
Now she was loudly moaning and holding his head down there,
as he drove her to a huge orgasm, seeping her juices into
his mouth as she shook and shuddered.

To her surprise and joy, he didn’t stop, he kept licking
and sucking her pussy, giving her the attention she deserved.
He gave her two more orgasms before she pushed him away and
said, I want your dick so bad right now. Let me suck it for
a minute, and then I want you to fuck again. He looked shocked
and amazed at her bluntness and boldness, as she pretty
much begged for his cock. Still recuperating, I just sat
there and watched as he kneeled up on the couch next to her
and lunged his cock towards her face, letting her know he
was on the same page as her.

She grabbed his cock and devoured it into her mouth and started
sucking and stroking it franticly, bobbing her head up
and down, while jerking on the shaft. He moaned and grabbed
her head and started pumping his cock into her mouth, while
she sucked and swirled her tongue around. She pushed him
away and said, I want you to fuck me right now, I want your
dick in me so bad. He almost jumped down, as he slammed his
cock in her pussy and started shoving it in and out right
away. They just went right at it, hard and fast, not even
getting use to it first.

She moaned and moved her hips on circles, as he shoved his
hard cock in and out of her wet pussy, saying oh yea, that
feels so good, fuck me. My cock perked right back up as I watched
her moaning and moving around and telling my brother how
good it felt and to keep fucking her. She took immediate
notice of my hard, rejuvenated cock, and said, come here,
let me suck it. I was shocked, but completely aroused, thinking
she would be shy and reserved, her first time, but seeing
that she was totally into it and letting loose like I never

I kneeled right up and shoved my huge cock in her mouth, as
she moaned and wiggled around, and immediately started
sucking it hard. She kept stopping and asking him if he was
getting close because she wanted his cum. She said, I want
your cum in my mouth so bad, and kept taunting him with it,
as he fucked her and she sucked my big cock. Once he was getting
close to cumming, she said, I want it right now, give it to
me, cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock out of her wet pussy
and grabbed it tightly as he jumped up and thrusted it towards
her face.

She pushed my cock away and engulfed his throbbing cock
in her mouth and started jerking and sucking it franticly.
I hopped down and thrusted my cock into her sloppy pussy
and started pounding in and out of it hard and fast, as she
moaned and bobbed her head up and down on his raging cock,
waiting for her treat. He gave out a loud moan as he started
spewing cum down her throat and she started sucking and
swallowing harder and harder. As she sucked his cock and
swallowed his cum, I knew I wanted to cum as quickly as I could
too. I pulled my throbbing cock from her gaping pussy and
pushed it right in her ass, making her moan and grunt loudly.

She started moaning with his cock still in her mouth, and
sucking it forcefully as he finished cumming and started
slowly getting softer. I was thrusting my long, thick,
hard cock in and out of her ass as hard and fast as I could,
without causing her pain or ruining the moment. It was just
minutes before I started feeling myself wanting to cum
really bad. I moaned and told her I was going to cum and she
tightened her tiny ass hole around my cock, making me immediately
feel the urge to explode. I reached down as fast as I could
and grasped my huge cock in my hand and ripped it out of her
ass, hoping to make it to her mouth before unleashing my
fury for her.

Although I gave it my best effort, I couldn’t hold my cum
from exploding out. Just my huge cock exited her tight ass
hole, an enormous, powerful stream of cum shot up from between
her legs, all the way up her stomach, chest, neck, and to
her face and hair. I held my cock as tight as possible, while
rushing it up to her waiting mouth. I tried my best to hold
it all in, but I let loose another huge, powerful blast,
that sprayed right in her face and mouth, as she started
to open her mouth and get ready for it. The look on her face
was pure and utter shock, as she didn’t expect me to release
my cum so soon and so powerfully.

I darted my cock to her mouth and she took it over, jerking
it and bobbing her head up and down on it, as I pumped load
after load of warm, thick, gooey cum down her throat. She
finished sucking me off, and milking my cum down her throat,
and then gave me one last long, slow suck, to clean it off.
She looked down at her body and saw the stream of cum that
made a straight line up from her small patch of hair, all
the way to her chin. She smiled and scooped the whole thick,
squirt of cum up with her middle finger and then sucked it
clean. She looked at my brother and said, now that’s how
I want you to do it next time.

He said, next time? She said, yea next time, don’t you want
to do it again? He said, yea, I’d do it every day if I could,
but I thought it might have just been a trial thing or something.
She said, it was, I tried it and I liked it. We all kind of laughed
and she said, now there is no way I would be able to not do it
again, without going insane or something. We laughed again
and she said, so do you think you might be up for it every once
in a while? He said, I would love to, just say the word and
I’ll be here. That was the first of many more great encounters
with him. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you look
at it, it made our curiosities start flowing more and giving
us lots of new ideas and fantasies that we wanted to try.

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very well written and described.. BRAVO


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good story, but you didn't need to keep on and on with
the line about your long, huge, thick cock.


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A very nice written story, please write some more.


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You must really love your brother to share your wife with
him.Does he know how truly forntunate he is to have a brother
and sister-in-law like the two of you? Let's hear some


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it was a little long but pretty good and very descriptive


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It was a little long but I fully enjoyed the story. Just wish
it had been me instead of your wife.


Members can vote on this response! you and your brother need to come visit me, damn!


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Thanks for all the nice comments! I am glad you all enjouyed
my experience. There are more to cum soon.


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You describe so vividly the size that sometimes bored the
reader.But all in all I like it. Keep going...


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