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After Hours


She was nothing like I expected ‒ but there again I hadn't
known really what to expect. I'd only spoken to her
a few times, and even then the calls always seemed to be when
I'd been driving, with poor reception on my mobile
phone. So, I hadn't even been able to guess what she
might be like from her voice. But as soon as I saw the slender,
beautiful lady crossing the room towards me, I knew that
it was her. And now, as she was stood in front of me, my mouth
felt dry ‒ and my trousers uncomfortably tight.

"Hi, I'm Alexandra ‒ but please call me Alex."

Her voice was soft, almost seductive, but very firm and
strong. She was only a few inches shorter than my six feet,
although I could make out her stiletto heels at the base
of her long shapely legs. She was maybe around thirty, a
few years younger than me, but looked younger still. I realised
that I was staring. She was dressed in a black skirt and jacket,
with a white blouse, looking so demure, so professional
‒ and incredibly sexy.

"Dave, " I croaked as I tried to introduce myself,
my mouth still dry. "Sorry, " I muttered after
clearing my throat, "Dave."

Her hand was warm, her skin soft, her grip firm. I felt sure
my hand was tingling as I held hers. She raised an eyebrow,
a smile crossing her face. I released her hand quickly,
realising that I'd been holding on for too long, unable
to drag my eyes away from her. But even as our hands dropped,
I'm sure something passed between us. Another smile
crossed her face, her tongue flicking around her red lips.

"Shall we?" she said, nodding towards were
our mutual client waited.

We sat down quickly, and got down to business. Alex was the
solicitor representing Andy, a client of mine ‒ I'm
an accountant - who had had an accident, and was trying to
claim damages. Today we were to agree those damages with
the other side.

We talked for a while, but I was totally distracted by Alex
‒ and she knew it. I was distracted by the way she moved, by
the way her firm breasts in her silky bra pressed against
her white blouse, by the way she flicked her long black hair
back, by the way she pushed her black framed glasses onto
the top of her head, by the way her red lipstick shone on her
wide, very kissable mouth. And I was distracted by the rings
‒ or lack of them ‒ on her fingers.

Our case was called, and we all stood up quickly. Alex stretched,
her jacket hanging open as her breasts pressed against
her blouse. For a fleeting second, I was all too conscious
of the dark shadow of her nipples. I felt my cock lurch, but
then she was tidying her blouse up and straightening her
skirt. She buttoned her jacket up. It fitted her perfectly,
hugging her soft breasts, following the shape of her body
at her narrow waist, flaring back out onto her hips. She
smiled at me.

Andy nudged me, a wide grin on his face as he watched me watching
her, as we followed Alex. I tried to concentrate on the case
as we walked the few yards to the courtroom, but somehow
my eyes could only follow the swing of Alex's hips,
the shape of her long, nylon clad legs beneath her well fitted,
knee length skirt, her firm ass.

I shook my head and took my seat beside Alex, all too aware
of her warmth beside me. The court rose ‒ and suddenly she
was forgotten, as all my professional instincts took over.

Two hours later it was all over. Andy let out a loud yell as
everything swung in our ‒ in his ‒ favour. We were all on our
feet, laughing as the tension of the last few months evaporated.
Alex was hugging Andy. She turned to me, a wide grin on her
face. She threw her arms around me for a celebratory hug.
I held her tight, too tight. I was all too aware of her soft
curves even through our jackets, of her breasts against
me, of the smell of her. She pulled away, startled, and it
was only then that I realised how hard I was.

I swore under my breath, cursing myself as she turned to
slip her papers back into her briefcase. I did the same,
my face glowing red at the thought of what had happened.
Andy was oblivious to all this, anxious to get away, to be
with his family. He thanked us both, and then was gone, calling
back over his shoulder that he'd ring us.

We both picked up our briefcases. I followed her out of the
court room, distracted again by her slim but curvy body,
by her beautifully fitted clothes, even though I knew I'd
blown it. She stopped, and turned slowly. A delicious smile
crossed her face as she openly looked me up and down.

"A drink to celebrate?" she asked.

I thought I'd misheard her at first ‒ but ten minutes
later we'd dropped our briefcases off at our cars,
and were sat in a half empty Wine bar with an open bottle of
champagne between us. An hour later, we were well into our
second bottle ‒ and both knew exactly were our evening was

By now, the Wine bar was getting noisy as it filled up with
usual Friday evening type crowd. But we were oblivious
to it, sat at a small round table, talking quietly about
everything under the sun, our faces inches apart, almost
teasing each other by not saying what was really on our minds.

Our legs were touching. I felt Alex move, my knee slipping
between her thighs. She squeezed my leg between hers, the
heat of her surging up my thighs to my cock. She sat back in
the chair, her breasts taut against her blouse. This time
there was no mistaking the darkness of her nipples. She
finished her drink and smiled at me. A delicious, welcoming
smile, that left nothing to the imagination.

We stood up quickly, and grabbed our jackets off the back
of our chairs. I pulled mine on, and then helped Alex into
hers, savouring the smell, the closeness of her as I stood
behind her. We moved quickly now, grabbing a taxi outside
the Wine bar, neither of us wanting to drive. Alex gave the
driver her address. It was only five minutes away, but even
so she slid across the seat towards me.

I reached out to her, wanting to pull her to me. But she had
other ideas, and quickly straddled my lap, her knees each
side of my legs. Her skirt rode up, and I caught a tantalising
glimpse of her soft thighs above her stockings. Her breasts
were firm against me as I pulled her close. Her tongue flicked
slowly across my lips, and then slipped between them to
plunge into my mouth. The taxi echoed to our moans as we kissed,
as our hands moved around each other.

Our kiss was only broken by the driver coughing politely
as we pulled outside Alex's apartment. We scrambled
out of the car, anxious to be alone. I gave the driver too
much money, just catching his amused grin as I followed
Alex. She led me through the security gate of what had clearly
once been a small warehouse, now converted into apartments.
I watched as she opened the door to her ground floor apartment,
and stumbled inside.

I kicked the door shut behind us as I pulled her to me, hungry
to feel her close to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck
as I dipped my head to meet her. Our lips met softly, then
more urgently as our tongues slid and flicked across each
other, before exploring slowly. I slid my hands down her
narrow back, pulling her to me. We moaned as we kissed, as
our bodies pressed against each other, her breasts firm
against my chest, my growing cock against her mound and

We broke apart, gasping for breath, our eyes locked. She
glanced down at the bulge in my trousers, and then grabbed
my hand. As she led me along a short hallway, I glanced around
at the apartment for the first time. There was a bathroom
off to the left, and a bedroom ‒ with a huge bed ‒ to the right.
She led me into the lounge, with a kitchen area off to the

We crossed over to the huge "L" shaped settee
that dominated the room. We sank down into it slowly. I pulled
her to me, sliding my hand inside her jacket to rub and caress
her back as we kissed, slowly at first. But as the urgency
of our kisses returned, she pulled away from me.

"Give me a moment ...."

Her voice trailed away as she stood up and headed back towards
the bedroom. I slipped my jacket off and loosened my tie,
looking around the room at the modern furnishings, and
the bright pictures on the plainly decorated walls.

She came back a few moments later, just as I sat back down.
The suit and blouse were gone, replaced by a cream silk gown.
She had let her long black hair down so that it hung around
her shoulders. She twirled around in front of me. As she
stopped, I reached out and tugged at the belt that held the
gown together, pulling it slowly. Once it was undone, I
let go, and watched as the two sides of her gown split apart.

Alex stepped back as I watched the silky gown slide off her
shoulders, down her arms and into a shimmering pool around
her feet. I stared at her, drinking in her slim, well toned
body. Her breasts filled her lacy pink bra, her dark, hard
nipples clearly visible, begging for attention. Her belly
was flat, her waist narrow before flaring out onto the swell
of her hips. Her long, shapely legs were clad in black stockings.
These were held up by a sort of see through mini skirt, which
clung tightly to her. It was short, very short, and of the
same material as her bra. I could make out a hint of her pussy.
She turned slowly. Her tight ass was naked under the skirt
that barely covered it.

She turned back to me, reaching forward to run her hand lightly
over the iron hard bulge of my cock. Her eyes smiled as she
spoke huskily.

"You like what you see then ....." she murmured
as she straddled my lap again, and pressed herself down
hard onto my cock as she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth.

We kissed urgently, her arms around my neck as I ran my hands
over her body. I felt her soft thighs under my hands before
moving onto the swell of her hips. I held her tight, pulling
her down onto my cock as she ground herself against me, gasping
into my mouth as we kissed, as our hunger rose. I cupped the
taut globes of her ass, before running my hands up her narrow

As I undid her bra, she broke our kiss and both sat back a little,
her breasts rising with her heavy breathing. Her bra fell
away. I moaned as her breasts sprang free in front of me.
They were firm and rounded, larger than I had imagined,
her nipples dark and puckered. I leant forward and flicked
my tongue across one nipple, feeling it rising under my
touch. She moaned, and pulled my head to her.

I sucked harder, flicking her swelling nipple with my tongue
as I drew more of her into my mouth. I reached for her other
breast, cupping her before pinching her nipple softly,
then harder as she urged me on, grinding herself down against
my cock. Her moans filled the room as her breathing got harsher,
as she pushed down harder against me. With a gasp, she pulled
away. Her nipples were swollen now, jutting out from her

Alex stood up and grabbed my hand. I followed her rocking
ass towards the bedroom, my cock long and hard, begging
for release. She dragged my tie off and threw it to one side.
We undid my shirt between us, a button flying off in our haste.
As I dragged my shirt down my arms she sucked and bit my nipples,
her hands reaching to undo my trousers.

Leaving me to finish undoing them, she crossed to the bed,
crawling onto the end, looking over her shoulder at me.
Her breasts swung free beneath her body, her naked ass pointing
towards me. I dragged the rest of my clothes off and stood
naked, my cock swaying thick and hard in front of me. She
gasped as she saw my cock, her eyes roving over my strong,
muscular body. I silently gave thanks for all the time I'd
spent in the gym lately, as I moved the few feet to the bed.

As I moved behind her, Alex arched her back, pointing her
pert ass directly at me. As her tight rosebud winked back
at me, I knew I wanted her there as well as everywhere else.
I leant over her, sliding my tongue down the crack of her
ass, tickling her tight entrance as she wriggled against
me. I reached under her, feeling her firm breasts filling
my hands as I licked and kissed her ass.

She moved away from me and rolled onto her back. She drew
her knees up, and this time it was my turn to gasp as she let
her legs fall apart. She was totally naked, her plump, white
pubic mound split only by the pink, wetness of her pussy
lips. As I watched, she reached down and slowly drew a finger
along her wet slit. With her eyes locked on mine, she sucked
her finger, tasting her own juices.

With a cry, I dropped my head between her firm thighs and
licked along her pussy, flicking her hard little clit,
reaching down to her ass. She pushed against me, rubbing
herself against my tongue. I felt her reaching out for my
cock, pulling me as she cupped my heavy balls. I cried out
as she twisted her own body and sucked me into her wet, warm
mouth. Moments later, she moved away from me, and quickly
pushed me onto my back, her movements needy, demanding.

Straddling me, she reached for my cock, holding it upright
as she rubbed the tip against her pussy. Her eyes, glazed
with lust, were locked on mine again. She dropped her body
down, both of us crying out as my cock drove into her body.
She pushed down hard, taking my cock deep inside her. For
a second she held still, my cock buried deep, her pussy wrapped
around me.

Then she moved, slowly at first, but then faster and harder
as she bounced up and down on my cock. She reached for her
breasts, pulling at her own nipples, cupping her breasts
in her hands. I held her hips, pushing my cock up inside her,
matching her movements. Her pussy pulsed around me as her
orgasm built. She threw back her head, her mouth open, her
breasts thrust upwards.

I reached for them as she put her hands back on my thighs.
She cried out as I caressed her breasts and nipples, softly
then harder, driving my cock deep inside her, driving her
on towards her climax. She cried out as she came, as her wetness
flooded from her, as her orgasm ripped through her body.

I pulled her to me. We kissed frantically as I fucked her
harder, her swollen nipples pressed against me. I drove
into her, fucking her through her climax, prolonging it.
I reached around her to finger her ass, slipping a finger
inside her as she bucked against me, as my cum erupted inside
her. Our cries as we came were muffled, our mouths locked
together, her tongue fucking me as my cock fucked her.

We slumped together, gasping for breath, laughing at our
release. We slowly rolled apart, my cock slipping out of
her. We lay side by side, quiet for a moment, both knowing
that there was more, much more, to come.

I rolled onto my side and watched Alex as she got up off the
bed and crossed the room. I watched her ass, encased only
in her see through lingerie, rocking from side to side.
She was back a few minutes later with two glasses of wine.

I lay beside her on my side as we chatted quietly, sipping
our wine. Once my glass was empty, I reached over her to put
it down on the bedside table. Lying back beside her, I stroked
her legs as we talked, my fingers wandering up and down the
length of them. I could feel my cock reacting to her body
so close to mine, to her soft panting as my fingers rode up
higher, as they ran along the soft flesh on the inside of
her thighs.

As she reached across to put her glass down, I knelt up so
that we ended up facing each other. She glanced down at my
rapidly hardening cock, and reached for me, sliding her
hand slowly along my shaft.

I reached for her breasts, cupping them in my hands, feeling
their firmness, their beauty. I rubbed each nipple gently
with my thumbs, feeling them pucker and tighten under my
touch. Alex moaned softly, and then more loudly as I took
each nipple and rolled it softly between my thumb and finger.
I dipped my head, and took her left nipple into my mouth,
kissing it softly, rubbing it gently with my tongue. I sucked
harder, taking more of her into my mouth, and gradually
eased her down so that we were both lying on the bed again.

I reached for her other breast, caressing it. She held my
head in both hands, pressing it tighter to her, urging me
to suck harder on her nipple. She pushed my head across to
her other breast, begging for the same treatment. I kissed
and licked between her breasts, all around her breasts,
moving from one engorged nipple to the other, sucking them
softly and then harder, teasing her, pleasuring her.

I ran my hand over her slim midriff, pausing to tickle her
belly button. I cupped her naked mound, savouring the feel
of her total smoothness against me. I ran a finger lightly
down her pussy, feeling her wetness. She opened her legs
wider, moaning at the attention she was getting, the attention
she was wanting, demanding. I rubbed her clit softly, then
harder, in a circular motion. Her whole body was writhing
beneath me, my hand on her pussy, my mouth on her breasts.

She cried out as her orgasm hit her. Her body froze momentarily,
then her back arched, and she cried out again. I moved to
kiss her hard on the mouth, our tongues intertwined. I slid
a finger deep into her pussy, fucking her, feeling her hot
wetness, taking her over the edge again.

She pulled me tight to her, laughing at the suddenness,
the urgency, of her release. We rolled over, so that she
was spread eagled on top of me. We kissed, and laughed some

"Now it's your turn, " she warned me, thrusting
her tongue into my mouth again.

We kissed some more, before she slowly started to slide
down my body. She kissed around my neck, and under by chin,
and onto my chest ‒ soft, delicate kisses that sent a tingle
through me. She moved further down, all the time keeping
her breasts and hard nipples firmly against me. She licked
my nipples, then bit them hard, and then kissed and sucked
them better as I cried out.

She moved down to my stomach, kissing me as she went. My cock
slid between her breasts as she got lower. She dipped her
head, and gently licked the tip of my cock. Her tongue poked
at the eye, flicking away my pre-cum.

Alex slid lower still, taking the head of my cock, and then
much of my length, into her warm mouth. She sucked on me,
and licked me, and then teasingly started to slide back
up my body. She rolled across and lay at my side, reaching
for my cock. She held me in her hand, gently stroking me up
and down. We kissed deeply, passionately. Her strokes
became firmer, faster. My breathing became harsher, as
I thrust against her hand movements. She moved, and knelt
over me, her hands never stopping. With a cry I came, my cum
shooting out in an arc, splattering on her breasts.

She squeezed my cock between her breasts, into the sexy
valley between them made wet and slippery by my cum. She
pumped me harder, ensuring that she took all I had to offer.
Finally, she leaned over and sucked on me, drawing out the
last drops of cum.

She lay back down beside me, my cum dribbling between her
breasts. I leant over and licked her breasts, tasting my
cum on them. I drew some cum onto my tongue, and then kissed
her again, sharing the taste. She reached for my cock. I
was still half hard. She seemed determined to improve on
that. I reached for her ‒ cupping her breasts in my hands,
and then teasing her erect nipples.

I slid my hand back down her body, while taking her nipples
into my mouth, sucking on them, licking them, biting them.
I reached down and teased her clit, then slipped first one,
and then two, fingers inside her. She pushed her hips up
to meet my fingers, urging me to do it harder. I thrust my
fingers into her, sucking on her nipple at the same time.
Our movements became more urgent as yet another orgasm
shot through her. She arched her body, and pulled me tight
to her, her pussy squeezing on my fingers, her hand gripping
my already hard cock.

As she sank back down to the bed with a luxurious sigh, I kissed
her mouth and sucked on her lower lip, before moving down
the bed, to kneel at the end between her outstretched legs.
I looked at her, taking in her beautiful sexiness as she
stretched out before me, her body glistening slightly,
her breasts still slightly flushed from her most recent
orgasm. She flashed a gorgeous smile at me. I knew I just
wanted more and more of her.

Our eyes were locked together as I ran my hands under her
firm bum, then back onto her thighs. I slowly undid the fastenings
that held up her stockings. I eased each one down her long
legs, before pulling the rest of her lingerie away from
her body, leaving her naked in front of me. I looked down
at her pussy, nestling between her legs. She pulled her
legs up, and put her feet on my shoulders, exposing herself
totally to me.

My cock reared up as she slid her hand over her belly and onto
her pussy. She rubbed herself softly, her fingers slipping
inside her hot pussy. She pulled them out and licked her
juices from her fingers, her eyes locked on mine. I dragged
my eyes away from hers and started to drink in the vision
of her pussy before me.

Her pussy stood out as a white triangle surrounded by her
suntanned flesh. The wet entrance to her body split her
smooth, plump mound. Her clit stood out proudly, red and
engorged from our lovemaking, standing out against the
white flesh surrounding it. Her pussy lips were small;
almost shy in the way they seemed to stay hidden. She pulled
her knees back, exposing more. I looked down past her pussy,
to the tight little entrance to her bum.

I ran my fingertip along the line of her slit, running it
over her soft mound, over her clit, then down past her wet
lips, right down to her bum. She moaned softly as I touched
her, and then more loudly as I repeated this tantalising
action, teasing and caressing her.

I leant forward and kissed her clit, a soft, gentle kiss.
She pushed her hips up to me, wanting more, but I turned instead
and kissed along the soft inside of her thigh. I licked and
kissed my way down from the top of her thigh, to her knee,
soft, wet, teasing kisses.

I worked my way back up, flicking my tongue across her clit
before moving onto her other leg. I gently nibbled on the
soft flesh of her thigh, feeling her legs pressing against
me, her hips moving, her hand entwined in my hair, urging
me back towards her pussy.

I slipped by arms around her legs and under her bum, pulling
her to my mouth as I pushed my tongue inside her hot entrance.
She cried out as I fucked her wet pussy, pushing my tongue
as deep into her as I could reach.

She cried out again as I sucked on her clit, caressing it
with my tongue, sucking hard on her gorgeous nub of tasty
flesh. And she cried out again as I ran my tongue along her
pussy, over her clit, into her again, over her lips, sucking
them into my mouth, and down to her puckered little hole.

I kissed and sucked and tormented her, teasing her body
as her orgasm built up inside her. Looking up, I could see
the muscles of her belly rippling as her body juddered,
as pleasure poured through her. She grabbed my hair, and
pulled me to her, arching her hips up to grind her pussy against
my mouth and tongue. Her juices were pouring from her. I
held her tight, my tongue inside her, licking and sucking
her. Her juices flowed into my mouth, and down my chin.

With a scream she came, her orgasm pulsing through her,
her pussy throbbing against me. She held me tight to her,
so I kissed her and licked her, tasting her cum. Her cries
echoed around the room as her climax crashed through her
body, as she held by head tight to her, forcing herself onto
my mouth and tongue.

She cried out urgently.

"Fuck me."

I knelt back up and held her hips, pulling her towards me.
My cock was rigid, longer and harder than I think I'd
ever been before, the head red and hot with lust. I let my
cock run over her pussy, the length of me sliding along her
slit, before letting the head slip inside her. Her pussy
was tight, holding my cock head hard. I could feel the blood
pulsing through her.

She pushed her hips higher, urging more of me into her. I
pushed against her, letting her pull the full length of
my hard shaft into her tight, wet body. Her pussy throbbed
against me as I rested my cock deep inside her, as her pussy
moulded itself aground every contour of my cock. I pulled
out slowly, until just the head of my cock was inside her.
I slipped back into her, then out, gradually speeding up
my movements, our movements, as she pushed back against

Any teasing quickly changed to lust as our actions became
more urgent, more demanding, and more wanton. I fucked
her harder, holding her by the hips, my cock driving deeper
and deeper into her pussy with each thrust, my balls slapping
against her ass. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls,
threatening to erupt out of my cock. As I cried out, she shouted
out urgently.

"I'm cumming ... fuck me..... harder ......."

I slammed into her one more time, my balls tightened, and
I flooded her with cum. I carried on pumping into her as my
cum gushed out of my cock, jet after jet pouring into her.
Floods of almost painful pleasure rushed through my body.
She cried out as her orgasm hit her. I pulled her to me, driving
my cock deep inside her one last time. I held her tight, feeling
the exquisite throbbing of her pussy against my softening

With a sigh of pure pleasure I collapsed on top of her, taking
her in my arms, kissing her. We rolled onto our sides, and
lay there holding each other, the length of our bodies touching,
my cock still inside her as we drifted off to sleep.


I started to wake up slowly, aware of the sunlight starting
to filter into the room ‒ and of Alex moving beside me. I rolled
onto my back as memories of the previous night came flooding
back. I smiled to myself ‒ and then moaned softly as I felt
her mouth, warm and wet, on my cock.

I reacted immediately, my cock starting to stretch out
as Alex licked slowly along my shaft, almost purring to
herself. I opened my eyes to find her looking straight at
me, her tongue sliding wetly over my flesh. She licked slowly
up my shaft again, then began to kiss her way up my body, her
hair, her full, naked breasts, dragging over me as she started
to kiss her way across my belly to my chest.

I reached for her as her tongue flicked across my nipples,
one then the other. She kissed and sucked them in turn, making
them hard, sucking them gently, then harder, before nipping
and biting them. I cried out, catching her grin as she sucked
them gently again, before sliding back down my body.

Fully awake now, I watched as she lifted my throbbing cock
away from by body and held it upright. Her hand seemed tiny
as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began stroking
me slowly, my soft moans of pleasure matching the movement
of her hand. She dipped her head and flicked her tongue across
the tip of my cock before sucking me, taking me inch by inch
deeper into her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as Alex sucked
me harder, and then with disappointment as she let my cock
fall back onto my belly.

I pushed up against her, wanting, needing, more, but sighing
as I felt her wet tongue sliding along my shaft, upwards
first, but then back down my length, then over my balls and
beyond. I pulled my knees up and apart, exposing more. She
repeated her movements, but this time more slowly, lingering
at certain places, her tongue wet and sensual against me.
Her eyes, bright and smiling, were still on mine as she held
my cock flat against my belly and popped first one, and then
the other, of my balls into her mouth, sucking on them, rolling
them around her mouth, licking them.

Her tongue ran back up my length, my cock slipping back into
her mouth. She sucked hard, drawing half of me into her.
With one hand she wanked me slowly, complimenting her wet
sucking. With her other hand she cupped and caressed my
balls, squeezing them gently. Her movements became faster,
all in time with each other, her sucking, her wanking, her

All too quickly I started to feel the tension building in
my balls, and with a groan I felt my cum rising. Alex speeded
up her wet sucking as I thrust my hips up to meet her mouth,
driving my cock deeper into her. She adjusted her hand to
stop me going any deeper, all the time wanking and sucking.
She gave my balls a final squeeze before slipping her hand
lower, a finger probing at my ass.

She pushed a finger deep into me, and I cried out. My cum shot
into her mouth, her lips clamped around me, her hand back
on my balls to massage all my cream out of me. My cock throbbed
as I came, her hand gently wanking me between her wet, red

I slipped out of her mouth, but she still held me, stroking
my still hard cock gently as she crawled up the bed to kiss
me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, bringing the taste,
the feel, of my cum with it. Our tongues swirled together.
I reached for her, holding her tight.

"Good morning ......" she whispered against
my lips as we kissed, before slipping out of my arms.

I watched as she crossed the bedroom, loving the sight of
her nakedness. She grabbed her silky gown off the back of
the door and blew me a kiss over her shoulder as she left the
room. I heard her in the bathroom, and then ‒ a few minutes
later - padding down the hall to the kitchen. I took my turn
in the bathroom, and then followed her down to the kitchen,
wrapping a towel around my waist as the smell of coffee got

Alex was stood making coffee, her back to me. She wriggled
back against me for a moment as I moved close behind, her
ass grinding against my cock. But then, as I reached around
her, she pushed me away, nodding towards the breakfast
bar where juice and toast awaited us.

"Later ..." she mouthed as she eased past me
with the coffee pot.

We talked easily over a long, leisurely breakfast, sat
side by side, our legs touching, very aware of each other.
I watched Alex as she moved, the swell of her breasts pressing
against the flimsy silk of her gown as she reached across
for more coffee, my eyes following her when we were finished
and she started to clear up.

I stood up, and cleared the rest of the things away. Alex
was reaching up into a cupboard in the kitchen when I moved
behind her. This time she didn't resist as I reached
around her and slid my hands into her gown, cupping her breasts
in my hands, feeling her nipples hardening at my touch.
Alex sighed, and dropped her arms down. The weight, the
firmness, of her breasts filled my hands. I rubbed her nipples
with my thumbs as I buried my face in her neck, kissing and

She turned around in my arms. We kissed, our lips crushed
together, our tongues exploring easily. As we broke our
kiss, I stepped back a little, and reached out to the belt
of her gown. I tugged it slowly, savouring the moment, my
eyes on hers. As the belt came undone, the sides of her gown
dropped away from her body. My eyes drank in the deep valley
between her partially covered breasts, her firm belly,
the hint of her pussy. With a shrug of her shoulders, the
gown slid down her body, and onto the floor.

Now Alex reached out to me, and tugged at the towel around
my waist. Seconds later, it joined her gown on the floor,
my cock rearing up, hard again. She reached for me, wrapping
her hand around my shaft and pulling me to her. She held my
cock as we kissed, as I ran my hands down her slender back
and over her ass.

My cock was caught between us, pressing hard against her
pussy. We moved together, our hips swaying as our bodies
moved as one, my cock sliding along her wet slit and against
her clit, her juices lubricating us both. I cupped her tight
ass, pulling her to me, her nipples rock hard against my

Her arms tightened around my neck and her groaning got louder
as the first ripples of her climax started to build. I held
her tighter, rubbing my cock against her mound as my fingers
ran lightly down between her taut ass cheeks. She cried
out as she came, as waves of pleasure washed through her.

"Quickly ..." she gasped.

I turned her around, my coc

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Beautifully written and very seductive. So don't
stop for long. Keep us and yourselves cumming.


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Really enjoyed it but kept waiting for Dave to do more exploring
of Alex's rosebud. >>!