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Adventure at the Lake (fm:group)


Marcie has been a friend for quite a few years. We have talked
most things sexual at one time or another, and have always
been very
close. So when she told me how she'd experienced a very
sensual time
with her roommate, making love to a woman for the first time,
I thought
it was so hot. I could have fucked her right there, except
we were
friends, not lovers.

My wife Kay and I shared most things, but we didn't share
this. Kay
loved sex, but she was pretty straight, or at least I thought
she was.

So it was an extreme surprise to me when almost a year later,
on a very
sexy night in July, my beautiful wife Kay, and Melinda,
a gorgeous
business associate from the east, ended up after an evening
out, with
them sucking on my cock together, then kissing each other,
trickling down their bodies, till they had replaced my
cock with their
own sweet sex. I still am not quite sure how it came about,
but it led
to one of the most incredible nights of my life.

Kay went down on Melinda with an abandon I found hard to believe.The
sounds were as sexy as the sights. I could hear the desire
with every
delicious slurp. Kay didn't just love to suck cock,
she loved sex
....period. I watched as they sucked their beautiful pussies,
and then
shared their mouths, fingering each other while they spilled
desires about what they wanted to do to each other. Kay then
took my
cock in her mouth, bringing me almost instantly to the brink.
When she
sensedwhere I was at, she popped my cock out, looked Melinda
in the
eyes, and said "I want to see it in your cunt."

She then kissed Melinda and told her to lie back. She took
my cock in
her hand, gave me a quickand wet suck, and growled "Fuck
Her!" She
pulled my cock to Melinda's pussy and pushed it in.I'm
not sure to this
day who enjoyed what happened more, but when I was about
to cum Kay
pulled me out and swallowed every drop, while Melinda kissed
me and
pumped my cock into my beautiful wife's mouth. Kay
then rose up and
took Melinda's face in her hands and gently kissed
her. With tender and
moist eyes she whispered, "I love you for what you
have given me

Afterwards she wanted to go and spend the night with Melinda.
I was cool
with it, but Melinda was dead tired, so she told us to go to
bed and
talk about what had happened, and how we felt about it.Kay
me. She fucked me, sucked me, and she talked about Marcie,
and how she
wished that Marcie was there to see it. It blew me away, because
didn't know what I knew, yet somehow she did know!

The next day was so cool, not because of what happened, but
because of
what didn't. It was just anormal day. Melinda told
Kay she was so hot
and Kay told Melinda the same thing. They kissed, they laughed
and they
told me I was hot too. I couldn't wait to tell Marcie!
I took Marcie to
lunch early the next week, and told her I had something to
tell her.
When she persisted, I said, " Wait till we get to your
place." We
walked in the door, she turned to me and said, "Well,
what's so
special?" I said, "Kay fucked a friend from
back east, and I was
there." She replied, "You beautiful kinky
bastard, you watched another
man fuck Kay." "It was a woman", I said.
She looked at me, and started
to tremble, and then she moved closer to me. She put her hand
up to my
cheek and stroked, her eyes lazily on mine. "I want
to fuck you,
please, I want to fuck you." Instinctively I knew
she meant both Kay
and I, but as she melted into my arms, my lips found hers, and
already hard cock found her hand. "Do you think Kay
would share this
with me', she asked with a smile. "I'm sure
of it, " I said.

Fast forward a couple of years. We're still wonderful
friends. Kay and I
are still very married, and Marcie has had a few relationships,
last one with a lady.We're comfortable and close,
and though we're not
lovers, sex is still very much on the agenda.That's
what saw us
together for a week at Lake Tahoe. We went, not as lovers,
but as
intimate friends, sharing a room with two queen size beds
at the
Hyatt.We had agreat view of the Lake, and looked forward
to a pleasant
holiday together.

The first afternoon we were there, we had a drink in the Lobby
Bar, and
we knew this would be our favorite spot.The big stone fireplace
the whole room, big as it was, feel intimate.We were on our
drink when I noticed someone looking at us. She was around
forty two or so, and she had short hair that had turned grey,
but still looked oh so
sexy. When she noticed me watching her, she smiled and turned
back to
her group. She was with two pretty girls in their early twenties, a
that looked a little older than the girls, and a Jack Hannah
type guy I
assumed was her husband. I turned back to the my girls and
Marcie was stroking Kay's hair. Something just twitched, and
for some
reason I felt very horny.

The group with the lady got up to leave, and as they passed
by she
smiled and said hi. I was surprised when both Kay and Marcie
back and returned the greeting. When we got back to our room,
I told
the girls that the lady had been looking at us. "We
know, " said Kay, "
and we were checking out her gorgeous husband, and wondering
if he
would taste as good as he looked." "She looked
like she'd make a pretty
good dessert herself", I replied, a bit miffed that
they had both been
checking a guy out, and I hadn't even noticed. When
we went to bed that
night I still felt horny, but with Marcie in the room I figured
better play it cool.

The next day we checked the place out, and went for a little
drive, and
when we returned to the bar, we ended up sitting next to
the couple from
the day before. We said hi, and they introduced themselves
as Dan and
Sandra, and explained that they were there with their son
and twin
daughters on a family vacation. The kids were living away
at college,
and they had friends at Tahoe for holidays as well, so they
could enjoy
being with the kids but still have some time together.Dan
was an
architect and Sandra was a nurse. I introduced our gang.
"I'm Tod and
this is Kay and Marcie, and Marcie is a nurse too."
"No way, " said
Sandra, "well, we promise not to talk about blood
and stuff, right
Marcie, and what doyou two do?" I explained that Kay
taught gifted
children, and I was in the music business as a producer.

Pretty soon we were gabbing away like old friends, and for
some reason
Sandra and I talked most of the time while Kay and Sandra
seemed more
than charmed by Dan. It was a great evening, and I was sorry
to see the
rest of the family show up. Soon we were off to our room. Once
again I
felt horny, and said to Marcie, " If you hear any noises,
I apologise."
She smiled and said, "You too, huh?"

The next day Kay and I had to go and see a business friend.
We offered
for Marcie to come with us, but she decided to stay and have
a swim
and a further look around. When we returned she was once
again with Dan
and Sandra, and once again we shared a lovely time with them.We

explained that wehad to go again the next day to meet our
friend, and Sandra quickly offered to share her time with

When we got back to our room, Marcie said "Those two
are so hot. She
apologised for Dan drooling over Kay and I, and Dan told
her well she
seemed to find Tod pretty interesting too. Then Kay, I felt
like a
schoolgirl. She touched my hand...... , and she said.......well,
I find
all three of them interesting, don't you Dan. He looked
so cute and he
just chuckled and said ok, yeah." "Just as well
they have their family
with them, " I joked. Kay laughed, and pushed me.
"He has a couple of
innocent threesomes, and he thinks we're all going
to fall into bed
with every attractive couple we see. We're in the minority
it doesn't happen in real life. Besides which, how
would you handle
seeing me fuck a guy?" "I'd enoy it as much
as I did with two ladies,
maybe even more", I replied. Marcie said "Goody,
can I watch?" Kay
said, "Of course you can Darling, I wouldn't
think of doing it without

We talked more about Dan and Sandra, about our adventures,
and I kept
getting hornier and hornier.When Marcie said she could
talk about sex
all night, I was ready to do just that, but pretty soon all
swimming and exercise caught up to her and she was in her
bed, sleeping
like a baby.

When we went to bed, I whispered to Kay, "I want to fuck
you." "We
can't." She said. "Why not?" I asked.
Kay pointed at Marcie, "but I'd
love to suck your cock', she whispered. My cock was
rock hard, and when
I felt her mouth around it I felt like I was in heaven. She
to me, "Would you like to feel Sandra's mouth
around your cock like
this. Do you think she'd like to lick it and suck it until
you came?"
My answer was to pull the covers off and swing around so I
could get at
her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was. She tasted
like honey.
"Would Dan's mouth feel like this, Kay, would
you like him to do this?
Would you like to feel his cock in your mouth, and make him
cum?'' Her
answer was a quickening of her breathing, and a slurping
sound as she
took me in and out of her beautiful mouth, drawing me in till
I could
feel her lips brush the base of my cock. Her pussy moved quicker
harder into my face, and I could smell her passion rising.
"I'd like to
fuck you all", panted Kay, "then I want you to
put his cock in my cunt,
and I want him to fuck me, and fuck me!" As she said this
her pussy
spasmed and then spasmed again, she took me in her mouth,
and I could
feel a fire that started deep in my balls and erupted into
her mouth,
as she threw herself against me one last time.

As we came to that sudden quiet that follows lovemaking,
we could hear
sounds of passion coming from Marcie's bed.We could
see her plainly in
the light through the window, as she could plainly see us,
and she was
lying on top of the sheets with her fingers pushing into
her pussy, and
her legs splayed apart. "You two are so sexy, oh I loved
watching you
suck, and I loved hearing the sexy things you were saying.
I just want
to cum so much." Kay and I moved over to her bed, and
sat beside her.
Kay started murmering to her about how beautiful she looked
and how
sexy it was to watch her.Kay then started to stroke her and
give her
little kisses on her neck and nipples, occasionally brushing
her mouth
over Marcie's lips.I stroked the insides of Marcie's
thighs, and
covered her hand as she fucked herself with her fingers.
Her pace
quickened, and she yelled "I can taste his cum in your
mouth", and
pulled Kay's mouth down hard to hers. Kay kissed her
with the passion
we had just shared, and it was then that I saw Kay's fingers
into her own pussy as the two girls came moaning together.

As they came down from their high I was left with my cock almost
as hard
as it had been before.I knew they were spent, and was wondering
I should relieve myself, when Marcie came over, patted
my cock, said
"You better save that, never know when you're
going to need it." She
then gave me a tender kiss and said, "you're such
a sexy boy, I'm so
glad we can do this." Kay said, "Come on Sweetheart
let's go to bed." I
knew then, whether I liked it or not, I'd be saving this
great hard on
for another time.

The next morning I woke with maybe the same hard on, one that
would have
made an elephant proud. I looked at Kay, and she was smiling
at me. I
looked over at Marcie's bed, and she was smiling too.
"Nice, " was all
she said.

After breakfast we took off to have our business meeting,
while Marcie
went to meet up with Dan and Sandra. Kay and I talked about
the night
before, and by the time we got to meet our friend, we were
ready to
book a hotel room and, well, you know.... We completed our
business and
headed back, continuing our sex talk on the way. "If
Marcie's out, I'm
going to fuck your brains out." Said Kay, as she rubbed
my cock through
my pants. "If you don't stop that, we won't
make it back, " I said,
"We'll end up in a ditch somewhere." "Spoilsport!",
was the only answer
I received.

When we returned to the Hyatt, we didn't see Marcie
or the guys in the
bar, where we expected them, but Marcie was in the room,
looking very
flushed. "You OK?" asked Kay. "Yeah why?"
she answered. "You look like
you've been running or something." Marcie looked
sheepish, "Yeah well,
it's or something." "You havn't
don't tell me. Here, let me
smell your fingers." She grabbed Marcie's hand
and moved it to her
face. "Well, what a naughty little girl we have here.
I'd spank you,
except you'd probably like it." "Well
it's their fault, " complained
Marcie with a smile, "and besides you've got
Tod to please you whenever
you like." "Hi guys, Tod here, so what I want
to know is, why is it
their fault?" "I don't know, it's
just something about them. I know
they're not swingers or anything, because Nancy told
me they'd love to
be more adventurous, but their mid west upbringing was
just too strong.
But somehow Sandra gets you talking about sexy stuff without
knowing it. She kinda' asked if you guys were as sexy
as you looked,
and of course, I said Oh Yeah...." "And then
you blushed, like you
always do', said Kay. "Yeah, I guess so, well
anyway that's how I came
to tell them about last night.." "You what!!"
exclaimed Kay and I
together. "Well, not everything, just, you know...bits"
"I'll never be
able to face them again, " said Kay. ""You'll
have to, " said Marcie,
"we're having dinner with them."

Kay and I toyed with cancelling out, but what the hell, we
were on
vacation, and besides which, we figured that since Sandra
and Dan asked
us to join them for dinner after Marcie's little confession,
we figured
it must be OK.

The smiles that greeted us upon arriving in the lobby dismissed
fears we might have, and dinner was a delightful affair,
complete with
stories and laughter, and lots of flirting.Sandra, who
seemed to take
the lead with our group, suggested we go to a club for some
and we all quickly agreed.

We grabbed a cab rather than drive, and went to the first
place the
cabbie suggested. It was actually quite cool, with a mixed
crowd and a
band that was playing songs soft and low. We danced separately,

together, and when I found myself dancing with Sandra she
cuddled right
in. "You dance nicely" she said. "Thanks",
I replied, "You're not too
shabby yourself." "Hours of dreaming",
she said, and pressed her body
into mine. I immediately felt my cockharden, and her press
in even
more. I looked over at Kay and she was smiling and nodding
towards Dan
and Marcie. Sandra seemed to sense the looks between Kay
and I, and
turned towards Dan and his partner, who were just standing
swaying. I felt Sandra stiffen and then relax back into
me. She put one
arm around my neck, and pulled me close. "Don't
they look so sexy, I
can hardly wait to see Dan and Kay together." My cock
stiffened even
more, but the gentle kiss on my neck told me it was OK.

After the song finished, the band started a fast one, and
Sandra started
to leave the floor. "You've got to stay for a little
bit, or I'll
embarass myself walking off the floor." I said. "Oh,
alright, but I was
looking forward to seeing my handywork, ' she smiled.
The fact that Dan
and Marcie stayed on the floor for about a third of the song
made me
think that their close dancing had had a similar effect
on Dan.
Marcie's giveaway flush told me it was indeed so.

When we got back to the table Kay whispered to me that we all
very sexy together, and she took my hand and held it as she
stroked the
back of Sandra's neck and said "You looked lovely."
The band kept
playing fast songs, and got louder, so we could see that
our intimate
evening was over, as far as the club was concerned.

"I'd invite you back to our cottage, but we have
about twenty twenty
something year olds there, and even this place would be
quieter, " offered Dan. "You could come to
our place, we've got music
and drinks, and what we don't have we can get."
Kay replied with a
smile. "I think we've got everything."
said Sandra, as she gently
touched the side of Kay's face.

The cab ride back was dead silent, and the silence continued
until we
got to our room. We reallyhadn't had much to drink,
and for the first
time since we'd been together we were not at ease.It
was as if the
situation seemed a little too big for us.

It was Sandra again who was the leader, as she checked our
bar, she
exclaimed "But there's no champagne, we must
have champagne, and lots
of it.This is a special occasion, and it's our treat.
Now should I get
three or four bottles?" "Four bottles?"
said Dan, "Well that'd make us
well and truly tipsy." "You're right said
Sandra, "I'll make it five,
in case we want to get well and truly drunk." We laughed
and relaxed,
and after we had emptied two bottles relaxed some more.

We were half lounging, half sitting on the two beds. Dan
with Sandra on
one, and Marcie and Kay with me on the other.Kay got up and
put some
soft music on, and Dan said, "Hey, I didn't get
to dance with Kay."
"Well now's your chance", said Kay. They
started to dance close, but
with an audience and lots of light it certainly wasn't
romantic. "This
is not the way we had it, " said Sandra, and got up and
turned most of
the lights off.She then came over and joined Marcie and
I on the bed.
We were lying down by now, and Sandra snuggled in beside
us. The low
lights were having their desired effect, and Dan and Kay
were dancing
at least as close as we were. "God they look sexy, "
said Marcie.
"Yeah", I just got out. "Jealous"
queried Sandra. Marcie said, "More
like turned on", as she brushed her hand over my already
hard cock.
"Oh, my goodness", said Sandra, as she followed
Marcie's lead. Kay, who
had been watching us, put her arm around Dan's neck,
and drew him even
closer, so that their faces were touching. Sandra let out
a sigh and
touched me again. "Oh, God I'd like to watch them
fuck." "Me too, " I

Sandra turned and kissed me, and then leaned over me and
kissed Marcie,
stroking my cock as she did so. "I'll be back, "
she said, as she
slipped off the bed, and joined Dan and Kay, who were by now
motionless, swaying in time to the music.

She moved behind Kay and slipped her arms around so that
they caressed
her breasts. We could hear her turning Kay and Dan on even
more with
her words, telling them how sexy they looked, and how she'd
like to see
them fuck. The words turned me on even more as I heard them
being said
to my wife and her husband.

Marcie and I were now spooning and she moved her hand behind
her and
caressed my cock. She turned and I felt her tongue slide
into my mouth
as we kissed passionately. Despite how turned on I was,
I could not
take my eyes off Kay and Dan and Sandra.

I gasped as Sandra kissed Kay's neck, which I knew would
turn her on
like crazy, and then watched as Kay's mouth melted
into Dan's, and her
hand moved between them and started to gently stroke his
cock. As they
did this Sandra unbuttoned Kay's blouse, and then
removed her bra,
leaving her with her breasts free. I could see her hardened
even in the low light.Sandra then moved behind Dan and undid
his shirt
and then loosened his pants as kay's hand slipped inside
his shorts to
caress his cock. Marcie was squirming trying to kiss me
and watch at
the same time. She and I are both bits of voyeurs, and this
was a dream
come true. "I want to watch." she said. As she
said this Kay slid to
the floor, and for the first time I saw her take another man's
cock in
her mouth. I liked it.

Marcie turned to me and said, "Will you take your clothes
off and fuck
me while we watch?" I was so hard I was worried I would
cum before I
got inside her. It wasn't just the scene, but Sandra's
words too. "Take
his cock into your mouth, yes that's right, now suck,
ohhh, I can't
wait to see him slip that big beautiful cock inside you.I
want to be so
close and suck you both while you fuck. And Kay, I want you
to put your
fingers in my pussy, and fuck me."

Sandra then undressed, flopped down and joined Kay sucking
Dan's cock,
fully undressing Kay at the same time.They swapped his
cock between
their mouths, and passionately kissed and swirled their
tongues and
juices together. Finally Kay stood up and kissed Dan passionately,

taking his hand and placing it on her pussy.I could see his
start to move in and out of her cunt, fucking her with his
hand. Kay
was astride Sandra as she took Dan's cock in her mouth,
with Kay's
finger fucked pussy rubbing against Sandra's shoulder.

By this time Marcie and I had our clothes off and I plunged
my cock
inside her, feeling the tip hit bottom. Her respose was
to ask me to
push harder.We fucked and fucked, devouring one another
with our
mouths, all the time trying not to miss any of the action
on the floor.

Director Sandra now moved their threesome to the bed, and
spread Kay's
legs, which willingly parted, as Dan moved his mouth towards
her clit.
My God her clit was so big I could see it from the other bed.
As he
began to suck, Kay put her fingers inside Sandra's
pussy, and pulled
her towards her mouth. She then sucked Sandra's clit
into her mouth
while her fingers fucked her beautiful, oh so beautiful,
cunt. Marcie
and I slowed down a bit and I gently eased in and out of her
while we
watched this sexy sightjust one bed away. "Did we
look that Good?", she
asked as we cuddled. "I hope so", I replied.

Sandra was in full form, directing her performance with
the skill of a
seasoned oscar winning director. "I want Dan to fuck
you, while you
fuck me with your fingers and your mouth. Would you like
that?" Kay
only nodded, but Sandra leaned over Kay, still giving her
full access
to her pussy, and took Dan in her mouth, rolling beside Kay
at the same
time. She then moved to 69 Kay, and plunge her fingers inand
out. When
she figured Kay was ready, she pulled Dan's cock into
Kay like Kay had
done to me those several years before. It was too much for
me, and as I
watched Dan slide his cock into my wife, I came. I had warned
and with more help from her fingers than me, she came as well.
darling", I whispered. "Look at where we are,
and what's happening,
it's wonderful, " was her reply.

As I watched Dan and Kay fuck, and Kay fuck Sandra with her
mouth and
fingers, I began to get hard again, and Marcie moved slowly
back in
forth with me, gently fucking.

All of a sudden Sandra started to cum from the attention
she had been
getting from my wife, and this drove Dan over the edge as
well. I knew
that Kay had not cum yet, but so did Sandra, and she slipped
Dan's cock
and cleaned it with her mouth all the while saying"Oh
my God Kay, You
taste sooo good. I could suck you all night"

I could see Kay's orgasm building up about thirty seconds
before she
blew.She was like a bucking bronco, and Sandra's
mouth never got bucked
off. She came so hard, she was crying "Oh God, That
feels so good, Oh
Sandra I love you, Oh God keep touching me."

I didn't even notice when Marcie slipped off the bed,
and started to
stroke Kay and Sandra, kissing and murmering to them. Soon
they were
kissing and touching, tasting pussies and breasts, with
tiny shudders
and little explosions of orgasms while Dan and I watched
and started to
stroke our now hardening cocks. He looked at me and smiled
and rolled
off the bed. "You OK?" He asked as he came over.
"I'm just fine buddy."

I stood up, and we hugged, as guys do, only this time we were
naked and
our cocks were hard, and got in the way, and banged against
another, but it was all good. The girls saw us watching,
and Sandra,
(who else) came over and whispered to me could I help her
to get Dan to
fuck Marcie so she could watch.

I, of course agreed, and moved over, and started to kiss
Marcie and ask
her could I watch her fuck Dan.She got so hot, and looked
at me in the
sexy way she can, and asked me would I "suck her and
suck him and then
put his cock in her like Sandra had done with Kay".
I have never done
ANYTHING like that before, but my cock became instantly
hard, and I
couldn't wait to get his cock in my mouth, and put it
in her pussy.

The other two girls had been touching and kissing one another,
while Dan
was still standing by the other bed, but when they heard
this, Marcie
and Dan became the focus of the three of us.

Marcie was lying with her head on the pillow, so I swung around
in an
almost 69 position and started to lick her clit, while the
girls got up
and grabbed Dan by his half hard cock and pulled him over
to the bed.
"Come on big boy, " said Sandra, "We've
got work for you."

The chuckling stopped when Marcie reached up and pulled
his mouth to
hers, at the same time pulling him down on the other side
from me. He
immediately started to share her pussy with me. I moved
away, and
watched as Kay and Sandra both swallowed him to the hilt
sucking and
sharing his swollen cock.It was all inches from my face,
and when
Sandra said "Suck him, " then suck him I did.
I took him slowly, not
wanting to gag, and that increased the enjoyment for the
both of us. I
am not saying that I'm about to swap sides, but given
the circumstances
it was a great experience, and a big turn on.

It was certainly heightened when Sandra moved to my cock,
and I shared
Dan's cock with my gorgeous wife.It may have been that
I was turned on
because she was turned on, but who cares.Kay kissed me while
I had
Dan's cock in my mouth and then said "Put it in
Marcie." Kay wet her
hand and rubbed Marcie's pussy saying "Tod is
putting this big hard
cock right inside you, would you like that?"

Dan and Marcie were still passionately kissing, with their
arms and
hands pulling each other tighter together. Marcie kept
looking at us,
then back to Dan moaning I want you to fuck me, over and over.Kay
and I
took Dan's cock together in our hands, and though it
looked huge,
slipped it easily into Marcie's waiting slit.

Kay was fascinated, and kept her face almost touching Dan
and Marcie,
occasionally licking where they joined each other. I looked
up to see
Sandra's beautiful face watching all of us. She saw
me watching and
deepened her swallow. Oh God, it felt so good, and as I kept
she motionedKay up beside her to share.

Then Sandra the director took over again. Moving me up the
bed till my
cock was where Marcie could see, she asked Marcie if she
would like to
watch. Dan was on top of her, and sensing her needs slowed
his pace
while the voyeur in Marcie took over.

While Sandra was wetly finger fucking Kay, she was swallowing
me whole.
She then turned Kay to face her, with her back to me, and said
"Sit on
him." Marcie could see everything as Kay built the
tension by ever so
slowly sliding herself down onto mywaiting pole till she
hit bottom,
then she started to move on me. Sandra put her fingers in
her own
pussy, and licked us as we fucked.

I could see from a couple of inches away from behind as Dan
started to
piston into Marcie. Marcie could see the whole show, and
the look on
Marcie's face was enough to send Dan over the edge.I
don't know what
Sandra was saying, but it was so dirty that it worked for
all of us. I
watched as I heard a growl from Dan, or maybe Marcie, and
saw her pussy
clench as Dan's balls tightened, and I swear I could
feel his cum shoot
into her, it was so powerful. I felt my cock begin to erupt,
and then
Sandra took me in her mouth before placing me back, where
Kay's pussy
drew the rest of my juices. I was stillpulsing when Kay started
orgasm, and my cock hardened and I felt as though I had cum
again with

Sandra was still fucking herself with her fingers, and
Kay and Marcie
quickly moved from us to her, kissing her, sucking her and
bringing her
to that magic place. The vision was hard to describe, partmaternal,

part long time lover and part pure porno. If you could capture
this on
film you would make a fortune.

We shared looks, and I think we knew that Sandra was why we
were at this
place. We would have done anything she said, bu she thought
of us
first. We loved her to orgasm each of playing a part, and
were rewarded
with tears of joy and loud moans of passion as she came roaring
the top.

Despite all this sex and passion, I couldn't stop laughing
when these
three care giving women, immediately got the washers and
towels to
clean up his sexy mess.I mean, I'm a clean guy, but this
smelled so
good, but clean they must, and clean they did.

"Well, a few fantasies realised there." I said.
"And a few firsts as
well, " said Sandra. "I can't believe that
you've never shared each
other before." Marcie piped in. Sandra smiled, "Like
I told Tod.... Oh
My God...five hours ago....hours of dreaming folks.....hours
dreaming, and honey it's 3:30 we got to go, the kids
will be worried."
"They'll be a hell of a lot more worried if we come
in looking like
this, " said Dan. "What do we look like?"
queried Sandra. "Like we've
been fucking all night!" We all virtually chimed
in together "Well, "
chuckled Kay, "Marcie and I had a glorious time being
fucked by these
two spendid specimens, but poor Sandra didn't get
fucked at all." "Not
that she didn't have a good time." said Marcie
ever so sweetly. Sandra
and Dan had made themselves presentable, and as Marcie
made her comment
we had hugged and kissed, and they were at the door.

Sandra, of course, had the parting shot. "Well, there's
always tomorrow,
and you know there's one fantasy at least that I have
left....... and
that's to be fucked at the same time by two hunks like
Dan and Tod
here...Goodnight all."...and they were gone. "Me
two.." said Marcie
meekly. ""I don't think I'd mind it
either", added Kay.

I headed to the bed. I figured it was time to get some rest.

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That is one hot story. I so need to be fucked now.


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