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Ace of Diamonds


The sorority/fraternity study examining “impersonal
sex” results were shared with both houses, but basically
the details were kept specifically to the participants
because we were trying o avoid overt behavior which would
necessitate censure and other restrictions by the Dean’s
office. So as word leaked out, it was met with denial on our
part and remained in the realm of rumor associated with
all the Greek activities on campus.

Also, the results of the first night of experiment, where
the guys were anonymously tied down, met decidedly mixed
reviews, both male and female, as it pushed limits outside
nearly everyone’s comfort zones.

Between the two houses there was a palpable level of tension
especially the first week after the event, which didn’t
begin to thaw until the following weekend when enough participants
had a the time to actually sit down and talk face to face with
other participants. (It was about this time that Cindy,
my event partner, figured out my being her assignment,
but she didn’t reveal that until…well, that’s a
good story and it will wait.) After that weekend, tension
was shifted from suspicion among us to interest between
the two houses. That was a significant change.

Regardless, each individual participating came unvarnished
with their own set of issues and baggage personally, which
issues were kept out of the actual event, and also which
issues had to be handled by the individuals without any
fallout to the rest of the participants. Now that was really

Not fully revealed to the participants of the evening of
sex, was that more than one individual participated who
was technically a virgin. Yes, both male and female, not
with each other, and more than two—but that was a mystery
which gradually was revealed as the principles became
more comfortable with themselves, each other, and their

In this report, I’d like to present one of the females’
story. It’s principally about seduction and awakening,
and because of that may be mundane to some on this site.

You may recall that I named Dave and Melanie as the principle
“arrangers” of this study of impersonal sex between
the houses. Both of them were “officers” in the houses
while not being in charge. As such they each interacted
with a great number of brothers/sisters and acted as an
“aide, confidant, etc.” to others. So, I learned that
Mel had learned from “Mary” that she hoped to get out
of college with the experience of being fucked. How could
any girl, from my estimation, think that could be a problem?

Well, about Mary. Number one, she was not a dog. Sorry girls,
don’t mean to offend, but this is the quickest and easiest
way to get it across to guys. Deal with it. She definitely
was not unattractive, but was mousy, and therefore in her
dressing, her demeanor, her self-identity, her presentation
she tended to hide in plain sight. This is a considerable
point as she is over six feet tall. She didn’t invite attention
(didn’t know how) and even being in the sorority challenged
her self image.

Okay, one of the most vulnerable building blocks in a self-image
is one’s personal sexual awareness, sexual comfort.
I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl, how you’re perceived
sexually, especially at college age, is major. Melanie
came up with the idea of an impersonal sex night to give Mary
a venue for experiencing sex, then worked with Dave, her
significant squeeze and counter-part in our house, to
create the environment. Mary’s account in the shared
results was significantly buried and modified to ide her
experience, but this is what I pieced together, and eventually
confirmed with her.

The night of the “party” Melanie escorted each of the
girls upstairs to the assigned rooms. As she completed
the first cohort of volunteers, she came downstairs to
the common room and announced, “Girls, I’m on the rag
tonight and need a replacement. Volunteers?”

This was Mary’s cue to step up. Rising, “I’m in, ”
she announced and walked out with Mel just as the others
had. However, rounding the stairs, she gripped Mel’s
arm and whispered, “ I’m putting everything in you
hands, and I’m nervous. Are you sure I’m going to be

Drawing Mary with her, Mel smiled gently at her stopping
in front of a door on the third floor. There were only two
cards on doors here, and they were at opposite ends of the
hall. “Mary, I’m sure you’re going to be fine, that
you’re going to have a great experience.” She smiled
confidently, hugged Mary encouragingly. “It is going
to be fine.” Kissing her cheek, she opened the door and
gently pushed her through saying the school cheer, “Go

Mary’s eyes adjusted, not seeing anything in the sudden
shadows. She heard a whisper of someone moving and taking
her hand, . She jumped, turning to the person and saw

“DAVE! But—“ Dave’s finger shushed her lips.
“Relax, and listen a minute, ” he said.

Dave drew Mary into the room—away from the door—and
sat with her on the mattress. Mary stared at the door which
Mel—MEL! DAVE’s GIRL!--had just closed, stared back
at Dave—MEL’S GUY!—in both confusion and fear.
Mary jumped to reach for the door, but Dave hadn’t let
go of her wrist, tightened and held her steady.

“Mary, you can say “no” at any time. Listen. Obviously
Mel knows I’m in here. She put me in here—well, not really,
it is my room. But she set this up for you. Think about it.
You’ve shared with her pretty well about you’re wish,
desire, need, whatever you want to call it. She came to me
and had to convince me first, not that I don’t find you
physically attractive—I do—and not that I don’t
like you as a person—you’re great—but that I wouldn’t
be hurting Mel or our relationship by doing this.”

Mary sat, stunned. Dave’s hand around her wrist was firm
yet gentle, drawing her back down to sit next to him. “Mel
knows that you don’t find me offensive, (Mary hoped Dave
couldn’t see her blush in the dark thinking how she described
Dave to Mel) and she is confident that I can help “breach
the gap” in your experience. She knows my tricks, she
knows my needs and takes good care of them, and she knows
my sensitivity. Mel and I trust what we have together, and
she likes you enough to want to draw you into that.”

“I have trouble believing that, ” Mary shushed. They
sat silently as Dave slowly released her wrist and began
to stroke her arm, looking at her face. “I like you. This
isn’t anonymous!”

“Right, ” he said. “Do you think you can really relax
your body to do something so intensely personal for the
first time with someone you aren’t comfortable with?
Someone you don’t know you can even trust?”

“Put like that, no.” she replied, and looked deeply
into Dave’s eyes. In the scented candle-lit room she
could see understanding, gentleness absorbing into her.
She reached her hand to the center of his chest, pressed
it gently. I’m beginning to feel how much Mel is doing,
how much you’re doing. I feel overwhelmed by what that
means. I know how vulnerable I feel right now, and how vulnerable
that makes both of you—both of you!—with me at the same
time.” She took a deep, steadying breath. “I accept
your gift. What do I do?”

Dave smiled. Mel was absolutely right, Mary is a gem. “Okay,
let’s level the field here for you. Mel has told me that
you’ve played with dildos so there is no hymen.”

Mary blushed, “so much for surprises”

Dave continued. “Give me a safe word to make me pause if
you get uncomfortable or scared or need me to stop.”

“School bus, ” she said, “because I remember how
scared I was when I first got on.”

Dave smiled, “Okay. Mel suggested that this be a simple
seduction experience, that I just make you feel as good
as you want and go as far as you want. So, even though I know
you are looking for a “fuck” experience, this isn’t
going to be raw nor is it necessarily going to have me coming
inside if you’re not comfortable. Mel said that you should
concentrate on just allowing yourself to feel your body
and let me direct. She said I should treat you the way I treat
her, like a musical instrument that I am making music with.
She said since you play violin, that you would relate to

“Well, I’m certainly high-strung enough, ” she
tried to joke.

Dave smiled. “That’s a very positive response.”

“How do we start? The timer is on.”

“Not for us. Mel is seeing to that. The card is gone from
the door, so no one is going to suspect we’re here.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Well, I’m going to take off your clothes, not you.
I’m going to stroke you everywhere I can, and is it okay
to kiss you?”

“Yes—oh! Uhmm, we’ll see as we go?”

“That’s good enough.” He stood, and drew her up.
Leaving her, he walked to the other side of the bed. Let’s
move the blankets.” Together they drew off the top blankets,
then fan folded the sheets to the foot of the bed. Then they
joined each other, standing at the foot of the bed.

Taking her hands in his, he slowly kissed them, turned them,
kissed her palms. Slowly he stroked up her arms to her sleeves,
over her shoulders to her neck, and down. Gently he leaned
in and kissed the side of her neck, slowly drawing one hand
from her shoulder over her breast. He could feel her chest
rising, falling with her breath, the brief hitch in her
breathing. He repeated with the other side, no hitch.

Stepping forward he touched her chest to chest and drew
their two bodies together, reaching under her arms. Spontaneously
Mary raised her arms over Dave’s shoulders, which wasn’t
difficult as Dave was only 5 foot 10. Mary quickly discovered
why Mel was so specific on telling Mary what to wear—a
white blouse which buttoned down the back—as Dave stroked
her back and began to undo the buttons down her spine.

The buttons came apart one at a time as he stroked up and down,
and the release of each button stimulated a new set of nerves
wrapping from her spine all the way around to her front.
Dave wasn’t standing still, but moving gently, supposedly
to position himself for her buttons, but simultaneously
stroking the front of her body with the front of his. His
chin was nuzzling one, then the other side of her neck which
only increased the ticklish sense going down her back.

Eventually the blouse parted down her back and she felt
his hands, his fingers stroke up and down. He seemed to be
pretending they were feathers, the touch was so soft, almost
hinting at stroking. Mary sighed, leaning against Dave
in a sense of comfort and rest, and he slipped his fingers
to her clasp and freed her bra.

Mary had been worried when Mel told her to wear a bra that
had no more than two hooks. Through high school Mary had
been embarrassed and mercilessly teased at the size of
her breasts and had resorted to wearing bras which were
more like an armored breast plate than for support for her
D cups. (Guys, don’t jump. D cups on someone over six feet
tall isn’t out of proportion.) This evening she was worried
that her breasts were going to spill out of her cups, and
now they were. Feeling herself tense, she forced herself
to concentrate on relaxing, then to shift her sense to experiencing
the feel of her freed breasts.

Dave felt her tense up, didn’t shift his body but held
her close and just continued to let his fingers stroke up
and down her smooth skin, unhindered by the strap that had
been in the way. He continued nuzzling, stroking, and occasionally
nibbled at an ear. The stroking movement quickly included
her sides, and then the first hand slipped up her side to
come up to her breast, under, over, and down her back.

Mary felt her nipple jump, and a shock travel somewhere
in her body as if looking for somewhere to go. As the shock
hit, she jerked against Dave, opened her mouth in a gentle
cry of shock and his lips kissed the bottom lip of her open
mouth, then trailed down her jaw to the other side. Moments
later, when his other hand came up in the parallel trail
over her other breast she arched against him, eyes open,
gazing at his face and closed eyes as he nipped her upper

Nuzzling and nibbling and stroking continued and quickly
Mary found torso nude in front of Dave. In reflex motion
her forearms crossed over her breasts, protecting them
from ridicule. Gently Dave stroked down her arms and drew
her hands to his shirt saying, “Your turn.” Mary fumbled
for the buttons on Dave’s shirt as he gazed back and forth
from Mary’s eyes to her breasts, back and forth. His hands
weren’t still has Mary’s worked their way down his
shirt, but stroked up her sides and lifted her full orbs.
“God, you’re magnificent! Why do you hide? How could
I not have known how beautiful thes—uh, you are.” He
looked up at her with amazement in his eyes, his gaze stroking
her face. She couldn’t bear to look at him, but glancing
at him she was stunned at the concern, the respect she saw

She brushed Dave’s shirt off his shoulders and straightened,
and possibly for the first time in her life lifted her shoulders
back and proudly displayed her breasts. Dave’s expression
changed to one of support, encouragement, and pride. He
leaned forward gazing into her eyes and kissed her chest
between her breasts. Gently cupping her flesh he kissed
the tops of each and avoided her nipples.

Standing and looking in her eyes, his hands drifted to her
waist and slid the zipper down her slacks. Molding his hands
to her he slid his hands between her waist and slacks, sliding
them over her thin hips and let them drift down. As he knelt
before her his eyes traveled the long length of her torso,
her endless legs, as his hands stroked down her sides to
her ankles. Carefully he lifted first one foot, then the
other baring her feet of shoes and slacks. Standing, one
hand drew up her side as the other draped her slacks on top
of her blouse over a nearby chair.

He stood in front of her relaxed and comfortable as she licked
her lips. He placed her hands on his chest, his hands then
on her upper arms. They stood, quietly, him waiting patiently,
she not knowing what to do next. He kissed her chest again,
then said, “My pants?”

She almost snapped up, embarrassed that she hadn’t thought
that it was her turn. She grabbed for his belt with a jerk
and he laughed, “Slowly, ” was what he said. She froze
looked at his eyes and saw laughter looking back at her with
a partial smile on his face. She let go her death grip on his
belt and took a deep breath. She laughed and so did he. “Seductively, ”
he encouraged. She smiled, took another deep breath and
said, “I can do this. I want to do this.” Then with a little
wiggle of her head which reflected all the way down her torso
to her toes, she stroked one finger down his chest to his
belt. Lifting her eyes to his, she tantalizingly drew the
belt through the loop. Kneeling, she grabbed the end of
the belt with her teeth and pulled, releasing the metal
prong. With her hand, she pulled the buckle sliding the
whole belt out of the loops and tossed it into a far corner.
Laughing at herself, she undid the button at his waist,
then parting the cloth, slipped the tip of the zipper between
her teeth and slid it down, feeling her chin slide against
his firm—

The pants parted open and she had this banana sized mound
pushing on the material of his underwear. She pushed his
jeans down and helped as he shook off his loafers and jeans,
kicking them into the near corner. As she knelt mesmerized
by his tumescence, he said, “Yes, I’m happy to see you.”

His red spandex covered just about as much as her black boy
shorts. Gently he helped her to stand and kissed her lips.
“I’m enjoying this, I’m enjoying you, ” were
what he said.

Okay, I’ll stop here—and all of you will kill me slowly.
But it’s her first time, I say. Tough shit! You all reply,
because for too many of us it didn’t happen right the first
time. So much for our great society.

They were standing at the foot of the bed as he broke the kiss.
He lifted his leg and crawled onto the bed, drawing her hand
with him. Laying down, he drew her next to him, he on his side,
she on her she on hers, facing each other. He took his bottom
hand and slid it, cupping her head so she looked at him. He
started stroking her. “How are you feeling so far?”
he queried.

Actually, her feelings defied anything she could relate
to. She felt numb, from no stable reference point. She felt
strange and unsure, being this intimate with someone she
knew. She felt some sort of nervous spasms in her abdomen,
like twitching which moved over as a sheet would drift over
her skin. “I feel—“ how could she describe this?
“—unusual, not uncomfortable. Okay, I guess, nothing
bad. I might be feeling good—I don’t know.”

“Nothing bad, maybe good. I’ll take it, ” he smiled.
Now I’d like you to experience a male encouraging you
to relax to his touch.” Her eyes widened. “Roll toward
me onto your stomach.” He slid back, and she rolled her
body toward the length of his, skin brushing skin from shoulder
to ankle. He rolled toward her, partially on her lifting
his leg over her ass and leaned to kiss her where her neck
met her back. He crawled over her to her other side, every
part of his body touching every part of hers. She could feel
his cock rub across her ass, his nipples stroke her shoulder
blades. Then he knelt next to her.

She felt him reach to the bedside table, heard something
open, a pause, then a bottle (?) get set down. Then she felt
his hands—oiled—draw her arm toward his knees, between
his knees, and strong fingers begin to massage her hands,
fingers, wrists. He probed every muscle, wiggled every
joint up to and over her shoulder. Re-applying oil as needed,
he worked down her back, circling, pressing, outlining
ligaments and muscles. He molded and re-shaped her buttocks,
stretching, pushing.

Smoothly Dave stroked his hands over her body, watching
her breathing, feeling her tension actually diminish
as he stretched, pulled and massaged her. He could feel
her relax. He was pleased that she was accepting, was trusting
him to touch, stroke, to feed her starving inner self.

She felt him shift position and stand at the foot of the bed.
Her long body stretched like warm liquid from pillow to
over-the-mattress as her feet rested beyond the edge.
She felt his hands begin to work on her foot in the same pattern
he did her hand, then up the length of her leg back to her butt.
Working her upper thigh he occasionally came close to her
anus, to her labia, could feel his fingers working next
to those sensitive tissues but not actually touching them.
She could feel the blood flow increase to these soft tissues,
the warmth in them reflecting the relaxation she was feeling.
He moved again to the opposite leg, started on her foot,
and reversed the pattern of kneading, massaging from her
foot, up her back down her arm to her hand.

If she weren’t so nervous about what this night was about,
she’d be asleep. Her body felt like it was a bag of water
that was laying on the bed. She didn’t want to move, it
felt so good. She felt him bend down and kiss her neck again
and say, “Roll over and get comfortable.” She wanted
to kill him, not wanting to move, but she woke enough to roll.

What an incredibly beautiful woman, he thought as she shifted
to make herself comfortable. How am I going to thank Mel
for the privilege of this event, he thought. Just do the
job right.

Dave very carefully started over with her hand again, up
her arm, down her chest, breast, abdomen, hip, leg, foot
and back up the other side. He was careful not to be sexual
in his touch, to be sensitive to her body’s response to
his fingers, his hands, as she lay so exposed, so trusting,
so damn sexy. Her long body was strong, firm, athletic in
its youth, her breasts the perfect size for her length.
Easily she could have modeled for the Greek Athena.

Her breathing was deep, slow, regular, her muscles relaxed.
He had massaged every inch of her except a few under her wispy
black shorts. It was time to continue. Bending, he again
kissed her on her chest. “Mary, ” he whispered taking
his hands from her body and sitting back on his ankles, “is
it okay for me to remove your shorts now?”

She turned her head toward the side of his voice. “You
have no idea how lovely you are. May I continue?” Dave
asked smiling gently at her as her eyes opened. She could
see the gentleness there. She had no idea a man could be this
gentle when it came to sexual intimacy.

She licked her lips, “Yes, ” she whispered. She watched
as he sat. Slowly he drew one hand to her hip, stroking her
side and leg up and down. His other hand imitated on her other
hip. Gently he hooked his fingers under the waistband and
she raised her hips. Smoothly, unhurriedly, he drew the
sexy fabric the length of that stretch of skin to her toes
and she watched him carefully set them with her other clothes.
Turning back to her and the bed, he took her foot in his hand,
gently stroking.

“Again I tell you, you are a beautiful woman, a magnificent
specimen. I have no way of expressing it in any other terms
at this point. I will never feel ashamed of this night, and
neither should you.” He smiled at her. “Pull a pillow
behind your head, make yourself comfortable.” She pulled
one over, propping herself slightly. “Some girls occasionally
want to see, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
Now, allow me to introduce you to the strength and power
of your body.” His grin widened, and he gently lifted
first one leg, extending it sideways, then the other.

She was opened to him, exposed, more vulnerable than she
had ever been in her life. He knelt between her legs, stroked
his two hands up the inside of her thighs. He was drawing
circles around her hips, her abdomen, her thighs with both
hands. He sit up slightly and place one leg over one of hers,
straddling her. She could feel his warm balls on her bare
thigh through his skivvies. While one hand kept drawing
circles around her pelvic area, the other now drifted to
her breasts, circling them, and drawing a pattern of magical
feathery touches uniting her breasts and pelvis. A string
began to play between the three points. Her body felt like
it was beginning to thrum.

His fingers stroke, wandered, teased. Her eyes closed
as she tried to anticipate where they would go, what would
get touched, but she couldn’t follow a rhythm. She felt
him shift, and then she jerked as his tongue touched her
nipple. “OH!” jumped out of her throat, eyes flying
open. His mouth didn’t move above her breast, the tongue
barely twitched in contact. The fingers never stopped
plying their patterns. Her breathing was upset. She breathed
deep and

OH! What did she expect? Her deep breath pushed her nipple
right into his tongue!! What was that jolt that went from
her nipple to…where? His finger patterns kept moving,
but now his tongue was moving, dragging across her breast,
her chest her breast to her other nipple…OH! Shock passed
from nipple to nipple. His hand on her pelvis seemed to be
focusing now…OH! He Sucked. Shock drove from her nipple
to his fingers at her pelvis. Her eyes closed, head tossing,
her hand grabbed his shoulder, should she push or pull?
She let go.

Dave’s fingers had gently teased Mary’s labia open,
the outer gently swelling and parting, the inner ones filling
and blooming, the small hood on her clit shyly retracting.
With feathery delicacy, Dave stroked Mary’s honey coated
valley, drawing the moisture in little trails over the
swelling tissues, and with subtle shifting slipped over
and around her clit. Gently, as he nibbled her breasts,
he circled her clit, not touching, inviting it to come out
and play. .Down the valley, up the hill around the point
again and again spreading the comforting lubricant of
Mary’s own juices over her needy tissues. Dave felt his
body responding to the powerful scent she was releasing,
but kept his movements firmly in check as he continued to
stroke, continued to nibble and suckle her breasts.

Mary had no idea what she was feeling any more. She had felt
any single one of these sensations individually, gently,
when she would play with herself, when she tried the dildo.
But now they were coming all together, coming at an intensity
she didn’t know was possible, coming continuously without
stop. Dave’s nibbling and sucking was now solely delivering
jolt after jolt of energy from her nipples to her mons, to
a specific spot that was…THERE!!

Mary grabbed Dave’s head, plastering his mouth to her
breast as he proceeded to feast on the engorged tit. Wordless
groans erupted from Mary’s throat as her hips bucked
uncontrollably into Dave’s hand. She felt a finger jab
into her vagina and hook, pressing his palm against that
sensitive point as his palm twisted…NOOOO

H(s finger stroked within her. Another nerve fired. She
felt another finger slip in as her vagina clenched against…intrusion?...clamping
his fingers which began to throb against that inner point….

Mary’s head thrashed from side to side. Groan after groan
wrenched its way from somewhere in her gut. Her vagina clenched
as her hips thrashed. She could feel Dave’s hands gentle,
feel his tongue soothe, feel her body fall apart. Her hand
fell from Dave’s head. Panting, her groaning turned
to moans. She felt Dave shift his body, his fingers stroking
gently still in her vagina, till he returned between her
spread legs.

Just as she was catching her breath, she felt his tongue
again, THERE!!! RIGHT THERE!!! His mouth felt like it was
vacuuming her labia, her mons, his tongue break dancing
on her clit. His fingers were driving in and out, triggering
that spot again and again as they rubbed fire into her pelvis.
It was only moments before Dave had brought Mary back to
a thrilling second orgasm although to Mary it felt like
minutes as the throbbing raced through her. Again, Dave
helped her down gently, without letting her fully relax.

“Mary, you’re doing just fine. You’re coming along
wonderfully. How do you feel?”

Mary couldn’t talk. Literally. She babbled senselessly
for a moment, stopped. Breathing was deep, panting. “God!!
What… Is that normal?’

Dave was sitting by the bedside stand. Mary could hear something,
then nothing, then a “snap” sound. Moments later Dave
was over Mary, legs between hers. “You are incredible,
Mary.” He kissed her, and she could feel this log between
them, pressing the top of her mons. “There’s just one
more step, Mary, and we’ll be pretty much complete. Are
you ready?”

His cock was hard, up, and ready. It was covered, but she
hadn’t the difference of feel yet. She knew what he was
suggesting and nodded.

He knew she was moist—thoroughly—as he placed his
covered rod at the center of her flower. Gently he let the
head and shaft slip up and down her sensitive valley a couple
of times while he was propped up looking at her. Her arms
came up, hands gripping his shoulders, expectant, committed.

He shifted slightly, felt his head catch the mouth of her
vagina, and pressed, sealing the entrance with his cock.
“Gently, now, kiss me, ” he told her. She leaned to
kiss him. There lips met as he flexed his hips and popped
his head through.

“Ooohhh” she hissed as both of them felt her tighten
defensively against the intrusion. Her eyes were wide.
Her gripping fingers relaxed slightly, he kissed her again.
He relaxed slowly against her, and she felt him slide in
a little, possibly an inch. His head bent and took her nipple.
Took it, suckled it. Shock sparked right down to her vagina
causing another squeeze. He stopped, she felt herself
relax. He shifted, pulling out and her opening felt fuller.
He shifted again and slipped smoothly deeper. A warmth
seemed to spread through her body. Suddenly, instinctively,
her body took over. Her hands went to his hips and pulled.
Her legs wrapped around his and grabbed, flexing her hips
up to meet his hard probe.

“UUHHH, YES!!!” she cried as he bottomed out. She flexed
up and down in an ages old instinctive pattern as her vagina
tried to rub her g-spot against his throbbing head.

She had been carefully and thoroughly prepared, seduced
to this point. Her body knew what to do with the tool of her
pleasure within her. Her instincts milked it every way
possible, and she crested again right after feeling his
throbbing release.

Dave felt strange draped in such an exhausted fashion over
someone taller than he was. However, he quickly learned
that her nipples were easily accessible in this position,
as he gently sucked them to comfort and to hilarious laughter
for both of them.

Mary was sated and joyfully happy, but now thoroughly curious.
Dave was able to recover enough to give Mary very useful
experience in both doggy and girl-on-top positions before
they began to feel sore. They eventually exited the room
and slipped out the back door without everyone else knowing.
Mel made sure of it.

Two days later the florist made a delivery to Mel of a beautiful
bouquet of hot house flowers. The card read, “To Mel,
thanks for everything. EVERYTHING!!! M

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I'm really enjoying your series--great writing,
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Superb adventure, deliciously written! Thanks for taking
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