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ASIAN DELIGHT- How I got to play with my neighbor Full Version


I had posted 5 parts true story and many of you had contacted
for the update. I am putting things together. Meanwhile,
I have compiles earlier 5 parts into one here for ease. REMEMBER:
THIS IS A TRUE STORY. If you like it, let me know and I will
add newer updates to this article.

ASIAN DELIGHT: How I got to play with my neighbor

My next door neighbour is an asian couple, Joe and Nancy.
They have 2 kids 4 & 2. At 34 she is a looker even after
2 kids. We have a friendly relationship where we get together
for dinner few times a year. Mostly at their place as I love
Asian food and Nancy is a great cook. Nancy stays home but
keeps herself in shape. She is 5'6" and about
120 lbs, shapely body, ass and nice tits. I have always admired
her but never thought that I can fuck her..until about 2
months ago.

Joe travels frequently for work and occasionally Nancy
and I will chat over the fence. Nothing serious and no flierting
(I guess cultural thing-sorry asian readers but true).
About 2 months ago, I pulled my car in the driveway and saw
an ambulance in front of her place. I walked over there and
asked her if everything was OK. Apparently the younger
one had fallen down and was bleeding and the 4 yr old had freaked
out and crying. She was flustered. She could not take her
older kid with her and she did not know what to do.

I told her to go with the ambulance and I will stay with the
older one to calm him down and to call me from the hospital.
I told her that I will stay at her place so kid can play with
toys and relax a little bit. She left with the ambulance
and after a little while the kid calmed down and we played
some games and put a kid video for him to watch. It was about
now 7 pm and kid was hungry so I went through the kitchen and
made Mac & Cheese and we had a dinner. Nancy called me
around 7:30 saying that she was still with the kid and she
apologiezed for ruining my eve. I told her not to worry and
let me know when they release her from ER so I can come and
pick her up.

It become 9 pm and kid was getting tired so I helped him to
the bed and I came back to living room to watch TV. About 10
pm Nancy came in (taxi) with little one in bandages and sleeping.
She thanked me as I told her what I did that eve. She was so
thankful and wired so I offered her to have a glass of wine
and relax. We chatted genral stuff. We finished our 2nd
bottle and talked about everything including Joe traveling
too much and she being bored and so on..Obviously wine had
a good effect on her and she was freely talking.

She turned and thanked again (about 100 times now)for making
dinner for kid and putting him to bed as her husband never
participates in these (must be asian thing! sorry) and
not interested in her either. While talking, with wine
effect she placed her hand on my thigh. I was little surprised
at first as I had never expected her to be forward.

I continued our conversation and held her hand and gently
rubbed. She kept her hand and smiled. I was encouraged and
put my hand on her thigh and gently rubbed up and down and
she smiled and came little closer and instantly spread
her legs. I did not want to jump right away so slowly moved
my hand rubbing higher and higher and in few minutes I was
near her crotch. She was now rubbing my thigh closer to my
dick. She kept smiling and said thanks again! I said "Nancy
if you say one more time I am just going to ask you for a favor".
She did say it and I smiled and said now for the favor, can
I kiss you? She leaned forward and I kissed her..She was
eager and took my tongue and we must have played for 2-3 minutes
while my left hand went for her tits. I kept massaging it
and she started rubbing my dick. We continued fondling
for may be 5 minutes with passionate kissing.

I took my right hand and slipped under her top and undid her
bra and moved my both hands to her 34B tits. I keep playing
with nipples and then took her top off. What a gorgeous site!!
I leaned forward and gently kissed them and she responded
with a moan. I kept using my tongue on her tits and nibbling
and sucking. Meanwhile, she undid my pants with my help
and started stroking my dick. She said that my dick was more
than double of Joe's (I am only and she never had another
dick this close in her life except for Joe's.

Nancy soon leaned forward and started to lick my dick and
slowly started taking it in her mouth. It was clear that
she was a novice as she used her teeth few times. Meanwhile,
I got her jeans and panties off. She had a very gorgeous pussy,
practically no hair (not clean shaven but no/little hair).
She was already wet and almost dripping with swollen lips.
Right away we moved our action from sofa to the floor and
locked in 69. I kept playing with her clit using my tounge
and gently probing my tounge in her vagina. She was coming
like a foutain oozing juices and moaning. During this she
was working on my dick, honestly nothing spectacular as
she was a novice and could not take my whole dick in her mouth
as she gagged almost everytime. Finally I came in mouth
with a full load. She could not take it all and started dripping
from her mouth. A great view. We lay there locked for few
minutes trying to catch breath. She told me that Joe does
not like oral sex and he never does to her. I told her that
hell with Joe, anytime she wants it, call me up.

Meanwhile, I was working on her tits and fingering her.
After about 10 minutes of laying there together and playing,
I was hard again. We moved to her bedroom before starting
new session. As she lay in the bed, I saw a gorgeous woman
laying there with a hunger in her eyes.

I pulled her closer to the end and lifted her legs and placed
my cock in her wet pussy. She was tight to my surprise. I started
gently first until she could take all of my dick. Then I started
fucking her really hard and fast. She kept moaning and saying
yes.yes fuck me harder. I love it..Fuck me harder..mmm
that is a big it.. I went on for 5-10 minutes.
She came at least two times or so and then finally I came again..I
loved watching her legs upon my shoulder and her lovely
pussy with my dick in it. was Disneyland for me as
I always admired Nancy.

We were spent and lay in bed for several minutes before continuing
again and again for two more times. Finally around 5 am I
got dressed and went to my place. She had a daze in her eyes
and a big smile. She told me "thank you again but this
time she added for a wonderful night. "I needed it
badly and you can not imagine what this means to me".
I told her that I always admired her beauty and always wondered
but no more..Thank you". We both kissed each other
before I left and told her that call me anytime you want to
play. She smiled and said "I will".

Nothing much happened for the next 2 days and I hardly saw
her. On the third eve, as I pulled my car in, Joe called me
up to his place. I walked over there and he thanked me for
taking care of his family while he was traveling. He asked
me to join for dinner with his family. I agreed as I can see
Nancy at the table. Joe and I were chatting and having a beer
until Nancy called us for dinner. At the table, she told
the story about ER visit and how I was helpful. She had a smile
on her face but Joe hardly noticed. As we finished the dinner,
I told Nancy & Joe to call me up if they ever need my help.
With a smile, Nancy said that Joe was traveling again in
3 weeks and hopefully she will not have an emergency like
they had. I grinned at her for the hint and said, anytime
day or night call me up". I raised my beer and said "
is to a beautiful frienship". Nancy and I laughed
as Joe had a dumb look and joined in without really understanding.

Asian Delight Part 2 - How I screwed my neighbor 9/3/2007 1:37 am THIS IS A TRUE STORY. To follow along, please read Part I
in this section.

As mentioned in Part I, Nancy had mentioned that Joe was
going on a trip in 3 weeks. Those were the longest 3 weeks for me.
We could not act very different in that time but both were
waiting for more..

Finally the day arrived. I could not focus at work as I had
seen Joe leaving in a taxi for the airport in the morning.
I saw Nancy wave at him and also at me with a BIG smile.

I arrived around 5:30 pm and called Nancy on a phone. She
said that she could not wait for a long either but she will
call me around 9 after kids go to bed. Now clock was moving
very very slowly. I went to gym for a little while and took
a long shower and jerked off in the shower. I got home just
before 9.

Around 9:10 I got a call from Nancy and asked me if I was going
to come over..Hell yes..I was there in a flash. Nancy was
in a nice pink panties and a matching bra (Victoria's).
She is not big in bust but they are firm..She said, I got these
yesterday just for this. I couldn't have asked for
anything more!!

I went over to her and gave her a very long and passionate
kiss. She responded well with light moan and clutching
me tighter. I started kissing her neck area and she responded
with wrapping her legs around me and pulling me closer to

As we were tangeled with eachother, we slowly moved towards
her bedroom. I got undressed quickly (tshirt and shorts
only- bare minimum to walk outside without getting arrested).
I placed her gently on the bed and started kissing her all
over. She responded well with moans and spreading her legs.
I slowly moved south, first removing her bra and softly
kissing her nipples. They very light pink and erect. I kept
massaging them as I kept sucking them. Nancy pulled my head
harder as she got a spasm.

I kept kissing her breasts and moved towards here navel
area. I kept circling my tongue around her navel area for
god 5 minutes. She was now really moaning and squirming
with legs stretched out and in. While I was kissing her navel
area, I kept massaging her pussy lips through her panties.
Now as my hands would rub against her pussy, she will lift
herself and rub harder against my hand.

I know she was ready for intercourse but I wanted it to last
for a long time for her and create a moment. She had said that
she & Joe never had a foreplay and I was determined to
satisfy her and make a long lasting foreplay for her. Meanwhile
I was hard (since I got to her place before kiss). She was
try to rub my dick but as mentioned before, she is a novice
and I cared less about she doing me anything than I get what
I was starving for..Besides I had a bite mark last time that
was painful for 3 days (remember: she is a novice and terrible
bjer) but for all other things, I can look over that fault.
Besides I had a plan to teach her with time..

I slowly removed her wet soaked panties. MMMMMM that had
a special fragrance. Once again, I admired Nancy's
hairless pussy with a great swollen lips. Since this time
we had a light on in the room, I truly admired her pussy. I
gently spread her lips and it was exquisite. I had a fair
share of my pussy and some are just there (no offense to those
pussies- I still like them)..lik beat up and some have no
shape. This was one gorgeous pussy and as I spread the lips,
it was like blossoming flower. I just gently kissed it as
I heard Nancy moan a lot louder.

I started licking and teasing Nancy's clit and she
was moving wildly in the bed. She was begging me to fuck her
and I said, Nancy..patience..those who wait get a lot more
and guess what, I am taking a day off to enjoy more..I must
have sucked her for at least 10 minutes. She came couple
of times. I started gently stroking her with one finger.
I had my finger exploring her inners and she had a daze look
on her face as Joe had never done this to her. We had been locked
there for over 30 minutes and no intercourse yet. She was
going wild.

She had hardly done it with Joe as her being on top so was little
uneasy and shy for being on top. She was very conscious about
her naked body (although a fantastic one) (my asian female
readers: Please help me understand Nancy better--is this
cultural thing?). I gently talked to her and finally, I
pulled her over me and she slowly but eagerly guided my dick
in her. Again , she is very tight so took her time but she was so wet, it help gently slide in. She slowly started rocking
up and down on my dick. In a minute, Nancy was going wild.
She was really going at it. I had my hands cupped her beautiful
breasts and then grabbed her by the little but firm ass and
pulling harder and harder.

We went on for a long time (in reality 5-7 minutes) but felt
like eternity. Nancy came as I felt her juices all over my
dick but we kept going at it. Finally we both came in another
5 minutes or so. She crashed on top of me I was still in her
and we lay like that for 10 minutes. Finally my dick went
limp to slide out, and she came next to me. We kept kissing
and rubbing all over each other. We both fell a sleep.

I woke up around 2 am and having this gorgeous lady laying
next to me on my should was really arousing. I was getting
harder to watching her naked body. I gently kissed her on
her lips and even in her sleep, she gently kissed back. This
was one woman who had been neglected for a long time that
was longing for affection. I started kissing her and she
opened her sleepy eyes and responded very passionately.
After few minutes, I went down to her pussy and played with
her clit using my tongue. She was really getting horny as
she started pushing my head in her vagina. We had sex again
and fell a sleep. I woke up at 6 am and had another session
with her. After that I got dressed and kissed and went to
my place bore her kids or other neighbors can catch us.

I got up around 9 and called up Nancy. She was up early (kids)
and little tired but very cheerful and told me how much she
enjoyed the night. I told her that I had a day off so I can take
kids to a park for couple of hours so she can get a nap and recharged
for another night..She liked the idea for a nap but she said
that she was sored. She really wanted to have another night
but was not sure that she can handle it. I said, I will come
over to take the kids.

Around 10 after shower I went to Nancy's. I told her
that as promised I will take kids to the park and she can relax.
"I would love to but my kuchi kuchi hurts". I
said, "there are other ways to have fun besides your
kuchi kuchi..Besides, I have something different in mind
for tonight." She had a puzzled look and said, I trust
you and I want to show me tonight....

That's another story as Nancy learned for anal sex.

Asian Delight 3 - My Neighbor Nancy got Screwed

Little after 10, I went over to Nancy and took her kids to
playground and have a lunch at Mc Donald's so that Nancy
can catch a nap and recharge for another night. She was just
amazed at amount of attention she was getting both in the
bedroom and with her kids. I knew I was making major inroads
with her and allowed me to fulfill my desire for an Asian

I came back with kids around 12:45 pm after tiring them out
in the park and a lunch at McD's . I did time it as I knew
that both 2 & 4 year old went down for a nap around 1 pm
and since they were tired and fed, they will sleep well when
mamma got screwed!!! I had picked up 4 bananas on the way

As expected, kids were fast asleep in 10 minutes. Nancy
was feeling more comfortable around me as she was wearing
a short and a tanktop. She looked gorgeous and rested after
a nap. She thanked me again and said as how considerate I
was of her and wish Joe would learn something. This woman
was lonely and deprived of her primal hunger at her prime

We lay in her bedroom and just caressed her and gave gentle
kisses. She told me that Joe would have sex with her only
once every 3-4 weeks, especially before he went out of town.
She said that this time, she turned him down with an excuse
as she was waiting to make love with me. I was shocked as to
little caring had taken me so far with this woman.

After awhile of talking and caressing, every time I got
near her pussy, she would shiver. She told me that her pussy
was soared. I needed to see this and she complied with my
wish right away. Her gorgeous pussy was red and swollen.
She was not used to having normal size dick as Joe was more like a lipstick size (her words). I gently tried to
kiss her pussy but obviously she was very soared!

I had Plan B and C as I had time to think about it at the park
that morning. I was not sure that she may be open to anal sex
and may be she could reluctantly sign on but I did not want
to loose her for a sake of long term relationship. Hence,
Plan B had Bananas.

I told her that I want her to give me blowjob and I want her
to teach as to what I like (no I did not say that she was lousy
at that!!). I pick a nice banana and pilled it and showed
her that how she can slowly take it all without gagging and
can go up and down without tooth marks!! She was giggling
all the time but she certainly was eager to please me.

For the next 20-30 minutes, Nancy tried with 4 bananas and
finally got the hang of it (no bite marks). We laughed about
this and finally told her that the test was to try it on me.
She was smiling and was all willing to please me. For the
next hour and a half, Nancy sucked me 3 times and took all
of the load (not a usual full load as I have been working overtime
in that area). She had certainly improved from the previous
excursion. We made a little silly fun of this as every time
I came in her mouth, she would smile and ask me as to how did
she do? She had that eagerness in her voice of a school girl
trying to please!

I did not get much to do with Nancy as she was soared and very
sensitive but we lay together and gently kissed and I sucked
her small but firm breasts. This was the best day off I had
spent in a long time. It was getting close to 3 pm so I needed
to leave before kids were up. We kissed passionately and
finally I left.

I told her to call me after kids went to bed that night. Joe
was coming back the next day and we both wanted to enjoy each
other lot more before Joe's next trip.

I went home waiting for another night of passion and PLAN
C and how to implement it...

Asian Delight 4....My Neighbor's induction into

After I left in the afternoon, I caught a nap to recharge
and then went to gym for a little work out. I spent rest of
the eve in front of a TV and very much checking time every
15 minutes. I knew I would not get a call before 9 from Nancy
(bedtime for kids).

Around 8:50, I got a call from Nancy that kids were down and
if I was interested in coming over. Was I? I practically
ran over there with my shorts & T and KY in my pocket.

I got a nice reception at the door with a very long and passionate
kiss. We were entangled for a long time. Nancy said that
she was little tired (bummer) and wanted to take a bath to relax.
I suggested that we both get into tub and I will massage her
back. Soon enough, we both helped each other undress while
kissing. I noticed that Nancy was becoming more and more
bold with me every time. She was becoming comfortable in
undressing herself of me as with each encounter (I am not

We both were in a Jacuzzi for a good hour or so..just teasing
and kissing and rubbing our hands all over each other. We
both were relaxed. I asked her if she ever had anal sex and
she said no. I told her that we should try and at first she
sounded little hesitant. She told me that she was afraid
that my size may hurt her. I asked her" do you trust
me?" She smiled and said yes. I told her that I would
not do anything to hurt her and we should try and if she tells
me that it was hurting..I would stop immediately. She smiled
and said that "we can try". She had that little
voice trying to please me!.

We came out of tub and made a little game as she dried me and
I dried her while continue to kiss each other. We both took
extra long time with each other on special areas.

We moved ourselves into the bed room still without any clothes.
We continued to kiss and roll around in the bed. Finally,
I was able to move into 69 position. We were both lock in that
for a long time (5-10 min? but felt eternity). Nancy was
really using her skills learned that afternoon. Finally
we both came and lay together while gently caressing each
other. One thing about Nancy is that she is not a chatty person.
We both enjoyed laying there and stroking each other and
just simply enjoying the peace.

Finally I was getting hard again and I started passionately
sucking her breasts. In response, she started pushing
my face harder at her tits and asked me to suck'em harder.
I gently nibbled and softly bit those and she yelled in pleasure
pain asking me to such even harder. In few minutes, we were
both steaming from passion..

I got my KY out and asked her to gently rub on my dick. I took
some and while continue to kissing her, I rubbed some on
her anus. As I gently put one finger, I saw her taking a deep
breath and then relaxing. We smiled and continue to kiss
eachother as I gently fingered her with my index finger
and her clit with my thumb. Slowly, I moved my thumb to her
pussy and soon I had a gentle dual action. I could hear her
heavy breathing between kisses. I felt her coming soon
after that. I felt that time was right for the ass I have been
craving for months.

I got out of the bed while Nancy was now sitting on the bed.
I asked her to take more KY and rub on my dick..I gently lifte
her up and kissed her and turned her around. With my little
guidance, she put her elbows on the bed exposing her little
but firm ass up towards me. I helped her spread her legs little
and then gently started rubbing my dick around her butt
crack while I rubbed her clit with my one hand.

Few minutes of this and I could not take it more. I also saw
that Nancy was moving her hips to rub her clit harder against
my finger. I gently, speared her chick and slowly started
entering her anus. She was tight (virgin ass)and I was about
an inch when I heard her saying oouch..I asked her if she
wanted me to stop and she simply shook and her and gently
thrusted back. In few minutes, we started the rhythm. I
was going nice and slow with the rhythm and Nancy kept up
well. I kept rubbing that gorgeous ass and reached forwarded
and played with clit. After awhile, I finally came in her,
and she came to as I could hear her moan.

We stayed there for few minutes and then lay in the bed for
awhile. I asked Nancy, if she liked it and she said yes..this
was very different and never thought that she could have
fun with anal sex! We lay there for awhile catching nap in
between and had one more anal session before clock said
4 am and I had to leave again..

We kissed passionately for a long time and I got dressed
and left to catch a sleep before getting ready to go to work.

Later that morning, I called Nancy and she was very cheerful.
She really enjoyed it and wanted to try again.. Unfortunately
Joe was coming back that afternoon and have to wait till
his next trip. Meanwhile, I have decided to be a very good
friend with Joe, so I could be near Nancy also... I was counting days for Joe's trip. Meanwhile, we would
have a casual wave or a small talk. On one time, I asked Nancy
that how come I do not see her around much and what was going
on? She replied that nothing at all..She is looking forward
too but she had been soared for several days. She never had
3-4 times a night in her life. I smiled and said, you can get
used to it with little practice..She smiled and said that
she would l love to. Nothing beyond this over this time period
but there was really fire brewing for Nancy and I both..
But that is for another time... Best 6 weeks for Asian Morning Delight - 5

Nancy and I have been a fling only when Joe is traveling.
Suddenly, an opportunity landed for me to have more for
6 weeks and I did not hesitate!! Let me begin at the beginning!

Nancy and I have been playing about every 3 weeks or so when
Joe is traveling. Nothing has happened anything special
since my last story except that she has turned into a major
anal sex lover! It seems that she is preferring it. and I
am not complaining it either!

In November, one of my colleagues had an accident and was
out for 6 weeks. He worked second shift as a supervisor.
My boss asked me to cover for him as a favor. I asked my boss
to if I could work noon to 10 pm and that way I still have normalcy
(rather than past midnight). He agreed. When my boss asked
me, I was already thinking of Nancy and the early Christmas
present for me from Santa!!

Joe leaves for work around 7:30am and both kids are in preschool
by 8:15am..I was planning my morning delight! I called
Nancy from work and told her that we should be able to enjoy
each other more. I told her that I will come over around 8:30am
and can stay until 11:30am every day. She was delighted
and told me that she was looking forward to it.

My new schedule began immediately so next day I was having
a coffee around 8am and soon enough at 8:20am Nancy called
and asked if I was coming!! WOW..she was really anxious!
I went over to her place in minutes from the backyard. I went
to knock on the door when door was already ajar and Nancy
called out from the bedroom to come in. I made my way into
the bedroom and I just gasped! She was laying sideway in
the bed with her head lifte with one arm, in a beautiful red
bra and panties from Victoria's. She looked absolutely
gorgeous. I complemented her and she giggled and stretched
her arm out inviting me.

I went over there and we started kissing passionately for
several minutes - our favorite things. We both were lusting
for each other for a long time and we do enjoy each other.
While kissing, my hands were stroking her breasts and caressing
her back and tummy area (her favorite) while her hands were
busy trying to undress my t-shirt and shorts. We continued
this while I undid her bra and panties..I can never get enough
of this gorgeous pussy. Every time I see it, I am memorized
over and over again.

Soon we were locking in 69 and I was having a feast with her
wet pussy. She kept coming and coming and I was certainly
at "All U can Eat Buffet". Nancy was going strong
with my dick and she has certainly improved with practice
over last few months. Now she can take all and swallow and
truly is enjoying oral sex. I came in with a full load in 5
minutes or so. As she was licking me off, I continued enjoying
her for at least 10 minutes or so while she came twice with
softer screams. We were both exhausted. Soon, we both were
laying naked in each other's arms gently caressing
and enjoying the moment. I kept kissing and sucking her
beautiful small but firm tits and she kept rubbing my dick.
Nancy and I talked about my new work schedule and how we both
were looking forward to mornings for the next 6 weeks. After
10 minutes of gentle play, I was hard again.

I kissed her again and turned around in the bed. I was thinking
or frontal assault but Nancy smiled seductively and turned
around with her hips in the air and her face lowered on the
pillow. She smiled and seductively asked me to fuck her
in the ass. Nancy has truly become a fan of anal sex now. I
smiled and said, of course and gently kissed here gorgeous
ass and rubbed my hands over it. I gently parted her cheeks
and slowly entered the familiar territory. We always started
out gently stroking until she can fully take it all and we
also build a gently rhythm with it. My one hand was rubbing
her gorgeous ass and her clit with the other. We must have
done this for good 5 minutes and then picked up rhythm. I
was holding her hips and guiding it back and forth and she
was coming back with lots of force. We fucked for a long time
(reality: 5-10 minutes but seemed like an eternity). Nancy
came couple of times as she is becoming more vocal (than
the first time with me). Finally I came and filled her ass
with my cum..I was exhausted. We lay locked like that for
good 3-4 minutes catching our breath and finally pulling
out my limp dick. We were sweating..Talk about a good sexcercise!
We lay together again stroking each other and gently kissing
and sucking. We must be laying there like that for good 20
minutes or so when we both were hot again. Nancy was laying
in the bed with a smile..I started kissing and sucking her
tits and she was pulling my head closer every time I used
giant suction on her tits. I moved slowly lower and gently
rubbed her tummy and navel area and planted softer kisses.
I know she loves this as every time I do this, she shivers
with little pleasure and deep breaths.

Finally, I went down and spread her legs and started licking
her swollen clit and lips. She was dripping wet and I was
having another meal. I rubbed my face in her sweet smelling
pussy juices. I must have licked her pussy for good 5 minutes
or so when she pulled me up kissing me with passion. My lips
were wet with her juices and she did not mind. I am almost
certain that she enjoys that. Soon she held me dick and guided
it to wet pussy. We fucked for good 10 minutes as she switched
and got on top of me. She kept a nice fast pace while I rubbed
her pussy with my thumb. Finally, we both came almost together
and she collapsed on top of me. We lay together for good 5
minutes like that until my limp dick slided out of her. Nancy
sit up on top of me, looked at me with a grin and said "that
was fantastic". We both laughed as I caressed her
gorgeous thighs. After few minutes, Nancy had that strange
luscious smile and went straight for my dick. It was limp
was she was sucking all over it. I think that her own juices
mixed with my cum was a turn on for her. She cleaned me thoroughly.
She came up next to me laying and after few minutes we both
went and took a shower together. Nothing special except
we kept kissing and caressing each other and cleaning each
other's body. We dried each other as we continued to kiss and fondle
each other. I t was almost 11 am and I had to get back to my place
to get dress and head out to work. I had a big grin on my face
all day at work. Who wouldn't with a gorgeous asian
delight now available for breakfast and to take care of
my morning bonner.

Usually this had been our routine for the next 6 weeks except

If you want to continue this please let me know. I would also appreciate your comments/feedback.
Please remember, this is a true story..not a fantasy..

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Well written and great story keep it coming. I know how you
feel. I have something similar going on and man, I love the
fuck sessions! Keep it coming.


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Loved it


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Good story! I am wonderring what could be better for Christmas.
And didn't the nosy neighbors catch on?


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Awesome. Keep them cumming. This lady sounds fantastic.


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Yes Awesome, a true good story. keep giong to her and I keep them up all the time.


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Good one! How long this lasted. .



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quote hjandsome6737:
Good one! How long this lasted. .
It started in Summer of 2007 and we are still going at it.
I need an hour or so to fill in the past 1+ yr and lots of stuff
going on!


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don't stop know, where can I get my own asian delight
to play with on my time off.?????


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Having spent time in Asia, I know that Asian women are fantastic.
Loving, caring, and love good sex. Taking you time just
makes it more pleasurable for both. keep your stories comming.


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great story! keep it up!!