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Flight 603, Boston to San Francisco, departed right on
time at 11 am. The DC10 was nearly empty and I congratulated
myself for not wasting an upgrade on better seating. I took
off my shoes and with my back to the window, straddled three
seats and opened my book. I ignored all the flight announcements
as I presumed I knew them better than the flight attendants
giving them. I did take a moment as is traditional when I
fly, to look around the jet for pretty women. I don’t really
know why, I just do it. It’s not like some babe in the third
row is going to see me and decide at that moment she needs
to join the mile high club and I’m the guy to do it with. I also
like the opportunity to check out the flight attendants.
The past few years of flying have increased my disappointment
in this area though. It seems to me they have become less
and less attractive and I’m sure the weight regulations,
have gone right out the window. They’ve gotten older and
uglier. I long for the good old days when each flight guaranteed
a bevy of babes, cleavage, innuendo, legs, and help with
that pesky seat belt. Somehow I just know it’s got something
to do with deregulation.
During my perusal I spotted a few women in the staff of ten,
who hit the “not bad” category, a few barkers and one honey.
To my disappointment I noticed, the honey had been assigned
to first class. Figures I thought. So I delved into my book.
The meal, drink cart came and went and time passed without
event. Three hours into the flight the lights were lowered
as they were playing the same movie they had played on westbound
flights for the past month.
I spotted a flight attendant heading toward the rear of
the plane. She was one of the affore mentioned “not bads”.
Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair framed a pretty face.
She was of average height with bigger than usual breasts.
Those United Airlines uniforms tend to hide any real description
of a figure and as much as I tried I couldn’t tell for sure
if she possessed a nice butt. She seemed to be about twenty-nine
or thirty with a pleasant smile. I said, “excuse me” as she
drew near, without breaking pace she simply said, “I’ll
be right back” and continued down the isle. Boy; I thought,
I really stopped her right in her tracks. All I want is another
fucking cup of coffee; she’ll probably charge me for it.
Time passed and though steamed I’d grown accustomed to
being ignored (I’m divorced) so I returned to my reading.
It was a good half an hour later, when I heard “I’m so sorry
to keep you waiting so long, what can I help you with?” Pleasant
I thought. Her nametag read Andrea. She seemed prettier
than my first assessment. “I was hoping to get another cup
of coffee, ” I said. Andrea looked at me and replied, “Would
you like some of the good stuff”? My mind being the horny
thing that it is went straight to the gutter right away.
Andrea said “we have some Starbucks in first class. “It’s
all I drink”. “I love it” “I’ll get you some if you’d like”.
“That would be awesome I replied” and off she went towards
the front of the jet. This time I took great care to check
on her ass. It seemed to me, to be a pretty good one. In moments
she returned with a steaming cup of Starbucks coffee emitting
that unmistakable aroma. “ I forgot to ask how you like it, ”
she said, “so I brought some cream and sugar” as she deftly
lowered my tray with her left hand. “Just cream”’ “Thank
you, so much”. “This is one of the things I can’t get in Boston, ”
I told her. “ Oh they have a Starbucks in Quincy market now”,
“I go there whenever I’m home”. “I grew up in Boston”. She
was very nice, friendly and my antenna went up immediately.
“Enjoy your book”, “I’ve read it”, “I’ll be back later to
see if you’d like some more”. She pivoted and left abruptly.
I sipped my coffee and put my nose back in my book but I wasn’t
reading. I was thinking about my encounter with Andrea.
She was simply doing her job, and doing it well. I on the other
hand was plotting ways to get in her pants. I ran scenario
after scenario in my head and just couldn’t think of a good
way to get her to fuck me in the rest room. So I made a resolution
to myself. This I will not chicken out on. If she comes back
and is friendly I’m going to ask her to dinner tonight. For
me this is big. I always, at the moment of truth, lose the
courage to ask pretty women out. I reasoned; I’d have maybe
one chance, and then I’d never see her again. The thought
of never seeing Andrea again enhanced my courage because
if I make a fool of myself, by asking her out, I’ll only feel
like a shithead for the duration of the flight.
So it was this logic in my head that resonated as she came
down the isle a little later with another cup of coffee.
“Do you like that book”? She asked.” Yeh it’s good, so far”,
“I’m about half way through it”. As I spoke she sat down next
to me. “I’m not supposed to do this”, “but this flight is
boring” “Where are you from”? She asked. We immediately
dropped into a long conversation. We had a lot in common
and grew up a few towns apart in Mass. This wasn’t her normal
flight but she bid on it to pick up some extra hours. She had
been flying for six years and liked it pretty well. She now
lived just outside of Chicago as United is based there and
it was easier. As we spoke my resolution kept coming back
to me. I kept pushing it away, waiting for a more opportune
moment. Actually I was, once again, chickening out. Already
I was punishing myself for yet another failure, because
I knew, I was not going to have the guts to ask her to dinner.
The pilot announced they’re decent, and Andrea announced
that it was very nice talking with me but she now needed to
prepare to land. “How ‘bout dinner tonight” I blurted.
She seemed almost relieved. I wasn’t though. Oh my God I
thought. I can’t believe I said that. She on the other hand
seemed to think ‘I thought this guy would never get around
to asking’. She smiled and said no. Fuck; she said no! You
idiot, asshole, moron, I thought. Now you’ve done it! “
I can’t tonight, ” Andrea elaborated as she placed her
hand on mine. “I have to deadhead to L.A. in an hour then do
the six AM to Boston tomorrow”. “I won’t be in San Francisco
for the rest of the month, but I’ve bid on several west coast
flights next month’, “if I get out here maybe we can meet”?
“It would be fun, ” “I’m sorry I just don’t know when I’ll
be here, yet”. “I really have to get up front”, “see me before
you get off, we’ll exchange numbers” and she took off down
the isle.
WOW, I thought, a flight attendant! ‘I always wanted to
date a flight attendant, this is great’. The guys just won’t
believe this one! However my mind quickly shifted to, oh
shit, was this just a really nice way of blowing me off? Did
I crash and burn here or not, I wondered??
We landed and I slowly prepared to disembark. No Andrea.
I went very slow, pretended to look for something I had misplaced
and when all reasons were exhausted, I began to slowly walk
down the isle. I spotted Andrea at the door in the galley,
her back was to me and the Pilot and one of the barkers stood
there thanking the passengers for flying United.
I stopped and stood like a jerk for what seemed an eternity.
Finally the barker lost her phony smile and said, “Is there
something else”? At that Andrea lifted her head, turned
and said, “Oh, he’s here for me”. The greeters left without
comment. Andrea handed me a napkin with Andrea Roman 626-555-5512
written on it. “Let me have yours and I’ll call you”, “I promise”
she said, sensing my disbelief. I wrote my numbers on a business
card and told Andrea how nice it was talking with her. Women
like that. Talking, they seem to talk right up to the moment
you kiss them. They like the idea that we guys will talk.
Reality is; we talk, but we’re thinking fucking. We’re
checking tits. Undressing, desperately looking for signals,
conniving, scheming, all the while pretending to carry
on a benign conversation. It’s just us guy’s what can I say?
While walking through SFO, I decided to seal the deal. Or
at least try. I stopped at a phone and called Andrea’s house.
I said that I knew that she wasn’t home because I had just
left her at SFO but wanted her to have a nice message when
she got home. I went into how great I thought she was and how
I enjoyed meeting her. How I looked forward to dinner and
asked that she be sure to call when in town.
I went to work later that day to catch up on some work and perhaps
brag a bit about my impending conquest of a flight attendant!!
When I informed my best friend Michael of the great news.
He listened and said, “Where were you seated”? I told him
and he shook his head. “I really hate to tell you this, but
flight attendants don’t fuck guys in the back of the plane”,
“she won’t call”’ “they only fuck guys in first class”;
“It’s a rule or something”.
Week’s past, I put Andrea on a back burner and she gradually
faded from my mind. About five weeks had gone by when my office
phone rang early, one Tuesday. It was Andrea. She was leaving
Chicago and would be at the Doubletree in San Jose that evening.
Would I fly down and meet her? Well it took about two seconds
for me to agree to see her. It took most of the day to get a last
minute flight and weasel out of my commitments for that
day. I assigned the task to my secretary, but concealed
exactly where I’d be going.
We agreed that I’d call her room when I got there. On the flight
down my self-esteem went to work on me. I wondered if she
was really as good looking as I had thought. Was I?? Would
I like her and most importantly: would I get laid. I really
didn’t know. What a bitch it would be, if I wound up in a separate
room at the Doubletree, in San Jose, pulling my pud all night
long. Yes, this was a gamble and as examined all the angles
it looked worse and worse.
I took the shuttle from San Jose airport to the hotel. The
doorman inquired about my lack of luggage. I ignored his
question because I didn’t have an answer prepared and asked
for a house phone. Andrea didn’t answer until the fifth
ring. She said she needed a few minutes and would meet me
in the lounge. My palms began to sweat.
I recognized her as she entered. She wore a light blue V-neck
sweater and tight jeans. She had on heals with the jeans.
I love jeans and heels, it’s kind of slutty in a discrete
sort of way. Her hair seemed much longer than I remembered,
and fell nicely about her shoulders. Her breasts were big.
No other way to say it, this girl has big tits. Nice ones,
the V-neck revealed a deep cleavage. Her United uniform
had hidden her best attributes. As she approached I knew
she had an awesome figure, I just wanted to check out that
ass more closely. I had to postpone that examination though,
as I couldn’t really ask her to turn and bend over, like I
really wanted her to. She wore more makeup than before and
her lips were lined in red. It matched her nails. Come fuck
me, red. God; I hoped to fuck her. I felt a little stir in my
genitals that was quickly replaced by nervousness. She
kissed my cheek and said “are you ready”? No hello, no how
are you, just; are you ready? Yes I was ready! Too bad dinner
would interfere. Andrea took my hand and led me out on the
sidewalk and into the searing San Jose heat.
“ I read about a restaurant not to far from here, ” she said
as the doorman opened the door to a cab, “I thought we’d go
there”, and “Unless you have any other ideas”? At that moment
she could have led me into the gates of hell and I’d follow.
We talked about a whole range of subjects during dinner
but never going towards anything that gave me an indication
of what we’d be doing after, or if I’d get laid. I saw no sign
of what her behavior would later be. Finally I said “would
you like to spend the night with me”? A very bold question
for a guy like me, but the suspense had been killing me and
I just couldn’t take anymore.
The question was met with silence. She eyed me. It was clear
she was unprepared for such directness. Nor was I. She stared
deep into my eyes and pondered. I think she wasn’t pondering
the answer as much as she was pondering me. I’ll bet it lasted
well over a solid minute, when it was too much for me and I
said, “either answer, is the right answer”. Andrea smiled;
apparently I had said exactly the right thing. “Yes”. Her
only reply, “yes”.
We hailed a cab, as we got in Andrea instructed the driver
to go to the Doubletree but “take the long way and go slow”.
She then lunged on my lips plunging her tongue deep down
my throat. My back was to the corner of the cab near the window
as Andrea had me in an immediate full body press. Both her
hands were behind my ears as she pulled my face harder against
hers. Her tongue probed deep within my mouth as if searching.
Her mouth was deliciously wet and hot. I put my hands on her
ass and pulled her crotch into mine, grinding my cock. Andrea
lifted herself at the chest from me, pushing her pelvis
all the harder into me and crossed her arms at her waist,
lifted her sweater over her head and off. I said “the driver”
as my hands headed for her breasts. She leaned further back,
reaching behind her, unsnapping her bra, “let him look”
she said as her huge tits flopped out into my hands. She then
turned facing toward the driver “you don’t mind do ya?”
He; looking in the mirror, said, “no maam, I don’t mind at
all”. Andrea slid her ass onto my lap, her back to me and began
grinding into my crotch as she took my hands and led them
to her breasts. They over flowed in each hand as I squeezed
and kneaded them. Her nipples erect and hard between my
thumb and forefinger, She hung her head back onto my shoulder
and began to bounce on my lap, all the while watching the
driver, watching her, getting her tits grappled by me.
My left hand pinched at her nipple and my right hand slid
to her crotch, I pressed with my fingers searching for her
clitoris through her jeans. I was rubbing her pussy at a
feverish pace as Andrea was moaning and squirming, her
hands went behind her and she, in turn rubbed my cock through
my pants. I alternated between her pussy and tits as she
flung one leg up on the front seat back. Her high heal dangling
loosely on her toes in front of the driver. He was becoming
more and more distracted as he tried to drive and not miss
any of the backseat action as well. At one point he swerved
and Andrea in an authoritative but playful voice said,
“hey eyes on the road”. He reached for her teasing foot which
she abruptly pulled away from him and said “your not gonna
get any of this, but you can watch”.
At this point I inquired how far we were from the hotel and
the driver informed me that we had passed it twice. I said
next time by, well stop and go in. Andrea turned again, now
kneeling on the seat facing me, her tits dangling, her ass
in the air and tugged at my belt buckle, that she released
instantly, pulling down my zipper she looked into my eyes
and said “are you sure?” At that moment my cock was exposed
to the night air as she grabbed the shaft in her right hand
and slid her red lipstick covered lips down it’s length.
I could feel the back of her throat as she lingered with my
cock deep inside her mouth, and made one long, hard, slow,
sucking, retreat up to the head of my dick and plunged again,
deeper into her throat. This time she stayed still as her
tongue moved about my cock. I could only lie back; eyes closed
squeezing a marvelous tit in each hand. Again she began
to lift her head slowly sucking each millimeter of the way.
I could feel my cum beginning to surge and knew in a few moments
I’d be squirting a load of hot sperm into her.” We’re here, ”
shouted the driver. Andrea sprang up and the door opened.
I nearly fell from the cab only to see the doorman’s shocked
but smiling face staring down at me. I fumbled to push my
hard on back into my pants, and looked up to see a now dressed
Andrea leaving the cab. The cabbie said “thirty two bucks”
I threw him two twenty’s and pulling myself together as
best I could I headed for the hotel door that Andrea had already
passed through. A second doorman couldn’t conceal his
smirk as he opened the door to a disheveled, fly undone,
crotch bulging, customer. I could see Andrea through the
glass, in the lobby completely dressed, laughing. I couldn’t
help but laugh myself as I entered, took Andrea’s hand and
headed towards the elevator. Approaching the elevator
from the lounge I spotted the ‘honey’, from first class,
I had seen on the flight six weeks earlier. She got on, with
us. She looked us head to toe and chuckled. She turned to
Andrea and said, “What have you been up this time Andy”?
Andrea gained this devilish smirk and put her are around
me. With her other hand she reached and grabbed my cock through
my pants. Looking towards her friend she said, “you see
this problem he has? Well I’m going to help him with it”.
Just then the doors opened and the friend said, “I’ll be
right next door, alone, listening to you two”. Andy replied
“enjoy, I know I will”. The babe went to her door as Andréa
produced her card key and opened the door to the very next
We entered and Andrea pushed me onto the bed. “Just lie back, ”
she said. Once again she lifted her sweater over her head
revealing she hadn’t replaced her bra from the cab. So that’s
how she got dressed so fast I thought. She released the snap
to her jeans and wiggled them over her hips. Standing before
me she slid out of her jeans, hooked her thumbs through her
G-string and began a little dance. She turned her back to
me, showing me (finally) her great ass. She bent forward
and the thin strip of material pulled tight between her
perfectly rounded mounds. She teased me a bit then lowered
her thong to her knees. Spread her legs and looked back at
me from between her knees. She smiled and watched me as she
gyrated her hips and provocatively fingered her pussy.
Her fingers entered her cunt; I could see drops of moisture
running down both legs. As Andréa withdrew her fingers
they were wet and even more juice flowed down her leg. Her
free hand pulled on one ass cheek exposing a delicate pink
anus, she ran one wet finger around the point of entry, all
the while watching me. She stood and turned stepping out
of her panties and back into her heals. This woman stood
before me motionless one hand at her side the other pinching
her nipple, her eyes fixed on mine. I gazed upon her, long
blonde hair, massive breasts, tight tummy, finely trimmed
pussy, juice running down her long legs, high heals. “I’m
going to fuck you”, “I’m going to make you cum like you’ve
never cum before”, “ I’m going to suck your cock” “and ram
it into my cunt”, she said, as she began to move forward.
She bent over and let her nipples dance on my cock through
my pants. She placed one knee on each side of me and teased
me with her tits bouncing them off of me as she worked her
way to my mouth. She lowered one of her breast into my mouth
and pulled my head up onto her tit to help me suck it. I lavished
that tit sucking biting tonguing it with all I had. As I buried
my face in her tits I could feel Andréa undoing my pants and
tugging them lower to free my cock. My member sprang loose
and with her tit still in my mouth Andrea grabbed and squeezed
my cock. She squeezed and held my cock allowing me to further
suck her tits and crave her mouth all at the same time. She
began to unbutton my shirt with her teeth, never releasing
her viselike grip on my cock. I began to throb in her hand
and when all the buttons were opened she let go of me and said
“lets get you out of these clothes. Helping me undress she
teased me at every opportunity and when done, I anticipated
another round of cock sucking. Instead she stood, on the
bed, in her heals, over me with her feet at my shoulders.
Again looking down at me she began to rhythmically finger
fuck her cunt. Juice flowed from it. She dripped her pussy
juice onto my face as I watched her. I lay there transfixed
on this gorgeous pussy being finger fucked, my erection
huge and begging attention. Andrea gradually lowered
herself onto my mouth. I licked and sucked at her pussy lapping
her juices like a dog. I pushed my tongue into her and she
lifted and lowered herself, fucking my tongue. Cunt juice
all over my face as she became increasingly wet. I found
her clit and licked it. Andrea let out a loud moan and the
strength went out of her legs as she put her full weight on
my face as I licked her clit. I could feel her begin to build.
I brought my hands to her ass squeezing her cheeks as she
moved with each motion of my tongue. She moved faster, I
licked more deliberately increasing speed with each moment.
Her body was beginning to shudder as I heard her moaning
louder and louder. I dug my nails into her ass cheeks pulling
her closer still she began to buck on my face saying, “eat
me, eat me, eat me, ” louder and louder. Her tits heaved
with each motion. I felt her hand graze mine as she reached
behind herself. She slid her hand over mine and pushed on
her ass sliding a finger into her asshole as she erupted
into orgasm. She screamed and I felt juice gush out of her
onto my face as she furiously fucked her ass. She screamed
again grinding her sopping cunt into my face. I lapped at
her, sucking her cunt juice out of her, as she bounced on
my face, still ramming her finger in and out of her ass. Her
body shook as she collapsed on top of me. Her face met mine
and she began licking me. She lapped my face drinking in
her juices. She licked me hungrily covering every contour
of my face. It was then that I felt that now familiar grip
on my cock only this time she was rubbing my cock on her body.
I felt my cock enter her slightly. She was hot inside. Wet
and tight. She moved just slightly on my cock as she was still
in a state of shudder then she pushed my cock all the way into
her cunt. I felt her cunt tighten and suddenly she came again.
Her whole body was convulsing against mine. She pushed
herself up and rode my cock. She began jumping up and down
on my cock, ramming it into her cunt, saying “fuck me, just
fuck me”, she began screaming “FUCK ME, FUCK ME” I thought
of her gorgeous friend next door, rubbing her cunt listening
to us fuck like animals. The thought of her frigging her
pussy as she listened to us and the sight of Andrea going
nuts riding my cock like I was a bull, was too much for me and
once again I could feel my cock prepare to squirt cum. This
time I would not be denied as I met her with each thrust pushing
my dick as far and as hard into her as I could. We fucked harder
and harder, my hands squeezing her bouncing tits unmercifully,
her flying, her head back, I screamed “I’m cumming”. “Fuck
my cunt” she said “fuck my cunt, cum for me, cum for me, fuck
me’! I burst a stream of cum deep into her pussy followed
by another then yet another, Andréa kept ramming onto my
cock never letting up as I squirted into her again and again.
At last I could take no more begging her to stop. She slowed
then came to a stop, as I began to calm a bit. Andrea removed
herself from my cock and slithered her body down mine with
her eyes locked on my eyes she said “what’s a matter baby”,
“sensitive”? and slid my cock into her mouth. She licked
and bathed my cock with her warm mouth. It was wonderful
as she licked drops of my cum, and her cunt juice from my still
throbbing dick. Andrea was gentle with it. She held it,
semi erect in her mouth. She licked at my balls and my entire
area but kept returning my cock to her mouth. It wasn’t long
before I realized I was beginning to get hard again. Andrea
seemed to realize it at the same time. At this point she began
a blowjob in earnest. Sliding her mouth up and down on my
cock with deliberate rhythm. I was suddenly erect again.
My cock was hard but I had no idea if the rest of my body could
stand the punishment, still at that point I really didn’t
care. Andrea picked up speed and I began to move my hips to
meet her mouth. Suddenly she stopped, lifted her head from
my cock, looked at me and said, “Would you like to fuck my
ass?” “Oh yeh” I responded breathlessly.
She turned her back toward me and on her knees, wet her hand
with her mouth. She grabbed my cock guiding it to her willing
ass. Andrea pressed my cock onto her anus. It was pink and
I had received my introduction to anal sex just months before.
Prior to that I thought I’d NEVER stick my dick in there!
I learned that cleanliness was paramount, first and always.
Andrea was clearly very clean. I learned the rectum was
a passageway, not a storage facility and that fact relieved
many of my misconceptions. I had been taught by a willing
and patient mistress, who explained the value of being
very gentle at first, mostly by her, doing my ass. What better
way to learn? At first she scared the hell out of me, by gently
tonguing my ass then sticking her finger in, but at the time
she had me so horny I’d have gone along with anything. She
taught me that the anus contained thousands of nerve endings
and the sensation while very different from vaginal sex
was still incredible. I had always wondered what women
felt, with a dick in her pussy, but anal knew no gender boundaries,
the sensation is the same for all of us. Other than kissing,
it’s the only type of sex that truly is. I learned that anal
sex could bring about mind-bending orgasms. I knew that
at first, a sharp, but brief, pain exists for beginners,
but is quickly replaced by a warm and interesting feeling.
She had taught me that the best way to assure myself of never
getting anal sex again was to ram my cock into some poor woman’s
ass. It’s inconsiderate and hurts her. It is best to allow
the woman to guide the cock and proceed at her own pace, however
slow. The secret is to relax the sphincter. This is hard
to do when anticipating sharp pain. That’s why after the
first encounter, done correctly, the second and subsequent
encounters become easier and the cock slides right in without
any pain. The fuckee comes to expect only sensational pleasure,
when at one time she could only expect pain. Many women do
this ‘for’ there man, giving only, planning on enduring
the pain to satisfy his desires, only to learn that over
time they come to love the feel of a cock in their ass and if
they want to be filled to the max, they place a dildo in there
pussy at the same time.
As for the owner of the cock doing the penetrating, first,
it’s unbelievably tight (even tighter when a dildo is in
the cunt). Second, there is an air of raunchy, decadence
about it all, pushing the line to the ultimate. Third, the
sphincter squeezes the cock and tends to suck the penis
in. I find it hard to not cum quickly under such circumstances.
This mistress I tell you about would lube her finger and
slide it into my ass as she sucked my cock. I’d grow twice
as hard and invariably cum deep in her throat as she fucked
my ass with abandon. It wasn’t long before I found myself
begging her to do my ass as she sucked and fucked me. Her probing
brought yet another dimension to our sex. All that having
been said; there is still much taboo about anal sex and some
women will have nothing to do with it.
Andrea, is not one of those women she wanted; indeed she
needed her ass filled with cock. Who was I to deny this poor
lovely her pleasure? As Andrea knelt towards my feet and
pressed my cock on her anus, I had this wonderful view of
her. Her cunt glistened, her pink-rimmed ass trying to
accept my cock. “Wait a minute, ” she said as she sprang
from the bed. Andrea started feeling around her flight
bag and came out with a small, makeup type bag. She came to
the bed and dumped the contents of the bag next to me. It contained
a white vibrator, a flesh colored dildo, shaped like a very
large cock, perhaps eight or ten inches, and a tube of KY
jelly. Andrea looked into my eyes smiling as she squeezed
a very generous portion of KY onto her hand. She kept eye
contact as she smothered my cock in the lubricating jelly.
It was cool but felt wonderful as she firmly began to jerk
off my dick. She rubbed KY into my balls and even some onto
my asshole. Andrea put her knees at my waist as she faced
me. She took even more KY and reached under herself rubbing
it onto her ass.
Again she guided my cock to her ass. She looked at me like
a wild woman and said in a throaty voice “fuck my ass”. At
that moment I felt the head of my cock pass the barrier of
her sphincter. It gripped me. Andrea’s eyes rolled back
as the mixture of pleasure and pain engulfed her. She didn’t
move for a few seconds, and then allowed my cock to probe,
slowly, ever so slowly, deeper into her ass. As I penetrated
I could feel the unmistakable grip of her ass as it clenched
me, pulling me deeper into her. I had all I could do to keep
from lunging into her. We were about three inches deep when
Andrea started a slow almost indiscernible up and down
motion. We went deeper with each motion gaining rhythm
and speed. Andrea was in complete control of this ass fucking.
While it was clear she was in lust filled bliss it was also
clear that Andrea knew exactly how to give me pleasure beyond
the adequate description of words. She moved faster and
my cock went deeper into her ass as she began to bounce on
me. Her hands cup her ample tits rolling her nipples between
her thumb and forefingers. Andrea was now riding my cock,
whispering “fuck my ass” she said it over and over again.
“Fuck my ass”, fuck my ass”, each time Andrea said it her
voice grew she kept getting louder, I knew she wanted the
woman in the next room to know exactly what we were doing.

I loved the idea of this woman listening to me ramming her
friend’s ass. I loved the thought of her listening and frigging
her cunt dreaming of my cock in her ass as well. We were now
fucking wildly, Andrea screaming and slamming my cock
into her ass so hard I feared of hurting her. But she egged
me on, telling me over and over again to fuck her harder.
I watched her tits bouncing in rhythm to her ass as she rode
me. Andréa slowed and slid my cock from her. She shifted
positions as she lay on her stomach.
She slid the pillow under her pelvis, elevating her perfect
asshole as a target for me. “Stick it in, “Stick your cock
in my ass” she shouted. Then just as loud she shouted out
to her friend “Lizzy, can you hear us?” “Can you hear us fucking”,
“I’m getting my ass fucked”, “Royally”. Just then a pounding
on the wall came, in positive reply from the other room.
Andrea laughed, and yelled, “Are you rubbing your clit”.
Lizzy started pounding the wall again, revealing she was
doing just as we had thought. “She’s such a slut” Andrea
said to me, then in a loud voice said, “you’re a slut!” “YES
I AM” came the reply. “Get that cock in my ass, NOW” Andrea
said. This time gentleness had left me as I immediately
pushed the full length of my dick into her asshole. She began
bucking on the pillow. I grabbed her hips and fucked her
as hard as I could. Andrea felt around on the bed for her dildo
and I could feel it slid into her cunt.
With both hands under her pushing that dildo in and out of
her, I could feel each motion against my cock. It was unbelievable,
as I withdrew I could feel through the thin layer of skin
the dildo enter and as I pushed in, I felt the phony cock being
pushed out of her by my cock taking any available space.
Andrea was now just saying, ” aah, aah, aah, and aah, as each
motion increased. Lizzy; started banging the wall, announcing
her impending orgasm. “Aah, aah, aah, ” got louder, Andrea
bucking furiously on the pillow as sweat poured from both
our drenched bodies. I reared up. I drove into her as hard
as she demanded and harder for my own desires, pushing deep
as I felt yet another load of cum climb to the tip of my cock.
Full speed I felt myself squirt deep into Andrea’s ass.
“I’m cumming”, I’m Cumming, ” I said as Andrea increased
speed of the dildo in her cunt. She began shaking violently.
Her whole body convulsed several times as I felt wave after
wave of cum shooting from my cock. She shook from her head
throughout to her toes. I could feel the vibrations through
her ass as we slowed to a small slow gentle movement; I felt
the dildo recede from her vagina as we both struggled to
breath. “Oh my god” “oh my God” Andrea whimpered as she turned
her head I could see tears streaming down her cheeks. “Are
you ok”, I said with a certain amount of alarm. “Oh yes, I’m
fine”, “I cry sometimes when I’m cumming”, but I’m fine,
Honest’. “That was unbelievable” I said, “Yes, yes it was”
Andy replied.
We rested in each other’s arms. “Your wonderful” she whispered
as sleep overtook me. I dropped into a sound sleep only to
awaken to the sound of a hair dryer. Andrea stood before
the mirror drying her hair, “good morning baby” she said
in the reflection of the mirror. ‘I’m late, I’m supposed
to be in the lobby, now”. “Use the room as you need, but I really
have to go”, she said, slipping into her uniform.
Andrea came over to the bed and kissed me gently but lovingly.
“I expect to be in Sacramento next month, can we meet” she
said “oh yeh, count on it” I said and she left me.
I looked at the clock realizing that I had a half hour to catch
my own flight.
I jumped from bed and failing to shower pulled on my clothes
and headed for the lobby. I was quite a sight. Smelling like
sex, hair a mess, clothing all over the place, I thought
at least no one knows me here.
As I emerged from the elevator, Andreas’ entire flight
crew, were still there, waiting for the same airport shuttle
bus I was about to take. Andrea pretended not to know me as
the others eyed me suspiciously. All of us entered the bus.
Lizzy sat across from me with Andrea at her side. Andrea
refused to make eye contact and I could tell that if she did
she would burst out laughing.
Lizzy; looked toward me, took a swig of a bottle of spring
water she was holding and as the bus arrived at the airport,
she handed me the half full bottle saying “looks like you
need to replace some bodily fluids”. She wore a sexy, seductive,
knowing, smile. Andrea winked at me and off we went in our
separate directions.

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Nice keep them cuming!! Enjoy the reading.


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