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This is the story of about few years back. I was a bachelor
and was living alone in a flat. That time I was working as
a faculty in NIIT. I also usedto take classes in the Govt.
Polytechnic on part-time basis. From time to time I had
some private tuitions also. I have already mentioned in
my previous stories that I have special fascination for
young girls and women, particularly those sexy looking,
having attractive figures. I very much enjoy fucking a
young girl or woman and I ever look for the opportunity to
come close to a fuckingly girl or women. I like fully ripe
and developed breasts and heavy hips of a young girl or woman.
Here I am telling you my experience of fucking a young girl
of around 18. Just share my experience of sexual encounters
with that modern young girl and I am sure you will enjoy.
One day I saw a young girl in the balcony diagonally opposite
to that of mine.

Later I knew from the guard that one Mr.Saxena from Chandigarh
had occupied that flat. Later I could know that the girl
about whom I am writing was his daughter and she was studying
in class plus two. I used to see her going to school by bus.
Though she was a +2 student, her body was well developed
---- having a pair of opulent boobs, haunching hips, etc.
She must be under 19. She had had a good height, good look
and fair complexion. So by all standard she looked fully-grown
up and had every thing that a young woman possesses. Initially
I just used to look as she was a young girl which is natural
for a young man. She used to wear all sorts of dresses. Some
times she wore salwar suit, some times skirt blouse and
some times jeans and tops. Her dresses were costly and fine.
She was a modern girl in the sense that she used to wear tight
dresses also apart from wearing loose shirts or tops. Many
a times I saw her in mini skirts. Some times she wore frocks,
and I had seen in dresses with strings shoulder also. I could
well imagine the size of her breasts seeing the curvatures
of her boobs, which used to be more clear when she wore tight
fitted tops. Otherwise also her breasts looked to be opulent
and fleshy. Some times the fabric of her tops used to be so
thin and almost see through that the lining and straps of
her bra used to be very much clearly visible.

Her boobs bounced as she walked in the balcony. When she
wore loose dresses her boobs freely swung and bounced.
As I used to see her in the balcony so there used to be enough
light which X-Rayted her dresses, particularly her upper
clothings. In the light even her teats used to be revealed
through her almost see through tops and bra. I could guess
that she used to wear costly nylon bra with netted cups which
allowed her nipples to be apparently visible. Her loose
shirts also used to be made of very thin fabrics making it
almost see through. That way I found that Saxsenas were
quite modern and out going type of people. Gradually I started
taking interest in her. And ever tried to stare at her whenever
I found opportunity, I mean when I was home and she was in
the balcony alone, and of course on other people should
be around, that is, on the other balconies. I was very much
particular about that and always took care of it. I found
that she also started taking interest in me when one day
she saw me staring at her in the balcony. She was bold enough
to look in to my eyes continuously as long as she found none
around in other balconies. She gave jerks to her plump breasts.
She used to stood in such a way that her boobs should be projected
straight and protruding. She used to deliberately show
me the bulge of her fleshy breasts. Many a times I found her
searching for me in the balcony. That I watched from the
windows. That was a good sign for me. One day when I had to
go earlier and was on the bus top I saw that young girl also
waiting for the DTC bus. She was in white salwar and red kurta
with white chunni. That was her school dress for +2 girls.
There was immense crowd waiting for the bus. After a few
minutes the bus that I had to catch had come. Several people
thronged to board the bus. I saw that she was also trying
to get into the bus. The bus was already jam packed.

I came near her. As she was struggling to get in I also followed
her and got into the bus some how. There was complete rush
-------- barely some space inside the bus even to stand.
She had her bag hanging side ways through one of her shoulder.
She stood adjacent to a seat. With some effort I made way
right behind her. My front was fully covering her hips.
A couple of moments later she saw me through the corner of
her eyes. She didn’t say anything nor she made any
effort to move sideways and just kept looking otherways.
I watched her face. The expression on her face that I could
gather was fairly positive. I put more thrust on her hips.
Oohhh, her hips were quite fleshy indeed. I was excited.
By the pressure of her fleshy hips my dick was aroused and
was hardened. It became stiff. She also felt the hardness
of my dick on her hips. After a while she again saw me, but
said nothing. Very slowly, I rubbed my dick over her hips
taking the advantage of the rush and the jerks in the bus.
She still didn’t otherwise reacted to it, rather
she gave a suppressed smile and again started looking other
ways as earlier. I kept on exerting pressure on her hips.
I further made my slow and gentle efforts in rubbing my dick
over her hips. I found her hips to be sufficiently backwardly
projected and fleshy to make me aroused. She intermittently
looked to my eyes without saying anything. I was reading
the expression on her face, which clearly reflected that
she was taking it sportingly rather she also liked it. She
just gave suppressed smiles. She sighed also in her low
voice making it clear to me that she was also getting excited
to an extent. All through the way I kept on pressing and rubbing
her soft hips with my front. As her school came, I also got
down after her. She gave a look at me, smiled and went in.
I intentionally came to that place in pretext of catching
the bus on my way back just at the time her school was over.
As the students started coming out of the school gate I searched
for her. I found coming out. I went to the bus stop.

I came near her. She saw me and smiled as if she was pleased
to see me there waiting for the bus. As soon as the bus came
I came behind her. She looked at me. She again struggled
to get into the bus. I was again got in behind her. There was
not much rush inside. After taking tickets she took position
in the front side of the bus. She looked at me again. She found
that I was behind her. At the very next stoppage many people
thronged to get in to the bus. Then the bus was fully jam-packed.
I had taked a file in my right hand. As she moved a little bit
due to the rush, I also moved and stood beside her. I held
the steel pipe fitted horizontally with the roof of the
bus meant for the standing people. She was also holding
the pipe inorder to get balance in the moving bus. I slowly
moved my elbow of the right hand towards her boobs. I felt
the softness of her boobs. I gradually placed my elbow on
her boobs. Ooohhh, how fine were her boobs. She looked into
my eyes feeling my elbow on her soft boobs. She didn’t
make any movement in order to put my elbow away from her boobs.
She again looked into my eyes and sighed in a very suppressed
voice, which only I could hear. Seeing that she didn’t
resist to my move and act, I slowly made gentle movements
of my right arm in such a way that my elbow rubbed her fleshy
breasts. Oohh, it was really the moment of enjoyment for

She sighed in very low voice lokking in to my eyes “…..uuuffffffff….”
She was also excited. I further put more pressure on her
breasts with my elbow. She just kept on sighing intermitantly
like “….aaahhh… …..sssshhhhh….
….uuuuuffffffff…… ….oooooofffffffff….”
But still she didn’t said any thing. I got encouragement
by that. I held my file in my armpit and slowly moved my palm
on to her breasts. She just looked at me. I was busy with her
boobs. I gently caressed her breasts on by one. I pressed
her breasts. I liked the roundness of her breasts. She again
sighed “…uuuuuffffffffffff…. ….iiiiisssshhhhhhhhh…

I could very well understand that she liked it. I was knowing
that she was also enjoying it. So I was confirmed that Amrita
was a bold girl with a very modern outlook. I went on caressing
and pressing her fleshy breasts as long as I could. We both
got down as our stop came. She was looking at me time and again
giving some special gestures. She went and I also came to
my apartment. Since then I changed my routine as per her
school timings till her school bus didn’t resume
its service. I used to go and came back along with her in the
bus. I had enough opportunity to rub and press her fleshy
soft hips with my front and caress and press her swollen
breasts. I developed intimacy with her parents gradually.
I used to meet them in the nearby shops as I made it a point
to go out for shopping there whenever they used to go for
that. For that I had to make a little effort. During the course
of talking they cloud know that I was a faculty in NIIT. Hey
told me that their daughter also wanted to take some basic
knowledge of computer, so they want to admit her in an institute
for the short course which she could do during her summer
vacation. They requested me to visit their flat and have
a discussion over it in presence of their daughter. I happily
agreed, rather I was looking for such opportunity. I went
to their flat the very next evening. They welcomed me. We
sat together. After a few minutes they called her daughter
by her name, Amrita. So, then I knew her name. They told me
that they had told their daughter about me. Amrita came
from her room. As soon as her eyes met those of mine she gave
suppressed smiles. Her smiles were meaningful to me.

She joined us in the discussion. I suggested them a short
crash course for her. They agreed upon that. They told me
that she would join the batch starting in third week of May.
She took admission as scheduled. She started attending
classes. I had told them that she should feel free to ask
me any thing she found difficult. After classes or labs
Amrita used to come to me in the institute and asked the things
done in the class or the lab. I happily helped her. In fact
I wanted that she should remain with me for the maximum possible
time. In the institute had the opportunity to touch her
only some how. She told me to find some more time to her separately.
About a week later Amrita’s parents approached
me in my flat in the evening. They told me that Amrita needed
some extra guidance from me. She was not able to perform
on the computer well. So, they requested me to spare some
time for her at my residence itself as they knew that I was
having the computer system there also. They were ready
to pay me extra for that. I told them that I would certainly
help her without charging anything, so they should not
worry at all. They were happy and told me that they would
send Amrita to fix timings suitable to both of us. Amrita
came to my flat with her parents the following evening.
I fixed time with her. She addressed me by ‘Sir’
as I was teaching her. I gave her 10 O’clock time in
the morning. I made the arrangement in the institute accordingly.
She came the next morning at 10 sharp as scheduled. She had
put on tightly fitted tops and skirt. Her breasts were looking
very shapely, as she had given proper lift to her fleshy
breasts with her bra. The roundness of her breasts was very
much clear that moment as earlier which I used to look from
my balcony. But that day I was looking them from very close.
I was tempted to take them in my palms. I stared at her breasts.
The opulence of her voluptuous breasts was very much luring
and inviting. She just gave suppressed smiles upon that
act of mine.

But I restrained myself. I taught her the subject that she
asked to. As she bent forward to write down in her notebook
what I dictated, her cleavage was visible through the round
neck of her tops. I stared at her cleavage. She watched me
staring at her cleavage. Upon that she gave smiles looking
at other sides. I readily understood the reasons for her
smiles. I asked her to perform the same thing on computer.
She stood up to move to the computer. I immediately took
her in my arms and planted kisses on her rosy petals of lips.
She did not object at all, rather smiled looking downward.
I loosened my grip upon her. I slowly moved my hands towards
her fleshy tempting breasts. I placed my palms upon her
developed and swollen breasts. Amrita just closed her
eyes as if she was waiting for the moment. I caressed her
breasts. She placed her hands on mine and caressed them
gasping slowly. I pressed her breasts with my palms. Amrita
sighed “…uuufffff…” I went
on pressing her breasts. Her reaction was positive. She
was sighing with “….ssshhhh… ..iiissssshhhhhh..
sounds. I went on gently pressing Amrita’s shapely
breasts. I squeezed her developed breasts. She kept on
moaning and sighing sexily “….uuuuhhhhhh…
uuummmmm…aaaaahhhhhh….” I increased
the pressure of my hands on her opulent breasts. Amrita
was in her excitement. She did not offer any resistance,
rather she was sighing and moaning in the as if she was enjoying
it. I continuously kissed her as my hands were busy with
her bulging and fleshy breasts. Her skin was tender, soft,
smooth and shining. Her lips were very fine. I liked kissing
them. I kissed and licked her lips time and again. She appeared
to be quite co-operating as she was letting me kiss and lick
her juicy and tender lips very well. I took Amrita in my arms
holding her by her waist. Amrita encircled her arms around
my neck. It was clear that she herself wanted to be kissed
by me there. I pulled her close to me, while Amrita also tightened
her grips pushing her body close to me. She was definitely
a hot and sexy young girl. As I approached her lips to kiss
her again, Amrita herself offered her juicy lips bringing
them close to those of mine.

I kissed, licked and sucked Amrita’s tender rosy
lips. She co-operated me well in my actions. I went on kissing,
licking and sucking her juicy lips for quite long period.
I also kissed her boobs from over her tops. All through she
rubbed her legs one by one with mine. I brought Amrita to
bed. We entwined and clasped with each other in the bed.
I again kissed her lips. I licked her fine lips. I sucked
Amrita’s juicy lips in such a way that I wanted to
suck all its juice. Oohh, Amrita was very hot. She was herself
facilitating me in doing so. I kissed her neck. I kissed
her breasts. I rubbed my mouth upon her shapely breasts
for quite some time. She sighed and moaned in ecstasy. Amrita
was caressing my head in excitement. I kissed her further
down. I kissed her soft, silky and smooth thighs pulling
her skirt up. I kissed her crotch from over her panty. Amrita
enjoyed kisses, she never objected me from doing any thing.
When I tried to take her clothes off she told me that it was
not the proper time to do so “….uuuhhhh…no
not now… ..Sir….aabhi nahin…”
I asked her politely “…then when Amrita ?….
why aren’t you ready for it…. are you afraid…”
Amrita replied that she had to go back soon. She had to go
to the market with her mother. I had no option. I kissed her
many times before she left. For at least a week I did not get
the opportunity to advance any further than kissing her
all over, sucking her lips, and pressing and squeezing
her breasts. In fact I had a very strong urge to have her soon.
But ultimately the day came for which I was restlessly waiting
for. She came at about 10 in the morning as usual. She was
smiling on the door as I opened it. She was in her light yellow
shirt tucked in her printed dark coloured midi. As ever
she had put on high heels. Her attire was giving a sexy and
inviting look. Her shirt was of thin cloth that allowed
her bra to be clearly visible.

The netted cups of her bra and its straps gave the impression
that her bra was very sophisticated. Her pointed nipples
were also being revealed due to their dark colour. The roundness
and curves of her well shaped breasts were so clear through
her clothes that one cloud easily gaze their size by the
eye estimation. Her opulent breasts swung as she made some
deliberate movements. I welcomed her as usual. She let
her breasts bounce invitingly as she walked into the room.
I found a definite change in Amrita that day. But I didn’t
say any thing to her otherwise. I started teaching her.
I helped her in few problems raised by her. As I was about
to go to kitchen to prepare coffee, Amrita told me that she
knew how to prepare coffee so I must let her do it. She prepared
coffee, and we finished it. I praised her for it. I observed
that Amrita let her round breasts bounce invitingly giving
deliberate jerks to her breasts all the while she walked
in the room. She also gave proper jerks to her haunching
curvacious hips. Her breasts and hips jerked and bounced
sexily more because of her high heels. That stirred me a
lot. She asked me as to what time would I leave for the institute.
I told her that I was not going to the institute that day.
Amrita gave a meaningful smile looking at other ways and
told me that she was also not in hurry to go back as her family
members had gone to attend a function somewhere and would
return back in the evening. Amrita told that she did not
go along with them for her study. So I got clearly the meaning
of her sexy and luring smiles. By the time our conversations
ended we walked got in to my bedroom. I was already excited
to get the signal from her that she was ready to stay with
me there for a much longer period, rather she seemed to be
eager to stay with me till evening, and we had enough time
there. Amrita had sat on my bed in style. I decide to have
her that day only. I was too sure she would not object to it.
I sat beside her. I took her in my grip and planted kisses
on her lips, cheeks and neck. She just uttered “…uuummmmmhhhhhh….iiiisssshhhhhhh….”
etc. I moved my hands towards her luxurious looking breasts.
I placed my palms upon them. I caressed her breasts. She
just said smiling sexily “…ooooohhhhh..Sir..”


I said her gently in her ear “….Amrita you
are very beautiful…you look quite sexy and inviting….your
breasts are very fine….these are quite opulent
and bulging…I always liked them Amrita….I
am very fond of your fleshy breasts……ever
since I had pressed your breasts in the jam packed bus I always
felt like pressing and squeezing your breasts taking in
my hands….in fact I have already pressed the breasts
of so many young girls and women….your breasts are
none the less….” Amita just cooed sexily
I continued “…..yes Amrita your breasts
are well developed….they are well shaped also…..”
And I pressed Amrita’s breasts slowly. I wanted
to arouse her gradually. Amrita sighed uttering “…..Sir….you….uuuuffff…..”
I told her “…yes Amrita ….”
She sighed and replied looking into my eyes and smiling
sexily “….oooohhhh….no Sir, it is
alright…..go on Sir…..I like it…”
I gently said pressing her breasts “….ooohhh,
really Amrita !….” She said in the same style
“…yesss Sirr… …it is fine….I
really like it….” I said slowly in her ears
pressing her fleshy breasts “….Amrita will
you allow me to advance further today….I want to
take you Amrita….yeas Amrita I have very strong
urge to take you today….” I knew that she would
not say ‘no’ to me that day as she herself seemed
to be very much eager for that. She said in a low but audible
voice looking into my eyes sexily “….oooohhhhh
Sirr…...” And with a pause she continued
“…Sir I am ready for that…in fact I
also want the same today Sirr…you may go on Sirr….today
I won’t say no….today I have come especially
for this Sirr….Sir it would be my pleasure Sirr….you
have made me enough hot during these days Sirr….”
I increased the pressure of my palms on her opulent breasts.
She continued with sigh “….Sirrr aaaaahhhh…..uuuummmmhhhhhhhaaaaaa…..oooooofffffffffff
Sirrr…..Sirr I am really very much eager for the
sexual enjoyment today with you Sirrr…..Sirr you
can do any thing to me today Sirr…..Sirr am ready
for any thing you intend to do with me……yess
Sirrr….Sirr in fact I was also looking for the proper
opportunity…..and today I am free….I can
be with you here as long as you wish Sirr….I mean till
the evening…yeass Sir….”

I kept on pressing her voluptuous breasts “…..Amrita
your breasts are very fleshy and spongy….they are
soft too….Amrita your breasts seem to be quite firm
and tight…..but I can say it only after I will remove
your shirt and bra….and pressing and squeezing
them….yess Amrita…” She just smiled
sexily. And I started unbuttoning her shirt. I removed
it from her soft sexy body. She looked sexier in her bra.
Oohh really her bra was very sophisticated and costly.
The cups of her bra was netted ones. Her pointed nipples
were more visible through the nets of her nylon bra. The
opulence of her breasts was luring. The cups of her bra were
small enough to hold only the half curves of her round developed
breasts. So her breasts were looking very sexy. The cleavage
was formed very deep due to the opulence of and curves of
her round breasts. I was staring at her sexy breasts lustfully.
Amrita looked into my eyes as if she was very much proud of
the size and shape of her breasts. I then unhooked her bra.
I slowly removed her bra taking the straps of her bra off
her shoulder. Amrita sighed in anticipation of pleasure
of being handled her breasts with my hands and some mouth
treatments on them also. She closed her eyes in excitement.
I removed her bra completely off her sey breasts. Wow, Amrita’s
breasts were really sexy. They looked quite firm. The shape
of her bulging breasts was not lost much in spite of the fact
that there was no support of any bra. The roundness of her
breasts was marvellous. The nipples had become hard and
more pointed in her excitement. The nipples were in the
most proper position, I mean right in the centre of the curves
of her shapely breasts. She opened her eyes and looked at
her bare breasts. She smiled sexily at me.

I placed my palms over Amrita’s bare breasts. Amrita
again closed her eyes in pleasure. The skin of her breasts
was very fine, smooth and soft. I pressed her well developed
breasts gently. She was in ecstasy. She sighed “….oooohhhhh
Sirr…..uuuuffffffffff…. iiiiisssshhhhhhhh…….aaaahhhhhhh…”
And she continued by saying in low but audible voice, almost
whispering “….Sirr how are they Sirr…Sirr
did you really like my breasts ?….oohhh Sirr…tell
me Sirr how are my breasts….Sir I always found that
you have much fascination towards my breasts……and,
Sirr, it was evident from the ways you used to press and squeeze
my breasts in buses……yess Sirrr…”
And Amrita looked into my eyes and smiled shyly. I kissed
her lips and cheeks. She again continued to say to me in the
same low husky tone “…..Sirr when you were
trying to remove my clothes I very well understood how eager
you were to see my breasts completely bare, I mean without
even a bra on them….yess my dear Sirr….”
I told her immediately “…Amrita dear….you
have got a pair of very marvellous breasts….I really
like such breasts….yess Amrita….”
And at the same time I was going on pressing them taking them
into my hands. I continues to say her “….Amrita
your breasts are quite developed… is really
fine and exciting to see such developed breasts of a +2 student…..Amrita
despite being fleshy, opulent and heavy too, your beautiful
breasts are very much spongy and tight, yess Amrita your
breasts balls are very tight…..Amrita your breasts
are quite shapely even as I have removed your bra…..yess
dear Amrita your breasts are very sexy looking, attractive
and inviting…yess Amrita yess, your spongy breasts
are really firm and tight…I like such breasts Amrita….”


And I further increased the pressure of my hands on them.
She got up on her feet in excitement sighing sexily. I kissed
her breasts all over one by one holding her through her waist.
I kissed her hard pointed nipples. I licked them moving
my tongue over them. I then sucked her nipples. I sucked
her nipples for quite some times while Amrita held me within
her slender smooth and silky arms. She was sighing and caressing
my face and head. I slowly opened the hooks of her sexy looking
midi. Her midi slid down and dropped on the floor. She was
then in her panty only which was not big enough. All the while
I kept on sucking her breasts. Her nipples had become too
hard and pointed. Then I moved my mouth down to her belly.
I kissed her there. I then kissed her crotch from over her
panty. Ohhh Amrita’s thighs were very silky, smooth
and soft. I kissed her thighs also. I rubbed my mouth over
her smooth silky thighs. She was just sighing in excitement
and writhed standing there. She was trembling. She writhed.
Amrita was caressing my head. I just went on kissing her
crotch and rubbing my mouth over them. Amrita was in her
great excitement. She started telling me “…Sirrr….please
Sirr…..oohhhhh……” She was
very aroused. I lifted her in my lap and took her to the bed.
I asked her “…Amrita are you virgin….”
She told me “…yess Sirr….I have not
been yet…..” and she stopped. I said to her
“…..okay Amrita…..on problem….”
I took her in my arms. I kissed her all over. I kissed her fleshy
and tight breasts. I sucked her nipples. She was getting
hotter and hotter. She sighed although.

That increased my excitement. I mouthed her breasts for
quite some time. Amrita was just sighing and moaning sexily
throwing her head both ways in full excitement “…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh…..Sirr…ooooofffffooooohhhhh…..
And I mouthed her breasts again and again. She also threw
her legs. I kissed the nude body of Amrita from tip to toe.
I again took my mouth on to her crotch and rubbed. She again
started throwing her legs and head. She got aroused completely.
My cock had also become very hard and erect. I took Amrita’s
hand on my cock. She held my cock firmly. Ohhh, the effect
of the touch of her hand on my erect cock was too much. It had
become harder and longer. She caressed my cock slowly.
Then she told me “….ooohhh..Sirr…
you..have mede me too hot….now… it is not
bearable….please Sirr….do something to
me…Sirr….yess Sir…please…”
I found her ready for fucking. So I positioned myself between
her smooth silky thighs. I placed my hard cock in front of
Amrita’s virgin pussy. I started kissing her. I
told her in her ears “…..Amrita…in
the beginning it may pain you….but later it will
be okay….you just go on co-operating me….even
if you get some pain you bear it….you will certainly
enjoy…..yess Amrita….please co-operate
with me…..will you…Amrita….”


She replied in a very low voice closing with closed eyes
“….yess Sirr…..I will co-operate
with you…..few of my friends have told me that it
is better to bear the pain first…..because later
it is really enjoyful…” I told her “…ohhh…Amrita….your
friends have already been fucked….” She
replied “…yess Sirr…they are used
to it….they have their boy friends who fuck them…..they
have told me this many times….” I told her
“….wow….Amrita they have told you
their fucking experiences…” She replied
“…oooo..yesss Sirr…” Then
I asked her “….Amrita then you also might
be thinking of getting fucked by some one….”
She did not say any thing. I again asked her “….Amrita
please tell me…. when your friends used to tell you
the real fucking experiences they had then how did you feel
within…..yess Amrita tell me….didn’t
you fell like getting fecked right then…..”
She the replied “…..looking at me smiling
“….ohhhh yess Sirr….I did have….I
alse felt like getting fucked….but I never revealed
it….” I told her “….Amrita
darling ….how do you feel now when I am about to fuck
you…yess Amrita tell me …..” She replied
sexily “….ooohhh Sirr it is a great moment
for me… fact I have been looking for this day
Sir…yess Sirrr…actually you had aroused
me too much earlier…but I did not have the proper
opportunity for it….Sirr now I will get the forbidden
fruit….yess Sirr…” I kissed her again
and again. She co-operated me well in kissing. I inserted
my finger into her hot vagina. I moved my finger to and fro.
She sighed. I found that she was all wet there. Then I started
pushing my cock right in side her vagina. As it went in she
writhed in pain. I made slow to and fro movements. I pushed
my cock in slightly more. She screamed in a suppressed voice.
And with some effort I was completely inside her. I kissed
her. I made vary slowly to and fro movements.

She was sighing. After some times she also started taking
part in fucking game with me by pushing her hips up and up.
So it was clear that her pain was gone and she was enjoying
fucking. I asked Amrita “….Amrita…”
She whispered sighing “….uuummmmm……”
I asked her “…Amrita…your pains are
gone ?….” Amrita replied in her low voice
in a sexy manner, almost whispering “….uunnn..
….hhhuuuummmm…..yess Sirr….now
there is no pain….it is gone completely…Sirr.…”
So I applied more thrust in order to push my hard penis more
and more in side her tight vagina. She lifted her legs up
and folded them. It was then convenient for me to push my
hard penis more inside Amrita. I kept on to and fro movement
of my torso. My penis was going in and coming out more easily.
Amrita was moaning and sighing “……aaaaaahhhhhh…..Sirr…..aaaaahhhhhh……
I was fucking Amrita gently so that no damage should be done
to her inside. I was very much careful in fucking young virgin
Amrita. She kept on moaning and sighing “….ooooooffffffffffff….Sir….aaaaaaahhhhhhhh…...
…..Sirr….its fine…Sirr….yess…Sirr….its
heavenly….aaaahhhhhhh….” I was
kissing Amrita although while I was fucking her. I asked
her to spread her thighs more so that I could enter into her
deep “…Amrita jara apni jangh thoda aur phailao
naa…..I will push my penis more and more deep inside
you….” She responded to my request. She spread
her tender and smooth silky thighs and tried to accommodate
me more inside her. I pushed a bit more. She moaned with more
sounds “…..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….Sirr…..”


I asked her “….Amrita….does it pain
you…should not push more ?….” She
said “….no Sirr….it is okay….it
is fine….yess Sir….I like it…
it Sirr….yess Sir….like that….Sirr…”
I was fucking Amrita deep into her. She was throwing her
hips up and up in excitement. Young girl Amrita was enjoying
fucking very well. I got up slightly to my knees and took
the rested myself on my forearms. I asked her “…Amrita
should I increase my speed ?….” Amrita instantly
replied in ecstasy “…..yess Sirr…
can…Sirr…. Sir….you can speed up….Sirr…yess
Sirr….do it fast….Sirr stroke me faaast….I
also want faaaasstt…Sirr….” I increased
my speed. I was pumping into Amrita fast. She started sighing
and moaning heavily “…..aaaaahhhhh…..aaaaahhhhhh….Sirr…..aaaaahhhhhh….yess….
like that…Sirr……aaaaahhhhhhh…yess….Sirr…faaasstt…...aaaaaaahhhh....uuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffff…….Sir
……it is heavenly…Sirr…..
yess Sirr…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh…..”
She was crazy. I was going on fucking young Amrita in full
speed. She held the pillow with her hands taking them up.
It was great fucking Amrita. She was all co-operative.
In fact she had come that day intentinally for getting fucked
by me. She was mentally prepared so did not have any problem
during fucking even as she was a virgin, young girl of around
18. I went on fucking her. Then I got up to my knees. I lifted
Amrita’s lovely fleshy hips with the support of
my hands. Ohhh it was great holding her soft smooth hips.
I pushed my erect hard penis (lund) more and more inside
her. It was a good posture to fuck. I found more convenient
to fuck Amrita in that posture. She herself was giving me
full support with the gyration of her hips. She was continuously
sighing and moaning heavily. As my hot sperm was about to
come out I took out my erect penis from her vagina. My sperm
was syringed out of my penis that I spread on some news paper.
Amrita saw that lustfully as if she wanted to take them in
her mouth. We both were spent. She laid there with me. We
rested. After some time I gave Amrita something to eat and
hot milk to drink. I also took hot milk. My penis got erection
again. I said to Amrita “….Amrita let us have
second round of fucking…”

She smiled sexily but said nothing. I fucked her again in
the bed in various postures. I fucked her more freely in
the second round. She was more free. We again exhausted.
After taking rest I fucked her again. That time I fucked
Amrita in standing position from behind. She was leaning
forward with the support of the table and I fucked her deep
inside her again. Fourth round of fucking was in the bed
again. Then Amrita took bath with me in her full nudity.
I applied soap on her beautiful young body. I asked her to
apply soap on my penis. We were under the shower. I again
wanted to fuck her. That time in the bathroom itself. She
agreed. I fucked Amrita from behind as she held the tap and
bent forward. Then I made Amrita resting on her fore arms
and knees like a four footed animal. I was also on my knees.
I fucked her from behind. We both enjoyed fucking in that
posture too much. The more I fucked Amrita, the more she
demanded for fucking from me. So altogether we had five
rounds of fucking that day. We got out of the bathroom. We
put on our dresses. I kissed Amrita again and again. I asked
Amrita taking in my arms how she liked fucking “….Amrita….how
were fucking rounds….did you like that….”
She told me “….oohhhh….Sirr….it
was very fine…..I liked it very much….it
was really heavenly….I never knew Sirr that it would
be so heavenly… I will have more fuckings from
you Sirr….” I assured Amrita that I would
give more pleasure to her during fucking “….Amrita….I
will give you more pleasure during fucking….yess
Amrita….when you will have fucking next time you
will enjoy it more. I told her “….Amrita….

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quote ipshita1:
It was indid a nice story. The bus story was happened to me
when I was young & the lady in front was older to me. She
enjoyed the complete journy for 1 & half hour but than
we could not reach to the climax.


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its nice story man. great fucking. keep posting new story.


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sounded great wish icould get achance like that one


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awesome story dude!! Lucky guy u..