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A young boys curiosities going to far!


Ok, I am not totally comfortable with sharing this, but
I have been wanting to tell someone for years now!! I guess
this is probably the best place to do it!! Of course all boys
are curious about girls when they are young, and my curiosities
somehow took me farther than normal!!! I found a dirty magazine
of my dads when I was like 11 years old and that made my curiosities
flow stronger and stronger!!

My mom was a 4 foot, 11 inch tall, very, very attractive,
Italian woman!!! She had won many beauty pageants when
she was younger and at this time was much very into fitness
competitions!! She was always working out and had an incredibly
firm, 102 lb body!!! She used to practice her posing and
routines around the house in these skimpy little bathing
suits that barely covered anything!!!

She was very confident and secure with her body and thought
nothing of it at all!!!! She used to even ask us how she looked
and how her routines were!! Little did she realize, that
parading around almost naked in front of a very curious
junior high boy, would obviously make him have thoughts
and make him even more curious!!!!

I could see her nipples protrude out through her tiny so-called
top and I could see the exact outline of her pussy lips through
her skintight, thong!!! This only made me more curious
about women’s anatomy and more horny and resulted in me
starting to fantasize!!!! So, I would try to peak at her
while she dressed or changed her clothes and while she tried
on different bathing suits and checked herself out in the

Which led me to eventually peaking at her while she bathed
and showered!!! And making me start to masturbate!!! This
went on for a few years!!! I would sit down and watch her pose
and do her routines, while examining every inch of her body!!
And watching her get naked in her bedroom and when she bathed
or showered!! After a few years of spying on her and jerking
off, I started to get more curious and more daring, and wanting
to see closer, so I could really see what the female’s anatomy
looked like!!

By the time I was around 14 and entering high school, I started
not being able to control myself and found myself pushing
the limits farther!! After her daily bath or shower, she
would always put on her robe for the rest of night and eventually
I realized that she was always naked underneath her robe!!!
Now how was I to resist this?

Once I realized she was naked underneath her robe every
day, I got bummed and thought how I could have probably seen
her female parts sooo many more times if I only would have
paid more attention and kept my eyes peeled!! There had
to have been many times that her robe may have slightly opened
or she may have bent over or something and I missed it all

I started paying much closer attention to her after that
and sneaking peaks, every chance I could!! Once I knew she
was naked underneath and I had caught a few peaks of her,
I started fantasizing more, jerking off more, and getting
more curious and daring!!! Now I was starting to date girls
and really getting curious about the female body!!

When I was around 16, my male hormones were in full drive
and I couldn't control them!!! There were a few times
where I watched her getting naked in her room or taking a
bath or shower and then ran to my room to masturbate and she
caught me masturbating!!! That was awkward to say the least!!
But knowing I had seen her naked thousands of times and now
she had seen me naked, playing with my cock, was probably
what I deserved!!

By this time, It got to the point were when she would fall
asleep on the couch, I would get down and move her robe so
I could see her pussy up close and personal!!!! Being inches
away from her pussy drove me wild!!!! I would stare and stare
at her pussy and sometimes if it was dark, I would use a small
pen flashlight that my uncle gave me, to give me a better

My nerves got stronger and stronger as did it more and tried
to study her pussy, so I would know what it was like when I
got the real thing!!! It got to the point, where if I didn't
have a good view, I would gently rub something on her to make
her move and change positions, so I could get a full view
of her pussy and sometimes even get lucky enough to where
it would be spread open!!!

The best was when she would be laying down on her back or side
and one leg was stretched out and the other was bent up, spreading
her crotch wide open for me to see!!! I would get soo turned
on, I would start masturbating right there while looking
at her pussy!! I know she had to have known a few times, but
she never led on, so I wasn't sure, I just had to hope
she never woke up or never knew!!

17 years old hit, and I started getting more serious with
girls, which made me more curious with my mom!!! I started
actually touching her pussy as she slept there on the couch!!
I would gently try to move her pussy lips, spread them, so
I could see between them!! Which got me more turned on, made
me jerk off more and made me push the limits even farther!!!

By this time, my sexual desires were getting stronger and
harder to control!!! I was almost entering my sexual peak
now!! I couldn't control myself as my cock would get
bigger and harder and start to throb!!! I would start to
lean in and sniff her pussy, touch her pussy and even started
to gently lick it with my tongue!!!! I was out of control!!!!!!

There were soooooo many times I almost got caught!!! I would
touch her pussy with my fingers or tongue and she would move
and almost wake up and I would drop to the floor and lay still,
heart pounding fast, hoping she wouldn't wake up and
see me or catch me!!! But this only made me hornier and made
me push the limits more!! I would get excited, knowing what
I was doing was wrong, but such a turn on at the same time!!!

I pushed it farther and farther!!! Getting to the point
where I would actually get my finger inside her pussy and
feel her warm moist insides!!! Driving me crazy!!!! I started
getting to the point were I knew her sleeping habits perfectly
and I could finger her pussy and lick her pussy, knowing
exactly what her reactions would be!!! I knew exactly what
she would do, and if I should stop and hide or stop and wait
and do more!!!

Now I was 18, and just finally graduated!!! I thought I knew
her exact motions and could never be caught!! I don't
know if she knew all this time and just let me do it, or if I
was really that good, but I couldn't see how I could
have gotten away with fingering her and eating her out soo
many times and her never waking up!! I sat right in front
of her and jerked off soooo many times while touching her
pussy or licking her pussy, and she never woke up!?!

My time was running short though!!! I found out the truth
very quickly and shockingly!!! I was never sooo scared
and nervous in my life!!!!! She was sleeping on the couch
and I was sitting on the floor next to her with my cock in my
hand, touching her pussy and just leaning in, getting ready
to taste it yet again, when she scared the shit out of me and

My heart almost stopped and I could hardly breath!!! I was
frozen and didn't know what to do or say!!! She said,
what were you thinking? I said in a trembling voice, I have
never seen a girls private parts and I was just curious what
it looked like!!! She had a stern look on her face, but didn't
say anything yet! I didn't know if she was really mad
and getting ready to yell, or if she wanted to hear my excuse

I said, I didn't want to feel stupid my first time!!!
I'm sorry, I’m sorry!!! I don't know what I was
thinking!!!! I'm really sorry!!! Please don't
be mad!!!!! She still didn't say anything and that
just made me more nervous and more scared!!! I said I didn't
even see anything anyway!! You woke up just as I tried to
look!! She finally spoke!!! She said, don't lie to
me!!!! What were you doing? I can tell when you’re lying
to me!!

I said, I told you!! That's all that happened!!! I was
just being stupid and wanted to see what it looked like,
so I didn't feel weird my first time!!! She said, your
lying!!!!! Just tell me the truth and I won't be as mad!!!
I said, I am!! I am!!! She said, no you not!!! I know you already
know what it looks like!!! So tell me the truth!! I said,
you do? She said yes, I do!!!

I thought I was busted, and had to come clean or she was going
to get pissed!!! I said, ok, I have peaked a few times before,
but that's all!! She said, WHAT? You’ve done this before?
I said, I thought you said you knew? She said, I knew you saw
one!! I caught you in your room with your girlfriend, but
never said anything, because I didn't want to embarrass
you!! I didn't know you were a peeping tom with me!!

She said, now you really better tell me the truth!! I said,
please don't be mad!!! I was just being stupid and not
thinking!!! Every one screws up and does stuff they know
is wrong once or twice!! She said, so your saying you just
peaked under my robe once or twice and that’s all, nothing
else? Are you sure? I said, yes, that's it!! She said,
then why were you touching me? I thought you said, you just
peaked? I looked scared and nervous and didn't know
what to say!! She said, what else are you lying about? Can
I believe anything you say?

I said, you knew I touched you? She said, yes!! I was awake
for about 5 minutes!!! So why don't you tell me exactly
what you were doing and how long this has been going on!!
I said, why didn't you say anything sooner? Why did
you let me go on as long as I did? She said, don't try to
turn this around on me!!! I want to hear the truth from you!!
I want you to tell me exactly what has been going on behind
my back in your own words!!!

I figured by the way she said that, she knew everything and
wanted me to come clean!! She already tested and I failed,
so I figured I had to tell her the truth because she probably
already knew!! I just couldn't understand why she
was awake and let me keep going!! I said, ok, but don't
be mad!!! I'm a stupid teenager that does stupid stuff!!

I said, it started out about a month or so ago, when I started
dating Melissa!! I just wanted to kinda know what it looked
like so I didn't seem like an idiot!! Well, one night
I saw your robe was half open and I looked!! A few days later,
I noticed it again, so I looked again!! After a while I started
getting curious and thought maybe I could see it closer
and get a better look so I would know what I was dealing with!!

Well, me being stupid and looking at it closer made me get
more curious and mad me want to see more, so I touched it so
I could see what it looked like inside!! Then touching it,
made me curious to see what it felt like, so I started to feel
it too!! Then one thing led to another and before I knew it,
you woke up and caught me!!

She said, that’s it? That is all that happened? Tell me the
truth!!! I was nervous and didn't know what she knew
now!!! I thought she must have known more or she wouldn't
be asking like that, so I said, well, I kinda tasted it a little!!!!
I'm really sorry!!! I just licked it for a second to
see what it tasted like!! I couldn't help it!!! Once
I started, I couldn't stop!!! I'm really sorry!!!
I don't know what came over me!!!!

She said, I know exactly what you have been doing!!! And
your still lying!! I have known for about 4 months now!!!
I said, if you have known for soo long, why did you let me keep
doing it? She said, in the beginning, I didn't know
what to do!! I was shocked, and a little shy, and didn’t know
how to react!! I figured it was just a curiosity thing and
you would look and it would be over!! So I didn't want
to make a big deal about it and I didn't want to embarrass
us both!!!

Then, when you did it again, I figured if you were sneaking
around like that, you must have been desperate!! So, I let
you do it again, figuring you just wanted to be sure about
what you saw! Then, when I first noticed you touching me,
I didn't know what to do again, I was embarrassed and
knew you would get embarrassed too if I said anything, so
I let it go again! Then I woke up and you had your mouth down
there, and I really didn't know what to do!!

I kinda put myself in a hard situation, letting it go, and
not saying anything! It was just as much my fault as yours!!
If I stopped you in the beginning, none of this would have
happened, but letting it go, was my mistake and gave you
more confidence to try again, so I couldn't be mad at
you for something I could have stopped!! Then, when you
kept coming back, I figured you needed help, so I let you
explore your curiosities!!

Now I figured you had more than enough time to explore and
check things out, so I finally got up the nerve to say something!!!
Anyway, if you were soo nervous and curious about girls,
why didn't you just ask me in the begging? Why didn't
you just ask for help? I said, yea right!! If I asked you to
for help and asked you to show me what your parts looked like,
you would have said ok!?! She said, I don't know what
or how you would have asked, and know how I would have reacted
or what I would have done, but you should have trusted me
to try to help in some way or another!!

I said, sorry, I should have at least asked for some advice
or something!! I know that now!! I'm really sorry!!
She said, well, since we're here and on the subject,
is there anything I can help you with still? Is there anything
you want to know or ask? I said, I want to know everything!!!
And I laughed!!! I said, if you want to help me, I'm willing
to learn anything you can teach me or show me!! She said,
I can try to teach you whatever I can, but what can I show you?
I said, I am interested in anything you think you can show

She said, where do you want me to start? I said, from the beginning!!!
I want to learn everything you can teach me!!! I felt sooo
uncomfortable and clueless the first time I was with Melissa
and I don't want to feel that way again!!! So, we talked
for a while and she gave me advice about women and what they
like!!! I asked some questions and she answered them and
added whatever she thought was necessary!! We covered
just about everything we could, which was way more than
I ever expected from my mom!!!

I never thought I would ever be talking with my mom in such
detail like this and about the thing we were talking about!!
We covered everything from talking to girls, to kissing
and fore play, to what they like to have done to them and what
I should expect from them, all the way to the sexual acts
themselves!!! I couldn't believe I was having this
conversation with my mom and I was getting very aroused
with all this talk!!

I couldn't stop glancing between her legs, even though
I couldn't see under her robe!! She was sitting up and
her robe was covering her well, but my eyes still kept glancing,
hoping to see something!! I had kinda forgotten about my
cock being out for a while, until I realized from all this
talk, that it was hard again!! I didn't want to make
it obvious and reach down to put it away, so I ignored it and
hoped she wasn't looking or didn't notice it!!!

She said, is there anything else you want to ask or have me
show you? I said, I don't have any more questions yet,
but you can show me anything that you think will help me!!!
She said, what do you want me to show you? I said, anything
and everything!!! I laughed again and said, I wanted to
learn it all!! She said, I am just doing this to help you,
you know that, right? I said, yes, why? She gestured down
to my hard cock, and I blushed and said sorry!!! I tried to
put it way as I said, sorry, I don't have very good control
over it !!! It does that for no reason sometimes!!!

She said, it's ok, don't worry!! I know how that
is for boys!!! I was still fumbling around, trying to get
it put away, and she said, you might as well not do that!!
It's just gonna start hurting if you try to shove it
back in there!!! I felt embarrassed having a boner in front
of my mom, but then I figured it was just my karma getting
even with me for all I had done!!! She said, well? What can
I show you? I said, I don't know? Anything!!! She said,
well, I noticed you keep looking down at my legs!!! Is there
something you didn't see down there yet or want to see

I said, I you already know I looked, but could you help me
figure out what I was looking at? I have head things about
the vulva, the vagina, the clitoris, but I don't know
what is what!! She said, this is for education and education
only, right? I said, yes!! I just want to learn more so I don't
seem so nervous and inexperienced!! She said, as long you
understand I am only doing this to help you!?! I said, yes!!
I understand!! I would never ask you if it wasn't important!!

She said, ok, come closer! I started to scoot closer to her
as she slid down a little bit, sitting on the edge of the couch!
She said, are you sure you are comfortable with this and
want me to show you? I said, yes, please!! I wouldn't
have snuck around like that, if I didn't want to figure
it out soo bad!! She ok, here it goes! She undid her strap
on her robe and opened it a little and then said, screw it,
and just took the whole robe off!!

I couldn't believe it!! Here was my mom, sitting in
front of me totally naked!!! She had an amazing body!!!
Better than most of the women in the magazines that I had
looked at!! My cock was raging hard as I stared at my mom’s
incredibly hot body!!! She said, take it easy!! she noticed
my cock was hard as a rock, sticking straight up and throbbing
and pulsing!! I said, sorry, I can't help it!!! She
said, I know!! Just remember what I said!! I said, I know,
I know!!

She spread her legs open and exposed her beautiful, pink,
shaven pussy to me!! Ohhhhh my god!!!! I had to do everything
in my power, not to go crazy!!! She said, ok, what do you want
to know? I said, what is what? What are the parts and what
do I do with them? She looked down and told me what everything
was and pointed to each part as she told me what it was and
what it was for!! She told me what I should touch and what
I should do with them, and what not to touch!!

I stared intently as she told me everything, and then she
said, ohh the hell with it!! Go ahead and check it out!! Your
not gonna lean unless you feel around for yourself and figure
it out what it all is!! I just looked at her nervously and
confused and she said, go ahead!! It's ok, it's
the only way you will learn and understand it all!! My heart
pounded and I paused, not knowing what to do!! She said,
go ahead, touch it and feel around!! This is your chance
to see what it is all about, so you’re not confused about
it later!!

I reached up and started to touch and explore he pussy!!
Within seconds, I almost forgot she was my mom as I poked
and prodded my way around, getting more comfortable with
the whole thing!! She said, spread it open and look around!!
I spread her lips opened and stared at her pussy intently
as I examined very closely!! She said, what do you think?
Do you think you have it know? I said, yea, I think understand!!

I think she was getting just as turned on as I was, because
as I was touching her and moving around down there, I noticed
it was getting moister and moister!! She said, if your not
sure yet, go ahead and keep looking around!! You might as
well take advantage of it while you can!! She didn't
have to ask me twice!!! I continued to explore and feel my
way around and it got moister as I went!! I know she was liking
it now, because she was watching me intently as I explored
her pussy and she tightened and shivered a few times!!

She said, aren't you gonna check out the inside? That’s
an important part!!! I said, are you sure? it's ok if
I touch there too? She said, yea, that's part of the
whole thing, don't you want to know what to do next time
and what to expect? This is your chance to learn and explore
it!! Go ahead, put your finger in it!! Now I was wondering
if she was trying to help me, or taking advantage of it and
trying to get off!! Did she like me touching her? Did she
actually want me to do more? Was she getting horny?

So, I put my finger down there and it was wet!!! I touched
around and then put my finger right at the hole and pushed
it inside!!! Ohhh my god!!! It was soooo warm and it felt
sooo good!!! I started to slide my finger in and out and she
let a moan slip out!!! Now I knew she was liking it and wanted
me to do it!! It wasn't just for me now, it was for her
too!! I looked at her when she moaned and she smiled and said,
see that means your doing it right!!

She said, keep going!! I want you to feel comfortable with
it!! I kept fingering her and she said, now touch my clit
with your other hand!! I said, like this? As I started to
touch it!! She said, no, rub it like this!! I started to do
as she said, and in about 30 seconds, she started to move
her hips around and tighten her body and shiver and even
started to let out quit moans!!

She said, well you might as well learn how to do it all!! She
said stop touching it and put your mouth down there!! You
will need to learn this eventually!! I leaned in and she
said, ok lick around and feel around it with your tongue!!
Taste it and see what it is like!! Ok, now lick the clit! Circle
your tongue around it!! Now suck on it a little bit!!!! She
let out a loud moan as I started to suck on her clit!!! She
said, yea, that's it!!! You’re getting it now!!!

She said, now lick down to the hole and slide your tongue
in and out a few times and then go back up to the clit!! I did
exactly what she said!!! Her pussy was soo wet and warm!!!
And it had the sweetest taste ever!!! I could taste her juices
flowing as I tongued her hole!! I worked back up to her clit
and she moaned again as I explored it and said, yea, that's
it!! Keep doing that!! Right there!! She moaned louder
and she reached down and grabbed my head and held it there
as she moaned and gyrated her hips and lifted her pussy up,
shoving it in my face as I ate her out!!!

She was pushing my head down on her pussy as she pushed her
pussy up in my face, I could hardly breath, but I kept eating
her out anyway!!!! She was moaning and wiggling around
like crazy as I ate her pussy!! I thought to myself... ohhh
my god!!! She is getting off on this!! She likes it!! Am I
gonna give my mom an orgasm? What’s going on? Am I making
my mom horny? Am I really eating her out? My cock was throbbing
like crazy and I started to stroke it as I ate her out!!!

She started moaning louder and saying ohh my god!! She started
going.. oooohh, oooohhh and shoving her pussy hard in my
face as she started to shake uncontrollably and moan louder
and louder and say, that’s it!! I'm cumming!!! She
shook and moaned and squeezed my head as she had a huge orgasm!!!
She pushed my head away as her legs shook uncontrollably
and said, are you sure you haven't done that before?
I said, not really, I tried, but she didn't like it!!

She said, that was perfect!! you have nothing to worry about
now!! She saw my cock was in my hand and she said, did you like
it? I said, yea, it was much better than I expected!! She
said I liked it a lot!!! That was very good!!! She said, so,
has she given you head? I said, kinda!! She did for about
a minute but that was it!! She said, did you like it? Did it
feel good? I said, I guess, but it was so quick, I didn't
really have time to enjoy it enough!!

She looked down at my cock and saw pre cum oozing from the
tip and said, well you sure look like you’re turned on!!
I said, yea, I have never done anything like that before!!
She said, maybe the reason she didn't do it very long
was because your penis is soo big!! I said, what do you mean?
She said, your penis is very big!! it is much bigger than
average!! I felt kinda weird hearing her talk about my cock,
but it kinda turned me on too!!

I said, it is? she said, yes!! You should feel lucky!! A lot
of girls would die to have one like that!! She said, a lot
of guys would die to have one that big too!! I said, wow, I
didn't know!! She said, do you want to see what it feels
like to have it sucked the right way? I said, do you mean by
you? She said, yea!! You said, you couldn't really
tell if you liked it or not because it was too quick!! I thought
maybe you might want to see what it was really like?

I said, sure!!! If you think that is ok!!! You don’t have
to though!! She said, no, I want to!! You should know how
it feels!! I said, ok!! She said get up here!! I got up and
sat down and she said, just relax and enjoy it!! Don't
think about it or anything else!!! Just close your eyes
and feel what I am doing!! She got down and kneeled between
my legs and grabbed my cock and stroked it as she looked at
it and said, wow, I can't believe how big it is!!

I thought, holly shit!!! My mom is rubbing my cock and telling
me how big it is!! She seems turned on by it and actually wants
to suck it!! What is happening here? I couldn't what
was going on and I was soooo freakin horny!!! My cock was
raging hard and pulsing in her hand!!! And we both were enjoying
it!!!? I was staring at my mom stroking my cock, waiting
for her to suck it!!! I wanted her to suck my cock soooo bad!!!!
More than anything ever before!!!!

She said, I told you to close you eyes and not think about
anything!! I said, I want to see how you do it!! I want to be
able to tell someone how to do it right if they aren't
doing it good!! She said, you will be able to tell by the feeling,
now just close your eyes!! I think maybe she felt awkward,
if I watched her suck my cock or something!?! She was my mom
and all!! But I wanted to watch her do it!!! How hot would
that be?

I said, please can I watch!?! I really want to!! She said,
ok, I guess, but don't think about what i'm doing,
just relax and enjoy it! I said, ok, thanks!!! She rubbed
and stroked my cock a little more and then leaned down and
licked the pre cum from the tip of my cock as she closed her
mouth on the tip and sucked it off!!! Ohhhh my god!!!! It
felt soooo good!!! I could have cum right then!!!

I accidentally let out a MMMMM and said, but that felt really
good!!! She smiled and said, that's ok!! If you feel
something good let me know, or if you feel like expressing
yourself in any way, go ahead and let it out, don't hold
it in!!! I said, ok, and continued to stare at her as she started
to lick up and down on my shaft and move her way to the tip and
lick the head of my cock!!! She opened her mouth and eased
my cock inside her warm, moist mouth and I let out a small
moan again!!!

She said, do you like that? I said, yes!!! Do it more!!! I
like it a lot!!! It feels really good!!! She smiled and lowered
her mouth onto my cock again, sucking it in and out of her
mouth, slowly and softly!!! As she raised and lowered her
mouth on my cock, I started to moan and tighten my cock hard
and lift my hips up!!! I said, that feels soooo good!!! I
kinda pushed my cock into her mouth every time she lowered
her head onto it!! And I moaned!! She said, relax!!! Take
it easy!!! Make it last!!!

I said, I don't know how!!! You told me not to hide anything
and let it out!! She said, yea, let out how it feels!! Let
me know how you like it!! But don't force it!! You don't
want to finish yet do you? Don't you want to make it last
and enjoy it!! I said yea, but I don't know how!! It feels
good and my instincts kick in!! She said, ok, I know how to
make it last!! Just try to control yourself a little bit
though, ok? I said, ok, I will try!!

She started to suck my cock again, and stroke the shaft as
she bobbed her head up and down slowly and softly!! As I would
start to get into it more, she would stop and start licking
the shaft up and down, letting the feeling go back away and
then continue to put it back in her mouth and suck again!!
She did this for about 10 minutes, stopping and starting
again, making sure it would last longer!! She stopped stroking
the shat when she realized it made get close to quickly and
she started rubbing my balls as she sucked my cock, thinking
it would feel good, but not get me too close, too quick!!

She was right!!! It felt really good!!! I couldn't
believe I was sitting there watching my mom sucking up and
down on my hard cock and rubbing my balls!!! I knew I liked
it very much and started to realize that she was getting
turned on really bad also!! She let out a few moans and MMMM's
as she sucked my cock and it made me soooo freaking horny
to know she was enjoying sucking my cock sooo much also!!!
I would closer quicker and quicker now, and she stopped
trying to lick my shaft to let the feeling go away, because
she knew I was really liking it and even that could make me
cum by now!!

So, now when I would get close, she would stop and go down
and start licking and sucking on my balls for a minute or
so, to let it go down!!!! It was sooo hot watching her sucking
my cock and then going down and sucking my balls, trying
to make me last longer!!! Watching her licking and sucking
my balls was such a huge turn on!!!! I still couldn't
believe it was happening!!! She prolonged it and sucked
my cock and balls for a total of about 30 minutes or more before
she figured she would get ready to let me cum!!!!

I couldn't believe she liked sucking my cock soo much!!
She had to like it if she tried to make me last soo long and
do it for soo long!! It must have been turning her on and making
her horny, because after a little more than a half an hour,
she reached down and started touching her pussy and moaning
as she sucked my cock sooo good!!!! She started bobbing
her head up and down on my rigid cock faster and harder and
mumbling little moans as she did it!!! I wanted to cum sooo
bad!!!! I thought I was gonna blow my wad right in her mouth!!!!!

I started moaning louder and saying how good it felt and
saying I was getting close!!! She stopped again and said,
so, do you like it? I said, Yes!!! It feels sooo good!!! I
can't believe how good it feels!! Don't stop,
keep doing it, keep doing it!! I think i'm gonna cum
soon!!! She said, not yet!! I said, please suck it more!!
I love it!! It feels sooo good!!! She smiled and started
to bob her head up and down on my huge swollen cock again and
she started to moan louder and squeeze my cock tightly as
she started to have another orgasm!!!!

She shook and moaned, and squeezed my cock as she said, i'm
cumming again!!! I thought I was gonna blow my wad right
then!! She finished her orgasm and looked at me and said,
are you ready to cum now? I said, ohhh yes!!! I'm ready!!
What do I do? She said, don't worry, just let it happen!!
I said, what do you mean? What do I do when i'm gonna cum?
where do I cum? It had been over 45 minutes of getting my cock
sucked now and it has been building up and building up!!!
I knew from past masturbating, that the longer I held it
off, the more cum I would generate and the farther it would

I knew when I came, it was gonna go everywhere!!! She said,
just let me know when your gonna cum and I will take care of
it!! I said, ok, you want me to just let it go wherever? She
said, yea, just let me know ahead of time!! I said, ok, but
it's gonna make a mess, I know there's gonna be
a lot!!! She said, that's ok!! She started sucking
my cock again and stroking the shaft vigorously!!! I could
feel the cum rising within a few more minutes and was nervous
about cumming so I squeezed with all my might!!

She could feel my cock swell and tighten in her mouth and
she stopped and said, your gonna tell me right? I said, yes!!!
She said, ok, don't hold back!! She dropped her head
back down on my pulsing cock and started sucking it fast
and hard again and stroking the shaft quickly and tightly!!
Within seconds, I could feel it quickly rising again, and
was still nervous about cumming, so I tightened as tight
as I could and said, get ready!!! I said, i'm gonna cum,
i'm gonna cum!!!

I moaned louder and repeated myself... i'm gonna cum!!!
I can't hold it!!! oooohhhhh, oooohhhh!!!! I couldn't
stop it and I exploded!!! I blasted a huge powerful shot
right in her mouth and she jerked away quickly, and almost
gagged as my cum hit the back of her throat!!! She looked
shocked and amazed as she jerked her head from my giant,
throbbing cock and watched as another huge, powerful shot
exploded out and squirted all over me!!!

Her eyes widened as she looked at my huge cock erupt another
powerful blast that again squirted all over me!!! I moaned
and said, I told you!!! I moaned again and again as she stroked
my cock and pulled it back, so the next eruption wouldn't
squirt all over me, but as she pulled back on it, I unleashed
another huge, explosion and this time, it sprayed right
across her face, making her flinch, and close her eyes as
it blasted across her face!!

I said, again, as I moaned with pleasure, see, I told you!!
There's more!!!! She looked at my cock with a shocked
look as it shot a 5th powerful blast, straight up in the air
and down onto my stomach!!! The next thing completely and
utterly amazed me!!!!! She kinda shrugged her shoulder
a little bit like she was thinking something and quickly
dropped her mouth down onto my cock, swallowing it deep
in her throat as I let loose another blast and another blast,
squirting down her throat as my long cock almost gagged

She sucked and swallowed hard on my cock as I unleashed the
last 2 shots down her throat!!! She swallowed a few more
times after I finished flooding her mouth with cum!!! She
lifted her mouth from my pulsing cock and looked at me with
a weird look and then stared back down at my huge cock as she
squeezed my shaft up and down a few more times, milking the
last few drops to the tip of my swollen, purple mushroom
head!!! She leaned down and sucked the tip of my cock head,
getting the last few drops cleaned off of it!!

She said, I take it you enjoyed that? I said, ohhhhh yes!!!!
That was incredible!!! It was like nothing I ever felt before!!
She said, good!!! I'm glad!!! I really enjoyed it too!!!!
I said, so, what did it taste like? I didn't know you
would let me cum in your mouth!?! She said, I didn't
think I was gonna either, but I didn't know what to do!!
It was going everywhere!!! She said, it wasn't bad
though!!! Salty, but that's about it!! She said, do
you always cum like that? I said, sometimes!! It's
not always the same, but normally it is pretty close to that!!

My cock was still hard as rock and she said, is it ok? I said,
yea, why? She said, it's still hard? doesn't it
normally go down after you cum? I said, sometimes!! Sometimes
it gets soft after I cum and sometimes it seems to get harder!!!
She was still holding it in her hands and staring at it, and
I said, it looks like this is one of the times that it stays
hard!!! I don't know why it does that? She just kinda
stared at my huge cock, pulsing and throbbing in her hand,
like she was amazed at it or like she waiting for it to get
soft or something!?! I don't know exactly, but she
just kinda stared at it!

I said, normally it doesn't go back down unless I make
myself cum again or I get up and walk around for a few minutes
or so!! She said, really? I said, yea, it kinda sucks sometimes!!
She said, are you finished or do you want to do something
else to make it go back down? I said, we could do something
else if you don't mind!!! It kinda hurts if I just wait
for it to go away on it's own!!! She said, do you want
to try to see what it feels like inside me? You could put just
the tip inside and feel it for a minute!?!

I said, I don't know? Is that ok? She said, I guess it
would be ok, for just a minute!! If you just put the tip in
to see what it feels like!!! You don't have to!! I just
thought you might want to know what it feels like in there!!
Just a suggestion!! I said, ok, I guess if you don't
mind, I would like to try!! She said, ok! I think she actually
wanted to feel my big cock inside her!!! I think she was trying
to persuade me to fuck her!! Either way, I was horny as hell
and all for putting my cock in her pussy!!! I have fantasized
about it for years!!!

I figured if things went the way they were before, I probably
would have eventually tried to rub it on her or put it inside
her while she was sleeping anyway!!!! So, why not take advantage
of it while I had the chance!!! She sat on the edge of the couch
and said, come here!! I moved between her legs and she said,
rub the tip around and get it wet first!!! She looked down
and watched me as I held my big cock in my hand and rubbed the
tip of my mushroom head up and down her extremely wet pussy!!!!

I said, like this? She said, yea, that's good!!! Keep
doing that for a minute!!! She said, now rub it on my clit
for a minute!!!! She was getting off on me!!! She was taking
advantage of me and it was turning me on like never before!!!
She thought she was being non-chalaunt, but I knew she wanted
my cock like no tomorrow!!! I continued to rub my throbbing
cock on her clit and she started to quietly moan and then
quickly said, ok, ok, put it back down there!!

I lowered my cock and rubbed it around her pussy hole again
and I couldn't believe how wet and warm it was!!!!!
She said, do you want to try to put it in now? I said, sure!!!
She said, ok, slowly push the tip inside!! I put the tip against
her pussy opening and slowly pushed!! It slid inside rather
easily as it was dripping wet and probably dieing to have
me inside it!! She said, ok stop!! OHHHHHHH my god!!!!!!
It felt amazing!!!!! If I hadn't just cum, I probably
would have blown my wad right then!!!

She said, so, how does it feel? I said it feels amazing!!!
It is sooo warm and moist!!! I said, how does it feel to you?
She said, it feels really good!!! It feels warm to me too!!
I said, you like how it feels inside you? She said, yes!!
I said, then can I stay inside a little longer? She said,
ok, a little bit longer!! But then you should probably take
it out!! I tried to lean forward as gently as possible, hoping
it would slide in farther without being obvious!!

As it went in a little farther, se said, what are you doing?
I said, nothing!! She said, you went in more!! I said, no
I didn't!! She said, that thing is really big, I can
tell if it goes in more or not!! I knew she wanted it just as
bad as I did, or she wouldn't have let me put it in!!!
She just didn't want to obvious that she wanted my cock
inside her!!! I said, sorry, it just feels soo good I wanted
to feel a little bit more!! I said, you said, it felt good
too!! Can't I just go in a little bit more? She said,
ok, a little bit!!

This confirmed it!! She wanted my cock, and she wanted me
to fuck her!! She was just playing hard to get!! I pushed
it in more and more and she said, ok, that's far enough!!
I stopped and said, ok, sorry, it's just hard, because
it feels soo good!! Doesn't it feel good to you? She
said, yes it does, but I told you just the tip and now your
pushing it!!! I said, I know, but it feels good and you said
it feels good too!! Can I please just feel it all the way in
for a second? PLEASE!!!!

She said, your pushing your luck! She didn't say no,
and didn't tell me to stop or pull it out, so I continued
to pressure her!! I said, come on, please!!! Just for a second
and I will stop!!! I just want to feel it all the way inside,
one time!!! Just once!!! She said, ok, just once! Just for a second!! I knew she wanted
my cock bad now or there is no way I could have convinced her
soo easily!!

I slowly pushed my cock all the way inside her tight, wet,
warm pussy!!! It felt sooo-freaking good!!!! She winced
as my big cock buried itself all the way, deep inside her!!
I don't think she realized just how big it was until
it was all the way in!! I said, wow!!! That is amazing!! I
never imagined it would feel this good!! I said, does it
feel that good to you too? She said, yea, it feels really,
really good!!! She didn't make me pull it back out as
I stalled, trying to keep it deep inside her tight hole!!

I said, I can’t believe how tight it feels!! She said, well
it's big, what did you expect? I said, does it hurt?
She said, no it doesn't hurt, but it defiantly feels
big inside me!! I was stalling good and getting to keep my
hard cock in her longer than she agreed to!!! I knew she didn't
mind and she wanted more!! She would let me do anything I
asked, because I knew she would eventually just let me fuck
her!! I tried to talk to her to make her not pay attention
to what I was doing!! I started to pull my cock back and then
slowly push it back inside her as I said, does it always feel
this tight or are you just tight or is my penis just big?

I had already pulled back and pushed in and pulled back again,
by now and she said, it does normally feel pretty tight,
but yes, your dick is bigger than normal, so it does feel
a little tighter!! I had pushed back inside again, now and
working my way back out for a third time!! I said, I really
can't believe how good it feels!! I was now pushing
my way back inside her pussy for the fourth time!! I said,
does it feel really good to you or just ok? I was pulling back
out again as she said, yes, it does feel really good and then
noticed I was pushing my cock inside her again!!

She said, wait a second!!!! I thought it was supposed to
be for just a second? I said, yea, it's only been a second!!!
As I was pulling back again!!! She said, NO, it has been more
than that!! Why didn’t you stop? I pushed my cock back inside
her for the 6th time and said, because you didn't tell
me to stop yet!! She said, we agreed, just for a second!!
I didn't think I had to tell you to stop? I figured you
would have done it on your own since you said, only for a second!!
I continued to fuck her, making it a little more obvious

I said, ohhh I thought you would tell me when it was time!!
I didn't know!! I had my hands on her thighs and was fucking
her at a slow, but steady pace now!!! She said, well do I have
to tell you to stop then? I said, no, you don't!! It feels
really good and you haven't said anything yet, so you
must not have wanted me to stop!!! She said, you were talking
and I wasn’t paying attention to what you were doing, I was
listening to you!! I said, come on, you must like it just
as much as I do!!! She said, yes I do, but that doesn't
make it right!! I said, please, were already here, just
let me do it a little longer!!! She said, boy, you sure are
pushing it aren’t you? I said, I can’t help it, it feels soo
good!! Don’t you like it? She said, I told you yes, obviously
it feels good, but…

I interrupted her and said, don’t say but!! Your not getting
mad and telling me to stop, so I think you like it too, lets
just enjoy it a little bit longer, please!!! I had been sliding
my huge cock in and out of her extremely tight, wet pussy
for about 4 or 5 minutes by now at a steady pace and she said,
well, obviously your not gonna listen to me and take no for
an answer!! I said, if you tell me no, I will stop, but you
haven’t said, no yet!!! She said, ok, just stop talking
and go ahead!!!! I continued to fuck her warm, moist pussy
and she started to moan little bit and move her hips around!!

I looked at her when she moaned, and I smiled and asked if
it felt good and if I was doing it right?!! She said, your
doing perfect!!! It feels great!!!! I continued to look
at her as I fucked her and watched her expressions, but she
said, I can’t enjoy this with you staring at me like that!!!
It’s making me feel weird!! She pushed against my chest
and said, I want you to keep going, it feels sooo good, but
I just can’t!! I said, why? Please don’t make me stop!! She
said, I don’t want to, but I can’t look at you while your having
sex with me!! It’s just too weird!! I said, isn’t there another
way? Can’t we do it in a different position? Please!!! I
know you like it!!!

She said, your driving me crazy!!!! I shouldn’t be feeling
like this!!! I said, what do you mean? She said, your making
me feel soo good and I want to keep going soo bad!!! I said,
then lets keep going!! What’s stopping us? She said, I never
felt like this before!! I said, like what? She said, I never
wanted to have sex sooo bad in my life!!! I am soooo aroused
right now and your penis feels sooo good inside me, but at
the same time, I feel like what we’re doing is wrong!!! I
said how can it be wrong if it feels soooo good? She said,
because your penis is soo big and feels soo good, but your
penis shouldn’t be inside me!! I said, please stop calling
it my penis, that sounds weird!! Call it my dick like everyone
else does!! Dick sounds more mature and un mother like!
I said, and for the other part, it’s already too late don’t
you think?!! We are past right and wrong now!! Let’s just
go with our feelings and what we’re doing!!!

She pushed me back farther and started to move!! She turned
around with her back facing me and slid down on the floor
in front of the couch and bent over the couch and said, I can’t
take it anymore!!!! Just fuck me!!! You obviously know
I want it, so just do it already!!! I sat there behind her,
horny as hell as she just told me she wanted me and told me
to fuck her!!! I stared at her perfect ass!!! It was sooo,
tight and round and small!!! Like she could get millions
posing with it!!! I stared at the view of her beautiful ass
and shaven pussy lips glistening in front of me and was almost
in a trance!!! She wiggled her ass at me and spread her legs
a little wider and said, are you going to put your dick in
me or what?

I wished I had a camera, so I could have taken a picture of
that amazing view to jerk of to in the future!! I stared for
a second longer, thinking if I hadn’t just cum a few minutes
ago, I would have probably cum while looking at her ass and
thinking about putting my big cock in that tight little
thing!!!!! She said, come on, fuck me!! I want your big dick
inside me again!!! Almost cuming from her dirty talk, I
grabbed my cock and pushed it back inside her tight wet pussy!!!!
It felt even better this time!! Her pussy was warmer and
wetter than before and we were both more turned on and excited!!!!!
I stared at her perfect ass as I started to slide my cock in
and out of her pulsing pussy!!!!

I was fucking her kinda slow, because I wasn’t really sure
how to do it and because I was watching my huge cock stretching
her pussy open wide as it slid in and out of it!!!! She reached
down and started to play with her clit as she said, fuck me
harder!! Ohhhhh my god!! My mom is now telling me to fuck
her!!!! And playing with her pussy as she does it!!! This
sooo much more than I ever expected, when I tried to peak
earlier!!! I never thought I would have ended up not only
eating her out, but getting head from her, her swallowing
some of my cum, and now, her telling me to fuck her harder
as she is moaning and playing with her clit!!!!! I am the
luckiest guy in the world!!!!!

I started to push my big cock deeper into her tiny pussy,
feeling like I would hurt her!!! She is only 4’11” and 100
lbs and I am 5’10” 165 lbs, so she looks tiny to me and doesn’t
look like she should be taking a cock like mine all the way
inside her tight, little body!!!! But the deeper I pushed,
the more she moaned and started to tell me to fuck her faster
now!!!!!! I started to pick up the pace and fuck her faster
and faster, shoving my huge cock inside her tiny hole with
every thrust!!!!! Her fingers worked her clit faster and
she moaned louder and louder as I pounded her tight little
body from behind!!!!! She started moaning louder and talking
dirty more!! Saying yea, that’s it!! Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!!!
OHHHHH that feels sooo good!!!! Ohhhhhh yea!!!!!

She started to shove her ass back against my hard cock as
I fucked her!! I slowed down as she started to do the fucking,
slamming her ass against my cock!! I watched her thrusting
her body back and forth on my cock and she said, fuck me harder
again!!! I started to thrust my cock hard and fast, deep
into her pussy as she also thrust her ass back into me at the
same time!!!! My cock bottomed out hard inside her pussy
every time!! I thrust forward and she thrust backward each
time making my cock ram her hard and forcefully!!!! She
started to shake and convulse as she said, I’m gonna cum
again, she started moaning faster and more heavily as she
had another orgasm, the third one I think!!! Her pussy tightened
on my big cock like a vise as she convulsed and moaned her
way through her orgasm!!!!

I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was clenching my
cock as she finished and then she loosened her grip and I
started to fuck her hard and fast again!!! Her pussy was
hot, dripping wet, swollen, and much looser now as my cock
was absolutely destroying it!!!! I was soo horny and excited,
I couldn’t help but pound her from behind like a mad man!!!!!
She said, are you gonna cum again? Are you getting close?
I said, I don’t know? I don’t feel anything yet!!! Why? She
said, you going pretty hard and fast, I figured you would
be close now!! I said, what do I do, when I am ready? Do, I cum
inside you or do I pull out, or what?

She said, what do you want to do? I said, I don’t know? I never
did it before!! She said, well, let me know when your getting
close and we will figure out then!! I continued to fuck her
for about 10 more minutes or so, a total of about almost a
half an hour so far!!! She said, are you getting close yet?
I said, no not yet!! I think it might have been because her
pussy was getting looser and looser as I fucked her!!! I
don’t know though!! She said, it’s starting to hurt now,
I don’t know how much longer I can take it!! If you want to
cum, you better do it soon!!!! I wanted to cum very bad!!!!
I said, ok, just a little bit more!!!

I fucked her for about 5 more minutes and I was feeling nothing!!!
It felt really, really good, but I wasn’t like I was gonna
cum!! She said, ok, you have to stop now!! I can’t take it
any longer!!! I said, no, please, just a little more!!!
She said, you said that 5 minutes ago!! I said, yea, but I
now it will happen!!!! She said, well, would you want to
put it in my butt? I said, in your butt? I heard people talk
about anal sex before and they said they liked it, but I thought
it would be messy or something! What about the poop? She
said, yea, haven’t you heard of anal sex before? I said,
yea, but I thought it sounded weird!! She said, it’s not,
really, you would like it!! Most guys do!!! She said, go
ahead, try it, you never know unless you try!!!

I thought, this is kinda weird!!! My mom is telling me to
fuck her more!! Like she can’t get enough or something?
Now she wants me to fuck her in the ass!!! I said, ok!!! My
cock was hard as a rock and her body was sooooo beautiful
looking I couldn’t say no!!!! I pushed my cock against her
tiny little ass hole and she said, wait!!!!! You have to
get it wet first!!! I said, how? She said, spit!!! Use some
saliva to get your dick wet and put some on my ass too, then
try to put it in!!!! I said, ok and I lathered my cock and her
tiny little ass hole up and returned the swollen mushroom
head of my cock to her ass and said, are you sure it is gonna
fit? Your butt hole looks really tiny compared to my dick!!!!!!
She said, yes, I have done it many times before!!!! It will
go in, trust me!!!

So, I pushed forward and she said, take it slow!! Ease it
in slowly and then let me get used to it for a minute before
you fuck me!! I gently pushed and the tip slowly spread her
tight little ass hole wider and wider as it worked it’s way
inside!! Finally, it just kinda let loose and my cock head
just kinda popped in the rest of the way, unexpectedly!!!
She immediately moaned or made some sort of noise and said,
ok wait a second!!! I waited as my cock throbbed inside her
virgin feeling ass!!! It was sooooo incredibly tight,
I thought the head of my cock must be turning purple by now!!!!
She said, ok, go in a little more!!! I pushed a little further
until the main part of my shaft started to enter her ass!!!
She said, ok, wait again!! I waited again, my eagerness
to start fucking her grew and grew as I waited like a little
boy in a candy store waiting for his treat!!!!

She said, ok now push it in!!! I pushed it all the way inside
her tight little ass hole until my hips were pushing against
her butt cheeks and my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass,
pushing against all her organs!!!!! She let out a squeal
and said, ohhh my god!!!! That thing is huge!!!!! Just let
it sit there for a second, I have to get used to that big thing
first!!! I waited and she said, ok, very slowly pull back
and push it back in!!! I eagerly started to slide my cock
slowly and gently in and out of her hot ass hole!!!!! I could
feel it start going in easier and easier as I started to pick
up the pace and fuck her more steadily!!!! She started to
moan as I fucked her tight little ass good and hard!!!!!!
It felt sooo much warmer and tighter than her pussy was feeling
and I knew this would make me cum!!!!

Her tight ass hole was almost milking my cock as I fucked
her and I started to moan a little and say how good it felt!!!!!
By now I was fucking at a quick steady pace her ass hole was
trying to squeeze the cum out of me!!!!! She reached back
and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as she said, fuck
my ass!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! That turned me on like nothing
else ever before!!!!! I started to pound her ass hard and
fast as I finally started to feel my cum rising!!!! I started
moaning louder and telling her good she felt as I pounded
harder and faster and harder and faster!!!!! I could my
cum rising quickly now!!!!! I said, ohhh yea!!!!! I’m gonna
cum now!!! I’m gonna cum!!! What do I do? She said, keep going!!!!
Fuck my ass and cum inside me!!!!! I fucked her ass hard and
fast as I moaned and squeezed my ass cheeks tight trying
not to cum until I couldn’t hold it!!!

Finally my cum forced it’s way out!! It exploded with the
first shot almost hurting as it parted the tip of my huge
swollen cock head!!!!! Then, my cock pulsed and throbbed
as it repeatedly gushed, huge wads of steamy cum deep inside
her ass!!!!! She moaned as my warm gooey cum quickly filled
her ass!!!!! She said, ohh my god, I can feel it cumming!!!!
I thrust my cock deep and hard inside her ass and held it there
tightly I pumped load after load after hot sticky cum inside
her!!!! When my cum finished squirting inside her, I stood
fully penetrated insider her ass and convulsed as my cock
tried to relax!!!!!! I quickly pulled back and thrust my
huge cock back inside her ass a few more times to milk the
rest of my cum out before exiting her hole!!!!

I pulled my cock out and squeezed it tightly at the base and
pushed to the tip, making sure it was empty!! It started
to soften quickly as I worked the rest out!!! She turned
and said, so did you like it? Does anal sex feel good? I said,
ohhh my god, yea!!!! It was soo tight and warm!!!! As soon
as I started, I knew I was gonna cum!!!!!! She said, I’m glad
to see your dick finally went down!!!! Although I loved
it, I don’t think I could have taken much more of you!!!!
She said, so did I help you any? Did I fix your curiosities?
I said, YES!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!! That was
incredible!!!!! I won’t feel awkward at all next time!!!
I feel like I could do anything now!!!! She laughed and said,
don’t get too cocky now!! I said, sorry, I just mean I won’t
feel stupid and shy and uncomfortable now!!!

She said, good, I’m glad we got all this straightened out!!!
So, now I am not gonna find you trying to peak at me while I
am sleeping anymore, right? Your curiosities are all taken
care of and answered? I said, yes!! For now anyway!!!! She
said, well if you have any other problems in the future,
just ask me this time, and don’t sneak around!! It might
be more beneficial for us both that way!!! I said, ok, I’m
sorry, I will ask next time!!! She said, is there anything
else right now before we quit? I said, no, not right now!!
I can hardly think straight right now!!! My mind is going
a million miles per hour with all this new stuff going through
it!! She said, ok I wouldn’t want to overload you brain with
too much information all at once!!! I said, what, is there
more? She said, there is always more!!!

She said, another time though!! I think we both need to just
go to bed and get some sleep right now!! We both just had an
overwhelming experience and should take it easy for now!!!
I said, yea, I am kinda tired now!! I went to bed, but I couldn’t
sleep! I just layed there and thought about what had just
happened!!! My dick got hard again as I thought about it
and I rubbed it a little bit until I hear some noise!! I listened
closer and hear my mom moaning and I got up to investigate!!
I snuck around and peaked in her room and saw her masturbating!!
My cock immediately got harder and started throbbing as
I watched her masturbate, but I didn’t want to push my luck
any more than I ready had!! I just sat there and watched her
quietly as I stroked my cock!! She was masturbating, thinking
about we just did, like I was doing a minute earlier!!

I watched her play with herself until she had an orgasm and
then went back to my room and finished jerking off myself!!!
I thought maybe next time I would ask her how a woman masturbates
and maybe she might let me watch!! If there is ever a next
time that is!! I layed there thinking about a million things
for the next possible time until I fell asleep!!!

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very hot story...also very wrong, but still hot!

Hammanahammanahammana ...\8


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thats so wrong. but gawd, i am so wet right now. totally turned
on. mmmmmmmmm


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A very well written story and a great turn on. You are very
lucky to have had this experience. Is it wrong? That is for
you and your mother to decide not anyone else.


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Mother & son going at it like that! wow! It seems more acceptable than father & daughter, but if they are OK with it , no etc, then so be it. If Mum wants some more on the side I am up for it


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I sure would like to fuck your mum if she allows me.


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Reminds me of a friend of my mothers, enjoying her and the
things she taught me.She even took me to one of her other
girl friends to pleasure them both as well as myself.I was
fourteen they where around forty to forty five, one hell
of a adventure.


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A very well written story. Your mother did for you in one
day things that you might never known. Some may say that
what you two did was wrong, maybe it was. But it was done with
love and respect. Your very lucky. Bill.


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My mom is OK but her younger sister is still really hot, at
around 80!! I would really like to do her, in fact I have had
the hots for auntie Myrt for a long time.


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That was incredible!

Well written and just so hot!

Let's hear more of the adventures of you and your very
hot mom.


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well written and i couldn't stop touching myself.


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best way to learn sex is from your mother


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is this a re-post? or a copy of an article from another source?
... this is uncanilly familiar.


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fucking excellent. fingers crossed on hope for a next time.


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Although it is a work of fiction, it is an excellent article.
I am not Oprah to complain about that. Thanks alot!


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quote rm_lovepussy30:
Although it is a work of fiction, it is an excellent article. I am not Oprah to complain about that. Thanks alot!
Don't make coments about things you have no clue about!!!!!!
Your right, you are not Oprah, so try to think you know anything
about other people!!


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I really don't care one way or another but as a trained
psychologist i would have to say your overreraction to
one non-believer certainly triggers some major credibility
red flags. If you and your mother are ok with it, simply enjoy
it for what it was and don't respond with such hostility.


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WOW, that was great! My son found some pics of me naked and
I know he got off while looking at them. It was kind of a trn
on when I found out.


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Excellent story. I'l look forward to more work. Well done.



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A very good story. You need to understand it is a work ones
mind, and not get critical. If you don't like it don't
read it. GREAT STORY.


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well writen.. my 1st sex experience was with my aunt my 1st
sex was with my buddies mom...i was young too..loved the
writeing bro ...print a book


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Hey, Mom's a hottie!!!


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Well written erotic story !


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Hey thanks for a fantastic story, totally HOT!!!!


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great story, well written


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oh there is nothing like moms love


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Is this a real true story? Its very hot.but have some doubts.


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Great story, I really enjoyed it.


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WOW !!! I wish I had lessons like that ....cumming again and again..Thanks


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very hot well written and good length


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I came so hard, wish this were me.


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I guess that is one way to learn...