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A work in progress... how should it end?


Friday Night

This fantasy starts in the bathtub. I am taking a bath when
Jenn walks in through the open door. She asks if she can join
me. How can I refuse? As Jenn undresses, I delight in the
sight of her body; her creamy smooth skin, her breasts,
her sexy legs, and, as she steps into the tub, her round butt.
As she steps in, I can’t help but squeeze her butt a little.
She squeals a little in surprise. I spread my legs so she
can sit in between them. She sits with her back to me and I
start to massage her shoulders. She must have had a tough
day at work. Her muscles are so tense! Finally, she starts
to relax. With a slight moan of pleasure, she lays back against
my chest. I lovingly kiss her neck and shoulders and nibble
at her ears until her body melts against mine. She feels
so wonderful! I decide she needs to be totally pampered.
So I start to give her a sensual bath. I start by washing her
arms and shoulders with a pouf sponge. Then I start to rub
down the front of her body. Another small moan escapes her
lips as the sponge brushes her nipples. I notice they start
to get hard. As I am washing, I playfully squeeze one of them,
much to her delight. Her breath quickens as my hands move
gently and lovingly down her body. But I don’t touch her
hidden treasures. No, not yet. I wash down her legs as far
as I can reach. Then I reach under and rub back up to her butt.
We are now both aware of my erect cock pressing against her
butt. She reaches behind and gives it a gentle squeeze.
The thrill of her touch runs through my body like electricity.
I have her stand up in the tub so I can finish her bath. Now
my hands start at her feet and travel up her smooth legs.
Slowly, they work their way up her legs, past her knees until,
finally, they reach her inner thighs. As I reach up, she
spreads her legs as if inviting my touch. But I slow down
here, teasing her with my gentle touch. And my hands also
wander behind her to tease and squeeze her butt. She thrusts
her hips towards my fingers as they near her pussy lips,
begging for my touch. Finally, I lightly touch them, and
even though she is wet from head to toe, I can imagine the
wetness between her legs is not all bath water. I gently
open the lips to look for her clit. Then I gently brush it
with first the sponge and then my fingers. Unable to wait
any longer, I grab both of her butt cheeks and guide her over
me until she is straddling my face. I look up and see her treasures
smooth as the day she was born and I can smell her sweetness.
I guide Jenn down until I am able to open her lips with my tongue.
As my tongue explores between her lips, I nearly cum right
there at the first taste of her pure sweetness. It is the
best thing I have ever tasted! I work towards the front until
I reach her clit. Her moaning is getting louder as I suck
it between my lips. It’s not long before she is flooding
my face with her juices as she has her first orgasm of the
night. The first of many to come this weekend! She slowly
sits back down, this time facing me. And our legs are intertwined.
We lock together in a loving embrace. Our lips meet in a passionate
kiss. Our tongues dance with each other, and our hands explore
each others body. My fingers gently explore her butt, stopping
momentarily to tease the hole. Then they move on and gently
stroke her smooth pussy. Meanwhile, I can feel her hands
on me, moving slowly down my body. Her hands seem to hesitate
a bit at my waist, so I moan my approval and place one of her
hands on my butt. With that encouragement, her fingers
continue their exploration. Her other hand slips down
the front of my body and reaches for my penis. A wave of pleasure
washes over me as she slowly strokes my cock. She then tells
me to sit on the side of the tub because she has a surprise
for me. I do as she says and lift myself out of the water. She
spreads open my legs so that she can get between them. She
then proceeds to kiss her way down my body until she reaches
my erect penis. She playfully teases it by licking the tip
of it with her tongue. It jumps slightly with this new, wonderful
feeling. Then, feeling more daring, she sucks and licks
on the head. Slowly, she puts more and more in her mouth until
I can feel her nose on my tummy. Realizing she can easily
put it all in her mouth, she starts to suck it in and out more
confidently. This is the best blowjob I have ever had! Then,
while still sucking my cock, she starts to play with and
lightly squeeze my testicle in her hand. I can also feel
her other hand sliding down my back and finally cupping
my butt, her fingertips coming to rest in between my crack.
I look down and see the awesome sight of my hard prick sliding
in and out of her sweet mouth. My hands run through her soft
hair and stroke her cheeks. Suddenly, I start to feel the
muscles in my tummy and testicle start to tense and I realize
I am about to cum, and cum HARD! I moan loudly that I am about
to cum so I don’t spurt in her mouth unless she wants me to.
Instead of taking me out, she cups my butt with both hands
and pulls me deeper in her mouth. Then, to my complete surprise,
I feel one of her wet fingers slide inside my butt. This new
sensation sends me over the edge and I cum harder than I have
ever cum before. She manages to catch all of my cum in her
hungry mouth, and proceeds to swallow all she can. With
a wide grin on her face, she asks me if I enjoyed the surprise.
All I can do in response is say “I love you” and kiss her passionately.
I can taste my cum in her mouth, but it doesn’t bother me.
Instead, it only intensifies the feeling of passion. We
are soon embraced again and exploring each other. We soon
realize, however, that the bath is getting cold, so we hastily
get out of the tub and towel each other off.

Now we make our way to the bedroom. I let her walk ahead of
me so I can get a perfect view of her sexy butt jiggling as
she walks down the hall. Jenn stops at the side of our king-sized
bed and turn to face me. She steps closer and gives me another
awesome kiss before slowly kneeling in front of me, kissing
and licking every inch of my body on the way down. I have to
lean on my cane for support. As before, she slides my penis
in her hot mouth and, before long, it is back to full strength.
The thick head glistens with her saliva as she runs her lips
and tongue down the shaft until she sucks my testicle into
her mouth. I pull away slightly and she stands up. We continue
kissing each other fervently. Our tongues wrestle with
each other. I guide her onto the bed and lay on top of her.
She can feel my hard penis between us. The head is resting
on her now closed (but slightly wet) lips. I love the feeling
of our flesh pressed together. Her breasts pressed against
my chest feel like I am lying on two plush pillows. I slowly
kiss my way down towards her chest until I reach those awesome
globes of flesh she was blessed with. I take turns sucking
and squeezing each breast making sure both are equally
aroused. Then I playfully bury my face between her breasts
before teasing her soft, smooth flesh with my goatee. I
lightly brush my goatee past each nipple so that it feels
almost like a feather. This added sensation causes her
to moan loudly and I am encouraged that it is time to move
further south. I lower myself down her body taking care
to kiss and stroke every inch of her flesh. Now I am between
her thighs and I can see she is already soaking wet. Her lips
glisten with her juice and so do her inner thighs. I take
in the lovely smell and spread her lips with my fingers.
I playfully dart my tongue along the surface of her vagina.
I use a finger to play with her clit. Wanting more, I start
to put my tongue inside her. I put her legs over my shoulders
so I can lift her hips off the bed slightly. This allows me
to use my hands to explore and play with her butt and to press
my face against her treasure. My face is soon soaked. My
tongue darts in and out of her. And it is soon alternating
between her clit, her vagina and every so often her butt
hole. Eventually I cautiously slide a finger inside her
vagina. I am amazed how tight she is, but her moans of pleasure
tell me it’s OK to proceed. So I start a slow in and out motion
with my finger as my tongue concentrates on her clit. I continue
this until she finally cums all over my hand and tongue.
I then slide her body until her butt is at the edge of the bed.
I stand up and have her ankles up by my head. Slowly, I slide
the head of my cock inside her. I take it very slowly since
she is so tight. But she is also so wet and that helps me slide
in deeper and deeper. I am soon completely inside her and
I stop to savor the incredible feeling. She feels like a
velvet glove wrapped around me. Her breath quickens as
I slide out of her and then back in a little faster than before.
Gradually, I increase the pace. And with each stroke, she
raises her hips to meet mine. She is soon so wet again that
we are making squishing noises. Now I slide completely
out of her and turn her over on her tummy. I quickly get behind
her so I can slide deep inside and we can continue our grinding.
But now I can play with her incredibly sexy ass while we are
pumping away. After five or so minutes of this position,
we decide to change again. Now it’s her turn to take control.
I lie flat on my back and she straddles my body. She grabs
my hard penis and holds it steady while she slides down onto
it. In one stroke, I am completely inside her again, exactly
where I want to be. As we resume our pumping, I can see myself
sliding in and out of her. And I also get an incredible view
of her firm breasts bouncing with each stroke, her nipples
hard with her excitement. She leans down and allows me to
suck on them. And I reach down with both hands and grab her
butt to help her move up and down my now throbbing cock. It
only takes another five or ten minutes before I am almost
ready to cum. I whisper in her ear that I am about to cum. I
want to cum together so I increase the pace of our pumping
until our flesh is almost slapping together. We are now
both moaning very loudly and groping and pumping. Suddenly
her body starts to shudder as she starts to cum. The muscles
inside her grip my cock and send me over the edge. We both
hold still as we savor our orgasms, our bodies locked together
most intimately. She collapses on top of me totally exhausted,
but in a state of bliss. I wrap my arms around her and kiss
her and tell her how much I love her. Then we both fall asleep
not even worrying that I am still partially inside her.
It just feels so right!


We wake up Saturday morning as we fell asleep, naked and
in each other’s arms. I wake Jenn up with a gentle kiss and
squeeze. We get out of bed and jump in the shower together.
She gives me a quick blowjob, but nothing too heavy. It’s
just enough to make my cock hard again and ready for the day
ahead. Then she lathers up my penis and all around it and
shaves all of the itchy stubble off. She then teases the
newly smooth skin with her fingers. Now it’s my turn. I have
her stand with her legs spread open. I lather up everything
from the hips down. Starting with her legs, I shave ever
so carefully upwards making sure not to miss a spot. I then
shave her butt and, finally, her entire pubic area. I take
special care when I get to her lips. When I’m done, her skin
feels like silk. I am extremely tempted to bury my face between
her legs, but I know there will be plenty of time to do that
a little later. For now, we just exchange deep, passionate
kisses before drying each other off. We go into the kitchen
and grab some breakfast. Seeing how nice it is outside,
we soon decide to eat out in the back yard.

Now, here is where I guess I should tell you that this fantasy
is taking place in a dream house where Jenn and I both live
together. And this is a rather large home with a lot of property
(about 5 acres). The house is built on a nudist resort so
that we can be naked anytime we want (even to go to the grocery
store), except for when we have to go to work (nothing’s
perfect, I guess). And we are in Southern Florida, so it
is possible to be nude all year long. Of course, we also have
a privacy fence built around the entire back yard. This
fence is mainly used to keep people, especially small children,
away from the pool (after all, everyone is naked, no need
to hide that). But we also use this area for our outdoor “private
activities”. The next part of this fantasy takes place
in the back yard.

As I said before, we go outside to eat our breakfast, nude
and in peace. After we eat, we decide to lie out and get some
sun. It’s a wonderfully lazy day and I soon doze off next
to her. A little while later, I am woken up by the feeling
of her fondling my dick and testicle. I keep my eyes closed,
but focus in on the feeling of her soft hands stroking me,
up and down. I’m sure she can tell I am now awake because my
dick starts to grow in her hand. She then starts to stroke
me a little harder until I am completely hard. Then, suddenly,
she stops. I am about to open my eyes to see where she is when
I suddenly feel her pussy lips on my nose. I immediately
respond and dive right on in! My tongue is soon working its
way between her lips and licking both holes. She then leans
forward and resumes sucking my cock. I can feel her firm
tits pressed against my tummy. Every once in a while she
rubs my cock with them. Eventually, she gets up and straddles
my cock. She is so wet that I slide inside her in one slushy
stroke. Our eyes lock as she slides up and down my shaft.
I can feel her gripping me tight at the end of each stroke.
Then, she slides me out of her. My hard penis is glistening
with her juices, which she hungrily licks up. Then she kisses
her way up my body. Our lips finally meet and we exchange
another wild and passionate kiss. She continues to move
up my body until her tits are near my mouth. Taking the hint,
I gladly kiss and lick her breasts as they surround my face.
I playfully nibble the nipples and watch at they become
very hard at my touch. I can also feel her pussy rubbing up
my tummy. It is leaving a wet streak up my body and she eventually
moves up so that she’s directly above my face. My mind starts
swimming as she invites me to lick and finger her butt. I
gladly agree. As she lowers herself on my face, my nose becomes
buried in her pussy as my tongue teases her butt. Finally,
I use a wet finger to slide inside. She starts to moan loudly
and her juices start flowing so much that I have to close
my eyes. Talk about getting a facial! My cock, feeling a
bit neglected starts to soften a bit. But she doesn’t let
it to that for long. She moves into a doggie-style position
and tell me to give it to her. Getting behind her, I slide
my dick inside. Then, grabbing her hips, I start to pound
in and out of her. But she soon tells me that that’s the wrong
hole. She wants it in her butt. Well, not being one to argue,
I use her juices as lubricant and start to push my cock head
against her butt hole. I have never done this before, so
the feeling for me is almost too much to handle. It takes
me a while to inch my way inside her virgin butt. But, eventually,
I am completely inside her. As I said, the feeling is pretty
intense, and it’s not long before I am cumming deep inside
her. I feel bad for not making her cum, so I start back at licking
her pussy and clit. Soon, she is drowning my face once again.
I greedily lick up as much of her sweetness as I can. We then
make our way towards the pool and go for a nice, refreshing
swim. After another make-out session, we realize it is
lunchtime. After lunch (food, that is), we go back outside.
We take turns rubbing each other down with suntan lotion,
taking special care with each other’s sensitive areas.
I make sure to get every inch of her breasts, butt and outer
pussy lips. And she concentrates on my cock and butt. My
penis is once again sticking straight up as I lie on my back.
But, for now, we rest. Every once in a while, she give my dick
a playful stroke, just to make sure that it stays hard and
ready for action. And I squeeze her breasts and make sure
her nipples are hard. When we can no longer stand it, we race
inside and shower to get all of the lotion off. She are soon
kneeling in front of me, sucking my penis deep into her mouth.
I soon lay down inside the tub to allow her to get on top of
me. This time, we are grinding together for a long time before
we cum. The whole time, the water is coming down on us so that
it feels like we are making love in a rain storm or under a
waterfall. And the large windows that we have left open
make it feel like we are still outside. After we are done,
we go outside again to air-dry and relax in each other’s

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. I go to see who it is
and see that our neighbor, Amy, has come over for a visit.
We sit down for a cup of tea and chat at the kitchen table.
I soon, notice, however, that her eyes stray every once
in a while and look at Amy’s bare breasts, which are rather
large. After our snack, we go back outside and lay out by
the pool. After a while, the three of us go for a swim. Then,
standing in the shallow end, Jenn comes over to me and stands
beside me. Her arm wraps around my waist and I feel her hand
cup my butt cheek. Amy comes over to us and we continue chatting
for a while. Giving my butt a playful squeeze Jenn walks
over to Amy. She steps into Amy’s arms and proceed to give
her a big kiss. I can see their tongues dance with each other
as they cup each other’s butts in their hands. Just seeing
this makes my penis stand up so it can get a better look. While
Jenn is still kissing and rubbing her hands all over Amy’s
body, she beckons me to stand behind her. I walk over and
press my body against Jenn’s back so that she is now sandwiched
between Amy and me. I put my hands on her back and slowly kiss
her neck and shoulders. My dick winds up finding its way
between her butt cheeks. Together, Amy and I massage her
body with our hands while she is busy caressing Amy’s breasts.
I concentrate on her butt and, slipping my hands between
the two of them, her pussy. She is soon moaning with pleasure.
And so is Amy. Her hands find their way to Jenn’s pussy. And
she takes the time to lick and suck on her breasts. Soon we
realize that we need to get out of the pool so we can take this
further. Amy walks to the edge of the pool and lifts herself
out. Jenn and I walk to the steps. She leads me out of the pool
while holding my cock and slowly pulling it in the direction
she wants me to go. The three of us lay down pool-side and
continue to kiss and caress each other. Jenn invites me
to caress Amy’s body as well as her own. Then she rolls me
on my back. My cock stands up straight. She has me spread
my legs wide and the two girls kneel on either side of me.
Then, giving me a quick but deep kiss, she slowly massages
my cock. And Amy helps her out by grabbing my testicle in
her hand. The feeling of two girls massaging me is overwhelming.
I try to reach up and caress either of them, but they both
stay just out of my reach. Then they both bend over and take
turns licking the shaft and head of my penis. Every once
in a while, their tongues meet at the tip. They also take
turns sucking my entire dick into their mouths and licking
the shaved area above my penis. Then, Jenn holds my penis
straight up as Amy straddles me and slides my cock inside.
As she moves up and down, Jenn bends down so that she can lick
Amy’s clit and my shaft as it slides out of her. My mind is
swimming from all the sensations but I am determined to
cum inside Jenn, so I hold off. We grind for a little while
until Jenn announces that it’s her turn. Amy slides off
of me and Jenn slides me into her in one movement. My hands
find her hips and I help her grind harder and harder against
me. Meanwhile, Amy decides it’s time for her to cum, so she
straddles my face and begs for me to eat her pussy. I lick
her pussy and discover that even though she doesn’t taste
the same as Jenn, she still tastes sweet. I soon have her
moaning and grinding herself against my face. And even
though her thighs are covering my ears, I can still hear
Jenn’s loud moans getting louder and more frequent. And
the muscles inside her are starting to grip my cock. I know
that she is close to cumming. She leans over and starts to
suck on Amy’s breasts and nipples. This added sensation
puts Amy over the edge and she starts to cum. Her cum is soon
flooding my face. This sends me over the edge, too, and I
am soon cumming deep inside Jenn’s hot pussy. And she is
soon flooding my cock with her cum as she has her biggest
orgasm of the day (but not the last). Amy slowing releases
my head from between her thighs and she slide off my dick
with a slurping noise. Jenn starts to lick my face of all
of Amy’s cum and kiss me deeply. Then she helps Amy as she
licks my and Jenn’s cum off of my penis and everywhere else.
Then Amy and I lick Jenn’s pussy clean of our cum. Satisfied,
we go back inside and start to cook dinner.

The three of us sit down to a nice dinner and talk for a while.
After dinner we realize that we need to go to the grocery
store. After making plans for tomorrow, we wish Amy a good
night and leave to go shopping. The resort’s grocery store
is just like any other grocery store, including a produce
section. We go there and pick up ingredients for a salad
to be made the next day for lunch. This includes a bunch of
carrots, cucumbers and, for breakfast, bananas. We pay
for our groceries and head for home. It’s now dark outside,
and Jenn slips her hand between my legs and give my cock a
quick squeeze. I am used to her doing this, so I am only mildly
surprised. But it still makes me excited very quickly.
I look over to her and notice that she has her other hand between
her legs, using two fingers to play with herself. I drive
us home and park in the garage. We quickly jump out of the
car and race into the house making sure to bring the groceries
with us. We quickly put the packages in the kitchen and then
go to the bedroom. The bed bounces as we both jump into it.
Our hands are immediately all over each other. Despite
the number of times we have made love during the day, I am
soon extremely hard and she is absolutely soaking wet.
I lay her down on her back and slide down her body until my
face is buried between her legs. I use my goatee to brush
and tease her thighs, pussy and clit. It is soon dripping
with her sweetness. Then, not able to wait any longer, she
takes my head in her hands and force it down into her lips.
I can take a hint and immediately start my tongue-work on
her pussy. My face is soon soaked! Unable to control herself,
she continues to bury my head between her legs. Her nails
scratch at me. I insert a couple of fingers inside her and
slowly massage her g-spot as I continually suck on her clit.
After a few minutes, this becomes too much for her and she
cums. My face is soon drenched as she squirts a stream of
cum into it. She soon recovers and has me roll onto my back.
My cock is standing at attention and waiting for her touch.
But she doesn’t do anything at the moment. Instead, she
flashes me an evil grin. She tells me to stay laying there
and she leaves the bedroom. She comes back with a couple
of carrots and a cucumber in her hand, as well as a bottle
of lube. What could they be for? Smiling, she puts the items
on the bed, and then turns her attention to my dick. I am soon
in heaven as she slowly sucks it into her mouth. Her hand
cups my ball and slowly massages it, too. Then, sitting
on the bed, she tells me to stand in front of her. I obey, and
my cock is soon back in her mouth. Now her hands reach behind
me and massage my butt and play with my hole. This makes me
hornier and my cock starts to pulse in her mouth. I close
my eyes and enjoy the feeling she is giving me. Then, I feel
her hands leave my butt. I am about to open my eyes, but I soon
feel them return, but wet. I am assuming that she used her
fingers to play with her wet pussy again. Then I feel her
slide a finger inside me. WOW… What a feeling! I am surprised
how easily she was able to do it, but then I remember the lube
she brought into the bedroom. Now I understand why her hands
were wet! Then there is a new sensation. I feel something
hard pressing against my hole… It feels like… THE CARROT!
The little devil! I spread my legs a bit and allow her better
access. She continues to suck my cock as she slides the carrot
inside. Not too deep; just enough for me to feel it. And it
feels awesome! I open my eyes and see her looking up at me,
her mouth full. I smile at her and, reaching down, I squeeze
her breasts and pinch the nipples. As she slides the carrot
in and out of me, I can feel my orgasm getting closer and closer.
But I don’t want to cum yet. No, not yet! I withdraw my cock
from her mouth and tell her to lie down. I get on top of her
and slowly slide into her. This position gives her a chance
to still work the carrot in and out of me as I slide my dick
in and out of her. We soon establish a very smooth rhythm
and are both moaning with pleasure. But this is not the end.
We then decide to get into a very kinky 69 position. This
time, I am on top. My cock hangs down so she can get it into
her mouth. And I have my face between her legs. But I soon
use something else. I reach over and grab the remaining
carrot, the cucumber and the lube. I grease up the carrot
and the cucumber and gently push them against her pussy
and butt hole. The cucumber is pretty thick, but she is very
wet, so it starts to slide inside her pussy slowly. The carrot
meets with a bit of resistance at her butt hole, but as she
relaxes, it starts to slide inside as well. In response
to these added objects inside her, I feel her suck harder
on my dick and slowly slide the carrot she has a little deeper
inside me. We are soon penetrating each other with the food
and licking each other into a sexual frenzy. If it wasn’t
for the sound-proof walls of our house, I am sure that the
neighbors would be calling the police and we would be arrested
for disturbing the peace. Our moans turn into howls of pleasure
as we both head towards yet another climax. Our temporary
dildos slide in and out of each other, going deeper and deeper.
Finally, we climax together in such a way that we will need
to change the sheets before going to bed. They're SOAKED!
Her muscles grip the cucumber so tight that I have to keep
it inside her as she cums. Her cum is running out all over
it. I remove it when she is done and lick it clean. I, in turn,
shoot my cum in her mouth and she greedily licks it all up.
After removing the “dildos”, we collapse in a heap. After
a while, we clean up the bed, throw away the two carrots,
and head toward the shower.

We step into the hot shower and start to wash each other.
I am a bit tired, but my dick seems to have a mind of its own.
It starts to get hard again as Jenn’s soft hands rub over
my body. She presses her soapy body against mine and we start
kissing all over each other under the hot spray of the shower.
My cock grows bigger as she squeezes it gently. Slowly,
she slides down and kneels in front of me. We lock eyes as
she takes my cock head into her mouth. I have to hold onto
the railing because my knees get weak as she runs her tongue
over the head. Her hand is busy sliding up and down the thickening
shaft. Slowly she takes more and more of me into her hot mouth
until her nose is pressing up against my tummy. And her fingers
are now playing with my ball. Now she starts to hum; the vibrations
running down my shaft. This new sensation drives me wild.
She slides my cock in and out of her mouth, harder and harder.
And my hips start to move with her. I run my fingers through
her hair. She keeps this up for several minutes until I can
start to feel my muscles tensing up. I know that I won’t be
able to last too much longer. Usually, Jenn would ease up
and allow me to start on her pleasure, but not this time.
Instead, she slows down a bit to allow me to enjoy the pleasure,
but she doesn’t stop. I start to moan a bit as she continues.
A few minutes later, I hold her head in my hands as I start
to cum. Because I have cum several times today, there is
not much left. But the spasms are not any less intense than
the others she gave me throughout the day. After the spasms
have stopped, she swallows the last of my cum and stands
up. We step out of the shower and dry each other off. Then
we fall fast asleep in bed.


The next morning, as planned, Amy shows up at our door. She
is carrying a bag. When we open the bag, we see a large selection
of toys for a fun day! But first, the three of us head to the
bathroom. First, we sit Amy down on the edge of the tub and
have her spread her legs apart. It’s time for her to be de-bushed.
I grab a pair of scissors and carefully trim the curly red
hair down as close to the skin as possible. Meanwhile, Jenn
takes some shaving cream and warm it up. After I have finished,
she rubs some of the cream onto Amy’s skin. We can see her
nipples start to get hard and know she is getting aroused.
Jenn then grabs the razor and begin to slowly shave Amy’s
pussy smooth. I stand beside Amy and she greedily takes
my limp cock into her mouth. It’s not limp for long! As she
bobs up and down my shaft, we realize she is moving too much
for Jenn to do a good job, so she stops sucking me and just
massages my dick with a hand. As soon as Jenn finished shaving
her, we start the water for a nice hot shower and jump in.
We are soon a mass of bodies as we take turns rubbing and licking
each others’ shaved parts. Amy, never being shaved before,
is cumming quickly soon after I take my turn between her
legs. And I thought she tasted good BEFORE! Now it’s Jenn’s
turn. Amy kneels in front of her, and I am behind her. With
her legs spread wide, Amy and I lick every inch of her smooth
skin. Every once in a while our tongues meet in a kiss and
we share her flavor. Soon Jenn is screaming with her first
orgasm. We all collapse in a heap and relax under the hot
spray of the shower, lovingly rubbing each other. Goodness
knows how long we lied there, but after a while, we start
to run out of hot water. So we get out and go outside to air
dry. On the patio, we lay down a bunch of towels to relax on.
Hmmm… did I say relax? Actually, Amy has brought out her
bag of toys and we are soon putting them to good use. First,
she brings out two dildos, about 7 inches long. Of course,
I am kind of embarrassed because there is no way I can measure
up to them, but my fears are soon washed away as they both
give me a rather passionate kiss. And my dick is soon forgetting
its short-comings when they start to massage it in their
hands. At least it can measure up in thickness. They then
start playing with themselves in front of me with the dildos.
Then they take turns sucking me into their mouths. My penis,
already in heaven, squeals for joy as Amy produces yet another
toy: a mini vibrator. She starts it up and places it at the
base of my dick, right above my testicle. What a beautiful
feeling! I can also hear the sound of the dildos sliding
in and out of their increasingly wetter pussies. Soon Amy
announces that she can’t take any more and taking the dildo
out of her pussy, she gets on top of me and lowers herself
onto my cock. I slide in completely in one wet slurp. She
then has Jenn bring the bag of goodies closer so she can get
something out of it. She grabs a butt plug and proceeds to
slowly insert it into herself. Jenn tells me to hold her
dildo upright on my chest. I do as she says and she lowers
herself onto it. Now I have an up-close view of the dildo
going in and out of her hot box. Her butt is just inches from
me, but still out of reach. I use my free hand to cup Amy’s
butt as she grinds onto me. The hand holding Jenn’s dildo
is starting to get wet from her juices. After a few minutes,
Jenn and Amy switch places. Now Amy is riding the dildo and
Jenn is on my cock. Amy still has the butt plug inside her
and I use my spare hand to help her with it.

We are going at it for a good ten minutes when we suddenly
hear a gasp from the back door to the house. There we see another
neighbor, Julie, standing in the doorway. She is a cute
little Asian girl that just moved in a month ago but never
really said much. She had decided to come over today to introduce
herself. She knocked, but no one answered. Because we had
left the door unlocked, she let herself in and thought we
might be in the back going for a swim. Now she is totally embarrassed.
Her face is flushed as well as her neck and breasts. She apologizes
for disturbing us and turns as if to leave. But Jenn, being
ever the host, tells her that it’s OK and she was more than
welcome to stay. We all get up from the towels on the floor
and take turns introducing ourselves. Despite my best
efforts, my cock remains hard as I introduce myself. We
all sit down in the shade and start talking.

We soon learn that Julie is originally from Hong Kong. She
came over to America as a child with her family. They got
into the naturist lifestyle when she was still a child.
She loved it so much that when she graduated college she
decided to move to this resort. But in all the years that
she has been a nudist, she never thought she would see what
she walked in on. We all laugh at that. We explain that our
relationship is very special and we spend many weekends
and holidays together like this. And, of course, everything
is done in the privacy of our own home. Again we laugh because,
after all, we forgot to lock the front door. Julie says that
she has only had one lover before. And that was only a brief
fling while she was in college. And she has never been with
a woman before. She admits that what she walked in on was
very exciting. Jenn, Amy and I exchange brief smiles. This
might be fun! We continue to talk for a little while longer,
getting to know our new neighbor.

Then, after a while, I suggest that we should go for a swim.
The others agree. We get up and get into the pool. After swimming
for awhile, I swim to the side of the pool, and lift myself
out. I sit on the side of the pool with my feet dangling in
the water. I watch the girls as they continue to swim. Eventually,
Amy notices that I am sitting on the side of the pool and swims
over to me. She stands up so that her body is between my feet,
her big breasts floating in front of her. She has me move
to the edge of the pool. When I get close enough, she sucks
my dick into her waiting mouth. I immediately get hard in
her mouth. I lay back giving Amy more room to work her magic
and close my eyes, enjoying the sensation. After a few minutes,
I realize the splashing in the pool has stopped. I open my
eyes and look across the pool. I see Julie laying on the opposite
side of the pool much like I am. Jenn has her head buried between
her legs. I whisper to Amy that we should join them. We move
across the pool. I move up slowly behind Jenn and press my
hard cock against her pussy. Jenn is taken by surprise since
she is concentrating on Julie’s smooth pussy. She lets
out a little squeal into Julie’s crotch. Julie opens her
eyes in time to see Amy lying down next to her. She immediately
takes one of Amy’s big tits into her mouth. Meanwhile, Amy
starts to massage Julie’s body, making sure to give each
of her pert breasts a light squeeze. Grabbing Jenn’s hips,
I slide my dick inside her. We soon work up a good, slow rhythm
as she continues to work on Julie. Eventually, Jenn invites
me to have a taste of Julie. I slide out of Jenn and switch
places with her. I can now see that Julie is completely hairless.
She explains that she is naturally that way. No need for
shaving, and, therefore, no razor burn or itchy stubble.
I am a bit jealous, but I am looking forward to finding out
how she tastes. I am definitely not disappointed. What
are the chances? Three sexy women, all tasting as sweet
as honey! I dive in and part her lips with my tongue. Her clit
is hard and she moans as I suck it into my mouth. While I am
doing that, Jenn is behind me and grabs my hard cock and strokes
it ever so slowly. This causes me to moan loudly into Julie’s
pussy. Looking up, I see that Amy is now straddling Julie’s
face, giving her the first taste of another woman’s pussy.
And, judging by Amy’s moans of pleasure, Julie is a quick
study on the art of eating pussy. She mirrors what I am doing
to her when she licks Amy. Jenn soon suggests that we go back
to the blankets we set up earlier.

More to cum…

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