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A wild week end out of town


One time we had an invitation for a social party from one
of our biggest suppliers on another town, so we booked a
weekend at a small hotel near the place where the party was
scheduled, it was summer time and as the weekend arrived
we got ready to travel, Maria was wearing a tiny pair of cut
off jean shorts and a tight white t-shirt with straps and
no bra, so her nipples were visible through the thin material
and I loved it, as we drove to the hotel I noticed that there
weren’t too many cars on the road and I mentioned that
to Maria.

“I saw it. That’s made our trip funnier”. Maria replied
and then she smiled at me and leaned over, I tried to keep
my eyes on the road as she moved her hand down my shorts and
grinning at me while she slid her hand slowly down my shorts,
in no time I could feel my cock start to harden in her hand,
so she leaned back with one leg on the dash and with her other
hand she started to slide her fingers up her thigh towards
her pussy.

Maria smiled a devilish smile at me and I could feel myself
completely harden, I took my shorts down with one hand and
kept the other one on the wheel, slowly Maria started to
stroke on my rod, she tilted her head back and closed her
eyes, her long black hair was blowing in the wind as I watched
her finger make tiny circles on her clit, by then her shorts
were completely off and her panties on the floor board,
and her pussy was glistening wet in the sunlight. [image] I reached over and started to tug at her nipples, she started
to moan as she stroked my cock faster and harder, just when
I thought that I was going to cum, I noticed a truck just ahead
of us so I told her. “Watch out, there’s a truck coming

Maria fingered herself faster and told me to pull up next
to him, I knew how much she loved to tease the truck drivers
and I was horny enough to give it to her, so as I pulled next
to him I could see him lean over staring at Maria as he tried
to keep it on the road, she hiked her leg up and with one hand
working her pussy, then she took the other and started licking
on her nipple, the driver smiled and motioned for us to pull
over, so Maria smiled at me and asked, ”what do you think?”

“Are you sure?” I asked her and she replied “Yeah,
it’ll be fun. Anyway a week end with a business party with
bored men talking about business doesn’t make my style,
so let’s get for some fun to save the week end.”

“All right”, I said laughing as I know that Maria loves
men’s attention and loves sex too, so I motioned for him
to pull ahead and we started to follow him, we had done that
type of thing for several times before and I knew that we
were overdue for some sexy fun, then the truck driver blinked
to turn into a rest area, we parked near a shelter type area
with picnic tables and I got out of the car, Maria put her
little shorts back on and stepped out as we waited for him,
he then climbed out of his truck and walked across the parking
lot to us, he was young and tall with dark hair and a pair of
tight blue jeans and I clearly noticed Maria getting excited
as she said to him laughing “Hey you, did you like what
you saw back there?”

“I liked what I saw back there and I like even more what
I see right now”, the truck driver said as he smiled at

“Do you?” Maria said as she smiled at both of us, then
she grabbed each of our hands and led us over to one of the
tables and hopped up on top of it, both of us stood in front
of her and by the lust on her face I could see how much she was
loving it, she then reached up and grabbed me by the shirt
as she started to cram her tongue into my mouth hard, with
the other she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper
down, so soon Maria was rewarded with a long large and fat
cock in her hand what surprised her, anyway she immediately
started stroking it as I leaned her back, all the while with
my tongue in her mouth, and pulled her t-shirt up and started
to suck on one of her swollen nipples, they stood straight
in the air as I licked and sucked, the truck driver followed
me and he was sucking on the other one as Maria began to moan

The driver slid down and started kissing her stomach as
he made his way towards her wet pussy, Maria laid completely
back with her legs in the air as he pulled her shorts off,
I then held on her right leg up in the air as I sucked on her
tits, then the driver knelled on the seat of the table and
held her left leg up as he started to lick on her wet pussy,
Maria’s breathing got heavier and she started to moan
louder again, I got on the table in the sixty nine position
with my cock hovering over her mouth and we began to take
turns licking on her smooth little cunt, Maria was practically
screaming with delight.

I then leaned back as he started to position his massive
cock at her wet pussy entrance, she started to suck harder
and moan while I stuffed her mouth full with my cock, and
slowly he took the head of his cock and rubbed it up and down
her clit, Maria let out a long cry and I knew that she wanted
to get fucked bad, so I watched as he slid his giant cock into
her pussy hole, slowly he glided into her until he had it
completely buried and she moaned loud, “Oh Yea! Fuck
my pussy!” [image2] Slowly as he knew the size of his cock, he pulled it out and
began to slide in and out of her in a steady rhythm, I squeezed
both of her ass cheeks in my hands as he began to pump harder
and soon he was pounding into her and she was loving it, she
then put her feet up on his chest and squeezed her pussy tight
around his cock, he let out a moan and I could see he was about
to blow his load, Maria noticed it too and she eased him out
of her and said as she cleaned the pussy juices off his cock
with her tongue. “I need you both inside of me, I need my
pussy and ass fucked!”

Soon she was laying him back on the table and crawling up
on top of him, he started to suck on her tits while she lowered
herself onto him and soon was impaled onto his giant cock,
I got behind her and began to lube up her tight little asshole
with her pussy juices, slowly I slid my finger into her asshole
as she squealed in delight, Maria then rocked harder back
and forth on his cock as my finger went deeper and deeper
inside her back hole, I could see the veins bulging in his
swollen cock as Maria slammed her pussy down on him, I started
to cram my finger into her harder and harder matching my
finger with their strokes, then I grabbed her by the hips
and pushed the head of my cock up against ass hole, she rocked
back a little further until I was in, and Maria shrieked
in ecstasy and then let out a long sigh as I pushed further
into her.

I pulled Maria’s hips into me until my cock was all the
way in, again she let out a loudly yell as she felt me all the
way into her asshole, then she told us to fuck her hard, she
didn’t have to tell us twice as we both grabbed her around
her waist and hips and thrust our cocks into her hard as she
screamed. “Oh Yeah! Fuck me hard! Slam those cocks deeply
into me!”

We both kept a steady pace as Maria bucked and wiggled all
over us, I could feel him deep inside her pussy as I buried
my cock in and out of her ass, harder and harder, soon he began
to moan and was about to explode, he let out a loud moan and
exploded deep inside of her pussy, her thighs were covered
in his hot creamy sperm as she left him deep inside of her
while waiting for my turn, I pumped hard into her and could
feel myself about ready to blow so I thrust deep and shot
my hot load into her ass, cumm started to slide out of her
ass and pussy and down her thighs, she could hardly breath
as she eased me out of her and crawled off of him.

We were all covered in sweat and cum as we laid exhausted
then she asked the truck driver “So, did you have fun?”

“The best I already had” he replied and Maria kissed
us both then she said laughing “Maybe we’ll run into
you again”,

“We never know”, he grinned as he pulled his jeans on
and walked towards his truck.

Then turned to me and kissing me deeply Maria whispered
on my ear “At least if nothing else happen the weekend
was safe, so let’s go for one more of your boring business

We both laughed and I drove to the hotel, we checked in and
went to our room to refresh, take a shower and relax, time
was gone and we started to be ready to the party, Maria was
wearing a revealing black dress it was really shorter and
even with a sexy split up one side what was revealing a great
part of her sexy legs, anyway she seemed to be very comfortable
and confident in the tight, low-cut dress, and in fact,
seeing Maria in the dress stirred some reoccurring fantasies
in my mind as we shared a bottle of wine in our room before
heading to the banquet.

As we arrived Maria and I sat at a table with two other couples,
I noticed that her nipples were erect and visible through
the shear material, and I could noticed by their glances
that many men were noticing it too, anyway the party was
going on and Maria danced with several men who certainly
got more than they had hoped for.

When Maria returned to her table after one particularly
hot dance she appeared slightly breathless and she told
me as she brushed back her long hair with her hand. "Your
colleagues have roaming hands, hope you don't mind."
[image3] "Yeah, probably, " I just said with a wild smile.

About an hour later, after a slow dance with one of the single
men who appeared to be in his late 30’s, Maria signaled
from across the room to me back at the table, she pointed
to a back exit and strolled from the room with a tall, dark,
handsome man who I did not know but who had captured Maria's
attention throughout the night.

I looked around, then got up and made my way through the crowd
and out the door, there was a small storage room down a short
dark hallway where I heard voices, and when I walked in,
I saw Maria with the man, no one said anything at first, then
Maria closed the door and the man lifted Maria onto a table
and began kissing her, he stood between her legs which were
dangling from the edge of the table, his hands swept down
the sides of her body and onto her thighs, then he slid the
hem of her dress just slightly above the top of her stockings,
removed her underwear to the side and placed his right hand
under the material and felt her immediately wrap her inner
thighs around his hand now positioned on her cleanly-shaven

Maria moaned with pleasure as the man massaged her pussy
with his hand, then dropped to his knees, I could see right
between her legs as the man began eating Maria's wet
pussy, she placed her hands behind her and leaned back,
seemingly lost in the act, what I didn't know was that
a friend of the man, who had to first take Maria back to that
room, was about to join the party, and as he arrived, the
man was standing against the wall as Maria was on the floor
giving him a blowjob, he just smiled to his friend and said
"C'mon on in, man, this woman is really hot."

if I was not turned-on enough, that was putting me over the
edge, the new man had an open bottle of wine which he shared
with Maria, she drank straight from the bottle as the two
men removed her dress and positioned her on her hands and
knees, she then gave me the bottle and I swigged it as I knew
she was about to get well fucked, her tight little ass was
perched high in the air as she arched her back waiting for
one of men to enter her while she kept licking her lips to
keep them lubricated.

It seemed like an eternity for me as I watched Maria waiting
to be mounted, her pussy was swollen and wet as the man pulled
on his own cock, and then he turned to me and asked "Hey
man, does she take it in the ass?"

Before I could get out a word, Maria yelled out "Yes,
go for it!"

"OK then, maybe we'll do it baby, " said
the other man kneeling in front of her. [image4] I watched the man spread her cheeks and plunged into her
pussy which just engulfed the huge cock on the first thrust,
from the sides of her pussy as his swollen cock plunged deep,
seeped her own creamy juices, then the other man slipped
his cock into her mouth with equal ease as Maria's large
lips wrapped tightly around his cock, for at least five
minutes they pounded her from both ends, her ass cheeks
rippled with each inward thrust and every time his cock
in her mouth struck the back of her throat, she'd throw
her head back further as to take it in as far as she could.

Then the two men began swapping positions, one, two, three
times, before finally decided to take her ass, one lifted
Maria back onto the table and pushed her onto her back with
her legs pressed back as far as they would go, the other man
began licking her asshole, then penetrating her with his
tongue until she began to relax her muscles, and then with
little more warning, and with her ass now right there for
the taking, the man pressed his cock up against her ass hole
and pushed the head in easily, as I just stood on her side
watching them in amazement and stroking my cock.

It didn't take long for the man to erupt inside her asshole,
and when he did it I couldn’t hold it longer and I shot my
sperm all over her face, hair and neck, the other man then
finished off inside her pussy with Maria sitting at the
edge of the table, and the man standing there humping her,
making her bounce her bottom on the table top each time he
thrust into her, Maria still had enough energy to work him
hard as she dug her nails into his back and squeezed his sides
with her legs as he pumped the last bit of cum into her pussy.

Afterwards the two men quickly and nervously left, I just
sat there and watched Maria struggle to sit up, her sexy
dress lay crumbled on the floor, her hair matted in cum was
a mess, but she managed to focus on me who was speechless
and hard as a rock.

"Now it's your turn, dear, you deserved much
more that you got" she said as she walked slowly across
the little room, sore but still willing and able to finish
me off again, Maria proceeded to suck my cock as I played
with her hickey-covered breasts, though I wanted to fuck
her later on, I exploded quickly in her mouth as she gagged
to try and swallow it all.

"Well now it’s ok, I’m sure your cock had enjoyed
more my mouth than your hand" she said laughing.

I laughed too while agreed with her, then I helped her clean
up and we went back to the banquet hall like nothing had happen,
and as we sat back one of the folks at the table asked "Where
have you guys been? This is the last song of the night."

We both smiled and I said “Just had to get some fresh air.
You know, a little too much indulgence."

A few seconds later, Maria leaned over to me and whispered
in my ear, "The indulgence is now dripping out of me,
better go to the ladies room."

As she left the table one of the men sitting next to me said:
"I hope you don't mind me saying that your wife
is one sexy lady."

"You don't know how sexy, " I answered.

Then the party was over and as the hotel was just a few streets
away from where the party was hold and as it was a clear summer
evening, very warm, I suggested we walked back under the
moonlight, the route took us through one of the many small
parks in the city and about halfway into the park Maria tripped
and fell, breaking a heel, she wasn’t hurt badly just
a small graze on her leg and a long rip on her dress what exposed
great part of her body, but we sat down on a park bench to wipe
away the dirt from the cut.

It was then I saw the two men coming from the shadows, one
was a black man and the other a white man not too older as the
black one, probably two friends making an evening walking
through the park, the older one sat next to Maria and just
looked at her saying nothing as the other took her leg and
examined the small graze, he looked to know what he was doing,
so I just sat there on the ground watching them.

As I looked at Maria I could see some fear in her eyes as she
was taken by surprise as the men came from the darkness,
she continued to stare at me as the older man placed his hand
at her breast, I smiled to her and shook a why not with my shoulders,
so Maria blinked at me and turned her head to him, his hand
was already rubbing her breast and I watched as the black
man still with his hand around Maria’s breast moved his
face closer and kissed her full on the mouth.

I then watched as his hand slowly moved from her breast down
her body, I thought he was going to move under her ripped
dress, but he slowly moved his hand down just towards her
exposed cleavage, I was becoming really excited by what
I was seeing and I watched fascinated as he pushed his hand
inside her dress through her cleavage and very slowly cupped
it around her breast, he gently squeezed her tit, grunting
with pleasure. [image5] By then my cock was rock hard by watching them, but my thoughts
were broken by a loudly moan coming from Maria’s mouth
as the black man had pulled her back and had squeezed hard
on her breast, I could see the lust in her eyes, she stared
at me and then I slowly nodded to go away, her whole body relaxed
and she turned to the black man and gave him another smile.

The two men looked to know the park very well and they decided
to move to a quieter spot next to an old building, the building
was dark and damp, full of litter and discarded bottles,
but it had a few cleaned areas on some corners, most probably
to be used for night lovers, they both helped Maria lying
on the floor and then they both looked at me in a interrogative
way, I just smiled at them and then shaking with a combination
of excitement and desire I said “That’s ok if she agreed,
I just want to watch you.”

He looked at me with delight and replied. “Don’t worry
man, we will treat her very well if she agreed to suck us,
if she didn’t want to do it at least we just can take a glance
at her naked body!”

And they both laughed, the thought of the two men coming
from nowhere and fucking Maria made me almost cum, she looked
at me and then at the men, she then slowly stood up and while
still looking at me she undid the top of her dress as both
men moved closer to her, the black man reached forward and
ran his hand through her hair, leering at her he said “Just
strip it for us nicely and slowly.”

Maria stepped out of her dress and was standing there wearing
just a lace bra, thong, stockings and high heels, the bra
opened at the front and she unclipped it and let it fall to
the floor revealing her full breasts, with nipples that
were already hard and erect, the black man reached out and
held her left nipple between his finger and thumb and started
to squeeze, harder and harder, pulling her closer to him
holding her tight against his body as Maria stood there
pressed against him, her breasts exposed with his hand
twisting her nipple.

“So, you want screw me?” She pushed the black man away
and grabbed her dress, holding it close to her body and covering
up her nakedness. “Well, let’s go for it!”

Both men laughed at her and the black one slowly unzipped
his trousers and pulled out a long and fat cock, he moved
towards her and almost wrenched the dress from her grasp
and removed her thong with one single move, then he whispered
on her ear. “Get her on her knees!”

Maria just knelt down to the floor as the black man grabbed
her hair and stood directly in front of her, his cock fully
erect in his hand, then he got to her mouth and pressed his
cockhead against her lips, Maria opened her mouth and with
one powerful thrust he pushed his full length into her mouth,
his balls bouncing off her chin and he held it in as deep as
it would go, Maria started to gag and struggled for air and
he slowly pulled it out, I watched mesmerized as his whole
cock glistened with her saliva and the end was covered in

And then Maria looked up at him and slowly licked the end
of his cock with her tongue, making small circles around
the opening, she moved her head towards him taking his cock
deep into her mouth and started to build up a rhythm, in and
out, in and out building up speed, the noise of his cock slurping
inside her mouth was the only sound in the building, and
both, the other man and I, were transfixed on watching this
man’s big fat, black cock penetrate full deeply her mouth
until his pubic hair reached her nostrils.

The black man started to grunt and repeat over and over again
“yes, suck it, yes, suck it, yes, suck it..." his
voice getting louder each time his cock entered Maria’s
mouth, my cock was bursting and I stood next to the black
man my cock in hand pumping it furiously as the other man
joined in and was frantically wanking, the head of his cock
pushing against Maria’s cheek, with one final deep grunt
the black man came into Maria’s mouth filling it with
hot sticky sperm that squirted out and dripped down onto
her tits.

Then the other man pushed us both out the way, grabbed her
hair and shoved his cock deep into her mouth, immediately
his cock jerked and more cum seeped from her mouth, Maria
fell back spitting out the cum she couldn’t swallow and
wiping some drops dripping from her chin and eyes, for a
few moments nothing was said and then Maria leant back on
her elbows and slowly opened her legs, I watched in fascination
and amazement as she pushed her hand into her pussy, her
fingers rubbed her clit, slowly at first and then quicker
and quicker, suddenly she grabbed my cock and with one savage
movement shoved it into her wet pussy and within a couple
of seconds I exploded inside her hot pussy.

That was incredible, after being well fucked in her pussy
and ass during the party by two strangers, I was watching
Maria blowing another two strangers, then fucking herself,
and finally with me finishing into her pussy in front of
the two men. [image6] They left and as we went to the hotel room we took a shower
and felt asleep until next day.

Sunday arrived we took our breakfast and as we still have
a couple of hours before the checkout we decided to use the
swimming pool before we leave, there were some floating
chairs and rafts on the water and a few sunbeds around the
pool, but I took a floating chair for me and sat there watching
Maria swimming from one side to the other of the swimming
pool, I was mesmerized how she still could have such energy
after the wild night we had before, looking around there
were a few other people at the pool but they soon left, and
that was when things got interesting.

Maria always loved to have sex in a swimming pool and she
knew I loved it too, smiling to me she pulled her bikini top
down so that her tits were exposed and she went over to the
chair I was floating in and started rubbing her tits against
my legs, and within less than a minute I was sporting a big
hard on, Maria pulled my swim trunks down and my cock popped
out, the swollen head just above the water level, she teased
the head of my cock with her tongue, and then she started
bobbing her face in and out of the water to get as much of my
cock in her mouth as possible.

Easily Maria brought me to the brink of cumming for several
times, but she managed to stop short every time, because
she wanted my cum inside her, we traded places in the chair
and soon I was licking her pussy and sucking her clit I knew
Maria would cream my tongue right then, but I was also going
to make her wait, and I teased her for several more minutes,
alternating tongue and finger to her throbbing pussy and
clit through the water.

Maria couldn't hold her pussy still for one minute
longer, she really wanted to get on my cock, so she told me
to get on the floating raft so she could ride my cock, it took
a little maneuvering but as the raft was not very wide Maria
was able to get on it and get down on my cock, but just then
we heard some people coming, so Maria quickly pulled her
bikini top over her tits and hard nipples and we both sat
up on the raft, which took our asses down into the water,
and pretended as if we were just floating around together
on the raft, the cool water felt really good on her fiery
pussy, which only made Maria all the more eager to slide
up and down on my hard cock, all the while my cock was so hard
inside her pussy that it was tough to act normal when the
people came to the pool looking for a diving mask they had
left behind.

As soon as they found it and left, Maria started to just gently
rock on my cock, the look on my face showed that I was enjoying
it as much as she was, in that position, I even was able to
lean down and suck her nipples while she sat on me, engulfing
my cock with her spasming pussy and rode my cock nice and
slow, which drove me wild and had Maria on the edge of cumming
with every stroke. [image7] After several minutes of that we were both ready to cum,
so, in perfect unison, we both sat up and put our asses down
into the water and I got my cock into her so deep, that she
could not hold off cumming for another minute, I exploded
into her at the same time and her pussy squeezed my cock so
tight that it felt like we would never get apart, we just
sat there for another few minutes, not believing how amazing
that had felt, when suddenly we heard another group of guests
coming, we quickly got down into the water, got our suits
back on and I gave her a wink and we got out of the pool.

We took a quickly shower, made the check out and drove home,
it was early evening and all the events made us hungry, so
we stopped at a restaurant on the road to take a lunch, we
parked the car and both went to the toilets to refresh and
wash hands before sat on the table, as I went to the restaurant
Maria was sat there ahead of me, and had already been seated,
I liked the booth she'd selected, she always picked
the booth that pleased her, It was part of the privilege
of eating out, she claimed, anyway that booth was at the
very back of the restaurant and immediately on the booth's
left was a huge window overlooking a park.

The window was at the very edge of our table, so we had an excellent
view of the rose gardens and any joggers who happened by,
I noticed immediately that Maria sat facing the rear wall
of the eatery as I set about scanning the menu for something
to eat, then I heard something drop onto the floor softly,
and to my surprise I felt Maria's foot slide along my
inner thigh until it encountered the bulge of my cock, I
looked at her sharply, but she merely smiled and studied
her own menu, her toes nudged at my cock, and I was trying
as I might but I could not concentrate upon the menu, then
the waiter came, a young guy on his twenties, and asked whether
we were ready to place our order.

"Yes, " Maria said, and gave him her order,
the waiter nodded, scribbling, and eyed Maria's breasts
openly, my eyes, too, dropped to her blouse-covered tits
as the waiter eyed them, Maria was still toeing my cock under
the table when the waiter remembered my presence and thought
to ask what I wanted to eat, unable to think, I simply said
I'd have what Maria was having, he nodded and left,
I tried to look out the window, but Maria lifted the scooped
neckline of her blouse and fanned herself as if warm.

I had to look back at her, for I knew she was doing this to capture
my attention, to my amazement she opened her blouse unbuttoning
it all the way, and drew it off her shoulders, I stared direct
at her tits as she was braless, and as I watched her, her fingers
caressed her velvety skin, stroking her nipples into hardness,
in the sunshine that filtered in through the window, her
tits looked truly glorious, perfectly molded and they
tilted upward naturally.

Maria's fingertips continued to caress her breasts,
she rolled each round nipple between her fingertips and
plucked at them a little, she nudged the nipples back and
forth, then each hand slid beneath her breasts and rubbed
upward over the mounds, she did all this without looking
at me, she gazed out the large window, her thoughts seemingly
far away, but she knew I watched her hands in fascination,
for a small smile played across her pink lips.

Damn hell, Maria never looked to be satisfied, usually
she was a quiet woman, but when she was on mood of fun nothing
would stop her, and she was always insatiable until she
got what she wanted, that was my thoughts while her toes
still danced about my hard cock, and I wondered just how
I was going to find relief, so I reached out to her breasts
unable to restrain myself, but she cocked her head suddenly,
as if hearing something and smoothly closed her blouse,
I watched as she buttoned it but not completely, stopping
when the waiter appeared. [image8] Nether less to say as delicious as it looked, I was disappointed
at the food's arrival, again, the waiter eyed Maria's
breasts, and paused momentarily when he discovered her
blouse was partially unbuttoned, from my angle I was not
certain just what the waiter could see, but from the look
on his face, a look of open lust, I was certain he got a full
view of her breasts, Maria then lifted her fork and turned
her face to the waiter, smiling at him radiantly and breathed.
"Thank you."

"Thank you, " The waiter answered quickly
and, taking one final look left the table.

I noticed he headed for the lavatory and I could imagine
what he would be doing for the next few minutes, Maria, in
the meantime, allowed her blouse to fall open again, just
enough to expose one full breast, its brown nipple pouted
at me as I tried to eat, Maria continued to toe my cock so I
found eating nearly impossible.

We finished our meal quickly, a waitress came with the bill
and after Maria slipping on her sandals and checking her
blouse, we walked to the door, our former waiter appeared
at the lavatory door just then and I smiled as I noticed his
flushed face as he forlornly watched Maria lead me from
the restaurant, once we were in the car, I started the ignition,
and almost ran into a wall when I saw Maria lift herself from
the seat, raise her skirt, and slide down her red panties.

"What are you doing? Still ready for more?"
I gasped in disbelieve.

"They are a little wet, " Maria purred, kicking
the tiny garment away with her foot, she did not even lower
her skirt and leaned back comfortably allowing her knees
to fall open, taking a deep breath, I pulled the car form
the parking lot and I decided to play her game, so I kept driving
slowly when next to buses and trucks, knowing that their
passengers would get a complete view of Maria's pussy
mound and delectably protruding labia, I noticed how much
she was enjoying the show she was given, but when I reached
over to stroke the silky hair with my fingers, her hands
pushed mine away gently.

"Concentrate on your driving, I don’t want to suffer
any accident, " Maria chided me, then dipped her
own fingertips into her pussy's wet clit and brought
up a clear strand of her musky sex juice, I rubbed my cock
at that sight, trying to ease the tension, she smeared the
juice over her labia and stroked her clit and pussy lips,
my breath quickened as I drove and tried to manage watch
her masturbate herself to a climax.

I could barely stand that, and drove as quickly as possible
to our home, I pulled the car in to the garage, then reached
over Maria to push open her door, as I started to get out,
her fingers plucked at me and I turned back, impatient to
reach our bedroom, but thoughts of bedrooms dissolved
completely as Maria sat sideways upon the seat, her legs
dangling out of the car, her skirt completely raised up
high, and she was bent over as if trying to find something
she had dropped onto the garage floor, her ass was completely
naked and spread wide, waiting to receive me, so I used my
hands to arch her up a little, then I plunged my throbbing
cock into her ass hole and pushed it in easily, and then I
grunted as I started thrust inside her "You shouldn't
tease me like that". [image9] It didn't take long for me to erupt inside her asshole,
and when I did it Maria merely laughed at me between two panted
moans, and pressed her ass higher and closer to my belly
as she reached her orgasm too.

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Fantastic.. is it really happened.


vikingluso replies on 8/13/2014 10:54 am:
Well, stories are stories, a little bit of reality, not all together, it's the base to build a new story.

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is truth or fiction either way it was a great story


vikingluso replies on 8/14/2014 12:23 pm:
Well, stories are stories, a little bit of reality, not all together, it's the base to build a new story

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so hot <3!! loved it!


vikingluso replies on 8/13/2014 10:55 am:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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so hot <3!! i loved it!


vikingluso replies on 8/14/2014 12:24 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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Certainly entertaining and erotic, very nice!


vikingluso replies on 8/19/2014 4:33 pm:
Thanks a lot
naykidagain 66 M
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mmmm quite the story