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A wild summer day


That week end was a summer day and that Saturday Maria and
I decided to take a drive up the interstate to a little beach
we know about three hours from home, it was not too far away
but it usually had a lot of traffic, especially big trucks,
so as it was very warm we took our old cabriolet, Maria was
wearing a simple shirt, no bra, skirt, a small g-string
and sandals, after about 1 hour driving we stopped at a Rest
Stop to go to the bathroom, get some drinks and stretch our
legs, as I went over to the vending area, Maria headed for
the bathrooms, the men's and ladies bathrooms were
in one building - men on the left, women on the right.

As Maria entered the ladies room, there were some girls
giggling, they were pointing into the back left corner
stall of the women's restroom, the one with a wall against
the men’s restroom, she didn’t care and entered the
first available stall, took care of her business and then
went to wash her hands, but as she dried her hands, Maria
watched the same two girls still pointing and giggling,
so she decided to went and see what was going on, she looked
into the stall to find a glory hole in the wall with a semi-erect
black cock hanging from it, it was waving back and forth,
almost like it was calling for her.

Maria felt a shiver running all over her body and her pussy
was immediately soaked, a little nervous she laughed and
looking at the girls, she asked if they are not interested
in that cock, they looked back at her almost in disbelief
and said, "It's all yours if you want it honey."
and then they left.

Maria closed the stall door and hooked it shut, she bent
over and ran her tongue all over the cock head and watched
it stiffen a little, she followed that up with running her
tongue up and down the available length of the cock, before
swallowing all of it and going to town on sucking the black
cock again, that guy must have been really horny, because
as she began to roll his cock around in her mouth with her
tongue, he blew his thick cum into her mouth.

He then backed away and announced, "Shit, there's
a woman here giving head, and she really know how to use her
tongue and mouth."

Maria heard him saying that while she was cleaning her face
and chin and ready to leave the stall, a little disappointed
needless to say, anyway she just laughed softly and reached
for the door, but then she heard several voices laughing
while a voice said, Hey, please suck my cock too."


Maria immediately stopped and looked back to the hole,
there another black cock was shoved through the same hole,
she turned back to the hole and immediately engulfed that
new cock, she was finding herself getting even more turned
on as she sucked on her second black cock of the day, her hands,
which had no black balls to play with, were busy kneading
her tits through her shirt or rubbing her pussy through
her g-string, the black guy she was sucking that time was
kinkier then the first as Maria heard him beg, "Use
your tongue baby, use your tongue."

Maria gently run her tongue up and down his cock as she continued
sucking his cock, in no time, that guy was also cumming in
her mouth, and as he backed off from the hole, she quickly
cleaned her lips and chin and then she slipped her hands
down her skirt and into her small g-string and began to eagerly
rub her clit, and then a third black cock got shoved into
the hole and she started sucking on that black cock.

But while sucking her third black cock of the day a wild idea
came over her, she stopped sucking and tried to quickly
get her skirt and g-string off, but by the time she was naked
from the waist down, the cock was gone and Maria heard him
saying to the others, "Damn she left."

Maria could hear with the clear disappointment on his voice,
and the guys leaving, probably the two black men she had
already sucked and that one, so getting a bit bold, she yelled
into the hole, "I'm still here guys."

Maria smiled as she heard then coming back with happy comments
and by their talk she could feel she was right, there were
three black men, probably truck drivers, then she quickly
watched a black cock come back through the hole again, it
was really wet, so she knew it was the same cock she was sucking
before decided to undress, and as she started sucking him
again she heard a door open and the guys welcoming a new one
in and calling him to came over too, at that moment she didn’t
care with it, she just wanted to suck cocks.

Maria heard the two voices from the guys she sucked before
telling the new one how good she was with her mouth and tongue,
needless to say she was even more turned on by their recognition
of her abilities, she just fingered herself to be sure she
was really wet and as she felt herself ready for her fucking,
Maria made sure to keep a hold of his cock and rubbed his black
cock up and down her moist pussy lips, so he knew she was still
there, she heard him gasping and then she heard him tell
the others, "Damn this woman is hot, she's teasing
me now."

Maria then let go of his cock and plunged her pussy back onto
it, so his cock was immediately all the way down her pussy,
he gasped again and then he hollered out, "Holy shit,
the woman is riding me through the wall."


The two men which were just talking about her skills with
the new one stopped and started shouting in encouragement,
Maria pounded her pussy feverishly back onto that strange
black man's cock, but as she neared her orgasm, she
finally heard the voice of the guy they had been talking
saying to the others "Well I hope that woman stay around
to suck my cock off too.”

Maria almost choked as she recognized my voice, but after
the first moment of hesitation, and knowing I was next in
line for the glory hole to be sucked off, she quickly rushed
herself into her orgasm by continuing to ride the black
cock and rubbing her clit and as she orgasmed, the contraction
of her pussy internal muscles sent the black man over the
edge and soon she could feel his hot steamy cum flowing into
her pussy.

Once the black guy pulled out of her, Maria quickly grabbed
her clothes and hid against the wall, and once my cock came
through the hole, she slid under the stall door, went to
another stall, put her clothes back on and hurried out to
the car, she just opened the passenger’s door and sat
there waiting for me trying to look as innocent as possible.

And then I arrived the car a little frustrated to be honest,
I just sat and asked her if she’s already done, as she nodded,
I turned on the engine and drove out of the Rest Stop, then
as looking for each side of the road I noticed something
on her hair, and I asked intrigued “What a hell is that
on your hair?”

Maria run her finger through her hair, took a few globs of
cum on her finger, she knew very well what was it, so she just
licked it from her finger and replied to me with an angelic
voice, “Oh, this? Nothing, just sperm.”

I looked at her in disbelieve, then I started laughing and
said “Damn, now I know it was you the woman who suck that
black truck drivers, But why do you left letting me stay
there with my cock ready?”

Maria kissed me and said with a hoarse voice “Because
I want to suck you while you are driving and tease a few more
truck drivers!”

And saying that she reached for my crotch and grabbed my
cock through my jeans, I just pressed her hand over my crotch,
so nothing else needed to be said, her hand quickly unbuckled
my belt and unfastened all the buttons on my jeans, and my
cock spilled out into her hand, she unfastened her seat
belt and lay out on the seat, her mouth now nestled to my cock,
my hand lay on her upper back as she pressed her lips around
my cock and slowly sucked me to erection, as her right hand
scooped up my balls, her fingers lightly teasing them as
she sucked my cock, I maned and parted my legs just a little
more to allow her the access she needs to perform her duties.

It was too much traffic so I was always having to concentrate
just enough to keep my speed on the interstate, as Maria
pressed her mouth around my cock, taking my full erect cock
into her wet mouth, her lips sliding up and down my cock from
base to crown while her tongue licked and pressed around
my cock as she tasted the beginnings of my precum, my crotch
was wet with her drool when I had to pass a couple big trucks
on the highway, as I passed the second one, a breeze blew
through the cab and ruffled her skirt, but her mouth was
keeping me on edge but not getting me off until I let her know
I was ready.


Our truck was side-by-side to our car just long enough for
the trucker to look down and catch a site of Maria's
lower half, I eased past him and pulled in front, and as I
did, he gave two blasts of his air horn in appreciation,
I smiled and looked in the mirror to see him giving me thumbs
up, so I pulled out and let him catch up to me, when we were
once again side-by-side, I reached down and pulled up the
bottom of Maria's skirt for him to see her bare ass,
I gave him a good thirty second look before pulling up ahead
and slowly moving past.

The truck driver blasted his horn twice more and I told Maria
I was ready, so her lips squeezed the base of my cock, her
right hand kneaded my balls and my cock erupted into her
mouth, my cum shooting down her throat, Maria didn't
move until she had every drop of me in her belly, then and
only then, she rose up and buckled herself back into the
her seat, while licking some remaining cum from her lips
and smiling devilishly at me.

I told Maria about the trucker approving of her ass, and
she laughed and said giggling “Who don’t like my ass?”

About thirty minutes later, we pulled over to a truck stop
for a small lunch, we still had another hour to drive but
both were feeling hungry, the waitress of the coffee shop
brought our plates just as a trucker walked in the door and
took a seat at the counter near us, we were half-finished
when he walked up to our table, he seemed almost embarrassed
to talk, but the curiosity was killing him and he finally
asked. "Excuse-me, I suppose that's your red
cabriolet out there, is it?"

I was surprised he would somehow associate us with our red
cabriolet just from looking at us, then I realized he was
talking to me but looking at Maria, so I knew it was the trucker
from the road, the one that had watched her going down on
me and I had flashed her ass to him, but Maria had no idea about
who was him, so I just answered the man. "Yes, it is.
Is there something wrong?"

He smiled, leaned over and introduced himself as Ricky
while saying with a low voice only audible for us. "That
was sure nice of you to pass me so slow like you did, I really
enjoyed your little show."

About then the waitress approached with his lunch plate,
he was about to leave when I suggested him to sit with us,
he looked completely surprised by the suggestion and I
motioned for Maria to move a little aside, so she did it and
pulled her plate aside so he slid in next to her and the waitress
sat down his plate on the table.

I made conversation with Ricky as we all worked our lunches,
I noticed with interest each time Ricky snuck a glance at
Maria, either to see her firm nipples pressing through
her shirt or to try to see her legs under the table, I had mentioned
him we had another hour or so on the road before our destination,
Maria and I were taking some glances at each other and by
our body language I knew she was pleased with him and ready
to go ahead with something with him.

Maria and I don’t need to talk to know what each other think,
so after our silent agreement we kept talking with him but
I changed the conversation to more sexual themes, and at
some point, Ricky mentioned how attractive Maria was and
reiterated he enjoyed seeing her ass from his cab, he damn
near choked on the last bite of his meal when I hold the helmet
of her skirt removed her g-string a little aside and shoved
one finger on her already wet pussy, Maria moaned lightly
and I then turned to the astonished truck driver and said
"If you want you could see much more than that, Ricky."


I watched him to see his reaction, I didn't need to look
at Maria to know she was almost bursting in laugh with his
reaction, a little astonished yet Ricky swallowed hard
then set his fork down and looked briefly at her then to me.
"And how's that?"

I looked deep into his eyes and said "I noticed you
have a sleeper cab, Ricky."

He merely nodded and subconsciously glanced to his truck
as if confirming it really did, so I added "How about
to get half an hour with Maria in your sleeper cab?"

Ricky's face broke into a wide smile, I was sure he thought
I was just kidding with him. and then he asked "Seriously?”

Then he turned to Maria “Are your husband talking seriously?”

Maria giggled and replied “What do you think? But if you
are not interested just forget it!”

Ricky almost jumped on his seat while added quickly “No,
no, not that, of course I am interested, I just doubt you
were talking serious, but really do you …”

Ricky didn’t have time to finish his phrase as Maria laughed
and rubbed her hand over his face while saying “Of course
my dear, I really want you, but now you need to excuse myself
as I must go to the lady's room to be ready for you!”

He looked at her speechless and still in disbelieve, then
for me, I winked at him and urged to Maria “Be quick, he's
waiting for you and you have just half an hour."

Maria nudged Ricky who looked like he just won the lottery
and he nearly fell out of the booth to let her pass, he didn’t
sit back again, he just stay standing by the booth until
Maria went back from the lady’s room, Ricky looked at
me one more time to be sure I was serious then moved over to
join Maria who was already standing by the door waiting
for him, she took his hand in hers, and asked cheerful and
flirtatious "now which one is yours, Ricky?"

And they left, the waitress soon brought our bill and offered
to refill my coffee cup which I accepted, she gave me a suspicious
and intrigued look as she realized Ricky and Maria had left
together, she looked through the window and saw them walking
hand on hand to his truck, then she looked back at me but as
I was staring at her with an ironic smile on my face, she blushed
and went back to her work.

Outside Ricky opened the door and watched as Maria climbed
into the sleeper cab, her skirt around her hips, he could
already see her ass, as he climbed in and closed the door,
Maria was already in the sleeper bunk with her shirt and
skirt off, there was still enough light outside that Ricky
didn't even turn on a light but he could see her firm
breasts and smooth cunt, she leaned in and helped him pull
off his shirt, then she ran her hands through his hairy chest
and moved them down to help with his belt and zippered jeans,
Maria wasn’t surprised as she realized he was nearly
hard by the time she helped him pull off his pants and underwear.


The space was a little tight but with cleaned sheets, so
it was ok for her, Ricky leaned back as Maria put her mouth
between his legs and her lips wrapped around his cock and
began to suck him, Ricky stammered a little bit, trying
to tell her he had seen her giving me head in the truck but
quickly just shut up and let her suck him, so Maria pulled
and sucked and licked on him, tasting his precum soon oozing
onto her tongue, knowing he only had half an hour and would
likely only be able to cum once in that time, Maria lifted
off him when she had him good and hard, edging him a couple
times with her mouth before she let him slip from her mouth
and look up at him. "How would you like to get me, Ricky?"

Ricky looked down at her, looked at his wet hard erection
and she knew what he wanted, as much as her smooth cunt looked
appealing, it was her ass that had caught his attention
on the open road, Ricky reached down and helped Maria turn
over and face away from him, he spat in his hand and rubbed
her asshole with three fingers smearing the spit over her
moist puckered asshole, then he lay his body over hers as
he moved in between her legs and she felt his cock press against
her asshole and then he pushed himself into her, Maria dropped
her head between her shoulders a couple moments as she felt
him push his erect cock into her asshole then as she felt
his full length inside her, she lifted her head back with
a loudly moan of ecstasy.

Ricky's cock was hard inside Maria's asshole
and he was panting hard, fucking her with all he had, Maria
was surprised and very pleased as he had been able to hold
himself that long as she grounded her ass back to him, taking
all his cock inside her, and was moaning. "Oooooh
Ricky you feel so amazing, so great in my asshole, I want
you to cum inside me, will you do that for me?"


Maria pushed herself hard to him and Ricky couldn’t hold
it any longer, he groaned then yelled out as his cock erupted
inside her asshole, he kept pumping, kept giving her his
cock in her ass and cumming and cumming and cumming, when
Maria knew he was done, she gave him a little shove and pulled
off his cock, she pulled her shirt over her head and tits
then wiggled into her skirt without letting his cum ooze
from her asshole, she didn't want to soil his sheets,
she kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "Thank
you it was great, I really enjoyed it."

And with that she was climbing out of his truck trying not
to let too much of his cum spill from her, she walked back
into the truck stop, once inside she looked around and couldn't
find me anywhere, so she moved directly to the bathroom
to clean herself up while she heard Ricky turning on the
engine and left after a wonk of good bye.

While Maria and Ricky were having a good time in the truck,
inside the coffee shop I was playing a game on my mobile and
the waitress seemed to hover as if wanting to ask a question,
but finally she just motioned with the pot and I had her filling
my cup one more time, so I asked the waitress ironically
“Hummm, I think you want to ask me something, am I wrong?”

She looked at me, blushed for being caught, then with a voice
full of hesitations she managed to ask “Sorry, I don’t
want to be indiscreet ……… but your wife ….. hummm
….. she’s outside with …… hum …. Hum with the
truck driver …….. on his truck ……. Oh shit, sorry,
forget it …….. it’s not my business”

And once again she blushed, then turned back and returned
back to her work letting me laughing on the table, I sip a
little more of my coffee, then stood up, walked along the
counter to where the waitress was, she was surprised to
see me there, I just winked at her and said giggling “Don’t
worry, no problem to ask, she’s more lucky than me, she’s
surely getting a great time with the truck driver when I
was here alone, but it’s the life, I just want to have my
wife happy, and by the way, where is the men’s restroom?”

Needless to say she was wordless and looking at me astonished
and in disbelief, she then gasped and told me it was downstairs
at the end of the corridor on left, so I winked at her and just
took my way to the toilet as an urge to pee was growing through
my cock.

As I finished I exited the men's room and looked to my
left side I was surprised as the waitress was there against
the wall and smiling to me, I stopped and waited to see what
was coming on, then she threw her arms open for a hug, of course
I gave her a hug and I enjoyed it, feeling her young, lithe
body and her boobs against me, then she whispered into my
ear, not releasing me. "You’re a great husband,
your wife is a lucky woman to have such a husband like you,
but it’s not fair you staying here alone while she’s
getting her fun, let’s take care of this.”

"I know I am, but what you mean with taking care of that?”
I replied a little intrigued.

"You made me horny with your story, I want to take the
place of your wife with you for a couple of minutes"
she suddenly stated and kissed my neck, my cock started
to rise, which I knew she could feel when she started to press
against it, I let my hands drop down to her ass and squeezed
it as I pulled her against me even more, there was still a
risk that any other guest could happen upon us but that really
wasn't the primary thought in my brain at that moment,
turns out it wasn't the primary thought in her brain,
either, then she whispered again on my ear "Was anyone
else in the men's room?"

"No" I murmured and before I knew it, she was
leading me back into the men's room after a quick look
around to make sure we were unobserved, she led me into a
stall, as soon as we were closed inside, she reached between
us to fondle my throbbing cock while I continued to squeeze
her ass, she then opened my jeans, and fished out my cock
pumping it in her hand before starting to work my jeans and
underwear down.

"Sit, " the waitress said once my cock was completely
freed, I did it while pushing my jeans and underwear down
to my ankles, then, with her standing before me I unfastened
her skirt and let them drop to her ankles as I kissed her abdomen
above her panties, after squeezing her ass some more, I
rubbed the front of her panties briefly before starting
to slide them down, as her panties slid down to join her skirt,
I kissed around it, moving in closer and closer.

While I was doing that she had stepped out of her skirt and
panties with one foot and raised the other leg with them
hooked on her ankle, so I grabbed them before they ended
up on the floor, and after I handed them to her, she turned
and hung them on the hook on the back of the stall door, then
turned back and straddled me with a wild look on her face.


Where was the shy girl that blushed each time she spoke with
me, I asked to myself, but I really didn’t care, I was much
more happy with that new version of her, so I stroked her
pussy as she lowered it over me, finding it flowing with
her juices, then guided my cock into it as she sat on my lap,
she moaned as my cock filled her and I reached around for
her bare ass as she started to slowly ride up and down on me.

But then as she leaned down so that we could make out again,
the door opened and somebody else entered the men's
room, our activity was pretty quiet so he have had to look
under the stall door to even see that there were two occupants,
what I didn't believe could happen, then a second person
had come and gone when the waitress pulled her mouth from
mine and let out a gasp as her body trembled, I could feel
my own orgasm starting to build and realized that, with
my hands on her ass, I was fucking her pretty hard.

Thinking not only that I could delay my own orgasm and enjoy
that longer if I slowed down but also that I hadn't gotten
my hands on her tits yet, so I slid my hands up under her blouse,
unbuttoned it and unclasped her bra then brought my hands
around to fondle her breasts, we were making out again at
that point and she moaned softly against my mouth as I brushed
my hands over her hard nipples, I was still relishing the
feel of her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my cock, but
I was also appreciating the opportunity to get my hands
on such a nice set of tits.

A few more people came and went as she rode me harder and faster
while I played with her tits, fortunately none sticking
around for too long, I could feel her pussy becoming even
more engorged around my throbbing cock so I wasn't
surprise when she pulled her mouth from mine again and gasped
while orgasming again, at that time my own orgasm was getting
closer and closer, though I endeavoured to delay it because
I was so enjoying our secret tryst, but then she whispered
once she had finished cumming. "I want you to cum in
my mouth, I don't want my pussy dripping for the rest
of the day while working."

"Any time you're ready, " I told her, sure
enough I didn’t have problem enjoying a blowjob for as
long as it took to finish up, so she rode me for a few minutes
longer, apparently reluctant to quit, but finally stood
up, my cock slipping out of her but still standing rigid
in my lap, we switched places and, sitting on the toilet
I had vacated, she took my cock in her hand and pumped it before
wrapping her lips around it, it was my turn to moan as my cock
was engulfed in her warm, wet mouth, she gently pumped the
base in one hand while cupping my balls in the other as her
head bobbed up and down and I ran my fingers through her hair
and just relished the feel of her mouth sliding up and down
my cock.

Her very good skills were immediately used and it was obvious
that we wouldn't be hanging around that men's
room for much longer, it felt like she was putting the effort
into drawing out the pleasure that I was feeling, though,
which I certainly appreciated, it wasn't long enough,
however, before I could feel my orgasm drawing near and
my cock began to swell in anticipation, the waitress just
kept going, though, providing me with the ultimate pleasure
right up to the moment that I exploded into her mouth with
a grunt and she swallowed my load and continued to milk every
drop of cum out of me until I was completely spent.


I leaned against the door once she let my cock fall from her
mouth, feeling her skirt and panties on my shoulder, I took
them down and handed them to her, she helped me get my jeans
and underwear back up to where I could reach them before
starting to slip into her panties and skirt, I got my softening
cock tucked away and closed up my jeans then she stood to
pull her skirt and panties the rest of the way up.

"I just want to say you are fantastic, thanks a lot”
I said as I slipped my hand into her skirt before she got it
closed up. I kissed her neck as I caressed the front of her
panties, she kissed me and replied moaning softly. “I
really don’t know what was on my mind to make this, it never
happened before but I don’t regret for doing it, I loved
each moment your wife is a very lucky woman.”

At that point, another person entered the men's room
and probably could easily have seen four feet below the
stall door if he had look, we quietly made sure that we were
each presentable and, almost immediately after he walked
out, I followed and confirmed that no one else was around,
I called for the waitress to hurry out and, as I watched her
coming toward me, I wanted to kiss her again, she must have
had the same idea, because we made out again briefly outside
the restrooms before heading back upstairs.

When I crossed the counter I smiled at her before met Maria
who was at the door waiting for me, I noticed Ricky's
truck was not there as we walked to our car, then she said
giggling “well, as you wasn’t at the table when I went
back, by the time you took on the restroom, and by the smile
between you and that waitress who came from downstairs
almost at the same time as you, I can imagine you too didn’t
lose your time.”

I just burst in laugh while leaned her against the door and
slipped my arms around her back and kissed her hard on the
mouth, my tongue exploring hers as I did, as I didn’t feel
that usually wetness I looked at her intrigued, Maria just
laughed and said giggling, “You hadn’t show him my
ass? So that was he wanted, he fucked my asshole, and damn,
he was good on that. But now to be a great Saturday we just
miss a gang bang.”

We both laugh as walking to our car, but I thought, who knows,
the day was just beginning, anyway we drove in silent the
rest of the way until the beach, as usually it looked desert
as we pulled out of the car, that’s why we always loved
that small beach, we jumped from the car and I grabbed her
hand, pulling Maria along a narrow path between the dunes,
as we reached the water's edge I glanced along the golden
sands the only other people I could see were some guys surfing
a little away and a guy fishing.

I walked with Maria hand in hand until the sandy beach, Maria
opened her arms feeling the sun, and using a kind of judo
throw I tripped her over and sent her to the sand lying on
her back, then I knelt over her and started to kiss her neck,
biting and nibbling her way down to her breasts, my leg was
gently keeping hers apart until my knee was able to rub against
her bare pussy, I pinned her hands above her head and bite
her nipples through the thin material of her shirt while
she was grinding her hips against my thigh and then I kissed
the skin between her tits.

My cock was growing in my jeans and I slide down to press it
against Maria, allowing her to feel my hardness, I released
her hands and moved my hand down to press my fingers between
her legs, feeling the warm of her pussy lips, then I slide
a finger inside her hot cunt and gently began to finger fuck
her, Maria was moaning in delight and her hand were rubbing
frantically across my bulge, teasing my cock through my

"Let me fuck you right here, " I pleaded but
Maria said no, her reply caused my cock to jerk again, and
I climbed off of her, helping her to her feet, she then leant
to me and whispered into my ear, "Fetch the blanket
from the car, I will meet you in the dunes."

With that she turned and run off out of sight amongst the
tall grasses and the sand dunes, I jogged gently back to
the car and grabbed the big blanket from the boot, with it
I took a bottle of suntan oil, locked the car and turned around
to meet her.

I scrambled up onto a dune, scanning around to see where
she was, I noticed that the two surfers were more closer
to us, but still a little way off, then I heard a low moaning
from a hollow in the dunes just ahead of me, as I walked towards
the source of the sound I crested the next dune and my eyes
felt on a delicious sight, Maria was laid on her back with
her legs spread wide, her skirt around her waist, and three
fingers of her right hand buried in her pussy while her other
hand was pulling at her nipples as her shirt having been


Maria was eyes closed and her hips were gently rising and
falling as she fingered fuck herself, so I creeped up to
her and lay the blanket out beside her, then I leant down
and whispered softly in her ear that she might be more comfortable
if she slid onto it, Maria managed to do it, her hand never
straying from her pussy, her fingers squelching as they
plunged in and out of her, I stripped her first then myself
quickly, my cock swaying in the warm breeze and I knelt down
taking the bottle of suntan oil and flipping off the top
I dribbled a little into my hand and went to massage it into
her naked tits, but she begged me to stop and lick her pussy

Instantly I dropped the bottle and moved down her body,
as I felt down between her thighs Maria slipped her soaking
fingers from her hot wet pussy and offered them to my lips,
I sucked and licked her warm juices from her fingers before
plunging my tongue into her pussy to replace them, and then
I began to flick it across her clit and gently teased her
outer pussy lips as my hands kept applying pressure to her
inner thighs, holding them apart for my exploring tongue.

As I continued my task I heard Maria saying "Why are
you just watching? Just came and join us. Why don’t you
start to rub some oil over my tits?"

Surprised I looked up to see the fisher guy, who had been
trying to be hiding behind some shrubs and watching us through
the tall grasses, standing up and coming over Maria, he
then grabbed the bottle of suntan oil and started rubbing
the oil into her rounded tits, he looked at me and simply
says "indeed it’s a crime to let these lovely tits
to burn."

Maria and I just giggled, then Maria pushed my head gently
back down between her thighs, as my head descended and my
tongue returned to its task, her juices were trickling
out and running down my chin, a clear indication of how much
the situation was turning Maria on, then I heard her asking
the guy to show her the contents of his shorts, I heard a zip
then Maria huskily moaning in approval and I felt her body
moving under me, it was obvious she had taken the guy's
cock into her mouth and was sliding her head back and forth
along its length, which judging by her actions must be quite

I sneaked a short peek and could see him straddling her chest
as he fucked her mouth, and her hands were on the cheeks of
his backside, we continued for a couple of minutes, before
Maria’s juices erupted over my face, as I was gasping
for breath Maria yelled "I need cock in my pussy, now!"

Maria pushed the guy off as I pulled my tongue out from her
pussy, she stood up and told the guy to lie down, as he dropped
to the blanket Maria swung her leg over him and drop onto
his erect cock, guiding it into her soaked pussy, then she
began to bounce on it and then beckoned me to stand in front
of her, I leant over and she grabbed my cock, drawing it onto
her hot mouth, I could feel her tongue flicking across my
helmet and the powerful suck of her cheeks, while the fisher
guy had his hands rubbing on her tits and she was grinding
herself into him, shuddering wildly as a powerful orgasm
overtook her.

My eyes were closed and my hips were gently pumping at her
mouth as the three of us started moving in a synchronized
rhythm, but then Maria took my cock out of her mouth, I opened
my eyes to see what was going on and the fisher guy’s cock
almost dropped from her pussy as we heard Maria say, "Hello
boys, did you like what you see? Do you intent to be there
all the time just watching?"

The two surfers were stood beside her speechless while
watching her performance, then one gasped and replied
“Yes, sure, but sorry for being watch you, we didn’t
pretend to disturb you in any way, you look like are having
a lot of fun, so enjoy it, we will leave, really sorry again."

Maria giggled and said, "No way! You will do not do
such thing. Just join us and get your fun too!"

Astonished the surfers look at each other open mouthed
trying to understand if that was real, for don’t let them
have doubts, Maria’s hands come up to rub their firm chests
through the wetsuits, glistening black still wet from
the sea, as my cock swung freely, and Maria continued to
ride the fisher guy’s cock, her hands dropped to rub the
rapidly filling crotches of the two young surfers.

Leaving my space to the new guys I raced back to the dune,
the sight was truly fantastic, the taller surfer was already
on his back with Maria laid over him, the other had his cock
in her mouth and the fisher guy was stood behind her holding
something in his hand, curious I got up close and I could
see that it was the bottle of suntan oil and he was rubbing
his cock with it, and then he started to ease his cock against
Maria’s ass, looking at her I could see she was lost in
ecstasy as these three strangers were fucking her.

Maria noticed me and winked at me, then she went back to concentrate
on enjoying her triple fucking, all three guys were pumping
at her, the fisher guy cock was deep into her ass, while she
was riding one of the surfer’s cock into her pussy and
sucking off the cock of the other one, I had no choice I just
come over and as she saw me she grabbed my cock and started
to pump it wild and fast.

Suddenly the guy she was sucking snapped his hips backwards
and pulled his cock from her mouth, his hand comes onto it
and he jerked it hard, the first jet of hot come landed across
her face, then Maria opened her lips wide to let him shoot
another straight into her mouth, twice more his cock twitched
and shoot his hot cum into her face leaving it dripping down
her chin.


Maria’s lips grabbed his cock again and she engulfed
its full length to clean it, that triggered the other two
and they speeded up their pumping, the fisher guy was pounding
hard his cock into her ass, while the surfer was hammering
her pussy with his cock, I have lost the number of orgasms
she had gotten, then the fisher guy pulled his cock from
her ass and jerked his hot cum over her back, landing in pools
along her spine.

As he stepped aside the other surfer continued to pump her
hungry pussy, Maria sensed that he cannot last much longer,
so she lift herself off of him and then she slide down to take
his cock between her oily tits, as she hold her tits around
his cock he started tit fucking them, allowing me room to
stood up and eased my bursting cock into her mouth, then
the surfer grunted and I felt his cum hit the underside of
my balls, and then my own orgasm started, as the first jet
hits the back of her throat Maria plunged her head down to
take me right to the back of her mouth, so I could feel my balls
empty into her hot mouth, and then she let me slip from her

I moved away and Maria climbed off of the surfer, her face
was dripping with cum, her hair matted and her tits were
holding a river of sticky white spunk as it dribbled downwards,
Maria flop onto her back, and looked thankful at me and the
three guys who have just fucked her, then licking her lips
she looked me straight in the eye as she said, "I told
you I was missing a gang bang didn't I?"

We all laughed and I had to admit that she got it, then the
guys get dressed, the two surfers thanked Maria telling
her that was the best fuck of their lives, the fisher guy
told her giggling that if he would tell someone about what
had happened, they would laugh and say it was one more story
of fishermen, and then they left leaving us tanning our
sweating bodies under the sun.

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A great read. Made my pussy wet.


vikingluso replies on 1/2/2017 7:06 am:
Wow nice to know, thanks for sharing

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holy crap... aside from the spell check i loved it... i wish i could get a piece of pie with that piece of ass.


vikingluso replies on 1/2/2017 3:09 pm:
We apologize for the spell check, English is not our mother language