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A wild rainy day


Maria was at work and it was raining fast outside, she could
hear the thunder loud clear, as it was late she was alone
at the office with her boss, she didn't like too much
her boss, he always gave her the creeps as he smiled at her
in a perverted way, while looking up and down at her body
every time she walked passed him and made Maria feel discomfort.

Maria’s office was on first floor and her boss’s office
was downstairs facing the hallway, the small cantina to
the workers was right next to his office, Maria was in the
cantina making herself a cup of hot coffee, when she suddenly
heard unusual noises coming from his boss’s office.

Maria peeped across into the living room to stare at where
the noise was coming from, it was her boss, he had his eyes
closed, an opened porno magazine over the desk and he was
rubbing his cock vigorously while making loud arousing
noises. It was a current rumor among all employees that he has the
habit to do it every time he thought he wasn't being
watched, but Maria never had seen him doing that before,
she always thought about that like a rumor, never as a really
fact, she was looking at him while wondering why he was doing
that. [image] Maria couldn’t stop looking at him for some reason, she
knew she should look away, but she couldn't. Maria
was having strange feelings growing inside her, she was
feeling wet and a tingling sensation was building up inside
her, then she tip toed closer to him, his eyes were still
closed, Maria wanted to touch his cock, but she was hesitating.

Suddenly the thunder outside got louder, Maria felt cold
and wanted to feel warm and it was then that she couldn't
resist herself, so without thinking too much she stepped
towards her boss and shook him with her shaking hands as
her heart beats grew louder and louder.

He suddenly opened his eyes and stopped rubbing his cock,
then looked at her with shock, he was speechless for having
been caught in the act, Maria made a gesture to calm him down,
then she ran her hands down in his chest slowly and towards
his stomach as he stared at her face with amazement.

Maria looked at his cock, which was already hard after all
the hard rubbing he had given himself and seemed as if it
wanted to be rescued from his half unzipped grey pants,
Maria bit her lips as she completely unzipped his trousers
and lifted her other hand to put her fingers on his lips,
she could feel his greyish mustache and rough beard as she
moved her hand slowly across all his face and the rapidly
growing heat from his mouth felt reassuring.

They just stared at each other for a few minutes, he wasn't
attractive at all but there was something pulling Maria
towards him, then he reached out his left hand and pulled
her towards him as her breasts touched his body, and then
slowly ran his hands down her back and started to give her
massage and then steadily reached towards her ass, he slowly
squeezed it while pushing Maria further towards him and
pulled her so she ended up falling on him and ended up on his
lap while he stared at her face.

Without a word he grabbed Maria’s body, stood up with
her on his arms and removing his chair for one side with one
foot he laid her down on the carpet floor, then as he laid
himself on her side, Maria almost jumped over him and ended
up on his chest kissing him.

He slowly moved her out of him and sat up, while staring at
her breasts that were peeping through her silk black gown,
then he ran his hands toward her breasts and unleashed them
from her bra while slowly pulled open the strings of her
bra, he looked really excited and squeezed her tits and
started to suck them ever so hard.

He was full of hunger and kept squeezing, sucking and playing
with Maria’s breasts while rubbing and pressing on her
ass in passion, he seemed to want to fuck her for years and
she thought he had wish it come true for a long time.

The grey sky and the flashes of lights and thunders seemed
not affecting Maria any more as the heat was burning up inside
both of them, she had no words to say and nor did he, but he
wanted to waste no time at all, so he took her right hand and
put it on his cock, Maria started to rub his cock very slowly
and then she started to rub her hands up and down his cock
and watched his excitement grow while he rubbed her ass
and wet pussy and kissed her with full passion.

His cock was rock hard, he was sure energetic and fit for
his age and could perform a lot more than Maria could imagine,
he kept rubbing her pussy and tits and then unstripped her
from head to toes, while undressing her wet pussy and freeing
Maria from her black underwear, she let him take over as
at that time she only wanted to be fucked right there.

He kissed Maria hard again and again, he started to kiss
her face and lips, and then steadily moved down to lick her
breasts, then her belly and down to her eager pussy, Maria
wanted more and more of that, and then he licked her down
to her ass, he seemed thirsty and wanted her wet pussy really
bad, he hold her hands and sat down while leaning back, to
allow Maria to take over.

Looking deeply into her eyes he put her head towards his
cock, Maria took over from there and started sucking his
cock from top to bottom, by his loudly moans she thought
he was having the greatest time of his life, lucky for them
they were alone in the office, so anyone could hear his so
loud moans as he was mouth fucking Maria hard. [image2] Then he shoved his cock deeply down her throat until his
pubic hairs reached her tonsils and started hammering
her mouth hard, Maria was even feeling some difficult to
get his full length down her throat, but she kept her lips
pressing his cock not allowing him to take it out of her,
anyway he didn't want her to stop and kept saying. “Yes,
harder, suck me harder, I was always dreaming with this
moment with you, I’m loving it, yesss, oh yesss”.

He then suddenly stopped Maria and lifted her up from her
knees and placed her with her back against the carpet, then
he put her legs towards her breasts and shoved his cock into
her wet pussy while kissing all over her body in enthusiasm,
from her neck to where ever he wanted to, Maria was in ecstasy,
he then swirled his tongue into her mouth and she added her
tongue into his mouth too as he pressed hard on her tits while
rubbing them with his rough hands.

He fucked her slowly to begin with, and then he started fucking
her hard as they massaged each other, about ten minutes
of hard fuck and he took out his cock and asked Maria to lay
down on her side, she did as she was being told to do, and then
he put his cock from behind in-between her legs and her buttocks
and then into her wet hungry pussy, while playing and rubbing
her tits, and finally they both exploded while kissing
each other, Maria’s body squirmed under her orgasm and
he shook as several spurts of his sperm reached her insides, .

Maria was all warm, cozy, tired and full aware of the storm
outside, and so was he, then Maria stood up, the room was
a mess, her boss was still laying there naked and she herself
was wearing nothing, Maria quickly gathered all her clothes
and cleaned up, and then she thought once again “thanks
God we were alone and we didn't get caught”.

As she was ready to live her boss shouted out “Are you leaving
without give your boss a hug before you go?”

Maria smiled as she looked at him, he came towards to hug
Maria tight and squeezed his chest towards her breast,
Maria was sure she could still feel the thirst and hunger
in his eyes, and then touching up her ass he said “Thanks
a lot to realize my dreams, I don’t know if you want to repeat
this wonderful time, but for me I would repeat it as soon
as possible.”

Maria looked deeply into his eyes and answered “Well,
we both got a very good time forgetting the storm outside,
but you are my boss and I’m your employee, so from now let’s
keep it just like that.”

Maria waved him a kiss for good bye, he didn't stop staring
at her as she walked to the door and until she was out of his
office, Maria just grabbed her jacket and purse from her
own office and runs out of the building, as she stepped onto
the street Maria felt a sense of freedom burst excitedly
within her, then as the main door closed on her back she looked
up to the falling rain and laughed "Typical, why didn’t
I called a taxi when inside?" [image3] Maria rarely carries an umbrella so she shook her shoulders,
buttoned his jacket and walked faster as the rain was coming
down a bit harder, rapidly on the way to soaking her, spotting
a phone booth she tucked her head down and hurried over to
it, then she almost crashed against a man, both looking
agape at the other and slightly winded, Maria smiled looking
him over and said "I guess we had the same idea, "

"Seems so, but you go ahead, I've at least got
my coat." He nodded as he said tightening his long
trench coat, the clouds seemed to split open and poured
their bounty on them, Maria thanked him with a smile and
stepped into the small bit of shelter taking the phone,
then looking back she grinned and said "Well, Its
broken, but there's room enough for two."

"Thank you very much." he smiled and Maria backed
as far into the corner as she could and he stepped in, he leaned
into her, pushing the door closed behind them and there
was a little more room between them, then Maria smiled shyly
as trying to smooth her wet skirt and said, "I didn't
expect it to rain so hard."

He chuckled, "Yeah, it just came out of nowhere."

"Hopefully the rain won't last long, "
she said and he nodded, then Maria blushed as she noticed
his gaze travelling the length of her then back up to meet
her eyes, they made some social talking for a couple of minutes
about the weather, then Maria laughed and sighed “look
at this, I look like a drowned rat!"

"Oh don't worry, the wet look becomes you."
he grinned and she giggled.

Maria looked down at herself, the material of her blouse
hugging her breasts, her nipples tighten from the chill,
every time she moved her feet the wet skirt sucked at her
legs, she giggled and looked up to see him half smiling,
a questioning look in his eyes. "I was just thinking
how I'd been heading home for a shower and instead I'm
in a phone booth all wet with a stranger."

He chuckled, "Well, I can't say I'm disappointed."

They both laughed and they introduce themselves, and the
man grinned as taking her hand. "Not enough room to
shake hands." [image4] Maria giggled again, then a flash of lightning painted
the sky and they both looked up, Maria whispered she hate
storms while watching the black clouds overhead, the thunder
clap drowned out his reply as she craned her neck to look
toward the darkest clouds, she was in the tight confines
of the booth, her breast rubbing against his arm, her ass
bumped into him as she tried to stand with her back to him,
Maria blushed and said "Sorry."

"No reason to be." Was his giggling answer,
the rain continued to batter the shelter and their combined
breath began fogging over the glass, he reached over to
swipe his hand across the glass, his body pressed into her
back, Maria could feel his semi-hard cock against her ass
and without thinking she pushed back into him.

"That could get a lady like yourself into trouble."
he sighed letting his hand fall to her hip.

"Sometimes trouble can be a good thing, " Maria
grinned as some static electricity zipped up her spine
and he chuckled, then another flash of lightning draws
their attention back to the sky and he said. "That
one was close".

Maria shivered and breathed. "I'm tingling
from it!"

"Well, I don't think the lightning is responsible
for my tingles." he said, his voice a little breathier.

Maria blushed then she decided to go ahead and teased him
with a wiggle of her ass "Oh no? What could it be then?"

"Such a naughty woman, flirting with a stranger,
inside a telephone booth" he said grabbing her hips
and grinding against her ass, Maria moaned, her legs going
a bit weak as the thrill rushed through her body, she leaned
back against him, his hands moving up to cup her breasts
as her hand slides back to his ass, her nails digging into
him through his jeans as she pulled him tight against her
ass, he squeezed her breasts roughly and Maria tilted her
head back, turning to look at him, he then kissed her hard,
squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, her mewls
of pleasure swallowed by him as she sucked his tongue.

Maria slides her hand between them, her palm molding to
his hard cock, he groaned his approval, pushing his hips
tighter against her, eager to feel him she slides her other
hand back and unbuttoned his fly, her nails scraped his
balls before she squeezed them as her other hand found his
cock, her fingers splayed around the shaft, the heel resting
on his crown. [image5] Maria rubbed her palm around feeling his precum, she pulled
her hand out, her palm smeared with his fluid as the lightning
flashes, scorching the image of her tongue licking his
precum from her palm into his vision, he groaned and she
looked back at him still licking her palm greedily, with
a lust look on his face he just pulled her hand away and kissed
her hard, their tongues danced as her hand moved back to
his cock.

Maria stroked him steadily, twisting her wrist every other
stroke to hit new nerves, while he tangled his hand in her
hair and tugged her head to the side, then his tongue glided
over her throbbing pulse, his teeth grazed her flesh as
he sucked hard on her neck as her hand was pumping his cock

The man’s hand dropped to her hip, then to her leg as he
grabbed the fabric of her skirt bunching it up, in his fist
he pulled the back up and she leaned her body from his, enough
to let the material climb, he catches the hem and pulled
the skirt free, baring her backside, then grabbing her
hip he pulled her back against him, her hand trapped around
his cock as he slides his hand down over her hip across the
front of her skirt, cupping her mound, teasing her through
her clothes.

Maria’s thumb slipped up, slowly rubbing over his cockhead
as she purred, his hand moved back casually, up over the
folds of her shirt making her ache with wanting, his fingers
brushed her garters and he growled appreciatively, then
he pushed her hand up off his cock, hooking his fingers under
the edge of her panties, he wasn't surprised to find
her already wet as his fingers glided into her gripping

He wrapped his arm around her, his hand splayed across her
belly pulling her snug against him as he began pumping his
fingers in and out her pussy, Maria moaned, her hand trapped
on his stomach, her nails clawed him and she spreads her
legs wider, offering him better access to her hole, he moved
his hand, palm against her clit, his fingers lightly rubbing
her clit, Maria twitched as electric jolts zipped through
her, he stopped moving, holding his hand against her pulsing
pussy and she whined "Oh please. Don’t stop."

He growled in her ear while running his fingers along her
panties. "A shame you're wearing these."
he said.

"Take them, " Maria growled and he grinned,
his knuckles brushed her sopping pussy lips as he grabbed
the silky fabric, she could feel the tug of the elastic on
her hips, then a quick yank and the rip of her panties elicits
a gasp from her, he stuffed them in his pocket, grinding
into her bare ass, feeling the heat of her cheeks cupping
his cock, Maria purred, wiggling her ass as her hand slides
down his cock, he pointed his cock at her pussy, his head
nudging her lips, and Maria moaned lustily "Yes.
Fuck me!" [image6] He didn’t need to be asked twice and thrusts forward,
his cock furrowing into her tight sheath, the thunder drowned
out her cry of ecstasy, the whole booth rumbled around them,
then he grabbed her hips, her skirt falling to cover her
ass and she braced herself with her hands on the small shelf
as his grip on her hips was fierce as he thrusted hard in and
out her pussy.

The windows murkier and fogged over, blurring their view
of the storm, nothing they noticed, with each stroke the
booth shudder as their bodies crashed together, Maria
whimpered, arching her back, tilting her ass for deeper
penetration and her pussy clenched around his cock and
he groaned loudly as another lightning bolt slashed the
sky, painting their silhouettes with light.

Harder he slammed into her yielding pussy, his nails digging
into her flesh through her dress, the thunders rumbled
overhead, so close that they could feel the treble in their
bodies, he could feel the silkiness of her skirt rubbing
against his stomach, as the edges tickled between them
on every outstroke, and Maria’s fingers turned white
from gripping the shelf so hard.

Maria fucked back into his every stroke, her body going
rigid as he continued pounding her, her pussy spasms while
rhythmically was squeezing his thick cock, he slammed
into her even harder as he felt her body twisting on his cock
as she got ha violent orgasm, he then increased his thrusts,
working to his own release as her muscles milked him.

There was a loud crack as he drove his cock to the hilt with
all of his force, Maria squealed feeling his cock swelling
and pulsing inside her, his sperm filling her pussy as he
pulled her tight to him, their mouths found each other’s
wantonly delving their recesses, swallowing their moans,
and he grinded his softening cock into her, enjoying every
last ripple of her wet hole.

Their mouths parted and they stood there panting as his
cock slowly slipped from her, Maria squeezed her thighs
together, feeling the wet sticky results of their lust,
then she looked to her left and then to her right, jagged
cracks split the window in half with dozens of smaller fishers
spider web out from them, Maria heard a low laugh as whispered
mirthfully in her ear. "I think we broke it!"

"I guess so, but I think next time we'll need to
find a new phone booth " Maria giggled as he stepped
back enough to refasten his pants, her skirt falling down
over her, she wiped the glass in front of her, then she said
looking over her shoulder "Looks like the rain has
stopped too."

The breeze slipped up around her legs and Maria shivers
staring at the open door, then she stepped out and looked
around, but she didn’t saw him anywhere, smoothing her
skirt she decided it was time to get home and cleaned up before
she had the sticky mess all the way down to her ankles.

Maria got half a block from the booth when she saw a cab arriving,
she stopped him and went home to take a well deserved shower,
she sat in the back of the cab soaking wet she wasn’t comfortable
and dying to get home, then the cab driver looked in his mirror
and spoke. "Be nice to take a shower when you arrive
home, I'll bet!"

Maria laughed and looking back at him in the mirror said
"It certainly will, I'm soaking wet."

It was then Maria noticed that he had a second mirror which
seemed to be at a different angle to the usual rear view mirror,
she realized to her amusement that it was probably angled
to get a good view of the passenger’s crotch and legs,
she smiled while thought she had to test it, so sitting back
in the seat and feeling pretty relaxed and up for a bit more
of fun she crossed her legs, straight away, Maria could
see that the driver reacted, he really could see every move
she made, Maria laughed to herself and decided to have a
bit more of fun. [image7] Maria was with no panties, the man in the phone boot took
it in his pocket, and she smiled at the memory of her both
fucks that stormy night, her head began to swim slightly
and she leaned back in the seat allowing her mind to wander,
the way she found her old boss and the fuck she had, than the
strange climbing with her on a phone booth and their fuck,
as she was thinking about it, she squirmed slightly in the
seat, feeling herself becoming wet, the memory of the sexuality
of it all.

Maria decided to give the driver a treat, she was still feeling
really horny, she could feel her wetness build between
her legs, she crossed her legs back over, just giving the
driver a little view of her glistened pussy, then she called
him "Driver, do you mind going around the back way
to avoid the traffic?"

He had been distracted, watching Maria and how he was managing
to keep his eyes on road, she would never know, he almost
jumped in his seat, realizing that she was speaking to him
and not thinking even that there was almost no traffic that
stormy night he manage to say "Oh, yes, sure, no problem.”

He took a quieter road, driving pretty slowly heading towards
Maria’s apartment, she slid back in the seat a little
further and parted her legs, she slipped her hand between
her thighs and slide one finger between the lips of her pussy,
she had to admit that she felt luscious, really wet, Maria
continued her game, pretending that she didn't know
he could see what she was doing, but she could see his eyes
flickering between the two mirrors, one to watch the road
and one to watch her playing with herself.

"Oh" Maria purred as slipping two fingers further
down to her pussy hole, she just allowed her fingers to slip
and slide up and down between her clit and her pussy, feeling
the pressure building and tingling shooting up into her
belly, and she allowed her nails to trail along her pussy
lips, tickling and sending fabulous sensations deep inside.

Maria breathed "Not much further, just a little more
along here, on the left." She continued to let her fingers slip and slide, she was
having fun and the driver was sweating watching her, then
they pulled up outside her apartment block and Maria removed
her hand from between her legs and pulled out the cab, then
she said as opened the cab door then "it’s a cold
stormy night, do you want a hot coffee to warm you out?”

Maria smiled to herself while thinking he really didn’t
need to be warmed out with a coffee, he was already warm enough,
anyway she had never seen someone move so quickly, within
a couple of seconds he was out of the driver's seat and
Maria got her keys from her purse and he followed her through
the entrance door and hallway and stood waiting with her
by the lift.

They stepped into the small lift and he was standing very
close to Maria, then the lift stopped at her floor and she
walked ahead of him and he followed her silently, she went
into her apartment and he stood at the doorway, Maria turned
to him and said “Come in, seat here and relax for a minute,
I go to prepare a hot coffee for you."

The cab driver was absolutely speechless, he stepped inside
and Maria closed the door behind him, he had an over-excited
look on his face as he sat on the sofa, Maria went in the kitchen,
connected the expresso machine, took a coffee cup and handed
it to him, she could easily see the bulge in the front of his
jeans as he drank his coffee in a couple of gulps, as he finished
he finally could speak, he stood up and said to her "Thanks,
will that be all then miss?"

Maria looked at him standing there, and she could see a little
line of sweat running inside his shirt from his neck, she
grinned at him as she stripped off her skirt letting it fall
to the floor, then she said "I'm going to take
a warm shower." [image8] His jaw visibly dropped and he practically drooled at the
site of her shaved pussy, Maria turned and walked slowly
to give him a good view of her ass as she walked from the hallway
to the shower room, she left the door open and he followed
her and stepped into the bathroom after her, he stood at
the entrance to the shower, watching Maria stepping out
of the remainder of her clothes and went into the shower,
she turned on the taps and stood under the warm water and
began to rub the gel soap over her body, between her breasts
and over her nipples.

When Maria looked at him he was already naked and she watched
with admiration as he took his considerable thick cock
in his hand and began to pull slowly, she stood back against
the shower wall against the cool tiles allowing him to step
inside, he stepped in and put a hand on either side of her
waist and lifted her body, sliding her back up against the
tiles, Maria wrapped her legs around his body, exhilarated
at the strength and confidence of him as he was immediately
in command and he guided himself inside her pussy.

Maria rode him in the shower, her back against the tiles,
slipping and sliding as he thrusted up into her, her legs
gripping and holding onto him, there was a broad tiled shelf
with bottles of her gel and shampoo, he hoisted her to sit
on the shelf and pushed her knees apart so he could get a full
view of her shaved pussy, he then buried his face between
her legs and licked and groped her with his tongue, pushing
and probing her and rubbing his nose against her clit.

As he began to chew her clit Maria immediately exploded
under a wild orgasm, with such force that she slipped off
the shelf and he needed to hold her, she collapsed into his
arms as the waves gradually subsided and she was ready for
more, Maria turned off the water and leaned back, looking
at him, admiring his still erect cock and its gleaming and
trembling cockhead. [image9] Maria stepped out of the shower and grabbed a bath towel
and wrapped it around her body, then she took his hand leading
him into her bedroom, she removed the towel from her and
began to pat him dry, first his chest and taut belly, then
his shoulders and face, Maria pushed him gently back to
sit on the edge of her bed and knelt in front of him between
his thick thighs, then she cupped his balls in her hand and
took his thick cock in her hand, guiding the head towards
her mouth, she flicked the head with her tongue and he laid
back against her quilt, his arms behind his head, getting
ready to enjoy a very special treat.

Without wasting time Maria stuck his cock in her mouth and
started to suck him with long strokes of her tongue and tried
to get her mouth all the way down to the root, he started to
pinch her nipples and Maria threw her head back and moaned
loudly as another orgasm rolled through her.

Feeling it the cab driver started to fuck her mouth faster
and faster and Maria could feel by his breathing that he
was about to explode, just as the first burst of sperm flew
out of his cock into the back of her throat, she gasped and
gulped his sperm down, Maria swallowed it all as he kept
her gulping, she struggled to gulp it all down, then he slid
his dripping cock from her mouth and she started to clean
it with her tongue.

The cab driver got up with a very wet face and Maria was shocked
as she noticed he was still rock hard, he turned her on her
fours and she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of her
pussy, and she jerked back, trying to get him in her, he backed
away and started to slowly rub his cock head against her
clit and Maria became more and more aroused, a little at
a time, he pushed his cock head against her wet lips and slowly,
he started to enter her pussy, she could feel herself stretching
to accommodate him and she started to feel flushed as he
thrust his cock up to the hilt into her pussy, Maria gasped
as he started to slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy.

All of a sudden Maria felt another intense orgasm hit her
and she started to scream in ecstasy, she was out of her head
with pleasure and was gripping his cocks with her muscles
so hard that he started to fuck her faster and faster and
soon several spurts of sperm reached her inner halls.

When Maria thought he was done she felt his still hard cock
rubbed all around her ass hole, she was astonished, how
could he still be hard enough, anyway she decided to let
him go, and he felt her clenching and unclenching her ass
hole, so he inserted just his cock head in and it feels so
crazy in her ass, he then slowly by slowly pushed into her
hole and started to slowly wiggle into her clenched ass,
then he asked "Are you okay with this? Can I fuck your
ass?" [image10] Maria almost screamed back "Okay it’s Okay, don’t
stop, fuck it, put it into my ass."

He didn’t need incentives and Maria felt immediately
the intense pressure on her asshole and knew that his cock
will come ramming into her ass hole the second she eased
up, she loosened up and immediately felt his massive cock
head stretch her ass hole and enter her, Maria moaned loudly
as she was struggling to adjust to the intense pressure
in her ass, he pushed his cock all the way into her ass until
his balls met her buttocks, he then slowly pulled his cock
out about half way then pushed it back in quickly and repeated,
each stroke slammed into Maria's ass harder sending
her into a loud frenzy. ”Yes, That’s it, fuck my ass

The cab driver motivated by her moans of pleasure pumped
furiously into her ass, his cock slid further up her ass
hole and she began to moan intensely, she then reached between
her legs and started to rub her clit again, a few minutes
went by and Maria began to cum squeezing her ass tightly
around his cock until he felt his own orgasm subsiding and
was ready to shoot his sperm, his cock then began to tighten
inside her and Maria felt a couple of more spurts of sperm
reaching her insides, that time on her asshole.

As they finished both felt down on the floor exhausted,
sperm was dripping from Maria’s well fucked pussy and
ass, then he stood up, reached for his clothes and dressed
back, and then turned to her before left and told her with
a gorgeous smile “Thanks for the coffee, was really good.”

Maria burst in laugh and waved a good bye before went back
to the shower, as she finished to clean herself she felt
on the bed and slept until the morning after.

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wow what a nite mmmmmmmmm hot hot hot


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Thanks a lot

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I wonder what would happen if I was stroking at work?


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So, why not to try?

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wow very well written


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...mira como me pusiste...


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now that would be a good night ......


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Yes, a great night

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Quite the lil go getter she was that day...\8


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'Im looking for a phone booth when the next storm blows
in. Wow, hot night.


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Yes, great idea, good luck for you too.

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wow that is very sexy and hot <3


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Thanks a lot for your so kind comment

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A very hot and erotic story


vikingluso replies on 7/6/2015 2:17 pm:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment