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A weekend to remember…


I’d been working my ass off at work for weeks, but
finally the deal was done! Another multi-million dollar
closing for the firm! It had been a long grueling day, but
to know that it was behind me was quite a relief! Being a corporate
paralegal in a huge prestigious law firm meant that I did
all the bitch work… all the copying, revising, faxing
and the stroking enormous egos! I was tired but also ready
for a little well deserved R&R! Thank God it was Friday,
and I had no need to worry about the office for the entire

When I finally made it home I went upstairs, slowly stripping
off my oh soooo conservative business suit and pumps…
As the layers dropped away I laughed to myself as I stood
before my mirror wearing nothing but black stockings,
a tiny thong and my lace bra… Oh if those stuffed shirts
could have seen what that business suit was covering up!
They would have been the ones running their asses off to
tend to MY every need or whim! But that is not my lot at the
firm, so I do what I must and move on… Slowly I inspected
my body, checking for any minor imperfections…
Small breasts looked great in the push-up bra, and the thong
did wonders for my tight little ass, the legs were good too,
not as long as I would like, but when you’re only 5’2”
you can’t have legs that go on forever! The hips were
good, nicely rounded and very feminine… not the
in vogue stick girl here, just a well put together woman.


Off to the shower next… as the warm water flows down
my body I slowly massage the soap into a rich luxurious lather…
My hands slide over every inch of my body… It feels
so good, I love the feel of my soft silky skin… I could
stay in the shower for hours just pleasing myself, but tonight
I have other plans. I want to share my bed with some lucky
stud and know I won’t find him if I don’t get
it in gear! Before completing my cleansing, I make sure
to shave any and all unwanted hair from my legs and box…
I want everything to be a smooth as silk for my man…
Just thinking about him makes me wet and my hand slides down
to my waiting lips… I slowly insert a finger and give
myself some overdue attention… I’m very
hot and wet because it seems like forever since I’ve
been soundly fucked… soon one finger isn’t
enough so I change to two and then three… before I
realize it I’m cumming to beat the band! Ohhh soooo
nice, just what I needed before preparing for the evening!

Once out of the shower I quickly dry my hair and take care
of my make-up… My hair is somewhat short and tonight
I just use a little mouse to make it a little wild and crazy…
bed head, yes that will work for this evening… Next
I must turn my attention to my attire… I chose black
stockings, a black lace thong with a matching black bra…
rummaging through my closet I find a small black mini skirt
and black sleeveless turtle neck… the short skirt
barely covers the lace tops of my stockings, it hugs my ass
and hips like a second skin, the blouse also hugs the curve
of my breasts accents my waist… and a very nice picture
indeed. The shoes are next… Black super high pumps,
they make my legs look great and give me a few extra inches…


I look good… very good… I’m soooo horney
I can barely think… so before heading out, I head
over to my bed… I pull out my favorite vibe, the one
that rotates, vibrates and massages my clit! I work my hot
little cunt until I cum! Damn that is one good little contraption!
I tell myself that if I don’t find what I’m
looking for I can always come home and spend the evening
with my vibe! Not exactly what I want, but it would work if
the hunting is slow!

In a matter of minutes I’m out the door and into my
little Camaro, I love the power of that car! She’s
sleek, and ohhhh sooooo fast. Running her through her gears
excites me… it’s such a rush to feel her spring
to life beneath me… I’ll never understand
people who drive automatics, they miss so much of the sheer
pleasure of driving that way... This is pretty my philosophy
of life and sex… Never take the short path, anything
worth doing is worth working for, the end of the trip is not
the main thing, it’s how much fun you had getting
there that counts!

I see the Hotel in front of me, so I downshift and pull into
a spot right up front, the Gods must be smiling upon me tonight!
I like this place, as the bar is always full of poor lonely
businessmen who are far from home… That’s
my pray this evening… some sweet fellow far from
home and looking for a little no strings fun!

I saunter into the room and quickly survey my surroundings…
the place is actually packed tonight, locals and out of
townies are everywhere, the band is rocking and the place
seems to be filled with pure energy! I slowly make my way
to the bar, making sure to allow the room to watch me as I glide
up and ask Jimmy for a drink… He pours me a nice glass
of Chardonnay without having to ask… Jimmy is a jewel,
he has become quite a good friend to me over this past year…


I turn my back to the bar and lean slightly back, I’m
very casual in my stance, but it’s just a cover, I’m
casing the place looking for Mr. Right Now… I know
he’s here, it’s just going to take a little
time to flush him out... Within five minutes Jimmy comes
up behind me and whispers in my ear that I should check out
the table in the back… There’s a beautiful
specimen of manhood back there and he knows that I would
be pleased… Thanking him I turn my attention to the
darken corner… Sure enough there he is, broad shoulders,
well kept hair and a bit of a scruffy beard… He’s
dressed in very nice casual clothes and seems well polished…
Jimmy knows me so well, he knows exactly what I like in a man…
Strong, masterful, but also kind and gentle… It’s
probably because his tastes run along the same lines! If
the man were bi I’d have a fight on my hands with Jimmy!
But this one looked 100% straight male!

Time for action! I slowly make my away across the crowded
bar to his table… As I move across the room I can see
that he’s watching me, an appreciative smile crosses
his face… I ease up to his table and politely ask if
I may join him… the bar is packed and there really
is no other place for me to sit. He quickly stands and offers
me an empty chair… His hair is dirty blonde, the beard
is a little darker, he has very startling blue eyes, large
hands, the kind of hands you expect to find on a construction
worker… I can tell he works out, as his body appears
very toned… Yes, he’s just about perfect…


We start with some small talk, he’s from Tulsa, here
on business, and his plane out isn’t until early
Monday morning. He just closed a deal for his company and
is celebrating. I tell him I too am celebrating a recent
victory at work. While we talk I feel his eyes drawn first
to by breasts and then to my legs… sitting like this
allows my skirt to ride up on my thighs exposing the lace
tops of my stockings…. He seems embarrassed that
I’ve caught him staring at my legs… I laugh
and tell him that I wouldn’t wear them if they didn’t
make men look! He orders us another round and we chat some
more… As the alcohol begins to work he loosens up
a little and tells me how he just loves women in lingerie…
They are soooo much more sexy when they are barely covered.
I of course agree, as this is my thinking too… It’s
like Christmas, pretty packages just begging to be opened!

The band finally plays something soft and slow, he looks
into my eyes and asks me to dance… I allow him to lead
me onto the floor and melt into his strong arms as the music
plays… I like the feel of his body, hard and rippling
under my hands… I can feel is interest protruding
from his pants… I slowly grind my hips into him to
let him know that I too, am indeed, interested in taking
this further… the band plays on and his hands begin
to explore my body, hesitant at first… he’s
trying to figure out just how far I’m willing to go…
I delight as his hands move down my back, exploring the curve
of my waste and the to my hips… I moan softly and snuggle
in closer to show my interest and encouragement…
I turn my face to his neck so I can breath in his scent…
umm very nice, not too sweet, very manly… in appreciation
I press my lips to his neck for a soft kiss and a playful nibble…
I feel him shutter at the contact… I open my legs to
allow him to slip one of his strong thighs between mine…
and we pull even closer… his head drops down and he
begins to kiss my eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, but not my mouth!
I want him to kiss me but he won’t, he moves on to my
ears and my neck… I arching into him and moaning softly
with each kiss… He whispers in my ear that if I don’t
stop I’m going to be in big, very big trouble! In response
I take his face in my hands and bring his lips to mine…
I’m so hot right now, all I can think about is how he’s
going to be in bed! Our lips meet and it’s gentle at
first, but then, he becomes strong and insistent…
he’s devouring my lips tongue and making me crave
more… I can feel his hard on pressed against my belly,
it feels huge! God, how I would love to be riding it right
this instant!

Damn! The music has stopped and we break the embrace…
I have to excuse myself to the ladies, as I’m so wet
I’m afraid that my juices will be running down my
leg if I don’t attend to it quick! Once finished in
the lady’s I fix my lipstick and walk out…
as soon as I step out of the door he grabs me! He pushes me roughly
against the wall and proceeds to kiss off all of my newly
applied lipstick! I don’t mind this assault at all!
As his hands are also exploring my body, making me ache and
quiver! He grabs my wrists and holds them above my head as
he kisses me, I struggle for only a moment, and then give
in to his hard savage kiss… his other hand is now exploring
my body… by breasts first… he’s squeezing
them and tweaking my nipples making me ache and groan from
the pleasure… I open my legs so that I can grind against
his thigh… next his free hand slides down my hip to
the bottom of my skirt… he slides that wonderful
hand under my skirt and roughly cups my hot little box…
I can feel his moan of appreciation at finding me soooo wet
and willing… Slowly he inserts on long finger into
my hot little pussy, the feeling is divine! His kisses are
getting harder and more passionate as he fingers my hot
little cunt, his thumb moves to work on my clit… I’m
moaning and grinding into him… Please I say, I’m
ready to cum, you’ve got to stop! He chuckles and
proceeds to redouble his efforts! The pleasure is intense
and in a matter of seconds I’m cumming all over his
hand! He feels my release and laughs softly… He brings
his wet fingers to my lips and I quickly suck them clean for

He releases my pinned arms and whispers in my ear…
I think he’s about to ask me to his room, but instead
he tells me to go back into the lady’s and to remove
my soaked panties… He wants them for a souvenir!
I open my mouth to say something and he quickly quiets me
with a stern look… He tells me that tonight I am to
be his toy and that I had better listen to him, because he
was only going to ask once… Speechless I nod to affirm
my understanding and willingness to please him…
I quickly ran to the lady’s room and removed my panties…
when I came out he was not waiting for me… I felt my
heart drop, I so wanted to be with this man this evening!
How could have just left?? I walked back out into the bar
and saw him waiting at our table… I felt my heart leap
with joy and my cunt tighten with anticipation!

As I approached the table, he stood and offered me a chair…
he had repositioned it so that now I was seated with my side
to the room and facing him… I sat down and presented
my soaking gift to him… He raised them to is nose and
breathed in my scent deeply, he seemed dazed for a moment…
He slowly put them in his pocket and turned to me…
he leaned in close and told me that I smelled wonderful and
that he couldn’t wait to taste me… God how
I wanted him right then and there! I asked him if he wanted
to go to his room now, as I wanted him so badly… Again
he smiled and said that I would have to be a good little girl
and wait… he wasn’t ready to end the game just
yet… These words sent a shutter through my entire

He ordered us another round of drinks and pulled my chair
closer to him… with one strong hand he parted my legs
and began to massage the insides of my thighs… I was
in heaven! Slowly that hand worked it’s way back
up under my skirt to my hot little pussy… I felt so
empty, I wanted him to fill me and he didn’t disappoint!
He drove his fingers into me hard and deep! Oh God I almost
came on the spot! He again pulled me close with his free hand
for a passionate kiss! The kiss and the embrace were a cover,
he used them to hid how hard he was working my cunt with his
other hand! His fingers were huge and I was on the verge of
exploding! I moaned into his mouth and he deepened the kiss…
the harder he kissed me the harder he fingered me! He broke
the kiss for a moment to whisper in my ear… If you want
me to stop, all you have to do is say so… I’ll
walk away if you say the word… All I could do was moan
and pull him closer! I didn’t want him to stop, not
ever! My breath was quick and I was on the edge of another
orgasm… he could tell so he deepened his kiss and
redoubled his efforts on my pussy! Yes! There again! I was
once again cumming in this mans hands! When he stopped and
removed those wonderful fingers I groaned with disappointment!
He looked deeply into my eyes and said Not to worry love,
there’s plenty more where that came from! You’re
a horney little thing aren’t you? Yes, was the only
answer I could give…

During all of this, I hadn’t notice that two other
gentlemen had approached our table… When my new
lover looked up his eyes twinkled! He stood and shook there
hands and invited them to sit with us… it seems they
were business associates and they too were relaxing and
celebrating! Man oh, man were they good looking! Right
then and there I made a mental note to visit Tulsa as soon
as possible! My new stud, Jake, introduced me to his collogues…
Terry was big, really big, football player big, and Tom
was more slender, but he had the darkest eyes and hair, and
the most kissable lips that I had ever seen on a man! My nipples
tightened and my cunt contracted at the mere sight of these
three men! Truly a fantasy in the making!

The men talked on and on about their success and ordered
a few more rounds… through the conversation, Jake
would occasionally pull me close for one of his special
passionate kiss. At first his buddies would at away, but
as it became more obvious that neither he nor I cared if they
watched they began to openly watch and he plundered my mouth
and his hands roamed over and into my body… We sat
there for what seemed like forever! Jake bringing me to
orgasm after orgasm, right before their eyes! It was one
of the most erotic things I had ever been through…
After some time I excused my self and went to the lady’s
room to freshen up a bit… when I returned Jake’s
friends had left and he was ready to finally take me upstairs!

He took my arm and escorted me to the elevator, he was quite
the gentlemen in all his manners! But once the elevator
doors closed he was all over me again! It was quick and savage!
He shoved my skirt up around my waist, dropped to his knees
in front of me and began a full assault on my wet little box…
his mouth was like fire and his hands were relentless! I
was putty in his hands! I could do nothing but hold on for
dear life and pray the elevator ride would be a long one!
As it slowed he stood up and adjusted my skirt, the doors
opened and he escorted me to his room…

As we entered the room I barely had time to register that
it was actually a suite before he was all over me again! His
kisses were hot and hungry and I was dying to fuck him! Suddenly
he broke off our embrace… He walked over to the bar
and fixed himself a scotch on the rocks… He then went
to a wing backed chair and had a seat… He told me to
turn the stereo on and to strip for him… I quickly
did as I was told! The music was soft and sexy, kind of bluesy…
slowly I danced for him and began to remove my clothing…
first the blouse, then the skirt and finally the bra…
he made me stop there… he said he wanted me to leave
the stockings and the high heels on… I began to move
towards him and he stopped me with a single look, he told
me to keep dancing and to fondle myself as I did it! I was a
little embarrassed by this, as I don’t normally
masturbate in front of anyone… But I did as I was told,
because I soooo wanted this man to fuck me! I danced for what
seemed like hours… fondling my breasts, tweaking
my nipples and letting one hand slide in and out of my wet
little cunt… Occasionally, Jake would tell me to
do this or to do that, I was always quick to respond to his
requests! If the truth be told, I was having the time of my
life parading around in front of him, pleasuring myself!


Jake was getting very excited by my dance and soon rose…
he came to me and forced me to lean across the bar…
he spread my legs and again began to finger my cunt…
he was more forceful now because we were uninhibited by
clothing or prying eyes… he had me bent over and was
really working me over good I was screaming from the sheer
pleasure… this man knew how to please a woman, that
was for sure! He kept at me until my legs were weak and I could
barely stand, when he finally quit I groaned from the loss
of his hand… he turned me around and told me to remove
his clothing… which I did post haste!

Jake stood before me in all his glory, he was a hard body to
be sure! This man must live in the gym to look like that! And
his cock! Good God, I had never seen one that big in my life!
He watched the expression on my face as I took in his huge
member! He gave a little chuckle and said that was why he
was so thoroughly using my cunt, he wanted to make sure that
I could take all of him! As well lubed and fucked as I had been
I was still having my doubts about getting all of that inside
of me… But one thing was for sure, I was going to try
like hell! When I say he was huge, I do mean huge!! He had to
be at least 11+ inches long and oh so thick! His width had
to be the circumference of a coke can, God how I wanted to
be filled by him! I almost came just looking at him!

Jake then scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the huge
king size bed… he gently laid me down in the middle
and climbed on top of me… his hands exploring my body
in earnest now… His lips and hands were everywhere!
I was a pile of exposed nerves, a toy for him to play with…
each time I would move to bring his cock to my aching cunt
he would refuse saying that it wasn’t yet time! How
I ached to be filled by him! He whispered that he didn’t
want to hurt me, so I would have to be good and ready for him,
he had problems in the past and wanted to make sure that I
could accommodate his size before he entered me…
No matter how much I begged and pleaded with him he wouldn’t
fuck me… I was dying to be filled and would have done
anything just to have his cock inside of me….

Suddenly something caught my attention… His friends
had entered the room and they were watching us! I was momentarily
shocked, but as Jake continued to work his magic on me I quickly
dismissed them… his head was between my legs again…
his fingers working their magic, making me cum and cum again…
Jake rose from the bed and asked me if I would do something
for him… I said yes, anything! He wanted me to suck
Tom while Terry fucked me from behind, he wanted to watch
all of this… by this time I was willing to do anything
to have my little hole filled so I quickly agreed…
Jake’s friends were on me in an instant! Tom quickly
jumped in the bed and put my face to his member while Terry
pulled my up on my knees! He drove into me hard and fast! I
was so wet that all I felt was intense pleasure! The harder
Terry fucked me the harder I worked Tom’s cock…
I was deep throating him, using my tongue and teeth to bring
him to the edge and beyond! Soon I could feel Jake’s
hands on my breasts… he was tweaking and pinching
my nipples… it felt so good… I had a lovely
cock in my mouth, another one fucking my pussy like there
was no tomorrow and then my wonderful Jake servicing my
tits! I felt the bed shift and Jake slid his face under me…
He began to lick my clit and suck on my lips and his buddy fucked
me! All of these sensations quickly sent me over the edge!
I sucked Tom’s cock like there was no tomorrow! He
tried to pull out of my mouth before he came, but I wouldn’t
let him! I kept on until he spilled his load in my mouth and
I drank every last drop of him! I could hear Terry’s
breath coming hard and fast… I knew he was about to
cum too. I drove my hips into him, meeting his every thrust
with one of my own! Begging him to take me harder and faster!
He came with a large shudder! When he withdrew I collapsed
on my back on the bed… My sweet lover then went to the
bathroom and came back with a warm cloth… he washed
my well used body and asked me if I had enjoyed his friends…
my only answer was a soft moan that turned into a sigh…

Jake told me that I had been a very good girl, and that he was
well pleased with the way I let his friends use me…
so as a reward he was going to eat my pussy out again! What
sweet bliss that was! He attacked my little cunt like it
was his last supper! Licking, sucking, biting and finger
it until I came and came again!!! When I thought I could take
no more he would slow down and let me regain my strength…
Jake soon moved between my legs and raised my hips so he could
eat my pussy while he was sitting up… Suddenly I felt
very cold and wet… Jake had takin his scotch on the
rocks and filled my cunt! The sensation sent me straight
over the edge!!! But it didn’t end there, he was soon
lapping the drink from his cup like there was not tomorrow!
I heard his buddies moan with appreciation… Jake
soon offered me up for their enjoyment as well… each
one of them took turns filling me with their favorite beverage
and lapping it up! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!


Soon his friends were hard again and wanted some more action…
This time Tom would fuck me as I sucked Terry off…
instead of coming into bed, Terry led me to the desk…
he stood on the far side and pulled me across the desk, only
the tips of my toes could touch the ground in this position….
Tom then came up behind me and entered me hard and fast! It
sent shutters through my body! I took Terry into my mouth
and sucked him for all that I was worth! Tom was big…
not as big as my Jake, but pretty damn big! He filled me like
I had never been filled before… I could feel his cock
stretching my tight little cunt, each thrust was pure pleasure!
How I love the feel of a solid cock ramming home! Jake could
watch no more! He came over and moved Terry aside, he presented
his massive cock for my mouth! I so wanted to please him!
I took all that I could handle into my mouth and began to suck
him like I’d never sucked before. This man had given
me so much in these hours I wanted so to please him! Terry
felt left out of the action so the next thing I know he is ramming
his cock into me… I guess he and Tom were going to trade
off, holding their cum for as long as possible! It mattered
not to me! I had Jake’s large tool in my mouth and that
was all I cared about! Pleasing him! Soon I had my sweet Jake
cumming into my mouth! His cum was hot and soooo sweet, I
wanted to drink it all up but some dribbled down my chin…
my lover lapped it off my face and kissed me deeply…
Again he told me that I had pleased him greatly… Tom
had now moved to the wing backed chair… he asked me
to come over and sit on his lap… He wanted to fuck me
again, and this time he was gonna shoot his load into my hot
little cunt! I quickly ran over and sat on his cock! He had
me turn away from him and the rid him like a stallion! I felt
so good I fucked the poor boy until he was blue in the face!
When he exploded in me I could feel it everywhere!

Tom stood me up and took me to the bed… he laid me down
and held my arms above my head… he then looked a Terry
and with a wink, said it’s your turn! He was on me in
a second! He was savage and fast! Tom held me helpless as
Terry and pillaged my body! It was total bliss!

When Terry was spent, he and Tom left the room, and my wonderful
Jake carried me to the shower… he washed me tenderly,
as if I were a child and then carried me back to bed…
I shivered when he whispered… Now, my dear, the fun
really begins! I let my friends fuck you because I need you
to be ready… Are you ready? Yes! I screamed! PLEASE

He was between my legs in a flash! Slowly easing his huge
cock into me! It was so big, I didn’t think it would
fit, but I had been well used and while it took some doing
I was finally able to take all 11+ inches of him! My sweet
Jake fucked me all night long! He took me in positions I had
never dreamed of! He was both gentle and rough… It
was soooo strange to have him so gentle and caring one minute
and so savage the next… It was the best night I had
ever had!

We fell asleep around 6:00 a.m. and didn’t wake until
around noon when Terry and Tom returned… My darling
Jake told his friends to bathe me while he order us some food...
Terry and Tom took me to the oversized Jacuzzi tub and proceed
to wash my entire body and hair… They were so sweet
and appreciative for the proceeding night, that I sucked
them both of during the bath…

When our food arrived the three men took turns sitting me
on their laps, and cocks and feeding me as if I were a child…
A child that they could fuck! My pussy was sore, but I wasn’t
about to complain! I wanted them all again and would do just
about anything for a repeat performance! My sweet Jake
noticed the twinge of pain that crossed my face when Tom
entered me roughly and he gently scolded his friend…
He removed me from that fine cock and laid me across the table…
when he walked away I whimpered… I didn’t
want them to stop! But he quickly returned with some excellent
lube and proceeded to lube and massage my aching little
cunt! I was cumming again in seconds! While Jake worked
his magic, Terry asked me if he could fuck me in the ass…
He said that he wouldn’t hurt me and if I didn’t
like it he would stop, but he’d really love to fuck
me in the ass while I took Jake’s massive cock in my
cunt… Not to be left out Tom asked if I would suck him
while I took his buddies… I whole-heartedly agreed
and we spent the entire day in and out of bed! Thank God it
was Saturday and they weren’t leaving until early

I got more than I bargained for that weekend! It was like
Christmas came early, and often!

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I would love to have watched for the weekend. I had to cum before the end of the story.