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A weekend to escape and relax


[image] Maria and I had become a little stressed about a really hard
time at work for both of us, and had come to a point where we
needed some escape to relax and recharge our batteries
so we organized a long weekend at a hotel not so far from where
we lived but far enough to make it a change.

During our stay we had a really nice time, we arrived Friday
evening and we went immediately for a relaxing session
on the SPA, and after we finished we changed and went to the
restaurant to a well-deserved dinner, we were eating and
drinking, but it became apparent that Maria was pushing
the boat out and looking for something more exciting, so
my mind started to race a little and having some left over
idea's and I decided to help her on her way.

As the night drew and seeing the desire in her eyes I suggested
that we could take the car and go to a spot that I knew that
was good for dogging, and I would blindfolded her and do
whatever I want with her and she would never know if someone
was watching us or not, Maria laughed and agreed, and then
I whispered in her ear that if her luck was in, she may even
get fucked in the open air, Maria gave me a warm accepting
nod and thus I offered my hand and pulled her up to leave.

We drove off and it wasn't long before Maria was fondling
my cock in my pants and stroking it gently all the way to the
parking, and I could see she was certainly up for a good fucking,
it was only 20 minutes before we arrived at the location
and we saw a few cars parked up, I drove to a space that was
maybe 20 meters away from any other car and blindfolded
her, after that it took Maria about 2 minutes only before
she was back onto playing with my cock through my jeans.

I then told her to be careful as other people could see what
we were up to, and she joked back that maybe they could join
in, and then fished my cock out and started to suck on it,
it was at that point I saw two cars flash their car headlights,
so I instinctively reached forward and flashed mine back,
a few minutes went by with no action and I had concluded it
was a sign for us to join them, however just as I had thought
that, I noticed in the light available that the doors of
the two cars swung open and 5 guys game walking in our direction.

At that point our windows were already down as it was mid-summer,
there between my legs Maria was still busy sucking away
at my cock, and the breeze blowing through the surrounding
trees damping out the sound of footsteps coming our way,
I reached up and put on the least bright of our interior lighting,
and as the guys approached I put my finger to my lips to signal
for them to stay silent, while I reached around and made
a grasp for her private areas, Maria sensed that and shuffled
around to allow me access to lift her skirt out the way and
to free her tits so I could get to them.

During that the five guys were all smiling broadly and looking
in, I was smiling back winking while flashing her tits and
parts of her lower body to the guys, then I told Maria I wanted
to finger her pussy, so she moved around to allow me easy
access, but as I was getting close to unloading I asked her
to stop and lay back, she accomplished that with ease and
I fingered her pussy and sucked on her tits, her juices were
flowing readily and she moaned with pleasure encouraging

Then I whispered on her ear about what she may do if all of
a sudden we found we were accompanied by some guys who were
standing watching and wanking their cocks, immediately
Maria responded by saying she would check them out and if
their cocks were hard and big enough she would offer to stroke
them and later blow them off, I asked her if she would let
them touch her, Maria said yes as long as it was not rough,
I asked where she would love be touched and she answered
on her breasts, so I nodded to one of the guys to touch her
breasts through the window which he did, tenderly knowing
that he mustn't give the game away.

The guys standing outside watching and peering in through
the open window quietly released their cocks from their
trousers and started to stroke them off urging them to grow
to their maximum, I was amazed that no audible sound by them
was made, the gentle wind whistling, my breathing and talking,
and her groans and panting was all that Maria could heard,
I then signaled another of the men to reach in and play with
her pussy which by that time was sopping wet with her fluids,
I had no certainty that she had orgasmed but she was sure
wet, anyway the second guy wet his fingers in his mouth warming
them nicely to body temperature and slid a finger into Maria’s
pussy and then followed it with a second, as squelching
sounds proceeded from her cunt.

I sat there for a minute taking on the sight, her face was
a picture of abandonment in pleasure by those extra limbs
reaching in from the outside of the car, but at that point
Maria couldn't hold back any longer and I clearly noticed
how much she wanted to be fucked, so I said to her that she
should get ready for a surprise and then I took the blindfold
out from her eyes, Maria emerged from the darkness by the
blindfold and slowly opened her eyes, I could see her eyes
slowly coming into focus along, with an unusual facial
expression of a mix of slight confusion and slight embarrassment
as I gladly said “surprise” and laughed aloud, the
guys standing there also responded with great banter and
laughter as they gave much appraising of her sexy body.
[image2] Maria had overcome her initial shock and hearing the guys
saying that they would love to fuck her if she didn't
mind and help provide whatever pleasure she wanted, were
somewhat gentlemanly, she just relaxed and took a good
look at their cocks which they were still happily wanking
away at, then she smiled and made a gesture to the lads to
come closer and reached out so she could fondle their cocks,
then Maria again took my cock in her mouth as other cocks
were fed to her hands, the pussy fingering got more ambitious
and she opened her legs as wide as possible to accommodate

It was amazing I just looked down and Maria was arranging
three fingers from one guy to push deep into her pussy and
positioning another hand to her clit, she was groaning
in abandon and moving to the vigorous pussy pumping in a
gyrating motion, we went on like that for many minutes,
with the guys taking over of her, one after another, one
finger fucking her as another was rubbing her clit and Maria
came several times all over the fingers that were inside
her pussy.

Maria then surprised the guys as she said she wanted be fucked
and that she wasn't comfortable in the car, looking
around we found that outside it was a low picnic bench and
we all handled her out while stripping away her clothes
en route until she was naked, we lay her on the table and one
guy said it was customary the lady rides the men on the table,
so we heaved Maria up and placed her pussy over him, then
we lowered her down impaling her pussy hole with his cock,
Maria groaned in absolute pleasure and then she started
to ride him in wild motions.

Then another guy got on top of the table and offered his cock
to her mouth which she expertly took in and licked and sucked
away, meanwhile the rest of us were touching her body wherever
we could lay our hands which included me scooping leaking
juices and massaging her ass hole region, that action seemed
to take her to the edge especially when I teased at pushing
a finger in, and I could see the attraction of that position
on the table as her ass hole was at the perfect high for a standing
guy to enter her ass hole easily.

I moved my probing fingers and slowly thrust first one then
two digits up her ass lubricating them liberally as I went
inside her, we were all completely absorbed by the sensuality
of the moment and soon another of the guys was onto what I
had started with my finger, and as she became more and more
relaxed I took my hand away and beckoned the guy to push his
cock in, he didn’t lose his time and immediately was entering
her ass hole which had started to open invitingly, and then
Maria just slowed her movement to accommodate his cock
inside her ass.

I stood back and viewed the sight before my eyes, I almost
couldn’t believe on it, it was so erotic I nearly came
without touching myself, I watched as Maria took the 5 guys
all at once, one each in each hole, in her mouth, in her pussy,
and in her ass, and also one on each of her hands while she
was stroking them, it was difficult from the amount of groaning
to know who was cumming and who wasn't, but as they started
to pull out and swap places the story began to evolve all
of us, and she started to be gang fucked by the six of us, if
I included myself, Maria loose the control of how many times
she was fucked, as the guys were cumming and swapping places,
they would cum several times, and she couldn’t control
her own orgasms as they were taking her over the edge.

After some time some of the guys started to peel away and
watch, so I took my role in filling a place, the amount of
fluids splashing around was amazing, and that mixed with
all the sweat created by the rigorous action, started to
make it difficult to stay on the table while I was fucking
her pussy, and as I too erupted inside her, Maria rolled
over onto her back and nearly fell off the table. [image3] We all laughed at the event as a whole and the atmosphere
was great fun, Maria was giggling away between pants and
gasps but I could see she was still game for a bit more as she
was still rubbing her pussy which by then was dribbling
with cum, it was a very erotic sight to see how god she was
fucked, and the guys all agreed that it was the best fuck
they had in all time, Maria then realizing that we were exhausted
said “Is only this you can? Nothing else?”

We all looked at each other with a shocked look and then we
realized she was joking which brought laughter to all of
us, I then gave her a few minutes to calm down and some of the
guys headed off thanking us as they went out, so I helped
her on dressed and went back to the car and we returned to
our hotel full of the fun of the night.

Saturday we decided for individual tours, I booked an all
day visit to a nearby area with some roman ruins, a tour for
the local museum and a walking through some historical
places, while Maria booked a city tour, it wasn’t available
at that time, it was low season, but the travel agency was
very kind and arranged a private guide to her.

Maria kissed me good bye as I left the hotel lobby to attend
my tour bus, she looked at her watch and had about an hour
before the guide came to meet her for the half day tour through
the city, so she returned to the room to take a shower and
be ready for the city tour, but as she tried to make the water
come out suddenly a stream of cold water shot from a hidden
spout directly into her vaginal area, Maria jumped, but
the icy wetness had already shocked her senses, but finally
she managed to make it work and quickly showered, Maria
then dried herself and quickly dressed in a white blouse
and jeans, and after checking out the mirror she hurried
downstairs to meet her guide in the lobby, then a woman approached
her and asked "You must be Mrs. Maria?"

Maria acknowledged and she introduced herself as Alice,
her local guide, so they took their tour, she was extremely
knowledgeable and very friendly and Maria enjoyed her
sense of humor and the way she explained the things, Alice
during the tour talked about her family and her husband,
she was around 45’s and although she was the mother of
three children she seemed to have kept herself in shape,
they both laughed as they chatted and after an enjoyable
lunch together they walked back to the hotel, Maria suggested
she come up and she agreed and followed her through the door
and once inside both women fall on the sofa relaxing, Maria
then looked at Alice and they laughed remembering the crazy
talks they had done through the city tour.

Maria was walking that day much more than the habitual,
she’s sweating and decided to change the clothes for
others more fresh and comfortable, so she took out the blouse
and asked Alice to unclasp her bra, as she did it she reached
her hand and removed it completely, so suddenly Maria was
standing nude from the waist up before a stranger who hours
ago she had only met for the first time, but then Alice commented
in appreciation "Wow! You have beautiful breasts!"
[image4] Surprised Maria stared at Alice and thanked her, it was
an awkward moment as they stood in silence staring at each
other, but suddenly and without notice Maria felt Alice's
hand on her uncovered breast, she squeezed softly and pinching
the nipple, Maria just stood there staring into her eyes
as she moved forward placing a kiss on Maria’s lips, her
lips were large and soft and Maria could feel Alice’s
tongue pushed against hers, so slowly Maria parted her
lips and let her tongue enter, she explored the inside of
Maria’s mouth as she pressed her face harder against
Maria’s, her hand softly massaged her breast and Maria
twitched when she gently pinched her nipple.

Maria’s hands involuntarily moved around her back and
she held her, Alice looked at Maria, a smile on her lips and
she kissed Maria again, she stopped and stared a couple
of seconds at Maria and then Alice reached behind herself
to unclasp her own bra, then she let it fall to the floor,
Maria could not help but stare at her breasts, which hung
perfectly, then Alice cupped Maria’s hand under her
left breast and held it out for her, as she placed her other
hand on the back of Maria’s head and moved her closer,
she then pushed her nipple between Maria’s lips and she
began to suck it, Maria’s senses were so heightened Maria
could barely feel Alice unclasping the button of her jeans
and sliding her hand down, inside her panties, Alice then
touched her womanhood and a few moments later Maria quivered
as she massaged her pussy lips and clit.

Maria’s mouth continued to suck on her breast, even as
Alice guided Maria to the bad, somehow Maria’s jeans
and panties had come off and she was lying on her back, with
Alice’s breast in her mouth and her hand working Maria’s
pussy lips and clit, she then felt Alice’s finger enter
her pussy, quickly followed by a second, Maria wanted to
stop her as she was close to reaching a climax, but it was
already too late and she felt her stomach tighten and her
thigh and groin muscles spasming, Alice understood what
was happening and pushed her breast deeper into Maria’s
mouth and her breast muffled Maria’s scream, but she
continued to suck on it hungrily, and finally her body relaxed
and Maria felt Alice move her face to hers and kiss her softly
while asking. "Was that good?"

Maria smiled at her and replied. "It was wonderful."

Maria looked down and saw she was still wearing her skirt,
Maria unbuttoned it and slid the zipper down, pushing the
garment onto the floor, and she was surprised that Alice
was not wearing underwear and when her head reached her
womanhood Maria felt a wetness suggesting she was ready
to explode too.

Alice moaned slightly as Maria started working her pussy,
then her finger entered Alice’s pussy and Maria rapidly
moved her hand back and forth, Maria sucked her tits hungrily,
but she wanted more than only that, so she began to move her
mouth along her tummy until she felt the soft hair of her
pubic area, then using her tongue Maria worked feverishly
to excite Alice and her actions were soon rewarded, because
Alice began to squirm.

Alice screamed when Maria’s expert tongue probed her
clit and she sucked it hard to increase her excitement,
Maria was quickly rewarded with mouthful after mouthful
of hot, juicy liquid, as her muscles tightened and her climax
topped, it seemed to last forever and finally Alice slumped,
not releasing her grip on Maria’s hair, then Maria heard
Alice moan “more, please more” so Maria continued
to lick Alice’s womanhood, she began to move in a way that
made them fall on the carpet while brought them to a sixty-nine
position, and a moment later Maria felt Alice eating her.
[image5] Maria then allowed her tongue to explore her vagina as well
as her asshole, she licked and ate and felt Alice do the same
to her, Maria was close once again and she knew Alice was
as well, so in a perfect timing they erupted together into
each other mouths, Maria felt her juices shoot into Alice’s
mouth and at the same time Maria swallowed every drop from
Alice, until they finally relaxed, lying on the floor,
a few moments of pause and they turned and kissed, each tasting
our own cum mixed with saliva, Alice smiled, as she stared
deep into Maria’s eyes and said. "You’re beautiful,
I have not made love like that in many years, "

Maria just smiled and kissed her again, they held each other
for at least 30 minutes, slowly caressing and continuing
to hug, finally Alice stood up and dressed, Maria just watched
Alice to dress up as she was too exhausted to get up, they
exchanged email addresses and hugged one last time before
Alice walked out from the room. Quickly Maria stepped onto
the balcony, covered only in a towel and waited, Alice looked
up and they waved good bye to each other.

Maria watched her disappear in the distance and felt on
a deckchair, she could still taste her juices on her face,
mouth, and throat, she began to feel herself very aroused
again and neared to another climax, Maria was feeling sweaty,
she wished to go to the swimming pool but it was too late for
that and the swimming pool was already closed, so she stood
up, wrapped herself in the towel again and grabbed a coke
from the mini bar, then she walked to the balcony and lay
her towel down, she looked up at the other apartments overlooking
our balcony and nobody seemed to be there, so she shouldn't
need to worry about her privacy so she lie down on the deckchair
and enjoyed the coldness of the coke, it was so relaxing,
Maria felt quite sleepy and not able to focus on any book
or TV program, she instead decided to listen music and let
her mind wonder.

Maria lay there and started remembering herself doing
what she had done the day before, blindfolded and with a
bunch of guys around her, and suddenly that memory filled
her mind and she started to feel aroused at those memories,
her hormones started bubble, her breasts suddenly felt
sensitive and Maria felt herself getting hot and moist
again in her groin region, Maria could not explain her body's
reaction, she pulled herself together and tried to think
of something else, but a raw urge was coursing through her
body, awakening it to action, possessing her mind with
a single thought. [image6] Maria sat up, and rubbed her hands over her breasts, her
nipples tingled with excitement as her palm rubbed across
them, Maria then noticed a man standing on a balcony overlooking
ours and staring intently at her, she tensed up almost grabbing
her towel, her woman instinct was to quickly cover up herself,
but she resisted and resisted, so she just stayed lying
down on display while enjoying the feeling of being watched
by someone, Maria felt a throbbing deep inside her, she
felt that tightness grow as all her nerve endings around
her pussy tensed up, the feeling akin to sexual gravity,
emitting a strong magnetic pull to be touched, to be pleasured.

Maria turned her head to the side acting as if she had not
noticed the onlooker, she turned around, took a sip of Coke
and exposed her back to him, Maria could see the reflection
of her voyeur on her reflective balcony doors, he was standing
at his window looking at her, he was very still, probably
mesmerized by his unexpected view, Maria was horny as anything
and wanted to give him something to look at, she felt the
sweat beads run down her back between her but cheeks and
into her crack drip by drip,

Maria looked up at the reflection again, he still was standing
there with his pants straddling his ankles and with his
hand groping away up and down his cock, Maria understood
she was the cause of his lustful thoughts and that only excited
Maria even more.

Maria was not immune to the lust and she felt hot and wet between
her legs, probably the mixture of the sweat running down
her naked butt and onto her pussy folds, mixed with her own
juices coming out of her pussy, Maria glanced at him and
what he was doing, and that made Maria even hornier, she
opened her legs to hip width, and let him see her glistening
pussy, glanced at him again, he was furiously pulling up
and down masturbating himself, Maria lifted her hip slightly
to make way for her arm as she pushed it under her torso and
guided her fingers down to her swollen clit, it was hard
to touch herself in that position, Maria was frustrated,
every point in her body was screaming out for release, she
needed to be satisfied.

Maria turned around and lay down facing upwards, she caressed
her nipple between her fingers feeling the spasms shoot
right through her, then she directed her fingers to her
aching pussy, which desperately needed to be touched,
and ran her fingers across her mound feeling her tiny pubic
curls, and then down into her clit, between her pussy lips
as they glided over her moist flesh, rubbing them as they
parted, and then retreating her fingers back up to the top
and landing on top of her swollen clit, Maria rubbed around
it in little circular motions, feeling the raw nerve endings
and enjoying the quick instant sensations of pleasure
ripple through her, the buildup was so quick almost instantly,
Maria took a deep breath and switched to caressing her outer
labia with a much slower build up, feeling the skin slide
between her fingers as they became more and more lubricated
from stimulation.

Maria’s fingers were now very sticky from the streaming
juices oozing slowly out of her, she was so overtaken by
lust that she took out her finger and put it into her mouth
and tasted her own sex, as with her other hand she brushed
her fingers along her breasts grasping and twisting her
erect nipples between them, shivers ran through Maria’s
spine and down her torso as waves were coming in bigger and
wilder, so as Maria was on her way to orgasm she lifted her
head high as she arched her neck backwards, her right hand
was across her breast while the other cupped under her raised
buttocks, she pushed her index finger into her wetness
and furiously ploughed her index and middle finger up deep
into her pussy.

As Maria finished her orgasm she was feeling satisfied
and calm after the storm, she then looked at the reflection
as she got up, and her voyeur was still jacking himself so
she stood up full naked on the balcony as her towel was abandoned
on the deckchair, she was so lost in ecstasy that she haven't
noticed I had returned home and was stand there and watching
her through the window door, my cock had grew stiff inside
my jeans and I was rubbing it, feeling it ache to get out as
I was so turned on by the sight of Maria pleasuring herself.
[image7] As I approached the door, preparing to reveal myself to
me, I noticed the man standing on the balcony, crouched
over, watching Maria intently and it looks like he is jacking
himself off while watching her touching herself, so I was
even more turned on by that sight and I decided to go ahead
with the game and I walked out onto the balcony to join Maria,
I started kissing her deeply, then I put my face to her chest
and licked and sucked on her nipples, I circled and flicked
each one with my tongue and finished it with a playful bite.

After a so exciting day with Alice first and after teasing
the man on the balcony, Maria was unable to contain her loud
moans of pleasure from feeling my mouth on her body, I kissed
my way down and Maria pulled her knees wide apart, as I drove
to her pussy as I licked and sucked on her clit, covering
my face in her wetness, I then slide my tongue deep into her
pussy, tasting her hot juices that were running down her
chin, Maria was moaning loudly, grinding her hips onto
my face.

Maria wanted to keep teasing me and pushed me to the brink,
so she come up and kissed me so that she could taste herself
on me, then she reached her hands down to my zipper and bite
her lip, barely able to contain her anticipation, she unzipped
my pants and pulled out my hard cock and her body started
to shift eagerly while wanting to feel my cock inside her
so badly, I was still standing in front of her and I run my
hands through her hair, pulling her mouth toward me, Maria
immediately began working her tongue up and down on my hard
cock, licking from between my balls all the way up to the
round tip, I moaned as she took my cock all the way into her
mouth and pushing it all the way down her throat, desperate
to engulfed my entire length.

I took a quick glance up to the man on the balcony to be sure
that he could see me standing there with Maria on her knees
sucking my cock, gladly I saw him still watching and looking
more hot and bothered than ever, with that I pulled her mouth
off of me and directed her to kneel on all fours on the chair
so I could take her from behind, Maria wanting me inside
her so desperately immediately did it, I got behind her
and rubbed my cock along her clit, and then bending over
I whispered in her ear not to turn and look too quickly but
that there was a man watching us, Maria laughed and whispered
back that she knew about that and he was already there for
a long time watching her masturbating, and how bad she wanted
him to see me fuck her and she wanted me to show him how well
she would take my hard cock.

Hearing that I couldn't believe how aroused I was by
that thought, and suddenly I realized that I too wanted
him to see me taking her and cum hard on her, so I bent over
her, my weight on her, keeping her in place, as I continued
to rub my cock on her, and then Maria pushed her ass against
me, telling me that she couldn't wait any longer and
she needed my cock inside her.

As Maria begged me to shove my cock inside her I just grabbed
her hips and plunged my cock as deep as I could and she screamed
with pleasure, as I fucked her I was almost sure the man on
the balcony could hear my hips slapping against her ass
and watched my balls swinging against her, I then reached
around to rub her clit, but I have done so much to tease her
and she was already very aroused when I arrived, that soon
Maria was close to orgasm, I could feel her pussy tighten
around my cock and I quickened my pace, pounding her relentlessly,
Maria let out a cry as she finally cum, squeezing my cock
hard, nearly pushing me out of her as her body trembled with
sweet release, I then pulled out, my cock was slippery and
covered in her wetness as I told her to get on her knees and
she immediately started to suck my cock again, tasting
herself all over my cock, and as she sucked me, taking me
deep into her throat, we both knew the man was watching us,
he easily could hear we both moaning in pleasure and as I
told her I was getting close. [image8] Maria then pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked me to
come all over her face, so I took my throbbing cock in my hand
and pumped it hard, shooting my hot load all over her face
and into her waiting open mouth, Maria licked her lips and
then reached her mouth up to suck the last few drops from
my cock, then we both looked up at our voyeur one last time
as we turned to head inside, and I sent him a quick wink and
a short wave as Maria blew a kiss to him, then we laughed while
returning to our room to a well-deserved shower and a good
sleeping night.

Sunday morning, our last day we went to the pool and while
we were there the pool guy kept coming over and feeding us
drinks until we decided to go in and get ready for the last
evening, Maria got out of her bathing suit and said she was
going to jump into the shower, Maria was in there for a while
and started to get herself ready to go out, she had put on
a mini-skirt and just threw on a silk-camisole top, she
was braless too, and came out of the bathroom, unbeknownst
to her, I had ordered room service and when Maria walked
out, she almost walked right into the room service guy,
he took a look at Maria and she looked at him, then Maria realized
exactly what she had on, the silk camisole was hugging her
breasts very nicely and her hard nipples were easily visible
through the silk.

Well, the room service guy, from the way he was staring,
was obviously pleased with the view, Maria really didn't
care and decided to go for a small show, she just walked around
the room letting her breasts sway as I signed the tab and
the delivery guy left, I didn’t wasted my time and runs
over to Maria and kissed her extremely passionately, surprised
Maria asked me what that was for, and I said it was for the
way as she didn't cover up and just let him look to her
silk covered breasts, Maria laughed and just said, "Anytime"
and she went back and kissed me again, then she felt my cock,
which was still inside my bathing suit, and hard as a rock,
Maria blinked at me and said she couldn't have me like
that so she slid down to her knees, pulled my suit down and
started sucking me off, I was really been horny so she only
had to suck on me for a couple of sucks and put my hands on the
back of her head and started shooting my cum into her mouth,
Maria just took it all in and swallowed every drop, she then
went up and kissed me as told me to take my shower and be ready!

We finished getting ready for the evening and then we went
out, since her silk camisole got a few drops of my cum Maria
needed to change, so she put on a button up sleeveless top
that was an extra size too large for her and a little "blousy"
on her, so it gaps really easily and people could easily
look inside her shirt and saw most of her breasts, also,
being sleeveless, someone could look inside her armholes
and get a great view of her breasts when she move them into
the right position, so we went to the lobby bar and drank
a bit, in there it always seemed that there were quite a few
men around us watching intently Maria, obviously they
were enjoying the views, I just kept looking, watching
and smiling as I was really loving it, finally, we had enough
and went back to our room.

As soon as we got into the elevator I was all over Maria kissing
her and groping her, and as soon as we got back to the room,
I went back on kissing her and groping her, then I reached
up under the mini skirt she was wearing and pulled her underwear
down and off of her, I then pulled her over to the side of the
bed, leaned her over so that she was facing the mirror on
the closed doors, I pushed her forward and took my cock out
and stuck it into her asshole, Maria let a small scream as
she adjusted her ass to my length, and as I was fucking her,
I reached around and unbuttoned her top a little more so
I could look into her shirt, using the mirror, just like
someone tonight could have, I was fucking Maria really
hard and wild, every time I rocked her Maria’s breasts
would sway and she could see me looking over her back and
watching them on the mirror, with all of that going on, I
didn't last long as I dumped my load into her ass, we
kept our position for a couple of minutes, my cock into her
ass, and then I pulled out of her and said that we needed to
take a shower.

As the hotel room had a very small shower, we needed to take
turns, Maria went first and as she finished I went into the
bathroom, Maria then decided that she was hungry and wanted
to have something to eat, so she called room service and
ordered up something for both of us to munch on, she put on
a little silk robe that she had brought along and although
she had just gotten fucked, Maria was really feeling super
horny so she just sat on the bed and started to slowly touch
herself, Maria really loved the way that robe felt on her,
it really rubbed her nipples the right way, so she slowly
massaged her breasts through the robe and then traced her
hand down to her very wet pussy, Maria could really feel
her wetness, especially as she touched her pussy lips and
started to rub then, and then slowly she put two fingers
into herself and was really starting to get into it when
she heard the shower stop, it was then that it hit her and
Maria couldn't believe what she was thinking to do,
and she just started laughing with her own thoughts.

When I came out of the bathroom, Maria told me she had a surprise
for me to have a funny final on hour weekend, but that I couldn't
ask what it was, I couldn’t say anything and I had to go
back into the bathroom and close the door, and after I heard
a knock on our room door I had to stay in, and then I could slide
it open a little bit and look out, I looked at her kind of funny
as to say what are you stoned, and Maria just told me to trust
her, and I would really enjoy it, so, I did like she told me,
I went in and closed the bathroom door, Maria could see as
I kept sliding the door open but she told me I had to follow
the instructions or no surprise, so I did what she asked,
and as I closed the door Maria looked at herself and at what
she was wearing in the mirror, the robe showed her shape
very nicely, she opened up the sash on it and retied it, only
that time a little looser so it was really opened up the front
and anyone could easily see her cleavage, and finally it
happened, the knock on the door came.

Maria told me very quietly to turn on the shower and keep
open up the bathroom door slightly and watch, she then turned
out the light that was by the door so the only light that was
on was the one in the corner of the room, where I could see
the most and she went and opened the door, much to her surprise,
it was the same room service guy that had been there earlier
in the day when she came out of the shower, and as Maria said
hello to him, she noticed he looked right at the V of the robe
and he was basically transfixed on the sides of her breasts,
which were very much exposed, smiling she Iet him went into
the room and she followed him as he pushed the cart in, and
as they walked past the closet, Maria said "you'll
have to excuse us, my husbands in the shower".

The bus boy then started taking the tops off of the serving
plates and then Maria asked him, "Do you like my breasts
don't you? Do you want to see my pussy too?" [image9] He was caught by surprise and looked at Maria speechless,
he really didn't know what to say or do but he could manage
a shy smile and a light nodded, seeing that Maria pulled
open the robe so he could see both of them cleanly, astonished
he didn't say a word, but then he just reached out and
started touching them and the next thing Maria knew, the
service room guy had stepped closer to her and started kissing
and sucking on her breasts, he licked and tweaked her hard
nipples and sucked on then he started kissing down her chest
to her stomach and then she felt him tug on the sash and he
opened her robe, and then there she was, completely naked
to him as she felt him start to kiss around her pussy and then
he licked it.

Maria was amazed by his performance, a so young guy but a
high level of performance, she put one leg up on the bed so
he could get a better angle at her pussy as he just lapped
away, Maria then looked to her left to where I was, I had actually
opened the door a little more so I could get a better view,
Maria saw I was smiling and trying to say something to her,
she finally figured I was saying robe and she then realized
that her robe was actually blocking my view, so, she threw
her shoulders back and let the robe slide off and onto the
bed, looking back at me I smiled back and gave her the OK sign,
Maria was in ecstasy, there she was, naked in a hotel room
and getting eaten by the room service guy, as I was watching
from a closet with a huge grin on my face.

Then the licking stopped, the room service guy stood up,
Maria didn't knew that but she guessed while he was
eating her pussy, he had undone his pants and had taken his
cock out, she knew that because when he stood up, with her
legs spread and one of them up on the bed, his cock slid right
into her very wet and open pussy, Maria decided to tease
him a bit and said “You are at work, do you think you can
fuck a Guest on your working time?”

He quickly stopped and looked at her trying to read in her
eyes is she was talking serious, but as he saw the grin on
her face he just put his hand over her mouth and kept pumping
into her, after a couple of minutes Maria reached down and
pushed his cock away from her, she had it in her hands, it
was really hard, so she just slid down to her knees and stuck
it into her mouth, she kept sliding her mouth up and down
it then she felt him put his hands on her breasts, Maria then
reached up and grabbed his balls with one hand and with her
other, she reached down between her knees and started fingering
herself and then, without warning, Maria felt her mouth
start to get filled up with his sperm as he started cumming
in her mouth, she took her hands and reached around his ass
and pulled him more into her mouth while swallowed all his
load. [image10] Finally, Maria let him out of her mouth and he just put it
back into his pants, Maria stood up, grabbed her robe off
of the bed put it on and signed the check, he looked at the
tab and said, “thanks for the great tip” and gave Maria
a personal hotel number for her to call whenever she needed
room service or servicing again, Maria smiled and said
“thanks” and he left, well, certainly he will have
some tremendous memories of that evening and that so special

As soon as he left, I sprang out of the closet and shouted
"that was fantastic, I almost came just watching
it, but now I need to cum"!

I kissed her and kept smiling at her as I pulled her over to
the side of the bed, then I pushed her forward and stuck my
cock into her wet pussy, Maria adjusted her body to match
her pace with mine, so we were fucking really hard and wild,
body against body, with all that had going on with the room
service guy, I didn't last long as I dumped my load into
her pussy, we kept our position for a couple of minutes,
my cock into her pussy, and then I pulled out of her and we
laid side by side, hand on hand over the bed.

Well, the room service guy got what he wanted and Maria got
what she wanted too, the initial idea was just as I already
had fucked her twice in a so short period, to make me ready
to give her one more fuck, she wasn’t sure how deep she
could go with the room service guy, probably just teasing
him watching her body while arousing me, not being fucked
by him, anyway she was really surprised by his high performance
and we both had a fantastic week end.

We prepared to leave, and as we left we saw the room service
guy one more time, but nothing else happens, he looked at
us in a very professional way and anyone else could noticed
that something had happened between us, anyway as we crossed
the door we glanced at him and we could see the light grin
at his face.

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