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A weekend Maid for fun. (Part 1)


A weekend Maid for fun. (Part 1)

Vicki and I had talked about exhibitionism and voyeurism,
what we liked and how much it turned us on. So I formed a plan
and with Vicki's help we came up with a fun idea. We found
an ad for a single woman that wanted to have fun with a couple.
Vicki and I both agreed that neither of us want to involve
another person in our sex life, but we agree to have someone
in the room with us strictly for our viewing pleasure would
be fun. So we contacted the woman, traded pictures, and
set some ground rules, to our delight she happily agreed.

The plan was simple, we would meet her Friday night at a nearby
adult toy store, and if we hit it off, we would purchase some
toys for her and she would spend the weekend at our house.
She would be our private maid, our private erotic live sex
show, she would do whatever we asked, whenever we asked.
She would not touch us, and we would not be touching her,
at least that was the plan.

We set up the guest room for our maid and anxiously awaited
Friday night. We sat and talked about what we would have
our personal maid do for us, and what kinds of shows she would
give us. Just talking about it got us so horny we had to stop
and have sex several times.

Finally it was Friday, Vicki and I jumped in the car and headed
off to meet our weekend maid in person. We arrived and went
into the store, our heads swimming with excitement and
anticipation. We browsed the aisles and picked out a few
toys for our weekend guest. We watched the door, waiting
for her to appear. It wasn't long before Vicki spotted
the woman we had only seen in the pictures she had emailed
us. She was much shorter than Vicki, only five foot one,
but had a nice build. Her simple dress hugged her curves
and the clear outline of her erect nipples gave away her
excitement in meeting us.

We walked up to her and introduced ourselves, her full red
lips smiled as she introduced herself to us as "Dawn".
As we stood among the aisles of sexual toys and made small
talk, I looked her over. Smooth tanned legs, small feet,
silky smooth thighs, slight hips, thin waist, small breasts,
supple shoulders, slender neck, attractive face, and
flowing auburn hair. Vicki squeezed my hand, I guess she
noticed me looking at our weekend maid and not participating
in the conversation. I asked her a few questions and verified
that she was okay with our ground rules. She responded with
an emphatic "yes".

I looked at Vicki to judge her reaction, but found her now
taking her time looking over our new friend's features.
I asked the girls if they were ready to do some shopping and
get our weekend plans going. They both smiled, nodded yes
and together we browsed the aisles. I was the first to stop
and pick out a toy. It was a remote controlled vibrating
egg, I announced that this would be great for her to wear
all weekend and we could activate the vibrations to signal
her that we needed something. Dawn nodded in agreement
as I watched her erect nipples press even harder against
her top.

Vicki picked out a vibrator for her, and Dawn asked about
a nipple chain, an anal toy and a large realistic dildo.
We browsed the rows of toys and picked a few others just for
fun. We were starting to relax the more time we spent together.
Goodies in hand we headed for the cashier and on our way to
start our weekend.

The attractive young female cashier smiled, I think she
didn’t know exactly what the three of us were up to, but
working in an adult store, she had some idea. I could see
her eyes glisten with erotic thoughts and a hint of desire
to join us, or at least witness what we were about to do. She
stuttered as she attempted to make small talk as she added
up our purchase. Her flushed face and rock hard nipples
showing through her shirt indicated her erotic thoughts.
I couldn’t believe her reaction. She worked in an adult
store, I was sure she had seen about everything, but the
sight of a sexy woman and our new friend had her obviously
intrigued. I paid our bill and watched her expression change
to disappointment as I put my arm around both of the beautiful
women I was with, as the three of us headed out the door.

Dawn joined us in our car for the ride back to our house. As
I started to back out of the parking spot, Vicki pulled the
remote controlled vibrator out and handed it to Dawn. Vicki
told her that our weekend had now officially started and
she had agreed to wear this the whole time. Dawn smiled as
she took the toy from her and reached under her dress to insert
it into her pussy. Vicki quickly told her that we needed
to see for ourselves where she was putting it. Dawn smiled
big as she laid back in the seat, pulled her dress up, revealing
a lace thong with a row of small pearl beads that disappeared
between her already swollen pussy lips. She put her feet
up on the headrests in front of her, spreading her legs,
as she pulled the pearl beads to the side with one hand. She
used the other hand to push the vibrator past her dark red
outer lips and into her pussy.

Since I was driving and had to watch the road, I didn't
get a good look, but Vicki watched intently. I made eye contact
with our backseat passenger and told her to take her dress
off, so we could get a better look at our weekend maid. Catching
glances in the mirror as I drove, I watched her remove her
dress and settle back into the seat. She had a thin lace bra
that matched her thong, her nipples were so hard that they
had pushed completely through the lace. Her dark nipples
were a contrast against the white lace of her bra and showed
clearly visibly.

Vicki clicked the remote, activating the vibrations deep
inside of Dawn's pussy. She moaned loudly and arched
her back as the unexpected vibrations hit her. She opened
her eyes and asked Vicki was she needed. Vicki told her that
she needed to remove her bra and panties and hand over all
of her clothes, she wouldn't be needing them anymore.
Dawn readily complied.

Now totally naked in the backseat, she smiled as we drove
towards our house. Vicki surprised even me when she asked
me to stop at a drive thru and get us a snack. She insisted
that it would build up our strength. I knew what she was up
to, Vicki knows me and knows my fantasies. Having a naked
women in the car as I drive and having her naked as we go through
a drive thru is one of my favorites. This way Vicki could
give me my fantasy without being the naked one on display.

I pulled into the restaurant and asked everyone what they
wanted and placed our order. I pulled up to the window and
paid the bill. As the young man handed me our order, he stopped
dead when he saw our naked passenger in the backseat. Vicki
asked me to wait until she could go through the bag and verify
our order was correct before we drove off. As she carefully
checked the order, the young man stared at Dawn. Vicki hit
the remote and Dawn moaned and jumped as the vibrations
hit her again. Vicki let me know that the order was okay and
we could leave. I thought the young man was going to fall
out of the window as we pulled away.

Back on the road, Vicki and I watched passing cars and trucks
to see if they would notice our naked passenger. Only a few
noticed, as evidenced by them honking and giving us the
thumbs up. Dawn was enjoying the attention as she squirmed
in her seat. Her hands cupped her small breasts as her fingers
pinched and rolled her nipples to the point of nearly bursting.
Her hand slid between her legs as we drove along, Vicki and
I were enjoying the scene unfolding in the backseat of our
car. We could smell the aroma of sex fill the car as Dawn continued
to masturbate for us as we rolled down the road. Each time
the car hit a bump in the road caused Dawn to moan loudly.

We pulled into our driveway and I told Vicki to leave Dawn's
clothes in the car. I wanted to see her walk from the car to
the house in the nude. I wondered if any of the neighbors
would see a naked woman in our driveway. We got out of the
car and walked to the back door. I made it look like I was having
trouble with the lock, so I could have our naked guest stand
outside a few extra minutes.

Once in the house, Vicki gave Dawn a tour, showing her where
the cleaning supplies were and where she would be sleeping.
Once the tour was over, Dawn began her duties as our maid
for the next few days. Vicki and I excused ourselves and
went to our bedroom to change into more suitable attire
and talk about some ideas and plans for our weekend maid.

Vicki stripped down and slipped on a thin white tank top
shirt that displayed the sides of her firm breasts and fully
exposed her hard nipples when she bent forward, her dark
pink nipples clearly visible as they pressed at the thin
white material. She slipped on my favorite pair of her shorts
that barely covered her ass, leaving the bottom of her firm
ass cheeks exposed. Between her legs the material hugged
the contour of her aroused pussy lips making their swollen
outline clearly visible. When she sat down the edges of
her pussy teasingly appeared at the edges of the leg openings,
displaying without a doubt that her pussy was freshly shaved

I stripped naked, since I never wear any clothes around
the house and being an exhibitionist, I took my opportunity
to expose my 6 foot tall 200 pound body to our weekend guest.
My toned chest, strong arms, shaped calves, and 7 inch cock
with clean shaved balls dangling between my muscular thighs
felt great as the restraints of clothing no longer hindered
them from the feeling the air caressing them and other’s
eyes enjoying the sight of my naked body on full display.

We returned to the living room and took a seat on the couch.
Vicki clicked the remote to signal our maid that we needed
her. Dawn came into the room to ask what we needed. As she
entered her eyes lit up when she saw me naked and Vicki's
nipples poking against her shirt. She stopped for a moment,
frozen in place as her eyes alternated between staring
at the veins clearly visible on my cock displayed for her
and Vicki’s visible pussy lips peeking from her shorts,
the nipples showing through her shirt along with the sides
of her ample breasts exposed at the sides of her tank top.

We asked our maid to bring us drinks and to clean the living
room when she returned. She quickly headed for the kitchen,
her bare ass jiggled slightly as she walked away. I leaned
over to Vicki and whispered in her ear "how do you like
having a maid, and seeing her naked just for our viewing
pleasure?" Vicki let out a soft moan as she replied
"hmmmm, it's nice"

We watched as our maid returned with our drinks. Her breasts
kept rhythm with her steps, her shaved pussy exposed to
us as she walked. She gave us a show of her ass when she bent
over in front of us as she set the drinks on the coffee table.
She stood up in front of us, her smooth pussy at our eye level
and she asked if there was anything else we needed. With
our answer being no, she proceeded to clean and dust the
living room as we sat and watched.

Vicki's hand was fondling my semi erect cock, her fingers
traced the thick veins of my cock slowly from the base to
the head and back down my hardening shaft as our maid stretched
to dust the high shelves, she bent over at the waist as she
dusted the lower items, constantly trying to give us the
best view of her naked body. Vicki and I relaxed with our
drinks as our naked maid continued with her duties, I caressed
and pinched Vicki’s nipples through her shirt as she
continued to stroke my cock. Vicki and I both noticed our
maid's pussy lips beginning to swell and glisten with
moisture. She was obviously getting turned on watching
Vicki stroke my cock, or was being naked, putting on a show
for us turning her on? It really didn't matter, either
way, we were all enjoying our time together.

When our maid was finished cleaning the living room, she
asked which room we wanted her to clean next. Vicki spoke
up and told her that she was going to put on a real show for
us before starting on the next room. Vicki squeezed my cock
hard as she told me to instruct our maid.

With sultry desire, Vicki purred into my ear "You
are the one that always comes up with the great ideas, what
should she do next"?

I grabbed the remote from Vicki and instructed our maid
to sit on the coffee table in front of us and masturbate until
we see her have an orgasm. As I was giving her the instructions,
I clicked the remote, sending low vibrations deep inside
her cunt. Our maid did as requested, she sat down, spread
her legs for us and guided her fingers across her clit. Vicki
and I fondled each other as we watched our first live porn
show of the weekend. Vicki slowly stroked my hard cock,
her eyes focused on our maid's fingers as they danced
through the wet folds of her pussy lips. We could hear the
vibrations as she continued to bring herself towards the
first of many orgasms this weekend would bring.

I slid my hand inside of Vicki's shorts and I felt how
wet her pussy had become. As my fingers mimicked the motions
of our maid's fingers on herself, Vicki moaned softly.
Her eyes were glued on the sight of a live woman masturbating
in front of us, just a few feet away. I increased the speed
of the vibrator as our maid began to breathe deeper. Her
chest was heaving and started to darken as blood flooded
her breasts, her nipples were so hard we could almost see
her heartbeat in them. Her free hand reached up and pinched,
twisted, and pulled at her hard nipples. The aroma of her
now soaking wet pussy started to reach us and mingle with
Vicki's own sweet aroma.

With another click of the remote, the vibrator inside our
maid ramped to the next level. She arched her back in pleasure
as her fingers rubbed her clit faster and harder. We listened
to the wet sounds as her fingers spread her juices from her
pussy to her throbbing visibly hard clit. Her fingers now
just a blur as she tensed every muscle in her body, her breathing
stopped as she neared her orgasm. Her tits bounced and shook
as she stroked her clit, leaning back on her other hand for

Vicki and I watched as her pussy began to contract in ever
growing spasms. With one more click on the remote, the vibrating
egg reached its maximum speed and sent our maid over the
edge. She screamed loudly as the waves of orgasm rocketed
through her body. Her pussy convulsed in spasms, squeezing
out copious amounts of fluids. We watched as the juices
ran from her pussy and down across her asshole which puckered
each time another stream of juice drizzled down from her
pussy and caressed its way across the sensitive skin encircling
her anus. Her entire body shook as her orgasm flooded through

We watched her experience her climax for several minutes
before I pressed the button on the remote to stop the vibrations
in her pussy. She collapsed on the table in front of us, keeping
her legs spread for our view. Vicki kept her eyes focused
on the spasming pussy displayed in front of her as my fingers
continued to tease and play with Vicki’s swollen clit.
With a deep breath and a slight shudder Vicki succumbed
to her own small orgasm. Vicki leaned over and took my cock
in her mouth and sucked all of my hard cock into her warm mouth,
her tongue and lips expertly worked my cock until she felt
my cum working its way up from my aching balls. She waited
until the last second before she let my cock slide from her
mouth so she and our maid could watch several powerful streams
of cum shoot from the head of my cock and splash onto my bare
chest and stomach. We all just sat back and recovered from
the first event of our weekend maid experience.

Vicki and I cleaned each other up as our maid started back
cleaning the house for us. We moved into our home office
and got on our computers, updated our adult sites, and searched
for porn videos as we normally do. I wondered if our maid
would agree to me taking some pictures and videos of our
weekend. I talked it over with Vicki and she agreed that
she would like some pictures and videos for us to watch later
and maybe add some of them to our photo and videos that we
already have posted on our adult sites. Vicki also wondered
if she would allow us to post the photos and videos of her.
I hit the remote to signal our maid. I heard a loud gasp come
from the other room as the vibrations caught her off guard.
She came into the office and standing on shaking knees,
asked what we needed.

Vicki and I talked to her about our ideas posting some photos
and videos of her and us throughout our weekend and asked
her how she felt about it. We showed her the pics and videos
we already have posted on our adult porn sites. We were delighted
with her response. “I am here to serve you and give you
whatever you want this weekend, so if that’s what you
want, who am I to argue?”

Vicki and I thanked her and as a reward, she could take the
next hour off and do as she pleased. She asked if she could
relax in the bathtub for a while. We agreed on one condition,
she was to leave the bathroom door open and we were free to
come and watch if we so desired.

She left the room and filled the tub. I gave her a few minutes
and went in to see if she left the door open for us. She did
as agreed, so I got Vicki and we went into the bathroom to
watch our maid wash her naked body. Vicki and I watched our
naked guest relax in the steaming hot soapy water, we watched
intently as she caressed the suds over her small breasts,
her hands moving slowly down her toned stomach and between
her legs. We watched as she took her time neatly shaving
her toned tanned legs. She leaned back in the water as she
caressed shaving cream over her tender pussy. My eyes were
glued to her soft skin as we watched her gently shave her
pussy. She guided the razor over every inch of her pussy
for our viewing pleasure until there was no trace of hair
on her fresh pink pussy. Her smooth skin glistened with
the warm water as she finished washing every inch of her
young body. Vicki and I enjoyed the show for a few more minutes
before leaving her a towel dry off with when she was done.

After a short time, our maid appeared in the room with us
and asked what we wanted next. I took out my camera and asked
our maid to get in several different positions as I snapped
pictures of her naked body. I led her to the spare room and
had her lay on the bed for more pictures. I called Vicki to
join me as I switched to video mode. I instructed our maid
to masturbate using any of the toys we purchased while I
took a video of her. I wanted to get a close up video of her
orgasm and capture the spasms of her pussy when she came.

She chose a set of anal beads and a ribbed dildo vibrator.
She laid on her back and slowly used the vibrator to massage
her clit until her pussy started to glow bright red from
excitement. She slid the vibrator down to the entrance
of her pussy. I filmed her pussy lips spread as they engulfed
the tip of the vibrator and wrap around it as she pressed
it deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moaned and raised
her hips as the vibrations pleased the inner walls of her
tight young pussy. Through the viewfinder of the video
I could see her juices escape around the toy penetrating
her. She twisted the toy inside of her pussy as she slid it
in and out. Her pussy lips gripped the ribbed toy with each
stroke. She reached down and ran her finger around the toy
in her pussy, spreading her juices around her swollen lips
and up to her exposed clit. She used her well lubricated
finger to rub her clit as she continued to fuck her pussy
with the phallic vibrator. She raised her hips and moaned
loudly as she brought herself closer to orgasm for us.

She rolled over onto her stomach and humped her fingers
and vibrator before raising herself onto her knees, lifting
her ass high into the air. I got a great video of the vibrator
pounding her pussy and her ass spread exposing her puckering
asshole. As I got closer to get a better view of her ass, she
picked up the anal beads. I got a close up view of her reaching
behind her as she started to press the beads against her
tight ass. Vicki was watching as her ass resisted the beads
and puckering tightly. Vicki reached into our nightstand
and grabbed our anal lube, she opened the bottle and poured
some lube on our maid’s tight, puckered asshole and used
her finger to spread it around the bead and soft ring of our
maid’s anal opening. Vicki smiled as the lube allowed
the first bead to start to penetrate her ass.

I got closer and watched as her now lubricated asshole relaxed
and stretched to allow each bead to disappear. Vicki was
biting her lip as she watched the erotic action, I could
see in her eyes how much it was turning her on. Vicki enjoys
anal play and now she could see how erotic and sexy it was
to watch it happening. Vicki drizzled and massaged more
lube as our maid continued to press another bead into her
exposed ass as she continued to use the vibrator to stretch
and fill her pussy.

The sight of her ass high in the air, her tight hole fully
exposed, the sight of the puckered ring of her asshole stretching
as it encircled the round bead, and then tightly puckering
together again as the bead disappeared inside her ass was
so erotic, so sexy, it had Vicki and I wanting to do more than
just watch, but we couldn’t stop watching the live action
in front of us.

I had one hand holding the camera and the other hand stroking
my cock, Vicki’s hands were between her legs playing
with her own pussy as we watched our personal live porn show.
Our maid opened her eyes long enough to see us masturbating
and it only added to her excitement and drew her closer to
her own orgasm. Vicki and I saw each other masturbating
as we watched our maid putting on a show for us and we knew
that this was going to be a great night.

As we watched the last and largest bead spread and disappear
into her asshole, she began to pound the vibrator in and
out of her pussy with lust filled force. As each of her strokes
drew her closer and closer to orgasm, she began to pull the
beads from her ass slowly. Each time a bead spread her tight
ass, she let out a loud moan and she fucked her pussy harder
and faster. Soon she was using the anal beads to fuck her
ass at the same pace as the vibrator was fucking her dripping
wet pussy.

Her moans turned into screams of ecstasy as Vicki added
more lube to her ass and anal beads. The anal beads were sliding
in and out with ease as our eyes remained focused on the sights
unfolding before us. With a few more strokes of the toys
in and out of her pussy and ass, we watched her ass and legs
start to tremble uncontrollably. We knew she was going
to cum and it was going to be a dramatic orgasm.

Vicki and I intently enjoyed the show of our maid as she came
in a series of shuddering, screaming, whole body orgasms
for our viewing pleasure. When she finished and collapsed
exhausted onto the bed, I went back to the computer to download
the pictures and video. I wanted to make sure I captured
what just happened. Vicki sat by my side as we watched the
playback on the computer screen. Her hand was slowly stroking
my cock as we re-lived what we had just watched playing on
the screen. We decided that over the next few days we would
have to edit it and post it to a website for everyone to enjoy!

It was getting late, so we decided to call it a night and we
said goodnight to our weekend maid. She thanked us for a
wonderful evening and that she was looking forward to the
rest of our time together. Vicki and I went into our bedroom
and had some great sex. She was so turned on and I was so hard
and horny we only lasted a few minutes, but it was a powerful
orgasm for both of us. With my spent cock still inside her
throbbing pussy, we fell asleep wrapped in a post orgasmic

The next morning we woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs
cooking and fresh coffee brewing. Our weekend maid had
woke up earlier and decided to fix us breakfast. She tentatively
knocked on our door and asked if we were ready for breakfast.
We answered yes and watched as she walked through our door,
still naked, bringing us our coffee and food. We sat and
enjoyed ourselves as she returned to the kitchen to clean
up the dishes. When we finished eating, I hit the remote
to signal her we needed to see her. She came in the room and
I told her we were finished with our dishes. She gathered
them up and headed back to the kitchen to wash them for us.

When I heard the water stop, I summoned her again. This time
we wanted to see her naked body and see her masturbate for
us again. Good old fashioned morning sex, we watched as
she sat on the end of our bed and filled her pussy with the
realistic dildo she picked out. So close to us, we watched
her pussy spread as it enveloped the plastic dick. We watched
as she pulled it out and enjoyed the sight of her slick juice
coating it. Slowly she slid it back, deep inside of her tight
pussy. Her strokes quickened as she got closer and closer
to another orgasm.

She laid back with her pussy facing us, her hand shoving
the thick plastic dick in and out of her wet pussy, her other
hand rubbing hard and fast against her clit. Moaning, she
kept up the action, I waited for her to tense up at the verge
of orgasm. At the moment she was just about to come, I clicked
the remote and set the vibrations to the highest level.
She screamed and shook like she had been electrocuted.
Her whole body shook as the first waves of orgasm ripped
through her body.

Vicki sat entranced at the sights, sounds, and smells of
our maid’s latest orgasm. With our maid still in the throes
of orgasm, I pushed Vicki onto her back and started to lick
her clit. Vicki was so turned on, she didn’t even think
about us having sex in front of our guest. I handed our camera
to Dawn, it was our maid’s turn to use the camera and video
us as I licked, fingered, and sucked Vicki to her first orgasm
of the day. Once I felt her pussy start to spasm, I changed
position and with one stroke, I buried my hard cock deep
into her soaking wet pussy. I could feel her pussy spasm
and grip my cock with each stroke. I pushed her hand down
to her clit and rubbed her fingers across her clit. Vicki
got the hint and masturbated her swollen clit as my cock
slid deep in and out of her.

It only took a few minutes and Vicki was moaning and screaming
in a powerful orgasm of her own. When her pussy gripped my
cock and squeezed, it triggered my own orgasm. I shot a hot
thick stream deep into her. The streams of cum continued
to squirt from my cock until her pussy was so full it stated
to leak out past my slowly softening cock. I looked over
to see our maid’s eyes glued to the action in front of her.
She was staring and breathing heavily, her hand was back
between her legs again. I was wondering how that video would
look and couldn’t wait to download it and watch Vicki
and I in action on the screen, I hoped it would be good enough
to post.

Spent and satisfied, I sent our maid out of the room to go
clean herself up and get back to work. She left and Vicki
and I looked at each other. I broke the silence as I asked
her if we had really just had sex in front of a stranger and
we would finally get a chance to see a porno of us having sex.
We laughed and agreed that by now our maid was no stranger
and it was about time we had a sex video of us to post, but we
still couldn’t believe that we did that. We relaxed for
a little while before we went to shower off.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I suggested that we go into
the yard and get some sun. Vicki slipped into her smallest
bikini, tiny triangles of almost translucent material
that barely covered her nipples and the smallest strip
of material thong she owned, I put on my own small bathing
suit and headed out into our back yard to set up some chairs.
We set up one for each of us and got the towels and lotion ready.
As we headed out the door, I instructed our maid that she
was to join us. She looked puzzled, so I again instructed
her that she was going to join us, it didn’t matter that
we live in a small neighborhood and we only have a chain link
fence separating us from our neighbors. I wanted to see
her sunbathe in the nude. She smiled and complied. She sat
in the lounge chair and I watched Vicki lather herself and
to my surprise, she also rubbed each of us with suntan oil
including our naked maid’s entire body. Dawn’s nude
body glistened in the sun as we all relaxed and soaked up
the hot sun.

Time passed as we enjoyed being outside, Vicki and I watched
our naked maid, and we smiled as we scanned the neighbor’s
yards to see if anyone had noticed the sight in our yard.
No one came to the fence or otherwise made their presence
known, but we had a feeling that more than one was inside
his window looking at the naked woman so openly displaying
her body. After a few hours we gathered up our things and
headed back into the house for a late lunch.

We sat at the kitchen table and watched our naked maid prepare
us a meal. Vicki and I could hardly keep our hands off each
other as we watched the nude body being displayed for our
viewing pleasure. It was such a turn on, being a live in voyeur,
watching a nude woman every minute of the day. She prepared
a delicious meal and we had her join us at the table as we talked
about our plans for the evening. Lunch was over before we
realized and our maid got up to clean the dishes for us.

Our weekend maid went about her business as Vicki and I took
it all in. I went about my regular weekend routine and Vicki
relaxed in the living room. We both kept finding ourselves
in a position to gaze at the stranger’s naked body in our
home. I finished mowing the lawn and came back into the house
to shower off. I stripped down and stepped into the shower,
the water felt so good after a hot day in the sun. After my
shower I toweled off but didn’t bother to put any clothes
back on as usual.

I joined Vicki on the couch and pressed the button on the
remote to summon our naked maid. She appeared quickly,
her tits jiggling as she stopped in front of us, her lips
curled up into a smile as she saw that she wasn’t the only
naked one in the house again. I instructed her that the laundry
basket was full and she needed to take care of that. She didn’t
wait for further instructions before turning around and
heading for the laundry room. Vicki’s stare was focused
on our maid’s naked ass as she walked gingerly from the
room. Her ass cheeks danced with each step, her body still
glistening from the sun tan oil.

Our maid hadn’t left the room before Vicki and I were locked
in a passionate kiss, our hands were groping each other’s
bodies. I asked Vicki if she wanted to see our maid masturbate
again. I clicked the button on the remote another time and
before our maid could make it back to the room, I clicked
the button two more times, bringing the vibrations inside
of her cunt to maximum speed and intensity. By the time she
arrived in front of us, she had beads of sweat on her forehead
and her legs were unsteady under her.

I instructed her to lay on the floor and masturbate for us
again. Vicki’s hand was already grasping my erection
as we watched our naked maid start to rub her body. I had Vicki
lay back on the couch so I could lick her pussy while she watched
the live sex show on the floor. Our maid was pinching her
nipples and bucking her hips against the vibrations inside
of her wet pussy. Soon her fingers left her nipples and started
to play with the wet folds of her pussy. I looked up from Vicki’s
own pussy to see our naked maid touching her own engorged
clit. She kept eye contact with Vicki, giving her the show
she wanted.

Vicki’s fingers tangled in my hair as she guided my head,
directing my tongue to the spots of the most pleasure. Our
maid continued to rub her clit and slipped her fingers deep
into her wet cunt. She was finger fucking herself, and teasing
her clit at the same time. I licked Vicki’s clit and slid
my fingers into her pussy. I caressed the inner folds of
her wet love as she watched our maid bringing herself closer
to another orgasm. Vicki gasped and arched her back as I
sucked her clit into my mouth and bit down slightly.

The sight and sounds Vicki made encouraged our maid to speed
up her actions. She was laying on her back, her legs were
spread wide, her pussy facing us. Her tits stood firm and
jiggled slightly as she played with herself. Her nipples
stood proud and pointed towards the ceiling surrounded
by tightly puckered areolas. As her fingers disappeared
in and out of her pussy we could hear the sounds of how wet
she was over her low moans. Vicki’s own moans of pleasure
joined in the chorus of sexual sounds filling our living

I stopped the action long enough to give our maid some new
instructions. I had her turn over and kneel down, lean forward
and put her ass in the air towards us and continue to masturbate
that way. She gladly turned around in front of us. She backed
up towards us, close enough that if Vicki wanted to lean
down she could’ve touched her tongue to our maid’s

Vicki and I took a few minutes to watch as our maid easily
slid her fingers into her well lubricated pussy. She arched
her back down and exposed more of her ass to us. Her ass cheeks
spread slightly and exposed her tiny anal opening. Her
other hand was under her continuing her clitoral assault.
We watched the juice from her pussy coat her fingers and
start to run down her to her wrists.

When I thought Vicki was getting close to her own orgasm,
I instructed our maid to play with her ass. Her fingers slid
out of her pussy and she moved them straight to her anus.
She rubbed the tip of her finger around the opening, coating
it with her pussy juice for lubrication. She leaned back
towards us and backed onto her own finger. Vicki and I watched
closely as her asshole relaxed and her fingertip disappeared
into the tight anal opening. She slid her finger deeper
past her second knuckle until it was completely gone. She
held it still for a short time before slowly pulling it out
and pushing it back in, anal fingering herself only inches
from our watching eyes.

Vicki’s pussy gripped my finger as my tongue continued
pleasuring her clit. She was about to cum, they were both
about to cum. I licked and sucked Vicki’s sensitive clit
as we continued to watch our naked sex show maid bring herself
off. I lubricated my finger with Vicki’s pussy juice
and pressed it against her tight asshole. I felt Vicki press
back against my finger as it slid past the tight opening.
My finger began to penetrate her ass as it mimicked our maid’s
actions. Vicki watched our maid’s finger slide in and
out of her ass as she felt my finger slide in and out of her
own ass. It was like she was watching herself, whose finger
was where? The sights and feelings were more than Vicki
could take. Moans turned to screams as the climaxes built.
When we saw our maid’s body start to shake in orgasmic
spasms, Vicki let loose with her own shuddering orgasm.

Not to be left out, I stood up and began to stroke my hard cock
as the two women watched in fascination. They sat naked
next to each other as I stood in front of them started to masturbate.
Their eyes were transfixed on my hand as it slid along the
length of my hard shaft. I cupped and massaged my balls as
I continued to pleasure my throbbing hard on. I stroked
faster as I felt my balls draw up against my body as my own
orgasm drew closer. My legs stiffened as I felt my cock throb
in my grasp, my breath labored in my chest as I raised myself
up on my toes. Seeing two naked women watching me masturbate
brought me to another level of excitement and pleasure.

They watched as I enjoyed the feeling of my hand sliding
up and down my thick, hard, vein filled shaft. They stared
at the head of my cock swell and turn from white to a dark purple
as the blood filled it to the max. I stopped stroking and
lightly teased the tip of my cock, caressing the sensitive
skin where the shaft meets the head, putting on a good show
for them. It felt so good and turned me on to expose myself
and show them exactly what made my cock feel the best. I massaged
my balls as I continued to please myself. My cock was harder
that it had ever been, I hadn’t realized how much it turned
me on to be watched. I felt my cum building as I began to stroke
my cock again.

I pumped my cock as I watched them get turned on and start
to finger their pussies again. I tried to control myself
as I watched them getting more and more aroused just by watching
me masturbate. It was more than I could take, I stroked and
pumped my cock with my fist until I felt cum shoot from the
tip of my cock. I watched my cum forcefully shoot out in thick
white streams. My ass clenched tightly and my cock twitched
as I watched my cum shoot between them and some of it landed
on Dawn’s shoulder. When my hot cum hit her skin, she shuddered
and trigger her own orgasm. The sight of my cum shooting
across the room and the sight of Dawn’s orgasm, sent Vicki
over the edge into her own twitching orgasm.

Spent from another voyeuristic orgasm experience we all
just took some time to relax. After all, we still had special
plans for tonight, special plans for our naked maid, and
special plans for our live action voyeurism that I will
write about in “A weekend maid for fun. Part 2”.

Would we stick to our agreement of no touching each other?
How far would we go, what videos would we create? What videos
and pictures would we post? How much could we take, our horny
minds had already started to open up and crossed the lines
that we set. I had seen the look in Vicki’s eyes, I had seen
the desire in Dawn’s eyes, and my mind was confused with
thoughts, ideas, and visions of where our weekend maid
for fun may lead. After all we still had tonight and all day
tomorrow to find out how far we would go……..

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Can't wait for part 2!!!


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a fantastic story I just wish that I could be there to watch
as well please continue


rm_Codecmedia66 replies on 7/8/2014 3:48 pm:
Thanks! Check out Part 2 I finally got posted.

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Okay, I have "Part 2 (The rules have changed)"
written out, I will post it soon. I got side tracked starting "Part 3 (The weekend cums
to an end)" and will post it as soon as I get it finished.


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I look forward to part 2...


rm_Codecmedia66 replies on 7/8/2014 3:44 pm:
I posted part 2

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That egg must have been forced deep into her cunt when she
used a dildo to pleasure herself.


rm_Codecmedia66 replies on 7/8/2014 3:47 pm:
Details, details, I didn't think of that when I was writing that scene.

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fantastic tale, very simular to an experiance i had with
my wife and step daughter, my step daughter had bought a
maids outfit for a hen night out and put it on one morning
to show my wife, i walked in and could not belive how sexy
she looked, she sat at the table accross from me and i could
see her pussy lips ether side of her thong, my wife noticed
me looking and sat beside me rubbing my growing cock, my
step daughter noticed and said oh you pair stop or i will
be randy and no one to sort me out!my wife out of the blue said
by the feel of this he will give you one!! i was lost for words
as my wife pulled my cock out of my pants and said to my step
daughter come and sit on daddys lap if you want, my step daughter
came round beside us flicked one leg over my open legs and
said come on then mum put his cock in me!!my wife said you
sure love as she flicked the tip of my cock over her daughters
exposed pussy lips, my step daughter almost ripped her
thong to one side and pushed her cunt down onto my cock saying
yipi i want lots of cock but dont cum up me it would mess up
my outfit!! but as the words came out she had an orgasam sprating
my cock and balls which made me cum right inside her. she
heaved down saying i want more but my wife said tonight when
you come home if you come back alone and with a full pussy.
i cant wait.


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A awesome smoking hot story. Very well written. Looking
forward to part 2.


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i hope this isn't just a work of fiction


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too long didn't read


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this was a very good story


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Super HOT! Always been a fantasy of mine


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an excellent idea to exibit