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A week in the "Compound"


Like a lot of couples who get trapped by their hectic routines,
Ginny and I found ourselves simply going through the motions
of being a happily married couple. We had simply forgotten
how to have fun together and our marriage was suffering
along with our sex life.

At one point, Ginny began to see a doctor because of her lack
of desire which had turned into mild depression as well.
And instead of taking medication, which she didn't
want to do, she learned about another approach which she
shared with me.

I was leery at first but agreed to give it a try. We had nothing
to lose and everything to gain by spending a week at, what
was referred to as " the compound." It was our
last chance and going in I believe my wife and I both sensed
if this didn't' work, our marriage might be over.

My wife and I entered the compound both thinking we knew
up front what we were getting involved in. Being older than
most people there, what we didn't know was how we would
respond to the place or if it would even help us learn how
to have fun again as people.

Although there were many people who lived their full time,
they still allowed outside couples, who met their requirements
to spend up to two weeks a year inside the compound. It was
way for the group to raise money to help support the compound
and their lifestyle.

Over the years Ginny and I had dabbled with nudity by going
to some beaches that were clothing optional. I only mention
that because one of the things the compound offered was
a nude beach area by a pond they had built as well as some nude
activities which kind of still appealed to me. I sincerely
doubted being as old as she was, my wife would ever get nude
again in public. Like a lot of middle aged women, my wife
felt her better days, physically speaking were behind

So, spending a week at the compound living under their rules
was going to be quite different for both of us. But Ginny
and I looked forward to our break from one another. We had
spent nearly twenty years together and we felt like we lost
a bit of ourselves in the process.

You might be asking yourself why my wife and I just didn't'
take separate vacations because that too would have given
us each some alone time. And we even discussed the idea but
felt like we still wanted to see each other once in a while
too. My wife and I are our both avid readers, so we each packed
several new books we wanted to read during our week at the

Being there alone yet together, we both knew each other
would be completely safe. And we would be able to meet up
and chat with each other when we wanted to. It's just
that as people, my wife and I grown to have such different
interests. Ginny like to go for early morning walks and
often said she was afraid she might wake me if she did. So
for the next week, Ginny could get up at any time she wanted
and go for her walk and I would never even know. And we liked
to eat at different times but at home that was difficult
so we compromised and always ate dinner together.

When we arrived, were greeting at the compound gate and
brought into a small building near the entrance. A man and
a woman in their thirties were there to greet us and welcome
us to the compound that quite honestly sounded like it could
be utopia, based on their brochure.

They first asked Ginny and I if we had read all the materials
they had provided and then asked if us if we had any questions.
My only question was if there were any other couples in their
mid to late forties like my wife and I. The man chuckled for
a moment and told Ginny and I no one inside of the compound
looks at age or cares what age people are. "To us, good
people are good people so age has no bearing in the compound, "
were his exact words.

"The first and most important rule was "respect."
"So you two can choose exactly how you want to live
with the other people while you are in the compound as long
as you treat them with respect, " The man said to Ginny
and I. The woman then stood up in front of my wife and I and
said, "You two will also have separate rooms during
your stay but then you already know that from our materials.

Ginny and I looked at one another and nodded that we understood.
"You both understand that in the compound, we do not
believe in or recognize marriages , " she said calmly.
" Ginny and I both agreed and told the two of them we
understood that too. We had agreed beforehand and actually
had already removed our wedding rings back home and left
them there, per their instructions.

Ginny and I were then given long survey forms to fill out
about ourselves, our likes and our dislikes. And on the
last two pages were questions about our sexual preferences
and they got quite personal. "You need to be very truthful
with your response, " The man said as they watched
my wife and I struggling with the sex questions.

"Based on your answers, you will be paired with a group
of compatible people. So if either of you choose to engage
in any intimate activities, these will be the people you
should consider first, " The woman added as Ginny
and I finished up the survey.

Although Ginny and I had talked briefly about the idea of
being with other people we both felt like that was probably
not something we would be interested in. I asked my wife
what we should do if one of us changes our minds about sex
while we are at the compound. She just shrugged her shoulders,
smiled and told me she didn't know because she knew
it wasn't something she wanted to try. We never really
resolved that issue but entered the compound feeling like
if something that insane every came up, we could get together
and discuss it inside.

Ginny and I got up, hugged each other before we were led outside
and taken to our own rooms for the next seven days. My room
was in building C and my wife's room was apparently
in building B. Everyone smiled as they passed by and seemed
friendlier than people on the outside. My spirits were
high and I assumed so were Ginny's because the place
had a very calming feeling to it. I spent about an hour unpacking
in my room and settled in.

It wasn't fancy by any means but it was clean, had everything
I needed including a very comfortable chair with a lamp
next to it where I could relax and read when I wanted to. No
TV or radio so being cut off from the outside world, seemed
like another good idea to me.

The first real shock I encountered was when I went in search
of the men's room so I could freshen up from the trip.
I was nearly at the end of the hall when I asked a man where
the men's' room was. I remember he looked at me
oddly before he pointed to the door that simply read, "
Wash room." I was carrying my towel and shaving kit
when I pushed the door open and walked in to find a naked woman
standing in front of the mirror drying her hair. Well, she
had a towel wrapped around her waist but everything else
was visible.

"I am so sorry, " I said to her as she looked at
me and merely smiled. I turned to leave when the woman said
"You don't have to leave. We all share the wash
rooms." I couldn't help looking at her bare breasts
hanging on her chest as she giggled and said, "You
must be from the outside. We call you "Weekers."

Just then another man walked in and past her as she greeted
her before he hung up his robe and walked naked into the shower
at the end of the row of sinks. "See, it's like
I said, we all share the washrooms, " She said before
she went back to drying her hair.

I excused myself anyway and rushed back to my room to just
sit alone for a few moments to gather my thoughts. I decided
it wasn't necessary to freshen up after all and instead
decided to go outside and check out the compound. It was
a freeing experience to have no time tables, no normal clutter
like my everyday life had. I looked for Ginny but didn't
see her as I began to walk around but then again I knew she
was safe so I didn't have to worry.

There were a few outdoor gathering areas, a couple of fire
pits that people used at night to socialize around as well
as many walking trails and of course the nude swimming pond.
And I wandered by the pond, I notice some people were in swim
suits while others were nude and no one paid any attention
to that issue either way.

So I continued to walk and had to pinch myself because of
how peaceful it all felt to me. "This is something
I need, " I said to myself as people passed me by, all
smiling as they passed. I had been in the compound for a little
over two hours when I decided to go to my room and take a nap,
of all things. I remembering my head resting on the pillow
and the next thing I knew, the sun was beginning to set.

I took a chance again and used the wash room but no one was
in there so I washed up before heading to the dining hall
which operate for two hours in length for each of the three
meals. As I walked in I immediately spotted my wife already
at a table with five other people all talking and enjoying
themselves as they ate. I waved at my wife and she waved back
at me with her big smile showing, so I knew Ginny was relaxing
as much as I was.

I found my table and joined in the group after introductions
had been made. They all seemed like nice people as we began
to chat while they asked me questions about myself. I laughed
when they referred to me as a "Weeker, " but
understood they saw lots of people who come to the compound
for their one week escape from regular life.

I was trying to be very polite to everyone when the woman
I had walked in on earlier spotted me and walked over to say
hi again. She seemed quite sweet and patted me on my shoulder
while she told the rest of the people at my table how shocked
I looked when I walked in on her drying her hair. Everyone
laughed of course but quickly they all explained how nudity
was everyone's option and if I decided to spend some
of my time naked, no one would care.

The one man, rather young then asked me if I had met anyone
in my "personal connections group" yet. I wasn't
quite sure what that was and asked him to explain what it
was. One of the women at my table explained that although
everyone is free to select who they want, the compound puts
together a special group for everyone that matches up each
of us better than most. I must have still looked confused
so the young man added, "The group are people you are
more likely to mentally and physically connect with if
you want to be intimate with someone."

I finished up eating and thanked each of them for the helpful
information before I left to walk around and soak up some
of the warm night air. It really amazed me how relaxed I felt
and how no one bothered me as I stroll along on the various
paths. I stopped by one of the fire pits for a few minutes
and listened to a man playing his guitar before I decided
to call it a night and get some much needed rest. I can't
remember the last time I went to bed by so early or so relaxed.

I quickly settled into my comfy bed as I listened the man
still playing his guitar at a distance. There was no air
conditioning but then again there was no humming from air
conditioners running either. I don't recall what
time my eyes opened but I knew from my open window the sun
was already up.

We were not allowed to wear watches and there were no clocks
anywhere so I felt like I had kind of lost track of time. But
as I laid on my bed and tried to wake up I could hear other people
stirring so I knew I was not the only one awake.

And then it struck me that I would have to shower in the open
shower in front of other people. It definitely didn't
excite me like it would have if I had been a younger man but
still the idea was unsettling. Then for some reason I realized
Ginny would also be showering in front of strangers. I wasn't
thrilled with the whole idea but knew I needed to wash so
I grabbed my towel and my shaving bag and headed off for the
wash room at the end of the hall.

I can't say it made it any easier for me, but the shower
was fairly full with about ten people, both men and women
all washing themselves in front of one another. I put my
shave kit down, took off my robe and walked in with my bar
of soap and found the nearest free shower head that I could.

"Welcome to your first group shower, " A woman's
voice said to me as I turned and saw the woman I had walked
in on yesterday showering directly across from me. She
smiled at me so I smiled back as she was using her hands to
shampoo her long brown hair while she faced me, totally
naked. Her breasts were average but her wide hips and hairy
crotch was hard not to notice.

"You'll get use to it, " She said smiling
at me as she pushed her head under the shower head to rinse
off her hair. Once I began to feel myself beginning to stir
as a man, I finished up and quickly put my robe back on. Although
Ginny and I still shared a sex life it wasn't one that
took either of our breathes away. It was more of a physical
need every few weeks or longer, that we had gotten use to.

I was in front of the long mirror shaving when the woman in
the shower walked up next to me with her towel wrapped around
her waist again. "Just give yourself sometime. It
gets easier, " she said as she smiled before she turned
on her hair dryer. I can't say I didn't glance a
few times at her breasts but I was able to finish shaving
without cutting my own throat.

I made it with plenty of time to spare for breakfast. My morning
meal back home usually consisted of a cup of coffee and a
muffin as I walked out of my house on my way to the office.
But on my first morning in the compound I ate some scrambled
eggs , bacon, toast and even drank a glass of orange juice.
There was no rush and there was no pressure. It was wonderful.

I had looked a few times to see if Ginny was also eating breakfast
at her table but I never spotted my wife. I just figured Ginny
had probably gotten up while it was still dark to go for her
walk and had already finished breakfast before I even got
into the shower. .

I then went for a walk to stretch my legs and as I passed the
pond, I stopped when I noticed my wife already sunbathing
herself. There were nude people at the beach but Ginny wore
her one piece swim suit she had just bought for her time at
the compound. I remember looking down the hill at her and
feeling like my wife was pretty dam sexy looking. Ginny
had been blessed with a very ample chest and she had always
watched her weight so for being a woman in her mid forties,
she suddenly looked pretty dam good to me.

I spent the rest of my morning in my chair reading one of the
books I had brought before it was time for lunch. And I must
have been the first of my meal group for lunch because the
table was empty when I first got there. But one by one they
all began arriving including Dee, the woman I had first
met in the wash room while she was half naked.

Dee had one of those bubbly personalities that caused her
to smile all the time. So each time I saw her I was prepared
to smile back which wasn't something I didn't
do most of the time in my real life. Dee immediately asked
me what my plans were for the afternoon and when I told I didn't
know yet, she suggested I join a bunch of them in the craft
building where they made things to sell to help support
the compound. "I am not very crafty" I said to
her as she giggled and told me I crafty enough.

So I waited for Dee and a couple of the others at my table before
I followed them across the lodge to the craft area where
I spent the rest of my afternoon. I had only spent a little
over a day in the compound and it already felt like I had been
gone from my home and my real life for a very long time.

"You should see when your group meeting time is, "
Dee said as she took me into the communication hall."You
should at least go meet them, " Dee said to me with
a big smile on her face. "Do you know anybody on my list?"I
asked her. Dee nodded her head yes and explained she knew
several of them and they were all really nice people.

I felt my face turning red standing next to her when Dee giggled
and softly said, "You still enjoy sex yet, don't
you?" I was so embarrassed I could hardly face Dee
when she said that sex was just part of life and I shouldn't
get so uptight about it. I don't know why I felt I could
ask her such a personal question but I did."Do you
meet very often with your group?"

Dee reached out and held my hand before she said, "
Sure I do. At least a couple of times a week." Then she
really shocked me when she asked me if I wanted to check the
register for last night to see if my wife went to meet her
group last night. I don't know if that was a good idea
or not but I was suddenly very curious and told Dee that sounded

"It's all very open here. No one sneaks around
because we don't have to, "Dee explained as she
led me over to a large book near the main door. I gave her Ginny's
name as Dee scanned the registry before she turned and shook
her head no.

So Dee and I walked back towards our building as she went
on to explain that each of our "Personal Connection
Groups, " usually meet most nights but it doesn't
mean anyone connects. She went on to say there are usually
interesting subjects the group discusses as they interact
with one another as people. "It's really just
a night time social sort of thing, " Dee explained.
I asked her what happens if two people feel some attraction
for each other. Dee giggled again and told me, "Well
then that becomes the fun part of their night."

And this is going to sound strange but I missed my wife more
than I thought I would have, after just one day. But I was
also curious to meet my, personal connection group too.
The idea of having sex with a stranger was not something
I ever thought I would want yet the idea of it was rather arousing.
But what if I did and then when Ginny and I left the compound
after our week and I had to tell her what I did?

I knew as I walked along the path on the way to the hall, just
to check it out, I wasn't going to meet anyone that interested
me. I convinced myself that all I was doing was going to chat
with the group because there was nothing else going on that
night. The woman who had greeted my wife when we first arrived
was at the door as she smiled and had me sign in.

"Nice to see you again. Let's see, you're
in group 9, " She said and pointed me to my left. It
was very embarrassing just walking in because I felt like
everyone knew why I was there. I had taken less than five
steps when I was surprised to see Ginny sitting with another
group of people chatting away. I really didn't know
how I felt about my wife being there but then again, I was
there myself so I couldn't be too upset with her. I am
sure showering naked in front of men, definitely embarrassed
her but I never thought it would also arouse her.

In my mind, I convinced myself Ginny was not there to look
for someone to have sex with. My wife had show very little
interest in our sex life for the past few years . I found my
group just as they were discussing their past relationships
and what had gone right and what had gone wrong for each of

I had just sat down when Dee, of all people hurried up to our
table and said, "Sorry I am late again, " and
then she sat down next to me. Her bubbly personality was
addicting as she looked at me with her wonderful bright
smile. "I am surprised to see you here tonight, "
Dee said as the rest of the group waited to hear my response.
I felt kind of put on the spot so I told my group how my wife
and I had decided to spent a week at the compound but not because
of any sexual issues we had at home.

A blonde girl, in her twenties then asked me how I would describe
our sex life in our marriage. Suddenly this entire group
wanted to hear about the private life Ginny and I shared
as a long time married couple. So I began to tell them some
things but nothing too personal. But no one was buying my
vague answers including Dee.

And then all of a suddenly everyone in the room suddenly
began to clap. I whispered to Dee and asked why we were all
clapping. "Because two people just stood up having
decided to bond together, " She whispered back as
I looked around and spotted a man and a woman both undressing
right in front of everybody.

Dee whispered that everyone was showing their support
and encouragement for the man and the woman and that after
they were undressed, they would go off to the special room
to be as one. My group then turned back to me and began to ask
me more questions about Ginny and I. I had barely heard their
question when everyone began to applaud again.

This went on for about twenty minutes as one couple after
another stood up and removed their clothes while the rest
of us applauded them. It was both exciting as well as nerve
wracking. One of the men in my group told me that the regulars
who live there full time, see lots of couples like Ginny
and I and he then said he thought we would both leave with
a better marriage for sure.

Dee was giggling as she watched my face turning red again,
before she leaned close to me and said, "Do you want
to give it a try with me tonight?" The woman was definitely
attractive and I loved her personality but I was suddenly
as a loss for words. And I had already seen her naked both
mornings so I had some desire for sure. "It might be
fun, " Dee added as she watched me suddenly tongue

But my real issue was how would Ginny react if I stood up with
Dee and removed our clothing. She would know for sure I was
going to cheat on her even though inside of the compound,
no marriages were recognized. But when this week was over,
I was indeed going to be married again. Dee snuggled next
to me and whispered, "No one has hesitated as long
as you have."

I turned to Dee and said, " Your offer sounds great, "
as we both stood up and began to remove our clothing and of
course we got our round of applause. There was definitely
some chemistry between us as Dee smiled more sexy like as
she removed her bra while I eagerly watched her. My dick
was beginning to swell already when Dee took my hand and
together we left the room naked.

We walked into a large room with mattresses covering the
floors where several couple already engaged in various
stages from oral sex to intercourse. She was lovely to finally
hold as we embraced for the first time before we kissed each
other. By then my member was fully swollen as it slipped
between Dee's legs and felt her coarse pussy hair rubbing
against it.

I wanted her and maybe even needed her yet I still couldn't
believe I was doing this. I had not been with another woman
in over twenty years as Dee and I continued to hold each other
while we kissed. What only added to the bizarre situation
I found myself in was listening to all the moaning and whimpering
going on around me.

By the time Dee and I finally laid down next to one another,
my hormones had kicked into high gear and so had hers. We
kissed for a while before I slid down the length of her body
until I reached her hairy pussy. Dee opened up her legs within
seconds and revealed to me her womanhood in all of its aroused
glory. Her soft whimpers started immediately.

The more of the woman's scent filled my head the more
aggressive I became. It felt like she was truly mine as Dee
wiggled and squirmed while my tongue teased her outer lips
and swollen clit. I quickly got the sense the woman was building
towards a very strong orgasm. And to be there with her making
it happen for her was more than just an honor, it was one of
the best, most unexpected thrills of my life.

By the time Dee calmed down after her climax, I was huffing
and puffing and ready to go. My chest struggled to suck air
into it and my dick was painfully hard and ready. "Do
you want me to ?" Dee whispered softly to me with a huge
grin on her face. When I shook my head and told her I couldn't
wait any longer, Dee giggled before she reached down and
pulled me on top of her.

It was pure heaven when I was in position and more excited
than I might have ever been. Dee was looking up at me with
a bright smile as she waited for me to penetrate her womanhood
for the first time. She reached up with her arms and slowly
pulled me down as my hard cock pushed between her slippery
outer lips as our bodies began to come together.

Probing this woman was breathtaking for sure as my dick
rubbed against her incredible silky inner lining. We were
staring at one another marveling at the intensity of your
first union when I pushed one more time and slipped into
her pussy completely. Dee laid under me quivering with
excitement as my dick began to slide in and out of her very
slowly at first.

"I knew we would be good together, " Dee said
once as I smiled at her and simply nodded. I still couldn't
believe I was fucking this woman but it sure felt great anyway.
There was other women whimpering around me but all I heard
was Dee. Each time I inserted my dick all the way up into her,
Dee let out this soft, quivering sort of whimper. And we
kissed each other quite often as our union continued at
a nice steady pace.

It really didn't' take the two of us long to adjust
to each other's bodies and together Dee and I made some
magic, for sure. She was tight but not too tight and I was
large but not too large for her to handle. We moved together
and hugged some more before Dee whispered in my ear, "You
can cum in me whenever you're ready." My first
spasm came shortly after that and they continued for sometime
as I filled Dee's pussy with a load of my cum.

It took Dee and I some time to come back down to earth before
we cleaned up and were just about ready to leave. I happen
to look off to my right across the room and that is when I saw
my wife with her legs spread while some man I had never seen
before fucking my wife hard enough to cause her large breasts
to bounce on her chest. "It's ok. This is part
of why you two came here, " Dee said.

Ginny was holding him as he pounded her pussy over and over.
Dee stood by my side, holding my hand to comfort me as we watched
my wife with the other man. "We shouldn't stare
for too long, " Dee finally whispered before we left
Ginny and the man still fucking one another.

As soon as the sun was up and once I had showered and gotten
dressed, I went in search of Ginny. I felt like we needed
to talk and clear the air about anything either of us did
the night before. At least we were both on the same page because
we had both engaged in intercourse with other people. I
nearly missed breakfast before I continued to search for
my wife before I spotted her at the pond sunbathing again.

She still had her swim suit on as I walked down to speak with
her while a couple of men were chatting with her. I didn't'
remember what the man looked like from last night when he
was on top her last night but I guess it didn't matter
if he was one of the two men talking to Ginny or not. And thankfully
my wife spotted me before the two men did and got up and smiled
as she walked towards me.

"How are you?"I asked her. Ginny smiled and
then asked me back how I was doing too. My wife and I had not
planned for anything like this to happen to us but now that
it had, we had to deal with it. There was an awkward moment
or two that is for sure as we just looked at each other and
didn't know what to say. And strangely I suddenly felt
more love for Ginny than I had felt in a very long time.

Ginny finally broke our awkward silence and asked me if
I enjoyed the woman I was with the night before. "Her
name is Dee. And yes she was very sweet, " I replied.
Ginny then pointed to one of the men she had been chatting
with and said, "His name is Larry." I then asked
her if that was the man who she had sex with and my wife blushed
and nodded her head yes.

"So what do we do now? I mean how do we handle this now
that we have both been with someone else?"I asked
her. We had to suddenly figure things out on the fly since
we had put ourselves in a situation we had never faced before
in our marriage. Ginny and I chatted for a short while and
both agreed that for the time we were in the compound, we
would do what each of us needed to do but when we left, we would
leave as a married couple.

Somehow we must have done something right because when
we met up after seven days, Ginny and I both embraced each
other with a new spark. It was not only odd to be back with
Ginny, it was even odd to be back driving my car again. The
outside world suddenly looked very different to both of
us. And we both began jabbering about our week and all the
things we did as if we had just been given a new lease on life.

She looked great to me and I think she thought I also looked
great too. We both kept smiling and jabbering about the
books we read, the fire pit groups of people we got to know
and even the people we ate with each day. There was suddenly
an unexpected moment of silence before I suggested that
we each just be honest and tell the other about our sex lives
in the compound.

"I think your right. Let's just talk about it
and then put it behind us, " Ginny said smiling at
me. I went first and confessed to my wife that Dee and I were
together twice . I remember my wife looking at me with a shocked
expression on her face before she said, "Wow!"
I chuckled and asked Ginny who she had had sex with. Apparently
my wife had more zip left in her than I gave her credit for.

I had gone into the week not thinking my wife had any sex drive
left in her. But now that she was next to me again and looked
so pretty, I began to doubt I ever saw Ginny the way she truly
was as a woman. At home Ginny had lost her lingerie self and
mostly wore warm pajama's for the past few years.

"I'm afraid to tell you, " She said after
I asked her about her week in the compound. I told her whatever
she did was going to be ok with me and asked her again to tell
me about her time in the compound. Ginny's face was
blushing as she took a deep breath as said, "Well you
saw me with Larry." I smiled and nodded my head as I
waited to hear what else my wife had to say. "Did you
have sex with Larry again?" I asked.

"No. Just that one time, " Ginny replied still
blushing next to me. "Then I met John and I had sex with
him the next night. He was very sweet, " My wife said.
I remember thinking my wife suddenly rediscovered he sex
drive now that she had confessed to having intercourse
with two different men.

I don't know why it didn't bother me but it didn't.
I was actually getting excited, instead. "Were there
more?"I asked. My wife nodded her head and added that
she had been with three men during her week in the compound.
My dick was getting hard just driving with her in the car
as I imagined my wife taking so much dick in her pussy and
I realized how little I truly knew about the woman I was married

The moment we walked back into our own house, we also rushed
into each other's arms. Feeling her huge breasts now
crushing against my shirt was almost more than I could take.
I had Ginny stripped within minutes and when I licked her
sweet pussy again, I knew how excited each of her lovers
must have also been. But the moment my cock was stuck up inside
of my wife, we looked at each other and knew we still had a
great marriage that had been saved.

Ginny and I completely turned our marriage around after
our week at the compound and not only was it sexual, it was
fun again. About a year passed before my wife and I decided
to spend another week in the compound, just so we could keep
our spark going. We didn't go into it thinking it was
all about sex because the compound was so much more than
just sex. But sex is part of life and my wife and I now accepted
that as the way we wanted to live.

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I 'd love to take my wife to a compound like that.


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were do we find a compound


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We need a compound near us!!!


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great story, sounds incredible, and if this story is based
on true events, then please let us know about this special


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tell us more about the compound and how gets in touch with


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Excellent piece of writing. Nowhere it looks like a story,
it looks like a real life experience. Please keep writing


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Would you two go to the compound again, as a yearly time away
from life at home?


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For almost 30 years my wife and I have had sex with other people
and it has always added a spark to our lives. She is my best
friend and I am hers so anything that makes her happy is just
fine with me.


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Wow great story, it is so good and only wish there was a place
like that for sure. Please keep the stories coming as they
are so good


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What an excellent and exciting story - please keep them