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A trip to the hairdresser finished wild


It was a Saturday morning and I was at home with a lot of paperwork
to do and finish a few reports so I suggest Maria to go out
and have a good time while I finish my work without being
disturbed, needless to say that she gladly agreed and immediately
made an appointment to get a haircut on her hairdresser,
then she went in the shower, she shampooed and shaved her
legs, then she shaved the down covering her pussy, Maria
took her time carefully and once done, she rubbed perfumed
lotion into her naked vulva, paying attention to her pussy
was always something she had like to spend the whole day
doing, then she smiled to herself thinking how I liked to
watch other men look at her and watch their reactions, how
I also loved for her to tell me stories about her sexual exploits,
some of them even have been with me, but for the most part
they have been her own adventures, and when she come back
home she tell me all about them and we always finished with
a hot fuck session. [image] Shaking her head to return het attention to what she was
doing, she choose a black bra, a v-neck top with buttons
and a short flouncy skirt, and no underwear to be used that
day, Maria look at her figure at the mirror and blinked at
her reflexion, as she finished with herself she kissed
me a good bye, and from the door waved me another kiss as I
yelled from my home office to have fun, then as she pulled
into the driveway she was smiling again to herself, one
of her favourite things to do was drive, most people hate
the frustration and the traffic, but she always found it
relaxing, of course, it helps that one of her other favourite
things to do was flash other drivers, and a sunny Saturday
morning was the perfect time to do both.

First was a trip to the gas station, Maria purposefully
gone to the only one in town that offers full service as she
didn't want to pump her own gas by herself, other kind
of pumping, well, yes, she thought as the black guy manning
the hoses got an eyeful of her breasts when she opened her
window, smiled widely and said "Fill it up, please!"

He flinched a bit, which delighted Maria, while he busied
himself at his task, she found a tube of red lipstick and
carefully applied it in the mirror, so she could see his
furtive glances in the reflection, she was still primping
when he returned to tell her the total, Maria took a minute
to fish out her card, all the while jostling her breasts
with her arm movements, as she handed the card over, she
rested her other hand in her cleavage, tracing the curve
with a manicured nail while he said "Hum, thanks,
madam, I’ll be right back."

The register was behind the car, but the horny black guy
took the long way around the front, taking his time to ogle
her breasts through the windshield, looking away, Maria
gave her tits a quick caress for his benefit, and hers, too,
while he was gone, she undo the top two buttons of her top
and pulled the gap open revealing the black of the bra cup,
when he returned, her right hand was inside the top, running
over her left tit, he blushed as he handed the clipboard
to her, and she sighed before she remove her hand to take
it from him, looking at him by the corner of her eyes she noticed
that his eyes were goggling, she signed the slip, took her
copy and gave the apparatus back to him holding on to it for
just a second when he took it, he was desperate for Maria
to pull his hands to her cleavage, and she did it, she could
hear him exhale hard when she grabbed his black hand and
guided it along her breasts, then pulling her hand away
she started the engine and he said, a bit too brightly "Have
a nice day!". [image2] "Oh, honey, I intend to, " Maria replied naughtily
as she put the seat belt in place and drove to the nearest
highway, the access road was full of distribution centres
and big box stores, busy with truck traffic at all hours,
at each red light, Maria made it a point to stop beside a different
truck, she positioned her car in a way that a view to her tits
was slightly out of reach, if the driver was paying attention
and wanted a proper gawp he would pull a little forward,
if he doesn't, well, his loss, there were half a dozen
lights on the route and Maria got watchers at three of them,
each of the three was rewarded with a nice sight when she
reached up to stroke her bra cup and the tops of her tits,
one of them even honked his appreciation, Maria didn't
look at any of them, but the honker could see her smile, she
was a little disappointed that the honker didn't turn
onto the entrance ramp of the highway to join her, but she
knew she would have a few others before too long.

She was past the morning rush hour of a Saturday, so commercial
traffic was the majority of her company, she was letting
the sun rays warm her exposed skin and put on some sunglasses
as dark glasses obscuring her eyes lets her choose her playmates
with a greater level of discernment, at that point, it was
time to up her game, Maria reached into each bra cup one at
a time and lifts each breast, so that the tops of her areolae
were exposed, her nipples began straining against the
edge of the cups and a few more buttons were undone, she pulled
the top as open as it could go with the two remaining buttons
closed, so her entire bra was clearly visible, the loose
left strap of the tank drooped a bit down her arm and Maria
checked to see if everything was in order, then she accelerated
into the left lane.

By that time needless to say her pussy was growing wet, but
Maria refused to give it attention, she was a good driver,
but she didn't trust herself to drive and masturbate
at the same time, anyway building the tension was part of
the fun, her pulse quickened and her breathing got shallower
as the anticipation was nearly overwhelming, as Maria
passed the traffic in the right lane she looked for likely
candidates for flashing, she didn't want to flash
young guys or women, so full size vans, step vans, pickup
trucks, and delivery trucks were good for her intentions,
and driving into the sun means that a truck's side view
mirror would give her a clear view of what the driver looks
like before he was able to see her, also any traffic behind
her was plainly visible through their windshields.

Maria pulled up gradually beside a blue work van, she paced
herself with the driver's window for a moment, then
accelerate a bit, if he had noticed her and wanted to see
more, he would try to catch up, the blood was pounding in
her ears as her increase in speed went unmatched, further
ahead, she could see that there are two other guys in the
front seat, busily chatting, Maria pulled over into their
lane in front of them, easing off the accelerator ever so
slightly, in a few moments they pulled leftward to go around
her, so she pressed a little on the gas to match their speed,
then as the passenger side window comes along side her,
she hit a small patch of uneven asphalt that served to jiggle
her tits, the guy in the window looked over absently, and
then did a hilarious double take, Maria slowed and they
passed, in a minute they slowed to match her, she hold the
wheel with her right hand, using her upper arm to pushed
her breasts around a bit and jiggling. [image3] The guy in the window grinned at her leering, the guy in the
middle leaned forward so he could get a view, too, the driver
was at a disadvantage, but he seemed to be smiling as well,
Maria looked over and smiled at them, a little finger tip
wave should encourage them, followed by the same fingertips
tracing a line over the skin of her breasts, she could hear
them hoot through the glass of two closed windows, so, that
kind of audible approval needed a reward, Maria reached
into her left bra cup and freed the rest of it, nipple and
all, she could see as their jaws dropped, and she played
with her tit for their benefit for a while, occasionally
glancing over and blowing them a kiss or licking her lips.

Maria was already turned on, she arched her back when the
first spasm of arousal hits her, she lifted up the breast
and flicked her tongue over its jutting nipple, she could
hear their audible cheers, the guy in the window put up his
hand in a V sign and flicked his tongue between his fingers,
in the universal signal of pussy eating, she smiled coyly,
then the guy in the middle hold up his phone to snap a photo,
Maria immediately covered her breast and wagged a disapproving
finger, fast as he could he put the phone away, holding up
his hands in a sorry-won't-happen-again gesture.

Maria accelerated in front of the van and pulled back into
the left lane, the driver wasted no time changing lanes
himself, pulling up to her passenger side, he looked delighted
to get a better view, she changed hands on the wheel and put
her right arm across the back of the passenger seat, a slight
shift in position had both tits plainly visible, the only
thing left to do was to free the other breast from its cup,
Maria did it dropping the bra strap as well and bounced her
breasts some, just for fun, having both her tits naked and
exposed to their eyes was so thrilling, it was making her
crazy, Maria hiked up the hem of her skirt to flash some thigh,
they drove along for a bit entertaining each other, but
soon their exit approached, they honked and gestured that
she should join them, but Maria accelerated instead, it
was s a little early in the day for her to take three guys at

Losing her watchers cooled her ardour a bit, Maria put both
tits halfway back into their cups and continued her travel,
occasionally getting an appreciative honk from a trucker,
but nothing to get her worked back up, so it went like that
until a truck zoomed up from behind, Maria speed up to catch
up to him, watching the speedometer to make sure she was
within the margin of error on the local limit, she noticed
she was a bit over, but hopefully not for long, she catches
up and passed to get a quick glimpse, it was a nice looking
guy, so she slower again to pace the pickup to see if there
was interested, faster again to see if the interest was
sustained, and it was, she heard the rev of the pickup's
engine as he quickened his own speed to get another look,
Maria then decided to play with his attention some and repeat
the fast/slow dance a few times more.

He stayed with Maria throughout and finally she looked
over, he was smiling and waving at her, she smiled back and
returned the wave, once done waving, she let her hand falling
to her breast and began caressing it, his smile broadened
and he gave a thumb up, Maria increased the intensity of
her touch, fairly mauling her tit, in a second it was back
out of the cup, displayed for her new watcher, his eyes bulged
and he mouthed a wow, a wave of pleasure hits Maria and she
arched her back.

Just then, a clutch of traffic engulfed them, Maria pulled
back to tuck in behind the pickup and waited for it to clear,
she could see him in his rear view mirror, watching her,
when the coast was clear, she pulled back into her place
at his side, and when she glanced over she was amazed to see
his erect cock in the driver's side window, and it glistened
with moisture, Maria’s own jaw dropped in delight, she
mimed applause for him to show her own appreciation for
the reciprocity, then she yanked down the other cup and
both straps, they kept playing with themselves for each
other for a few kilometres exchanging smiles and encouraging
nods, then the next exit neared, he turned his head to the
exit to signal he wanted to take their show off the road,
by that time Maria’s pussy was creaming, her thighs sliding
against each other in slickness, so she nodded agreement.
[image4] Maria pulled ahead and backed into the right lane just in
time to take the ramp, she looked around for a place to stop
that won't arouse too much notice, luckily she saw
a lonely looking access road shrouded by trees and turned
onto it, followed closely by the pickup, once far enough
in to obscure themselves from bypassing traffic, she pulled
over and parked, the guy bounded from his truck and come
up to her window saying "Hey, gorgeous! What's
going on?"

"Nothing much, just out for a drive." Maria
said as she looked down at her still uncovered tits, the
same did him, he reached in, then stopped himself asking.
"May I?"

"Yes. Please." Was Maria’s smiled answer,
the back of his hand brushed across the tops of her breasts,
he turned it over to grasp one, giving it a purposeful squeeze,
Maria hit the unlocking mechanism, nodded to the passenger
door, and invited him in, then she unbuttoned the rest of
her top, unhooked the bra, and removed it, so her whole torso
was fully exposed in the sunlight, he just murmured "They're
amazing. Can I suck them?"

Maria nodded and his hungry mouth immediately descended
on her aching nipples, she began to squirm as his hand found
the hem of her skirt and disappeared beneath until his fingers
found her pussy diving three fingers in, Maria’s left
hand released the seat back into a more comfortable reclining
position and they began to kiss, their tongues probing
each other's mouth, then her right hand went to his
lap to find the cock he had showed her on the road, his free
hand unbuttoned his pants, releasing his cock and Maria
demanded. "Fuck my tits." [image5] He reclined the seat on his side and she leaned over him and
took his cock into her mouth to get it wet, he jerked slightly
at the warmth of her mouth, for a few minutes, she licked
the length of his cock and the underside of its crown, next,
Maria positioned his cock between her tits and squeezed
it, she looked mesmerized as nearly the whole length of
his cock disappeared within her tits flesh, then he started
to thrust and Maria opened her lips to lick his crown, she
tasted his pre-cum and she sucked in as much of it as she could
before he pulled down, they repeated that a few more times,
then he pulled out of her breasts and pushed her back towards
the door and dived to her pussy, he worked her over with his
mouth on her clit and fingers inside her pussy, and it was
not very long before she was reaching a peak and get her first
orgasm while screaming loudly "Fuck, oh! Fuck me,
fuck me!"

As her orgasm began to recede, he mounted her, one simply
thrust and his cock was deep inside her, Maria was still
pulsing with aftershocks, but she tried to squeeze her
pussy muscles around his cock as he fucked her harder for
several minutes, then he started to twitch as he exploded
in a crashing climax of his own, she could feel him shooting
deep into her, his sperm filling up inside her, and when
he withdraw, a ropy string of sperm followed his cock across
her thigh, eagerly she leaned down to lick it up, taking
his cock back into her mouth as his hand stroked her back,
slipping down into Maria’s ass crack, she shifted to
give him better access, and she was rewarded with a finger
into her asshole, she inhaled on his cock with her closed
mouth, and working it over with her tongue, panting and
moaning through her nose.

His cock, which hadn't quite softened yet, got rock
hard again and Maria kept up her efforts until the twitching
started again, she released him and aimed at her bouncing
tits, then stream after stream of his sperm covered her,
flowing down her tits, dripping from her nipples, he looked
at them for a moment, and then took her tits into his own mouth
and started to lick her clean, Maria started bucking again,
crying out in ecstasy.

After a few moments for recovery, he redressed, but Maria
didn't even want to consider putting her clothes back
on, he got out of the car, come over to the driver's window,
and leaned in for a kiss, she hold his head, stroking his
hair, he then returned to the pickup, started it up, and
pulled away with a fond look and a blown kiss, Maria just
lie back on the reclined seat, swimming in sensation, rubbing
his batter into her skin and lapping up the excess.

After a few minutes in reverie, Maria cleaned herself with
some paper towels and re-buttoned her top, the bra was in
the backseat and would stay there, she got back on the road
headed the coiffeur, her mind was crowded with thoughts
of that experience, she barely even notice some random
hoots and horns honking at her tits now freely bouncing
with the car's movement.

Maria pulled into town and then all she had to do was drive
through to the other side, to the street where the shop was
located, she started thinking about Kim, her hair dresser,
he was a bit younger than Maria and considered himself a
player, he was constantly telling her about the women he
was dating and she didn't believe the whole time she
had known him he has ever brought up the same one twice, he
claimed to have a big cock and always joke with her, or maybe
not, that his dream was seeing her naked, what always made
Maria laugh and telling him. "I'm thinking on
that, maybe one day you was going to get your dream realized."

He was good looking and looked strong, Maria could notice
his hands and forearms were strong from watching him cut
her hair, she smiled remembering when setting the appointment
up for that Saturday morning, she told him she would be there
on time and he sounded like really excited as she added.
"I will be in and we'll play, my husband said to
enjoy myself, am I going to enjoy myself, Kim?" [image6] Kim didn't know what to say, after a short pause he replied.
"Sure Maria, we're going to have a great time.
I have everything set up."

As Maria pulled into the parking lot she thought to herself
she definitely wanted to blow him until him explode into
her mouth and then give her a big cum kiss, or may be even to
fuck him, that was her dilemma while she composed herself
before leave the car, as she walked into the shop Maria wasn't
sure of the outcome, but she was ready, she signed the girl
in at the counter and took a seat, she tried looking at a women’s
magazine but she was too excited and was still thinking
through what she wanted to do with Kim, there were a couple
of customers in the shop along with five staff, Kim was at
his station finishing up with his customer, he had his chair
in the back of the shop, so he could see everything from the
massage/waxing room, through the chairs and the nail station
to the front counter, he saw Maria and shot a smile on her
way and she gave him a bit of a wave.

Kim finished up, his customer left and Maria got ready to
go back, Kim had gone off into the back of the shop, she supposed
to his office, and she could no longer see him, Maria was
the only one waiting to get her hair done, everyone else
had been taken, they were all washed and in chairs and there
was Maria still sat and waiting, then she saw him come out
and he walked up to get her, Maria asked, "Kim, what
to hell are you doing?"

Kim replied, "Look around. Everyone will be finished
and gone while I'm still cutting your hair."

Maria looked around, he was right and she smiled as she knew
he got a plan, he acted in a professional way and washed her
hair and then started cutting while they made small talk,
there was a certain sexual tension in the air and Maria was
wondering if anyone could sense it, the shop was slowly
emptying out, every time one of the staff would leave, she
would stop by Kim's chair and say goodbye, he called
out to the girl at the counter and told her she could get on
her way too as he would close out and there was no reason for
her to hang around waiting for him to finish with Maria.

Finally the last one called over that she was leaving, she
said goodbye and Kim started drying Maria’s hair and
they were alone, it was the decision-making time for Maria,
then Kim shut off the dryer, her hair wasn't completely
finished but he said, "I'll finish you up when
we're done, that way you'll look good when you
get home."

Maria just replied, "Okay, " and got out of
the chair, he came up behind her, turned her around and gave
her a deep kiss as he pushed his crotch against her leg, she
could feel his cock against her leg and she knew right away
it was swinging free inside his pants, he took her hand and
led Maria into the massage room, then he turned and backed
up against the massage table holding her at arm's length,
as he slowly undid the buttons of her top and her nipples
were popping from her bra, he reached behind Maria and undid
the clasp of her bra and cupped her breasts with the bra,
pushing them together and buried his face in her cleavage,
and then he kissed and licked his way up to her neck and to
her lips as his hands slipped beneath the bra and he began
alternately massaging her breasts and then twisting her
nipples. [image7] Maria broke away from the kiss, stepped back and grabbed
the bottom of his sweater on each side and slowly slid her
hands up the sides of his body bring the sweater with her,
she took a look down to see an erection that was pushing so
firmly against his sweats that they were being slightly
pulled from his lower abdomen, Maria smiled and thought
to herself, "This is going to be fun."

With his sweater off, Kim smiled at Maria, reached out and
removed her top and bra, he took her hands and pulled her
arms out from her sides and slowly lifted them over her head,
he was mesmerized by the way her tits were slowly lifting,
their arms slowly went up and down together as if they were
in a dance, he moved into her and pressed his body into hers
and Maria could feel as his cock was so hard, he left her hands
in the air and slowly slid his hands down her arms and her
sides to her breasts, he cupped each one and slowly began
sucking on her nipples, first one, then the other and then
back again, each time he drew her nipple into his mouth circling
it with his tongue and then he would suck on it, hard.

Maria’s nipples were fully erected as he took a break
from working her nipples and kissed his way down over her
ribs and licked her navel and lower abdomen as he squeezed
her ass, light kisses with his swirling tongue, Maria’s
pussy was soaking wet with anticipation but her mind was
still controlling the situation and she had yet to decide
what she really wanted to do with him, he was strong, he wasn't
just squeezing her ass, he was massaging her ass, pulling
her cheeks apart and rubbing against her already sopping
wet pussy, Maria moaned every time his finger pulled tight
against her clit, but then as he went to undo her belt she
said, NO, and pulled him up, instantly Maria knew how she
wanted that to go.

Kim gave her a slightly puzzled look as she pushed him back
against the massage table and said with a few disappointment
on his voice, "You're not changing your mind
on me are you?"

Maria smiled at him and said, "Let me do it on my way."

"What are you going to do with me?" his voice
was a bit husky and his antennae went up, just like his erection,
Maria kissed him, deeply, then started sliding down his
body, dragging her tongue down the side of his neck, making
little circles much as he had, she sucked and nibbled on
his nipples, she squeezed his chest and upper arms and let
her hands trail down over his abdomen until she grabbed
his erected cock through his pants with both hands, he was
fully erect and he moaned as she took hold, Maria let go of
his cock and undid the drawstring on his pants, then she
had her hands on his hips and she was holding his pants up,
she left his nipples and slowly stopped at his navel and
played there for a moment with her tongue and then she continued
down until she reached the top of his pants and slowly began
sliding them down, licking him as each new area of his skin
was exposed.

As his pubic hairs began to appear Maria lightly licked
him from just inside his hair line to his navel, up and down
and back and forth, his cock was fully erect and as she was
licking him, it was coming up under her chin and hitting
her in the neck through his sweats, she continued to slide
her hands down bringing the pants with her, then about half
of his cock and his ass was exposed she lightly licked the
top of his cock from where it was covered by the pants into
his hair, up and down she licked as she kneaded his ass, his
ass was so tight Maria was getting almost as big of thrill
out of squeezing that as she was licking his cock.

Kim was moaning loudly and Maria whisked his pants the rest
of the way off and his hard-on popped up, hitting her in the
face and bouncing a few times, he tried to reach for her head
to pull her onto him but Maria said teasing him. "No.
You must be patient and let me do what I want and get what I
want from you, instead of being about what you want. So just
lay back."

He was semi-sitting on the very edge of the table with his
feet on the floor and he lay back with Maria on her knees between
his legs, his cock was sticking straight up in the air, with
his balls snuggled in beneath and right above his ass, Maria
rubbed his calves and started licking him on the inside
of his right knee, making little circles with her tongue
she slowly worked her way toward his cock, she was rubbing
his thighs and as she got to the inside of his groin she was
able to feel his erection throbbing against the right side
of her face, Maria rolled her chin and neck over the top of
his cock to the other side and started down his left leg,
that time feeling him on left side of her face, and then as
she rubbed her chin and neck over his cock he moaned even
loudly, so Maria asked him, "You're not going
to cum before I even get to your cock ok Kim?" [image8] He nodded and Maria reached up and grabbed his cock with
her fist, from maybe the mid-point to the base, and as she
grabbed his cock an electric feeling shot through her,
something totally unexpected, she slowly slipped his
cock into her mouth, just the head, and ran her tongue around
the edge of the head of his cock and then, using her tongue,
she put pressure on his piss hole, he began to squirm a bit
and then even more as she twirled her tongue pushing into
the opening of his piss hole, as Maria was doing that she
took her left hand and rubbed the inside of his thigh and
with her right hand she felt his balls and rolled it in her
fingers, Kim just begged "Please! Stroke me!"

"Kim, do want a blowjob or jerked off? You just lay
back and enjoy. I'm doing what I want and I want to use
my mouth."

Saying that Maria took his full length into her mouth and
stayed like that for a few seconds, she could feel him in
the back of her throat, then she sucked as hard as she could
and slowly started backing off, sucking and squeezing
him with her lips and just ever so lightly letting him feel
her teeth, Maria was pulling down as she slowly slid off
the end and his cock jumped up as she released it from her
mouth and gently tried to force her tongue into his opening
and he moaned and squirmed, Maria felt he was getting too
close too quickly, she lifted his cock up and held it against
his abdomen, then she licked the length of his cock occasionally
flicking her tongue at his balls, he continued to moan and
squirm but Maria knew he had a better chance of holding out
doing that than if she stroked and sucked him with her mouth,
she wanted him to last until she was finished enjoying his

Maria turned her head and started sucking his cock as if
she was playing harmonica, then she work down into his balls,
then back up and over the top and down into his abdomen, she
did that a few times, so it gave him a few moments to gather
himself and try to prolong the whole experience, to hold
him off a bit longer Maria turned around and sat on the floor
and raised up pulling his balls into her mouth, far enough
to get some pressure behind his balls with her nose, Maria
simply pushed as hard as she could with her face, rolling
his balls with her tongue, she was watching his ass cheeks
and they were clenched as tight as someone can clench his
own ass cheeks, Maria then smiled thinking subconsciously
Kim was trying to tell her his ass hole was an exit only, and
she thought to herself, "We're going to have
to do a little exploring there in a bit."

Kim was moaning pretty good as Maria swung back around and
got back to her knees, there was a brief respite as she shifted
and she could see Kim relax just a bit, then she plunged her
head back down onto his cock, cupped and rolled his balls
with her left hand while her right hand went to the base of
his balls and she pressed into that special area on a guy
between his sac and his anus with her finger, Kim's
whole body went stiff and she could feel he wasn't going
to last much longer, his cock was leaking and, although
Maria knew he was trying to hold out as long as possible,
she knew he would explode shortly, so she started rhythmically
stroking his cock with her mouth, playing with his balls
with one hand and pushing into that special area with her
right index finger, between the amount of fluid he was leaking
and as much saliva as Maria was producing, she was swallowing
fairly frequently, every time she swallowed it all, especially
if she had him fully in her mouth at the time.

The constriction on his cock brought a gasp from Kim, Maria
continued slowly sucking him and then said, "Are
you ready Kim?"

"No, not yet. This feels so good. Not yet." Kim
answered between two heavy breaths.

"No. It's time. Be a good boy. It's time for
you to cum for me. Give it to me Kim, let me taste your cum."
Maria said and then she picked up the speed with her mouth
and the pressure with her finger, she grabbed his cock at
the base with her left hand and squeezed his cock as hard
as she could, Maria was trying to keep any more cum from passing
through until he was ready to explode, then she could feel
his cock throbbing in her mouth and he started squirming
and moaning and was bucking his pelvis, suddenly Kim let
out a long, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Maria quickly stopped squeezing with her left hand, pushed
as hard as she could with her index finger and sucked as hard
as she could and then Kim exploded, his first load shot down
her throat and she pulled back, still sucking as hard as
she could and he came again, his cock in spasm and shooting
gobs of sperm into her mouth and down her throat, she was
sucking as hard as she could between gulps of sperm, still
pressing behind his balls with all she might, then Maria
could feel another spasm building and she knew that was
the one.

Maria slipped her finger into his ass as far as it would go
and pressed down, catching his prostate, he gasped and
his whole body went stiff and he yelled, immediately she
felt his cock jump into her mouth and out gushed the largest
load of sperm so far, that one had more volume and force than
any of the others, sperm was shooting into the back of her
throat and Maria slipped her finger out of his ass and slid
down his cock to once again stick her tongue in his piss hole
and lick around the head a bit, his cock was still reacting
to her ministrations and he was squirming and moaning as
his cock became super sensitive. [image9] Finally Maria pulled off, he was laying back on the table
and she watched his dick slowly come down, it was still quite
full, nowhere near flaccid, but she watched it slowly recede,
rubbing his balls and licking the occasional drop off of
his cock as it appeared, after several minutes Kim sat up
and stood away from the table, he offered Maria a hand and
helped her up from her knees, Maria looked at him quizzically
and he said "That was fantastic! That was the best
blow job I've ever had. Can I get you a towel to spit the sperm into?"

Maria laughed and said "Kim, that cum is long gone
and was very enjoyable, you taste quite good."

Speechless at first, the he smiled back and reached over
and started twisting her right nipple while asked her,
"What now?"

"What now? There is no what now. If you keep talking
like that you're going to make me blush, I got what I
wanted and now I need to wash my hands and get dressed, you
need to finish my hair and then I need to get home."
Maria said giggling.

"Are you sure? There's nothing I can do for you?”
Kim insisted and as she moved her head from one side to another
with a clear NO he added "Well, come into the bathroom
and wash your hands. I have some mouthwash, do you want some?"

"Well thank you Kim." Maria said then she went
to the bathroom, she washed her hands and came back into
the massage room where Kim was already dressed, he kissed
her nipples one after the other and helped her into her bra
and then her top, when he had finished buttoning it they
went out to his chair and he finished her hair, Maria thanked
him again, gave him a kiss goodbye and his cock too got a goodbye
squeeze and went out to her car.

All the way home Maria was tasting his cum and squirming
in the seat, she decided to stop on a nearby pub to take a drink
and regain her breath before went home, there were several
places that were out of the way that Maria knew, one was a
bar she had gone with friends a few times, and she always
got compliments but never did anything really exciting
there, so she thought she could stop in for a drink on her
way home and see what would happen.

Maria got in and a couple of guys had just drove up and they
said hi and opened the door for her, she thanked them and
walked in and sat at the bar on the stool that she had to climb
up on, the guy behind the bar recognized her and asked why
she was not with any friends and Maria laughed and said she
just stopped to get a drink on the way home and see what was
going on.

"What would you like?" he asked her and she leaned
forward, her top opened and exposing some cleavage to him
as he replied giggling, "I want something to finish
my day, something that will really get me going."

He grinned as he turned and mixed up something and gave it
to Maria, she tipped it up and it burned all the way down and
spread warmth all over her body. "Damn, that was good."

He looked at Maria and said laughing, "Well, be careful
this is a strong one and you may lose the control of yourself."

"I lost control before I came in, but I’m missing
something more wild" Maria said in a provocative
way to him, but then she felt hands massaging her back, she
turned to see a man massaging her shoulders and she mumbled
delighted. "Well, that feels good, that was what
I really need now."

The drink and the aroused of the day with the truck driver
and with Kim was already beginning to hit Maria and she laid
forward and felt his hands all up and down her back, she looked
around, the pub was almost empty, just a few guys there,
so she unbuttoned her top opening it, turned her hands to
her back and undid her bra, so her tits were fully out and
the nipples hard, then turned to the guy massaging her back
and said giggling "Do you want to massage these instead?"

As she said that he stepped back and looked at them astonished,
and then his hands were on them, massaging and pulling the
nipples and within seconds he was sucking them, his teeth
closed on the nipples and Maria almost immediately had
an orgasm that soaked the stool, her pussy was aching and
waiting for hands on it so she opened he skirt to reveal her
pussy with no thong.

The effect was automatically and Maria was lifted to the
pool table and her clothes were taken off and she reached
out to grab a cock that had been exposed and sucked it into
her mouth, another was pushing at the entrance to her pussy
and if slipped in easily, she felt it push hard deep inside
her and it kept on going in deeper, Maria stopped sucking
and said, "Fuck me good man, make it cum."

He didn’t need to be asked twice and rammed his cock the
deeper he could inside her pussy, making Maria cry out in
ecstasy, soon they both filed her mouth and pussy with their
sperm and slipped out, Maria sat up and there were a few more
men around and looking at her, the sight was really making
Maria not care what was happening and she told them. "I
just want to fuck hard, so anyone at all that wants to, let’s
do it."

The barman looked at her and said with a kind of advice on
his voice “Are you sure with that or are you just joking?”

Maria looked around, they were several men standing around
her, so she just giggled and said. "Long as I get fucked
I will stay." [image10] The place was closed by the barman and Maria was laid again
on the pool table and then one cock was shoved inside her
and rammed her pussy hard, she heard someone say to turn
her, so the guy who was fucking her lay down with Maria on
top of him and then felt she felt fingers opening her buttocks,
she looked back and a strong guy with a huge cock was mounting
her ass and his hard cock looking for her ass hole, as it went
in Maria cried out in ecstasy again and they both were fucking
her pacing their thrusts and then another cock came from
nowhere and went into her mouth and she sucked it eagerly.

As one of them was shooting his sperm inside her, another
was taking over on her temporarily free hole, filling her
up, Maria didn’t do know how long or how many times she
was fucked, she was surprised with so many men around her
as when she checked the room there was just 3 or 4 guys inside,
then she remembered the pub had two other rooms on the back,
just with pool tables, and most probably they were inside
and just showed up to the main room with the clearly audible
sounds of her initial fuck.

As they all finished with her, a few of them even more than
one time, she thought, she stood up with cum all in and over
her, her clothes were next to her and the barman was zipping
his pants, so he too got his chance with her, he then blinked
at her and said she could shower and leave by the back as the
main door was already closed, Maria thanked him, waved
a kiss to the guys as they all were sitting and watching her
while sipping their drinks, and then she pulled the door
open and took her clothes and got in the car naked and drove

As Maria walked naked with her clothes on the arm into the
house I was watching TV, I looked at her in disbelief then
I laughed and said “Well it looks like you followed my
advice and had a great time, how was it?”

In response Maria walked over and gave me a big sloppy kiss,
shoving her tongue halfway down my throat, I just could
mumble "Ah ah, I taste cum, so I guess it went pretty
well. Did you get well fucked?"

Maria blinked at me and said giggling "Yes, but I am
still horny, let's go upstairs and I'll tell you
all about it while we fuck."

"Okay, let's go." It was my answer as I followed
her to our bedroom.

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vikingluso replies on 8/2/2015 11:30 am:
No idea about the content of your msg, but anyway thanks for your comment

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a dry pussy is a unused sex organ and needs hel[ she sure made it uded


Members can vote on this response!

a dry pussy is a unused sex organ and needs hel[ she sure made it used


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Luv freeway flashing and carwash in a mini or way to short shorts.....and have had fun in a bar..just hubby and 2 others...great soaked me and BF humped my legs...Thanks