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A touch from mother


It had all started about three years ago. At the age of 15
I was almost as unrelentingly horny as I am now. I'd
discovered the joys of jerking off a year or two before,
and managed to squeeze one in at least once a day, shooting
my load into a towel, or in the tub, or anywhere I could without
getting caught.

Our family life was a little unsettled back then. Dad had
left about 6 months ago, and my sisters and I were worried
about Mom. Let me just tell you about my mom. She's in
her early forties, but she really knows how to keep in shape.
She's an office manager, and always has to dress sharp.
On the outside she seemed to be coping great, and moving
herself and three kids to a new neighborhood had kept her
mind occupied for the last few weeks. Now that we were settling
down again, us kids could start to see sadness welling up
behind her smiles. We did what we could to make life easier
for her and we even managed to excel at school, because a
great report card always made Mom so happy and proud of us.
One night after a particularly good test result, Mom came
in to my room to say goodnight to me, as she always did. I heard
her say "Night, girls, " and close the door
to my sisters' room, then she tapped gently on my door
and came right in. She was wearing a baggy white t-shirt
and blue jeans, which clung to her shapely ass as she sat
on the bed next to me. "I just wanted to say you did a
great job today honey, " she said, smiling. I blushed
a little and mumbled, "Thanks Mom." Still smiling,
she reached a hand out and cupped my cheek. Then she leaned
over me, slowly, and I leaned my head forward, expecting
a traditional kiss on the forehead. But instead she kissed
me, just once, on the lips. She later told me that as she pulled
away, I stared at her so strangely she almost burst into
laughter. She stood up, and I remember quite vividly how
she ran her hands over her ass, apparently just smoothing
out her jeans. Then without a further word she walked out
of my room, closing the door quietly.

A soft click woke me up a few hours later. I listened closely
and heard footsteps in my room. For a moment I was frozen
in fear, but I let out an audible sigh of relief when I heard
my mom's voice. "Honey?" she whispered.
"Are you awake?" I rolled up on to my back and
rubbed my eyes with my hand, staring out in to the darkness
of my room, just able to make out Mom's shape standing
at the foot of my bed. "What is it, Mom?" I asked,

She approached my bedside quickly, kneeling down. I could
see her more clearly now, the light from the hallway illuminating
her features dimly. She was wearing an intricately patterned
negligee, a single strap running around the back of her
neck and holding up two triangles of material that hid much
of her breasts. She smiled at me, stretching out her hand
and stroking my hair. "I think you were having a bad
dream, " she said, smiling sympathetically. "I
was?" I murmured, confused. I felt sure I would have
known if I'd been dreaming just a few moments before.
Mom nodded. I felt the covers move a little by my waist. "Just
lie still and I'll help you get back to sleep."
I tried to do as she asked, but when I felt her fingertips
touch my thigh - under the covers! - I couldn't help
tensing up. "Shhh, it's okay honey, "
she whispered, and I looked up to be reassured by her smile.
I closed my eyes, trusting my mom to do whatever it was she
was going to do. If my mind was having difficulty figuring
Mom's actions out, my cock didn't have the same
trouble. As her warm fingers crept inwards over my thigh,
I screwed my eyes tight as I felt myself stiffening up in
anticipation. I tried to will my cock to go soft, worried
about what she might think if she felt me in such an unnatural

But it was too late - and I needn't have worried. Because
as my mother's fingers brushed my sparse pubic hair,
my growing cock forced it's way against the weight
of my covers, going from pointing down between my legs to
laying flat against my stomach, springing against Mom's
hand. Her fingers quickly closed around my shaft, eliciting
a gasp from me, and a quiet moan of "Ohhh, that's
it..." from my mom. She lowered her head; eyes closed
or fixed on the floor, as her hand began rhythmically stroking
me. My cock throbbed in response, hard almost to the point
of being painful. Unwatched, I tore my eyes away from the
movement under my covers to my mom, staring wide-eyed at
her body, taking in every hidden curve. I could hear her
breathing and see her chest rising and falling, faster
and faster as her excitement grew along with mine.

I spread my legs under the covers, and Mom started stroking
more slowly, twisting and tugging on the full length of
my shaft. It felt incredible, but I was so hard that it started
to feel uncomfortable, so, taking a deep breath, I moved
my hand under the covers to touch Mom's hand on my cock.
With the lightest touch of my fingertips, I showed her just
how I liked to jerk off, short, intense strokes, her finger
and thumb pushing my foreskin up around the head. From the
corner of my eye I saw her head come up again, and as I turned
to look into her face, she smiled shyly at me. Looking into
my mom's eyes was enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm.
I started pushing with my hips, driving my cock between
her fingers, my lust overriding any embarrassment I was
still feeling. I took my fingers away from her hand, and
my thumb ran over my tip, spreading the precum that had oozed
there across my mom's fingers as I moved my hand down
to grasp the lower half of my shaft.

By this time, Mom's eyes had drifted down, from my face,
to the quickening movements under my covers, but now she
looked back up into my eyes. "Are you cumming?"
she whispered, a strange urgency in her voice. If you've
never had your mom ask you if you're about to shoot your
load, you'll just have to imagine how erotic it is.
It pushed me over the edge, and with a gulping swallow I nodded,
breaking into an excited smile as I managed to gasp out a
single "Yeah!"

Mom nodded back, then with the precision of an act rehearsed
again and again in her mind, her free hand moved up and pushed
under the covers. At the same time, I pushed my own free hand
down, under her wrists, and squeezed my aching balls, just
as I fired my first volley of cum. Mom gasped, then I felt
her hand come down against the tip of my cock a moment later,
and I felt soft material wrapping around me as I fired a second,
even more intense, shot of cum into it. My orgasm seemed
to last hours, but of course it was just seconds. Intense,
erotic seconds of mother and son, masturbating together,
sending my hot, watery cum into her hand.

Sooner than I wished, it was over. My cock began to soften,
almost before I'd finished shooting. I moved my hand
from my balls and put it on Mom's, holding it there over
the tip of my cock. I ran my other hand up my shaft, squeezing
the last few drops of cum out. Mom smiled at me, understanding
and her own hand on my shaft following my lead. When I stopped,
so did she, wiping the material in her hand a few times around
the end of my cock, leaving a sticky glaze of cum on my shaft.
Then her hands withdrew, and she leant forward to kiss me
on the forehead, like any normal mother would. She stood
up quietly, her eyes averted, and turned to walk out of the
room, leaving me staring at her firm, rounded ass. When
she reached the end of my bed, she stopped and turned again.
Her arms hung at her sides, and she raised her hand slightly,
bringing my gaze to it. I could see something black in it,
and her fingers slowly opened to reveal a pair of panties,
heavily patterned and darkened with streaks and spots
of my cum. My eyes widened and I looked up into her face, catching
her eye for a fraction of a second before she turned around
one last time and moved silently out of my room.

When I got up the next morning, Mom had already left for work.
There was nothing unusual in that, and the three of us (my
younger sister Kira, then 12, and my older sister Kimi,
then 1 were used to getting ourselves to school. I must
have been unusually quiet at breakfast, because Kimi asked
me if something was wrong - she was used to playing mom while
the real thing was out of the house. I just shrugged and went
back to eating my breakfast, while my mind kept replaying
last night's events, over and over. Even the distraction
of school didn't help. All I could think about was Mom's
hands on my cock, my cum shooting into her scrunched-up
panties. I had to hold my bag in front of my crotch as I went
from class to class to hide my almost permanent erection.
When I finally got home, I went straight to my room and jerked
off, cumming in seconds. That at least cooled me off for
an hour or two, until Mom came home. I don't think she
looked me in the eye once that night, and even though I guess
I could understand, I was disappointed. Any hopes that
there would be a repeat of the night before were dashed when
she stuck her head around my door as I lay in bed, called out
"Goodnight, " and closed my door again without
even stepping into my room.

I don't know how late it was when I heard the click of
my door, but this time I awoke instantly. I heard those same
footsteps and that same breathing as she approached my
bed. I rolled onto my back and opened my eyes to see her looking
down at me, smiling. "Hi honey, " she whispered.
"Hi Mom, " I replied. In the low light of my bedroom,
I could see she was wearing a light summer dress. She hesitated
for a moment, then moved her hands behind her back and I heard
the sound of a zipper being slowly opened.

I had to see more clearly. I reached out, easily finding
the switch for the lamp by my bed. Mom's eyes widened
and she froze as the light came on, but after a horrible moment
when I thought she was going to leave, her hand started moving
down her back again, opening the zipper. I knew I had seen
the dress before, but it looked way too tight on Mom. Even
with the zipper open, the fabric stretched tight over her
breasts. I then realized it belonged to my sister Kimi,
and I wondered why Mom would be wearing one of her dresses.
I didn't ponder the question too long, because now
Mom was pulling the straps off her shoulder, revealing
the black straps of a bra. She pulled the dress down and forward,
revealing her breasts, the large black satin cups of the
bra barely able to contain her voluptuousness. By now I
was rock hard, and Mom kept glancing down at the tent under
my sheets as she slowly stripped. As she let the dress fall
to the floor, revealing matching panties and pair of black
stockings, I slid my hand down to my crotch and began stroking
myself slowly.

Mom smiled and took the last step to my bedside. Her eyes
were watching my hand moving under my covers, and she whispered,
"Let me have a look at you, " before reaching
down for the top of my covers, lifting them and folding them
so the top was just above my belly button, barely keeping
my cock concealed. Then she took the covers again, slowly
this time, both of us breathing heavily as she folded them
back and took her first look at my hard cock. I don't
think she was disappointed. Knowing my Mom was looking
at me made my cock surge even harder, and I had to try hard
to resist the urge to start stroking myself furiously and
cumming right then. I looked up at Mom and saw her licking
her lips, eyes fixed on my cock as she threw my covers to the
floor at the end of my bed. She looked up at my face from the
corner of her eyes. "Want Mommy to help you out with
that honey?" Again, my cock throbbed, the tip almost
glowing red. I couldn't speak, but I could nod enthusiastically,
eliciting a quiet giggle from my mom.

She leaned forward over me, and for a moment I thought she
was going to kiss me. But instead she placed her hands near
my shoulders, supporting herself, and giving me a fantastic
look at her incredible cleavage, her heavy breasts threatening
to spill out of her bra. A big part of me (7" in fact)
wanted to reach up and grab those incredible orbs, but I
satisfied myself with staring at them as they wobbled slightly
over me, the nubs of Mom's nipples making points in
the satin cups. My eyes followed Mom's breasts as they
jiggled hypnotically over me, as she brought one leg up
and over me, then the other, straddling my hips. Then she
brought her hands down on to my shoulders, sliding them
slowly down on to my chest, sitting up as she did so. Her fingertips
stroked over my nipples, surprising me with how arousing
it felt.

I heard and felt her stockings swishing as she shuffled
up the bed over me, her ass pinning my legs to the bed. I boldly
slid my hands up from the bed, running my fingers quickly
over Mom's feet and onto the small strips of bare skin
between her stocking tops and her panties. Mom just smiled
and wiggled her ass a little as she moved higher up my body.
Her hands were still coming down, and just as I felt the first
brush of her panties against my balls, her fingertips began
stroking the tip of my cock, making it jerk, depositing
a drop of thick precum on my belly. "Ooh, " cooed
Mom, "I hope there’s a lot more where that came from."
I moaned loudly as she took my cock in both hands and squeezed

"Shah, honey, don't wake your sisters, "
she whispered, bringing back to me once again the inappropriateness
of the situation. I nodded, but my cock refused to be still,
throbbing and jerking as Mom's experienced hands
stroked me. My hands were feeling idle, and I began gently
squeezing Mom's thighs. When she sighed appreciatively,
I became bolder, slowly finger tipping my way around her
behind until I was squeezing her ass. Now she purred quietly,
her eyes closing and her hips swaying, rubbing her ass against
my legs as I held it in my hands. For the next few minutes we
pretty much stayed like that - Mom stroking my cock slowly
with both hands, me fondling her ass. Every now and then
she would grip my shaft tightly and run her fingers up its
full length, forcing precum to ooze from the tip. Then she
would pull my cock towards her, almost painfully, and rub
the tip against her flat belly. When she did that I could
feel the heat and wetness of her pussy through her panties.
"I'm getting close Mom, " I whispered,
as she smeared my precum against her skin. She smiled down
at me and began her final assault on my cock, increasing
her speed. I started to move my hips under her, thrusting
instinctively, trying to fuck her hands. It was like we
were stuck in a positive feedback loop, as we each drove
each other to move faster, until her hands were almost a
blur on my cock. Her body shook on top of me, her enormous
breasts jiggling violently, but miraculously contained
by her bra. Her ass was bouncing up and down against my thighs,
making the bedsprings creak. As my balls drew up and my cock
throbbed, my Mom snarled "Ohhh yeeaah, " through
clenched teeth. As my cum rushed up through my cock, I dug
my fingers into her ass and pushed my hands under her panties,
feeling her tight ass cheeks directly against my fingers.
"Yes!" she squealed, again and again as my cum
erupted over my body. The first shot was so powerful it splashed
up against my chin, and I felt myself blush with the kind
of embarrassment I should really have felt before now.
But Mom's cries reassured me that it was just what she
wanted to see, and I was too far gone to worry that she could
probably be overheard by my sisters if they were awake.
I think I almost passed out at one point - I was certainly
seeing stars as my cock flagged and Mom's hands slowed.
Looking down I saw that my chest and abdomen were glistening,
covered in my cum. Mom's fingers were slowly squeezing
up my shaft, forcing the last drops out to drip over her fingers.
I could sense her looking at me, so I forced myself to look
up into her face.

"Feel good, honey?" she whispered. I just nodded
dumbly, and she smiled. She released my cock then, holding
her wet hands out gingerly. Then she leaned to one side,
her ass rocking against my legs, her hand fumbling for something
beside the bed. She came back up holding my sister's
dress bundled in her hand. With a mother's care, she
pressed the soft material against my skin, wiping it over
my body, soaking up my cum. Her eyes were locked on the task,
making sure she covered every inch of my body, although
as she finished up the dress felt so wet that she was just
rubbing my cum into my skin. I watched all of this with wide
eyes, my hands barely moving against her ass.

She finally looked up at me and smiled as she sat back and
swung her leg back over me, sliding off the bed and standing
on the floor with her back to me. She held Kimi's dress
out at arm's length, shaking it out, then bent forward
at the waist, holding the dress open as she slipped a foot
into it. Her firm round ass jutted out towards me, two beautiful
round globes showing through her sheer black panties,
swaying her hips erotically as she pulled the sticky dress
tight up over them. Looking down I could see the light glistening
off my mom's legs where my cum had transferred from
the dress to her stockings in long streaks. Then I realized
she had stopped moving. Looking past her, I sought and found
her reflection in my mirror at the other end of the room.
She was bending forward, holding the dress bunched around
her waist, her eyes on my face. As soon as I caught her gaze
she looked down shyly, but as she stood her hands wandered
deliberately over her breasts, smoothing out the dress
and pressing my cum against her flesh.

Standing up straight now, she put her chin on her shoulder
and broke the growing silence. "Will you zip me up,
honey?" she said quietly. I gulped. It suddenly felt
like I'd only avoided mortal embarrassment this long
by staying still - as soon as I moved, Mom would you notice
my nakedness and start shouting at me in disgust. I reminded
myself of exactly what had just transpired here and that,
along with a slowly hardening cock, gave me the courage
to stand up and move up behind my mom. At first I kept my eyes
locked on the zipper at the small of her back, but once I found
it with my hand I also found the courage to look up, seeking
her reflection in the mirror again. I sucked in a breath
when I saw Mom looking straight back at my reflection, but
I steeled myself and began to pull the zipper up her back.
At first it wouldn't go, and I had to reach down with
my other hand to grasp the hem of the dress. When I did so,
my mom slowly moved her ass back until I felt soft flesh and
the material of her panties against my fingertips. I finally
got the zipper to take, and slowly lifted my other hand up
and placed it gently on Mom's shoulder. I saw her smile
in the mirror. As my hand reached the middle of her back,
she took a shuffling step back against me. The tip of my almost
horizontal cock bumped against the back of her thigh. Under
normal circumstances I knew I should have backed away,
but tonight was anything but normal, my lust overriding
my common sense as I pushed forward, my cock bending against
the back of Mom's leg before springing up, the tip nestling
just under her ass cheek, the sticky dress draping over
my shaft.

Mom murmured quietly, and looking at her reflection I could
see her eyes half closed, her lips glistening with saliva.
I tried to keep my cool as my shaking hands continued pulling
up the zipper on my sister's dress, but my cock demanded
attention and, blushing with shame, I began to rub my cock
against my mom's leg. But if Mom minded, she didn't
show it. As my hands reached the top of the zipper, she was
still smiling kindly at me in the mirror. I let my hands drift
down to her sides, holding her against me as my cock continued
to control my hips. With a shudder, I felt her fingertips
brushing against my shaft. She'd slid her hand around
behind her leg to touch me. "Hold me honey, "
she whispered, making me frown in confusion. She saw this
in the mirror, and her other hand slowly dropped to her waist,
taking mine and guiding it to her breast. My fingers gripped
the large round globe, reveling in the new sensation as
Mom found my other hand and placed it on her other breast.
It was the first time I'd touched anyone's breasts,
let alone my own mother's, and it was immediately obvious
what all the fuss was about. I groped and squeezed every
square inch of those heavy round globes with my fingertips,
paying particularly attention to the nubs of her hard nipples,
standing out even through her bra and the cum-soaked dress.
Mom moaned in response, letting her head drop back against
my shoulder. Her fingers grasped my shaft and began to stroke,
pressing the tip against her ass cheek. I felt my cock throb,
precum leaking from the tip and soaking into her panties
and she ground her ass back against me. Looking up into the
mirror, I got another surprise. Mom was reaching down with
her free hand and pulling up the hem of Kimi's dress,
exposing her panties to me. Even in the dimness of my bedroom,
I could see that the black material was darkened with wetness.
I watched with rapt attention as her fingers slowly teased
their way into her panties, stretching them outwards,
revealing tantalizing glimpses of her pussy.

Mom gasped and shuddered, and I looked down to see that her
fingers weren't stretching out her panties quite
so much. She had actually slipped her fingers into her pussy,
right there in front of me as I held on to her tits. My cock
throbbed, demanding even more attention, so I began to
hump against my mom's ass, fucking her fingers as they
gripped my shaft. I craned my neck over her shoulder, pulling
her breasts apart, looking down and getting a direct view
of the action. I could see the outline of her fingers in her
panties, moving in and out rhythmically. I could feel myself
getting close, and I think Mom felt it too. Both her hands
began to quicken, one in her pussy and one wrapped around
my cock. I soon became that not only was I seeing my mom finger
herself, I could hear it too - the wet, sucking sound of her
fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Pinch my nipples, " she gasped out, so fast
and quiet that I wondered if I'd misheard. But I did
as she said, squeezing the hard nubs between my fingers
and thumbs, twisting them. That seemed to do it for Mom,
because she next called out, "Oh fuck yes, I'm
cumming!" And suddenly so was I. It came so suddenly,
that even as I called out "Me too!" I was already
firing my first blast of cum over her ass. Mom was shaking
against me, and I squeezed her tits firmly, holding her
tight. We came together, panting for breath, until we were
both spent.

We stood there for a while, getting our breath back, our
sweating bodies pressed against each other. Then finally
she began to move away, and I reluctantly released her.
I looked down and saw my fresh cum trailing down the inside
of her legs. She pushed her hands down and wiped it into her
skin to stop it dripping on the floor. Then she turned to
me, placed her slightly wet hands on my shoulders, and kissed
my forehead. "Goodnight honey, " she whispered,
and padded quietly from my room, closing the door behind

The next day Mom seemed a little more comfortable around
me, almost normal. At least she could look me in the eye,
if not for very long, turning away with almost a smile on
her face. For my part, I found my eyes wandering over Mom's
body at every opportunity, not caring if she caught me.
Once I looked up from admiring Mom's ass as she walked
out of a room to find my sister Kimi looking at me strangely.
I did my best to look away casually, going back to my homework,
but then I found myself sneaking glances at Kimi too, once
she was engrossed in her book again - the way her white t-shirt
draped loosely over her breasts, or the curve of her ass
where she'd tucked her leg up under herself.

Just as I was putting the finishing touches to my homework,
Mom came into the room and suggested it was time for bed -
there had been too many distractions for me to get everything
done quickly. I picked up my books and headed for the stairs.
Kimi was behind me, and Mom came up last, turning out the
lights as she went. I opened my bedroom door, looking back
to see if I could catch a glimpse of, or even a moment alone
with, Mom, but Kimi was taking her time, slowly opening
her door and creeping into the bedroom she shared with Kira,
who'd gone to bed an hour ago and would already be fast
asleep. Mom whispered a goodnight from her door, and Kimi
and I answered in unison, before I reluctantly closed my
bedroom door. I stripped and climbed into bed, and it wasn't
long before my thoughts turned to Mom. Would she be sneaking
into my room in a few hours time? My cock began to harden,
and I started stroking myself, imagining what Mom and I
might do tonight. I thought of my cock sliding into her warm
mouth, of my hands caressing her naked breasts, of her wet
pussy slowly enveloping my shaft. I lost count of the number
of times I brought myself to the brink of orgasm, only to
release my cock at the last second, hoping that any moment
now my door would creak open. But it never did. I lay there
in bed for almost an hour before I couldn't stand it
any longer.

I climbed out of bed and tip-toed to my door. I edged it open
quietly, checking the hallway before stepping out into
it, naked. It wasn't the first time I'd wandered
around the house in the nude late at night, but it was usually
for a short visit to the bathroom. Tonight would be very
different. I went straight to Mom's room, opening
the door carefully and quietly, worried about waking my
sisters rather than Mom. I let myself in and shut the door
behind me, standing still in the darkness for a moment.
I could hear Mom breathing, still asleep. I clutched my
hard shaft in my hand and made my way nervously towards her
bed. I could just make out her shape in the bed, her long blonde
hair scattered over the pillows. I stood beside her, the
tip of my cock just level with the edge of the bed, and reached
out to flick on the light.

Mom moaned and her eyes screwed up tight, trying to shut
out the sudden light. "Mom?" I whispered. Her
hand appeared from under the covers and wiped over her face.
"What is it?" she murmured sleepily. "I
need you to... help me out, " I said, my voice just
over a whisper. Mom let out some kind of groan, and her face
fell into her pillow. Her voice half-muffled, she said,
"Oh, no honey, we can't do that again."
"Please, mom?" I pleaded, but she didn't
respond. Her hand covered her eyes as she lay there on her
back. I let my eyes wander down to where the covers concealed
her chest, tucked in under her armpits. Licking my lips
and shuddering with excitement, I reached out for the covers
and began drawing them down, my fingertips making intermittent
contact with the middle of her chest. She quickly woke up
fully, her eyes opening and her head turning up to look at
me. She crossed her arm over her body, stopping me, yet not
trying to cover what little of her body I had already exposed.
"Honey, no!" she cautioned, huskily. "I'm
naked, " she said, as if trying to explain something
to a naughty child. "So am I, Mom, " I replied
innocently. Mom's eyes instantly dropped to my waist,
and I heard a sharp intake of breath as she saw my dick protruding
over the edge of the bed. "Oh, honey, we can't
keep doing this, " she whispered, but before I could
get too disappointed, I heard her hand brushing under the
covers towards me. "Not every night." She briefly
looked up from my cock and smiled at me. A shudder of relief
and excitement went through me, as her hand appeared from
under the covers and her fingers wrapped around my cock.
I moaned with pleasure, and started tugging gently on the
covers again. This time Mom relented, slipping her arm
back under the covers. I held my breath as I pulled the covers
down, my eyes fixed on my mom's chest. Inch after inch
of soft skin was exposed, her heavy breasts spreading to
the sides as she lay on her back, but still looking impressive.
"Oh, wow, " I whispered unconsciously, as
I pulled the covers over her nipples, and Mom shuddered
as the covers brushed over her hard nubs. "You like
them?" Mom asked, picking up speed on my cock. I just
nodded dumbly. "You can touch them."

My hand immediately shot out and grabbed the nearest breast,
making Mom laugh at my excitement, a laugh that quickly
turned into a moan as I kneaded her breast with my fingers.
"That's really good honey, " she moaned,
her fingers tightening around my cock. Precum oozed from
the tips and dribbled over her fingers as I humped against
her hand. I became aware of another sound in the room, the
sound of rustling covers. Glancing down, with my hands
still wandering excitedly over my mom's breasts,
I saw a rapid movement of the covers over her crotch. My curiosity
knew no boundaries now, and I began to push the covers lower,
exposing her shapely tummy. I looked up at Mom to see her
looking down at her own body as I brought more of her into
view, but far from being concerned her breathing seemed
to have quickened, and both her hands were moving faster
now - one on my cock, the other between her legs, still under
the covers.

I slowly brought my legs up on to the bed, kneeling at my naked
mother's side, moving carefully so as not to interrupt
her stroke on my shaft. I spread my legs wide, one knee just
under her armpit, the other just under the covers, brushing
her hip. We both quickly discovered that Mom could stroke
my cock even better this way, and my moans of lust were joined
with her gasped coos of encouragement. My attention was
soon brought back to her other hand. All this time she had
been picking up speed, and now there was a new sound, a wet
smacking sound coming from under the covers. I took a deep
breath and took hold of the covers one last time, throwing
them off the bed entirely.

It all happened so quickly. No sooner was I fixing my gaze
on the sight of my mother's fingers playing with her
pussy, than Mom had gasped out, "Oh God!" and
her back arched, lifting her ass off the bed, her feet tucked
up under her legs, her knees spread as she raised her hips
into the air. I glanced at her face, concerned, and saw that
she was flushed red, but somehow I knew from the faraway
look on her face that everything was okay. I turned my head,
lifting up a little on my knees to get a better look at my first
pussy. Her fingers were flicking back and forth between
the lips, and then with a shudder I saw (and heard) a short
squirt of clear fluid splash from her pussy and splatter
on to the bed. Mom dropped back on to the bed, gasping for
breath, but with both hands still working over her pussy
and my cock. Without thinking, I asked for what I'd
be fantasizing about since these late night encounters

"Mom? Will you give me a blowjob? Please?"
The words were already out of my mouth before I realized
what I was asking. Mom's eyes shot open and stared up
at me, but before I could take back what I'd said she
looked back down at my cock in her hand, rolled onto her side
and leaned towards me. The moment her lips touched my cock,
I came, and harder than I ever had before. Between the sight
and sound of Mom's hand between her legs, and the feeling
of her hand, lips, and tongue around my cock, it all added
up to the most erotically charged moment of my life so far.
Mom squealed in surprise as the first shot of cum erupted
from my cock. Her lips parted and I could see my cum coating
her tongue. She gasped again, her eyes closed and from my
short experience I knew she was coming again. Her lips brushed
back and forth over the tip of my cock as I came, coating her
mouth and chin. She pulled her head back, her hand still
flying over my shaft, flicking the cum that was still spilling
from my cock over her breasts.

When I finally came back to my senses, I looked down to see
Mom's hand gently stroking my softening cock. My eyes
widened as I looked up at her, for the first time realizing
that I had cum harder than I ever had in my life. The bottom
half of her face glistened and her pendulous breasts were
criss-crossed with white streaks. As I looked on, she smiled
up at me, her lips parting and her tongue darting out to taste
the cum on them. Looking down between her legs, I could see
the hair around her pussy glistening too, this time wet
with her own juices. She must have seen me looking, as she
raised her hips off the bed and spread her legs to give me
a better lock.

Then she gave a coo of excitement, and I looked down to see
that she had managed to squeeze another drop of cum out of
my cock. She leaned forward on her elbow, holding her breast
up with her free hand, pulling my cock closer until the two
met. I could actually feel her nipple stroking against
the slit in my cock as she deposited the drop of cum there.
Then she released my cock, holding her hand in the air and
spreading her fingers, as if worried about the mess there,
which seemed odd considering the amount that covered the
more intimate parts of her body. She seemed to shrug it off,
then she looked up at me and smiled.

"You'd better be getting back to your room honey, "
she whispered. "Okay Mom, " I whispered back,
a little reluctantly, shuffling back on my knees and stepping
quietly onto the floor. Mom pushed herself nearer to me
on her back and opened her arms. "How about giving
Mommy a kiss before you go?" she asked, in her most
enticing mommy-to -little-boy voice.

I grinned and leaned over, letting her wrap her arms around
me, pulling me against her body. For a moment I wasn't
sure what to think as I felt my cooling cum, slick and wet
between our bodies, but I quickly began to enjoy the feeling
of Mom's wet breasts sliding against my chest. I had
just lowered my head to peck gently at her lips, when her
hand moved down my back, grabbing my ass and hauling me up
on top of her. I shuddered as a raft of sensations went through
me - her hand clutching my ass, my legs spreading and rubbing
against hers, her hard wet nipples against my chest, my
softening cock brushing against the top of her pussy, but
most intriguing of all, the touch of her lips against mine.
We hadn't yet broken what was still a tender, motherly
kiss. Mom's wet lips opened under mine, and I felt the
tip of her tongue wriggling against my mouth. I had no idea
what to do, so I just let my mouth open and met her tongue with
mine. It was no great passionate kiss, remaining still
almost motherly as we stared into each other's half-closed
eyes, the tips of our tongues flickering softly against
each other, my own cum smearing from her mouth to mine. All
too soon Mom broke the kiss, dropping her head back onto
her pillows. Her hand slapped my ass gently as she rolled
me to one side, saying, "Go on now, back to your bed."
I smiled and stood back up, wiping the back of my hand across
my chin absent-mindedly.

As I closed Mom's bedroom door behind me, I snuck one
last look at her, arms and legs splayed out on the bed, her
body glistening with cum and juices, her eyes closed, and
a wistful little smile on her face.

That was three years ago now, and we haven't looked
back since.

It's a cool night in August, and I'm sitting in
the living room, completely naked, with a porn DVD playing
on the TV. At 18 years old my sex drive is off the scale, and
I can't get through a day without cumming at least twice.
I must have the sound up a little loud, as I sit there with
my cock in both hands, getting close to my second orgasm
of the day. Right then, a movement catches my eye, and I glance
over at the door to see my mom standing there, staring at

She just stands there, staring, pushing her glasses up
her nose and letting her lips part, revealing the tip of
her tongue. I stop stroking my cock, but keep both hands
on my shaft. "Hi Mom, " I say, acting casual.
"Hi honey, " my mom replies, taking three or
four long, slow steps into the room, her long stocking-clad
legs swinging, her heels leaving dimples in the carpet.
"Been at it long?" I shrug, running my hands
up my long thick shaft. "Not long Mom... I can last
a while if you want to help out."

She grins brightly and kneels down in front of me, smoothing
her skirt over her thighs as she settles between my feet.
Mum smiles up at me from between my feet as I move my hands,
leaving my shaft standing, throbbing in time with my pulse.
Her eyes lower, and she brushes the backs of her hands along
the inside of my legs. She opens her fingers, preparing
to wrap them around my thick cock, now grown much bigger
from three years of Mom's ministrations. She rests
her hands against my thighs, her fingers closing, fingertips
closing in on my engorged flesh.

"What the HELL?!" My sister Kimi stands in the
doorway, arms folded, her chest tightly clad in her favorite
"Slut" t-shirt and a tiny pair of denim shorts
around her waist. I look Kimi up and down, still so aroused
by Mom that I can't help lusting after my sister. Mom's
head jerks around to face Kimi, her fingers glued to my shaft.
Kimi stands there for a long moment, one bare foot tapping
on the carpet, her eyes fixed on mother and son. Then she
steps into the room, reaching up with one hand and pulling
the scrunches out of her long brown hair, letting it cascade
over her shoulders.

"You guys NEVER wait for me!"

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do u still mess with ur mom?


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