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A stranger in my Condo that ends up in my bed.


Through a telephone friendship/sex line ,I had found through a friend, I decided to call it one night.
I was lonely. bored and a horny.. A few voices said things like I want to be your friend if my mom approves, ya right. and then I was going to get off when one voice said I would love to be more than a friend and come to your place and see what we have in common. I know your mother always said" never let a stranger in your front door." But of course I throw caution to the wind and tell him where I live. He laughs and says he lives in the same building.
Wow. how can that be..We talk for awhile and like all things we finally get to talking about sex. He comes out and asks a fantasy I have.
I tell him I would love to have a stranger come into my place at night when it is dark. Come in as the door is open because I left it open for them. Then to come to my bedroom where I will be waiting in the bed , under the sheets nude. He then would keep the lights off and take off all his clothes and climb into bed with me and make passionate love to me (story to come about what happened). He would be an excellent lover. He then would kiss me good bye and get his clothes on and leave without putting the lights on and leave.
He would not have even given me his name as well as his appearance had not been seen because it had stayed dark so I would not know him if I was on the elevator with him.
He agreed to my fantasy and we followed my wish 3 different times and to this day, I do not know what he looks like and what his name is. I have long time moved. It was a first for me to pull off a fantasy instead of just dreaming it, as it is a true story.

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