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A special evening


I arrived home from work early, how could I stay at work after
receiving her cryptic text?

”Tonight we will have your kind of fun, don’t be late”

My mind raced with thought of what my wife had in store for
me. We talk about our fantasies and desires and sometimes
make plans to fulfill them. We have a great sex life, of course
it’s great, she is beautiful and just the thought of her
makes me hard. Pulling in the driveway, my heart starts
to pound in my chest. I come through the back door and she
greets me with a deep, passionate kiss.

“Since you are here, you can help me get ready”

I know what she means and my smile grows nearly as much as
the bulge in my pants. She takes my hand and leads me to the
bathroom and starts filling the tub with steaming hot water.
My eyes bulge out of their sockets as I watch her slip out
of her short shorts and pull her top over her head. She carelessly
tosses them at me as she slips into the steaming water. I
pull her makeup stool to the edge of the tub and have a seat
as she begins her ritual of caressing the soap filled sponge
around her body. She hands me the sponge and leans forward,
allowing me to scrub the supple skin of her back.

She leans back, her perfect breasts glistening from the
hot water, now stand in full splendor of my gazing eyes,
knowing how much I love to look at her nude body, she takes
a slow deep breath heaving her chest as her lungs expand.
Slowly she caresses each breast until her nipples stand
at full attention. She slowly caresses her way down her
body until she reaches her feet. Taking one leg and bracing
her foot on the side of the tub, she caresses and massages
the shaving cream up her calf and thigh. Slowly, carefully,
and deliberately she shaves every inch to silky smooth

I sit in anticipation knowing that it will soon be my turn
with the shaving cream and razor. It has become a regular
thing for her to let me shave her pussy. She slides down in
the tub to the position where I can have the best access to
her most delicate parts. I spray the foam into my fingers
and start to cover her mound with my hand. I caress the shaving
cream between her legs and all around her outer lips. I know
she enjoys the attention, and I can feel her heartbeat as
I massage the outer lips of her perfect pink pussy.

Gently I pull the razor across her delicate sensitive skin,
using my other hand to manipulate her lips, until I can remove
all of the unwanted pubic hair. Her breath quickens as my
fingers push and pull at her sensitive, now slightly swollen
lips. I use my fingers to feel my way, and to feel how smooth
I have shaven her. She lifts one leg over her head to give
me better access to all of her private parts, shaving them
clean and feeling how smooth they now are. Now the other
leg goes over her head and I complete the sensual shaving
experience. With her landing strip of pubic hair now neatly
trimmed, her bare swollen lips glisten as I splash clean
water across her to rinse off the remaining shaving cream.

As she lets the water drain from the tub, I get her robe that
she wears when she puts on her makeup. Tonight I just stand
there, holding her robe, taking in her beauty as she stands
naked in front of me.

“You’ll get plenty of that later” she tells me as
she grabs the robe from my hand.

She sits in front of the mirror and lights a cigarette as
she starts her makeup ritual. From the smirk on her face
I know I am in for a treat tonight.

She tells me to jump in the shower while she finishes getting
dressed. I oblige and shed my clothes as she leaves the room.
The shower feels good as thoughts of her fill my mind. Washed
and ready, I step from the shower, wrap in a towel and head
to the bedroom so I can catch a glimpse of what she will be
wearing. To my surprise, she is already dressed. I stop
in my tracks as I take in the vision before me. Black strappy
shoes with stiletto heels, a low cut top that fits her form
perfectly and for her skirt she is wearing a pashmina in
a way that there is a slit up the side that reveals more of
her thigh than I believed she would show in public. All I
could do was stare and try to see if she was wearing a bra and
panties. Normally she doesn’t wear any panties, except
when she wears a dress, she does wear a lace thong. Tonight,
I couldn’t tell if she was or not, her top covered just
enough to make everyone wonder if she was braless or not.

She smiled at me and told me to get dressed while she finished
up doing her hair. I slipped into the dockers and dress shirt
she laid out for me and went to wait for her to join me in the
living room. She stepped out with a confident swagger that
screamed, sultry sexy woman, and I know it.

We settle in the car and she tells me what restaurant she
booked us reservations. I start out on our journey and she
surprises me with her story about how she spent her day shopping
for our special night out. She knows my fantasies about
flashing and exhibitionism and how much it turns me on.
It appears that today, my beautiful wife knew exactly what
would get me so hot all I wanted to do was turn the car around
and take her home where we could have the best sex of our lives!
She would have nothing of it, tonight she would tease me,
get me harder than I have ever been and keep me that way as
long as she could. She just put her hand on my thigh and with
a firm grip she began to share her earlier experiences.

Her story started out with her going to a shoe store. My wife
likes shoes, stiletto heels, classic style and straps
around her ankles. You know the kind of shoes that make a
woman’s feet and legs beg for attention, the ones that
draw you in and turn all men on. Well she decided to get in
the mood for the night by wearing a short skirt and her lace
thong, that way whoever was fitting her shoes may get a glimpse
of her panties, or maybe more than a glimpse if she chose.
The 1st store she went to didn’t have quite the shoe she
was looking for, but the salesman was insistent she try
something on. Feeling frisky, she obliged and sat on the
low stool and let this strange man fondle her foot as he took
her measurement and tried his best to stare up her skirt.
It didn’t take long for her to get bored with this obvious
pervert, so off she went to another store.

This store was staffed with young attractive women, but
they seemed to have decent taste in shoes, so she asked to
try on a pair of classic Jimmie Shoo stilettos. The young
brunette salesgirl went in the back for the right pair and
soon returned with several boxes. My adventurous wife
sat and patiently tried on each pair the over anxious salesgirl
offered. After several minutes it seems that she figured
out the girl in the store was doing her best to see what treasure
lay just beyond the hem of my wife’s skirt. My wife confessed
the feeling of having been the object of such attention
by both a man and a woman was more than she planned, so she
chose the pair she wanted and left to shop for a dress.

Once again, feeling adventurous my wife planned to live
a story to tell me later. This time she picked out a few outfits
she thought would be good for our night and headed to the
changing rooms. These changing rooms were only covered
by a curtain and didn’t reach all the way to the floor.
Since this was a clothing only store, the changing rooms
were in full view of the store, not hidden in some out of the
way hall. She stepped through the curtain and didn’t
quite close it all of the way. She stepped out of her clothes
and casually peeked through the opening to see if anyone
was watching. Trying to be discreet, she only took a quick
glance but didn’t see anyone staring. She tried on each
of the outfits, stripping almost nude between each try.
She had totally forgot about the curtain being open slightly
and didn’t remember until she went to step out. There
seemed to be a crowd of men browsing the racks of clothes
just outside of her changing room. Were they there waiting
for their wives, or were that there enjoying the peep show?
Her heart raced as she took it all in, trying not to let anyone
know what she had done intentionally. All she knew was how
telling the story would get me horny. She knew she had my
attention from the bulge pulsating in my pants.

We arrive at the restaurant and my head is swimming with
thoughts about the stories my wife just told me and how she
is going to top off our night. The restaurant is dark and
the booths are semi private, I think I know why she chose
this particular place. We are seated in a corner booth and
given our menu for the night. I could see the men in the room
stop their conversations and stare at my beautiful wife
as she strolled through the maze of tables and chairs. With
each step of her stiletto heels, the slit in her pashmina
skirt revealed the shapely thigh almost up to the treasure
that lay just above. Her low cut top drew attention as each
eye strained to see the exposed cleavage. So many eyes trained
on her as she slid into the booth, each hoping to catch a glimpse
of her treasures.

Once we settled in, the stares turned into secret glances,
as it was more than evident she was with me and not interested
in anyone else. I even caught a few jealous glances in my
direction, as if they were saying, If I were only in your

The table cloth hid her legs from prying eyes, so over time
the glances slowed as most everyone returned to their own
conversations. Looking at the menu, we decided on some
appetizers, to get us warmed up. Just as the waiter arrived
at our table to get our drink order, she reached below the
table and cupped my manhood through my pants. I almost couldn’t
order my drink as I felt her hand cupping and rubbing me.
Like the tease she is, my wife didn’t miss a beat and even
managed to flirt with the waiter as she placed the order
for her drink of choice, all the while stroking me under
the table.

As the waiter walked away, I looked at her with amazement
and asked what was she up to? With a smile, she pulled my hand
to her thigh under the table. The slit in her pashmina skirt
was open and I could feel the smooth skin of her upper thigh.
Slowly I caress her bare skin, trying to keep my motions
under the table unknown to the rest of the patrons seated
around our booth. Slowly I caressed my way up her thigh until
I could feel the edge of her lace thong. She took a deep breath
and composed herself as the waiter returned with our drinks
and appetizers. Playing her game, I slid my finger across
her lace covered pussy just as the waiter set her drink in
front of her. She took another deep breath and I saw a strange
look on our waiter’s face. Did he see what I was doing,
did he know? I looked at my wife and realized that he had noticed
her nipples were at full attention, straining at the silky
material of her low cut top.

Our waiter quickly composed himself and took our dinner
order. Not to be outdone, once my wife finished placing
her order, she started to unbutton my pants as I placed my
order, trying my best to act normal. By the time our waiter
confirmed our order, she has my pants unbuttoned and my
fly halfway unzipped. Just as he turned and walked away,
she reached through my open fly and pulled my throbbing
hard cock out of the restraints of my pants. She leaned in
and kissed me with unbridled passion as she stroked my cock
under the table. The whole time, I was still caressing her
lace covered pussy. I could feel the heat rising from beneath
the lace. I could feel the lace start to dampen with her juice
as my fingers kept a slow steady rhythm.

We were going too fast, so she slowed us down and we turned
our attention to our drinks and the appetizers in front
of us. She looked deep into me and whispered that tonight
was just getting started. I couldn’t believe my fortune,
being married to such a sexy loving woman. Tonight was all
about us, shutting out the world and concentrating on us
and our love for each other. We kissed like we it was our last
time of being with each other, we talked through loving
eyes, few words were spoken, but volumes were said to each
other. This night was love, romance, erotic passion, and
losing inhibitions.

We kept our hands on each other, her hand caressed my thigh,
my balls, and my cock, she kept me at the point of arousal
where I was hard, but wouldn’t orgasm. I kept caressing
her bare thigh and lace covered pussy. I could feel how wet
she was as the juice started to soak through her thong and
cover my exploring fingers. Every so often I would tease
and take my hand out from under the table and touch them to
her lips, so she could smell the sweet aroma and get just
a taste of her sweet juice. Likewise she would take her finger
and transfer my pre-cum to her finger and lick it clean while
I watched in amazement.

Our waiter returned with our main course and did his best
to conceal his coy smile, he may not know the details of what
was going on under the table, but he indicated that he had
some idea of what the two of us were doing. I noticed that
he couldn’t keep his eyes off of my wife’s hard nipples
that were still straining to poke free from her top. From
my angle and the cut of her top, I could see the side of her
breast clearly and could almost make out the edge of her
areola. I was sure the waiter was doing the same. He moved
around our booth to set our plates and attempt to get a better
look at my beautiful wife. I caught him staring, so I pressed
my finger against my wife’s clit. She almost jumped out
of her seat, and her breasts bounced beneath the silky material.
She played it off as a sneeze or cough, but I know the waiter
was not fooled.

Once he again left us alone, I was scolded for doing that
in front of a stranger and the next time he came by, it was
her turn to make me jump! I know my wife and I know when she
decides to do something, she goes all of the way. What was
she up to, I wondered as we started to enjoy our meal?

Dinner was delicious, as we savored each other and the bounty
of food in front of us. Keeping the blood flowing, she maneuvered
her leg across mine and caressed my cock with her thigh.
I glanced down between us and I could see her skirt had opened
up all the way to her thong and she was actually showing her
entire leg, her pashmina was bunched up behind her on the
seat. She was now sitting on the cool leather of the seat
with nothing but the thin string of her thong showing. She
didn’t make a move when our ever attentive waiter arrived
to refill our drinks. Without a stutter, my wife asked where
the ladies room was. Our waiter stuttered and pointed to
the corner of the dimly lit room.

With him still standing there, she slid from the booth.
I couldn’t see from my seat, but I could imagine that he
got a great view of what lay between her legs. She stood,
straightened her Pashmina skirt and strolled in the direction
he pointed. I was amazed that once again conversations
stopped and eyes strained to see my wife as she walked to
the rest rooms. Even in the dim light, I could see her bare
thigh through the slit in her skirt as her long legs moved
her gracefully towards her destination. Her stiletto
heels clicking on the floor with each sultry step.

When she emerged from the ladies room, time stopped. I could
hear my heart beat in my chest as I watched her walk towards
me. Tall, shapely, sexy, my wife. It is a vision I will never
forget, flowing brunette hair, beautiful look on her face,
shapely neck, straight shoulders, beautiful cleavage,
long legs, stiletto heels. I had to concentrate on how to
breathe, all I could do was stare at her, and I wasn’t alone,
all eyes were on her tonight, men wanting her, women jealous
of her, men jealous of me, everyone knew she was beautiful.

It was like a scene from a movie, slow motion sway of her breasts
as she moved, her thigh playing peek a boo as it was exposed
as she stepped. But this time I noticed a look in her eyes,
a look that told me she was up to something. I knew that look,
sexy, sultry, and in charge. Tonight was going to be special,
she had a plan and it was happening the way she wanted. She
stared at me and she knew she had me where she wanted me. She
was seemingly oblivious to everyone else in the restaurant.
She made her way back to our booth and slid in next to me with
a passionate kiss. This kiss was different than any we’ve
shared, this kiss was so intense I thought I was going to
cum right there.

She broke off the kiss and turned her attention to finishing
her dinner. I reached under the table to touch her thigh,
but this time she stopped me and insisted that we eat. From
time to time she would reach down and make sure I was still
hard, stroking for a minute or two then stop, keeping me
right on the edge. As our waited returned once again to refill
our drinks and check on us, she pulled my hand over to her
thigh. This time it was me who let out a gasp as I felt the bare
skin of her pussy, she was so wet that my finger slid between
her lips immediately.

I couldn’t believe it, she had removed her thong while
she was in the rest room and now sat next to me with her bare
pussy filled with my fingers. Still in a haze I heard the
waiter ask if I was okay. I couldn’t speak, all I could
do was nod yes, as she informed the waiter that I just got
some shocking news and we were okay, but would appreciate
him bringing the check right away. With my fingers still
playing with her dripping pussy, she looked deep in my eyes
and said

“The night has just begun”.

The waiter returned with the check and again asked if I was
okay. This time I was able to get out a response. He thanked
us for choosing to dine with them and would be available
should we need anything. As he walked away, I got out the
money for the check and my wife told me that she had the tip.
I looked at her with a puzzled look and she just smiled at
me with a coy, watch this, kind of smile. I watched in amazement
and wonder as she pulled out her soaking wet thong and placed
it on the seat next to her and covered it with her napkin.
She told me she knew the waiter was staring at her and she
thought this would make his night, I agreed. I casually
forced my erection back into the confines of my pants and
got them zipped back up. Trying my best to walk without showing
the bulge in my pants, we left the cash for the bill on the
table, and left arm in arm.

I looked around as we left and I swear there were many disappointed
faces as they watched us leave, or better, as they watched
her leave. I wondered if they were expecting her to show
them something, hoping she would strip for them, or what.
At that moment I realized once again how lucky I am.

Back in the car, I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, but
she still had other plans. She pushed my hand away and told
me to take her to a movie. I begged her to do a movie another
night, I was so horny, I needed release, and she was driving
me crazy. I did my best to promise her that I would make it
worth her while for me to take her home and treat her to some
love she wouldn’t forget. Still, she insisted she wanted
me to take her to a movie. She reached over and grabbed my
erection through my pants and promised it would be worth
my while to take her to a movie tonight. We arrived at the
theater and I asked her what movie she had in mind. She replied
with a casual

“It really doesn’t matter” and kissed me hard.

I purchased the tickets and we made our way to the concession
stand, she wanted something to drink for later. I asked
her if she wanted any snacks only to have her reply

“We have our snacks already”.

We made our way into the theater and found seats in the back
corner. I was starting to get the idea of what she may have
in mind. Before the lights even started to dim, her hand
was on my thigh and she was kissing me. Luckily there weren’t
many people in the theater with us, and the way we were kissing,
people took seats far away from us.

As the lights dimmed and the movie started she undid my pants
and pulled my hard dick out. Before I knew what was going
on, she leaned over and flicked her tongue across the head
of my dick. I almost came as a wave of pleasure shot through
my body like I’d been struck by lightning. Before I could
catch my breath, she was wrapping her lips around the head
sliding her way down the shaft until she had my entire hard
on in her warm mouth. Slowly she worked her lips and tongue
up and down, sucking my cock like it was her last meal on earth.

I reached over her shoulder and guided my hands under the
top of her dress and felt her hard nipple. She moaned softly
as I lightly pinched and pulled at her sensitive nipple.
I cupped, caressed, and massaged her supple breast, as
her hungry mouth kept its slow rhythm on me. Her nipples
were so hard I could feel her pulse raging through them.
Reaching down with my other hand, I found my way to her dripping
wet pussy. She opened her legs, giving me access to every
inch of her steaming hot pussy. I could feel her clit pulsate
and twitch as my fingers gently touched it. She cupped and
massaged my balls with her hand as she sucked the head of
my throbbing hard cock.

I could feel myself at the point of cumming, so I pulled her
off and got her to lay back in her seat. It was my turn to give
her as much pleasure as she gave me. I wasn’t ready to cum
yet, so I focused on her. She was breathing heavily, but
trying to keep as quiet as she could. We didn’t want anyone
in the theater to know what was going on. I pulled her pashmina
skirt out of the way and through the light of the movie, I
took in the sight next to me. I could see the strip of her pubic
hair glistening with her juices that I had spread throughout
our night of teasing and touching each other. I leaned in
and took her nipple between my teeth through the thin material
of her top as my fingers spread her swollen pussy lips. She
was raising her hips up to meet my fingers and pressing her
chest against my face.

I eased her shoulder straps down her arm to expose her breasts.
I licked, kissed, and bit at her ever hardening nipples,
my fingers explored her wet private parts. I eased two fingers
inside her vagina and used my thumb to play with her erect
clit. Her moaning increased as I used my fingertips to massage
her g-spot. I could feel it engorging with blood, swelling
hard at my touch as my tongue flicked her nipple. She got
my attention just in time for us to compose ourselves as
the attendant entered the theater with his flashlight.
Walking the aisles, checking for something, the attendant
made his way towards the back row and our seats. We sat cuddled
together with my arm around her and her pashmina skirt draped
across my lap. We didn’t have time to get my erection back
in my pants and get them zipped up, so she just draped her
skirt across my lap, as natural as she could. Thankfully
the attendant didn’t notice us and left without incident.

Now that the coast was clear, my horny wife stroked my cock
to make sure I was as hard as possible, getting me ready for
her next move. As quietly as she could, she maneuvered herself
over me and guided my cock into her dripping wet, hot pussy.
She sat on my lap facing away from me, bucking her hips slowly
up and down my shaft grabbing on to the seat in front of her
for support. She rocked her hips back and forth, side to
side, and moved in ways that made my dick touch every hidden
place deep inside of her. The sounds of her pussy engulfing
my engorged cock were covered with the movie soundtrack.
I reached around her to pinch her nipples and finger her
hardened clit. I could feel her pussy as she skillfully
controlled her inner muscles, squeezing my cock buried
deep inside her.

Her pace quickened and I knew she was about to cum, so I held
her tight, not letting her move, as I used my dick muscles
to expand and twitch my cock against the eager walls of her
tight hole. I rocked my hips so the head of my cock would rub
and massage her g-spot, sending her into throws of ecstasy.
I could feel her blood pulsating through her swollen pussy
lips, and I kept up my rhythm on her ever hardening clit.

She threw her head back and I could feel her entire body tense,
as the familiar quiver started deep within her cock filled
pussy. With her juice flowing freely from deep within her,
I could feel it leak past my dick and running in little streams
down my balls onto the seat. I could feel her pussy tighten
its grip as the first wave of orgasm shuttered through her
body. Her chest was heaving, her nipples so hard, I swear
they were going to burst, her hips began to shake, and her
clit was almost jumping at my touch. I rocked my hips back
and almost withdrew my cock, and with one last thrust of
my hips I buried my cock past her g-spot until I felt the head
of my dick push against her cervix, driving her over the
edge. I could feel the juices squirting in wave after wave
of orgasmic fury.

She came all over my hands and cock, soaking my balls and
leaving a puddle of her delicious juices on the floor in
front of us. I have made her squirt before, but not like this.
She couldn’t breathe, she shuddered from her head to
her toes, as she lay back against me. She almost jumped off
of me, when I made my cock twitch inside of her. She was too
sensitive from her orgasm, every inch of her body was awake,
aware, and beyond excited. She reached back and dug her
nails into the back of my head as she turned her head to kiss
me. Finally composed, she slid off of my lap and collapsed
back into the seat next to me.

She reached over and grabbed my still hard cock and slowly
stroked the shaft, her juice doing a great job of lubricating
her hand. Keeping me on the verge of cumming, she kept me
hard for what seemed like an hour. Without warning, she
pulled her top back up, covering her still hard nipples,
straightened her pashmina skirt and went to put my erection
back behind the confines of my zipper. That’s when she
noticed that the front of my pants were soaked with the cum
that she squirted all over me. With a coy smile, she whispered
in my ear

“Well love, it looks like you will be walking out of here
looking like you wet your pants, or you could leave your
pants here and walk out without them”.

At that point, I really didn’t care, I was not concerned
with how I looked all I could think about was my sexy wife
that just had squirted in the theater with me. My raging
hard on was draining all of the blood from my brain, coherent
thought wasn’t possible. Did she want me to parade outside
without my pants? No, it would be better to just keep them
on and make for the car. So before the movie ended we headed
for the exit, hoping to beat the crowd and have as few people
as possible see me.

We made it to the car okay, no one pointed or laughed, so I
relaxed for the drive home. Once we left the parking lot,
she suggested that I slip out of my wet pants and that I may
be more comfortable without the drying cum soaking through
my pants sticking to me. I happily obliged, I fantasized
about driving in the nude. Pants off, I headed towards home,
but the surprises my wife had in store weren’t over yet.
She leaned over the console and started sucking me as I drove.
This time I really thought she would keep going and finally
let me cum, but she had other plans. With her soft lips nibbling
at my ear, she reached in her purse and pulled out her favorite
vibrator and whispered in my ear “You keep telling me you want to watch me masturbate in
the car while we are driving, do you still want that?”

“YES, I still want to see that” almost came out as a scream
of excitement.

She lay her seat back and slowly undid the pashmina skirt,
taking it completely off and casually tossed it into the
back seat. She looked at me with wanton eyes and slowly pulled
her top over her head and tossed it back with her skirt. Another
fantasy for me, now my beautiful wife was laying totally
nude, totally exposed, in the passenger seat next to me
while we were driving down the highway. It was night out
so there was very little traffic and we were fairly certain
no one could see in our truck. For support of her inhibitions,
I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, so that we were both
naked, together.

I could hear the hum of her vibrator when she twisted the
end to turn it on, then the hum become muffled as she worked
it against her clit and into her pussy. My eyes were adjusting
to the dim night, I couldn’t see clearly, but I could see
enough to know that she was going to make herself cum again.
Laying back, she vibrated her clit and all of the sensitive
areas around her glistening pussy. Arching her back, I
could see her hard nipples, and her totally exposed naked
body, illuminated each time we drove past a street light.
Her breathing was getting labored as she worked her vibrator
into the deep recesses of her sensitive vagina. Since we
were finally alone, she let out a loud moan, the moan she
had to stifle while we played in public. Now with inhibitions
gone, she set out to satisfy the burning erotic passion,
let it out full force, not holding anything back.

I reached across and touched my finger to her exposed clit,
as she worked her vibrator against her g-spot. She bucked
her hips against my hand while she wildly fucked herself
with the vibrating plastic egg. She was nearing orgasm
and oblivious to anything outside of her body. I kept one
hand on the wheel and tried to keep the truck on the road,
but I kept looking at this beautiful woman about to cum next
to me and my other hand teasing and pinching her clit. She
reached across and gripped my cock and stroked me with the
same rhythm she was fucking herself. Her grip tightened
as I felt the muscles in her legs lock into a pre-orgasm rigor.
Her feet were on the dashboard and I could see her toes curl
and I felt her hand start to tremble around my hard cock.
She was moaning and throwing her head from side to side,
nearing one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had.

“Cum for me baby” was all I had to say.

She let out a labored scream, every muscle in her body locked
in the preparation for the ultimate release. With one last
thrust of her vibrator, she yanked it out with a pop and streams
of cum squirted forcefully up onto the dashboard and the
windshield. Squirt after powerful squirt, she came and
came, her whole body shaking violently as every ounce of
her liquid was forced out of her body by the powerful orgasm
that consumed her. Several minutes passed before her shaking
started to subside and she was able to catch her breath again.

We were almost home by now, when she looked at me and promised
it would be my turn next. I smiled at her and told her it was
her time next, that time was for me. I nodded toward her hand
that was still wrapped around my cock, obviously she didn’t
notice until now that her hand was covered with my cum, as
was my chest, my belly, and the steering wheel. I explained
to her, when she started to squirt so hard, it sent me over
the edge and I came along with her. It was so intense, seeing
her squirt like that, along with being naked in the car together
was more than I could handle.

We were still naked as I pulled into our driveway. Being
late at night, and with our inhibitions gone, it didn’t
take much for me to talk her into walking from the truck to
the house nude, plus this way, we didn’t have to take our
clothes back off to finish our special night. We were in
another world, we didn’t sprint for the door, and intently
we strolled arm in arm, casually up the back stairs and into
the house. I lead her straight to our bedroom, stopped her,
grabbed her hair, spun her around and kissed her deeply,

We kissed for several minutes as our hands explored each
other’s bodies. Still locked in our kissing embrace,
I lay her on our bed and crawl on top of her. She instinctively
wrapped her legs around my back as I enter her. In all of our
sex life, I have never felt her like tonight. I have never
been so hard, never have I wanted to make love to her this
much. I could feel she felt the same way. With a slow rhythm
I eased my cock in and out of her pussy. She was so hot, so wet,
I was so sensitive that my cock could feel every texture
of the inside of her pussy. I could feel the rough texture
of her g-spot, the firm circle of her cervix, and the velvety
skin of her inner lips. I slid my cock all the way out until
the swollen head just penetrated her outer lips, slowly
sliding back in, deeper, deeper, deeper, with restrained
passion I inched my hard, throbbing cock until it was buried
deep inside of her hidden treasure, so deep my pelvic bone
pressed against her hard clit, my balls pressing against
her puckered cum soaked anus. I rocked my hips to move my
pelvis against her clit, massaging it while buried deep
within her, I flexed and twitched my cock.

Once again, I slowly slid back out until just the head remained
between her swollen outer labia. Her juices were flowing
from inside of her in a steady gentle stream now, dribbling
around the head of my cock and running down across her puckering
anus. I just had to taste her, taste her sweet juice, and
feel her hot clit on my tongue. I kissed my way down her neck,
across her breasts, stopping to suck and gently bite her
aching nipples. Down across her belly, and finally reaching
the object of my desire, I kissed her engorged clit, sucking
it between my lips. I sucked, licked, and nibbled on her
love button. I used my fingers to keep her pussy warm, sliding
one, than two fingers inside of her folds. Slowly I slid
my fingers out of her dripping wet pussy and traced the trail
of her juice to her anus. Gently pressing against her opening,
I continued to tease and play with her clit. She was moaning
and writhing under my touch.

Lubricated from her own juices, she relaxed her muscles
pressed back against me, and my finger slipped past the
tight barrier of her backside. Once my finger penetrated
her, I found her favorite vibrator and used my other hand
to ease it into her quivering pussy. With a loud moan, she
writhed and squirmed at the sensations. One finger buried
in the velvet opening of her ass, the low vibrations inside
of her pussy, once again pleasuring her g-spot, and my lips,
tongue and teeth on her clit. She wanted me to cum inside
of her, she begged and pleaded for my cock, but I had to see
her cum one more time. I took her clit between my teeth and
bit down hard as my finger curled inside her ass, shoving
the vibrator as deep as her pussy would allow, she let out
a scream. With her first squirt, I felt her cum splash off
of my chin, I jumped up and with one stroke, buried my cock
deep inside of her convulsing pussy. She arched back, wrapped
her legs around me, and dug her nails into the flesh of my
back. I came with hot bursts, deep inside of her, her boiling
hot pussy convulsing around my member, her pussy started
to milk my cock, draining my balls, squeezing every last
drop from me.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and fell asleep. When
I woke up, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it wasn’t a dream.
There was my beautiful wife, laying nude in my arms. She
woke shortly after and lovingly asked me if I enjoyed our
special night, with a glimmer in her eyes that told me, the
best is yet to come.

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