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A short story


Michael and Tess , our next-door neighbours and close friends
had invited us to their Sergeants Mess Summer Ball. Michael
works on the local air base where he is in charge of all the
maintenance engineers on his squadron; Tess is a sister
at the local hospital. We eagerly agreed as the kids had
taken it in turns to be poorly over the previous couple of
weeks and the hassles of having a teenage daughter of 13
going on 33 and younger brother who was a master wind up merchant
niggling each other had strained us to the limits.  Now
that they were better, we had packed them off to the grandparents
on the North Norfolk coast for a long weekend and we were
ready for a party.

  Michael and Tess like us are in their mid thirties. Michael
is 6ft plus, short, trimmed blonde hair and piercing blue
eyes. He is a committed rugby player who is well fit. I have
seen him in the shower at our local gym and can see why Tess
always has a smile on her face; nature had been kind to Tim.
Tess is the sort of women you expect guys like Michael to
be married to, 5ft 11”, 6ft 2” in her stilettos; shoulder
length, auburn hair that Kathy, my missus, assures me has
never seen any chemical assistance at all. Tess has a body
most women and just about every man would die for, slender
and very shapely.  Her breasts are soft and round with
small, nipples that stay a light shade of pink even when
excited. How do I know? I had first seen them one summers
evening pointing out from underneath a sheer blouse. Since
then I have been lucky to have a much closer and intimate
relationship with them as Michael and Tess had introduced
or I should say seduced Kathy and I into the world of swingers.

  That had been a couple of months back and now we were old pros,
so to speak. Although we have only ever shared with Michael
and Tess, as we are basically both shy people, we enjoy the
excitement and fun of our regular sessions with them. And
now, as I stand in the bathroom getting ready for our evening
out I am already thinking about tonight and the outcome.
After the party we will undoubtedly come back to our place
for a nightcap, watch a movie and play around a little. I
was already dreaming of parting Tess’s soft pussy lips
with my fingers while lapping at her soft tits, a nipple
in my mouth, sucking gently on the hard teat as her hand slowly
strokes my cock. “Mmmmm, Mike sweetheart, I can see where
your mind is at the moment.” I turn at the sound of Kathy’s
voice; she looks stunning. Kathy is 5’ 8”, has short,
cropped blonde hair and the most beautiful face with laughing
eyes that are an extraordinary shade of green and lips that
would entice the Gods.  She is dressed only in her underwear;
a lilac lace bra that holds her breasts tight giving her
the classic décolleté look of the 60’s film stars.
Her tummy, still flat and firm even after two kids, shines
with a soft glow, her thong, which barely covers her pussy
mound, perfectly matches the bra. Her legs are long, firm
and smooth; she had been a professional dancer when we met
and still taught dance aerobics at the local gym three nights
a week.  She stands there smiling, looking down at my cock,
which is in a semi-erect state after my daydreams. She steps
forward and runs a fingernail along the shaft, transforming
it instantly into a raging hard-on. Her hand closes around
my cock and gently strokes me, sliding the foreskin slowly
back and rubbing her thumb over the soft sensitive head.
“And just what were you doing to Tess? “She asks her
voice soft and sexy. “Sucking her nipples, ” I whisper
back “and feeling the wetness of her pussy on my fingers."
”That’s strange, ” she says “that’s exactly
what Michael was doing to me. “  I reach down and slowly
pull her thong aside; my fingers slide down her pubis, feeling
the softness of her trimmed pussy hair. As my finger slips
between her legs, Kathy gives a little shudder and opens
them slightly to enable my hand to glide into the gap. As
I do my thumb brushes against her cunt lips, I feel them open,
like a flower responding to the first rays of the sun. I push
my thumb up into her hole and am surprised at the wetness,
“My, your imagination has been working over time too”
I said laughingly. All I got back from Kathy was a husky “Yesss.”
Her hand moves a little faster on my cock as her other reaches
down to cup my balls. Gently she rubs and caresses them,
occasionally running a long fingernail across the sac.
I shiver at her touch; it is feather light. While Kathy works
on my cock and balls I massage her pussy, using the flat of
my hand to rub over her opening. She is in overdrive, her
pussy juices are flooding my hand; I slip a finger inside
her quickly followed by three more so that, as I slide them
in and out of her my thumb constantly brushes against her
clit. Kathy wraps her arms around my neck and lifts herself
up. She places her long legs around my waist, locking them
firmly behind my back. “Put your cock in me sweetheart,
fuck me please.” Kathy is hot; there is desperation in
her voice. I pull her thong aside and guide my cock head to
the entrance of her cunt, I stroke the head around the wet
opening until it is well coated in her cunt juices then,
holding her hips, I guide her slowly down onto my waiting
cock. “Ohhhh yess, ” she moans as she slides down the
length until her bum cheeks nestled in my crotch, “That
feels so nice, Alex is going to enjoy this tonight” Kathy
whispers as she wiggles her tight little bum, trying to
gain something extra; I swear I felt myself grow a little
more in response. What happens next is incredible, Kathy’s
dance training has given her extremely good muscle control
and she puts this to good use flexing and relaxing her cunt
muscles. It feels like I am inside a vacuum pump, which is
being continuously inflated and deflated around my cock,
I look at Kathy’s face, her eyes are shut tight, she is
biting her lips and she is covered in a fine film of perspiration,
I start to move my hips, to slide in and out of her but she stops
me and whispers “No I want to fuck you, ” I smile and
reply “Be my guest sweetheart.” I lean back against
the bathroom wall and spread my legs, the better to support
Kathy. Kathy continues to milk my cock with her cunt for
a few minutes longer and then she begins to grind her pubis
against mine. She gives a little moan and I feel her cunt
spurt around my cock, “Have you cum, ” I ask “Mmmmm”
she replied, “but just a little one.” I look into her
face and can see the excitement and enjoyment in her eyes.
My cock is now well lubricated by her pussy juice and she
starts to ride me, lifting a little the sliding back down
again, each time rising a little higher up my straining
shaft till eventually she was going right up until just
the head of my cock was held between those sweet lips, she
keeps the rhythm slow and even. She reaches up and pulls
my head down onto her tits; I get the message and begin to
lap at them slowly, my tongue bounces over the crinkled
flesh of her aureole before running up the side of her long
erect nipple. I alternate between each tit enjoying the
sensation of her swollen teat on my lips. Kathy is now starting
to speed up, as her orgasm builds, she begins to moan loudly,
she has always been a noisy cummer, I use my hands to support
her as she bounces up and down my cock shaft, I part her bum
cheeks as I do and trace a finger along her crack till I feel
the tight hole of her bum. Without actually penetrating
her there I begin to tease and worry the tight entrance “Ohhhh
fuck sweetheart do it please, ” I need no second bidding
and slowly slip my finger into her hole. It is all it takes
and Kathy goes into a paroxysm of movement slamming down
hard on my cock, grinding her hips back and forth, her moans
become louder and louder each time she slides down my cock.
She pulls my face hard into her breasts and I begin to gently
bite down on each nipple. I feel my balls begin to tighten
and my cock get harder and harder as I prepare to unload.
Kathy beats me to it, She goes rigid as her orgasm hits her,
she screams loudly, a primeval sound, it proves too much
for me. I turn around so that I can rest her back against the
bathroom wall, my hands grip her bum cheeks and I push into
her, no finesse now just passion. I pull out then again drive
forward until I come to rest against her belly; my cock twitches
in anticipation. I want to go slowly, to make it last, but
I know that is not going to be possible Kathy’s legs lock
hard around my waist squeezing me tightly, her heels drum
against my spine as a second and third mini orgasm floods
her cunt. Kathy’s pussy muscles expand and contract
against my cock, it is enough to take me past the thin hold
I have on my self-control. One final push and I bury my straining
cock inside her, the is a minute pause, barely enough time
to blink before my body gives one tremendous jerk and I feel
my balls empty themselves into Kathy’s receptive hole.
Kathy’s eyes open wide as the first jets of cum hits her
pussy walls; she slowly rides my cock, teasing and cajoling
me; “Oh yes lover” she whispers,  “I can feel you
filling me with your cum, Mmmmm it feels so nice and warm.”
 My cock cannot stop; jet after jet of cum shoots into Kathy.
I have never cum so much before, it is incredible. My legs
begin to shake and I do not have any strength left to continue
to support Kathy any more and we slide to the floor and lie
in an untidy heap. Eventually Kathy moves and I slip out
of her, she gives one final shudder as my cock finally leaves
her wet hole, I run my hand over her gash, her pussy lips are
swollen red and wide open, cunt juices and cum mingle and
leak out down along her bum crack to drip onto the bathroom
floor. Kathy murmurs, “Mmmm honey that was brilliant,
and I am sure it’s going to be just as much fun with Michael
and Tess tonight.” “All I can do is grunt in reply.

  Eventually we get up, shower again and dress. We are just
in time as Tess and Michael arrive for drinks before the
taxi comes to take us to the air base. Michael is dressed
in his mess uniform; five bright medals are pinned to his
chest, souvenirs from his various visits to countries
where people were shooting at him. The uniform, which he
had hand made for himself, is a perfect fit and shows off
his physique well.  Kathy spins him around to admire the
way the uniform trousers lay; she pays particular attention
to the way the material accentuates his muscular bum. “Mmmmm,
Mike I would like to see you dressed like this, you would
make a perfect pair then. What do you think Tess?” Tess
giggles, “he looks good enough already Kathy, very sexy
in his dinner suit, I particularly like his dickie. But
I do know what you mean, the mess dress uniform does a certain
something for me as well.”  Tess like Kathy is dressed
to kill and looks stunning, she has on a black sheath dress,
which clings to her like a second skin; the top is a cut in
a deep vee and barely covers her breasts. I can see the swell
of her tits, almost to her nipples.  She is braless and
the hard points push through the thin material. “Bloody
hell Tess, ” I exclaim you look phenomenal, but what
the hell is keeping your boobs in?”  Kathy laughs, “Forgive
my husband Tess, he has had a very sheltered upbringing, ”
she cuffs me around the head. “That’s okay Kathy, Michael
asked the samee question. It’s a girlie secret guys,
but I’ll give you a little hint, whoever discovered double
sided Sellotape was genius.” Michael and I look at each
other in amazement. “Flipping heck, ” I said, “I’ll
never be able to wrap a parcel up again and not see Tess’s
boobs.” The arrival of the taxi saved me from any physical
abuse from the girls.

  We arrive at the Airbase after a short journey and made our
way to the Sergeants Mess, The room is lavishly dressed,
rows of small tables, each covered in a snow white cloth,
Silver cutlery marks every place and in the centre of each
table is a display of flowers that would have made Alan Titchmarsh
green with envy. There is a large dance floor and on the stage
a three-piece combo are playing some light jazz and blues.
We join a glittering array of people in the reception queue.
The women are a beautiful sight. Every one of them has gone
overboard with their preparations and no matter what their
shape or size they all look stunning in their evening dresses,
with hair and makeup so carefully applied. But for all the
glamour and glitter of the other ladies I feel Kathy and
Tess have them all beat. While Tess’s dress was daring,
Kathy’s is just pure elegance, a simple dress, unusual
in that it buttoned the front, small mother-of pearl buttons
that took an age to do up and undo, but was unique. A Stella
McCartney design, the palest lilac colour and edged at
the top and bottom with hand stitched golden embroidery.
It was a masterpiece of simplicity and class. A pair of matching
Jimmy Woo shoes finish off the outfit; she looks stunning.
The men are no less smart, a smattering of tuxedos identifies
the civilian guests, but in the main it is a sea of multi-coloured
uniforms and medals. This being a unique base as, not only
is it tri-service and there are members from all arms of
the British forces here, it was also multi national and
as such the range of colours was amazing. From the simple
blue of the Air Force members to the exciting bright, flamboyant
uniforms of some of the African nations.

  We shuffle along the reception line until we are presented
to our host, the Chairman of the Mess Committee or CMC as
he is known.  He is shorter than Michael and I about 5ft
8” of stocky build. He has thick grey wavy hair that is
probably a little long for military perfection and looks
to be in his mid to late 50’s. Like Michael, he is dressed
in a well-fitted mess dress uniform. On his chest are a number
of glistening medals including the pink enamelled cross
of the MBE. Above this impressive row of military jewellery
is a small badge woven in silver and gold thread; it depicts
a small wing with the letters AEOp alongside it. “Sir”
says Michael rather formally, may I introduce you to Mr
and Mrs Overme; Kathy and Mike.” The CMC stretches out
a hand and takes mine, his grip is firm and dry, “Mike,
pleased to meet you, so glad you can come, ” he turns his
gaze onto Kathy, leans forward and takes her hand and in
a quaint old-fashioned gesture raises it gently to his
lips. “And welcome to you too my dear, Michael told me
he was bringing some guests, but not that the lady would
be so pretty.” I swear Kathy actually blushes at this
old fashioned courtesy; she almost curtsies as she stammers
her reply.  “Why Thank you kind sir” It was almost
pure Vivien Leigh and ‘Gone with the Wind.’ The CMC
laughs, “Aha” he said, “my kind of lady.” Just
then the woman standing next to him chips in, “Trevor,
if you are going to chat up all the ladies, the ball will be
over before we get in.” The voice was light and full of
laughter. The CMC turns to the lady and in a mock, stern voice
says, “Hush woman, you’re not supposed to speak, just
stand there and look pretty while I do my stuff.” The lady
reaches out a foot and kicks him sharply on the ankle. “Oww
that hurt; Tess, you better go put your nursie uniform on
I need some TLC.”  “For you Trevor, anytime, ”
I was surprised by the sound of Tess’s voice, it was deep
and sexy, I look over at her, she was blatantly flirting,
and leaning forward a little, making sure the CMC could
get a good look at her breasts. “Trevor, put your eyes
back in, ” The older woman chides, “Tess you just put
them weapons away for now, you know what it does to him. “
I catch a subtle nuance in the ladies voice, and as Tess leans
forward to kiss the woman in greeting I heard her whisper
“and you Babs, and you.”

  Just then, the CMC speaks up, “Well Kathy and Mike I guess
you had better meet the wife may I introduce Barbara, more
affectionately known as management.” Barbara is about
5ft 6” tall and slim built. She is wearing a Gold bolero
Jacket with hand-stitched embroidery over an exquisite
Donna Karan evening gown; gold silk shoes completed the
ensemble. The well-fitted ball gowns clings to her rather
boyish figure like a second skin accentuating her slim
waist and trim hips, the jacket, conveniently hides my
view of her breasts, which I surmise would be small and pert
like the rest of her. She has a small round face, wide, deep
blue eyes, with long, long lashes and her hair, which is
cut in a 60’s Mary Quant type style and frames her face,
is jet black, apart from a few streaks of grey, which she
has not tried to hide and which perfectly complements her.
 She stretches up and briefly kisses both of us on the cheeks.
She turns to Tess and Michael and gives a slightly longer
kiss to Tess’s cheeks but Michael gets the full lips on
lips treatment. She takes both of their hands in hers and,
turning once more to us says, “It’s so nice to meet you
both, Tess and Michael often talk about you, and Trevor
and I have been so looking forward to meeting you both. You
are on our table so when I can drag the pompous old fool away
from his official duties we can chat some more. “

  We move to our seat in the marquee and sit down; one waitress
serves Bucks Fizz as another places plates of Seafood salads
in front of us. After a short wait Trevor and Barbara arrive
with the official guest and his partner in tow. Tess leans
across and whispers, “This is the Station Commander
and his wife, Dave and Mirelle. Both he and his wife are real
lovely people; I have a few fantasies about him as does Michael
regarding his wife.” As the introductions are made I
can see why Tess and Michael have such a crush on them. Dave
was 5ft 9 or 10” tall and very fit; he has the build of someone
who uses weights a lot. I would have guessed that they were
probably mid forties

  Dave’s uniform, while similar to Michael and Trevor’s
is slightly different in that Dave wears a small waistcoat
beneath the Jacket. A small fine watch chain loops across
from pocket to pocket.  Also, where Trevor, Michael and
the majority of the other military men wear plain cummerbunds,
Dave’s is a scarlet red and black chequer. On Dave’s
left breast is a pair of golden wings and beneath them a row
of medals glitter in the reflected light of the table candles.
Mirelle is taller than her husband by a good 3”, like Kathy
she also wears a plain evening gown. This one has all the
classic hallmarks of a Bruce Oldfield design, pure elegant
simplicity. The dress, which is a variety of blue hues and
tone that start as the palest blue at the top and gradually
deepen to the darkest at the hem, is based on the classic
Empire style of the late 18th early 19th century. It has
a bodice that is a snug fit and pushes Mirelle’s breasts
up in to two perfect globes. Her skin glistens where she
had dusted herself with fine shimmer powder. Her hair is
cut close to her scalp, almost boyish in appearance, bringing
back visions of Servalan from the cult 70’s series, Blake’s
7. She has sharp, fine features; her eyes are like two dark
shimmering pools; her lips are wide and full-bodied. Mirelle
is also as black as midnight; she is the archetypical Ethiopian

  Again, Kathy and I witness a more than fleeting acknowledgement
between all the couples; the greeting kisses are slightly
longer and firmer than would have been expected in a boss,
subordinate relationship. Trevor introduces them to
us formally as Group Captain and Mrs Surrey; Dave quickly
changes that, with “No need to be so formal it’s Dave
and Mirelle and it’s a pleasure to meet you both, Michael
speaks highly of you both.” We shake hands and like Trevor,
he gives Kathy a kiss to her hand first then pulls her forward
to brush her cheeks with his lips, I see Kathy flush a little
at his gentle touch. I hear a soft, but deep and sexy voice
call, “David! Don’t embarrass the lady so. Kathy I
apologise for my husband he is such a roué.”   “It’s
no problem, ” Kathy laughs  “I am enjoying the attention
I am getting from these handsome and charming military
gentlemen. “ at that point there was a combined snort
of derision from Tess , Barbara and Mirelle “Well Kathy
you got at least one out of three” said Tess , “Yeah, ”
echoed Barbara, “They are military men!” The three
ladies dissolve into a fit of giggles as the men stand there,
mock looks of disapproval on their faces.

  The tone for the evening was set; it is superb, gorgeous
food, attentive waiting staff who make sure a plate or glass
is never empty for long, music ranging from classic forties
and fifties dance band music to a pop band that play a whole
repertoire of music from 60’s classics through to the
90’s hits. We all dance with each other; I am in my element,
dancing with each of the girls in turn. Barbara’s body
is hard and firm beneath my touch; Mirelle’s is soft and
sexy. Tess is, as I already know all curves. Kathy has also
enjoys herself with the guys, and whispers to me that during
one slow dance with Trevor his hand had stroked her bum and
she had felt his cock stiffen slightly as he had drawn her
into him.  Finally, as the evening or morning as it is draws
to a close the lights are down low and I am dancing with Barbara
to some superb renditions of 60’s soul music. The band
finishes playing Sam and Dave Soul Sister and slip into
Percy Sledge’s classic, When a Man Loves a Woman. They
announce it as the first of their final two songs. I step
back, expecting Barbara to want to dance with her husband,
she looks me in the eye and with her arms outstretched and
a sexy pout on her lips whispers, “Oh don’t you want
to be seen smooching with an old bird?” I look across to
Kathy, she is snuggled into Trevor, swaying softly to the
music, Michael is dancing with Mirelle and Dave with Tess
and no one looks as though they are bothered about dancing
with their own partners. “If you don’t mind dancing
with a man with two left feet it will be my honour, ” I reply.
I step in close, holding one hand I place the other in the
small of her back in the traditional, formal dance position.
 We dance slowly together, moving round the dance floor
effortlessly. Barbara is a superb dancer and even makes
me look competent. As Percy Sledge ends, the band effortlessly
segues into Otis Redding’s Dock of The Bay; again Barbara
makes no effort to disengage but snuggles in a little closer,
laying her head against my shoulder. She whispers, “You
can hold me round the waist, I won’t break.”  I feel
her hands slip off my shoulder and wrap around my waist,
I allow my hands to slide down to her hips, and I can feel her
body through the material of the dress as I do. Holding her
lightly at the waist we began to sway in time with the music.
I sense a change come over Barbara, she moves her position
so that one leg pushes into my groin, while the other straddles
my leg, forcing my knee into her crotch. She moves my hands
and places them at the top of her bum and moves her hands to
a similar position, she pulls on my hips, gently forcing
my crotch onto her knee. Slowly she sways, always keeping
that gentle pressure on my cock, which, by now was taking
notice of the attention it was getting and was starting
to stiffen. I was horrified, here I was dancing with a lady
who’s husband was my best mates boss and I was getting
a flaming hard on.  But Barbara wasn’t finished yet,
“Mmmmm that feels nice Mike.” She whispers in my ear,
as she does she moves one of my hands from around her waist
and presses it against her tit under her Jacket. Now I’m
just an ordinary guy, not always the smartest kid on the
block, but even I recognise a come on when it was presented
so shamelessly.  I have very little willpower when it
comes to matters sexual so I took a risk that Barbara had
not moved my hand there for any other reason but that she
needed me to scratch an itch for her. Being a gentleman I
oblige; using just my thumb I caress the already stiff nipple
I can feel the already hard bud grow even stiffer through
the material. Her breasts are as I had guessed, small but
they are round and firm in my hand. I continue to stroke and
tease the firm breast flesh beneath the soft material of
the dress, it is apparent that Barbara is not wearing any
bra and what I feel is all her. My cock twitches and grows
a little more, I try to pull away, to hide my embarrassment
but Barbara pulls me back in harder, “Don’t you dare, ”
She whispers, “I want to feel it.” She moves a hand around
to the front and places it against my cock  “Bloody hell
Barbara, this is all very nice and I am enjoying it but, your
husband and my wife are over there, not to mention a lot of
other people.”  Barbara just smiles and guides me across
the dance floor to a dark corner where Trevor and Kathy are
locked together. As we approach I see Kathy’s eyes are
closed, her head is tilted back and her tongue is peeking
out from between her lips. I know this look, Kathy is close
to orgasm, as I look down and see why, Trevor had unbuttoned
one or two of the fastenings on Kathy’s dress and had his
hand inside and appeared to be stroking her pussy, I saw
Trevor lean forward and whisper in Kathy’s ear, she opened
her eyes and looked at me. She smiled that lazy sexy smile
that I knew meant she was having real fun. We moved on a little
and found Mirelle and Tim. They to were in a clinch that was
more than just good friends having a nice time. And finally,
we found Tess and Dave, I can see Tess’s hand rubbing over
the crotch of Dave’s trousers and the resultant bulge
indicated that Dave, like I was losing his self control.
Suddenly the music ended and the lights came back on. We
four guys had to walk back very close to our dance partners
to hide our erections, the ladies meanwhile where having
serious problems with the heat, or so it appeared from the
way they were fanning themselves.

  Back at our table, I sat next to Michael and asked what was
going on. “Well, ” said Tim, “you may have guessed,
Tess and I are quite old hands at swinging. Well Trevor,
Dave, Barbara, Mirelle, Tess and I have been a little group
for some time. Tess and I have spoken about you guys to the
group and everyone wanted to meet you. I am afraid this was
a sort of initiation interview, I should have mentioned
it, but we wanted to see if you were ready to expand your list
of acquaintances.”  “Oh, ” I replied “I wondered
why Kathy and I kept getting asked to dance by the others
but only occasionally by you and Tess. What happens now?”
 “Well, we are all off to Dave’s and we no doubt will
party, the group want you to join us. You and Kathy need to
talk and decide if you are ready to move up a level? If you
decide you are not ready to join the group that’s cool,
Tess and I would still like to keep our special friendship
though as we enjoy your company.” Michael had stood as
he was talking; I noticed the others had disappeared while
he had been explaining things to us. “You and Kathy have
a chat, if you want to join us we’ll be waiting for you in
the bar!” I turned to Kathy and said, “What do you think?
Do we want to go join them” Kathy replied without a moment’s
hesitation, “I’m thirsty, will we go to the bar for
a drink?” She had a big grin on her face, “

  We walked into the bar and headed towards the gang, Mirelle
saw us first and whispered to the rest, they all turned,
we saw huge smiles on their faces. Dave spoke first; “Welcome
guys, we hoped you’d join us, we think you are a very sexy
couple. What say we have one quick drink here and head back
to my place?” everyone nodded in swift agreement. Kathy
was dragged away by the girls and I joined the guys. “Mike, ”
said Trevor, just a few ground rules. We have no inhibitions
except those of respecting our partners and our friends.
We accept everyone has differing tastes and anyone can
ask anyone in the group anything. However, if a member says
no, then that’s it, the subject forgotten, is that okay
for you?”  “No problems at all.” I replied, “I
am not sure how we will handle the group thing though, for
all we like to play and have done with Michael and Tess, it
has always been just as couples in separate rooms. We are
basically quite shy.”  “Yes Mike, I have told the
group you are not yet into a group scene. That’s cool;
we have planned tonight on that basis and will just take
it a step at a time until you are ready.” Michael replied.
“What will happen tonight when we get back to Dave’s
place all the girls will go to a room and we will follow them
in. The lights will be off in the rooms and you are not allowed
to talk, you make your way to the bed and meet your partner,
again no talking and you just enjoy yourself. After about
30 minutes the lights will go on and we move on to the next
game, you okay with that? I look over towards Kathy, her
face is flushed and her breathing is deep, I raise a quizzical
eyebrow and she nods once, she is shaking and I can see her
holding Tess’s hand. “We are cool with that Tim, ”
I replied. “Right then ladies and gents, ” said Dave,
“let’s head for the hills, ”

  As neither Mirelle nor Barbara had been drinking through
the night we all piled into their cars for the short run to
Dave and Mirelle’s house. And what a house, it was an impressive,
Georgian Mansion, built from rugged, grey Yorkshire stone.
A long sweeping gravel drive led up to the imposing colonnaded
front porch. I leaned forwards and spoke to Trevor who was
sitting in front of me.  “Bloody hell you obviously
get paid far too much in the Air Force.”  Trevor laughed,
“If only. No the truth is Dave comes from a wealthy family,
he actually has a title although he never uses it, he is a
baronet of some place or other and this is the family pile
that he inherited when his folks passed away.” We bundled
out of the cars and ran giggling like a bunch of school kids
at end of term into the house. We where in a large entrance
hall and just like all the best movies there was a stone staircase
that came sweeping down from the upper floor, you can just
imagine Mr Darcy striding down it as he rushes to meet the
ladies. A huge chandelier lit the hallway. Several doors
led of to other rooms on the left and right. “Right who’s
for a drink first?”  Dave voice snapped us out of our
tourist mode, I heard Michael laugh beside me “We were
exactly the same first time we came here, bloody impressive
isn’t it?”  “To right” I replied, “this is
amazing!”  We followed Michael and the rest as Dave
led us into a large panelled room, it was obviously the library
as rows and rows of bookshelves covered three of the four
walls from floor to ceiling. A small balcony ran around
the wall with a spiral staircase leading up to it. In the
centre of the room two large leather settees were placed
around an oak table.  On the fourth wall hung a large tapestry
depicting some sort of hunting scene. We settled ourselves
into the settees as Dave and Mirelle served drinks all round.
Once the drinks had been dispensed we made for the settees,
I was seated next to Mirelle and Dave had joined Kathy.  Barbara
and Trevor sat beside Trix and Tim. As everyone is settled
Dave spoke “For the benefit of our new friends may I suggest
that we get in the mood first with a little home movie?”
There was a chorus of agreement from the others. ”Remember
the rules guys, no touching at this stage, save it for the
main event.”  Dave said as he leant forward and pressed
a small button hidden on the table.

  The room lights dimmed and I heard a soft swishing sound
I looked up and saw the tapestry moving slowly to one side,
behind it was a large flat panelled projection screen.
Momentarily the room went totally dark, just then Mirelle
leant across and whispered, I think you are going to enjoy
this. There was a flickering on the screen then suddenly
there was the room, only this time it was only Barbara, Trevor,
Dave and Mirelle in the room. They were obviously watching
the screen like we were, I saw Mirelle running her hand along
Trevor’s leg. Trevor was reciprocating and unlike tonight
where she was wearing a long formal gown on the screen Mirelle
had a short micro skirt on that showed she had an incredible
pair of pins. I saw her legs part slightly and was rewarded
with a flash of white as her knickers came into view.

  Dave on the other hand was stroking Barbara’s breasts;
lightly rubbing them through her blouse. I can see she was
enjoying it. She was more brazen than the rest and had Dave’s
cock out and was alternating between slow strokes and rubbing
her thumb lightly over the swollen purple head. On screen
Trevor was slowly unbuttoning Mirelle’s blouse. I cannot
stop myself letting out a small expression of approval
as the blouse is undone. Mirelle was braless, something
that had not been obvious from the initial views, her breasts
were firm and round, and the dark nipples were incredibly
long and hard. We watched as Trevor reached a hand across
Mirelle’s chest and began to gently massage her tits,
one second stroking them with the flat of his hand the next,
gently manipulating the extended nipple with his forefinger
as delicately as a pilot operating a control column in an
aeroplane. It was obvious that Mirelle was enjoying this
as I can see her lean further and further back until she was
horizontal on the sofa, never once did Trevor break contact
with Mirelle keeping up the steady massage until she was
settled and relaxed. Then he leant forward and gently gripped
a nipple between his lips pulling up and back, stretching
the already long nipple even further, he relaxed the tension
on Mirelle’s nipple and moved his head further down so
the whole length was in his mouth. It was hard to see what
he was doing there but it was obviously to Mirelle’s liking
as I can see her hand pushing Trevor’s head further down
onto her heaving breast.

  On the other settee it was Dave who is on the receiving end
of Barbara’s attentions. She is now naked and kneeling
between his legs. As I had imagined, she has a slender almost
boyish figure and as she kneels at Dave’s feet I can see
a body tight and toned, a narrow waist and a small round bum.
After admiring the back view I am impatient to see the front,
but Barbara is obviously content doing what she was doing.
Her hand is wrapped around his thick cock stroking it slowly
up and down. Each time she moves her hand down and the foreskin
surrounding Dave’s cock head retreats, exposing the
dark purple dome, Barbara’s tongue flicks out and brushes
over the surface. Dave’s hands rest on Barbara’s head,
softly stroking her hair as he tries to control Barbara’s
movements. From here it is obvious Barbara has her own agenda.
Her technique looks superb, a slow attack on the cock-head,
teasing the upright pole then, gradually in stages, pulling
his cock into her mouth. From where I sit, her techniques
look on a par with my Kathy’s who, I always believed, is
one of the best exponents of the blowjob and that if it had
been a recognised sport she would be national, commonwealth,
world and Olympic champion.

  By now, Trevor and Mirelle are both naked, and Trevor is
moving his attention a little further down Mirelle’s
body and gently laps at her pussy. Mirelle I can see bucks
the trend for being clean-shaven. A mass of tight curls,
black as midnight, covers the entrance to her waiting hole.
 I can see Trevor’s fingers holding back the dark forest,
exposing a wet gash that glistens as Mirelle’s body responds
to his probing, darting tongue with a flood of juices which,
judging by Trevor’s actions on screen, must taste like
sweet wine. Mirelle’s long slender fingers dig into
Trevor’s back and leave thin, dark tracks were her nails
dig deeper and deeper into him as she nears her orgasm.

  On the other sofa Dave had taken charge at last and has Barbara
bent over the arm of the settee. His cock is buried deep in
her cunt and I watch as he slowly withdraws until just the
cock head is stretching the entrance to her wet hole before
slowly, with the delicacy of a surgeon making his first
incision, eases himself back inside her. I see Barbara
bury her head in a pillow and her tiny hands grip the edges
as Dave’s cock fills and stretches her tight hole. Suddenly
Dave goes into overdrive, pushing deep into Barbara’s
body, his balls slam into her ass on every downward stroke.
Each time he pulls out I can see his cock, her creamy cunt
juices coating the long thick shaft.

  Trevor’s cock is also buried deep in Mirelle by now. He
has positioned Mirelle on the sofa; her legs are straight
up resting on his chest and shoulders as he slides into her.
Trevor too is in top gear, sliding effortlessly in and out
of Mirelle’s wet gash, the pinkness of which stands out
in stark contrast to the dark mass of pubic hair. I can see
her cunt lips, like small flaps, clinging tightly to Trevor’s
rigid member. I see her shudder as his cock strokes the sensitive
bud of her clit with each downward thrust. Mirelle’s
head begins to rock from side to side and it is obvious she
is in the first throws of a massive orgasm, her hands reached
up and grip the back of the settee and I can see her lifting
herself off the settee and grinding herself into Trevor’s
groin. Trevor reaches down to support her hips as he drives
into her like an express train. Suddenly he stiffens, his
head goes back and I hear the growl of exultation as he empties
himself into Mirelle’s cunt. That is all it takes to send
Mirelle into her own paroxysms of pleasure. Her body stiffens
and she goes almost parallel with the ground, supported
only by her hold on the settee back and Trevor’s erection.
Finally Trevor’s hard on weakens and slowly Mirelle
drop backed to the sofa, Trevor also collapses and lays
across Mirelle’s perspiring body. His hands return
to her tits and he strokes and teases them gently bringing
Mirelle slowly down from her high.

  On the other sofa Dave and Barbara are locked together in
a 69 position; Barbara is straddling Dave’s head and
is bent forward, her hand steadying Dave’s erect cock
as her mouth slides up and down the shaft. Dave’s fingers
part Barbara’s pussy lips and I can see flashes of pink
as his tongue drives into her cunt, pushing in and out like
a small cock; he alternates this with a slow lapping action
along the length of her wet slit. Each traverse of her tight
hole brings a shudder of delight from Barbara. The camera
moves closer and I can see her working her jaw muscles as
she milks Dave’s cock, she moves her head up and down at
a slow languorous pace. So tight is the grip of her lips around
Dave’s cock that she leaves a bright smear of red lipstick
along the entire length, marking the passage of her mouth
along his cock. Occasionally, she removes the Dave’s
prick from her mouth and just uses her tongue to wash over
the dark bulbous head. Now and again you can see her tongue
probing and teasing Dave’s pee hole, tasting the river
of pre-cum that is leaking from it. Long nails slowly trace
line from Dave’s bum-hole up to his tight ball sack, circling
round each sensitive plum. His cock sac shrivels at the
light touch and he speeds up his attack on Barbara’s open
cunt. Faster and faster his tongue lashes against her streaming
pussy; he spreads her ass cheeks to allow him better access
to her waiting hole. His thumbs press and caress her tight
bum hole, a constant pressure without any penetration.
Dave must be real close to cumming as he is really attacking
Barbara’s cunt now and I can see his thumb penetrate Barbara’s
tight bum hole. Barbara also was close to the edge I could
see the concentration on her face, her determination to
wait for Dave to shoot his load into her mouth. She has his
cock in her hand with just the head resting on her lips; Her
mouth is wide open as if determined not to miss a drop of Dave’s
cum. She is stroking the thick shaft up and down faster and
faster, her other hand rolls and caressed Dave’s balls
while at the samee time her middle finger is buried in his
bum up to the first knuckle. Suddenly Barbara’s mouth
is filled with thick white cream as Dave’s cock spits
jet after jet into her mouth, it is apparent that Barbara
enjoys the taste of cum as she greedily swallows every drop
that pours into her and then attacks the slowly deflating
cock to grab the last few drops.   Once Barbara has ensured
that Dave has finished his orgasm and she has cleaned every
last drop of his cum she is ready to enjoy her own.  She stands
up turns round and slowly lowers her self back on to Dave’s
mouth, so that she was facing forward and can control the
contact of her pussy with Dave’s lips and tongue. As she
does this I finally get to see her front. She is whippet lean;
her breasts like two small grapefruit, round and firm,
her nipples swollen and erect; the dark buds contrasting
with her all over tan. My eyes run down to her cunt, Barbara
is like Mirelle, a believer in the natural look; I can see
a dark trimmed bush, which covers her pussy entrance.  She
pushes herself forward so that as she rocks backwards and
forwards her clit brushes against Dave’s nose. Dave’s
hands came up and grip her small tits, his thumbs press into
the hard nipples his fingers massage the small round globes.
Barbara leans back and supports herself on Dave’s thighs,
her cunt opens wider and I can see the wet open entrance glistening
with a mixture of her own juices and Dave’s. By now Barbara
is lost in a sexual haze, her eyes are glazed and her chest
rises and falls faster and faster, beads of perspiration
cover her body as she fights to hold back the orgasm building
in her while at the same time wanting to let go and let the
sensual pleasure rip through her. Finally her body decides
it cannot hold back any longer and she begins to tremble
as her orgasm kicks in. It is incredible to watch, she just
shakes, almost as though suffering some form of seizure.
I have never seen any woman cum like this it was incredible
to watch. As the first wave washes through her Barbara slides
down Dave’s body and presents her tits to his mouth. Dave
needs no second bidding and his pussy juice coated mouth
attacks each hardened nipple in turn, sucking hard on the
distended teats then slowing down in stages almost like
an athlete going through a cool down after a period of vigorous
exercise. Gradually he brings Babara down from her incredible

  The camera pulls away and I can see both couples naked and
relaxed, I watch Tess move across to Dave and take his cock
in her hand and slowly stroke it bringing it back to full
hardness, Barbara does the same to Trevor and gradually
the women bring their men back to full hardness.

  Suddenly the action on the screen stops and the lights come
on I look around it is obvious that the no touching rule imposed
by Dave has caused some problems. Every one of the guys is
sporting serious bulges in their trousers and the ladies
all have serious crease marks on their dresses around the
area of their groins. Dave stood up “Right you lot I’m
don’t know about the rest of you but I think it’s time
to party, Mirelle if you show the girls to the rooms and shout
when you are already we will make our way up.”  The girls
all stand up and sashay out of the room blowing kisses at
us as they leave. We guys sit and chat for about 5 minutes
and despite the fact we were soon to go upstairs and fuck
reach other wives like all blokes were there are more than
two gathered together we started discussing the latest
football game. Trevor was halfway though a dissertation
on the West Ham team of the 60’s when we heard a small intercom
buzzer sounded. “Right, that’s us guys, lets go.”
Dave said as he walked up the room. I turned to Michael and
said “Knowing my luck I will probably get Kathy, ”
Michael laughed “That’s was always a possibility
and we debated as to whether leave everything to chance
as part of the fun. But we decided to make sure that did not
happen to you and Kathy. So only the girls know which room
Kathy is in and Dave knows which rooms Kathy is not in, but
not who’s in them so there is still a random element. Once
you are settled in a room we will draw lots to see who goes
in which of the remaining rooms. Obviously we all know each
other’s bodies quite well so we will probably know who
our partner is within the first minute. But, to ease you
and Kathy into the group, we hit on this way of doing things
and, if we guessed right, you and Kathy will soon be into
sharing with us in one room. “We reached the top of the
stairs and Dave said to me. “OK Mike here you are you get
the first room, the bed is straight ahead; have fun!”

  I open the door and step forward, after the bright light
of the landing and hallway the blackness of the bedroom
is total and I am totally blinded. Gradually, as my eyes
get accustomed to the darkness I realise that there is some
illumination in the room, small, faint, night-lights
low on the ground point me to the bed in the corner of the room.
They produce just enough light to prevent me causing myself
an injury as I make my way across the bedroom. I reach the
bed and can just make out the dark shape in front of me. I sense
they are watching me but, try as I might I cannot see any features
that will allow me to identify them.  I quickly undress,
and slide into the bed, my cock already semi hard in anticipation
of the fun ahead.  I am immediately rewarded by the feel
of a soft hand wrapping itself around my cock head. This
is all it takes for it to spring into full hardness; I hear
a soft growl of approval from my partner. I run my hand over
her body feeling firm small round tits and hard pointed
nipples that dig into my palms as I gently massage them,
my hand travels further down across a hard flat stomach
to a small closely trimmed pussy mound. It is not hard to
deduce who my partner is, Barbara, the hard body and trimmed
cunt a dead give-away. I decide to see if I can break the rules
and whisper, “Your body is exciting Barbara and I would
love to see it properly, will it matter very much if we put
the light on. I was rewarded with a soft chuckle and a response
from Barbara of “Be my guest, I want to see this lovely
cock as well.” I stumbled across the room and found the
light switch. I flicked it on and turned to see Barbara up
on one elbow watching me as I crossed the room back to the
bed. A slow smile crossed her face as she watched me walk
back, I laughed as well; it’s hard to be cool and dignified
when your stark naked and sporting the mother of all erections
that’s waving around in front of you as you walk.  “You
remind me of those natural history programmes where the
bull elephant is striding across the savannah in must,
his cock dangling.” Barbara giggled. I laughed as well,
“Well I hope I don’t start peeing myself like they do”
I climbed back in to bed beside Barbara, immediately her
hand took hold of my cock, her grip gentle her skin cool on
my hard on. “No I want to look at you, ” I said as I laid
her back on the bed. “Why?” she said, “I am just an
old broad.”  “Mmmmm, but an incredibly attractive
and sexy one. I find it incredibly horny that you are so much
older than me” I reply. I lay Barbara back on the bed and
gaze at her. Her pageboy haircut gives her a mischievous
look and her eyes are the deepest emerald green I have ever
seen, she has a long neck and I can see the beat of her heart
as the carotid artery in her neck pulsates. My gaze moves
down her body, which has an all over tan.  Her boobs while
small are round and firm the nipples already hard and extended.
The scrunched up nipple flesh is a deep mahogany colour
and contrasts starkly with the pale golden hue of the rest
of her body. She has a small tattoo just above the nipple
of the left breast, it takes me a moment to recognise it as
the logo used by the Rolling Stones, a pair of lips and an
extended tongue, the tip of which just touches the edge
of her aureole.  I look now across her stomach that belies
her 50 plus years; it is flat with a hint of muscle definition,
Barbara obviously still spends time in a gym. Her neatly
trimmed cunt now has the focus of my attention. I laugh as
I realise that her pubic hair is trimmed into the shape of
a question mark, “I call it my Why Not” she said, interpreting
my laugh as a query about her choice of pubic decoration;
“because when anyone asks me if I want to fuck I say why
not” She parts her legs a little further to allow me to
see more of her pussy. Barbara is blessed with wide cunt
lips that guard the entrance to her slit. At the moment they
are red, swollen and slightly open. I can see into her hole,
already her cunt is moist as her pussy juice wells up, moistening
and lubricating the entrance to her cunt hole. I tear my
eyes away from her pussy and move my view down the remainder
of her body. Although Barbara is only 5’ 6” or so tall
most of that appears to be legs that are honed and muscular.
The package ends in a pair of the daintiest feet I have ever
seen, tiny and narrow with high arches and long tapering
toes, the nails of which are delicately shaded with a pale
pink colouring.

  I feel Barbara’s small hand wrapping around my cock,
a few gentle strokes quickly bringing it to full hardness.
Slowly she moves her hand up and down my extended shaft peeling
the foreskin back from my throbbing cock head with each
downward stroke. As she exposes the sensitive dome, her
thumb caresses it gently, sending a shiver through my body.
My hands reach for her breasts I take an extended nipple
between the finger and thumb of each hand, slowly I roll
them backwards and forwards, occasionally stretching
them, but always gentle. “Mmmmm, that’s nice I hear
Barbara murmur “I want you to suck my titties for me, please.”
 I lean forward until my mouth is just above one swollen
nipple then, as my hand slowly massages her breast I use
my tongue to lap along the shaft of her nipple, it bounces
across the hard flesh as it travels from aureole to nipple
tip. I allow the nipple to slip between my lips and gently
suckle it, stimulating the already sensitive teat with
my tongue. Barbara’s other hand, for she has not relinquished
her grip on my cock, reaches behind my head and pulls me down
harder onto her bosom. I open my mouth wider, sucking more
of her tit flesh into it until I have nearly the whole tit
in my mouth. As I suck and lap at one breast I use my free hand
to caress and massage the other, squeezing and stroking
the small mounds. I can cover the whole tit with the palm
of one hand and still manipulate the hard nipple stalks.
I alternate between breasts stroking and kneading the
breast flesh or drawing the nipple into my mouth and teasing
in with my tongue and lips. Barbara’s hand never leaves
my cock while I work on her boobs; she strokes me in a slow
rhythmical movement stretching my cock flesh up and down
over the swollen cock-head which by now is leaking large
amounts of pre-cum. Barbara’s uses her thumb to massage
the sticky clear fluid back into my cock.

  I decide it’s time to take a closer look at Barbara’s
pussy and slide down her hard body, my lips and tongue licking
and nipping at her flesh as I do. I feel the soft fur of her
trimmed pussy hair brushing against my chin as finally
I reach Nirvana. Her pussy lips are flushed and red. The
flaps peeled back like outstretched butterfly wings,
allowing me an unrestricted view into her cunt. And what
a sight it is, the flesh of her pussy is soft, the entrance
to her cunt glistens with her juices which already congregate
in small pools in the folds of her vaginal walls, her clit,
a small bud of pale pink flesh is visible as I gently push
back the soft folds of skin that hide it from view. I use my
thumb and forefinger to hold he cunt open and blow softly
on her pussy, I sense a shiver run through her and hear a muffled
sigh as the sensation moves her senses up a level. I dip my
head forward and my lips brush against her pubic mound.
I use my tongue to hammer softly at her clit and, each time
I make contact with her cunt I can feel the heat of her body
and taste her taste. I lick at her cunt hole, lapping up as
much of the sweet tasting liquid that lies there as I can.
My lips and chin become coated in her liquor. Slowly I push
my tongue deeper inside her, stretching it to its limit
trying to touch every part of her wonderful hole.

  Barbara’s hands are now wrapped in my hair; she is pulling
and pushing my head backwards and forwards. She grinds
her pubic bone into my face, rotating her hips so that her
cunt gets worked over by my tongue, lips and nose. Her breathing
increases and she begins to whimper, softly at first, then
gradually increasing in intensity and volume till, just
before she comes she is almost screaming at the top her voice.
When her orgasm finally unleashes, she goes absolutely
rigid, board stiff and then begins to shake, at first I think
she was having some sort of seizure but quickly realise
that this not so as wave after wave of pussy juices roll across
my tongue, a veritable tsunami of cunt juice. I drink eagerly
at this well while all the time my tongue continues to rampage
around her cunt and clit.  Gradually the shakes and moans
subside and Barbara releases the death lock she has on my
hair. I roll her on her side and lie behind her. My arms wrap
around her and my hands massage her little boobs stroking
the soft round globes and teasing the still hard nipples,
rolling them between thumb and forefinger. My cock, which
is still hard pushes into the crack of her bum and slides
between her legs. I rock backwards and forward my cock shaft
sliding between the wide-open cunt lips, its swollen dome
occasionally colliding with her still sensitive clit.
Barbara lifts one leg and reaching down grabs my cock and
guides it to the open, waiting entrance to her cunt. She
rubs the cock head around the wet opening, coating it in
her thick pussy cream before positioning it just at the
entrance. Then, she pushes back forcing my swollen cock
into her waiting pussy. Her cunt lips part just enough to
allow my cock to be swallowed inside her and I can feel her
tight grip on my shaft as it inches its way into her. As my
belly butts into Barbara’s bum I pause and just gently
make my cock twitch this causes it to jump up and down inside
Barbara and elicits a soft, murmured  “Wow that feels
nice.” I ease backwards and slowly withdraw my cock.
I can feel Barbara’s cunt muscles contracting as she
fights to keep it inside her body, but she need not worry
for, no sooner does my cock head reach the entrance to her
hole than I reverse the action and push back inside her,
a little faster and a little harder this time. Slowly I build
up a rhythm until I am fucking her at a steady rate and I can
now concentrate on other parts of her anatomy. I nuzzle
my face into the nape of her neck and lightly trace my tongue
across it paying particular attention to the area of skin
where her pulse can be felt. Occasionally I nip at the flesh
catching the skin between my teeth and biting gently, my
teeth leaving a faint impression for a few seconds.  My
hands once more reach for her boobs and I use the palms to
massage them, I can feel the hard pointed nipples digging
into me as I press down on them Barbara moans softly as I tease
her tits. Slowly, in stages I increase the speed at which
I drive into Bab’s tight cunt hole, as I continue to thrust
into her so I can feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter,
the juices lubricating my passage. I can feel my own orgasm
building up and whisper to Barbara that I can’t hold on
for much longer. “ I want you to cum on my face, please”
she says hoarsely, “I want to see your cum on my tits.”
I can hardly hold back now but I quickly pull out and turn
Barbara onto her back, I kneel astride her, my cock inches
from her face. I start to slowly stroke myself, I lean back
and seek Barbara’s pussy with my other hand, I trace the
downy soft pubic hair till I feel the wetness begin, my hand
creeps on down till I find her clit, I use a single finger
to rub and scratch at it, I am rewarded with a small cry of
“Yessss” from Barbara. Now I push my hand into her crack
and as my fingers fill her hole my thumb continues the attack
on her clit.  Barbara’s cunt is soaking, I can feel the
sticky wetness of her around the entrance to her cunt, her
pussy is like a river in full flood as the juices pour from
her, running over my fingers coating them in her sticky
love juice. I pull my fingers out and offer them to Bab’s.
She eagerly licks on them, licking them clean of her own
cunt juices.  Now Barbara pushes my hand away and grips
my hard shaft in her tiny hand. She strokes my cock, slowly
at first but quickly increases the tempo till her hand is
almost a blur. I return the action once again driving my
fingers into her cunt, pushing them in an out to match the
tempo Barbara is setting on my cock  “Ohhhh, Mmmmm,
Cum for me Mike, cover my face, let me feel you everywhere,
in my mouth, nose hair, do it Mike” Barbara was almost
screaming, she strokes my prick even faster. It is too much
and I cannot stop the pressure wave that has been building
up in my balls from bursting through. My cock jerks once
and a great spurt of cum bounces of Barbara’s face, quickly
followed by a second that flies onto her brow and in her hair.
“Ohhhh yes Mike, don’t stop, ” she cries.  It is
amazing for I manage to keep spurting covering Barbara’s
face and tits with my thick cream Gradually, Barbara slows
her manipulation of my cock as it gradually loses it’s
hardness, till finally it lies limply between her tits,
the last drops of cum oozing from it to form a small pool on
Barbara’s soft skin.  We lie huddled together for a
few minutes, just basking in the afterglow of a great sex

  After a few moments of relaxation Barbara grabs my hand
and say’s “Come on let’s go get cleaned up” She
opens a door and steps into an adjacent room, pulling me
through with her. This house is amazing I think to my self
as we step into a bright room. A huge Jacuzzi cum hot tub dominates
the centre of the room. A small bar is positioned against
one of the outer walls and either side of it are small chaise
lounge beds    Opposite me are a set of glass patio type
doors. Barbara leads me across and slides them open. I step
through into a shower room; about ten showerheads are positioned
around the walls and ceiling. Barbara presses a button
in the wall and hot water bursts from the showerheads, I
let the warm water wash over me as I take in the room.  The
whole place is a picture book. The floor is a beautiful mosaic
showing the three sirens luring sailors to shipwreck on
the rocks. Looking closely I can see the features of the
sirens all bear an uncanny resemblance to Mirelle. The
walls are similarly tiled but here the graphics are an astounding
copy of the murals of Pompeii with all sorts of sex scenes
taking place. Everywhere I look there are cocks and cunts
on display. Again, if I look closely I can see Mirelle and
Dave’s faces imposed on a number of the bodies cavorting
around the room. This is a shower room with a difference;
I wander around mesmerized by the images. Barbara steps
up behind me sliding her hand around my chest, her small
nipples digging into my back like small stones. “Sexy
isn’t it?” she whispers. “God yes” I reply, “It’s
unbelievable. “  Barbara explains that Mirelle is
an accomplished artist and potter and she had created the
murals and made all the tiles used in the room. As she explains
this to me Barbara is soaping my chest with a big sponge.
She rubs the thick lather all over my body and down my chest
till she reaches my cock. Now she drops the sponge and I feel
her small hand close round my still limp cock. “Ohhhh
we can’t have this can we, ” she giggles as she begins
to stroke my cock, I am glad to say it doesn’t take much
attention before it is hard and upright as before. “Ahhh
that’s lots better, ” whispers Barbara. “Mmmmm
it certainly is Barbara, thank you for getting it ready
for me. Want to swap?” the voice startles me and I turn
to see who it is. Mirelle and Michael are standing just inside
the shower entrance. Michael has a big grin on his face like
the cat who got the cream, I look down and can see why, Mirelle
is leading him around like a dog walker, only she is using
his erect cock as the leash. “Yes please” Barbara replied,
“This one’s house trained, and clean” she giggles.
She looks at me and barks, “Stay” then walks over to
take over control of Tim’s cock from Mirelle.

  Mirelle sashays towards me parodying the catwalk models
walk, hips forward causing the exaggerated sway, her boobs
bounce in time with her movements and I see first hand those
incredible nipples that I saw earlier in the home movie.
I look down towards her cunt, where before there was a thick
mass of dark curly hair now it’s just a well-trimmed panel.
She comes over to me and in that deep husky voice whispers
“Hello white boy you want jig–a-jig?” As she speaks
she crouches down until her mouth is level with my hard cock.
I feel a soft breeze on the swollen sensitive dome as she
softly blows onto my cock head; the sensation is incredible
like a small electric current is running through me. I feel
her finger nails tracing a path along my ball sack. Then
she gently cups each ball in her hand and manipulates them
slowly She looks up at me, smiles licks her tips then leans
forward and slowly takes my cock head into her mouth. I feel
her tongue brush over the head and ultra-sensitive rim
before she dips further forward and takes the remainder
of it into her mouth. The sensation is incredible, like
having my cock brushed with a velvet glove.

  I look over towards where Michael and Bab’s are standing,
Michael is on his knees and has his face pressed into Barbara’s
pussy mound, Barbara is standing feet apart, her hands
are around Tim’s head pulling him hard onto her pussy,
her head is back and her eyes closed as she surrenders to
the joys of Tim’s tongue.

  Just then Tess and Dave walk in closely followed by Kathy
and Trevor. Kathy’s eyes open wide at the sight of all
the action going on. She looks at me and I can do no more than
grin inanely as I wallow in the pleasures of Mirelle’s
tongue and mouth, she smiles back and I can tell from the
way she hangs on to Trev that they have had a good time. I see
Trev lean forward and whisper something to Kathy. Kathy
looks across at Dave and nods slowly. Together they walk
across to where Dave and Tess are standing, Dave bows formally
to Kathy and takes her hand. Trevor just looks at Tess and
says in a passable cockney accent “Wanna fuck darling?”
Tess bursts out laughing, “Oh Trev you’re such a smooth
talking bastard, how can I resist?”  They walk back
out of the shower room and I watch as they settle down on one
of the small beds placed around the tub.

  Mirelle’s mouth is working wonders on my cock she has
my balls in her hand and is gently massaging them, it’s
incredible, here I am with three other couples all off us
stark naked and all enjoying the bodies of someone other
than our partners. I can see Barbara leaning against the
wall legs spread as Michael slides in and out of her from
behind his hands on her hips steadying her as he drives into
her.   I can hear her moans of pleasure each time he slams
into her.

  Next door I can see Trevor his head buried in Tess’s hole
as he laps her cunt. Tess is gripping the headboard with
one hand; the other is wrapped in Trevor’s hair pulling
him deeper and deeper into her cunt.

  My Kathy is being worked over by slowly by Dave; he is soaping
her all over with a large sponge, using it to massage her
tits, letting the fibres of the sponge massage her nipples
while his fingers work up lather at her cunt. His fingers
sliding in and out of her pussy, the juices from her cunt
mingling with the soap and running to the shower floor in
a white froth.  I watched as they both sank to the floor.
Dave lay on his back, his massive erection sticking up into
the air. Kathy knelt down beside him and, as only she can,
began to gently suck on his cock. I could see her tongue flicking
over the hard red head before running around the rim, running
up and down the shaft. The she leaned further a little more
and took his cock head into her mouth. She pushes forward
to take more of him in her mouth; as she does she raises herself
of her knees and leans forward exposing her ass and pussy
holes. “Oh my that is sweet, ” whispers Mirelle “I
need some of that.”  She shuffles over to where Kathy
and Dave lay pulling me with her as she refuses to release
my cock. While she strokes me with one hand she slides the
other straight into Kathy’s waiting cunt.

  The sudden invasion causes Kathy to jump and she turns towards
us. At first she is shocked for while we have talked about
it another woman has never touched Kathy intimately and
now here was Mirelle with her finger buried deep in her cunt.
“Mmmmm honey this is such a sweet pussy” whispered
Mirelle she continues to push her fingers deep into Kathy.
I can see the “look” appearing on Kathy’s face and
I know that I am about to witness another first. Mirelle
leans forward and kisses Kathy on the lips, a long sensuous
kiss; I can see Mirelle’s tongue pushing into Kathy’s
mouth. At first Kathy does nothing then, slowly, she begins
to respond and soon the two are snogging like teenagers,
Dave and I have been forgotten as the girls delve into their
own world.  Mirelle takes one of Kathy’s hands and places
it on her breast, Kathy strokes the soft flesh and her thumb
teases the hard nipple. Mirelle reciprocates the sight
of Kathy and Mirelle touching each other, the contrast
between their skin colourings is unbelievably sexy and
my hand strays to my cock. I look over to Dave and he also is
stroking himself.  On the floor Mirelle lifts one of Kathy’s
tits to her mouth. I watch as her teeth clamp over Kathy’s
erect nipple and slowly worry the small bud.  She squeezes
and caresses the tit alternating between a little pain
and then soothing pleasure. Mirelle’s mouth is glued
to the nipple and she is sucking it hard.  

  Now I watch as Kathy’s hand finds its way towards Mirelle’s
cunt. Tentatively she explores the soft flesh of Mirelle’s
open cunt. Her fingers gently open the wet passageway and
search for her clit. A sudden gasp from Mirelle tells me
that Kathy has found the button and she begins to work on
the soft clit in earnest. She gently runs at the tip with
her finger slowly increasing the pressure on the sensitive
tip. Then, using her fingernails she scrapes along its
sides before sliding her finger directly into Mirelle’s
cunt. “Oh my Kathy, that’s so nice “she whispers
“But now I want to taste you, ” She lays Kathy down onto
the hard floor and kneels between her legs. Slowly she strokes
Kathy’s waiting cunt copying Kathy’s earlier actions
on her. Mirelle’s fine ass is open to my view as she leans
forward and attacks Kathy’s cunt. I can see the tight
bud of her bum-hole and the long slit of her pussy. Mirelle’s
cunt lips are thick and swollen. Her pussy is open and glistens
with the moisture of the juices that coat the surface of
her waiting hole.  Kathy is not quiet when sexually aroused
and she is moaning and keening with a passion as Mirelle’s
tongue and finger probes and laps at her two holes. Mirelle
is also getting carried away, I can hear her whispering
to Kathy “Oh girl I am going to suck you so hard; I’m going
to fuck your ass, suck and chew your tits. Next time we will
share my big double dildo, sliding our cunts down from opposite
end to meet in the middle so our clitties can kiss. I want
to taste all of you.”  It’s almost too much for Kathy
and she starts to shake as an orgasm runs through her. Mirelle
bends forward and plants a kiss full on Kathy’s wet cunt.
Her tongue pushes past the lips that are open wide and coated
with a fine film of cunt juice. She reaches under Kathy’s
bum and lifts her up, pushing Kathy’s cunt harder against
her face; at the same time she slides a finger deep in Kathy’s
ass, “Ohhhh my Yessss, Oh God this is fucking incredible.”
My cock is now rock-hard and the sight of Mirelle’s ass
is driving me wild.

  I kneel between Mirelle’s legs and run a finger softly
along her cunt. Mirelle briefly stops her attack on Kathy’s
hole and looks over her shoulder, “Oh white boy hello,
“ she glances down at my cock “ Oh yes, that looks about
ready for Mirelle.” She reaches one hand between her
legs takes hold of my cock and guides it into her love channel,
the feeling is awesome, Mirelle’s cunt is so tight like
Kathy’s, it must be the exercising that does it. I feel
her cunt muscles contract to grip me even tighter as I slide
deep inside her.  As my balls bang up against her ass cheeks
Mirelle mutters a low grunt. Slowly I pull back out again
until my cock rests just at the entrance once more. I slide
back in, controlling my stroke as best I can; I want this
to last as long as possible. As I concentrate on my task I
hear Kathy calling for Dave, I look up in time to see his cock
disappearing into her mouth and his fingers grip the nearest
tip, stroking the breast; running his finger along the
underside following the soft round contours up to the hard
waiting nipple. The dark brown bud stands hard and proud
Dave grips the upright nipple between his fingertips pulling
twisting them sometimes softly, sometimes fiercely stretching
the nipple and pulling on the tit flesh.

  Now I have said it before and I’ll say it again Kathy gives
the best blowjob going and could earn a living at it. I watch
as she works her magic on Dave, her tongue slithers over
the thick dark head of his member; she probes the small opening
searching for the first sight and tastes of pre-cum. One
hand cups his balls and she gently rolls them in her palm.
Slowly she slides her head forward and I watch as all 9”
of his cock disappears into her mouth. She holds him deep
in her mouth for a few seconds and I watch as she works her
magic on him. I know from experience her tongue will be rolling
all over his shaft and cock head. Her jaw muscles will be
assaulting him clamping and releasing in a steady rhythm.
Gradually she pulls her head back, I can see the dark smear
her lipstick leaves behind as she keep her mouth tightly
clamped to his cock. Now her hand wraps around the shaft
and she gently strokes his cock. She alternates between
rubbing, sucking and swallowing Dave’s cock, keeping
up the attack never giving him time to settle. I smile as
I recall similar sessions. I wonder how long Dave will last?

  Mirelle now has Kathy’s cunt lips spread, held open with
two fingers as she leans forward to tease and lap at her clit.
Slowly her tongue runs up the crack until it bounces over
the hard button of Kathy’s clit. Like Kathy’s assault
on Dave’s cock head Mirelle’s tongue laps at this super
sensitive protrusion, her saliva mixing with the fine
film of Kathy’s cunt juices that coat the whole area.
Her finger rummages around Kathy’s bum hole sliding
in and out, twisting and turning. Gradually she inserts
a second finger stretching Kathy even further. “Mmmmm
oh yes that’s wonderful, Oh Mirelle I love it lick me harder,
Fuck me” Kathy is almost screaming by now. Her body shakes
uncontrollably it is covered in a fine film of perspiration
as Mirelle’s tongue and fingers drive her to the edge.

  I am fighting hard to retain control as I slowly ride Mirelle’s
tight cunt, I can feel her pussy muscles sucking me deeper
and deeper into her hole; She is so wet the feeling is incredible
and so hard to describe, one minute like sliding through
a bowl of jelly, soft and clinging the next like battering
through an inflexible pipe. Mirelle’s muscle control
is unbelievable. I run a finger along her back and along
the crease of her bum, down between her ass cheeks until
my finger bumps over the tiny puckered entrance to her bum.
Gently I work at it massaging the hole, I feel Mirelle pushing
back on my finger but resist the urge to penetrate preferring
instead to tease. “Put it in Mike for fucks sake, I’m
cumming, “ she moans, I push my finger passed the tight
entrance and slide into the warm recess of her bum, I slide
my finger in and out matching the tempo of my cock sliding
in and out of her cunt. “Ohhhh God Yessss, Oh fuck me hard
Mike”, Mirelle is screaming now as her body is overtaken
by a wave of orgasmic pleasure and she surrenders herself
to the sensations coursing through her body and cunt.

  All the while she is cumming she continues to pay attention
to Kathy’s hole, sucking and licking at Kathy’s now
sopping entrance; she replaces her mouth with her fingers
introducing them one at a time until she has all four in Kathy’s
cunt and her thumb pressing against Kathy’s hard clit.
She alternates between stroking and pressing down hard
onto the sensitive bud while all the time keeping her fingers
moving around Kathy’s vagina.  Kathy is being assaulted
by many sensations at the same time Mirelle’s mouth and
fingers attack her cunt and ass, Dave’s cock fills her
mouth and his hands tease her tits.  Her breathing is quickening
and her moans are getting louder as she builds to a climax.

  I watch as Dave stiffens and gives a loud grunt. Dave jerks
as spasm after spasm passes through him and his cock spurts
into Kathy’s mouth. I watch and I see Kathy struggling
to contain the cum that Dave has blasted into her mouth,
she eagerly licks at the dribbles that leak from the side
of her mouth. However, she is not quite quick enough as Mirelle’s
tongue scoops up some of her husband’s thick cream. Then
she moves to Kathy’s mouth and plants a kiss full on her
lips, soon her tongue is entwined with Kathy’s, and mixing
the tastes of Kathy’s pussy and Dave’s cum in one sweet
aphrodisiac that both girls eagerly drink down.

  I am the last but not for long, the sights sounds and aromas
of the previous 20 minutes are too much for me and I empty
myself into Mirelle’s tight hole, I feel the cum spurt
from my cock head as I push deeper and deeper into her; It’s
almost as though I trying to bury myself into her body.

  Gradually my hardness abates and I slip slowly from Mirelle’s
sweet hole and collapse on to the floor of the shower, the
warm waters washing over us all softly caressing our bodies.

  The night continues in this vein until early morning, eventually
we all join up for a farewell drink before heading back to
our homes. Before we leave, Mirelle and David invite us
all back next weekend.  They say they have some other friends
coming and they will be holding a theme party. This time
it will be a bondage theme. We cannot wait for the weekend.
It will not come soon enough

Vidi vici veni
With apologies to Julius Ceaser

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