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A romantic tale about destiny


This is s a story of life, love and how sometimes we are lucky
because happiness finds us.

My life didn't exactly turn out the way I thought it
would when I was growing up. But then most people can probably
say that too. I guess I just assumed at some point I would
meet that special woman, fall in love and have a family.

But it never happened for me while I was in my twenties, probably
because I worked too much and dated too little. And when
I reached my thirties I began hearing from my mother more
and more that she was still waiting for a grandchild. Being
an only child she expected me to finally settle down and
give her a chance to hold the next generation.

And then one afternoon my life changed forever.

It all began when this beautiful young woman walked into
my office. I remember thinking she was incredibly striking
both by the way she dressed and by the way she carried herself.
Long brown hair, nice body and a smile that could melt steel
if she concentrated on it long enough.

She appeared to be rather nervous as she stared at me without
speaking . She then asked if I would mind if she closed my
office door so I told her that would be fine. I then asked
her how I could help her. I was use to people being nervous
when they came in the bank looking for a loan so I tried to
make her relax by sitting back in my chair and appearing
comfortable in front of her. No sense making this more stressful
than it needs to be.

She took a deep breath and slowly explained that she had
come to see me because she wanted to ask me a favor . I remember
I smiled at her and asked if she would first tell me her name.
"Oh I'm so very sorry. My name is Victoria, "
She said calmly as she offered me a brief but pleasant smile.

I don't know why but looking at this young woman in her
mid twenties was intoxicating for some reason. Not in a
sexual sense but in a way that sometimes happens when I come
across a truly amazing person. "So you mentioned
a favor?"I asked her hoping to help her get to her point
as easily as possible.

Victoria then blushed for a second and explained she was
still trying to figure out how to ask it. "Just ask
me, the worst that can happen is I say no, " I told her
. Victoria then took another deep breath and told me she
was engaged to be married to this great guy back home. I smiled
at her and told her I was happy for her and then waited to her
to speak again. Did she need money for her wedding and that
is why she came to ask for a loan?

I could still see the tension in her face as she was fighting
back her tears. "Oh God. I don't know how to ask
you, " Victoria said as she began to stand up as if
she was going to leave. I leaned forward and handed her a
tissue as she sat back down in front of my desk and tried to
compose herself. I sensed this young woman was under enormous
stress although I still had no clue why.

She wiped her eyes and told me she knew this was going to be
hard but didn't think it would be this hard. "Your
family moved from Tomah when you were sixteen, right?"
Victoria said first. I was shocked she would have known
that, but the fact was my family lived in Tomah Wisconsin
until I was sixteen. I agreed and told her that yes, my father
had gotten a job at a bigger bank so we moved.

Victoria took yet another deep breath and said, "Ok,
I'm just going to ask you and if you say no, I will understand
and never bug you ever again." She looked up and then
asked me if I was married and if I had kids. I would have normally
avoided giving any customer personal information about
myself but for some reason with her I told her I was not married
and never had any children.

"Well that's not entirely correct, " she
said and then paused again. "Oh God. I'm not sure
I should even be here, " she said again as I sat up in
my chair and stared at her pretty face. "Will you walk
me down the aisle at my wedding?" She said trembling
like a small child during a thunder storm.

I remember looking at her and found myself speechless for
the first time in my life. But it didn't take long before
I asked her who she was and why was she asking me, of all people
to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

"Do you remember a girlfriend you had, named Sandy?"
she asked. And then I felt my heart nearly stop once she said
the name Sandy. Sandy had been my girlfriend from seventh
grade and we were inseparable as a young couple. Call it
puppy love or anything else you want to call it, but at the
time it felt like real love Sandy and I had for one another.

And the night before my family moved away, Sandy bawled
her eyes. We were sixteen, deeply in love and knew we would
never see each other again. "Mom said you two met later
down by the river on your last night in town, " Victoria

And she was correct again, because around ten that night
I snuck out of my house and Sandy snuck out of hers and we met
down by the river. Like all teenagers who thought they were
in love, Sandy and I had come close many times while making
out but we had never gone all the way.

But on my last night with Sandy , when I slipped my hand under
her panties she didn't push it away like she always
had before. I was nothing more than a ball of hormones feeling
her wet pussy for the first time as Sandy laid on the ground
whimpering next to me.

We were so very young and so aroused, it was hard to stop ourselves
as I worked on Sandy's panties until they came off.
I remember Sandy trembling a lot as I undid my jeans as she
laid next to me nervously waiting. We didn't know what
to exactly do, but Mother Nature filled in the blanks for
us as I spread her legs and climbed on top of her.

I remembered how scared Sandy looked as my hard shaft somehow
found her slippery crack and began to slowly push inside
of her vagina. It was both terrifying and wonderful for
both of us at the same time. Slowly our bodies came together
and we began to make love under an old tree. Being our first
time, the sex wasn't that great but it did take our breath
away. I was planning on pulling out of course but when my
orgasm struck, it was so sudden, I didn't have time.

My brain was racing literally from my past back to the present
with Victoria sitting right in front of me. Probably only
a few seconds had passed but inside my thoughts, it felt
like hours. I recomposed myself in front of what was apparently
my own flesh and blood and asked Victoria, " So am
I your father? I mean is that what your mother told you?"

Victoria did not respond verbally and instead reached
into her purse and handed me her birth certificate. Sandy
was listed as her mother but the place for her father was
typed , unknown. "If you look at my birthday, it's
almost nine months to the day from the night you met Mom down
by the river, " Victoria said. I asked why her mother
didn't put my name down and Victoria said her mother
explained it by saying she didn't want to complicate
your life.

And I can assure anyone reading this that Sandy was not the
kind of girl who would have had intercourse with anyone
except with me. She had not even kissed another boy since
seventh grade and had been my girl friend all those years
when we were young and thought we were in love.

I looked at this striking young woman sitting across from
me and got up from my desk and helped her to her feet as we hugged
each other for the first time in our lives. "I always
wanted to hug you" Victoria said as she sobbed in my
arms. I had never felt the way I felt, holding my daughter
. My heart was ready to burst as I held her and told her I loved

Victoria and I remained in each other's arms for several
minutes before we let go of each other and tried to gather
our wits. "Well this is quite a surprise, "
I said to her as we both smiled while we wiped away our tears.
"Does your mother know you came to see me?"I
asked Victoria. She shook her head no and said her mother
would not have approved of her approaching me like this.

"She always said you were not at fault and that is why
she never told you about me, " Victoria added as she
smiled while staring into my eyes. "Is your mother
married?" I asked my daughter. "No. She never
married because I think she always wanted a love story of
her own but never got one, " Victoria explained. She
went on to explain, they live in the same house with Sandy's
mother although her grandfather passed away a few years

"What are you going to tell your mother about meeting
me?"I asked Victoria. She tensed up a little and said
she had not figured that out just yet. "I don't
know what she is going to say. She loves me so much but she
might also be mad at me for contacting you, " She explained
softly before I hugged her again.

"Well how about if I come home with you?" I asked
Victoria. My daughter backed up in a little bit surprised
by my offer before she smiled and said that might work. But
looking at his stunning young woman was even more amazing
to know she was my daughter. She had such grace and was naturally
beautiful it almost took my breath away.

"Have you had lunch yet?" I asked Victoria.
She shook her head no and said she was kind of hungry. I had
my secretary clear my calendar and walked out of the bank
with my daughter on my arm. Victoria immediately got a few
looks walking me down the street and although she was use
to them, I definitely wasn't. Immediately I didn't
like men looking at my daughter like that.

June, the older waitress that always waited on me each time
I took a lunch approached our table so I decided to go bold
and introduced Victoria. "Good afternoon June.
This is my daughter Victoria, " I said smiling from
ear to ear. June was definitely surprised but handled it
well. "The Chef salad is always good as well as the
steak sandwich, " I told Victoria as she browsed
the menu.

It was truly the best lunch I had had in years or maybe my entire
life with my own beautiful daughter was by my side. "So
tell me about your wedding plans?"I asked her as she
nibbled on her chef salad and chatted about Luke, the boy
she was going to marry. "Oh it's going to be a very
small wedding. Mom and Grandma don't have a lot of money, "
Victoria said with her incredible smile always showing.

Victoria really glowed as she talked about her wedding
and their plans for a honeymoon which sounded like nothing
more than a weekend in Chicago. But I wanted to show respect
and not offer to pay for everything too quickly since it
might have been taken as an insult by her mother. Sandy had
certainly done an awesome job raising our child and I wanted
to feel my way along. From the bottom of my heart I can safely
said Victoria had not come to see me to get money. All she
wanted as a father who loved her.

My father had passed a few years earlier but my mother was
still healthy and alive. And my mother definitely brought
up to me every time we talked about how she wanted a grandchild.
My parents had done well for themselves. Being president
of a large bank does off certain perks and when I became President
after my father retired, I also received those same generous

We had just finished our lunch when I asked Victoria if she
would come with me so I could introduce her to her other grandmother.
"Are you sure she wants a granddaughter?" she
asked softly with a concerned look on her face. I chuckled
and told Victoria that is all my mother has ever wanted before
I grabbed her hand and walked out of the restaurant. I remember
being impressed even more that this young woman was so considerate
of others.

My parents home was impressive and I could see in Victoria's
eyes how surprised she was when I pulled my car up into the
circle driveway. "This is where your mother lives?"
She asked me gasping for air. I nodded yes as Victoria said
it reminded her of her elementary school. I grabbed her
hand and walked her up the stairs to the front door.

I led Victoria into the kitchen where my mother was arranging
a fresh flower arrangement for her dining room table which
she did every week for as long as I can remember. Mom turned
and saw me holding this very young woman's hands and
her eyes instantly looked worried like maybe this was my
new, way too young girlfriend.

She was holding some flower stems and put them down as she
smiled at me and Victoria. "Mom, I have some news for
you, " I said as she smiled at Victoria with nothing
but question marks in her eyes. "This is Victoria, "
I said first as my mother reached her hand out as an offering
to her young guest. "And she is your granddaughter, "
I added as my mother's eyes grew larger as she looked
at me and then back at Victoria.

The two women froze up like statues, holding each other's
hand for a few moments. They just stared at one another before
my mother began to tear up and slowly pulled Victoria into
her arms for the first time. Both women were so much alike
in the way they presented themselves. And watching them
hugging could not be put into words. And it only got worse
because within seconds both women were sobbing while holding
on to one another.

"You are so beautiful, " Mom kept telling Victoria
as they continued crying during their first embrace. I
am sure as wonderful as it was for my mother it was also equally
overwhelming for Victoria. She was being hugged by a grandmother
she had never met before , while standing in what must have
felt like a mansion to her.

When everyone had calmed down, the three of us sat at the
table and began to talk. But the entire time Victoria's
eyes just kept wandering around looking at all the nice
things in my mother's home. "This is a very pretty
home, " she told my mother as mom laughed and told
Victoria "Clarence, my late husband wanted this
big old thing. I feel like I still can get lost in it."

So we told my mother about Victoria's upcoming wedding,
my mother glanced at me first and held back taking over the
ceremony because I knew she wanted to. And I asked my mother
if she remembered my first girlfriend Sandy and my mother
eyes light up and when she said, "Oh yes. She was always
such a lovely young girl." She then looked at me and
knew who Victoria's mother was.

My mother and I were smart enough to know we were walking
on thin ice and to walk very carefully or risk losing this
miracle that had just came into our lives. Victoria and
I stayed for about two hours so her grandmother could get
her, grandchild fix for the first time. "I'll
call you in a few days, " I told mom when we were ready
to leave. My mother winked at me and said that sounded good
before she gave Victoria one last big hug and invited her
to come visit and stay with her anytime she wanted to."I
would like to do that, " Victoria said as she waved
good bye to my mother.

Victoria and I got back in my car and drove around the circle
to the street before I asked my daughter what she was thinking
about. "I don't know. It's kind of strange
but she is very nice and I like her a lot, " She said
softly. I chuckled for a moment and knowing my mother like
I do, I looked over and Victoria and calmly asked. "How
much did she sneak into your purse?"

"What?" Victoria asked as she quickly opened
her purse and found five crisp one hundred dollar bills
inside. "Oh my God, " She said almost screaming
as we drove away. "You can spend it on anything you
want, " I told her as I drove her back to her car. We
had made progress in just one afternoon but now we had to
face her mother and I had not seen or heard from Sandy in over
twenty five years.

It was going to be a very tense three hour drive north back
to Tomah but it would give me some time alone to figure things
out a little better. But I was a complete basket case when
my car pulled up in front of the same house I use to pick Sandy
up for our dates. What would Sandy look like twenty five
years later and would she even recognize me. Would we be
friendly or distant? I had so many questions but no answers
as I followed Victoria onto the old porch.

"Wait here. I'm going to go get her, " Victoria
said as I nodded my head and waited on the old front porch.
Less than a minute later I heard a voice saying, "You
did what?" and I heard Victoria saying, "He
is waiting on our front porch." My heart was in my throat
as I backed up a few steps and stared at the old screen door.

Victoria appeared again and asked me if I could come back
in a half hour because her mother wanted to fix herself up.
Sandy had always fussed with her hair and makeup so this
came as no surprise. "Sure, I'll come back in
a half hour, " I told my daughter and drove around
looking at the town I grew up in. And it brought back such
wonderful memories for me that by the time I returned to
Sandy's house I was rather excited to see her again.

And then Sandy appeared looking even more striking as a
mature woman than she did as a young girl. I stared at her
as she stared at me and neither of us said a word for the longest
time. So I smiled at her as she began to tear up a little before
we embraced each other after twenty five years. "I
was always going to tell you but the years just got away from
me, " Sandy said sobbing in my arms. She was older,
had a different perfume on but it was still the same girl
I loved back in high school.

"That's ok. It's all going to work out now, "
I said as I reached for Victoria to come join her mother and
I with our first family hug. It was truly my first Hallmark
moment and one I will never forget. Victoria's grandmother
then came out onto the porch and hugged me although the years
had not been as kind to her as they had been to my mother. Judy
was frail and quite old looking but still had the same warmth
in her eyes that I remembered as a young man.

The four of us sat on their front porch, on the same spot Sandy
and I sat on so many times before. "Its great being
back here with all of you, " I said as Sandy smiled
and told me it was great seeing me again too. There was an
awkward pause in our chit chat when Victoria told her mother
and grandmother I had agreed to walk her down the aisle at
her wedding.

"Oh that will make her so happy, " Sandy said.
I asked them if my mother could come to the wedding too and
Sandy said "Of course she can. How is your dad?"
I explained we had lost him a few years earlier. It was odd
looking at Sandy again and it stirred up some of those old
feelings I use to have every time I was near her.

Her reddish, strawberry blonde hair was exactly the same
and so was all of her except for a few well placed wrinkles.
But then I had wrinkles to since we were both in our early
forties. Sandy then asked me if I was married and when I told
her I never married, Judy jumped in and said to us, "
Well then it's certainly not too late for the two of

"She has been trying to get me married for as long as
I can remember, " Sandy said as well laughed at the
same time. "Well my mother has been bugging me for
a grandchild so today I brought her a special one, "
I said as Sandy gave me one of her warm smiles. I am sure it
was very strange for our daughter to see her parents chatting
together but hopefully it was a good strange.

I had real trouble sleeping that night in the room I had gotten
so we could all talk again the next day. Sandy and I still
had some chemistry but it wasn't love we felt as teenagers.
So as I felt more comfortable, the following morning being
at the table with the three of them, I carefully brought
up the idea of letting my mother and I pay for some part of
Victoria's wedding. Sandy didn't appear to like
that idea so I immediately apologized and explained that
I was just trying to help. "No, it was kind of you to
offer but I think we have everything set, " Sandy
explained. So we exchanged phone numbers and promised
to talk every week leading up to the wedding.

I left them shortly after lunch and I couldn't believe
how hard it was to say good bye to Victoria and I had only known
her for twenty four hours. I thought a lot on my three hour
drive back home and still had no idea how much my life had
really changed and was going to continue to change from
then on.

I decided I would just take it slow and let Sandy get use to
having me back in her life again while becoming more involved
in my daughter's life. Of course my mother didn't
share my approach and wanted to make things happen a lot
quicker. Two days later I received a call from Victoria
screaming into the phone that she just loved her new car.
My daughter blurted out as I sat at my desk and knew my mother
was already fast at work.

"What kind did you get?" I asked Victoria. "A
really sporty looking Chevy, " My daughter said
sounding as excited a six year old at Christmas. "We
were having lunch when I man showed up at our front door and
handed me the keys to my new car, ," Victoria said
still bursting at the seams. "I called your mother
immediately and mom and I both thanked her" my daughter
said before we promised to talk again later that afternoon.

Of course when I called my mother, she said she had promised
to not get involved in the wedding but that didn't'
mean she couldn't do other things for her granddaughter.
"And if you are mad, I'm not going to invite you
over to my house this weekend to visit with Victoria and
Sandy, " Mom said with an attitude. When I asked my mother what she was talking about she told
me she invited them to spend the weekend and they agreed.
"I didn't want them to be driving some old car
on the freeway so I got her a new one" She said before
she casually told me to have a nice day before hanging up.

I believe that was a turning point after Sandy saw my mother's
home and realized what my mother could actually do for our
daughter. I was invited to dinner by my mother after she
explained that Sandy and Victoria had arrived safely and
she was taking them shopping first but they would be back
in time for dinner.

I arrived at six and walked into my mother's kitchen
where all three of them were cooking their little hearts
out. "Hi honey, " My mom said right before Victoria
rushed into my arms as we embraced. Just holding Victoria
again was even more thrilling for me than the first time.
She had such a good heart and was so delicate and special,
she took my breath away.

Victoria then stepped back as I stood there still in a daze
when Sandy walked up to me and embraced me next. I still didn't
know what it was that the two of us had for one another but
it was something special. And when our lips met for the first
time in over twenty five years some fireworks started going
off too.

But Sandy and I composed ourselves and joined our daughter
and my mother at the dining room table for our meal. But there
was constant eye contact between us and it never stopped.
Ironically neither my mother or our daughter commented
on how much Sandy and I were looking at each other. I guess
they sensed something was happened and didn't want
to interfere.

I saw the two of them the following day and in fact I got to
watch the fashion show Victoria put on for me showing me
all the outfits my mother had bought her. And when my daughter
and I had a few moments alone I asked her if her mother got
some new outfits too."No she didn't want anything
even though grandma offered to buy her anything she wanted, "
Victoria whispered in my ear.

When they left the following morning I began to get a better
understanding of the position Sandy now found herself
in. She had been the center of our daughters world and that
had suddenly all changed. Victoria had a wealthy father
and a very wealthy grandmother which had to make Sandy feel
less valuable to our daughter.

I had a few weeks to remember what I use to feel like when Sandy
was by my side and how special a person she truly was to me.
Was she my destiny that took a twenty five year recess? I
wasn't sure how I would act when I saw her at Victoria's
wedding and I wasn't sure how she would react to me.
But I knew that Sandy and I definitely had some issues that
we needed to figure out.

My mother was chauffeured to the wedding by her driver and
followed me to the church since she was not going to spend
the night but I was. And as my mother and I walked into the
back of the church a full hour or so before the ceremony,
my jaw dropped. "What in the world did you do?"
I asked my mother. She smiled with her typical grin and softly
said "I just ordered a few extra flowers." I
told her it looked like a royal wedding instead of a small
town wedding ceremony. There had to be at least fifty huge
bouquets of flowers covering everything from the altar
down each side of the isle.

I worried how Sandy would react when she saw all the flowers
but surprisingly she hugged my mother and thanked her.
But it was Victoria who stole the show and looked absolutely
radiant in her wedding gown. I was so proud to walk her down
the aisle at her wedding that my heart felt like it might

My mother and I sat next to one another just beaming as we
witnessed Luke and Victoria tying the knot. The reception
of forty or so people was held at a local night club in their
private room and to be fair to Sandy and her mother, it was
quite lovely. Even my mother seemed to like the food and
she seldom likes any food that is not prepared by a chef.

After dinner, a DJ began playing music as my mother and I
sat near the small dance floor and watched my daughter and
her new husband dance together for the first time. And the
whole time Sandy and I kept glancing at each other from our
tables. We were definitely proud parents but if we were
also something more I still didn't know. Sandy certainly
looked fabulous as my eyes watered each time I looked at

My mother then nudged me and ask, "What are you waiting
for. You can't hide from love your whole life just because
you are afraid of getting hurt." I remember looking
at my mother somewhat surprised by her comments but before
I could say a single word, she added, "You and Sandy
should have always been together. It didn't happen
because your father and I moved you away but its not too late."

My mother smiled at me and then slipped her large diamond
ring off her hand and gave to me. "This should be on
Sandy's finger, not mine, " Mom said as I panicked
as I got up. I looked at mom, didn't say another word
before walked across the dance floor to Sandy's table.
She smiled as she stood up and came into my arms as we began
to dance just like we did when we were teenagers. And when
our eyes met, Sandy was the same wonderful girl I loved when
I was younger and just then I realized I still loved her so
I told her so.

"I have always loved you too , " Sandy said before
our lips touched in front of everyone. And then I did the
craziest thing I have ever done because I stepped back from
her and got down on one knee. Sandy's eyes got huge as
everyone stopped dancing and held their collective breath
as I proposed to Sandy at our daughter's wedding.

I then reached in my pocket, took out mom's diamond
ring and slipped it onto Sandy's finger. "Will
you marry me?" I asked as tears began to fall down her
cheek. Sandy was trembling as she helped me up, said yes
before she rushed into my arms.

Suddenly everyone at the reception began to applauded.
Of course Sandy blushed as we held hands and waited for the
applause to finally stop. Judy was crying, my mother was
crying but our daughter was literally sobbing as she rushed
up to her mother and I to embrace us.

It was highly emotional for Sandy and I and our families
as we held hands and blew kisses to everyone there. From
that point on, Sandy and I were inseparable the rest of the
night. We held hands, kissed often and just got back to treating
each other the way did we did as kids.

My mother left a short time later after handing Luke and
Victoria what had to be a sizeable check based on their expressions.
And Sandy drove her mother home before she rushed back to
be with me at our daughter's wedding reception. And
the more we kissed the more Sandy's kisses were not
like a teenage girls kisses but were clearly from a mature,
passionate woman.

Sandy and I remained in the bar until midnight well after
everyone had already left just talking to one another and
planning our new lives together. I guess neither of us wanted
this magical night to end just yet. And then Sandy grabbed
my hand and told me there was one more place we had to stop.

I got in her car as she drove us back to the river where we spent
the last night together some twenty five years ago. Sandy
and I held hands as we walked down the path that led to where
we had made love. We immediately embraced and kissed while
we promised each other we would never be apart again. Sandy
had this incredible charm about her that was simply intoxicating
at least to me.

Our kisses began to turn more passionate the longer we embraced
as I pulled her tight to me until I felt her soft breasts crush
against my chest. It didn't take long before I was very
aroused although I didn't want to push that issue since
it might have offended Sandy and made her think, all I was,
was horny. We still had a lot of catching up to do and things
to figure out.

And the longer she kept meshing her lips against mine the
warmer she got in my arms. "Darling. Wait here, "
Sandy said after a rather torrid series of kisses. I remember
standing there alone for a minute or so listening to the
rushing water and smelling the freshness in the air while
thinking about how incredible this night had been.

Sandy returned a minute later carrying a blanket from her
car as she spread it out on the ground before she laid down
on it. "This has always been my favorite spot. I come
here a lot and it always reminded me of you, " She said
softly as I laid down next to her on the blanket.

I kissed her but felt funny touching the way I use to always
touch her and Sandy seemed to sense it too. I was not a horny
teenager but instead a mature aroused man who should act
better than he did as a kid. Sandy wisely allowed me some
time to kiss and stop and kiss some more and rest until she
finally took my hand and gently laid it on her soft breast.

I was sucking for air when I looked into her wonderful eyes
and softly said, " Are you sure?" Sandy nodded
her head yes as I began to massage her chest and then slipped
my hand under her dress."I think we did this before, "
she said as she giggled until she felt my fingers on her soft,
wet pussy.

Her pussy felt even more amazing than it did the first time
I felt it twenty five years ago. "Oh sweet heart. I
always hoped this would happen again, " Sandy said
to me as I hiked up her dress and slipped her panties off.
I then climbed on top of her for the second time in my life.
Her hips were wider and her body much stronger as my shaft
found her wet opening with ease.

And then she began making those same whimpering sounds
she made the first time we made love as my shaft began to push
into her. "Oh Sandy, you are so incredible"
I told her after I had planted my cock inside of her tight
quivering pussy. "No, we are incredible together, "
She said softly.

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What a fantastic happy ever after story. Glad everything
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Great story.. Fantastic writing also


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Very good, it ended well with the two of you together AND
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Truly a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you
, and your family are all well and Happy. The best.


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This Is one great Story and/or was this the true story of
your life? Are the 3 or more of you together today? or has
life taken way the life and love of you life? I believe you
penned this letter because you miss her even more now. May
God Bless!


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I usually do not make comments, but this is a special story.
it is about Love everlasting and makes me feel really good


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Very nice story and love all of it.


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I was deeply touched by your story. Your writing is excellent,
far better than 90% of the stories here. Keep up the writing.


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I've been reading stories on here for more than ten
years. This is one of the least explicit, but one of the very
best--it actually brought a tear to my eyes. Such things
probably don't happen in real life but it certainly
made a good story. I'll take this opportunity to also
praise your attempts some years ago to explain the welter
of emotions a husband feels when he is about to share his
wife with other men.


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A wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it.