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A night at the theatre


He led her by the hand, past the crowd of men, into the interior
of the darkened theatre. On the screen, a pornographic
movie played: a naked woman was being used for the pleasure
of four men, who were taking it in turns to enjoy her cunt,
her mouth and her ass. Some of the men in the theatre were
watching the film, but most had their backs to the screen
and were staring into the area at the back reserved for couples.

As soon as Jill and her lover walked through the door all
eyes turned towards them, the new arrivals. Suddenly,
dozens of anonymous men were gazing at her, running their
eyes up and down her body, appraising her. Jill could almost
feel the lust in the air as her lover guided her into the couples
section. There was a tangible increase in the level of excitement;
from the exclamations she heard whispered in the darkness,
it was apparent that the crowd liked what they saw.

As well they might. By any measure, Jill was truly gorgeous,
and she had dressed for the occasion: a (very) short black
miniskirt with matching high heels, a simple white shirt
buttoned tightly across her breasts, black underwear
beneath everything, and dark stockings attached to a garter
belt at her waist. Her blonde hair was neatly tied back in
a pony tail, revealing the graceful line of her neck.

Once inside the couples’s area, her lover paused for a moment
to let his eyes adjust to the darkness and see how many men
were out there. There were probably sixty men in the theatre,
a large group even by the standards of a Saturday night.
Some of them had their cocks out and were idly masturbating.

At the back, another couple was seated in the last row, well
away from any possible contact with the crowd. It was this
pair that the men had been watching a moment ago, desperately
hoping that they would overcome their nervousness and
give the crowd a show. But now they were forgotten - all eyes
were on this beautiful girl who stood before them, tantalizingly
within reach.

Pete took his time, calmly surveying the crowd, sensing
the anticipation in the air. Then suddenly a younger man
standing on the side asked, “Hey, isn’t that Jill?” And
before Pete had a chance to reply, they heard other voices
in the darkness.

“Yes, it’s Jill!”

“Welcome back, baby!”

“Wow, I’ve heard about you, - you’re real!”

“Jill, where have you been?”

Pete smiled. “Yes, gentlemen, this is Jill. Say hello.”
The crowd chorused hello, and Jill blushed and replied
with a smile.

Pete continued. “For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure,
Jill is 30 years old. She claims to be shy but - as you will
shortly discover - she is actually a screaming exhibitionist.
Right, sweetheart?” Jill blushed again, and laughed.

“This beautiful creature is my girlfriend and - for reasons
surpassing the understanding of mortal men - she is happy
about this status. She stands 1.65m tall in her bare feet,
and her bra size is... no, I think I’ll let you guess that
in a moment. There will be a prize for the correct answer.
But all in good time...”

“My role here is to guide her and keep her safe - which means
keeping a close eye on you lot to make sure that you don’t
go beyond the bounds I set for you. Of which, more in a moment.
But first let me explain why Jill is here. First, she is an
exhibitionist who loves to tease horny men. Second, she
likes being used.” He emphasised this last word, and paused.

“You have before you a very intelligent, well-educated,
and independent modern woman. However, for the next hour
or two she is a cunt. Within certain limits, she is here for
your pleasure and your use, and it is her job to satisfy as
many of you as want to have her in the time available and in
the ways that I allow. She will be submissive, and obedient,
and she will do whatever I tell her to. That is her role tonight.
Yours is to enjoy her.

“Okay, gentlemen, the rules... please be civilised and
obey them because if you don’t the show will cease immediately.
First of all, at least for the moment you can assume that
the only person here who will get to fuck Jill tonight is
me.” Jill listened, and wondered what “at least for the
moment” meant. Was her lover thinking about letting some
of these strangers have full sex with her? She immediately
felt both nervous and excited, and could feel her cunt getting
even wetter than it already was.

Pete continued. “When I give you permission - and not until
- you may grope her. You can touch her anywhere - her perfect
firm breasts, her perfect smooth ass, and her perfect,
small, tight cunt. As long as you’re not rough you are welcome
to explore her cunt with your fingers.” Jill’s heart quickened
at the thought, remembering the last time they had been
here and the innumerable men who had done just that, sliding
anonymous fingers deep inside her wet vagina.

“Again when I tell you that you may, you will be invited to
explore her breasts with your mouths. You may at that point
lick and suck her nipples, but please don’t bite.” As he
said this, he squeezed one of her breasts through her shirt,
and kept fondling it as he continued to address the crowd.
“At some point, if you’re all well behaved, I will consider
leading Jill out of the couples area and into the crowd,
where you will be allowed - indeed, you will be encouraged
- to rub your cocks against her body. She will - then and while
she’s still in the couples area here - happily comply with
all requests to grasp your hard cocks with her lovely hands.
But bear in mind she can handle only two at once. She’s not
an octopus.” There was some light laughter.

Suddenly he undid the zipper of his jeans and took out his
penis, which was rock hard, and guided Jill’s right hand
to the shaft. She obediently stroked it slowly, and he paused
for a moment to enjoy the sensation. Several men made appreciative
comments at the sight of her graceful fingers gripping
and servicing his erection.

“Mmmm, yes. If you behave, this pleasure and others will
be yours soon.... Where was I? O yes. Jill will be led into
the crowd and you may use her body for the pleasure of your
cocks. Please don’t be selfish - unless you are about to
cum, confine your enjoyment of her body to a minute or two,
then step aside and let the next man in line take his pleasure
with her. She’s too sexy not to share, which is why I bring
her here.” (“And we appreciate it, ” an anonymous voice
called out. Everyone laughed).

“At any time during the evening you are welcome to cum, and
it is my earnest hope’ - he smiled - “that half an hour or so
from now Jill’s beautiful young body will be covered in
a large quantity of warm, slippery semen.” Jill almost
shuddered with pleasure at the image. The thought that
her body would be used to excite and satisfy so many strangers,
and that their semen might soon be ejaculated hotly onto
her skin... she knew how completely depraved and sleazy
this was, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be the centre
of erotic attention for all of them, to let her body be used
to satisfy their sexual needs. She knew that she was the
reason that they were all so excited right now, and she loved
the sense of power that this brought her.

Pete continued to talk. “You may ejaculate anywhere except
on her cunt or her face. If you would like to cum on her breasts,
give me at least a few seconds’ notice and I will instruct
her to drop to her knees so that she can receive your sperm
on her beautiful tits.

“As for the rest... well, we’ll make that up as we go along.
Are you ready, baby?” Jill took a deep breath and nodded.

“We’ll begin with a game we’ve played here before, Trivial
Pursuit Striptease. The rules are simple: I will ask a question.
If you get it right, Jill will take off an item of clothing
or an accessory. If you get it wrong, she will put something
back on, and you will suddenly be very unpopular.” The crowd

Pete ordered her to stand on the front bench so that she was
more prominently visible. Jill obeyed, swaying a little
in her high heels as she gained her balance; as she looked
down at the crowd of men staring lustfully up at her, she
felt more exposed and more on display than she had ever been
in her life.

Then Pete began the game. He had selected a list of questions
beforehand, including some easy ones as well as more difficult
trivia that he could use to prolong the game. Neither he
nor Jill wanted her to reveal everything quickly.

A few easy questions first, and off came her scarf and her
earrings. Next, another easy question brought the unbuttoning
(but not removal) of her blouse. Some men muttered appreciation
at the sight of her exposed bra, and the glimpse of smooth
cleavage between her breasts. Then there was a tough question
which someone answered incorrectly, and the crowd groaned
as she buttoned up her shirt once more. And so it went...
easy and not so easy, items coming off and items going back
on, until she stood in her skirt and bra - and a correct answer
meant that it was time for the bra to come off.

“Now gentlemen, I promised you a reward if anyone could
guess her bra size. What do you think?” Various numbers
were called out: two men said 36B and one 34C, before the
fourth said “34B” - which was correct. Pete led Jill over
to him and instructed her to turn around, then as his reward
the man was invited to remove her bra. After a couple of fumbled
attempts, he succeeded in opening the clasp, and Jill turned
to face him as he slipped the bra from her body and revealed
her perfect, firm breasts.

There was a gasp from the crowd, and exclamations of “Wow,
that’s beautiful.” Pete addressed the man who had taken
Jill’s bra off. “As a special treat for correctly guessing
her bra size, you may be the first to feel her breasts. Only
you for now. Be my guest.” The man immediately put both hands
over her breasts and squeezed, running his palms over her
flesh and then taking her nipples between his fingers.
Other men looked on enviously and exclaimed appreciation
for the sight, and Jill felt a new surge of wetness between
her legs.

Pete allowed the man to continue fondling her for about
fifteen seconds, then put his hand on Jill’s shoulder and
pulled her back a step from the line of lustful men. “OK,
that’s enough for now, ” he said, at the same time fondling
her breasts himself, and putting his mouth on one of her
nipples to enjoy the taste and feel of it. There were more
envious moans from the audience.

Then the questions resumed, and Jill’s clothing fell to
the floor item by item until she stood with her skirt around
her ankles. Pete threw out a question he knew no one could
answer, and the skirt went back on briefly; but soon it was
once more on the floor, and with three more easy questions
her garter belt was unclipped and her stockings removed.
There was a little more back and forth, but soon Jill was
clad only in her panties, and both he and her lover could
feel the anticipation in the crowd as they waited for the
question that might allow them to expose her cunt. Jill
knew that many of them were wondering what her pussy looked
like, and whether she was shaved or not; well, soon they
would find out.

And finally the moment came, the final question was asked
and answered, and Pete led her forward to allow the oldest
man in the crowd the honour or removing her panties. He did
this delicately and carefully, not wanting to step over
any boundary and touch her sex before her lover had given
his permission. But after a few seconds he was sliding her
underwear over her hips and down her legs, and then she was
naked and completely exposed in front of sixty men. Sixty
cocks, all hard because of her.

As Jill’s panties fell and she kicked them off her feet,
the gasps were many and loud. For the first time some of the
men suddenly understood just how divinely beautiful this
woman truly was... and her lover had told them that soon
they would get to touch her, to grope her, and to satisfy
their cocks against her gorgeous body. Several more men
unzipped their pants, and soon there was a line of hard cocks
being stroked; the focus of their attention was the smooth,
bare cunt that Pete had freshly shaved just a couple of hours

Pete looked up at her, awed by her confidence and her glorious
sexuality. Then he smiled.

“I forgot; there’s one last act in the striptease, and so
one last question.”

Everyone looked at him blankly, including Jill. What did
he mean? There was nothing else to take off. He paused for
a moment, and Jill couldn’t help but smile at the way he was
enjoying their confusion - and the complete control her
lover had over the crowd. Finally, he asked the last question
- What is the capital of Mongolia? - and some erudite individual
in the audience called out the “Ulan Bator”, and everyone
waited to see what would happen next.

Pete looked up at Jill, grinned, and said just two words.
“Your hair.” Suddenly Jill understood, and smiling she
reached back to remove the band which kept the ponytail
in place. She shook her head, and in one glorious movement
her beautiful blonde hair fell like a wave over her shoulders
and down her back.

Everyone in the theatre gasped. It was a brilliant finishing
touch to a wonderful striptease, a classically erotic
gesture that revealed the full measure of Jill’s beauty.

Pete took her hand and helped her to step down from the bench,
then led her to the waiting line of men. He stood behind her,
the two of them knowing exactly what the other was thinking.
He kissed her on the cheek, and then whispered into her ear,
“I love you, ” he said, and she smiled; but at the same time
her heart was racing with excitement. Pete slid a hand between
her legs from behind and slipped a finger into her vagina.
She was soaking wet, a fact that he announced to the crowd
- and then emphasized this by putting his finger into his
mouth and tasting her. “Mmmmm, ” he moaned as the men looked
on. “She tastes so good.”

“Before I give her to you, gentleman, I’m going to prolong
the anticipation a little by showing her off, ” Pete said.
He led her gently backwards and told her to sit on the bench,
then ordered her to spread her legs. She obeyed, and he spread
her cuntlips apart with his fingers so that they could all
see her open vagina. More gasps, more “Wow~s!!

He knelt between her legs and licked her cunt, taking his
time to smell and taste her. Then he stood up, looked down
at her, and said simply, “Masturbate for them, baby.”

Slowly, Jill moved her right hand down her body and between
her legs. She hesitated at first, touching herself lightly;
she found that she was a little embarrassed to be doing this,
and for a moment was afraid to make eye contact with any of
the men who were staring at her so intently. But then she
looked up, saw the excitement in their eyes and in their
hard cocks, and began to rub her hand over her cuntlips,
and soon she was lost in the sensation that her fingers were

As she masturbated, she could see some of the men stroking
their cocks faster, and the sight made her even more excited
and wet. Soon she was rubbing herself fast, sliding a finger
in and out of her cunt or in circles around her clitoris.
Pete sat next to her and took one of her nipples between his
fingers, pulling, and squeezing it the way he knew she loved.
He leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear. “Look
at you, look at what you’re doing... and all these men - they’re
all excited because of you, only you. And soon I’ll give
you to them.” Jill moaned, her arousal rising to greater
heights. “Cum, baby... make yourself cum, I want you to
have an orgasm right here in front of all these men. Yes,
I’m going to give your body to them for their pleasure...
they’re going to use you, grope you, take you... soon you’ll
be surrounded by them, rubbing their hard cocks against
you and making you masturbate them... an d then they’ll
cum, cum all over your body...”

And Jill came, moaning, her muscles taught and her hand
pressing hard into her cunt. As she did so, she was vaguely
aware of men calling her out to her, encouraging her, and
getting more and more excited by the show she was giving
them. And just as she finished her own orgasm, she heard
a man cry out, and looked over in time to see him ejaculating,
his sperm shooting in a long arc out of his cock towards her.

There was a pause, during which Pete kissed her sweetly
on the lips. “Good girl, ” he said. Then he pulled her gently
to her feet and led her back to the front row.

Beginning at one end of the row, he ordered her to assume
a series of shamelessly lascivious poses in front of the
men, and with each one he led her from one end of the line to
the other so that everyone could have a good view of her body.
He made her turn around and bend over, and he spread her cuntlips
as far apart as he could so that everyone could examine her
open vagina. Then he slid a finger into her, making her moan.
He finger-fucked her for a few seconds then withdrew his
finger and invited the three men immediately next to her
to explore her cunt. “Go ahead, ” he said, put your fingers
in her cunt.” She was bent over and couldn’t see who was touching
her, but immediately she felt two fingers slide into her
and explore the inside of her wet vagina. The fingers retreated,
and others took their place. Then Pete moved her down the
line little by little, and each time new fingers were inserted
into her, and explored the most private and secret part
of her body. By the time she reached the other end of the line
she had no idea how many men had gained that intimate knowledge
of her cunt, but she knew it was a lot.

Pete led her back to the beginning of the line, and had her
stand facing the men. “Okay, gentlemen, it’s a free for
all. Grope her to your heart’s content, anywhere you want...”
The men need no further urging, and immediately many hands
reached out and vied for position on her body. She closed
her eyes and enjoyed the incredible sensation of so many
hands feeling her breasts, her belly, her thighs, her ass,
and of course her cunt. All those hands between her legs,
all those fingers forcing her lips apart and sliding in
and out of her vagina.

He took her down the line and gave her to everyone, stopping
in each place for a minute or so; and each time he took her
two hands and guided them to a pair of cocks, which she obediently
stroked as their owners eagerly fondled and groped her.

By the time she had reached the other end, three men had already
ejaculated into her hands, which were wet and sticky with
the sperm of strangers.

Pete paused, turned Jill away from the crowd, and put his
arms around her neck. He kissed her and looked into her eyes.
“You okay?” he asked. She nodded. “Having a good time?”

She smiled, and kissed him. “Yes, ” she replied, “I am.”

“Good, ” he said. Are you ready to be taken out into the theatre?”

She nodded. She knew that she should feel nervous about
this, about leaving the safety of the couples’s area where
everything was controlled. But she was surprisingly calm
- calm and excited. She knew that he would protect her, would
never let anything bad happen to her, or allow the men to
do something to her that she didn’t like. Jill smiled, and
kissed him again. “I know you’ll take care of me, ” she said.
“And anyway, I’m yours to do with whatever you like. Give
me to them - I know it excites you.”

He stroked her hair and kissed her once more. “You’re amazing,
truly amazing. You’re the sexiest woman in the world, and
I love you.”

“I love you too, ” Jill replied. “Now use me.”

Pete turned to the crowd. “Okay, you’ve all been very well
behaved, almost like perfect gentlemen - well, perfect
gentlemen with their cocks out.” They laughed. “And now
I’m going to bring Jill out there and give her to you. At this
point you may use your mouth on her breasts. Remember, don’t
be rough and don’t be selfish, - let everyone have a turn
at enjoying her. And use her for your pleasure... I want
to see her gorgeous body covered in cum.”

A man standing by the entrance helpfully unclipped the
rope that cordoned off the couples area, and Pete led Jill
by the hand into the middle of the theatre and the waiting,
eager crowd. Before she had even crossed the threshold
to the outside, hands were on her body, and within a few seconds
she found herself surrounded by men, groping her everywhere,
and licking and sucking her breasts. Innumerable hands
touched almost every inch of her body; there were men on
their knees stroking her legs, others running their hands
over her ass, still more feeling her breasts or competing
to explore her cunt.

Pete led her through the crowd, and every few feet she was
stopped and more men took their pleasure with her body.
At every stage, her hands were guided down to grip two hard
cocks and stroke them as their owners groped her. And suddenly
she was surrounded by four men, all of whom pressed their
super-hard cocks against her flesh and began to rub against
her. The pleasure of this erotic act was exquisite, and
she closed her eyes and surrendered to their lust, feeling
the intense urgency of their erections as the men rubbed
themselves against her ass, her thighs, her belly, her

She was moved once more, and there were more men, more hands,
more cocks against her skin. And then Pete was pushing her
to her knees, and two men began to rub their cocks against
her breasts. She held them up for them, feeling the hard
shafts brush against her nipples over and over again.

Once more she was on her feet, being passed around the theatre,
until it seemed that every man there had spent at least a
moment enjoying her. She felt completely used, and as the
latest men to explore her vagina found out, the act had made
her soaking wet.

And shortly afterwards, the ejaculations began.

The first man to cum did so against her ass. He gripped her
naked hips and rubbed his penis against her faster and faster,
and she knew from the urgency of his thrusting that he was
close to orgasm. A few seconds later, as other men took their
pleasure with other parts of her body, she heard the man
behind her groan, and suddenly she felt his hot semen spurting
onto her ass. The sperm was thick and warm, and she turned
a little to see if she could see it, but the other men surrounding
her blocked her view.

But that first orgasm created a chain reaction. As the man
came, two of the other men rubbing themselves against her
thighs became incredibly excited and very soon both ejaculated.
One continued to press his cock against her and released
a flood of cum on her right leg; the other rapidly stroked
his shaft for the last few seconds and then aimed his powerful
ejaculation at her left thigh.

“I want to cum on her tits!” said another man suddenly, and
Pete immediately pushed Jill to her knees. “Take his cum,
baby - give him your breasts. Good girl.” She put her hands
behind her back and thrust out her chest just in time, for
a few seconds later the man ejaculated, and his cum splattered
against her breasts, some of it running directly over one
of her nipples.

At this, it seemed that everyone went crazy and they all
wanted to cum at once. Within seconds, men were surrounding
Jill as she continued to kneel on the floor, watching as
six or seven cocks were furiously masturbated. One ejaculation,
two, three... then two more simultaneously, all of the
sperm shooting across her chest and shoulders. Some fell
to her thighs; one load hit the side of her neck, and she knew
that at least some of the man’s cum was now in her hair.

The men who had already cum politely retreated, but there
were plenty more to take their place. But suddenly Pete
grabbed her by the hair and gently but firmly made her go
down on all fours. As other men surrounded them - all fresh,
with cocks needing to be satisfied - she felt Pete’s own
hard penis slide into her cunt from behind and begin to fuck
her. She cried out as he entered her and took her; it was the
first time that evening that she had had a cock inside her,
and she realized how much she now needed it. A dozen strangers
watched them and masturbated, and some got down on their
knees to grope her while she coupled with her lover. And
with hands all over her, and surrounded by hard cocks, Jill
surrendered to the pleasure of her man gripping her ass
- her beautiful cum-covered ass - and fucking her hard until
she came.

He continued to fuck her hard and fast, his rigid cock slamming
into her cunt from behind and bringing her close to another
orgasm. Suddenly one of the men on his knees next to her groaned,
and she turned her head to see him masturbating himself
to a climax with one hand as he groped one of her breasts with
the other. The sight made her even more excited, and when
the man came, ejaculating a large load of sperm in thick
spurts over her back, the act pushed her over the edge into
her own orgasm and she cried out as the man’s hot semen splattered
onto her body.

Pete slowed down now, holding her hips and thrusting more
gently into her cunt to prolong the pleasure of her orgasm.
When he sensed that she was finally spent, he withdrew and,
taking her by the hand, brought her to her feet. Oblivious
to the several men surrounding them, some of whom continued
to grope her, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

“You’re amazing, absolutely amazing, ” he said. She smiled
and kissed him back.

“Let’s take a break and go see if anything’s happening back
in the couples section, okay?” Jill nodded, glad of the
chance to rest. Being the centre of attention for so many
men was wonderful, but exhausting.

“Okay, guys, ” Pete said to the men around them, “we’re
going to take a break for a while.”

There were one or two moans. One man said with disappointment,
“And I was ready to cum!”

With no hesitation, Jill crossed the space between them
and took the man’s cock in her hand. She gripped it hard and
began to stroke it fast, and immediately the man began to
grope her. He put one hand on her ass and another between
her legs, and Jill could feel him parting her cuntlips,
and then pushing a finger into her vagina. He was breathing
heavily now, and she knew that he hadn’t been lying when
he’d said he was close to orgasm. After she had masturbated
him for a minute, he suddenly bent down and put his mouth
over one of her breasts; her nipples were hard, and he had
barely begun to suck the one in his mouth before he gave a
muffled groan and ejaculated powerfully into Jill’s hand.
She continued to stroke the shaft of his cock until he was

“God, that was so good... thank you, ” the man said, with
unfeigned appreciation.

“You’re welcome, ” Jill replied. Then, turning to Pete,
she looked unwaveringly into his eyes while she wiped the
man’s cum over her breasts. She did this with deliberate
slowness and sensuality, and then to tease him further
she kissed him almost chastely on the lips.

Pete shook his head and smiled. “As I was saying, ” he said,
“ amazing.”

Back in the couples section, a number of new arrivals had
materialized. The original couple at the back had loosened
up somewhat and the woman was going down on her partner,
sucking his hard cock as he fondled her bare and very large
breasts. Another two couples had arrived, and one of them
involved a very pretty young woman with long blonde hair
and a beautiful body. She had stripped down to just her panties,
and was also sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

In addition to the couples, a single woman stood against
the wall, watching the action around her. She was average
height and quite lovely, Jill could see: slim, with shoulder-length
brown hair and very well developed breasts. She wore a tiny
miniskirt, and her hand was between her legs, playing with
her cunt while she watched the beautiful woman fellating
her boyfriend.

The woman looked up, her boyfriend’s cock still hard in
her hand. She looked at Jill and smiled invitingly. Seeing
this, Pete put his hand on Jill’s back and gently moved her
towards the couple. The woman slowly stood up, and put out
her hand, touching Jill’s shoulder. Jill was almost surprised
to remember that she was naked; somehow it seemed like such
a natural state in here that she had almost forgotten her

Excited by the woman’s touch, she was unsure what to do,
but before she could decide whether to reciprocate, Pete
acted for her. He took the woman’s hand in his and placed
it between Jill’s legs, and at the same time took Jill’s
hand and put it on one of the woman’s large breasts. Jill
sighed at the mutual touch, luxuriating in the twin pleasures
of this woman caressing her cunt, and the feel of her breast
under her hand.

“This is Jill, ” said Pete to the woman. “What’s your name?”

“Alison, ” she replied, smiling. “Your wife is very beautiful.”

“Thank you, ” said Pete, not wanting to correct her on their
marital status; he liked the idea that others thought of
Jill as his wife.

“Well, Alison, Jill’s body is yours to play with. She has
only limited experience with girls, but I know she wants
more. So please feel free to do whatever you want with her.”

Alison gave him a very sexy smile. “Thank you, I will.” And
with that she bent down and began to lick and suck one of Jill’s
breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned at the sensation,
loving the feel of this woman’s hot tongue moving over her
nipple. She could feel herself getting very wet, as the
woman continued to caress her cunt.

After a while the woman stood up, and putting her arm around
Jill’s neck, kissed her. Jill pressed against the woman’s
body, feeling their breasts crushing each other. She moaned
as the woman’s tongue explored her mouth, and felt her hand
gripping her ass and pulling her even closer.

Pete and the woman’s boyfriend stood on either side of the
girls and idly stroked their cocks as they watched with
pleasure the intensity of their embrace. The other man
ran his hand over his girlfriend’s body, and then held it
just above Jill’s ass. He looked at Pete. “May I?” he asked.

“You may as well, ” replied Pete with a laugh and nodded
his head towards the crowd. “Everyone else in here has.”

At the joke, Jill broke free of the kiss and laughed hard,
blushing at the same time. She looked at Pete and shook her
head in mock disapproval. The man laughed too, but as he
did so began to run his hand over Jill’s body, exploring
her breasts and then her cunt as the two women continued
to caress each other.

Pete spoke to the woman. “Alison, perhaps you would be so
good as to remove your panties and give Jill a taste of your
pussy.” Alison smiled and slid her underwear off her hips,
revealing a cunt that was closely trimmed. She sat back
on the bench and spread her legs.

“Go on, baby, ” Pete said. “Taste her.”

Excitedly, Jill dropped to her knees and put her hands on
Alison’s beautiful thighs, thinking how wonderfully
smooth they were. Then she put her head between the girl’s
legs and pressed her face against her cunt. The smell was
wonderful, and she paused for a moment to breathe it in.
Then she extended her tongue and began to lick. The woman
brought her hand down and spread her cuntlips with her fingers,
opening her vagina, and immediately Jill pressed her mouth
against her cunt and eagerly licked as deeply into her as
she could. She moaned as she did so, so great was the mix of
sensations: touch, taste, smell.

Jill was vaguely aware of exclamations of appreciation
from the men in the crowd - she had been so involved with this
sexy woman that she had almost forgotten that there were
sixty men watching their every move. Then, as she continued
to lick Alison’s cunt, she felt hands on her ass, and a cock
sliding into her own cunt.

For a few seconds, she paused to enjoy the sensation, but
then sensed that something was different about the way
she was being fucked. She looked up and was surprised to
see Pete standing over her. Turning her head around to look
behind her, she saw that it was Alison’s boyfriend inside
her, not her own lover. Pete smiled as he gazed down at her.
“He asked, ” he said simply. “And he has a very nice cock,
so I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

Jill laughed at the trick; but not for the first time tonight,
she couldn’t quite believe what she was doing.

As he thrust into her again and again, the man said to Pete,
“I guess it’s only fair that you have Alison, so go ahead
and take her.”

Pete smiled but shook his head. “Thanks, ” he replied.
“She’s absolutely gorgeous, and you’re one lucky guy...
but I’m faithful to Jill. I love watching her fuck other
men, but I don’t need anyone else. She’s all I want.” He turned
to the woman. “No offence, Alison. As I said, you’re a very
sexy lady.”

“No, that’s okay, ” she replied. “I think it’s very sweet
of you.”

“Well, ” said Pete, “if I may I would like to touch you...
you’re so lovely.”

“Thank you. Go ahead.”

Jill watched as Pete ran his hand over Alison’s beautiful
breasts, then in one continuous motion slid over to Jill
and caressed her hair. Alison’s boyfriend - they still
didn’t know his name - continued to fuck Jill from behind.

Jill resumed her oral servicing of Alison’s cunt, at the
same time enjoying the enthusiastic fucking she was receiving
from her partner. They continued for a while, and then suddenly
Jill became aware of another person next to them. She had
forgotten the beautiful single girl, but it was her, and
she was now naked. Her body was even more beautiful than
she’d imagined” lithe and slim, with perfect, full breasts.
She knelt besides Jill and slid a hand under her body to cup
her breast. “May I join you? My name’s Laura.”

Jill was amazed - this couldn’t be happening. It was like
a fantasy from a porn film; but then that night everything
could have come straight out of a porn film. “Yes... please
do, ” was all she could say in response.

With surprising agility, Laura lay on the floor and slid
underneath Jill’s body so that her head was directly under
her cunt - and the cock of the man who was still energetically
fucking it. And as a result of this sudden 69 position, the
girl’s own pussy was now directly beneath Jill’s head.
She looked down and saw that Laura was completely shaved,
her cuntlips smooth and perfectly symmetrical.

Hardly believing what was happening, she bent down and
began to lick Laura’s cunt - the second pussy she had tasted
in the space of just a few minutes. Then a jolt of pleasure
shot through her as she felt the tip of Laura’s tongue running
up and down her own cuntlips and across her clit, and she
realized with a shock that she was licking not just Jill’s
cunt, but also the shaft of the cock that was inside her.
The pleasure - and the thought - were deliriously good.

After a while, the other man withdrew from her pussy, and
she felt Pete take his place behind her. Beneath her, Laura
took the opportunity presented by this switch to explore
Jill’s cunt, and she moaned as the girl’s tongue penetrated
far into her very wet vagina. Then Pete slid into her, and
Jill could feel Laura’s tongue sliding deftly up and down
both his shaft and her own cuntlips as he began to thrust
slowly but firmly in and out of her.

With her partner taking her from behind and a woman licking
her cunt, Jill continued to lick not just Laura’s pussy,
but Alison’s too. She alternated between the two, not believing
that this fantasy was being made real. Meanwhile, beyond
the rope-line of the couples section, men were going wild
with excitement at the show unfolding before them.

Alison’s boyfriend appeared next to them, his cock as hard
as steel. From behind her, Pete called out “Suck him, sweetheart...
take his cock into your mouth.” Obediently she shifted
her position, and at the same time the man moved forward,
with the result that suddenly his cock was in her face. She
stroked it with one hand, then took it into her mouth and
began to lick and suck it while the man moaned appreciatively.
Yet again not believing what she was doing, she began to
alternate the oral sex she was giving: first sucking the
man’s cock, then licking Laura’s cunt, then Alison’s.

Alison slid off the bench and dropped to her knees. While
Jill sucked her boyfriend’s cock, Alison bent down and
began to lick Laura’s pussy. Then she grabbed Jill’s hair
and urgently pulled her head towards her, kissing her deeply.
Her tongue pushed between her teeth into her mouth, and
with a thrill Jill tasted Laura’s cunt on Alison’s lips.

After the kiss, the two of them took turns to suck the man’s
cock, then joined their mouths together on his shaft. Their
tongues met across the head, and with the man’s penis between
them they again kissed.

The man moaned; his girlfriend suddenly began to suck him
hard, and within a few seconds he ejaculated into her mouth,
as Jill caressed and squeezed his balls. Almost at the same
time, she felt her own lover thrusting with increasing
urgency into her, and soon he too groaned with pleasure
as he filled her cunt with what she instinctively knew was
a large load of cum.

Beneath her, Laura continued to lick the joined cock and
cunt. Then, when Pete finally withdrew his penis, she felt
the girl’s fingers spread her cuntlips wide, and her mouth
pressed against her as Laura greedily licked the semen
from Jill’s vagina.

Everyone in the group was exhausted, and they slowly disentangled
themselves and grinned at each other. “That was fun, ”
said Pete. “No shit, ” replied Alison’s boyfriend.

Alison and Laura were not quite finished, however. As the
men began to search for their discarded clothes, the two
girls pressed against Jill’s naked body and for several
minutes ran their hands and mouths all over her. Soon they
had slid down to one of the benches, and Jill lay on her back
while her two lovers continued to pleasure her. Hands on
her breasts, a mouth on her cunt.... more hands on her thighs
and stomach, kisses on her neck and nipples, another mouth
lightly biting her pussy and the insides of her thighs...
Then suddenly there were more hands and mouths, and she
opened her eyes to see the two men joining the women. She
closed her eyes and surrendered to the intense pleasure
of so much stimulation everywhere.

Eventually everything ceased, and she was left deeply
relaxed and intensely excited. Her cunt was soaking wet
and she knew that she would need to have more sex with Pete
when they returned to their hotel room in a little while.

But now it was time to go. Everyone stood and looked at the
crowd, who were now applauding; and Jill realised that
several of the men had cum watching them. But five men in
the front row were still masturbating, and were clearly
disappointed that the show had stopped before they had
had a chance to cum. Alison noticed this too, and putting
her hands on the shoulders of both Laura and Jill said, “Ladies,
I think these guys need our help. Shall we?”

In unison, the three beautiful women stood up and walked
- with the confidence of those who are divinely sexy and
know it - to the front row. Jill took two cocks in her hand,
Alison another two, and Laura the one remaining. The grateful
men immediately began to grope the three women, and it wasn’t
long before the first man ejaculated into Jill’s hand.
Laura made her man cum too, and one of the cocks in Alison’s
hands gave up its thick load of semen to her.

With two left to satisfy, Jill gripped her cock with one
hand and stroked the man’s balls with the other; then as
he began to moan she knelt down and aimed his penis at her
breasts just in time to receive his sperm. The cum splattered
over both her breasts and ran thickly over one of her nipples.
Seeing this, the last men came too, and Alison followed
Jill’s example and took his semen on her chest.

A few moments later, to the sounds of more applause, everyone
was putting their clothes back on. Jill realised that much
of her body was sticky with the multiple ejaculations she
had let fall on her skin. She felt dirty, and she loved it.

As the theatre’s patrons repeatedly thanked them, Pete
took Jill by the hand and led her through the crowd towards
the exit, noticing as he did so the look of awe on the faces
of many of the men. He enjoyed this immensely, and he knew
that all of them were wondering how he had managed to be so
lucky as to have this incredibly beautiful and incomparably
sexy woman for a partner. He could feel their envy. Yes,
they had been allowed to grope her and satisfy themselves
with her body in certain ways... but at the end of the night,
he was the lucky guy who got to take her home.

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Now that sounds like a good time had by all!!!!


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That was the "Greatest" story of all time!!
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that was a good story My wife and I go to a place in Berlin NJ
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That was a very erotic story that left little to the imagination
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Fantastic story! Do these things actually happen in adult

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what a hot story.Well written and full or hot erotic sex.Waiting
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great. I wanna be in that theater too......... had orgasmed
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Now, I am totally committed to taking my lovely hot wife
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