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A most un-expected encounter.


I can only say that I love Friday when it comes around, end
of the week and now the weekend to look forward to. Just this
last day to get through and then its something great for
the weekend, time to relax and time to put the troubles of
the week far behind you. I didn't guess that for this particular week that Friday
was going to be the highlight of this past seven days.

Steve was I guess in his mid thirties. Not a bad looker as
it goes but has allowed him self to believe that life has
passed him by. He lives with his mother who has always looked
after him. Steve has never left home as he has preferred
his home comforts and enjoys a bachelor life. As for love! Steve has never really hit it off with women,
not to say he hasn't had a girl friend but they have been
few and far between.

Nerves have played a big part in his life which has lead to
a lack of confidence and has been unable to maintain a relationship,
which has lead Steve to become a bit of a lonely recluse in
recent years. His mum hasn't been the best encouragement for his
either. She has smothered him a little to much, preferring
to have him home if nothing more than for her own comfort
as her husband left her a few years back.

For Steve life has got mundane but settled. His job is ok
but not exactly challenging for a reasonable intelligent
man like Steve. And as for the love side of his life he has
long giving up pursuing a meaningful relationship with
a woman. And much prefers the comforts of his extensive
girlie magazine and DVD’s. He uses this material can
satisfy that side of his life.

He finds this easier than having to react with a sexual partner
and over comes the need for boldness. Again a lack of confidence
in himself showing through and holding him back. All in all I would say that Steve was pretty typical of a lot
of men that have been allowed to do there own thing without
the challengers that pursuit of a relationship would bring.

As I left for work on that Friday morning I little realised
that within a short time my life and the life of Steve would
be thrown together in such a way as to change both our outlooks
on a non conventional sharing relationships.

I arrived at the first house in good time and introduced
myself to the lady of the house. she asked me in and we exchanged
pleasantry whilst she made me a some coffee. after showing
me were the heating system was she left me and returned to
her house keeping duties.

about a hour and a half later I had completed the task and
after putting away my tool kit and saying goodbye to the
householder I returned to the van and stowed the equipment
for the journey to the next appointment. looking at my watch
I noticed I was running a little earlier than I expected.
good I thought if I can keep up this pace I will be able to finish
on or before time.

As I started the van and began to pull away I glanced up at
the sat nav and checked the route and noticed it was only
four and a half miles away. great I thought, things are going
well on this particular program. It took only a short while
to cover the distance as traffic was light following the
earlier school rush. I drew in to the entrance of the road
and slowed down to make sure I didn't pass number 17,
as this was to be my destination.

Ah, she said your a bit earlier than I expected, do come in
please. I followed her in bringing with me my tools and paperwork
for the job. Would you like a coffee she said. I had one not
long ago, however people some times get disappointed if
they cant make you some refreshments, so I agreed. She brought the coffee and laid it down before me. I hope
you don’t mind she said. I have to go out in a little while
so can I leave you to carry on, I guess you know were every
thing is. That’s true I was well familiar with the layout of hers
and other houses of that style. I began to check over her
system for its annual service examination. A few moments
latter she poked her head through the door and said “goodbye
then, let your self out when your finished”. I heard the
sound of the closing door and then silence..

working alone in some of the properties is not unusual for
me. People have busy lives and don’t need to sit around
and watch me doing my thing. No more than I would want to watch
them either. But there has to be a trust in this type of relationship
otherwise you could make off with their prized possessions.

I worked on the heater which was positioned in the kitchen
area and then checked the operation of the metering device.
This I guess took about a hour to complete. I filled in the
paperwork and that really left me only the cylinder cupboard
to check before final completion. I glanced at my watch
and was pleased with what it told me.

I gathered up my report sheets and headed up the stairs to
the top floor. I knew through experience that the room I
was looking for was to the right of the stair head. and without
a second of hesitation threw open the door and entered the
room. I pulled up quickly and saw a man standing in front
of a full length mirror.

Well when I say man, what I mean is a figure in the room by the
wardrobe. it took a second or two to adjust to the situation
that unfolded before my eyes. then it became clear, it was
a man but he was dressed in female clothing and was in the
act of sexually relieving himself whilst watching in the
mirror. I guess for a second or two he didn't see me and
continued with the task in hand.

he was wearing a blouse which was unbuttoned a couple of
fasteners down from the neck. through this you could clearly
see a Basque that was tightly holding him in. it was red in
colour and edged with a black lacing. over this he wore a
14 or 16 inch hem line dress that was cream in colour and appeared
to be of a brushed faux leather material.

the front of the dress was lifted to allow him to gain access
to his penis which he was duly working hard. This lifting
also revealed the bottom of the Basque under garment which
had black seamed stockings suspended from there clips
which were encasing his legs. The eye was now drawn to the
bottom of the stockings which ended in a pair of black opened
toed semi high heeled shoes.

He must have heard a sound as I entered the room and suddenly
turned to see were the noise was coming from. the shock of
seeing me in his house when he expected to be alone must have
almost given him a cardiac arrest. his first reaction was
to pull down his dress to shield his enlarged manhood from
my sight and try and reduce his embarrassment he now felt.

To be honest he was caught like a rat in a trap, and he knew
it. at this point I thought he was going to tell me to fuck
off or at least kick me out screaming abuse at me. but he didn't
he just went quiet and sat down on the edge of the bed. now
it was my turn to speak and told him I was sorry and was unaware
of anybody else in the house or I would have knocked before
entering his bedroom.

He nodded as if to accept my reason for being there. then
he puzzled me by asking if I was going to tell his mum what
he was doing when she was out. of course not, I said what ever
made you think that. dunno, he exclaimed thoughtfully.
I wanted to push this on a bit further as the situation was
beginning to excite me.

What’s you name I asked, Steve he replied. tell me Steve
why do you do this dressing up for. a stupid question I thought
to my self after I said it. well he said no girl wants to go out with me, I guess they think
I am a bit of a loser. so I enjoy dressing up and pleasing myself.
he looked at me for a moment and continued, there's
nothing wrong in that?

He was beginning to relax and open up to me a little more and
I then began to tell him how I also have hidden away at home
a little bag with some female essential bits in it.
do I, Steve said and dragged up a bag from beneath his bed.
inside he kept a array of different things to wear and use.

Underwear, more Basque’s, lubes and perfumes, not to
mention a expensive collections of sex toys to caress and
insert. as I rummaged through the bag the rock hard erection that
was playing havoc with the constricted space in my underpants,
had not gone un noticed by me. But better than that! Steve's own cock was now lifting
the hem line of his skirt as he's aroused state became
heighten by my presence.

Steve ?, I asked, have you ever had a man make love to you before.
a period of silence followed as he thought through his answer.
no, he said why! what have you got in mind. I can give you the
best sex that you have ever had and as if to cement the point, I
placed my hand just beneath his skirt and on to his thigh.

Steve drew in breath which faltered a little as he realised
that I was not going to go away and some input was going to
come from him. I proceeded to move my hand up his upper thigh
feeling the warmth of his legs. My fingers rested for a moment
and then I slid them under the suspender straps running
down his leg.

I could now clearly see his skirt moving as his erection
involuntary pressed against the garment making it bob
up and down. I had resisted the temptation to long and continued
to move my hand upwards until I reached his cock. My initial
reaction was to gently wrap my fingers around his shaft.
He let out a wheeze as he expelled air from his lungs and his
cock bucked up and down following my first touch.

My gaze fell on Steve sitting on the edge of the bed dressed
in the way he was, something personal to him that I latter
found out he did every Friday, as his mum always went out
shopping and then on to bingo with a friend. He looked gorgeous
and the feminine perfume he had put on inflamed my passion
to have him for myself.

The bag we had spoke of earlier was open and laying to the
left of me. I glanced in and saw two wigs, Steve never shirked
on the price he paid for some of his cross dress clothing
and these were top quality hair pieces. I picked up a redhead
wig which was straight and shoulder length and passed it
to him. He took it and with the aid of the mirror fixed it in
place. He turned to me said how do I look?. The redhead wig
fully complemented the red of the Basque he was wearing.

stunning I told him, just stunning. The truth is that I
was turned on by the way he looked and fought off the desire
to penetrate him here and now. I lifted his skirt to get a
first public look at his cock. Up to now it had been hidden
beneath his skirt and was relying on my imagination to build
the image in my mind. It was fully erect as it came in to view
I would guess about eight inches in length with a fully exposed
glans and a liberal coating of natural lubricant seeping
from the tip. As I watched it, it swayed a little under the
influence of the raised blood pressure flowing through
it. I placed my hand on his knee this time feeling the sensation
of the low number denier stockings and soaking up the atmosphere
created by our mutual meeting. I rejoiced in the fact that
Steve could not back out now. Our actions up to that point
prevented that. What remains was how Steve and myself wanted
to move this on. Personally I wanted to be inside this gorgeous
half man, half woman creation that had inadvertently found
himself at my disposal this morning.

Steve, what would you like me to do for you! I asked. He thought
for a moment and then gave the answer I was expecting. I would
really like to cream in your mouth?... he waited for the
answer, but what flashed through my mind was a incident
some years back were I had arranged a meeting with a man who
asked me to do just that.

I agreed his wishes and took his engorged member in my mouth
and suckled it, and stroked it, and carried out many tricks
to bring him to orgasm. I so wanted to feel his ejaculate
pumping in to my mouth, but I guess it was his nerves that
prevented him from reaching a climax. It was in vehicle
near a public road and he couldn’t relax to enjoy the experience.
So in that I remain UN satisfied.

He continued to wait for my answer, I shook my self out of
my thoughts and said Yes.. of course if that’s what you
want me to do for you. Now perhaps I will rekindle that lost
desire of a few years ago I thought. At this point I put my
own request forward for his approval. What I would like
is to penetrate your back passage and have sex with you as
if you were a woman! I could see the thought process turning
over in his mind.

It was his turn to hesitate and make me wait for a answer,
it seems like ages before he spoke again. ok.. he said in a soft voice, I sensed some trepidation in
his voice, and asked if he was all right with this arrangement.
He just lifted his fingers to my mouth to silence any further
discussion on the subject. I guess he had made his mind up
and was nervous to discuss the action. He then said you will
be careful, please. I haven’t done this before and I am
a little worried.

Steve then put is arms around my neck drew me towards him
and started to passionately kiss me on my lips. I returned
the favour and all so embraced him squeezing him tight.
Whilst we held each other I let my hand again drop down to
his lap and sort out his tool. As my fingers re-engaged with
his cock I noticed a small pair of knickers that had become
lodged under his testicles and were hindering my approach
to him.

I tugged on the knickers and managed to free them off. helped
when Steve lifted his bum up to allow me to remove them from
his person. once free his shaft sprang clear and flicked
lubricant on to both of us. I re-curled my fingers around
him and pumped him up and down a couple of times. Steve quickly stopped me. No, no, he said, not unless you
want to cover your self in my cum. I took the warning and stopped

I felt his fingers begin to seek me out, this was the first
time Steve had returned the attention to me since we embarked
on this little adventure together. It seemed stupid to
let him fumble along trying to gain access to me through
heavy work clothes, so I asked him to wait whilst I completely
disrobe my self on his bedroom floor.

The sensation was wonderful as the removal of my clothes
made me enjoy the coolness of the bedroom air. And the feeling
of vulnerability only went to heighten my arousal that
was cursing through my whole being. Steve beckoned me to
come to him and rejoin him, I moved across the floor towards
him and I noticed his eyes fixed on my erect cock.

I stood in front of him for a moment Steve raised himself,
he was now at eye level to my groin, and very gently kissed
the tip of my dick with his lips. It was now my cocks turn to
twitch and buck under that first touch. He lingered for
a moment and when he withdrew his face so I could see my pre
cum now deposited on his lips. A quick swish of his tongue
saw it safely in side his mouth.

Now he stood fully up and held his arms out in a welcome gesture, I
moved in to him and my body shudded a little as he fully embraced
me overwhelming my sensors. He again sort my mouth out and
wanted to kiss me. I guess I felt a little embarrassed about
this request as a few years ago I was in the company of another
man and we didn't pursue this action. My mind then made
a quick decision that if Steve wanted to kiss me then what
real reason did I have to refuse.

With this constraint now safely dealt with in my mind I repressed
my lips to his. Steve picked up on this action and felt it
was the green light he needed to pursue. I could feel his
tongue pushing in past my teeth as he swirled it around the
inside of my mouth. His tongue darted in and out, some times
quickly and some times with slow reverence, but all ways
with emotion. I tried to return the favour but Steve wanted
all the tongue dominance that he was subjecting me two.
I decided to let him do what he wanted to do.

I relaxed and let my anxiety subside as Steve took command
for a period. his tongue and his hands continued to explore
me and he caressed and stroked like I have never been subjected
to before. his touch was light as his fingers flutted over
my naked skin making me squirm every time he passed over
me. one moment running up my back, and the next slipping his
fingers between the gap of my buttocks.

My whole body was tingling under this amazing onslaught.
I would gasp as his hand suddenly stroked up and across the
top of my penis. Steve knew what he was doing and knew it well.
I found myself struggling to subdue the feeling that was
building up inside of me. this foreplay was very intense
and making me want to exhaust myself through his fingers.
I knew I had to beat the battle and relax.

I decided to switch the action before I had a little accident
and embarrassed myself in front of Steve. I made him break
off telling him I was to close and it would be his fault if
a couldn't control myself. In fact I decided to carry
the scenario a little further and tell him things about
himself. I moved closer to his ear and whispered to him.
Steve I said, don’t you know you are a slut! In fact you
are little more than a kerbside whore... He thought for
a moment and then agreed that he was.

Steve now laughed and told me it was lucky I came round this
morning and caught him in the act and now I could see what
a bad boy he had become, and that I needed to punish him before
his mum found out. now it was my turn to laugh as my mind raced
with the possibilities of punitive action. My fingers
again now started to re explore his body and now with trembling
expectation. He clasped on to my hand and dragged it on to
his body. With the palm of my hand he bade me to stroke his
upper torso through the Basque.

I ran my fingers up and down the tight material that was encasing
him. Low moans escaped through his mouth as he now enjoyed
the attention I was giving him. Getting in closer to him
I could now see some of his dressing choices. The redhead
wig was no doubt expensive and electrified me as I now ran
my fingers through it. He was wearing some make up but not
overdone. A little eye shadow and mascara. lip gloss was
in evidence as I could taste it on my own lips were he had contacted
them earlier.

Pleasure raced through my body and with every sinuous poised
to enjoy our expected coupling together then Steve brook
of for second. I didn't know what he was going to do except
he made a break in the natural action we were now enjoying.
This was actually beneficial to me as it gave me a moment
to calm down a little. Steve pulled over his bag and started
down it looking for something.

He came out smiling as he found the little package of lip
gloss at the base of the bag. I watched him stand at the mirror
and apply the gloss to his lips. he expertly rolled his mouth
to coat the gloss evenly across his lips. then he looked
back at me and smiled. I could see the stickiness of the gloss
shining on his lips and I guessed what he was about to do.
After that he rejoined me on the bed. he lay down with his
head at my groin level and positioned himself with tongue
lined up with my cock.

He pushed his tongue forward and with the tip he licked the
glans consuming some of the pre-cum liquid that had gathered
there. for me it felt like a bolt of electricity struck me
causing my penis to go into convulsions bucking and swaying
from side to side. I pushed on his forehead trying to get
him to back off for a moment as the sensations were overwhelming
me .but he didn't and drew his mouth towards me again.

I watched in utter fascination as his glossed lips started
to draw themselves over my cock and consume me leaving a
red sticky mark along its length. I writhed and squirmed
in overwhelming pleasure as he took ultimate control of
my sensors. I closed my eyes so my feeling of touch was foremost
in my mind. Steve wet his lips with his own saliva and started
to move up and down the shaft of my dick.

with his tongue he applied a little suction pressure and
licked around the tip whilst maintaining the back and forth
motion. driving me further and further towards ecstasy.
I was now leaking pre-cum at a accelerated rate and was very
concerned that I would not be able to control my self and
bring it all to a premature end. Steve seemed to know what
to do. I could only guess were this expertise came from.
later he still maintained that this was his first time and
was using the imagination that he's many hours of magazines
had taught him.

I let him continue for a while working on my cock and for my
own sake tried to disconnect my senses from the reality
that was going on around me. my eyes glanced around the room
taking in my position on the bed and my pile of discarded
clothes on the floor. I could see his bag within easy reach
from were I sat. laying near the top was a small pink tapered
vibrator and a container with lube in. I guess when Steve
was alone and pleasuring him self he liked a a excellent
range of idea's he could fall back on.

I my mind suddenly returned to reality as I was again aware
of the closeness to cumin in to Steve’s mouth and decided
to once again delay the final act and change the stimulus
we were going through. I gently held the side of Steve's
head and withdrew my cock away from his clasp and watched
as it disengaged from its wet scabbard. it glistened as
more and more became visible. Steve reluctantly allowed
his grip to loosen and allowed it to disconnect.

The coolness of the bed room air was again apparent on me
as I no longer enjoyed the benefit of his warm mouth. my eyes
ran up and down the shaft taking in the lubricated mess that
was now clinging to it. a mixture of saliva and natural lubricants
coated my cock and seemed to invite the next stage of our
coupling with one another.

Our eyes meet for a moment and a understanding seem to come
over him as why I had broken of our last action. "Street
sluts needed to be fucked" I told him, Steve agreed
with me. I think he liked to be a street slut, a person who's
whole life is dedicated for men to exhaust there cocks into
at will. my eyes motioned for him to turn over. Steve seems
to read my mind and extended his actions beyond what I envisaged.
He got on his knees and buried his face in the pillow of the
bed. He continued the motion by raising his backside in
the air and in my full view. I told him I was pleased with him
and he was doing just what is expected of a kerbside slut.
I had Steve right in front of me now. and spent a few moments
enjoying the visual impact that his attire afforded my

I proceeded to run my hands up and down the tight fitting
garment that was encasing his torso, enjoying the sensations
it was bringing to me. I drew a line down through the suspender
straps and on to the stocking tops. Next I reversed this
but this time pulled them and entwined my fingers through
them pulling them away from his body. Now I ran the palms
of my hands across his bare flesh feeling the warmth and
softness of his skin through my touch.

I could feel the pressure that my erect cock was having on
me. I glanced down to myself and caught the sight of my cock
still glistening with Steve’s juices. This had come
from the encounter with his mouth and the natural action
of lubrication material on my behalf. In fact for the few
minutes that I became free from is mouth has allowed the
lubricant to increase and gather at the glans.

I raised my hips up to the level of his buttocks and with my
hand I gently pulled at each side to reveal the soft under
skin. I watched as the flesh rolled out a little exposing
the pinkness of his entrance. Steve started to make encouraging
sounds that he was enjoying my exploration of his intimacy.
and with my cock I just nudged at the entrance leaving a smear
of lubrication in contact with his entrance.

Steve’s initial reaction was to recoil a little from
the touch of me. He looked back and I noticed a little concerned
look on his face. My enquiring look led him to tell me that
he had not done this before and asked me to be very careful.
I thought I wasn't exactly proficient either, but
decided not to pursue the mater with him. The last thing
I wanted to be was to forceful and put him off me. I needed
this not to be just a one off experience but the start of a
clandestine relationship enjoyed by both of us. In other
words this was to good a thing to get wrong.

I reassured him that everything would go smoothly and I
would keep checking our action and if there was any thing
he didn't like all he had to do was to say, stop!! it was
our agreed limit word to cease what was happening. Steve
then told me to look in the bag as there was some lubrication
in there. I quickly found it and started to apply it to my
fingers. The shock of the cold on his entrance was evident
as he drew in a intake of breath the moment I made contact
with him.

He relaxed after the shock and started to gyrate his hips
as I applied the liquid in sweeping circular motions. His
nethermost pushed against my hand and allowed my finger
tips to start to penetrate him. The tightness of his muscles
made me wonder if there was ever to be a way to open him up.
I relubed again and after asking if he was ok to continue,
when he agreed I inserted my small finger a little way inside
him. I was beginning to get some movement with Steve now
accepting my whole little finger.

With the help of the bottled lube and a dose of natural fluid
I could now slide my little finger in and out reaching my
knuckle joint. His defence mechanism hadn't been
tripped yet but I knew if I was to fully penetrate him, we
would have to go a lot further. I closed two fingers together
and now made a second approach following a second re lube
to his anal passage way. This time his defence indeed did
kick in and his muscle contraction tried to reject the foreign
object that was now invading his backside.

I’m sorry, I'm sorry!! he said a couple of times
as he realised that his reactions were at fault. He needed
a steady hand and plenty of reassurance to calm his fears.
Its really ok I heard myself say. nice and slow Steve! There
is no rush. I left my fingers in place for a few moments to
allow him to get used to this new experience. I felt his tension
subside and decided to advance the situation on a little
more. I squirted more lube on my fingers and told Steve to
relax and the gently push back against my hand. This he duly
done and with our combined efforts I managed to gain another
inch of forward movement. Great Steve I almost shouted
to him. Your doing really fantastic. This must have encouraged
him further as I felt him loosen again and took advantage
to advance even more.

Again now with more space created my fingers began to glide
in and out with less resistance and Steve was now beginning
to enjoy the sensations building up in his rear end. The
lubrication was now well advanced and coating every part
of his passage way, smoothing the effect that his sphincter
muscles had to reject me when I at last entered him. I removed
my hand and picked up the pink vibrator I had spotted earlier
and gave it a liberal coating of glide fluid and returned
it back to his entrance. The action of my hand opening him
earlier was now evident as his passage lay more open to my

I place the tip of the toy on him and with a small rotating
movement began to screw the vibrator in to his arse. Again
a moan escaped his lips as Steve accepted the now humming
mechanical device. And allowed me to advance it almost
to its full length. As I pushed the device in and out the earlier
signs of resistance to penetration had all but gone.

Steve was now uttering some incoherent words which I couldn't
hear because his face was buried in the soft material of
the pillow and mixed in with the sounds of being sexually
high. My lack of response alerted him to my non understanding
of what he was trying to say. He turned his head and spoke
again. This time it was plain to hear.

For crying out loud! Will you just get your cock in me and...
he paused for a second. And, and! FUCK ME, TAKE ME, USE ME
LIKE A SLOVEN SLUT THAT I AM..his out burst alarmed me and
I wonder if the neighbours could hear him as these houses
had pretty thin walls. Shhssssss I motioned with my lips
to keep quiet. But Steve was to far gone to care a stuff about
what the neighbours thought.

As he turned towards me I could clearly see his own erection
swing in to view as it had been hidden beneath him whilst
he was on all fours. Every sinew and vein were pulsing as
his racing heart supplied the blood pressure required
to maintain such a highly erotic condition. pre-cum had
leaked from the tip and fell back to the bed forming a small
pool on the sheets.

It was plain even to me to see that he was close to orgasm his
breathing was shallow and ragged and his body was gently
convulsing. His language also added to my understanding
of his present state. Personally I didn't think I would
have enough time left to have him come in my mouth as he had
earlier requested. And toyed with the idea of bringing
him first.

I watched him for a few moments and took in the tightly constricting
Basque and the rest of the clothing that went with it. My
eyes fell upon his buttocks still stretched by his humming
favourite toy. I had done a lot of work to bring Steve to this
point and seemed silly not to continue with what I was going
to do. And in any case I was greedy and wanted him now in the
state he was in. But I was. going to satisfy my own needs first.

Back were you were! I demanded and watched as he returned
to the doggy position with his buttocks back in full view.
Slowly I pulled on the vibrator and it released its hold
on him with a small squelching sound emitting as the air
now passed in to his passageway equalling the pressure.
The plastic toy had done its job and I could now he was left
open and inviting to what I wanted to do. Having used butt
plugs and vibrators on my self I was aware the openness felt
and the wanting to refill the gap left by the removal of the
device. I knew Steve would be experiencing this so I quickly
re lubed my cock ready to take advantage of were the vibrator
left off.

I positioned my self at his rear raising my self up and place
the tip at the entrance to his passageway. He was in a highly erotic state and responded to the feel
of my extended cock at his threshold by pushing back against
me. I picked up on his message and met his backwards thrusts
by advancing forward and beginning to satisfy his wanting.

As my well lubed glans started to make inroads in to him,
it was as if his whole opening was attempting to swallow
me up. My fingers and the effects of the vibrator had worked
there magic pioneering a passageway much to our common
delight. Steve was still buried in the bedside pillow but his hips
were swaying in front of my eyes. I took hold of him with both
hands caressing as I did his body shape which was being expressed
by his choice of clothing. He was lucky enough to have a slender
physical structure not unlike a woman’s shape. And it
would have been hard not to be attracted to him.

“For crying out loud” he said in anguish, STOP PISSING
ABOUT AND JUST FUCK ME. Again he broke in to shouting, and
once more looked at the bedroom door in alarm. I decided
he would give the game away, so silenced him by thrusting
forward and claiming my prize. Steve immediately stopped
shouting and nothing but small contented moaning now emitted
from his being as his wanting was for the moment satisfied.

Now with all his natural anal resistance having been subdued
I was free to enjoy the spoils of war I felt a little like a general as he advanced in to a taken
city and I guess he would have felt like I do now. I now took
firm hold on to his hips and withdrew my buried cock that
was splaying him open. The sticky lubricant that I had applied
so generously earlier was now assisting the free movement,
and with ease I started to thrust back and forth as his own
pelvic muscles joined in unison by clamping and releasing
my cock as he saw fit.

Earlier as Steve was giving me the benefit of his oral expertise,
I remembered seeing a stainless steel Cock ring in the bag.
And now decided to use it on myself. So I withdrew completely
for a few moments. Steve looked around to see why I had stopped.
Its ok! Don’t worry I said to reassure him. I reached into
the bag and retrieved the circular ring and with my cock
pulled tight I now squeezed my self into the steel constriction.
With great difficulty I pushed the object home until it
reached the base of my engorged penis.

The effect it had on me was immediate, my cock seemed to expand
much greater than I have ever seen it before. A huge blue
vein was prominent as high pressure blood flowed through
the enraged organ. I felt like I was a bull tethered by a ring
of metal. Again my hands parted his awaiting buttocks and
I realigned my reconfigured shaft and made the next attempt
to re enter him. This time Steve looked around as he became
aware of the largeness now pushing on his back door.

His passageway become no match for my determined well lubed
cock and a few seconds later I was in him again. Steve reburied
his face back in the pillow and his hands gripped the side
of the mattress. I began to set a a rhythm of back and forth
strokes and enjoyed the verbal utterances coming from
my beautiful lover as I drove him further on to his sexual
plateau. On my backward strokes I could feel his muscles
trying prevent me from disconnecting from him and on my
forward stroke his anus squeezed my shaft so tightly almost
causing tears to my eyes. I watched as the steel ring I wore contacted with the lips
of his entrance and then was in free air as I connected and
dis-connected in a frenzy of movement. My pistoning action
on him was advancing his journey towards orgasm a little
bit more than I realised, and was surprised when he suddenly
let out a cry that sounded like anguish. “ IM, CUMMING,
IM, CUMMING “ He cried out again in a loud voice. His body
suddenly collapsed beneath me and we both sunk to the bed.
the action caused me to dis-connect from his grasp and follow
him down.

At once I shot my hand beneath his body and was met with a warm
wetness that was now soaking in to the bed clothes. I drew
my hand up a little and saw stringy white cum sticking to
my fingers. I guess I was a little shocked about how turned
on by our actions he was. I decided to afford him some time out from our sexual liaison.
I curled my fingers around his pulsating cock and pumped
him for all I was worth. his whole being was shuddering and
he was voicing all types of descriptive phrases as to what
he was experiencing. I was fascinated watching Steve undergoing this transformation
from pre-orgasm to currently exhausting himself by my
actions and I wasn't even aware until he started.

I wonder how I missed his vital signs: but now rejoiced in
his cumin. I tried to synchronise my pumping with his audible
outbursts to give him maximum pleasure. The bed sheets
were heading for the washing machine as they soaked up Steve’s
ejaculating member. And because of his highly erotic state
the bedding had to contend with more than his usual output.
Almond milk flowed through my fingers and I loved to pull
them apart and see how far I could stretch a string before
breaking. Finally cleaning them by sucking his fluid in
to my mouth and licking between my fingers.

I gave him as much time for himself as I dared, and time was
pressing on. I was beginning to show signs of softening
and also aware of Steve having climaxed earlier would now
be trying to relax and start to close up. I took my own cock
in my hand and started to masturbate myself to regain full
hardness of myself. Reaching down I scooped some of Steve’s
cooling ejaculate from the bed and skilfully rubbed it
in to his rear passageway. I beckoned for him to return to
his original position and await for me to ready myself.

Watching Steve cumming a few moments ago was now upper most
in my mind and I wanted to share in that experience. I didn't
want him to go cold on me and wanted him to share in my climax
as I shot my load into him. Steve repositioned himself and
reburied his head in the pillow. I heard him now say” fuck me. fuck me, bury your cock in
me.” I was relieved that he was still interested in me

I again realigned my self up with him and pressed in with
the tip of my tool. Then having taken a firm grasp on his hips
I pulled back to restart the process of penetration. He
was a little firmer this time due to our break a few minutes
age. However a determined thrust soon broke him down. Steve
was elated that the joy of me re entering him was satisfying
the craving for me to fill his passageway again.

I squeezed his buttocks hard giving me a little more space
to thrust into and started the motion. His own sperm now
trickled down his thigh as the make shift lubricant I had
collected from him was squeezed from his passageway after
completing its task. Steve own arm now came behind me and
placed the palm of his hand on my own backside and pushed
me in towards me. ” I want to feel you Cum inside your favourite
slut.” I drew in breath, he was right; I did. “ please
don’t hold back, I need every last drop of your hot cum
inside me now.” his words were hitting the mark and my mind raced with that
image he was portraying.

I could feel my own emotions building up in side me as I bucked
in and out of his anus. I could feel my own testicles swinging
beneath me in the cool air and contacting his arse with every
forward thrust of my loins. His taunt muscles seemed to
grip me and suck in my whole genital area trying to coax my
cock into giving up its precious cargo.

Steve's own contractions were squeezing and releasing
me in a most delicious way and was driving me delirious in
my mind. The image of what was going on was almost to much
to bare. I wasn't going to hold back any more and let the erotic
feelings flow over me as I headed towards my destiny with
Steve's delightful arse.

Steve's loud moans and pity cries were sending me over
the top. And as I went in to the last strokes before releasing
my pent up lust in the form of gallons of milky cream. I had
stored up in my testicles for such a occasion. I felt as if
Steve had been a good slut and had earned his due reward.
and who was I to deny him his pleasure.

I suddenly stopped, leaned over him and whispered in his
ear, “ get your self ready Steve, its all coming your way
“ I stood on the cusp of orgasm, the sinews of my cock were
erect and motionless, all I had to do was to thrust forward
and drench him in highly charged semen. I felt the steel
ring cutting deep at the base of me, as my erection tried
to break open the restricting halo.

I gripped the hemline of his Basque and with one swift movement
completed the final thrust forward, and nearly knocked
him of balance. I didn't see if he was aright as my testicles
now started to unload themselves through the eye of my cock
and into his rear passageway. I panted and lost control
of my breath as the room swam around in front of me.

I incoherently heard Steve tell me what a good boy I was to
cum in his tail. I re-gripped his waist and pumped away squeezing
his buttocks together to increase the friction on my cock.
Wave after wave of pleasure swept over me as I started to
discharged the contents of my balls into him. I grabbed both of his hips and drew his torso in towards me.
He thrust backwards in time with me moving forward. And I cried out in my pleasure of him as he made my cock swell
and pulsate in side his anus. Steve was having a hard time standing up to my thrusts as
I roughly handled him and saw his hands strongly gripping
the sheets to steady himself.

“ Go on, go on “ he screamed at me. “ fill me up with your
sticky cum “. I did as Steve said and gave him another shot
of ejaculate to follow the last. I cast my eyes on the spot
were my cock was disappearing inside Steve and imagined
the tip buried deep inside him delivering my massive burden
to his awaiting body. I could also see the hydraulic effect
taking place as I pressured his backside a small trickle
of milk would escape between ourselves and flow down his
thigh and on to the bed.

The room danced in front of my eyes and my breathing continued
to intake in short pants, as I experienced the best sex I
can ever remember having. This style of sex was socially
forbidden and was deep in my imagination, the kind of sex
you only read in magazines. this is what made it all the more
exciting for both of us as and we discussed it later whilst
showering. I started to slow up a little as I expended my semen load in
to Steve and felt a slight softening of myself as the pressure
to perform subsided.

I had indeed been a good boy just as Steve had asked of me.
And as my thrusts subsided and became shallower I ran my
hands sweetly over his red Basque again feeling the material
and thinking this was not a cheap buy but was expensive,
and it felt it. and As I continued to enjoy my post orgasmic
state my eyes again wandered again over Steve.

His stockings tops were now crumpled and strings of semen
now hung on the nylon encasements. I followed his legs down
and again saw the high heeled shoes that he wore. I was surprised
they hadn't became dislodged. I cursed myself quietly
for not giving them more attention when I was shafting him
as women’s strappy shoes always turn me on greatly.

His dress had indeed became dislodged in the frenzy and
as the hook fixture lost the battle with my onslaught it
parted company with Steve and fell to the ground in a heap.
I could hear Steve whimpering a little as my decreasing
thrusts now came to a halt and we both remained motionless
for what seems like ages. Now the softening of me became more pronounced and I could
feel his strong anal muscles now winning the battle against
its intruder and expelled me out. As I came free I saw his passageway wide open and exposed
with a hint of cum barely visible on the entrance.

I continued to watch as I now fell back in a seated position.
Steve involuntary pushed on his pelvic muscles and I was
elated to see a spectacle as my seed began to flow from his
back door. His opening pulsed every time he squeezed and more and more
milk appeared at its entrance. I was delighted to see it
flow down his thighs and again on to the bed. I ran my fingers
through it and collected some and rubbed it with circular
motions on Steve's buttocks.

I rolled over on to the bed and as I did so I took hold of Steve
and pulled him over with me. I just wanted to cuddle him and
enjoy a after sex experience with him. I was hoping he felt
the same. I didn't need to worry as he also reached out for my searching
arms and fell in to them. We rolled about for a second or two getting comfortable
trying to avoid the pool of cold spent cum that had accumulated
at the end of the bed. We move to the top for more comfort.

We spent the next hour just cuddling and caressing each
other and talking about ourselves to each other. Sounds
weird but that’s how it was. Steve was a very deep emotional
person when you get to know him a little better. But has been
starved of sexual contact with any body else. His own fault he agreed. Steve asked if we could meet again
sometimes, as we had now warmed to each other. We exchanged
telephone numbers and email addresses so we could set up
a meeting.

I glanced at the time and was horrified that so much time
had elapsed since I first entered the house and I was really
late. I decided to call in sick to prevent complaints from
customers. This I did later. Steve was still in my arms and needing my attention but I
new I had to leave soon. Our bodies had chance to relax and recover from a hour or
so earlier. I felt Steve reconnect his hand with my cock.
I immediately re-hardened and realised I needed to connect
with him again. I returned the compliment to Steve who was
already erected and ready to go.

We spent the next few minutes in each others hands as we both
enjoyed closely connecting to one another and was both
rewarded by cumming together enjoying a beautiful sensation
that only lovers can experience. When we again recovered we left the room and headed for the
shower room together to freshen up.

I have now meet Steve on countless occasions as our lives
have come together. Some times we do the kind of things that
I have just described. But mostly we go to lunch or just go
and have a coffee together. We seem to have a lot in common
and never find each other dis- interesting. Our meetings
haven’t stopped yet nor do we feel the need to bring them
to a halt either. We enjoy ourselves to much for that to come
to a end.

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Great story!!! Loved it.