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A miracle late in life.


I never expected at this stage in my life to have a romantic,
experience with a wonderful young lady, but I did.

I had gotten to the point after Ruth's death that the
home we shared together had too many reminders of her and
too many memories of the life we shared together. Before
my wife's passing, we always had a realtor or two each
year, come knock on our door to see if Ruth and I were interested
in selling our home.

It was one of those rare, well preserved historical homes
that were hard to find. But the home meant so much to her and she took such pride in
it and everything she purchased for our home, that I knew
while she was alive, we would never sell. But now that she
was gone, I began to wonder if now was not the right time for
me to move on since I was in my sixties and no longer cared
about the home without Ruth by my side.

But each time I walked down the large winding staircase
and my hand would touch the hand carved , hundred year old
banister that her hands touched a million times before,
I would feel my wife all over again. I guess it is safe to say
this was Ruth's house through and through and if I couldn't
have her, I could at least have her house.

I have always believed we each get one great love in our lives
and the day Ruth walked into my office when she was only seventeen,
I knew she was mine. I was a fresh out of law school and had
just gone to work in the District Attorney's office
assigned to petty crimes. Her mother walked in with Ruth
and I immediately sat up once our eyes met for the first time.

I had been on the job all of four days so my feet had not yet
gotten wet, practicing law. As I recall Ruth didn't
speak much and instead let her mother explain to me that
her daughters purse had been stolen. I wrote down their
information and put it with the police report I had already
been given before I told them both I would stop by sometime
when I had more answers.

Ruth sat next to her mother staring at me with a big smile
on her face and her smile only got bigger when she heard I
might be stopping by their house. It would be a pretty safe
bet that on the spot, Ruth and I formed a connection. She
had shoulder length wavy brown hair, a very cute face and
wonderfully bright eyes. In other words, she was everything
I could have ever dreamed of.

A policeman recovered Ruth's purse in an alley a few
days later and brought to me with everything inside except
for any money Ruth might have had. I was thrilled because
now I had an excuse to go to Ruth's parents house so I
could see her again. I didn't understand what this
girl did to me but when I was near her my heart would speed

I was a bit nervous when I knocked on their front door but
when her mother answered I froze up and just handed her Ruth's
purse and told there was no money inside. "We did catch
the kids who stole it and I will keep you informed as to what
happens to them, " I said as Ruth's mother smiled,
thanked me and shut the door without even giving me a chance
to see her daughter again.

I had just turned, feeling rather rejected and started
walking towards my car when their front door opened and
Ruth came running out. She was so bubbly and alive and once
again that smile of hers was like a sunrise for me. "You
didn't even want say hi to me"? She asked as she
rushed down the step wearing a cute pair of baggy shorts
and a summery top. The girl had the brightest eyes and most
wonderful smile I had ever seen.

Ruth and I spent the next hour walking on the sidewalk holding
hands while I listened to her rambling about everything.
"So you are a lawyer. Does that mean you make lots of
money?" She asked at one point grinning from ear to
ear. I told her not yet, but I hope to make more money later
on in life. And Ruth's comments about money never gave
me the sense that money was ever important to her.

After about an hour had pasted Ruth turned to me with her
amazing smile and announced, , "When you're
ready, you can ask me out on a date, if you want to?"
Like I said earlier she was only seventeen so I asked her
how her parents would feel about me taking their daughter
out. "Oh I already told them we were going to start
dating. And I told them we would get married someday too, "
Ruth said as she leaned forward, kissed me gently on my cheek
before she ran back up the stairs onto her porch like an excited
little girl.

But that was long ago and I was now without my beloved Ruth
and all had was the home she made for us. So after a couple
of years of pondering this idea of moving, I contacted a
realtor who had a good reputation and went to her office
just to discuss the idea of possibly selling.

Janet was a middle aged woman who was clearly very professional
as well as very interested in listing my home. And I probably
surprised her when she suggested she should first come
take a tour of the inside of my home. "Not just yet.
First I would like to see what I might be interested in buying
if I do decided to sell. " .

Janet then gathered herself and agreed. She suggested
I work with one of her associates who could spend more time
with me to show me some of my options. Maddie, short for Madeline
called to set up a luncheon meeting I told her I was looking
forward to seeing what was in the market that I might like
to make an offer on.. "Well I look forward to meeting
you too, " She said softly before we hung up.

And when I walked in the restaurant to meet Maddie I was not
prepared for the shock of my life.

Maddie stood up and waved once she saw me and immediately
my heart was in my throat. It was Ruth all over again when
she was in her late twenties and I just stopped and stared
at this young woman. Maddie didn't look exactly like
my Ruth, but pretty darn close. It was her smile, her hair
and even the way she waved her hand was just like my wife's.

I couldn't believe this was happening as I approached
Maddie's table not sure if I could even talk. Of course
she had no idea how I felt and I wasn't about to tell her.
I was just so thrilled to have a chance to spend a little time
with Maddie that everything else didn't matter.

She offered me her hand to shake and greeted me saying, "It
is so nice to finally meet you?" I think I smiled and
told her it was nice to meet her too before I sat down totally

We ordered lunch and slowly began to talk about my home and
what kind of home I might like to look at."Janet said
you have an amazing home and she really wants to see the inside, "
Maddie said smiling like my wife use to smile. I told Maddie
that I knew Janet wanted to see the inside but that would
have to wait until I find a new home I might want to purchase.

I got home an hour later and sat in my chair asking myself,
what had just happened and more importantly why. Spending
a little time with Maddie brought back such wonderful memories
about Ruth that I just sat there and let my mind wander back
into my past.

I remembered how Ruth and I finally began dating just after
her eighteen birthday and it wasn't long before I fell
in love with her even more. And how at the end of everyone
one of our dates, Ruth would look at me with her bright eyes
and said, "Ok you can kiss me now." And, oh my,
how sweet and soft Ruth's lips were when my lips touched

Ruth and I dated for a little over a year before I took her
out to dinner and then on a long walk under a full moon. I was
so nervous as we walked along because I had the ring in my
pocket and wanted to find just the right spot and the right
moment to pop the most important question of my life. Another
couple had just passed Ruth and I on the river walk when we
went around a curve holding hands when I decided it was time.

Ruth and I stopped walking as I looked into her eyes and saw
her immediately response once she sensed what I was about
to ask her. Ruth covered her mouth with her hand and tensed
up as I got down on one knee and reached into my pocket. "Oh
my goodness. Is this really happening?" She said
trembling like a leaf.

I looked up into her eyes and told Ruth how much I truly loved
her before I asked her if she would be my wife. I think her
response was something like, "Oh my yes I will. Of
course I want to be your wife. Did I say yes yet? If I didn't
then yes, yes, I will to marry you." She was just nineteen
but knew in her heart we were meant to be together. Her emotions
erupted as we hugged and clung to one another as other people
passed us by. It was by far the best day of my life.

Six months later, my Ruth looked stunning in her long white
wedding gown as I trembled with excitement to make her my
wife. I think we both heard angels singing once we were on
our wedding bed later that night together for the first
time. My new wife was shy being on the same bed with me, but
her lips told a different story. She was a respectable woman
who yearned for the day she would no longer be a virgin and
that day had arrived for my Ruth.

After some very intense kissing and a little light touching
I helped pull her white lacy night gown over her head. I will
never forget how she brushed her curly hair from her face
before she laid back down with her small delicious breasts
exposed in front of me. Her breasts were small but simply
amazing to touch and hold in my hands.

"I love you, " I told my wife of six hours as Ruth
smiled at me and said she knew I did. My hands slowly began
to massage her soft mounds as her breathing began to pick
up quickly. I can only imagine what she might have been thinking
having waited for nineteen years to experience the womanly
pleasures she had resisted so far in her life.

Ruth's nipples grew hard as I gently suckled each of
them while listening to the sounds of her soft whimpers.
My body was highly aroused as I then moved my hand down over
her very flat stomach until I reached her panties. "Are
you ready"" I asked Ruth as she took a deep breath
before she nodded her head yes. Once naked, Ruth and I took
it slowly even though our bodies were in fire.

For as long as we both lived, we were never going to have another
chance to experience this miracle together for the first
time. I carefully positioned myself on top of Ruth as she
held her breath and slowly pulled me inside of her womb.
She shook at time, tensed up at other times but eventually
adjusted to having me inside of her.

It was everything we both ever wanted and then some as I moved
slowly at first and gave Ruth time to adjust. Her inner muscles
quivered around my hard shaft yet her juices kept us lubricated
perfectly. The first time I orgasmed inside of Ruth, it
was truly a breathtaking experience for both of us.

We made love a second time a half hour later and then again
the next morning after Ruth and I had just spent our first
night sleeping together in the same bed. We laid there talking
for a few minutes before we looked at each other and knew
we were going to do again.

"You can tell me you love me again, if you want to, "
Ruth said as I smiled and told her how much I truly loved her
before my fingers traveled into her bushy hair until I found
her slippery amazing womanhood. "Oh my, "
She said a couple of times as her body began to twitch even
more as my fingers explored her private region for the third
time since our wedding vows were exchanged.

Ruth laid still for me as I climbed on top of her ready to make
us one. She trembled a lot but offered me her body because
she loved me so much . I was very excited and getting more
excited by the second. I tried to be gentle and slowly joined
our bodies together as Ruth's eyes glowed like shooting

Once Ruth and I were finally connected, nature took over
as we expressed how we felt about one another in the most
magical, wonderful way to people ever could have. Our lifelong
love affair had officially begun and Ruth and I were now
ready to share ourselves with each other until death do
us part.

Janet called the next morning and asked me if I wanted to
continue working with Maddie or would I prefer a different
assistant. I quickly assured Janet that Maddie was just
great and that I looked forward to working with only her
from now on. Janet chuckled and said, Maddie said she thought
it went well too.

Over the next few weeks, Maddie drove me around a couple
of afternoons to look at various properties and of course
we always stopped for lunch. So as we sat down for lunch again,
I asked Maddie to tell me about herself and what she was hoping
for in life. "Oh let's see. I guess I want what
everyone wants. True love, kids and enough money to live
ok although I don't need a lot of money to be happy, "
she said smiling at me with her amazing eyes.

Listening to this delightful young woman was like listening
to my Ruth all over again. Maddie explained she had been
dating this guy for a couple of years and was sort of waiting
for him to pop the big question. "Are you in love with
him?" I asked her. Maddie shocked me a little when
she hesitated before she replied, "I think so."

I remember immediately reaching out and holding her hand
as I looked her in the eye and said, "Love is not something
you think about. Either you feel it or you don't."
I then began to tell her the story of Ruth and I and how much
we loved each other from the very first time we met. And amazingly
Maddie listened with such a brightness in her eyes it almost
made me tear up at times.

"So when did you buy the house for Ruth and you?"
she said obviously interested in our story. I explained
to Maddie that Ruth and I both worked hard and saved our money.
I left the District Attorney's office two years later
and joined a private firm in the area. "So that is how
you ended up with the house and a good life with Ruth.

After a few minutes of hearing part of our story, Maddie
looked at me and asked me what had happened to Ruth. I told
her that when Ruth turned fifty six, we found out she had
stage four cancer. "There is not a day goes by when
I do not miss her, " I said as a single tear rolled down
Maddie's face.

"Do you have a picture of her?" Maddie asked
wiping away her the tear. I reached inside of my wallet and
took our an old picture of Ruth when she was about Maddie's
age and decided I would risk my friendship and handed it
to her. She looked at it and just stared without saying a
word for the longest time . She obviously knew how much my
wife and her looked alike. Maddie then lifted her eyes and
looked into mine before she began to tremble as she handed
me Ruth's picture back and rushed from the restaurant.

I paid the check as quickly as I could and went out to find
Maddie, to make sure she was ok. She was still sobbing by
her car so I walked up to her and hugged her for the first time.
Her tender arms wrapped around me as we just hugged and held
each other in the parking lot. "I know you look a lot
like my Ruth. But why are you so upset?" I asked her.

Maddie stepped back and dried her eyes again before she
asked me if she could ask me a personal question and would
I promise to be honest with her. "Of course, "
I said and waited to hear what her question was. I had no reason
not to be honest with the young woman. "I know this
is none of my business. But did Ruth ever have a child and
put it up for adoption"?

I remember looking at Maddie wondering why in the world
would she ask me a question like that. "No she didn't.
It turned out Ruth couldn't have children, "
I replied. "But why did you ask me that question?"
I said to Maddie. "Well because we look so much alike,
I thought maybe she had been my birth mother. My parents
adopted when I was a baby, " Maddie explained.

I realized everyone has a story and I had just learned another
chapter in Maddie's life story and my heart immediately
went out to her. Maddie and I embraced again and both cried
a little until our sad hearts felt better. She calmed herself
and explained that her adopted parents were wonderful
and she couldn't have ask for a better childhood or
a more loving family.

"And what about your boyfriend? Is that making progress?"I
asked Maddie as we drove to our next viewing in her car. I
thought changing the subject might do her some good. "Yes
it is definitely progressing to nowhere, " She said
smiling and she didn't seem upset about what ever had
happened. I asked what she meant and she said she broke up
with him and was glad it was over.

"I want to find the same kind of love you and Ruth shared.
And someday I will find it, " She said softly as we
pulled into another driveway and I knew just looking at
the house, it wasn't for me. But I remained quiet and
took the tour with Maddie anyway. But I also realized not
only do we all get one great love, but we all also get one great
house and I already had mine.

With or without Ruth, my house was going to be my home until
I died. So I contacted Janet the next afternoon and told
her I was going to stop looking for another home at least
for the time being. "But Maddie was sensational and
I would like to send her a gift, if that would be ok with you, "
I explained to Janet. Janet said that would be fine before
she wished me luck and said good bye.

I had one of Ruth's older photographs framed with a
note that read.

"Dear Maddie.

This is a picture of my Ruth. I believe she would want you
to have it because I know she would have loved to have had
you as her daughter.

Love, Jonathon.

The framing company called to say it was finished and that
they were going to deliver it in a day or two. But I didn't
have to guess for very long because Maddie was ringing my
front door bell the next day. It happened to be on one of the
days that our cleaning lady was at my home so she answered
the door for me. I was out of sight in my study but close enough
to hear Maddie ask if I was at home.

When Ruth had passed away I decided not to allow anyone into
our home again because my charming Ruth would not be there
to greet them. I got up and walked to my front door and stepped
out onto the porch where Maddie was standing. "I'm
sorry. I can't talk right now, " Maddie said
with tears streaming down her cheeks as she rushed up to
me as we hugged.

Maddie had such a big heart as we embraced and she sobbed
for a few moments. "I will cherish the picture of Ruth
forever, " She said softly. I thanked the young woman
and asked her how everything else was going on in her life.
"Janet told me you wanted to stop looking at other
house for now. But can I still see you once in a while?"
She asked.

It struck me odd that this young woman wanted to spend any
time with me but I so dearly enjoyed her company I told her
yes. She wasn't my Ruth but she was as close as I would
ever get again. Maddie then stepped back, looked at the
large wraparound porch with the same wicker furniture
settings and flower baskets, Ruth picked out and said "This
is simply gorgeous. Why in the world would you ever want
to sell this?" I chuckled and told I finally agreed
with her and with Ruth.

So Maddie and I became close friends and had lunch together
two to three times a week. It was at one of our lunch dates,
that Maddie asked me I wanted to go out with her some night.
I looked at her, frowned and said as gently as I could, "
Ok tell me how old you are?" Maddie grinned and told
me she was twenty nine but her birthday was in two more weeks
so then she would be thirty. "Well sweetheart, I am
sixty two, so why in the world would you want to go out with

She giggled her funny giggle and said, "Well I don't
know. I guess because we are friends and you are nice to be
with. And I get to hear more Ruth stories, so why not?"
Maddie and I agreed to go out to dinner on her birthday which
was actually only eleven days away.

Maddie took my breath away when I went to pick her up. I kept
telling myself this is not a date like in a real date but just
dinner with a very young friend of mine. Maddie worn a spectacular
evening gown and stole the show when she walked into the
Country club on my arm. I ordered us a good bottle of wine
and Maddie looked like a princess with her wonder smile
and charm.

So after dinner when I asked her if she wanted to hear another
Ruth story, Maddie surprised me when she said, "Not
tonight." "But did you notice anything different
about me?" She asked me smiling. "Well your
dressed up and look great, " I replied. "No
silly, not something you see. It is something you smell?"
She said as she leaned over and let me get a good whiff of her
neck. I smelled the same perfume Ruth wore her entire life
and looked at Maddie in disbelief. How did you know what
kind of perfume my wife wore?"I asked Maddie.

"Because you told me one time, silly. Now let's
go dance, " She said as she stood up and grabbed my
hand. The Country Club had a jazz trio playing as Maddie
and I walked out onto the dance floor. For a moment it was
as if I was dancing with Ruth all over again.

Maddie had a rather ample chest and when I felt it touching
my chest, it sent some shivers down my spine. "Just
for this one night. I am going to be Ruth, just for you, "
Maddie whispered to me as the song came to an end. She then
kissed me softly on my lips.

I was shaken by her kiss and escorted her back to our table
to get her wrap so we could leave. It was a cool late summer
evening as Maddie suddenly didn't have anything to
say as I drove her home. And when I parked my car and turned
to thank her for a wonderful evening as well as wish her a
happy birthday one more time, Maddie invited me to come
in for a night cap.

"Thank you, but I should be getting home, "
I said as she stared at me and said, "You have nothing
to do at home. So just get out of the car and come in for a night
cap." She then opened her own car door, got out and
waited for me to join her. I felt very uncomfortable being
alone in her small home with her but I followed her inside

Maddie brought me a glass of scotch which I had told her I
enjoy once in a while after dinner and sat down on her sofa
next to me. I thanked her and didn't say much else although
I could see Maddie had good taste in her decorating style.
Not as expensive as Ruth's but then Maddie was just
starting out.

I had just set my scotch down on a coaster when Maddie took
my hand in hers and smiled as she said, "I already told
you that for this one night, I am going to be your Ruth."
I looked at her completely puzzled and asked her what that
meant. Maddie jumped up, turned to me and said in a demanding
tone, " Wait right there."

I waited on her sofa and looked around at her things for about
five minutes before Maddie suddenly appeared wearing
a sexy lingerie. "It means this, " She said
as she smiled and posed for me. The shape of her breasts under
her lacy top alone took my breath away.

"No we can't do this, " I said to her as Maddie
walked up to me and pulled me off the sofa. "Yes we can, "
she said before she kissed me and it wasn't a friendship
kind of kiss. When the kiss ended, I backed up and told Maddie
that it would be wrong for us to continue. My heart was racing
so fast, I couldn't think straight as Maddie stood
gracefully in front of me smiling.

"I want to know how it feels when someone truly makes
love to me, " Maddie said as she walked back into my
arms as we embraced again. Maddie was warm, soft, tender
and everything I had with my wife. I tried my best to resist
this temptation but I eventually stopped resisting.

"Are you really sure?" I asked Maddie as she
turned her bedding down in preparation for our union. She
then turned and smiled at me while she began to unbutton
my shirt. "I am very sure, " She said softly
as she undid each button while using her hands to occasionally
rub my bare chest. "You just relax and enjoy this, "
Maddie said as she removed my shirt.

Maddie was use to having a boy her age having sex with her
but now she wanted to experience someone making love to
her and there is a difference. My shirt came off in-between
kisses as did her lingerie top. And as we stood staring into
each other's eyes between our gentle kisses, I reached
up and held her large magnificent soft breasts for the first

Holding them in my warm hands, I looked into Maddie's
eyes and told her how perfect they truly were. "Thank
you for being the best friend I ever had, " Maddie
said as she reached down and slipped her panties off. Maddie
then climbed onto her bed as I removed my shorts and joined
her. For a moment it felt like Ruth's and I's wedding
night all over again.

Maddie and I kissed and touched each other and took it very
slowly as we both bonded in a wonderful way. "I like
how love feels, so far " She said once as my hands were
running over her stomach before I touched her pubic hair.
My fingers stopped for a moment as I looked at this lovely
creature lying next to me naked and vulnerable.

She then closed her eyes again and felt my fingers finally
touch her womanhood for the first time. Maddie's pubic
hair was very soft and quite fine as I moved my finger tips
over her outer lips as gently as I could. She began to trembled
as her body tensed up a little more with each passing second.

I don't know if my old man approach was good or bad but
Maddie was quickly becoming unglued. The hormones of a
thirty year old woman were something I had not experienced
in many, many years. But I remained in my slow steady course
as Maddie continued to build her passion. Getting a woman
to her peak arousal state is like cooking a fine stew. It
takes time and patience.

"I have to tell you at this moment, I truly do love you, "
I told Maddie as she opened her eyes and just looked at me
for the longest time. She then reached up, hugged me before
we kissed again. She laid back down as I spread her legs before
I began to taste her sweetness. It did not take Maddie long
to climax.

I then carefully climbed on top of Maddie as she looked up
into my eyes with a wonderful smile on her face. It had been
many years since I enjoyed a woman so I had forgotten just
what a perfect union felt like. "Are you sure?"
I asked her one more time as Maddie moved her hips upward
forcing the head of my cock to slip into her warm tight love
tunnel. Feeling her gripping the ball end of my cock was
more than I could take as I pushed and felt my shaft slip easily
into her.

We quickly learned to move together and set a slow comfortable
pace in the process. Maddie looked up at me and one point
and softly said, "At this exact moment, I love you
too." Maddie was a delicate creature who offered
more pleasure than she realized while I made love to her.
My orgasm came after ten minutes of the most wonderful experience
I had had in years. And as soon as she felt my first spasm deep
inside of her, Maddie worked even harder to get every drop
she could out of me.

Maddie and I had lunch a few days later and like we usually
did, we spent most of our time together talking about Ruth
and our life together. "Well I also have some news, "
Maddie finally said smiling from ear to ear. She was truly
the sweetest young woman on the face of the earth so naturally
I wanted to hear her obviously good news.

"The day after our thing, " Maddie said blushing
for a second or two she told me she met a man and felt something
very special with him. She went on to say he was a chef she
met the night after our affair, when she went out with one
of her girl friends. "His name is Ken and he reminded
me of you, " Maddie said beaming from ear to ear. I
made Maddie promise to keep me posted about her newest romance.

But life takes twists and turns we don't always see
coming because a day after my last luncheon with Maddie,
I began to feel rather poorly. I made a doctor's appointment,
endured some tests and received the cold truth about my
condition. I decided it was time to straighten my affairs
for the last time and make all the necessary arrangements

Although Maddie kept calling I avoided her phone calls,
not because I didn't care about her but because I didn't
want to sadden her heart. After just two weeks of not hearing
from me Maddie was on my front porch knocking as if her life
depended on it. I finally opened the door and saw sheer panic
in her eyes as we were once again face to face. "Are
you alright?" were the first words out of her mouth.
And before I could even answer Maddie, she said, "Why
are you not taking my calls. Are you mad at me?"

At that moment I felt as much love for this young friend as
I had felt for my wife as I teared up and reached out and hugged
Maddie on my front porch. She trembled in my arms as I fought
back my own tears and just cherished holding her one more
time. "I am doing ok. But not good news from my doctor, "
I said to Maddie as her body tensed up immediately.

"What do you mean. We need to get a second opinion, "
Maddie said shaking even harder. I finally let go of her
and told her everything was just fine and that all that was
happening to me, is what happens to everyone at some point
in their lives. "But now I have to ask a favor of you, "
I said to Maddie as tears streamed down her cheeks. "Sure
anything, " she replied.

"First tell me how you and Ken are getting along, "
I said to Maddie. Her smile formed within seconds as she
told me how great Ken was and how great it felt when the two
of them were together. "I have told him all about you
and Ruth and he wants to meet you someday, " Maddie
said smiling while the tears still flowed down her cheeks.

"Ok then what I want is for you to go and get Janet and
come back and take a tour of my home. She needs to figure out
what it is worth, " I said as Maddie wiped her tears
away and promised she would be back as soon as she could.
Less than thirty minutes later Janet and Maddie were at
my front door.

I answered the door and saw the two of them looking at me although
neither was smiling so apparently Maddie shared more than
she should have with Janet about my health. "Please
come in, " I said as I backed up into my foyer and let
the two of them inside of Ruth's home. They didn't
have to say a single word because their eyes were speaking

"This is truly incredible, " Janet said after
gasping more than a few times and she was still in the large
foyer with the winding staircase in front of them. My Ruth
had always been a collector her entire life so each room
in our home was filled with priceless artwork, statues
and antiques. "This is breathtaking. It feels like
a museum, " Maddie said as she walked from room to
room with her mouth open. Janet looked at me at one point
and said that my home and its furnishings were way over her
head and suggested we bring in a expert to appraise everything
to get an honest idea as to its value.

I took them both upstairs where they toured each of the six
bedrooms before we headed back down stairs where they followed
me into the kitchen. Ruth had always loved cooking and a
few years before she passed away, we had remodeled our kitchen
for Ruth. It was full of French County cabinetry, stainless
appliances which were the best money could buy and everything
else Ruth had wanted.

Maddie's eyes looked glazed over as if she might actually
be feeling a connection with my Ruth because Ruth's
spirit was still in our home waiting for me. "Well
Janet, I believe that decision is up to Maddie, "
I said to Janet. Maddie wrinkled her eye brows and asked
me what in the world I was talking about.

I smiled and told Maddie that I was leaving the home Ruth
and I shared for most of our lives to her as well as all of Ruth's
collections and furnishings.. "This is worth millions
maybe millions and millions" Maddie said still not
believing what I had just told her."And if it works
out between you and Ken, he should love a kitchen like this
as much as my Ruth did."

I smiled and explained to the two of them that Ruth spoke
to me in my dreams the night before. And together my wife
and I decided Maddie should own our home and all of our collections.
I also told Maddie, if she wants to sell everything that
will be ok with us too. But our hope is that she someday marries
and brings the sound of little children and life back into
our home.

Janet began to tear up as Maddie stood looking around at
what Ruth and I had collected together during our life together
sobbing louder and louder. It was at that moment when I felt
a hand gently resting on my shoulder and I knew it was Ruth's
and that we had made the right decision.

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I cant say anything else but.. wonderful!


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A truly tender touching yet erotic at times tale. One of
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A very beautiful story!!!


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A very beautiful story, easily the best I have ever read.
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Outstanding writing! So descriptive and full of emotion.


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My goodness sir you can write! I want to think that this was
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Beautifully written - Thank you for sharing this


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What a fantastic story. I make it a point to read all of your
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I Have to Chime in and Also SAY This Is a Beautifully Written
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