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A memorable week end


It was Saturday early evening without nothing special
to do, so we decided to have a weekend out on a small town not
too far away, just to relax and recharge batteries, so after
a short ride we arrived a small hotel, there was 2 hotels
almost together, so we took ours, we made the check in and
we walked upstairs and into our suite, I put the suitcase
on the floor and Maria went to a shower as she was sweating
from the warm weather during our ride.

As Maria finished the sower she opened the suitcase and
pulled out a short dress, a small string and bra, and put
it on, the underwear was very sexy and the dress was tight
what left her feeling very sexy, she thought, then she went
to the small living room where she already found me lying
on the couch, I sat up and she sat down at my feet and lied her
head on my lap, Maria knew it was still early in the evening
but she was already getting a little wet just thinking of
being together the weekend.

Maria then asked me "So, what do you want to do?"

I noticed she was in a mode of something special so I laughed
and replied “What about to start the week end with a good
sex session?"

"Sure!" Was her prompt answer and we both got
up and walked the bed, Maria lied down and I came over to her
and straddled her while I kissed her, Maria kissed me back
and my hands made it down to her breasts and I started playing
with her nipple, she then got on top of me and I took off her
dress as she unbuttoned my shirt exposing my chest and stomach,
I then unhooked her bra and very gently sucked on her nipple
while holding her left breast in my hand and Maria moaned
letting me know how much she liked it.

Maria could feel me getting hard too, so she took my pants
off, then she took my boxers off too exposing my already
hard cock, then slowly Maria took my cock into her mouth
while holding my balls in her hand, she licked up and played
around with my cock head encircling it with her tongue,
then she rhythmically took all of its full length in and
out of her mouth, and then I grabbed her head and pushed it
back over my cock, so Maria could taste my precum in her mouth.

Maria started going faster until she could feel I was about
to blow my load and then she stopped, 10 seconds later she
went back to it licking up the sides and licking around my
cock head, then she gently sucked on each one of my balls
for a few more seconds, and then she put my cock back into
her warm mouth and started sucking me wildly and deeply,
and within a couple of minutes my cock erupted spurts over
spurts of hot cum down her throat, Maria swallowed all of
it and then moved up to me and kissed me. [image] I knew it was my turn, so I rolled her over on her back and kissed
each one of her breasts, slowly I licked all the way down
to her string and took it off of her, I easily noticed Maria
was already very wet through her string as I took them off,
Maria looked deeply into my eyes as she watched me spread
her legs apart and insert one finger into her, she moaned
and I inserted another one, I fingered her for a little while
then moved my head down and Maria felt my tongue licking
around her clit and on the tip of it while my hands were up
playing with her nipples, then I started sucking on her
clit and Maria exploded under a strong orgasm, and I then
licked it all up then I came up to kiss her.

Maria could taste her own juices from my mouth and then she
felt my cock on her pussy, then I lifted myself and I pushed
my throbbing cock inside of her, Maria kissed me deeply
as cock started moving up and down inside her pussy and she
was moaning loudly in pleasure, and then she started to
feel like she was going to orgasm again and she told me that
as she looked deep into my eyes pleading for her orgasm,
so I started up a little faster and harder, Maria felt herself
about to climax and then I started going really fast and
we both came together almost at the same time.

We collapsed on the bed and looked at each other, the giggling
Maria said. "Damn we've got the whole night left!
What do you wanna do?"

"Let’s go to the bathtub!" I said.

Without lose any time we got up walked hand in the hand towards
the bathroom, we put the water running and kissed and caressed
our naked bodies while the water was running until fill
the bathtub, as it was full filled we stopped the water and
climbed in and sat together, Maria felt my cock on her back
getting harder again, so she turned and looked at me smiling,
then she reached down for my cock and grabbed my balls as
she played with my cock while I sucked and played with her
nipples and kissed her, after a while Maria sat on my lap
and put my cock up into her pussy and just sat there on top
of me, then she started bouncing wildly on me until she felt
my cock exploding inside her. [image2] We both laughed, then we left the bathtub, we dried each
other and get dress to take a dinner.

Maria put on a new red dress that she just knew she would pick
up all the men eyes in the restaurant, it was so short that
she had to keep reminding herself not to bend over and to
keep her knees in tight while walking or it would ride-up
and show off the garter belt and tiny pink panties that she
was wearing, Maria was waiting for me at the restaurant
entrance while I was at the reception confirming the booking
for the dinner when a couple of the guys whistled when they
saw her and the then they stopped there staring at her.

As I arrived I noticed the two guys staring at her, I just
smiled at the two guys and I told Maria that as it was a small
hotel with a very small restaurant, all the tables were
already booked and they didn’t have any tables available,
then one of the guys hearing our talking just came over and
said gently that they had a booking for a table, and as they
were just two and the table have four seats they can share
the table with us,

I thanked them and waited for Maria’s decision, she hadn’t
counted on that thought it would just be we us together,
anyway looking at the guys and almost laughing with the
anxiety on their faces while waiting for her decision,
she told them “OK…as we don’t have another chance,
anyway thanks for be so kind.”

They almost jumped in joy with her answer and we walked over
into small restaurant through their booked table, Maria
kept having to pull down on the hem of her dress to kept it
from sliding up as she walked in, and when we finally got
to the table we saw the table was in a corner and in a small
U, they sat Maria on the top, me on one side and both on the
other side, then we introduce ourselves and they introduced
than as Mario and Fred.

The waiter, a young good looking black man, came to the table
took everyone’s order and I went to the toilet to pee,
while I was gone all the attention at the table was on Maria,
the guys all wanted to know where she worked, what she did,
what her interests were, and she noticed the guys were leering
the tight top of her dress as the dress buttoned clear up
to her neck, but it was tight on top and the buttons were a
little strained at the bust, Maria smiled to herself as
she was intended to get my attention at dinner, and it was
obviously she was getting the attention of these two guys.

I arrived and sat smiling to Maria as I noticed the effect
she was doing on both, our orders arrived in a small trailer
what blocked my way out, just keeping free the guy’s side,
we kept eating and talking during all dinner, after a while
some of the conversation and questions got a little personal,
then one of the guys asked Maria if she had any tattoos, everyone
laughed and she didn’t dignify it with a response, all
of their attention was obviously with second intentions,
and Maria was clearing enjoying about it.

Maria excused herself to freshen up in the lady’s room,
that’s when the first unusual event of the evening occurred,
as my way out was closed by the trailer the guy’s instead
of getting out they just slid Maria over their laps, she
was taken by surprise as the guys were lifting her more by
her behind than by her waist, and she smiled as she clearly
felt her hands rubbing her ass.

Maria just went to the wash room and let it go, she had to admit
it kind a felt good being man handled by strong, young strangers,
when she got back to the table, she decided to try my still
blocked side of the table but the guy at the end seat immediately
grabbed her by the waist and passed her over their laps again,
that time they were overt about touching her ass and each
guy tugged the hem of her dress a little higher until she
was sat back in her place with the hem of her dress bunched
up around her waist, her garters and panties were completely
exposed to the guys and only the table blocked the view from
the rest of the bar.

I noticed that and blinked at her, Maria blushed as she blinked
back to me and quickly pulled her dress back down, looking
to the guys she noticed both of them had grins and smirks
on their faces, anyway they acted like nothing had happened
and went on with the same conversation we had been having
before, they would alternate between completely normal
conversation and little teases as “That’s a very cute
dress, where did you pick it up?” or “one with a higher
hem would have looked better on you.” And Maria just giggled
as they teased her.

There was a table leg between her feet consequently her
legs were spread a little and it would cause her dress to
ride a little higher, sometimes Maria could feel a leg rubbing
her own leg and she was wondering if it was casual or not,
but after a short while it was clear that was deliberated,
when she caught on Mario teased her and said. “I was wondering
when you would notice it, and Fred and I made a bet while you
were gone about the color of your panties.”

Maria laughed as she was already turned on by all of the attention
the guys were showing to her, and he was such a smooth talker
and a good looking guy, she was tempted to see where that
would lead, then Mario said again. “That’s why we were
trying to get the hem of you dress up, so we could settle the

I was surprised for their approach but at the same time enjoying
watching Maria controlling the situation and teasing
the guys too, then after a few seconds of silent I heard Maria
replying. “Oh? What colors did you bet on?” Mario replied, “I bet they were black and Fred said that
they were red…like your dress.”

“You’re both wrong”, Maria said with a smirk. “They’re
pink.” [image3] Maria looked across the long table to see the grinning on
my face, our table had suddenly gone quiet, then Mario leaned
in to Maria smirking and said. “How are we to be sure that
you are telling us the truth?”

“I’ll show you!” Maria quickly answered, the guys
just craned their heads in to watch as Maria slowly pulled
the hem of her dress up exposing her panties, legs spread
by the table leg between her feet, and to make matters worse,
her garter belt was under the panties and pulling the panties
tight as she leaned back to show them, so the guys watched
as the damp crease of her pussy was outlined by her little,
silk, pink panties, that moment was like electricity,
it only lasted about a couple of seconds, but it was an incredible
turn-on to be lusted after by these two handsome, young

As Maria pulled the hem of her dress down she felt another
pair of eyes on her, she looked around the room to see who
was it, but just the black waiter was around, and she was
not sure but she thought she could see a grin on his face,
but then Mario, the smooth talking guy, whispered in her
ear, “I also bet Fred that you’d let me finger-fuck
you while he watched, you wouldn’t want me to lose that
bet too would you?”

Maria was becoming really horny, she looked at me and I just
smiled and nodded, so she just let it go and said, “No,
Of course I wouldn’t want you to lose that bet too.”

Mario and Fred noticed as Maria looked at me and my agreement,
they just smiled tankful to me and leaned in and lifted the
hem of Maria’s dress again, Fred held it up while Mario
was dragging his fingertips lightly over her panties before
gently pulling them to one side, then he slipped his finger
into her already wet clit and gently fingered her, Maria
sat back in her chair, breathed deeply and closed her eyes,
after a couple of minutes she opened her eyes to see that
he was staring right at her while finger fucked her, then
she jumped a little and pushed Mario to one side, she reached
for her drink and swallowed the rest of it down while saying
“That’s enough, you already win your bet”.

Maria looked at me and I simply smiled at her, thinking that
we are ready to leave Mario asked if we should stay a little
longer, Maria couldn’t leave right then, because her
dress was around her waist and her panties were to one side,
she just tried to act as natural as possible and said, “Sure,
we will stay a little longer”.

We all laughed and when I went to the bar to pick up a few drinks
to all of us, all inhibitions were gone and Fred said, “Now
it’s my turn” and started finger-fucked Maria, he
held her around the waist with one hand and literally fucked
her deeply with the other, Mario reached over an pulled
on one of her knees and took her other leg and pulled it over
his lap, so her legs were spread wide open, then Maria felt
another pair of hands touching her, surprised she looked
up ant it was the black waiter, he had reached over and was
fondling her breasts through her dress, Maria couldn’t
believe how much it turned her on. [image] I took what looked a long time to get the drinks from the bar,
and the guys were literally tag-teaming Maria, they were
taking turns fingering her and feeling her up, Maria just
remember panting to them, “just don’t let the other
people in the restaurant see what we are doing.” [image4] They all just laughed. “No…We don’t let them catch
us.” So they all sat down and kept it behind the table,
they wouldn’t even stop fingering her when I came to deliver
drinks I was surprised to see the black waiter had joined
the two guys, I looked around and I noticed they were just
more discrete, blocking the main room view, so I just put
the drinks on the table and reclined on my chair watching
the scene, it was truly amazing.

Fred was fingering Maria under the table when Mario whispered
to her that before the night was out she would suck his cock,
Maria whispered back a maybe as she was nearing her first
orgasm so she leaned back, closed her eyes and grabbed the
edge of the table with both hands, Mario on the other side
of her, leaned-in and played with her clit while the black
waiter was still fondling her breasts, and then Maria collapsed
under one violent orgasm, she gasped loudly and then sat
forward and took a drink.

Looking around the room Maria could notice that anyone
in the restaurant didn’t even notice that two guys were
fingering her to orgasm, so she decided to go along with
the game, she leaned over the table and acted like she was
filling her plate with peanuts from the basket in the middle
of the table and they guys went nuts, they ran their hands
all over her ass and legs and someone was even fingering
her ass, her whole crotch and ass was drenched with her juices
as she sat down when her plate was full and everyone ate off
of her plate so that I would stand up again.

We all sipped our drinks while they recovered their breath
and little later Maria was mauled by the guys again, the
black waiter undid the top buttons of her dress and reached
into it to touch her breasts, Mario knelt between her legs
and ate her pussy while Fred was rubbing her clit, those
guys were out of control and Maria didn’t even want to
stop them.

I brought another round of drinks just on time to see that
Maria had unzipped Fred’s pants and started freeing
him off, the black waiter on the other side of her unzipped
his pants and whipped out his cock and put her other hand
on it, so I watched amazed as she was stroking the two guys
behind the table, and then Mario forced his way back to her
side and said, “you’ve been having most of the fun and
I got this started for you, so I think it’s only fair that
you should return the favor to me.”

“What do you have in mind? “, Maria asked giggling.

Mario chuckled, “You can suck my cock under the table.”

Maria really didn’t need to be asked twice, she had been
craving for cocks ever since those guys laid their hands
on her, without waste time she bent down under the table
and went on Mario and started sucking his cock, she sucked
him wildly until he exploded into her mouth and she swallowed
it all, as she was ready to sat back she saw legs swapping
places and another cock was placed over her mouth, she sucked
it too and soon he soon he erupted into her mouth, as it was
a white cock must be Fred, again she swallowed it all, then
another pair of legs swapped with Fred’s legs and a huge
black cock, the waiter, was against her lips, that time
a little more hard by his size but soon she was feeling spurts
of his cum reaching down her throat, that time she gagged
a little but she swallowed it too. [image5] As they all were cumming down her throat and Maria had gotten
several orgasms while sucking them, she went up from under
the table and sat exhausted, I was still seating there just
watching her rounding out sucking off all of those guys,
I was mesmerized and delighted with her performance, then
without any words the waiter left and the guys thanked her
for the great night they had, Maria cleaning her mouth and
face with a napkin just told them “Thanks a lot for let
us share the table with you.”

We all laughed and we left together, they went to their rooms
and we went to our room too, and Maria immediately went to
well-deserved shower while I sat and watch the TV, but my
mind was much more running with the scenes in the restaurant
than with the movie on the screen.

I then just heard the bathroom door opened and as Maria went
the bedroom she just felt on the bed and immediately started
a deeply sleeping.

Sunday was going to be a beautiful day, the sun was streaming
in through the window of our hotel room and there wasn’t
a cloud in the sky, Maria squirmed with pleasure at the thoughts
of a whole Sunday in the sun, she put out a hand and found that
I wasn’t in bed beside her, so she sat up and slipped on
her burgundy silk robe to cover the nakedness in which she
had slept, as she usually do.

Maria noticed some movement out on the balcony and she stepped
out into the morning sun, I had laid out breakfast for us
and was sitting at the table just in my boxer shorts waiting
for her, Maria smiled as she looked at me, and immediately
her mind wandering back to the heat of our passion the night
before, and she felt herself grow wet at the thought.

Maria didn't bring up yesterday’s activities and
neither did I, she just sat down at the table in her robe and
began to eat breakfast, as she moved she could feel her robe
begin to slip a little and that gave her some very dirty thoughts,
she crossed her legs showing a lot of thigh and she could
see by my look that I was appreciating the view, Maria brushed
away crumbs from the croissant she was eating which had
fallen onto her chest, my gaze followed her hand and hovered
over her already erect nipples which were protruding through
the thin fabric.

As Maria reached for yoghurt the robe slipped from one shoulder,
revealing more flesh, my eyes didn’t leave her body for
an instant and she was getting really horny now, she always
had enjoyed sex in the air and a balcony, she loved the thought
that anyone in the surrounding hotels could look across
and see us sitting there, so she uncrossed and crossed her
legs, causing her robe to fall away from her thighs even
more, revealing her thin strip of pubic hair, then looking
at me Maria could see my erection bulging inside my boxers
as if it was trying to escape its restraints.

Looking into my eyes Maria took a spoonful of yoghurt and
“accidentally” dropped it down inside the front of
her robe, I grinned as she slides the robe from one shoulder
and revealing her breast which was now covered in yoghurt,
so I needed no further prompting to come over and began to
lick the yogurt from her breast, Maria sighed with contentment
and allowed her robe to fall open completely. [image6] Maria could feel my tongue busy on her nipple and the sun
on her skin, she opened her legs for my roaming hand and I
ran my fingers over her throbbing clit, I massaged slowly
making her so wet and horny that she needed my tongue down
there, so Maria reached for the yoghurt pot and tipped some
over her mound, I knelt before her and buried my head in her
pussy, licking the yoghurt away from her pussy lips and

Looking over at the opposite hotel Maria became aware of
a lone male figure standing on a balcony and she thought
he might be watching, the two hotels were built very close
together and if he was watching Maria decided to put on a
good show for him, so she ran her hands over her breasts and
played with her nipples, she then glanced across, he was
still there and he was definitely watching us, he had even
moved closer to the rail of his balcony, luckily those hotels
really were built close together.

Maria lifted my head from between her legs and told me to
drop my boxers while signing him, I just I glanced and noticed
what she was trying to show me, and immediately I smiled
as I understood she wanted to put a show on to him, then she
dropped the last of the yoghurt over my erection and began
to run her tongue up and down the full length of my cock, slowly
licking it clean.

Maria moved one hand down to my balls and squeezed them gently,
making me gasp, she always loved to suck cocks and wanted
to show the man just what she could do, so she took my swollen
cock into her mouth and sucked it gently, then running her
tongue over my cock while tasting my precum she worked my
cock and balls with her hands while taking me deep into her

Maria paused to look up at me, I had my eyes closed in ecstasy
so she glanced across to the man watching us and she could
see his arm moving rhythmically, so he was wanking while
he watched her show, Maria shrugged away the robe which
was hanging from her arms, enjoying the feeling of being
totally naked in the sunshine, then she turned her body
slightly while pleasuring me so that the man could have
a better view of the action. [image7] Maria parted her legs as she licked and sucked my cock and
began to rub her clit, she was so hot and horny, she knew she
wouldn’t be able to take much more of that until she would
just reach and orgasm, and from the way my balls were growing
and my cock jumping inside her mouth she knew I felt the same,
so she asked me “Fuck me”.

I needed no further encouragement to bend Maria over the
chair and sink my cock deep inside her, I fucked her hard
and fast with long thrusts, almost taking my cock out and
then into her pussy again, my balls were slapping against
her with every stroke and with one hand pulling her hair
as the other was round her waist and rubbing her clit, the
sensation of being fucked in the sunshine was so intense
and heightened more by knowing that at least one other person
was getting off by watching us.

As her orgasm hit her screams echoed around the buildings,
and within seconds I pumped waves over waves of hot cum into
her and filling her pussy to overflowing, Maria was gasping
and breathless with cum running down her legs but couldn’t
resist looking over to the man on the other balcony once
more and she grinned as she was rewarded by seeing a pump
of cum shooting from between the balcony railings, glinting
in the sunlight, Maria took that to be her applause and headed for the shower,
that had been a very good way to start the day and she wondered
what else we could get up to during our weekend together,
she didn’t know but it didn’t take too long for her discovered

We laid on the beach for a couple of hours, we had brought
some beers with us and had sipped on them for a while when
she again began to twitch slightly and told me that she wanted
to get away from public beach so that she could have me all
alone for herself, so we walked for some time until we came
to bay that was completely un- inhabited with any sun bathers.

We lay down after removing our robes and I dozed off for a
just a few minutes when I was pleasantly awakened by Maria's
hand which was feeling up between my thighs until she arrived
at my cock, it didn't take but a few strokes of her hand
inside my bathing suit until my cock was at full mast, I looked
over at her and couldn't believe my eyes, because with
her other hand she was rubbing over her bikini bottom on
her pussy.

Maria gave me no resistance as I reached over and helped
her out of her bikini bottoms and top, I gently placed my
head between her legs and began tonguing her already wet
cunt, I didn't have to suck her for more than a minute
before she had a mild orgasm, at some point during my continued
licking of her pussy, I got distracted by a figure in the
background, as I focused into the distance from my concentration
on her legs, I realized we were no longer alone and that a
man was watching us very intently, I was almost sure it was
the man who was watching us from his balcony but I wasn’t
sure, anyway I figured, what the hell, let him look, at that
point I was too sexually excited to stop unless he posed
some threat to us and obviously he did not.

I noticed him creeping closer and told Maria that we had
company so that she didn't become alarmed, I whispered
to her that we were being watched by a guy and he seemed to
be the one in the balcony and he was enjoying the show once
again, Maria just laughed and said, "Good, let's
put on another really good show for him."

With that said she got up slightly and guided my rock hard
cock to her cunt as I slipped out of my trunks, by then our
visitor had slipped to within a few meters of where we were
and he was casually stroking his cock through his swim suit,
Maria noticed him as well and began humping me faster and
harder than she confirmed me he was the same guy, and I could
see from her actions how much it excited her to have him watching
us again. [image8] The man knew that we had seen him and the fact that we hadn't
reacted to him gave him enough confidence to get very close
to where we were and removed his swim trunks, Maria stopped
her activity long enough to quickly inspect his body and
oversized cock as he stood in front of us with his cock in
hand and I asked him if he'd like to join us.

When he nodded his head yes, I removed my cock from her pussy
and he got down beside her without any hesitation and Maria
merely spread her legs further and spread the skin of her
pussy, inviting him to lick her, he did so, ever so gently
as she closed her eyes and sighed sexually, before long
he moved his head from her pussy and began licking up her
thighs and stomach until he arrived at her breasts, then
he moved up her body and his cock got to her dripping cunt,
I was hoping he would ram it into her sweet hole but Maria
had a different idea as she grabbed his fully erect cock
in her hands and began playing with it.

That got me so hot that I placed my still rock-hard cock into
Maria's mouth, within seconds, our voyeur friend
was shooting his cum all over her stomach, a lot of his cum
went all the way up to her tits coating them in a slick liquid
that she was rubbing all over her breasts, the sight of that
was more than my boiling hot balls could take and I shot my
load deep into her sucking mouth and she swallowed all of
my cum then licked her fingers that were still wet with the
man’s cum.

After we all calmed down from our climaxes, we made formal
introductions and invited our new friend to stay with us
on the beach, we just lay there on the sun with Maria on the
middle of us, and soon the sun was making us sleep completely
naked under the sunshine.

After a while, with radiated heat from the sun and the two
bodies, Maria woke up as she was getting very hot again,
so she moved back from me and into the middle, sometime later,
couldn't make out how long, the man's hand fell
against the small of her back and it didn't stop there,
it moved, hesitatingly it stroked down until it rested
against her buttock and cupped a cheek, Maria found something
exciting about the situation and she did nothing, she just
pretended to continue sleeping.

Emboldened by her lack of response the hand started to gently
massage her in small circles, the hand moved very slowly
and very deliberately, making no noise in the quietness
of the beach and Maria could sense that I was still awake.

After several minutes his fingers started to explore her
body, first one then two fingers tried to wriggle inside
her pussy lips, Maria still have her legs together and his
fingers could not really get to her pussy, so she looked
at me and I nodded, so she smiled and opened her legs a little,
her ass pushed back a little too touching the man, so his
fingers with better access started to explore her wetness.

At that point my hand touched her breast, forming around
it, holding its weight in the palm, then gradually moved
around her breast, finding her nipple and rolling it gently
back and forth, Maria’s breathing changed, naked on
the beach enjoying the sunshine with two men, both helping
themselves to her, and Maria trying to lay perfectly still
and quiet, and enjoying it all in the middle. [image9] Imperceptibly the man moved behind her, a warm, hard, moistness
poked the cheek of her ass, it slowly but surely advanced
down her crack and it reached her pussy lips, very carefully,
aided, Maria thought, by his hand, his cock pushed upwards
until the cockhead lodged between her pussy lips, and an
involuntary sigh escaped her lips as his cock moved slowly
backwards and forwards, but the man’s body did not, Maria
guessed he must have been gently wanking it as just his cock
head trapped in her.

The rubbing it was giving Maria was driving her wild, but
nowhere near was her clit, so she gently pushed her ass back
to the man, hoping to make contact with his cock with her
clit, and all it achieved was to push his cock head into her
and continued its slow motion movement inside her.

Maria felt the stranger's cock head on her, for an eternity
it wriggled, then still, she felt it swell and push a little
further inside her and it began to pulse, once, twice, three
times, then Maria felt the flood of lubrication as it erupted
inside her, but she dare not move as if she continued to sleep
but feeling the dribble of his cum oozing between her thighs.

The man was much closer to her now, his hand was over her shoulder
and gently squeezing her breast, Maria felt his cock against
her pussy lips again, then the man whispered quietly in
her ear "Lay on your back".

Maria looked at me, I appeared to be asleep, breathing regularly,
eyes almost shut but watching all the scene, imperceptibly
I nodded again to her, the situation and her still dribbling
clit were very erotic for her, she opened her legs and the
access to her cunt for him by lifting up so the man heaved
himself on her, his cock found her cunt and that time he slid
in fast and deep, and Maria’s cunt spasmed and gripped
him in welcome.

His weight pushing down on her, carefully, he began to fuck
her, Maria moaned and pushed her cunt onto him, looking
for a climax that time, he seemed to sense her distress and
he lifted her hand and took her middle finger, he pulled
it down until it found her clit, then he rubbed her finger
backwards and forwards, Maria could feel his cock sliding
in and out of her pussy as his hand made her finger fuck herself
as he whispered softly into her ear "Do it."

In a high level of excitement Maria finger fucked herself,
in her state of heightened arousal her cunt quickly became
the center of her being, her finger pressed and stroked,
her ass lifted to give the man’s cock full access to her,
then her orgasm shook her rigid as wave after wave hit her
and Maria I went into involuntary spasm she was dimly aware
of me waking and looking at what was happening, she was also
aware of the man's second injection of cum into her.

As Maria regained her senses she saw me waking my cock, so
she grabbed it and immediately shoved it down her throat,
she took my full length inside her warm mouth until her nose
reach my pubic hair, and she started sucking me wildly,
and within a couple of strokes my cock too erupted with several
spurts of cum down her throat, then as two cocks was waving
at her, Maria took both our cocks and started cleaning them
with her tongue she was very happy about having another
gangbang that time under the sunshine. [image10] Again we lay down on our back under the sun, that time with
Maria rubbing slowly our cocks, but it was time to leave,
we said good bye to the man and went our hotel to make the check
out and went home, it was really a good decision to take that
week end out

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I would love to make love to all of you


vikingluso replies on 8/3/2014 4:44 am:
Hum .... may be one day, we never know, we just don't program absolutely nothing we just let things happen and follow the flow.

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This was your best story. We had a very exciting sessions
afterwards. Thank you!


vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:50 pm:
Wow ..... thanks a lot for a so GREAT comment.

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i also like the pics very much



vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:51 pm:
Thanks we always try to get pics with relation to the stories

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this was a great read, pics ad a great visual!!!


vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:52 pm:
Wow, very kind comment, thanks a lot

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Nice erotic story


vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:52 pm:
Thanks a lot

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The pictures and story are great I would like to be on the
beach the next time your there Thanks for the good word


vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:53 pm:
Than ks a lot, at moment we go almost everyday to a naturist beach close to our home.

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that was an intense weekend ! Great !!


vikingluso replies on 8/9/2014 6:08 pm:
Thanks a lot

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Really a sensual weekend and very nice pics and story,


vikingluso replies on 8/8/2014 12:54 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment