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A little prayer


I went to a friends house after school to watch Perry Mason
and try to figure out "Who Dunnit?" most days
since I started my senior year. Fred had a girlfriend 6 years
younger than him, (about three years younger than myself).
Another friend Don, who was also younger than us, had introduced
Fred to his current girlfriend, Scotty, after telling
us all at a party one night that he knew a girl who would probably
fuck all of us one at a time. Fred brought him the phone and
told him to call her and invite her over.

"She doesn't`t have a phone, but I could go get
her if one of you will give me a ride." Donny told us.

"I'll take you, " I said "I need
some smokes anyway." What I really wanted was to know
where this naughty girl lived.

"She might not be home, but lets go see." He
was saying on our way out the door. At her house while Donny
was talking to her at the front door he pulled her blouse
up to let me look at her tits. She just grinned at me. When
they got into my car, her mom came out of the house and leaned
in my window.

"You won't be drinking will you?" she asked
me. It almost didn't hit me that I was supposed to answer
her because My eyes were only inches from her rather large
tits that were spilling abundantly out of her low cut blouse.

When I didn't answer her right away she said, "See
something you like down there?" Every one laughed
at me and I turned a little red.

"Every thing I have seen about you so far I really
like, especially when you let me look down your blouse as
you leaned in my window. You definitely have some very admirable
features down there." I brazenly told her, feeling
my dick start to harden as I got braver about flirting with
her. "Why don't you lean in here again and let
me have another look? I'm sure I'll see something
that I like."

"I'm not to sure I should be letting my daughter
go with you, you little pervert." she said, but she
leaned over stuck her head into the car letting me have another
look down her blouse and kissed me.

"Will you be the one bringing Scotty home later tonight?"
she asked me slowly withdrawing from my car and letting
me look some more. "Take good care of my little girl
now you two and bring her home early. Tomorrow is a school
night you know?" standing beside my car, I couldn't
help admiring her curves. She was a very pretty lady.

I flashed her my horniest smile and said, "I'll
bring her back to you safe and sound at a decent hour mam.
We're just going to watch Perry Mason and try to guesse
who dun it and maybe listen to some record. We won't
be too late."

"I'll be waiting up to see what time you bring
her home." she said turning to walk away, "so
see that you do."

I couldn't help but notice how nice her ass wiggled
when she walked away. Scotty couldn't help but notice
me staring at her mom.

"Are you horny?, she asked me, "Or do you just
like my mom's ass a lot? You didn't take your eyes
off of it for a second as she walked back into the house."

"I love to watch a nice looking woman walking from
behind." I told her, "The way they jiggle causes
pleasant stirrings in my loins." Turning and flashing
her my brightest smile I looked her straight in the eye and
licked my lips in a very nasty manner. "She looks delicious
to me. As do you my dear." I couldn't help but notice
that Don had his hand between Scotty's legs already
lightly rubbing her pussy.

As I pulled my car out of Scotty's driveway and started
up the street she reached over and felt my dick through my
levi's. Finding my dick almost rock hard, she continued
to rub it lightly saying to Don, "Your friend here
is as horny as you Don, he got himself quite a boner looking
at my mom's tits and ass. Now just what do you two really
have in mind? As if I didn't know." She started
rubbing Don's dick too and I heard him unzipping her
jeans. Without hesitation I reached down and slipped my
hand inside her now exposed underpants and slid one finger
up and down the opening to her pussy a couple of times making
her shudder a little. Slowly removing my hand from her panties
I stopped at the stop sign at the end of her block and put my
arm around her neck and kissed her wettly twice. When I pulled
away from the stop sign she gasped a little and leaned back
on the seat grinning and breathing deeply while Don pushed
his finger in and out of her pussy. Each time he got to the
bottom of her pussy she would flinch and squeeze my dick
hard. At the next stop sign I turned to look her in the eye
and commented on her enjoyment of Don's probing finger.
She closed her eyes and dreamily said, "It feels pretty good. I must admit." I started
caressing the back of her neck as I pulled away from the stop
sign. She spread her legs a little more for Don and said,
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels nice. You two are
making me horny." And she squeezed my dick hard again
and again twitching each time Don's finger reached
something in her pussy that she liked him touching alot.
I was thinking about Scotty's mom when we arrived
at Fred's. I pulled into the driveway and asked Scotty
if she would stay in my car with me for a few moments before
going in so that I could ask her something privately. She
had agreed and Don got out of the carand walked toward the
house. I told Scotty she should take all of her clothes off
and wear only my shirt jacket in. It has long tails and would
be as long as some of her dresses. When she asked me why I told
her that she could flirt with everyone inside, allowing
each to get a few little peaks down her shirt or under the
shirttails. "You'll make them all very horny
and they will be extra nice to you, and besides I'll
get to watch you get naked while you change and again when
you get dressed to go home." I told her, "But
that isn't why I asked you to stay here with me for a minute.
What do you think your mother would do if I didn't stay
here with you guys but went back to your house to ask her if
I could stay for awhile and get to know her a little better?
Do you think she would let me stay and visit with her for a
couple of hours?" "Judging by the way she let you look down her blouse
I'd bet she wouldn't send you away." As she
pulled her pants and panties down and arched her back so
she pcoull them over her feet she pushed her sweet little
pussy up to within about six inches my face. "You are
hot for my mom aren't you, you damn pervert?"
she asked me while she unbuttoned her blouse. "Don't get me wrong Scotty, I'd love to
stick my dick in that sweet little pussy you have there,
and maybe you'll let me before you get dressed to go
home but I can't get your mom's tits out of my mind.
I just have to go back and see if she'll let me see some
more of them." "If she doesn't act like your visit is exceptable
you have to promise me you'll just appologize and leave
O K?" I was kissing her naked breasts and sucking lightly
on one of her nipples as she went on, "I don't want
you to get pushy and piss her off." "You have a very nice body Scotty." I told her
as I reached into back seat to retrieve my shirtjacket for
her to wear. " I know where you got those beautiful
titties your sporting. Your momma has some very nice breasts
too." She looked very hot in my shirt. The neck was
so low she showed a lot of cleavage. "Your going to
have a great time driving these guys wild. How long do you
want to stay?" "Probably not much more than a couple of hours, this
is a school night." She said, "How do I look?"
"you look so hot I'm having second thoughts
about leaving." I tucked my boner back into my pants
and said, "Come on I'll walk you in. Are you ready?"
"Don't let my mom see my clothes in your car."
She said opening the car door and stepping out. I joined
her and we walked to the door and opened it. Fred met us at
the door and I introduced them before turning to leave.
"I'll be back in about two hours you two. See ya
then." I drove back to Scotty's house stopping to put her
clothes in my trunk. I pulled up in front of her house and
got out of the car. Her mom had the door open before I got halfway
to the house. "Is something wrong?" She asked
me. "No mam there isn't anything wrong I just wanted
to try to get to know you a littte better. I think you are a
very attractive lady and I'd very much like to visit
with you for a couple of hours if you'd like to. If I'm
out of hand by coming back to talk to you just tell me so and
I'll humbly bow out and leave you alone. I don't
want to make any trouble for you. I just think you're
very exciting and quite a pretty lady. I'd love to become
one of your friends." I said sporting my broadest
grin. "You probably just want to look down my blouse again."
She told me as she opened the door and stepped aside to let
me enter. "Yes mam, " I said, "Anything you say."
She slapped me playfully on the butt as I passed her. "Well at least you're honest about it. Would
you like a cup of coffee?" "Very much." I said following her into the
kitchen. I was thinking about how nice her butt looked when
she reached to the back of the cabinet to pick up her coffee
pot. I guess I was mumbling because she asked me what I had
said. "I'm sorry I was just thinking about how
very shapely you are. I was staring at your butt when you
reached for your coffee pot and I was amazed by what a pretty
lady you are. I'm afraid I find you to be very attractive
and I guess I must have been thinking out loud a little."
She set a coffee cups on the table and said, "sit down
and take a load off." When I sat down she bent over a
little more than was necessary and filled the cup with hot
coffee. "Wow." I said staring down her blouse. "I
love the way your breasts sway back and forth when you move."
She filled her own coffee cup and turned to replace her coffee
pot. "So you like to look at bare breasts do you?"
She sat down across from me. "Yes mam, " I told her, "It is just about
my favorite thing to do. I really enjoy watching a well endowed
lady, such as yourself, move about with her breasts uncovered."
"Unlike many ladies, I rather enjoy the attention
my breasts get from men. How would you like me to remove my
blouse and let you admire mine while we visit? There may
be something you could do for me that would convince me to
do just that. Well, have I got your attention yet?"
she asked me. "No question about it. You have my complete and undivided
attention. Please go on." I'm somewhat of a closet nudist myself, " she
told me. "You might even call me an exhibitionist.
I often answer my door in the morning wearing nothing but
a pair of skimpy panties and a smile." "If its
a cute guy knocking, sometimes I'll open the door and
invite him to come in and entertain himself while I put on
a bathrobe. Lf he attempts to strike up a conversation with
me before I go for a robe, I'll stand there and flirt
with him for a little while to see if I can get him to tell me
not to worry about covering up because of him. If I can get
him to say that I'll have a cup of coffee with him and
let him discuss the reason for his visit still wearing only
my panties. I know it is a little slutty of me, but most men
get an erection trying to talk to me while staring at my tits
and I get to see how well endowed they are. You are probably
thinking that I'm pretty loose to enjoy getting a cheap
thrill like that aren't you? "Not me." I told her, "Actually I was
trying to think up a reason for me to visit you early one morning."
"I'll remove my blouse right now for you if you
take your clothes off and let me play with your dick."
She grinned at me while she said that, "I'll even
let you play with my tits. I've been thinking about
you since I leaned into your car earlier and noticed the
bulge in your pants. I know that I'm being pretty brazen
about it, but frankly when you were flirting with me I started
getting horny. So what do you say?" She stood up partially
and leaned toward me looking at my bulging crotch. "I
can't help wanting to see what is making that bulge
in your pants." I was staring down her blouse and barely
caught the grin she flashed me. I must have been standing
there drooling or something. I don't know for how long,
I just couldn't believe my ears. "Wow, I said
we seem to have a lot in common. I love to expose myself to
lady visitors myself, and often answer my door in the nude.
In fact most of my friends wives have gotten pretty used
to seeing me answer my door in the nude. I enjoy being naked
and if they don't complain about my nakedness I'll
stay that way too and let them look all they want. I also love to flirt with a married lady in front
of her husband while I'm naked. I try to talk them into
taking off their clothes too." Quite often A married
lady will take their blouse and bra off, , sit there proudly
displaying there breasts while we visit. It usually makes
there husband start getting horny. They love to have a lady
with her tits exposed to look at and talk dirty to as much
as I do, even if it is their wife. I always tell them how lucky
they are to have a wife with nice tits like hers that will
let him show them to one or more of his friends and let them
discuss how much they enjoy having the opportunity to tease
her about the things they would like to do to her tits, and
tell her how much they like to watch the way they move when
she laughs and stuff. As their husbands start to get comfortable
about their wife being topless in front of a friend they
start twisting her nipples and sucking on one and jiggling
them for me and things like that. Once we're all laughing
together and they're playing with her tits and getting
horny I start trying to talk her into letting me suck on one
of her nipples and feel her tits a little bit. Watching a
friend playing with his wife's tits is pretty exciting
and it usually give me an erection. We all have a good laugh
about what a pervert I am so I admit it and offer to let his
wife play with me hard-on if she wants to. A lady usually
likes to feel how hard she is making a man so they'll
squeeze it a couple of times. Then they want to compare it
to their husbands and undo his pants and get his dick out.
I'll go sit next to im so they can compare them side by
side and pretty soon the lady has a stiff cock in each hand
pumping on them and her husband is telling her to take off
the rest of her clothes because once he has a hard-on he wants
to fuck her. I join right in trying to get her to fuck him and
let me watch them. I'm fairly well endowed and have
a larger dick than many of my friends and I'm much less
inhibited than them so I'll set somewhere so his wife
has a clear view of my penis while they're fucking and
slowly stroke my dick and encourage them to fuck like maniacs.
By the time he is coming in his wife I'll be telling them
how much I'd like to try some of that pussy and how horny
they made me watching them fuck. Most women like most men
secretly would like to have sex with someone other than
their husband once in a while (sex with someone you know
other than your spouse is an exciting prospect for all of
us) and watching me stroke my dick and tell them how bad I
want to fuck her too can get an excited horny lady to think
about fucking me and if my dick is bigger than their husbands
it sometimes adds to her desire for a little strange stuff.
More than a few times the lady starts asking her husband
what she'd have to do for him to get him to let her fuck
me too. If she offers to try to talk one of her girlfriend
into fucking him sometime often he agrees to let her fuck
me while he watches. Later when they are home she starts
thinking about how much fun it had been to fuck more than
one guy and not have it anger her husband. She starts to appreciate
him letting her get a little slutty and decides to tell him
that she appreciated him letting her and thank him by fucking
his brains out and playing with his dick all the time sending
him to work with a woody and running around their house naked
teasing him and stuff like that. It pleases him and he starts
being glad he did it. Then one day she is asking him if he'd
like to do it again sometime. Pretty soon they are stopping
by to visit with me more often and taking off their clothes
at my house and stretching the limits of their sex life.
One lady talked two of her girlfriends into fucking her
husband and called me inviting me to drop by and join them.
When I got there we didn't join her husband and her girlfriends
in their bedroom though she told me she wanted me to fuck
her over and over so she wouldn't start getting jealous
and ruin the experience for her husband. I kinda took advantage
of the situation though by talking her into trying every
type of intercourse she had refused to try prior to that,
We fucked in every other room in their house and I introduced
her to as many new experiences as I could. We were sitting
on the floor leaning back on the wall to their bedroom listening
to her husband fucking her girlfriend through the wall.
I was fucking her in the ass and using a peeled cucumber for
a dildo. I had her hand in mine holding the cucumber while
we shoved it in and out of her pussy while we were working
her ass on and off of my hard-on, It was very embarrassing
to her to be fucking herself with a cucumber in front of me,
especially since she was sitting on my lap bare assed naked
with my cock up her ass and squirming around on it. I kept
encouraging her to let go of her inhibitions and make herself
come as hard as she could. I wouldn't let go of her hand
and kept her shoving the cucumber into her pussy until I
started coming in her ass. It set her off when she felt my
cock spasm and spurt come into her ass and she actually started
squirting come out of her pussy all over the carpet in the
front room and her whole body was spasming with each squirt.
She was leaning back against my chest litterally screaming
out almost every swrar word she knew while she made herself
come over and over and the streams of come acumulating between
her legs were becomimg a puddle. By the time she was through
I'd come in her ass again, and her husband and her girlfriends
were standing in the doorway watching us. Their mouths
were hanging open and they looked like they were in shock.
She had slumped over to one side and was panting like a dog
trying to catch her breath so I slipped my hands under her
butt cheeks and gently pushed her off of my cock and onto
the floor beside me. I smiled at her naked girlfriends standing
there and said, "next". Her husband said, "From
the look on my wife's face, I don't think either
of you want to miss out on an opportunity to try that. I think
you ought to decide who is going to be first and go for it.
He walked over to his wife helped her to her feet and gave
her a big hug. "I didn't know you could come like
that honey. That must have been some fuck. Are you all right?"
"Just hold me until I quit shaking OK?" she told
him. He hugged to him tightly and told me he wanted me to teach
him how to do that one. One of her girlfriends elbowed him
in the side and jokingly told him he could practice it on
her if he needed someone to help him learn how to do that.
Then his wife pushed her away and said he already has someone
to practice on you little twit. He looked at me and said,
"I didn't know you were joining us this evening
D." I told him his wife started getting jealous listening
to him fucking her girlfriends and she didn't want
to spoil it for him by getting jealous and making a scene
so she called me and asked me to come and keep her company.
"And you know what a pervert I am, and how much I enjoy
fucking your wife. I'm sorry for my behavior tonight
but I just couldn't keep my hands off this hot little
sex maniac you married. Man she makes me come harder than
any other chick I know." "It looks to me like
you do the same for her." said one of her girlfriends.
"I hope you can make me come like that and yes I want
to be next." I asked the two girlfriends if they would
like to come to my house with me because our hosts looked
like they could use some privacy? My friend thanked his
wife for getting her girlfriends to have sex with him and
for calling me to help her avoid making a scene when it turned
out to be harder than she had anticipated to sit and liston
to her husband having sex with her friends. Then he thanked
the girls for getting nasty with him and told them how much
he had enjoyed it. He also thanked me for helping his wife
give him an incredible evening and he thanked both myself
and his wife for putting on such an incredible sex show that
evening and letting them watch. One gal said she would come
with me if I'd give her a ride home sometime tomorrow
but the other girl said she had a young babysitter with her
daughter and it was getting pretty late so she had to go.
I told her that standing there naked was making me want to
stick my dick in her and I asked her if she was going to go home
if she would give me a little quicky right there in the living
room before she left. "If you'll let me sit on
your lap with your cock in my ass and fuck me with that cucumber,
like you were doing to her I'll stay for about fifteen
more minutes. OK? I want to find out for myself what that
feels like so how could I turn you down?" I told her
fifteen minutes is not enough time to get properly worked
up for that kind of fucking, but promised to give her the
best try I could if she came to see me later in the week when
she had more time. For now just a quick poke would have to
do. I asked everyone to stand against the wall naked and
let me take a couple of pictures to make us all a reminder
photo of the evenings fun and I quickly had a dozen or so juicy
pictures of my friends doing assorted naughty things with
each other. Then my friends wife took five or six more of
me getting my quicky fron her friend. Sometimes a friends
wife stood up and peeled off her clothes and just sat there
naked and let me look her over until her husband was so horny
he wanted to take her home and fuck her. After getting naked
and flirting with me naked for a couple of hours when they
leave they usually fuck their poor husband almost to death.
I've even had one of my friends bring his wife over to
my place and ask me if she can stay at my place with me for an
hour or two while he leaves to take care of something or other
that his wife doesn't like to do with him, because he
knows she is going to fuck his brains out when he gets back.
Bruce and July are a pretty crazy couple too. She'll
tear off his pants and fuck him right in front of me sometimes
and not be enbarrassed about it at all. You remind me of her
a little." I told her because you're not embarrassed
to express your lust. I stood up, walked around her table
to stand next to her and kicked off my shoes. I bent over and
took my socks off putting them in my shoes. Then I stood up
undid my pants and pulled them off. She was grinning and
feeling my dick through my shorts as I pulled off my shirt
and then her blouse freeing her marvalous tits. I bent over,
kissed her nipples one at a time and reached right down rubbing
my fingers softly along her pussy. I kneeled on the floor
and bent down to renove her socks and as I started to pull
her pants down I asked her, "You are going to let me
take your pants of so I can taste your pussy aren't you?"
She pulled my shorts down and said, "When you get those
all the way off, you can pull my panties off too and get busy
eating my pussy for me." Listening to all this talk
about sex makes me want some. She tangled both of her hands
up in my hair and spread her legs for me. She held me prisoner
like that with my face buried in her pubic hair until she
had come all over my face. When I stood up I slid my ass onto
the table right in front of her and said, "My turn."
After a minute or two I slid my feet onto her shoulders and
laid back on the table where I enjoyed not one but two wonderful
blow jobs. Just as I was coming for the second time, one of
her neighbors knocked on the sliding glass door in her kitchen,
slid the door open, and came into the kitchen with us. "I
couldn't help noticing that you were giving this young
man some head." She said, I stood out on my porch watching
you guys until I was so horny I had my hand in my panties and
was moaning right out loud. My daughter came out on the porch
with me and told me to come over here and ask if I can borrow
your friend for a half hour or so when you two are done."
All she was wearing was a bath robe. Her tits were hanging
out of her robe completly uncovered. She bent over the top
of my face and looked me straight in the eye, " Will
you save enough lust to fuck the horny neighbor lady later?
Or at least lay on your back and let me jump up and down on your
dick until I come?" Her scream was so unexpected and so shrill I almost pissed
myself. My hard-on was instantly gone and I started to shake
as fear filled the room like a nuclear shock wave. First
traveling away from the epicenter in ripples each overrunning
the previous one consumming it and magnifying its energy
a thousand times or more until there is no material left
to exist in its wake everything having been converted to
waves of energy expanding outward from a single point like
a star going super nova and then collapsing in upon itself
from every direction at once. I sat up on the table and looked
at the neighbor lady who had the worst look of horrer I had
at that time ever experienced on the face of a fellow human
being. Scotties mom had reached up inside the ladies bathrobe
and grabbed a handfull of pubic hair which she was twisting
and pulling on at the same time. "God damn you Margo,
shut the fuck up and get out of my house this instant."
My poor penis had turned itself completely inside out and
climbed right up inside of me it was so scared. When she let
go of Margo's pubic hair she left so fast I actually
didn't even see her move. She was there and then she
was gone like she had just vanished into thin air or something.
I wasn't even sure she had actually even been there
kind of like waking up from a dream disoriented and out of
focus both visually and mentally for just an instant as
you get your bearings back and the vail like fog that seperates
the two states dissapates around you. "Whew".
Scotties mom started to try and explain something to me
about her neighbor but stopped midstream and just walked
over to the sliding glass door locked it and pulled the curtain
shut. My poor penis poked its little head out of the whole
it had left in my groin and peered out around the room for
a second before coming all the way out of hiding and hanging
limply between my legs again. We looked into each others
eyes deeply and started to laugh. "Did you see the
look on Margo's face when I grabbed her by the pubes?",
she asked me. "I sure did!!!", I replied. "Please
don't ever grab me like that. O K?" Then we both
started to laugh again. I found myself thinking, this lady
is amazing, a little scary, but unbelievably uninhibited.
At that moment I was sure that I had never before met anyone
even remotely like this beautiful lady standing next to
me completely naked, laughing so hard she had tears in her
eyes, and she looked so nice as I watched her breasts shake
and jump up and down each time she sucked in another lungfull
of air and laughed again that I felt my dick aching it was
already rock hard and it wanted me to put it in this ladies
pussy bad right then. I stood up wrapped my arms around her
neck and kissed her as I stuffed my dick into her as far as
I could. She was a little unprepared for the sudden lust
with which I entered her and she gasped a bit. Then she was
against the wall with her mouth full of my kiss and her pussy
full of my cock and things were falling of the wall I held
her against as I just pounded myself into her again and again,
slamming her ass into the wall hard with each stroke going
deeper and deeper into her with each stroke. I hadn't
even noticed that I was holding my breath until I exploded
into her and was completely drained all at once. My arms
sliding from around her neck and my dick sliding out of her
pussy. My knees buckled and I slid to the floor gasping for
air and blue in the face, I almost passed out. As I sat on the
floor trying to catch my breath she looked down at me and
said, "I think I have just been ." She had
this real serious look on her face. Then she smiled at me.
"I have never had a man enter me so forcefully or fuck
me so hard and fast before. with such intensity as that.
Wow, where did that come from?" I looked up at her and
said, "I think you scared it out of me. I hope your not
mad at me. I really didn't intend to you like that
. I was just completely overwhelmed by your beauty and I
couldn't help myself. I just had to be inside of you
right then. It kind of scared me too. Are you all right?"
"I don't think all right is the correct term for
what I am right now, " She said, "But I hope you
do that to me again sometime. It was a little scary but amazingly
sexy at the same time. I'm standing here talking to
you and still having an orgasm at the same time. God just
look at my legs. Come is running down my legs and I'm
still having spasms in my pussy pushing more come out of
me and I'm shaking all over." Then she slid down
the wall to the floor beside me and kissed me. "Please
tell me that you will do that to me again sometime because
I really liked it." She wrapped her arms around me
and I felt little shock waves running through her as she
held me. "Are you still coming?" I asked her.
And she said "Yes." We just sat on the floor holding
each other until her orgasm subsided and we could catch
our breath and then helped each other stand up leaning on
the wall for support. I told her my orgasm had come like a
shotgun blast all at once and it left me drained of energy.
I also admitted to her that I had felt kind of removed from
myself as if I was watching myself fuck her from outside
my body. I think it scared her a little so I quickly changed
the subject. "Its about time for me to go get Scotty."
I told her and I started getting dressed. She came over to
me and took a hold of my arm, "Look, if that was ,
it's OK, don't worry about it because I really
liked it and I want you to do it to me again just like that and
real soon too OK?" She was frowning a little, "That
was the strongest orgasm I have ever experienced. I'm
not to sure where it came from, but I really liked it. It was
a little scary at first. I have never had a man take control
of me in such a forcefull way before so I didn't quite
know how to take it at first but believe me, you can fuck me
like that any time you want because I'll be a willing
participant for sure. That was some amazing sex. I've
got come from my pussy to my toes and I'm standing in
a growing puddle of it as it slides down my legs. Nobody ever
did that to me before. I really need to go into the bathroom
and clean myself up though. Promise me you won't leave
until I get out of the bathroom. O K?" I said "OK."
She spread her knees and said, "Look at this."
There was a thick coat of come on the inside of both of her
thighs and she was litterally standing in a growing puddle
of it. "I'm still shaking inside a little too.
I didn't know until now that I could actually come like
that." As she walked down the hall to the bathroom
she said, "I'll bet most women go through their
entire life without experiencing sex like that because
I've never heard anyone describe a sexual experience
like that before, nor have I read anything even remotely
similar." I sat down on a kitchen chair and realized
that my hands were shaking and I was suddenly overwhelmed
with fatigue. I almost fell asleep sitting at the kitchen
table. "Are you all right?" She was asking me.
She had taken a hold of my arm again and I hadn't been
aware that she had even come out of her bathroom yet. "I'm
sorry, " I said. "I must have dozed off for a
second. I told you that I felt a little drained after that."
And I grinned my very best grin for her. "You were just
setting there with a far off look in your eyes. What were
you thinking about?" "How hard it is going to
be to try to duplicate that experience for you. I'm
not so sure that I will ever be able to, and I know that if we
ever have sex again with each other you will be hoping for
another similar experience, and I'm afraid that you
have already had the best you will ever get from me."
"Did you try to make that the best fuck of your life
on purpose? Personally I don't believe you did. It
just happened. So, Please don't feel like you have
to try to duplicate the experience for me. When, not if but,
when we have sex with each other again, just let it be whatever
it turns out to be. O K? The best sex always comes as a result
of the events happening in your life at the time, not from
having tried to make it the best. It is just an expression
of everything else that affects it in a wonderful way sometimes.
And besides that no matter what else happens or doesn't
happen, You and I have just experienced something together
that I don't think very many other people ever have
and it was truelly an experience that I personally will
never forget. How about you? Do you think you will ever forget
what happened here today?" I pulled her onto my lap
and looked straight into her eyes. "What do you think?"
Then I kissed her. A simple little thank you kind of a kiss
like one you might give to a girlfriend who has just packed
you a lunch for the next days work before you leave her home
after an evenings visit. Again I found this woman to excite
me beyond comprehension and I left to go get Scotty with
a woody that you couldn't miss sticking straight out
in front of me and the warmest feeling inside that I was ever
to experience for the rest of my life. What an amazing woman.
I didn't fuck Scotty on the way home even though she
got my dick out and played with it. "Is this for me?"
she had asked me when she felt how hard it was. When I didn't
answer her she said, "You really are hot for my mom
aren't you? And this hard-on is for her. Huh?"
I stuck my hand down her pants and started playing with her
pussy while she was jacking my dick up and down. "When
I finally fuck you Scotty, We are going to need much more
time than we have tonight because I'm going to fuck
you until your cute little pussy is so sore you can hardly
walk. Believe me. Now quit talking and wrap those cute little
lips of yours around this hard-on. I got to thinking about
you sucking it for me on the way home and it got so hard it's
throbbing. So come on now and make this fantasy come true
for me right now. OK? By the way, did you have any fun tonight?"
Just before she put my dick in her mouth she said, "Not
as much as I am going to have right now." God she was
a good cocksucker and I felt guilty about having her suck
my dick on the way home, but I wasn't even prepared for
what was about to happen. When we walked into her mothers
house together she told her mother that she knew that I really
had the hots for her because when I picked her up I had a massive
hard-on. I was just about to say goodnight and split before
the shit hit the fan when Scotty said, "Look momma,
I know this guy is hot for you and by what you are wearing I'd
say the feeling is mutual, but I have to tell you honestly
that I want to fuck him and if I don't fuck him right now
I don't think I'm ever going to get another chance
because he is going to fall in love with you. So come on momma
let me fuck him just this once OK? Then I'll leave you
two to enjoy each other and hope very much that you do. So
what do you say momma can I borrow him from you for about half
an hour? I know that I want to fuck him and if you don't
let me get it off my mind I'm going to be sneaking around
trying to get him into my bed until I do and I want you two to
have every chance you can to make each other happy and he's
going to make you happy momma you should have seen the hard-on
you sent him away with. Her mother turned to me (I thought
the shit was really going to hit the fan) and she asked me
if I'd like to spend the night at their house taking
turns fucking them both? "It's apparent that
my daughter wants some of the stuff you gave ne awhile ago,
and I want some more of it myself. So how can you turn us down?
Have you ever been tag teamed by a mother daughter team before?"
I couldn't believe my ears. I thought she was going
to come uncorked on me for letting her underaged daughter
suck me off on the way home and instead she was going to fuck
me again and let me fuck her daughter right in front of her
and not even get mad. What a fucking amazing woman she is
I thought, but what I said was, "Where have you two
been hiding all my life?" They both gave me a big hug
and Scotty's mom said to her, "You are going to
like fucking this guy Scotty but remember after tonight
he is all mine and you promised to keep your hands off. Are
we straight on that?" Scotty smiled at both of us and
said "Yes momma. I'll leave him alone, after
tonight that is. I love you momma. Now lets show him just
how lucky he really is OK?" What an amazing woman.
I still don't know how this ever happened to me but believe
me it truelly changed my life. "Sometimes being completely
honest about your feelings can benefit a person more than
all the deceit in the world." Scotty told me that night
and I wondered how a person her age could have already learned
such an important lesson about life.

Wisdom truelly is not something you learn in school. Instead
it is something you feel in your heart. If your lucky. Lying
in bed later that night I said a little prayer to god. It was
the first time that I had ever prayed to thank god for something
instead of to ask him for something and my luck has been improving
ever since. So you see, good sex can be good for the soul too.
is a horrer that has ruined many peoples lives and I'm
not so sure it is the correct term for what had happened earlier
that evening but Scotty's mom had said that she felt
like she had just been and there was definately a lot
of uncontroled lust in me at the time but I think if Scotty's
mom had tried to stop me I would have stopped because I had
no desire to hurt her. In fact quite the opposite is true.
I was just overwhelmed with an animalistic desire for this
womans fruit and it proved to be the sweetest I'd ever
tasted. I don't think very many women understand what
a powerful influence sex can be when it's given to a
man freely by a woman that enjoys the giving of it as much
as the getting of it because most women use sex as a means
to control the men they have sex with and this in itself removes
most of the pleasure for him and nearly all of it for her.
It makes one of the finest things in life into just another
greasy tool when it is used to control others. But when it
is given freely as an expression of ones fondness of another,
it can make you feel like a giant and reinforce every positive
aspect of your love for your fellow human beings. A lady
that gives sex as an expression of her love benefits from
that gift much more than a woman that gives sex as a way to
pay for some service rendered because every time she expresses
her love by giving sex freely the man who recieves the sex
is bolstered with a higher opinion of his ability to please
others and his abilities grow and strengthen with each
new infusion of loving sex she gives him and believe me it
makes his love and caring for her grow as well which tends
to strengthen them both and the bonds that love grows between
lovers. So ladies if you truelly wish you had a better man,
give yours a lot of love and a lot of sex and you'll see
him become a better and more capable man who loves you more
and more as you help him to become the man that you want. When
you say fuck him meaning that he doesn't please you.
You should be thinking I'm going to fuck him because
I love who he is becoming, because if you do he will. When
you tell him you don't want to have sex with him he shrivels
and becomes less of a man and so does his fondess for you.
Every time you put him down his spirit diminishes as does
his desire for you and remember that you chose him so he is
a reflection of who you are yourself. When you say he is such
an asshole to someone they hear I'm such an asshole
for choosing him and they think less of you instead of less
of him. When you tell someone he'll make it because
I know he has it in him they think he will make it and that he
does have it in him and that you are wise to have chosen someone
that you believe in. Divorce is such a negative thing because
it diminishes both of you and is an expression of your lack
of faith in each other and yourselves. If you want your children
to be little peckerheads tell them that they are and they
will be. If you want them to be hard working good citizens
and good parents help them to become these things by believing
that they are and telling them that they are becoming such
good citizens and parents. When someone lets you know they
believe that you have what it takes to suceed it makes you
attempt to suceed even harder than you would otherwise
because we don't like to let those who believe in us
see us fail.

THE CARWASH Even though I'd had such an enjoyable time with Scotty
and Sarah (Scotty's mom), I hadn't been back to
see them in nearly a month. My excuses to myself for this
were many. I didn't have much money because my hours
had been cut at work and they had thought so much of me that
I wanted to be able to show them that I was deserving of their
oppinion of me and I didn't know how I was going to be
able to please Sarah anywhere near the way it had happened
before because I truelly didn't know where the lust
I'd felt for her had come from. I feared that I might
end up with just memories of my inabilities and their effect
on these women, and it was easier to keep the memories of
my sucesses by not alowing the inevidable failures to happen
by avoiding them. I was wanting to see Sarah again pretty
strongly though and one afternoon I decided to wash my motorcycle
and wax it up and polish all the chrome and then just cruise
by her house and ask if she would like to go for a motorcycle
ride with me. My bike is a very good looking machine when
it is cleaned up and I'm pretty proud to be its owner.
I also knew that riding a motorcycle can be pretty exciting
and may help to get Sarah into a sexual mood (anyway I was
hoping it might). So I put on a pair of worn out cutoff levis
and gathered up a bunch of quarters for the car wash and some
chrome polish and a chamois. I'd been thinking of Sarahs
body and how much I had enjoyed feeling it against my skin
as I gathered up what I needed to polish up my motorcycle
and I kept seeing her tits jiggle when she laughed that night.
The more I thought about going to see her I started to get
a hard-on. I was in the garage getting a chamois and nobody
was around so I pulled my cutoffs and my shorts down and started
playing with my dick. Well I had stood there jacking off
and gotten come all over my hand and pubic hair when my brothers
girlfriend pulled into the driveway. I couldn't see
a shop towel or any rags handy and knew I was going to be pretty
embarrassed if she saw me like that so I slipped of my shorts
and wiped myself off quickly and pulled my cutoffs back
up stashing my underwear in a drawer. I talked to her for
a few minutes telling her my brother wasn't home and
that I was going to go polish up my bike at the car wash. She
told me my cutoffs were discraceful because she could see
my bare bum, through the worn out spots. I'd made some
comment about not wanting to get my good clothes all greasy
and she said I was going to give the ladies a free show if I
bent over much to polish my bike in those cutoffs because
I was already giving her one. Then she grinned at me and left.
I had everything I needed gathered up so I fired up my bike
and went to the car wash. I had finished spraying it off and
pulled it into the sunlight to help it dry and started chamoising
off the paint when someone behind me whistled. Remembering
what my brothers girlfriend had said I stood up straight
then turned to see who it was. Sarah had pulled into the driveway
behind me and was sitting in her car watching me polish things
up. I walked over to her car window and told her that as soon
as I finished drying off my mototcycle I was going to come
by her house and see if she wanted to go for a ride. She was
wearing a very skimpy t-shirt that was cutt off so it would
reveal her navel. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing
a bra because her nipples were making little humps in her
t-shirt. I couldn't help putting my fingertip under
her neckline and pulling her t-shirt away from her breasts
so I could see her nipples and she told me she could see my
dick everytime I bent over the bike and it was making her
nipples harden. She opened her door and slid over into the
middle of the car so I could sit with her for a minute. As soon
as I sat down she pulled her t-shirt up and showed me her hard
nipples so I started feeling her tits. She made me quit and
told me if I followed her home she would make me some lunch
and let me feel her tits while I ate it. She knew how to gert
me to do her bidding. I told her I'd be done in a minute
if she wanted to wait and I'd follow her over. She said
OK and sat there in her car with the door opened a little watching
me dry off my bike. I looked over at her once and she had pulled
her pants down so I could see her pubic hair and she started
laughing but another car pulled up and she had to move her
car to let them through. I had to cut short polishing my bike
because seeing her sitting there with her pants pulled
down for me made my dick hard and it was sticking out of the
top of my cutoffs. I threw everything in my nose bag and started up my bike,
when Sarah came back around I pulled out behind her. I followed
her up Main street and we turned east on Vine. At the next
intersection there was a red light and we stopped. Just
before the light turned green Sarah held up her hand so I
could see that she had her shorts in her hand. She laid them
on the back seat and the light changed so we drove on up the
street, but we got caught at another red light on the next
block. Again just as the light was going to change, Sarah
held her hand up so I could see that she had her blouse in her
hand. She put it on the back seat also and we drove on up the
block. We had to turn once more before we got onto her street,
and as we went around the corner Sarah held up her panties
and deposited them on the back seat. She pulled into her
driveway and opened her garage door with a remote opener
so she could drive right into the garage. I drove into her
garage and parked beside her car. With her garage door wide
open she opened her car door and grinned at me while she let
me watch her turn to face me letting both of her legs hang
over the side of the car seat as She turned sideways on the
car seat she opened her legs so I could look right into her
pussy. "Do you want some of this?" she said as
she started rubbing her pussy lips. I lowered the kickstand
and stood up. When I took a step toward her she stopped me,
"Oh no you don't!" she said, "If you
want some of this you have to take your shorts off."
"Right here with the garage door wide open?"
I asked her. "Yep standing right there so the man who
lives across the street can see what your doing."
What if he calls the police?" I asked her. "He
won't call the police, but he will get his video camera
out and film us. He is a horny old guy with no wife and he takes
pictures of me everytime I come home if I'm not wearing
much. I've seen him taking my picture several times
so the last time I saw him in the window, I pulled my blouse
and bra up and let him get a picture of my tits. The next day
he rang my doorbell and when I answered it he gave me an eight
by ten copy of the picture and thanked me for letting him
take the picture. He was real nice and he told me he thought
I was very pretty and that he often thought about me at night.
So I asked him right out if he masterbated while he was thinking
about me and he said yes. He is 79 years old and seldom leaves
his house so I told him if he had a video camera maybe I'd
let him take some video of me getting it on with a guy sometime
so he had something really nasty to watch while he masterbated.
He almost came in his pants when I said that. I know that you
are pretty comfortable having other people see you naked
so if your game take your shorts off and we'll let him
film us fucking in my garage." I looked across the
street and sure enough there was a man with a video camera
standing at his window filming us. I turned toward him and
undid my shorts and unzipped them. My hard-on stuck straight
out in front of me. Then I stepped over to her car reached
in and took her by the hand. Then I pulled her to her feet turned
her toward the man and told her to take a bow. She did and when
she bent over I stepped behind her and stuck my dick in her
pussy. she spread her legs wide and put both of her hands
on the garage floor. It was kind of exciting to know we were
being filmed and Sarah looked so nasty bent over like that
that I took a hold of her by the waist and started pounding
my dick into her and pulling her back onto it everytime I
thrust forward. Her tits were hanging down and swaying
forward and back with our rythm and she started moaning.
"God I like the way you fuck." she told me and
she started to turn sideways so the old man could see my dick
going in and out of her. "Now give me all you've
got and make me come hard O K?" she instructed me. I
pulled my dick out of her pussy and shoved it up her ass. She
half stood up and put her hands on the roof of her car. "Ohh
baby", she moaned, "Come on fuck my ass hard
and make me come." Again I pulled my dick out of her.
I turned her around and put her arms around my neck. I grabbed
her by her waist and told her, "When I lift you up wrap
your legs around my waist and lock your feet together behind
my back." Then I picked her up and she wrapped her legs
around me. I stuck my dick back up her ass and started bucking
her up into the air and then pulling my dick almost out of
her then bucking back inti her so she would go up into the
air again just slamming my dick into her ass each time her
weight pulled her back down. It took a lot of strength and
balance to keep her going but it only took about thirty five
thrusts and we were both comming. I thought I might drop
her so I put her feet on the floor before I had finished comming.
I pulled my dick out of her and finished coming on her belly,
then I started rubbing my come between her legs on her pussy
and her ass. She put one arm around my neck and turned us toward
the camera. "Give him a big wave." she said and
moments later she hit the remote and closed the garage door.
"Thank you for letting my neighbor film us, he really
is a very nice man and he looks out for Scotty and myself helping
us in whatever way he can and I'm sure he'll enjoy
having that film. He'll probably make me a copy."
She kissed me passionately and took my hand, "Come
on in and I'll make you some lunch." When we walked
into the kitchen both of us still buck naked, Scotty was
sitting on the couch watching tv. She hadn't even noticed
what was going on in the garage. She looked up from the tv
and saw me standing beside her mother both of us naked and
I had my arm around Sarahs waist and was feeling her tits
while she got started making me some lunch. "I'm
making Darrell some lunch Scotty are you hungry?"
"I told you that you two were going to be close friends.
Where are your clothes? Have you two been out driving around
naked?" She asked her mother. "No we were just
very horny though so we had ourselves a quicky in the garage.
Our clothes are in the car." Scotty stood up and walked
into the kitchen. "Apparently you need to have yourselves
a longy too cause Darrell's dick is still at full mast."
"I'll take care of that while he eats."
Sarah said. "Do you want me to make you some lunch?"
"No thanks mom, standing here looking at Darrell's
hard-on is making me horny so I'd better take off and
leave you two alone." I let go of Sarah and scooped
scotty into my arms and gave her a big hug picking her right
up off the floor and spinning her around in a circle, then
I gave her a big kiss and said thank you Scotty I'd like
to be alone with your mom for a little while. She was wearing
a peasants blouse that left her midriff exposed and I was
getting come on her belly. When I let her go I asked her if
she had any money and if she had anywhere to go? She said,
"Donny doesn't know it yet, but he is going to
entertain me for a couple of hours today so you can show my
mom a really satisfying afternoon. I hope you ate your wheaties.
Your going to need a lot of energy today." She wiped
my come off her belly, shook her head, and said, "Darrell
do you know that everytime I see you you have an enormous
erection? Mom sure is a lucky girl." "Ohh I'm
pretty sure that Donny is going to be in the same shape pretty
soon. What do you think Sarah?" "Donny always
seems to have an erection whenever I see him." Sarah
said. "Because you two are such exciting women. Any
red blooded male would get an erection around you two."
Scotty pulled her blouse and bra up so she could flash me
her tits and blew me a kiss. "Try to give my mom enough
good sex to get her to quit talking about how bad she wants
to fuck you O K? That's all she has been talking about
all week." "Scotty!!!" her mother yelled,
"Don't tell him that. Now get lost please, we
have some serious business to attend to." Sarah sat
my lunch on the table and started washing my dick with a wash
rag filled with warm soapy water. "Sit down here and
eat your lunch Darrell. I hope you don't mind if I suck
you off while you eat." Before I could answer her she
had my naked ass on the chair and was on her knees under the
table giving me some great head. All I could think of was
what a fool I had been to have avoided this lady so long. About
two hours later Scotty called to tell her mom she was going
to go watch Perry Mason with Donny and his friends and wouldn't
be home for a couple more hours. After she hung the phone
up she asked me if I'd like to sun bath with her for a while
in her back yard? I told her I'd like that very much and
we walked into her back yard naked and laid down on a couple
of chaise lounge chairs she had out there. I pulled mine
up right next to hers and slid my fingers up and down the center
of her back slowly enjoying touching this fine lady. Caressing
her skin all over lightly while I watched her breasts rise
and fall with her breathing. I lightly felt her bum cheeks
and slid my fingertips down the back of her legs. Occasionally
she would shudder and go mmmmmmmmm that feels nice. I noticed
her neighbor lady watching us through her window and waved
to her. She smiled at me and waved back. Once she walked past
her sliding glass doors and I noticed she was also naked.
I'm pretty sure she did that so I would see her and know
she was naked. After a little while the sun started making
me tired so I rolled over on my back slid my hand under Sarahs
wasist and put my fingertip on her clitoris and just left
it there while I nodded off. When I woke up I had a hand towel
over my crotch and Sarah was in the house. I watched her puttering
around in the kitchen still naked and I started getting
a hard-on. I just laid there with a boner pushing the hand
towel up into the air. I looked over at the neighbor ladies
house and she was still in her kitchen. She was sitting on
a kitchen chair at the table in front of the sliding glass
doors with her legs spread playing with her pussy. When
I looked at her she smiled at me and licked her lips but continued
playing with herself. She was putting on a pretty good show
for me so I just laid there watching her with a massive hard-on.
After a while I took the hand towel off and let her see my dick
at full mast. She started rubbing her puswsy harder and
faster then and pretty soon I could tell she was coming.
When she was through coming she leaned back in her chair
and relaxed. After a few minutes she blew me a kiss and mouthed
the words thank you to me and then she stood up and walked
out of her kitchen. I put the hand towel back over my dick,
closed my eyes and had almost fallen back to sleep when Sarah
came out of the house. She had a little sun dress on and had
a pair of men's bermuda shorts in her hand. "Here, "
she said, "You'd better put these on. You're
going to drive my poor neighbor lady nuts." "What's
the deal with her anyway?" I asked Sarah. "Her
husband is in prison and has been for almost three years
now. He won't get out for at least two more years and
I think she is so horny she's going crazy. Poor woman
needs some sex for sure. The paper boy, who is only fourteen
told Scotty that she exposes her pussy to him every month
when he collects for the paper. I'm sure she would fuck
him if he had any interest in her, but he thinks she is just
a crazy old lady. "Maybe she should visit your neighbor
across the street." I said and Sarah laughed. "Maybe
I should suggest it to her. I'm sure he wouldn;t mind."
"I have a friend that would drop by and service her
occasionally and enjoy doing so. Maybe I should introduce
them." "Just make sure he understands that
she is married and that her husband will be coming home someday.
So he can't get hung up on fucking her or anything and
he would need to keep it to himself and not tell anybody.
If word got out she'd probably end up getting a divorce
when her husband found out so if your friend is the kind of
guy that can keep his mouth shut and wouldn't mind having
sex with a lady her age just for the sex it would probably
do her a lot of good to get laid." I slipped the bermuda
shorts on. "They belonged to my husband." she
told me. "He got killed in a car crash almost five years
ago now. I don't know why I've kept a box of his clothes
all this time. No reason really, just never got around to
throwing them out I guess." The shorts were a little
tight on me. He must have been a little smaller than me I thought.
"I think I'm about cooked anyway." I told
her "Lets go in and take a bath together. Would you
like that?" "Just as long as you give me some
more of your mad love making we can do just about anything
you want." she told me, "Within reason that
is." We walked hand in hand into the kitchen and I said,
"I am really looking forward to washing your whole
body for you. I want to touch you everywhere. Then I'll
dry you off and give you a massage. I'll brush out your
hair and rub your feet for you, then I'll get a massive
hard-on for you and lie on my back on your bed and you can do
anything you'd like to with me. But, you have to do all
the work. OK? I'm just going to lay there looking at
your fabulous body and enjoy letting you make love to me.
Would you like that?" "I sure would, "
she said, "That sounds really nice but will you do
something for me later on tonight?" "What would
you like me to do Sarah?" Tie me up and me a couple
of times almost viciously, " she hesitated to tell
me this, "I had such an overwhelming orgasm when you
just took me that day that I'd like you to tie me up and
me over and over because for some strange reason I think
I'll really get off on it. No expectations though If
you'll try it for me I promise you I'll be very pleased
with whatever happens just because you were willing to
give it a try for me. OK? I'll do something you'd
like to try for you in return sometime soon and do my very
best to do just what you want me to do." She was looking
me right in the eyes and I knew she wanted to try to have another
orgasm like she had that first night. I'd been afraid
that she would want me to take her there again and that I wouldn't
be able to, but she was so pretty and so nasty that I decided
what the hell, I'll just do the best I can and we'll
see what happens. The sex we had that first day was definately
the strongest orgasm that I could remember ever having
in my life as well and if we could do it again it would be great
I'm sure. I thought about it a while and thought if I
did something she didn't expect me to do that was a little
bit scary for her and made her worry a llttle it just might
work. I decided that after I had her tied up I would call a
friend of mine and invite him over to feel her up and ear her
pussy and make her think I was going to let him her, only
I wouldn't let him do anything more than eat her pussy
and feel her up then I'd state that I get to go first and
I'd let hum stay in the room while I fucked her and tell
me to hurry up so he could have himself some of that fine pussy.
I'll even let him suck on her nipples and rub his dick
on her lips and tell her to suck his dick while I fucked her.
I would have told him in advance though that he didn't
get to fuck her or hurt her in any way. He just got to feel her
up and eat her pussy and scare her a little. I figured you
never know though, she might suck his dick while I fucked
her and if she decided to what the hell if she thought that
getting gave her an overwhelming orgasm I'd
try to take her as close as I could. The friend I had in mind
had a very large dick and several ladies that had fucked
both of us at different times had told me he really knew how
to press the right buttons to get them to fill their panties
with come and when he got their panties off he'd made
them come over and over until they almost passed right out.
So if she decided to let him her she would probably have
some dynamite orgasms even if she didn't get to the
point that we had on that first day. I hoped that she would
see my actions for what I was intending to do (try to give
her what she was asking for) and not think I was taking advantage
of her. Having a lady ask you to her could get very sticky
legally so I hoped she would understand that I was only trying
to give her what she wanted. When she was all tie

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oh my god this is long....


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I think ive read about all the stories in here . And I have
never taken the time to coment about any of them . But all
I can say is WOW !!! How hard I got , And how true the last part
is about people and relashonships !!! I hope that you will
keep writeing I for one will be looking for your stoies .
And thank you!