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A incredivel night


I opened the door, blew a kiss to Maria as she was sitting
on the sofa watching TV and ran into the bedroom, I then grabbed
a suitcase from our closet and started to pile my clothes
in it, and surprised Maria asked. “What’s going on?”

“Sorry babe got to run. There’s a crisis at one of our
branches and they booked me on the last flight of the day.
I need to fly out within the next hour.”

That was nothing unusual, it had happened a few times before,
Maria just said a Ok and just finished helping me pack, I
knew she enjoy the freedom of being alone and having private
time for herself during my trips, I quickly zipped up my
suitcase and she drove me to the airport, she dropped me
off and kissed me goodbye and started to drive herself home.

Knowing she was not in mood to go home to an empty house Maria
decided to go at her local gym as she always kept a pair of
gym clothes in her car, she had just around one hour and half
before it close, but she took a few minutes to go there and
parked it, once inside she quickly changed and started
her stretching routine, the gym looked desert except from
Daniel, the gym manager and a trainer too, on the reception
preparing to close the day, Maria smiled to him as she noticed
the look of disbelieve on his face by someone coming so late
to the gym,

Maria had gotten into a good habit to always stretch before
and after her workouts, so once she was ready, she hit the
treadmill and ran for 30 minutes and then decided to take
a dip in the pool, the water was at a comfortable warm temperature
and Maria swam for about 15 minutes, and before she went
to shower she decided to go in the sauna for a few minutes,
as she entered the room she noticed there was someone in
there, with all the steam it was hard to see their face, so
she just said “Hello” and the other person quickly
replied “Hi there, how are you?”

Maria couldn’t help but notice that the voice was so familiar,
she stood up and he approached her and when he got close enough
for her to see his face she dropped her towel and stood there
in disbelief, she couldn’t believe it, it was her trainer
Mike, she quivered as she stared at him, his well build body
and his gorgeous looks, it was no secret for both that they
had the hots for one another, he then bent over and offered
to pick up her towel but in doing it, casually or not, he too
lost his own towel, they stood there naked, staring at each
other and the desire overwhelmed Maria, she just could
mumble. “I better leave.” [image] As Maria turned around to leave he grabbed her arm and whispered,
“don’t go”, her knees began to tremble as she knew
she wanted him so bad, she’s always wanted him but his
wife was there training very often and she was always very
friendly with Maria, so she never crossed the line...until
that day.

Mike could sense Maria shaking and he took her in his arms
and told her how much he’s been wanting to have her, he
slowly slipped his hand in her inner thigh and found her
drenched pussy and inserted one, then two fingers into
her pussy while sucking on her tits, Maria began to moan
and could not hold back anymore, she decided that she needed
to be fucked no matter what the consequences, so she begged
“Mike, please fuck me, just please fuck me, I need it.”

Mike pressed his lips against hers and pushed her up against
the wall and with one deep thrust he was in her soaking wet
cunt, he thrusted in and out deeply and wildly, and made
her moan really loudly, Maria then wanted to repay him the
pleasure and so she told him to pull out and went down on him,
he was hard as a rock and she licked her lips, opened her mouth
and took the full length of his cock all the way down her throat
and started deep throating him and it was driving him crazy,
Maria had to slow it down a bit because she was gagging from
his cock being so deep in her throat, she looked up at him,
spat on his cock and took him deep again, in and out, in and
out, licking and swallowing his precum while she was pinching
her nipples, and Maria finally told him “give it to me
in my ass.”

He was astonished and looked at her in disbelieve with what
she asked, he was so turned on by that, he just bent her over
and drilled her ass and Maria moaned, “Oh that’s it
Mike, fuck me harder, faster”. [image2] And so he did, just then, the sauna doors flew open and they
were embarrassed with who was standing there, it was Daniel,
and Mike immediately asked “What the hell are you doing

Daniel laughed and replied “I ended up with my papers,
so I thought to come to the sauna before heading home. And
what about you? What are you both doing here?” he questioned,
but before any of them could answer him, he dropped his towel
and asked them “can I watch you?”

That was all the time one of Maria’s deepest fantasies,
being fucked by a guy while others watch them and jerked
themselves off, needless to say she was a little concerned
with the arrive of Daniel, as he was the gym manager, but
her level of horniness took over and she began fucking Mike
over and over while Daniel watched them, then Mike moaned
loudly and Maria could feel several spurts of cum being
shoot inside her ass, her own body shuddered under an orgasm
and both lay on the floor to regain their breath.

Daniel came over and lay on the other side of Maria, she smiled
to him and then she grabbed their cocks, one of each and started
stroking them slowly, when both cocks were fully erect
and aroused she stood up lay down on top of Mike and he slipped
his cock in her drenched pussy, as he was full length inside
her pussy, Maria told Daniel she was not going to let him
go home unsatisfied and told him to shove his cock into her
ass and fucked her brains out.

He didn’t waste his time and did what he was asked, so the
two men impaled her from both holes, they both didn’t
feel tired and fucked het for almost half an hour, when one
was near to cum they switched places so that break helped
them to hold it again, both looked like sex machines matching
their thrusts into her holes, Maria was in ecstasy, she
came at least 5 times and she lose the count how many times
they switched into her holes, she was dripping with her
juices all the way to her knees.

Maria couldn’t hold it anymore, she got on her knees and
told both guys to feed her with their load, she opened her
mouth and waited for their cum, and before she knew it both
of them exploded and she got their load in her mouth, on her
face, on her hair and running down her tits. [image3] Maria told them that was her ever hardest workout session,
and they all laughed, she thanked Mike and Daniel for the
great time and headed to the ladies room, she took a sower,
got dressed and met the guys at the entrance, they went to
their cars completely satisfied and sated, and Maria blew
them a kiss as she left the park to drive home.

On the way home Maria decided to stop at a local pub and take
a drink to relax from the hard a time on the gym, she was walking
around the room seeping her drink, she didn’t mind, even
smile, when men like casually touched her ass or her breasts,
in fact she liked the attention but she wanted just enjoy
her drink, she had enough from Mark and Daniel for one day.

After walking around for around 15 minutes, Maria realized
that she needed to answer nature’s call quite urgently,
so she went to the toilettes, there were no guy or girls toilettes,
it was just a room with 5 cubicles, Maria quickly chose a
cubicle and closed the door, she undid her belt and jeans
and slides them down to her ankles, next was her red thong,
while relieving herself, she smiled as she noticed a hole
at each side of her cubicle, she looked inside one and it
showed the next empty cubicle, then the other and it was
empty too.

Maria shook her shoulders and went back to relieve herself,
as she was done, she flushed the toilet and reached for her
thong below, but while wearing her thong she felt something
poking her ass, Maria looked behind her and she saw someone’s
cock poking through the hole and a hoarse voice saying “Hey,
do it for me ok? I’m having a bad day. Blow me, please.”

Maria was amazed, a very handsome cock had appeared and
wanting to be sucked, she was already very horny again,
so she grabbed the cock in both hands, the man gave a moan
of pleasure and Maria kissed its cock head, then she licked
it up and down, and then she swallowed the whole cock what
made the man gave a loudly moan.

Maria grabbed her lips around his cock ant tock its full
length all the way down her throat, while she moved her mouth
up and down it’s cock and her tongue licked the underside
of the cock’s tip, then she let go of her hands and pushed
both her covered breasts up so that it were sandwiching
his cock, the man gave another loudly moan as he felt it and
mumbled. “That your tits honey? Very soft. You know how
to give a guy a blowjob!” [image4] In a matter of minutes, the man started ejaculating, it
gave a few spurts of cum inside Maria’s throat, and she
swallowed it all, the man gave a big sigh of relief and Maria
stopped blowing him and asked, “Now what about myself?”

The man giggled and said, “Bend over and place your pussy
on my cock.”

Maria did what she was told fairly quickly, she removed
her thong and bended down and placed her juicy pussy on top
of the semi hard cock, she rubbed her pussy against his cock
until she could feel it hard again, then she pushed his cock
into her pussy and as she felt his length inside her, she
motioned herself against him while saying “uh, uh, uh”.

The man was pleased hearing Maria, he tried to push his cock
even further, Maria was really enjoying herself, but then
the man ejaculated inside Maria’s pussy, he then removed
his penis from the hole and Maria could hear a zipping sound
and the cubicle door opening, she sat on the toilet bowl
quite frustrated, not believing that she had sucked a cock
and being fucked by that stranger without getting an orgasm.

Maria didn’t like to fuck or suck without orgasmed, so
she decided to go for it and stepped at the bar again for another
drink, surprised she noticed that the bar was filled a lot
of black men, she asked the bartender why and he said that
a nearby Hotel was hosting a conference and they were at
the town for that conference and they would stay for two
days, Maria thanked him and looked around and noticed a
few good-looking guys.

Maria ordered another drink and as it was delivered, a huge,
well- dressed black gentleman said that drink was on him
and asked her if she would mind to have a little company for
a while, he was very handsome and well spoken, so Maria gladly
accepted his invitation and sat on his side.

They introduced each other, the man’s name was Peter
and they made some conversation and had another drink,
his friends said they were leaving and he said that he would
stay a little more, they all smirked a little but no one said
anything, then as they left they were the only ones at the
bar and he leaned over and whispered in my ear "Your
breasts are driving me crazy. I have got to see and play with

With that Peter put his hands underneath both breasts and
held them up as if he was weighing them, Maria caught her
breath by the surprise, but her pussy started to get wet
and she was breathing heavily, at that time Maria just wanted
him to do whatever he wanted to her, he kissed her lightly
on her lips and asked her if she wanted to go to his room and
have sex with him.

Maria was so excited, his manner and confidence were such
that she knew she didn’t want to resist him, so she could
only nod yes as they picked up their belongings and went
outside, the hotel was really nearby and as they got in the
elevator Peter took her hand and put it on his crotch, Maria
couldn't believe on the really long and thicker bulge
she felt, by the time they got to his room, she needed to take
off her tong or get her jeans wet.

Anyway she didn't have to worry about that, as soon
as they were inside the room Peter took her in his arms and
started to take off her clothes until he got her completely
naked, Maria just wanted to get his cock out to look at it,
so she unzipped him and he had no shorts on so his cock came
out in her hand, it was the biggest cock she had ever seen,
Maria gulped and almost came as she just looked at his magnificent
cock, she decided don’t waste her time and dropped to
her knees and started to suck and take as much of it in her
mouth as she could, and the head of his cock was turning so
massive and so black as she was licking it and getting it
wet. [image5] Peter lay down on the bed and had Maria straddle him as she
sucked his cock so that he could fondle her breasts and twirl
her nipples as he watched her suck him, he then told her she
was really a great cocksucker, Maria mouthful only could
moan in agreement and Peter added that after he was done
with her he was going to call a few of his friends to fuck her
too, that got Maria so excited that she got an orgasm from
just hearing his words and just as she started to spasm,
Peter shot the biggest amount of cum into her mouth that
she had ever had, Maria closed her eyes as another orgasm
ripped her body as she swallowed every drop of his cum.

They lay on the bed to recover for what Maria hoped would
be a long fuck and so she dropped down and started to suck
him again hoping to speed up the process, Peter got hard
fairly quickly and put his cock in her slit while not quite
putting it in her pussy, which was where she wanted him,
so Maria begged him to put it into her, he finally held her
heels and pushed her legs up near her ears, she didn't
think she could spread that far but when she was wide open,
Peter slowly slid his enormous cock into her dripping pussy
hole, he knew the size of his cock and he didn't want
to hurt her, but she was in pure ecstasy with the pleasure
he was giving her, Maria’s pussy felt like it was not only
stretched its full length but her hole felt like it probably
was about as big as when she gave birth, except that it felt

Maria’s pussy was completely full as Peter started to
pump her faster and faster, all the while telling her the
great cocksucker she was, how hot was so pussy, and a lot
of other phrases that just got Maria hotter, so she joined
in and told him to pound her pussy hard, deep and wild, and
it seemed to make her hotter by saying that, Peter then rolled
Maria on her side and then on her stomach while continuing
to pound her, at that time she was not able to think, she just
kept cumming and cumming, then he put a finger deep up her
ass as several spurts of cum were reaching the inside of
her pussy, and when Peter slowed down and said he was going
to fuck her ass the next time they had sex, Maria’s body
almost arched as she had another huge orgasm with two of
his fingers up her asshole! [image6] They both lay on the bed exhausted and breathing heavily,
slowly by slowly they regain their regular breath, then
someone rang the doorbell, intrigued they looked at each
other and Peter stood up to open the door, Maria was so exhausted
that she kept naked over the bed, it was another black man,
obviously one of his group when Maria met him at the pub,
asking if everything was ok with him as he didn’t joined
the group when they left the pub, Peter guffawed and moved
aside so the other man could see Maria naked on the bed and
smiling to him, he was speechless and then Peter told him
“Hope you had fun, I really never felt so good as today,
I found the best ever cocksucker.”

Peter said the other man to enter, introduced him to Maria
as his friend Ken and asked Maria if she wants to suck him
off too, he looked at Peter astonished and then to Maria,
obviously she gladly told them both that she would suck
him too and Peter laughed and told Ken to go ahead and let
her suck his cock, immediately he dropped his pants on the
floor and Maria immediately started to suck, amazed she
noticed his cock was another huge cock like Peter's,
what made her got hot and started to rub herself, Peter stopped
her hand and slid the full length of his cock into her soaking
wet pussy, so Maria had her mouth and pussy filled with their
cocks and soon they matched their thrusts and she got another
orgasms, then they both shot their loads into her about
the same time, Ken didn't get soft, what amazed Maria,
and told her he wanted to fuck her too and asked her if it would
be ok, since she had just sucked him and swallowed his cum,
she thought “Well, why not?”

Maria just kissed Ken deeper and used her tongue to let him
know she agreed with it, he didn't need to be asked twice,
he gestured for her to lay back on the bed, he slid his hands
down her sides and settled himself between her legs, he
then bent forward and kissed her neck and her collar bone,
licking and biting along the way, he continued his exploration
of her skin, kissing slowly from her collar bone down her
chest, coming to rest on one of her breasts, he felt Maria
arch her back in approval, so gently he sucked her nipple
into his mouth and smiled at the sharp intake of breath that
came from her mouth.

Needless to say Maria was truly enjoying it, Ken continued
his oral assault on her nipples as his fingers found its
way to her clit, Maria sighed and spread her legs farther
apart and shivered, Ken paused as he reached the juncture
of her thighs, as if to ask permission, and Maria simply
whispered, "Please, Ken, please." [image7] Ken immediately lowered his lips to her already soaking
pussy, he began slowly, flicking his tongue over her clit,
Maria squirmed as he continued lapping at her pussy for
some time before dipping lower and slipping his tongue
as far as he could inside of her, Maria gasped and bucked
her hips towards his mouth, he fucked her with his tongue
for as long as he could before moving back to her already
very swollen clit, he then sucked it into his mouth and swirled
his tongue around it, sliding his middle finger inside
of her pussy, her hands fell upon the back of his head as Maria
cried out in pleasure. "Ken. Yes. I'm so close,
please, don't stop."

Maria could barely gasp out between ragged breaths, Ken
slowed his pace and stopped sucking on her clit and slipped
his finger out of her wet pussy, Maria whimpered in frustration
and relaxed against the bed, her eyes looked around trying
to find Peter, and he was sitting on a chair talking at the
phone, as he noticed her eyes on him, he just blinked and
thumbed up to her, then Ken whispered on her ear "I
don't want you to cum that way baby, I want to fuck you
hard, and I want to give you the pleasure you deserve.”

His words washed over her and he kissed her full on the mouth
as he positioned himself once again between her legs, he
reached down with one hand and rubbed his aching cock against
the entrance to her glistening pussy, time seemed to stop
for Maria as Ken pushed forward and filled her completely
with his big hard cock, her back arched and she writhed beneath
him, slowly he pulled back and slid in again, the desire
could be seen in Ken's eyes as he fought to keep control.

Maria whimpered as he continued his thrusts, once more
he pulled almost all the way out of her, but that time, he
kissed her hard on the mouth and slammed into her full force,
Maria groaned against his kiss and her whole body shuddered,
Ken broke their kiss and stared at her as he began to fuck
her as hard as he could, Maria's moans filled the room
as she clawed as his back and tried desperately to get closer
to him, Ken knew he couldn't last much longer at that
intensity, and said between thrusts "Baby I have
to slow down, I can't last like this.." [image8] But that only made Maria thrust harder, she was desperate
to please him, and very close to release herself, Ken's
thrusts became slightly erratic and he once again kissed
Maria desperately on the mouth, she turned away from him
and moaned loudly as her body went rigid for a split second
before her pussy began to spasm wildly, and with a few more
thrusts, Ken joined her over the edge and the two thrashed
and came together, Maria whimpering and crying out for
him, Ken gasping for breath.

As he calmed down he collapsed against her, panting and
placing kisses on her cheek and Maria breathed "Wow.
That was amazing. Thank you so much to both of you!"

Ken shifted his weight and withdrew his softening cock
from her pussy, he then cradled her against his chest and
kissed her softly on the lips saying "Yeah, it was."

That was on the doorbell rang again and then Peter stood
up laughing and saying to Maria “Not done yet my dear,
do you remember how excited you stay when I told you that
after finish with you I was going to call a few of my friends
to fuck you too? Well here they are!”

Then 8 black guys were standing at the door, Maria stood
up in disbelief, Peter greeted them and introduced them
to an astonished Maria, then asked her if she was ready to
go ahead with them, Maria was speechless as she looked at
him then the guys, the expectation for her answer was clearly
visible on their faces, and Maria almost burst in laugh
watching them, then she just said a ok and a chorus of whistles
echoed through the room, laughing Peter announced the
party was to begin, immediately one of the guys pulled Maria
to him and another guy sandwiched her against the first
guy, he began kissing the back of her neck and moved his hands
over her tits and ran them down over her tummy and thighs
as she was pressed between the two men.

The first guy leaned down and began sucking on her tits while
he moved his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing it,
Maria immediately groaned as her knees melted, she moved
down to her knees and seductively unzipped his pants and
reached in and pulled out his already hardened cock out,
Maria went around on her knees to each guy and unzipped them
and pulled out their cocks and stroked them until completely
hard, she was surrounded by hungry cocks all around her
and once they were hard, she proceeded to give each one of
us an incredible blow job, one of the guys lost his load immediately
and shot his cum all over her face, Maria laughed and wiped
it up with her fingers and sucked his cum off her fingers,
seeing that a few of the others almost lost their load when
she did that.

One of the black men with an impressive cock held out his
hand to her and she got up off her knees, he laid her down on
the bed and spread her legs open, immediately two of the
other guys went over to her sides and they began to stroke
and fondle her tits, while he began to slide his long black
fingers into her pussy, Maria moaned and writhed as he teased
her clit, she called two others to her side and gripped their
cocks and began to stroke them while another went down and
began sucking on her toes, so Maria had six guys working
on her, then the two others moved onto the bed near her head
and she began taking turns sucking their cocks, then one
of them said giggling “Fucking, this white woman really
loved cocks!”

They all laughed and Maria suddenly shuddered and cried
out as the man on her clit manipulated her to orgasm. ““Oh
fuck! Fuck me hard!” [image9] The guy did as she ordered, he moved between her thighs spreading
them wider and positioned his impressive cock at her pussy
and Maria cried out almost sounded frantic for cock, “Fuck
me now! I need your cock NOW!”

He then lunged forward and began fucking her deep and hard,
while she managed to continue to play with the others waiting
throbbing cocks, one of cocks into her mouth began to ooze
his precom from his cock and Maria in completely ecstasy
lapped it up, meanwhile the man fucking her pussy continued
to plunge into her while she was being touched, grabbed,
and fondled all over, one of the guys into her mouth suddenly
said he was going to cum, Maria shoved his cock down her throat
and he filled her, squirt after squirt with his hot cum,
when he removed his cock she happily licked her lips, gasping,
he got off the bed and sat in the chair to recover.

The man fucking her pussy then slammed hard and fort into
her and announced he was going to cum also, Maria wrapped
her legs tightly around his ass and pulled him in deeper,
he let out a deep guttural groan as he then filled her pussy,
the guy next to him took his turn, but before he did, he had
her get onto her hands and knees allowing access to both
her fuck holes, he moved underneath her and she slid her
cum filled cunt onto his cock while other man began lubricating
up her asshole readying it for his cock, then another one
moved to their side and opened her ass cheeks to him and watched
the guy shoving his thick cock into her asshole, Maria reached
down and fingered her clit while she continued riding the
cock into her pussy, as the man on her ass entered her hole,
she went wild and began thrusting back and forth taking
both cocks into her simultaneously, meanwhile the man
who was helping open her ass checks moved to her head, shoved
his full length into her mouth and had his cock down her throat
with every thrust from the other two men, cum began to leak
out of her pussy as she was filled to capacity, and Peter
said “Fuck this was so hot! I’d never seen anything
like it before.”

Several moments later the two guys fucking her filled her
holes with their cum, seconds several spurts of cum were
reaching the inside of her mouth and down her throat, as
they pulled out of her another man took their places, he
fingered her pussy, then her ass, it seemed he didn’t
know what he wanted, her ass or her pussy, he then pulled
Maria to the edge of the bed and bent her over, her both holes
were leaking from the previous fuck, so he didn’t have
to worry about lubrication, some of the guys just sat and
watched while they stroked their cocks back to semi hardness
while the others continued to feast on her tits, the man
then seemed had taken a decision and grabbed hold of his
cock, forced it into her ass, and began to fuck it.

After several strokes in her ass, he pulled out and thrust
it deep into her pussy, back and forth he went for several
minutes until he felt his balls tingle and churn, Maria
knew he couldn’t hold on much longer so she was ready for
him, but then he pulled out of her pussy and pushed back into
her ass and blew his load deep inside, as each of them had
cum it was time for a break, for Maria as well as them, Peter
brought her a bottle of water she drank it greedily, then
Maria stood up and asked the guys if they were ready for a
second turn, whistles and yeses echoed through the room
and laughing she headed to the shower room to clean the mess
all over her body.

It gave the guys the chance to get re-charged again for round
two, after being back from the shower Maria was raring to
go once again, some of the guys were semi-hard, so Maria
made around through all of them kissing and lightly sucking
each one’s cock, what to brought them right back to full
erection, she then walked over to a man sat in the chair,
turned her back to him and slid her ass down onto his cock
until it was completely inside her, she then rubbed her
clit and asked to someone to fuck her pussy while she rode
the man on the chair, two men immediately come over her and
as one shoved his black cock into her pussy, she managed
to suck the other black cock.

The others watched and stroked their cocks enjoying the
scene before them, the man on the chair then moaned loudly,
almost immediately followed by the man in her pussy and
once again both men came inside her well fucked holes, a
few seconds more and the guy on her mouth shoot his load too
down her throat, Peter at that point had to have one of Maria’s
holes, since he had her pussy and mouth before, he wanted
her ass, so he pulled her from the chair and had her kneel
on all fours on the edge of the bed, he then worked his large
black cock into her ass, Maria went nuts and began rocking
hard on his cock, another man got in front of her and she gobbled
up his cock, Maria’s tits rocked and swayed with each
thrust from Peter, a few guys went over her and squeezed
her tits and pulled and pinched her hardened nipples, Maria
suddenly almost exploded under another violent orgasm,
then she took the cock out of her mouth as she screamed out,
“Oh Peter, yes, fuck my ass!! Fuck it harder! Harder!
Oh fuck yes!!” [image10] Maria almost immediately went back to suck the guy as Peter
gripped hold of her hips and thrust deep and hard, beads
of sweat formed on Peter’ forehead as he hammered hard
her asshole, Maria kept sucking the cock into her mouth,
the man almost didn’t move as the thrusts of Peter made
her mouth work on him, the others men in the room were cheering
them on, then he couldn’t hold back any longer and shot
his load into Maria’s thirsty mouth, she then sucked
him clean to the last drop, and then Maria screamed again
as Peter fucked her to an anal orgasm.

As he finished with her he pulled out and her ass looked well
fucked as a stream of fresh cum trickled out of her ass, Maria
rolled onto the bed onto her side and the last four of them
climbed on next to her, one held up her left leg in the air
and began to fuck her very juicy pussy while another slid
into her ass, the third one Maria took into her mouth while
she stroked the forth, several moments later, each of turn
in turn shot their second load ending with the last one cumming
on her face, Maria lay there completely fucked and filled
with cum from eight black men, the smile on her face was unmistakable.

At that moment, Ken told her that was time for his second
turn on her too, Maria giggled and opened her legs to him,
he didn’t waste time and slid his cock into her pussy and
began to fuck her with a mighty force, Maria’s screams
of pleasure were almost deafening, after a nice ten minute
pounding in a lot of positions he dumped her final cum load
into her pussy, and then had Maria cleaned his cock with
her mouth.

It was an incredible night, one Maria will never forget,
the sex she just had was so good she was still very excited,
even though she had come so many times in one night, then
the eight man and Ken thanked her, got dressed and left together,
Maria took another shower, then dressed up too to leave,
but before she left she begged Peter for his business card,
she told him that she must have him again, he gladly gave
it to her as he asked if he could take his friends with him
again, Maria lightly tapped her face while whispering
of course on his ear, then she kissed him goodbye and left.

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You have some pretty interesting stories but they would seem more realistic if they came from Maria since most of them you weren't even there. But you each and every detail if she was getting fucked as good as you make it seen she wouldnt remember everything that happened to tell you word for word and be so graphic.. I read these stories when I am bored and need a laugh just in case you tell me to shut the fuck up


vikingluso replies on 4/30/2016 4:05 am:
Thanks a lot for your kind comment, all comments are welcome and help us on future stories, the next one we are working through is only with Maria too, but we promise we go to make a few with both, or even with the man without Maria, but please always remember, we are just amateurs on writing, English is not our mother tong, sometimes is difficult for us to express the original idea with another language, and of course, stories are just stories.

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Very good and good expained, i almost cry jaja, really not but its so good


vikingluso replies on 4/30/2016 4:06 am:
Thanks a lot

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a fanatics story with lots of fucking and sucking


vikingluso replies on 4/30/2016 4:06 am:
Thanks a lot for your so kind comment

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It is a great story!!

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vikingluso replies on 5/7/2016 8:14 am:
Thanks a lot

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Honestly to say....really hot story. In case i would say that I want to be onr of thouse...I would lie. Due to i imagine your story in my head with some's unbelieveble hot! Really great!


vikingluso replies on 9/2/2016 6:13 pm:
Thanks for a so kind comment