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A friend from the war comes home and fucks my wife


Alan's story
I met Cleveland Hawks on the second day. I'm not sure
of the actual date. Late March I guess. I was in a mixed combat
company and we were headed to Baghdad. That's what
they told us anyway.
Our trip through Iraq was temporarily halted because the
Iraqi Army has momentarily summons up enough balls to shoot
back at us.
"How you doin'?" was the first words I heard
Hawk say. He abruptly joined me behind a pile of rubble that
had once been a wall.
"Not bad, " I said keeping my head down. "You?"
"I'm still alive and kickin'. You shot anybody
yet?" <br>
"Ain't seen anybody to shoot at. Fire is coming
from over there." I didn't lift my head to point
out the enemy. "Is the whole outfit pinned down?"
"I guess, " he said with a short laugh. "I'm
Hawk." Apparently he didn't prefer to be called
by his first name.
"I'm a Byrd, too. Alan Byrd as a matter of fact."
"Well Alan Byrd, why don't you and me ease around
this wall and get into a position to kill some mutherfuckers?"
He didn't wait for me to explain that where I was located
was reasonably safe from bullets. To this day I don't
know why I followed him, but I did. Before the day was over.
Hawk and I picked off a dozen snipers and got our company
moving again. I didn't know at the time but we also picked
up a chest full of metals.
In a war situation you don't get to pick the company
you keep as a rule, but Hawk and I became inseparable for
some strange reason. I think Hawk thought I was his good
luck charm or something. I liked having the big black man
in front of me to stop any bullets coming my way. Hawk simply
attached himself to my rifle company and nobody complained.
My company commander sure didn't because Hawk was
good. Good at killing and a good leader. Men followed him
wherever he wanted to go. Myself included.
Over the next three weeks the company got to know each other
pretty well. I don't mean to imply that a group of military
men are one big happy family. But we were a family and we were
pretty big. The weird thing is you find yourself sharing
information with your comrades that normally you wouldn't
share with anyone. Everybody knew the other's wives
and girlfriends name and frankly they knew more that they
should have. Intimate secrets were shared over rations,
a smoke break, or while hunkered down in a hole.
For example we all knew that Millers wife howled like a dog
when he butt-fucked her. Thompson's girlfriend wouldn't
suck his dick, but her sister would. When some Polish kid's,
who's name I can't even begin to spell, girlfriend
sent him some racy photos, he shared them with the rest of
us. Nothing was sacred and everything was common knowledge.
Everybody knew what everybody's wife or girlfriend
looked like. I showed them my wife's photo in a hot,
blazing red bikini.
I think we all felt reasonably safe because we were from
such widely scattered places. East, West, Midwest, North,
and South. Big cities and small towns. We thought, I know
I did, that when we rotated back we wouldn't see each
other, therefore the secrets were safe.
I would have never told any of them, especially Hawk, that
my wife, Suzi, harbored a fantasy about sex with black men.
I wouldn't have told them about our bedroom role playing,
and watching interracial sex videos. I certainly wouldn't
have mentioned the fact that Suzi loved to be ass-fucked
and could get herself off sucking cock.
One week to the day after the fall of Baghdad, I got a early
rotation back to the States courtesy of a bullet in my ass.
I was lucky because if Hawk hadn't pulled me down that
bullet would have been dead center and I would have been
dead meat. So I bid my comrades farewell and they flew my
punctured ass home. Of course I told everybody to come see
me when they got back, not expecting anyone to actually
show up. Because I had become close to Hawk, and he saved
my life, I insisted that he look me up when he got back to the
States. Of course he promised that he would do it. Neither
of us really believed it.
I spent some time in the hospital while the doctors repaired
my ass. After that I pinned on my metals and did a tour of recruitment
duty. When it came time to re-enlist I told them to kiss my
wounded ass. I went home to Suzi. ***
I finished college, got a job, got fired, opened my own computer
business, and did good. All that took place over the next
three years. The trip to Baghdad was mostly only in my nightmares
and they were fewer and farther between by them. I did think
of Hawk now and then. Mostly when I thought about by beautiful
wife, Suzi, with another man.
Suzi was beautiful when I met her and she just got better
looking as she matured. At twenty five she was simply gorgeous.
I'm not just saying that because she is my wife. Everybody
who knows her or ever has seen her will attest to that fact.

Suzi is five feet seven inches tall. She had a thirty-eight
inch bust, a tight little waist, and a great ass. She works
hard to keep her figure looking good. She eats right and
works out at least twice a week. I always intend to eat right
and workout, but I seldom get around to it. Luckily I have
a metabolism that has served me well. I've managed
to look pretty good in spite of my foolish habits.
Suzi kept her un-acted upon fantasy about sex with a black
man and it was one of our favorite bedroom fantasies. One
night we were playing bedroom games when I mentioned that
I would love to see her and a well hung black guy. She laughed
when I said it, but later she brought it up.
"You don't really mean that do you?" she
asked. We were basking in the afterglow of a hot fuck session.
I knew exactly what she was talking about.
"Of course I mean it. You've been fantasizing
about it since you were in high school, haven't you?"
"I guess so, " she admitted.
"Tell me again how you developed your fantasy."
"I've told you the story a hundred times, "
she said laughing. "Surely you don't want to
hear it again." I assured her I did want to hear it.
I never grew tired of hearing about it.
"I was about sixteen, " Suzi said. "My
older sister, Tina was dating a black man. Of course mom
and dad didn't know about it so they were sneaking around.
One night after our parents had gone to bed Tina sneaked
Troy into the house. She thought everybody was asleep but
I wasn't. I watched them fool around some in the den.
When things got really hot, Tina took Troy to her room. I
saw them start and I beat them and hid in Tina's closet.
I watched as Troy shoved his big dick into Tina and boy did
he ever fuck her. The light from her bathroom was on and I
had a clear view as they went at it. Troy did her every way
possible, I think. It took a long time for him to finish.
I don't know to this day how mom and dad didn't hear
her. Even with a pillow in her mouth I could hear her plain
as day. Troy did her for over two hours and I was getting cramps
in both legs. Finally he came and when she got up to let him
out I ducked back to my room and frigged myself to sleep."
"Did he come a lot?" I asked, knowing the answer.
I hate it when she leaves out part of the story.
"Gosh, yes. He must have come a bucket full. Her bed
was soaked and she dribbled come all the way to the front
door. I never got another chance to see them in action again.
Tina went away to school that fall and Troy disappeared.
Somebody told me later he was in jail for a woman.
That was over nine years ago and I still can see his big dick
going in and out of her. I can close my eyes and hear her moaning
and grunting as he did her." She was toying with one
of her nipples as she retold the story. Her other hand was
between her legs.
"You'd like to have a big hard black cock in you
right now wouldn't you?" <br>
"Oh God yes, " she said, her voice husky. "All
the way in me. Filling me up with it." <br>
"You want a big black man to fuck you, don't you?"
now I was fingering her pussy.
"Yesss, " she hissed raising her butt to get
more of my fingers in her.
"Say it, " I ordered. "Say you want a black
cock to fuck you!?
"I want a big cock to...screw me." It's
always a goal of mine to get her to say fuck. She never uses
what she called the F word. I could see that it wasn't
going to work now so I mounted her, cramming my cock in her.

"You are thinking about Troy's black cock right
now, aren't you?" I asked. "Fucking your
sister and the come pouring out of her." She smiled,
but didn't answer. She didn't have to because
I knew the answer.
It had gotten so that almost every time we had sex, black
cock was mentioned sometime during the event. It had become
a part of our sex life. That was when I though about Hawk the
most. I could almost, but not quite, see him and Suzi in my
evil mind. ***
When I saw Hawk, I almost didn't recognize him. He was
even bigger than I remembered. He was bald now where before
he had close cropped hair. He apparently had managed to
pick up a few scars since I last saw him as I was being put on
the MediVac chopper. I was sitting in the food court at the
mall waiting on Suzi to finish shopping. He was looking
in the window of a men's store. It wasn't his face
that caught my attention. It was how he stood. Casual but
alert. Almost like a spring trap that could click shut in
an instant. I was undecided about going over to him. After
all it had been over three years. Things change. People
change. As it turned out I didn't have to make a decision.
I knew the moment he saw and recognized me.
"How's it goin' Byrd?" he asked taking
a seat beside me on the bench.
"Not bad. You?" <br>
"Still alive and kickin', " he responded.
"You shot anybody yet?" <br>
"Nope, but it's still early. Where the fuck you
been, Hawk?" <br>
"Here and there. Mostly there." There were
no handshakes or manly hugs. It was almost as if it had been
days instead of years that separated us.
"I see. Why here and why now?" <br>
"Had some business in town. Remembered you lived
here and thought I might look you up." <br>
"You figured that out of a million or so people in this
city, you might run into me at a mall?" He laughed and
glanced at me.
"Naw, I need some new clothes and I was checkin'
things out. I saw your reflection in the window. I said to
myself, 'can that be Alan Byrd?' I checked to see
if you were sitting with one ass cheek off the bench and I
knew it was you." <br>
"Fuckin' liar, " I said without rancor.
"I sit like anybody else. Is it possible to get a straight
answer out of you?" <br>
"Not likely, " he answered with a laugh. "I
went by your house and saw the note you left on the door. Not
you, your wife I guess. Suzi?" I nodded. I remembered
she left a note to tell the lawn crew that we would be back
to pay them before they finished. "I guess that shopping
would either be at a mall or a grocery store. I do need some
new duds so I took a chance. You doin' alright?"
"Yes I am. Mighty fine actually. Started a computer
business that's taken off and now I have five people
working for me." <br>
"Need any help?" he asked grinning.
"Sure, you know anything about computers?"
"I know what they are, but that's about it."
He laughed, "I'm just yankin' your chain.
I'm not out of work, I own my own business, too. Got time
for a beer?" <br>
"Yeah, just as soon as I find Suzi and tell her I'm
leaving. You came looking for me?" <br>
"Yeah, sorta. I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and I
ran into Miller. He said he saw you had a web site and I looked
it up. Got to thinkin' about you and thought I see how
you was doin'" Okay, I thought. That could be
true, but knowing Hawk I figured there was a bit more to it
than that.
I was saved the task of looking for Suzi. She found us still
in the food court. I introduced them, reminding Suzi that
Hawk was the man who saved my life. I'm not sure why I
did that. I had told her the story several times. Suzi gave
Hawk an appraising look then looked back at me.
"There's over a case of been in the refrigerator
at home. You should do your serious drinking there."
"Are we going to be seriously drinking, Hawk?"
I asked him.
"Is there any other kind?" he responded with
a laugh. It was a strange flashback for me. Hawk, the man
who saved my life, was right here, but in my mind for a few
moments, we were back in the Land of Sand. I mentally shook
myself and told him a better way to get to my house. ***
Hawk and I found a cool spot on the back patio overlooking
the place I was planning on building the swimming pool.
Suzi brought us each a bottle of beer. I was surprised that
she had one for herself because she seldom drinks beer,
preferring wine or mixed drinks. I was also surprised that
she sat down beside me on the glider.
"Before I forget it, Hawk, " Suzi said. "Thank
you for saving Alan's life." <br>
"I'm going to tell you something I ain't
ever told a single soul, " Hawk said seriously. "I
wasn't trying to save his miserable life, I was just
pushing him out of my way. The jerk-off was between me and
a place to hide." <br>
"I don't believe you, " Suzi said glancing
at me to see how I was taking that. Hawk was lieing again.
One, he didn't push me he pulled me down and two, he told
that yarn several times before I was airlifted out. Five
men and two women saw him save my ass...well not my ass, but
you get the point.
"I hear you got another metal out of that deal, "
I said.
"Yeah, but you got to remember they handed out metals
like they did ready-to-eat meal packs. Everybody got a
handful." There was some truth to that statement,
but as far as I was concerned he deserved every one they gave
"You still in?" I asked. He shook his head and
grinned at me. "I figured you for a lifer."
"Had a opportunity to make a few bucks on the outside
so I got on the outside." He laughed. "My uncle
had to go away and I took over his string." <br>
"String? Of what?" Suzi inquired.
"Ladies of the evening, " Hawk answered with
a slight smile.
"Whores?" I said
"Prostitutes?" Suzi said at the same time.

"Yeah, Uncle Robbie had fifteen ladies working for
him at the time of his unfortunate incarnation. My enlistment
came up about the same time as his sentencing. Worked out
pretty good for both of us." Frankly I wasn't
sure if he was lying or not. Hawk was known for telling some
whoppers. "I was re-organizing the business by going
higher class. Uncle Robby got out last month and the ingrate
wanted his string back." He laughed. "Bastard
didn't even thank me for adding better looking ladies
to his group." <br>
"How much of that shit is true?" I asked.
"All of it...Most of it...okay some of it, "
Hawk said with a loud laugh before he could get it all said..
"Okay, I never could pull one over on you, could I?
Truth is I'm lookin' for a place to set up a operation.
I figured I could make a few bucks here." <br>
"Being a pimp?" Suzi asked "So there isn't
an Uncle Robbie?" <br>
"Oh yeah, " Hawk said. "And he did go away
for a while leaving me to run his string. I had some trouble
with the old concept and I was changing it around when he
got out. He wanted to keep doing it the old way so I hauled
ass for greener pastures." <br>
"And t you think the pastures are greener here?"
I said.
"My idea needs only two things to work. A good sized
group of semi affluent African-American men and some willing
white women. My plan is to furnish white women to black men.
Not scags, but pretty, clean, willing, white women. No
streetwalkers, dopers, or run of the mill hookers. Soccer
moms, college girls housewives, and women like that who
want to make some serious money while meeting generous
black gentlemen." <br>
"You are joking, right?" Suzi asked, her mouth
slightly open.
"Not at all, " Hawk said. "The start up
cost is small, but it'll take a while to get the word
out. Can't very well run an ad in the paper, huh?"
"No, I would think not, " I said. I was waiting
for Suzi to come unglued. She has always been vocal about
slavery and she considered Prostitution a form of slavery.
"I guess you'll have to run your operation by
hand until you get going." Hawk laughed at my quip.
Suzi even smiled.
"Maybe, " Hawk said. "Since you gave
me the idea, I thought I'd give you an opportunity to
get in on the ground floor." <br>
"I gave you the idea?" I said surprised. "What
the hell are you talking about?" Suddenly I did remember
talking about it. It was one of those off the cuff conversations.
Frankly at the time, I was thinking about Suzi fucking a
black stud. I mentioned that there would be a market in the
right location to have a specialized call girl business.
I hadn't been serious.
"Yeah, you told me that you could find a couple of women
to kick it off, " Hawk said. I didn't look at Suzi,
but I knew she was looking at me.
"Hey, Hawk, I was just bullshitting you and the guys, "
I said quickly. "You know, just adding my two cents
worth to the conversation. Foxhole bullshit."
"Well, it was a good idea, " Hawk said. Suzi
got up and left us. I had a feeling I was in some sort of deep
shit. She was back with more beer before I could formulate
a good response. "I got it started but Uncle Robbie
couldn't get used to the concept. That's when
I thought of you." He was speaking to me, but he was
looking at Suzi who seemed interested in what he was saying.
"I had three women lined up and we were beginning to
make some bucks. That old fool couldn't grasp the concept."
"How much?" Suzi asked softly. "I mean
what did they charge?" <br>
"Depended on what the date was, " Hawk said.
"We were still working out the bugs. A regular date
was five hundred bucks. A date was two hours and that's
how we could demand five hundred dollars. No wham bam, thank
you ma'am shit. Slow, easy, and laid back. The lady
could still get in a couple of dates a night. If the dude wanted
anything other than a straight date, it cost him more."
"A straight date consists of what?" Suzi asked.
I couldn't tell if she was interested or just setting
him up to take his head off.
"Blow job and a fuck, " Hawk answered. Suzi
didn't even blink. "If they wanted some ass it
was an extra two hundred. A party started at a grand."
"Party?" Suzi said.
"Yeah, one woman and two or three guys. Two women and
a guy. Girl-girl show. There are a lot of combinations.
The price depended on what was wanted." Hawk looked
at me and back to Suzi. "Like I said we were still working
out the bugs, but I never had anybody to balk at the price."
"What did the woman get?" Suzi asked. She was
still calm.
"Half of what we collected. She kept the tips, of course.
I got the rest to split after I cover the overhead. Overhead
was the room cost, greasing some palms and condoms. That
sort of thing. I had a deal with a nice hotel to get rooms by
the week. I never sent the ladies out to a guys place or to
a flop house. First class all the way." <br>
"Sounds like you and Alan had it all worked out, "
Suzi said giving me a funny look. "I'm going to
order a pizza for dinner. Is that okay?" After we assured
her that pizza was fine she left us, giving me another peculiar
The rest of the evening we small talked about the military,
travel, my business, but the subject of Hawks enterprise
didn't come up again until he was leaving.
"You give it some thought, Byrd, " Hawk said
as he got into his car. "I'll call you tomorrow
and maybe we can hook up later." <br>
"Sure, we can hook up, " I answered. "But
I can tell you now I'm not getting into the call-girl
racket. Suzi would hand me my balls in a paper sack."
"You might be surprised, " Hawk said with a
laugh. "She seemed interested. By the way, she looks
even better in person." With a wave of his hand he drove
off. ***
"So you and Hawk had it all figured out, huh?"
Suzi said as she turned down the bed.
"That was just talk, " I said. "I wasn't
serious about any of it. Hell, I have more business than
I can take care of anyway." She got in bed and I flipped
off the light and crawled in with her. I was reaching for
her tits when she jumped on me.
"I hope you didn't drink too much beer, buddy, "
she said pushing her mouth on mine. When she released my
lips she said. "You have some work to do. I need you
to fuck me now." Since I was only wearing shorts it
didn't take me long to get ready. Apparently it didn't
take her any time either. It was one of those beautiful times
that she fucked me. I was just along for the ride and what
a ride it was.
It wasn't until she had fucked me to a stand still that
I realized that she had used the F word on her own. When I mentioned
it she ignored the question.
"Is he the one?" she asked.
"Huh? What one?" Sometimes I'm not as sharp
as I should be.
"Is he the black man you want to fuck me?" There
it was again. To my recollection that was only the third
time she had ever said fuck. The first time was when she spilled
milk on her new dress, just after we got married. She blushed
for an hour.
"What do you think?" I asked trying to get on
safe ground until I knew what was going on.
"I think it all part of your scheme, " Suzi said.
She was laying beside me, her hand caressing my chest. "Am
I right?" <br>
"Maybe, " I said. "You would look good
with Hawk's cock in your pussy." <br>
"Is he big?" That was a good question. I had only
caught a glimpse once while we were in the latrine. Men certainly
don't want to get caught checking out another man's
package. I did remember that Hawk had told another guy in
our outfit that he had seven inches. That could have been
just bragging. Compared to my modest five and a half inches,
seven sounded pretty big. I had, for the sake of continuity,
made mine an even six inches, so I assumed every male did
the same.
"Yeah, " I answered. "He claims to pack
a seven incher. I don't have any first hand knowledge
though." Before I knew it she was up, light on, and
digging into a box for her tape measure.
"It's common practice to measure along the bottom, "
I told her as she held the tape up to my dick. She ignored me
and put the tape along the top. "I'm not completly
hard yet, " I protested.
"I know that, Alan, " she said. "I factored
that in. So Hawk would be two inched longer than you."
"An inch and a tad more, " I corrected. She gave
me a glance. "Inch and a half maybe, " I amended.
"If he wasn't lying again." She looked
thoughtful as she put the tape away and killed the light.
It was only a moment later I felt her warm breath on my dick
and then her lips on it. Little Alan didn't let me down,
and rose to the occasion. I almost told her to get the fucking
tape again, but I got busy and forgot about it.
"Do you want his hard black cock in you?" I whispered
as I slowly stroked in and out of her. She didn't answer
right away, only moaned. "You got to say it, Suzi, "
I teased. "Tell me what you want and I'll get it
for you." <br>
"I want it, " she moaned. "I want his black
cock." <br>
"To do what?" <br>
"To fuck me, dammit!" She raised her voice to
a sobbing scream. "I want his black cock to fuck me!"
I figured now the neighbors knew what she wanted if they
were awake.
The next morning Suzi was leaving for work. She stopped
at the door and looked seriously at me
"Alan, it is just fantasy, isn't it?"
"No, I don't think so, " I answered. I had
lay awake long after she drifted off, thinking about it.
It just seemed crazy to keep a fantasy for so long. Reality
had arrived in town. "It will give you something to
think about today at work. Will it happen tonight? Tomorrow?"
She gave me a long look, smiled, blew me a kiss, and left.
I thought maybe I had been called. I had been confident with
Suzi, but truthfully I wasn't sure if I had the cards
or if I was bluffing.
Hawk called my office just after four o'clock. He asked
if I had given any thought to his proposal.
"No, not really, Hawk. I've been humping it all
day, " I said. "Suzi told me to tell you that
we're cooking steaks on the grill tonight. Why don't
you bring a bottle of wine and join us?" He agreed that
it sounded good to him and he would see me later. I called
Suzi and told her we were having company for dinner.
"Anybody I know?" she asked in a low sultry voice.

"Somebody you're going to know real good before
it's over." <br>
"Should I shave my legs?" <br>
"Shave whatever needs shaving, " I replied,
realizing that I had a boner. "I told him around seven.
Will that give you enough time?" <br>
"Yeah, that should be enough time, " she said
with a tiny giggle. "I'll see you later, honey."
I hung up and started to get up when Mary Ellen, one of my newer
technicians came into my office. I sat back down so that
she wouldn't see that I was sporting a hard-on. I had
to concentrate real hard on what she was saying to make any
sense out of it. It is true when the blood flows to the cock,
it leaves the brain. ***
"It's really a simple matter, " Hawk said.
We had finished the meal and was sitting in the living room
having an after dimmer drink. "I'll need about
ten grand for start up. I have five grand so you'll have
to come up with the other five. We share fifty-fifty."
"Okay, where are you going to get the women who'll
do the work?" I asked. I wasn't worried about
raising five thousand. I could do that without any trouble,
but I wasn't planning on dipping into my swimming pool
"That's the least of our worries, " Hawk
said. "Believe it or not I'm a good recruiter."
"I believe it, " Suzi spoke up. "But where
does one go to recruit women for something like this?"
"Bars that are mostly or all black. If you see white
women in them you know they ain't there for just a drink.
I have got one or two in a shopping mall." <br>
"I can't imagine you just walking up to a woman
and asking if she wants to be a call-girl, " Suzi said.

Hawk laughed, "No, I won't do that, but if I see
a woman giving me the look I'll start a conversation
with her. I'll know in a few minutes if she's seriously
thinking about going black or just bein' friendly."
"The look? What's the look?" Suzi inquired.

"The look that says she likes what she sees. I can't
define it, but I know it when I see it. If I can get her to have
a drink with me I know I'm home free." <br>
"By home free you mean you're going to get lucky?"
I asked.
"Oh yeah, " Hawk said. "'Cause you
are the wrong color, I'll take care of staffing. In
fact I already have one lady who's willing to come onboard
. I met her last night after I left here." <br>
"How did you meet her?" Suzi asked. Suzi's
after work attire consisted of a short print skirt and a
sleeveless tee-shirt. It was obvious that she wasn't
wearing a bra. A fact that Hawk was well aware of. His eyes
kept drifting to her ample chest, but I couldn't blame
him in the slightest.
"I stopped by the Doodle Hut, " Hawk explained.
"It's a bar downtown on Eighth Street. Most all
black. I spotted this white chick and I sat down at the bar
beside her and we talked a while. Took me about ten minutes
to get her story. Married, hubby out of town most of the time,
she feels neglected and was looking for some adventure.
I took her to my place and gave her some adventure. I ask her
if she wanted to earn some real money selling what she gave
me." Hawk smiled at Suzi. "Of course she got
all huffy that I'd even suggest such a thing to her,
a respectable while lady and mother. I didn't laugh
but I had to fight it. She laying there, her legs spread,
and my cock all the way in her snatch getting all bent out
of shape. It didn't last very long. Before the night
was over she was mine." Suzi was listening intently.
I could see her nipples getting hard under the shirt. My
wife was getting turned on just listening to Hawk's
tale. Again, this fact wasn't lost on Hawk.
I went into the kitchen to get more drinks and Hawk followed
me. I heard Suzi say that she was going to the bathroom.
"Is any of what I'm saying interesting to you
Byrd?" Hawk said filling the glasses with ice.
"Sure, it's fun stuff, " I answered. "Suzi
seems interested." <br>
"Yeah, about that, " Hawk said. "What's
going down here?" <br>
"You remember that fantasy I told you about? The one
about black men and Suzi?" He nodded keeping his eyes
on me. "She still has it." <br>
"What about you? You have it, too?" <br>
"I want Suzi to have whatever she wants, " I
answered. "I don't think she going to be truly
happy until she experiences black cock." <br>
"Yeah, well there's a down side to that notion, "
Hawk said. "She may get a real hankerin' for black
cock. You think about that? Can you live with it?"
"I can live with it, " I answered.
"Okay then, " he said with a big smile. "Let's
see what happens. She's your wife, you take charge
of the deal." I didn't know exactly what he was
talking about but I nodded anyway.
All three of us got back to the living room about the same
time. There was a sexual tension in the room as we settled
back into our places. I had an idea. One of my employees had
a nice digital camera and I had borrowed it to play with.

"Hawk you remember me showing you that picture of
Suzi? The one in the red bikini?" I casually asked.

"I sure do, " Hawk replied with a grin. "I
thought about it almost every night after you showed it
to me." <br>
"Alan, you showed other people that picture?"
Suzi asked. She was trying to sound aggravated, but it didn't
come off.
"Of course I did. I was proud of you then and I'm
proud of you now. Anyway, Hawk, I think Suzi looks better
now then she did when the photo was taken. Don't you?"
"Oh hell yes, " Hawk said quickly. "Ten,
no fifty times better." <br>
"It dawns on me that I don't have any recent photos
of my lady, " I said getting up to get the camera. "Feel
like modeling for me, Suzi?" <br>
"You have to be kidding?" she said laughing,
her face a bright pink.
"I'm not kidding, " I said. "How
about putting on something nice and let me get a couple shots?"
With me insisting and Hawks encouragement she finally
agreed and left the room to change. I was thinking that what
she came back wearing, would determine how things would
"Alan, how risqué do you want me?' Suzi called
from the bedroom.
"I want you hot, " I called back. "How
about that blue negligee?" She didn't answer,
but soon came back in the room wearing the blue negligee.
I posed her by the fireplace and on the couch. The negligee
was sexy but not very revealing. I wanted revealing. I sent
her to change into something else. Suzi gave me an inquiring
look. I nodded and winked.
The next outfit was a little more revealing, but not much.
Dutifully I snapped a few more shots. I sent her to change
"How about that red bra and panty set with high heels?"
I suggested.
"Are you serious?" she asked me, glancing at
Hawk. "They don't really cover me very well."
"That's the idea, " I told her. "Let's
get down and dirty. Jazz thing up some." She gave me
a lingering look and left the room.
Suzi was back in a short while and I felt my heart rate kick
up another notch. She was wearing the red panty and bra set,
black hoses and black heels. The material of the panties
was thin and I could see the outline of her shaved pussy lips
through the material. The bra was lacy and her nipples were
plainly visible through the lace. She had let her hair down
and her dark, nearly black hair cascaded down to her shoulders.
My mouth was so dry I could barely tell her where to pose.
The posing really didn't matter all that much, because
my hand was shaking so much I couldn't hold the camera
still anyway. Hawk must had realized that I had gone non-functional
so he took over the directing.
"Lean against the wall there, " he told her.
She did as he directed. "Cross your arms and push your
boobs up." She did and Hawk and I could see the edge
of her areola peek above the bra. "That's good,
Suzi, " Hawk encouraged. "Now let the straps
fall...beautiful. You getting this Byrd?" I didn't
know if I was or not. All I knew was I was pointing the camera
in the right direction.
"Okay, Suzi, " Hawk said. "Unsnap the
bra and hold the cups with both hands...let it come down
a little more...a little more, honey." Now both nipples
were showing. Hawk looked at me and I nodded. "Great
Sugar, now toss me the bra. Let's see all pf you pretty
tits." I was a little bit surprised that she complied.
Now all she had on was the hose, heels and the panties.
"Arch your back, " Hawk said. I noticed that
his voice was a bit husky. "Stick those magnificent
tits out." I could see that Suzi was now pink all over
and I could also see moisture in the crotch of her panties.
"Lay down on the couch, honey with your back against
the arm rest...great! Keep your back arched and make them
puppies stand out." There was a surreal quality to
what was happening. My wife, was nearly nude, taking posing
direction from a black man, and I was snapping pictures.
The only sounds were the whirling of the camera, Hawk's
low commanding voice, and the heavy breathing of three
aroused people. "Now slowly slip the panties off, "
Hawk said. I felt like we had arrived to a moment of truth.

Suzi hesitated a moment giving me a direct look. I nodded
and she lifted her hips and begun to remove the panties.
When they were off she tossed them to Hawk who put the tiny
wisp of material to his nose and breathed in. He smiled and
put them in his shirt pocket.
"Put one leg up on the back of the couch and the other
one on the floor, " Hawk said. That posture spread
her legs and I could plainly see her smooth shaved pussy.
"Bring both hand up to your tits and cup them, "
Hawk continued instructing her. Suzi caressed her delicious
breasts and made them jiggle. I was pretty sure the memory
card was full, but I kept snapping anyway. "Take one
hand and play with your pussy...that's it...spread
your cunt lips and show us the pink." Suzi closed her
eyes and found her clit. I head her moan softly, her chest
rising and falling as she breathed heavily. Hawk got her
up on her knees facing away and had her finger herself. He
had her lay on the floor and spread herself for our lustful
eyes. Suzi did whatever he said to do without a single complaint.

"You have a wonderful body, Suzi, " Hawk said.
He was kneeling beside her. He caressed her breasts and
gently tugged at her hard nipples. She moaned louder. "You
have a fine looking cunt, but it needs something. It needs
a cock in it, don't you think?" Suzi, looking
up into his eyes as she fingered her clit, nodded. "I
have a hard black cock, Suzi, " Hawk said, running
his finger into her wet slick pussy. "You want my cock
in you?" Again she nodded. I found that I was having
trouble breathing.
Hawk stood up and dropped his pants and shorts. Suzi, still
laying on the floor, looked up and I saw her eyes widen. There
was the object of her fantasies. A hard, black, pulsating
cock. She rolled to her knees and without any hesitation
took the cock in her hand. I could see the veins in her neck
throbbing with the beat of her heart as she slowly stroked
Hawk's big dick. Suzi needed no direction now. She
leaned forward and took the large cock into her mouth. Fantasy
time was over.
Suzi licked and sucked the black pole long enough to have
an orgasm. She helped the climax by using her fingers going
as deep in her pussy as she could, then wildly massaging
her clitoris.
Hawk let her worship his cock for a little while longer then
he led her to the couch. He sat down and literally picked
her up and set her down on his jutting rod. I watched as she
settled down on his cock, her back to me. Her moaning was
ragged as was her breathing. I wondered if she was going
to pass out.
"Oh God!" she said loudly as he completely filled
her. She stay still for a few moments then lifted herself
up and back down. She was muttering something incoherent
as she did it again then again. Up then back down, fucking
herself with his ebony cock. She picked up the tempo and
soon was bouncing wildly on his glistening cock. From when
I was, I could see that when she raised up it looked like her
pussy was being turned inside out. There was a slurping
sound each time she raised up. And a different sound when
she went down again. Suddenly she started to orgasm. Big
ones, coming one right after another. I had been able to
get her to have multiple climaxes only a few times, but when
she did it was an amazing event to witness. Now she went into
vocal high gear. I didn't have a clue what she was trying
to say, if anything.
I saw Hawk stiffen and jerk as Suzi continued to fuck him.
I saw big globs of come leaking around his cock that was tightly
encased in her pussy. Still she rode him and still he stayed
hard. It was nothing less that amazing to behold. Nothing
I had ever seen or heard about could have prepared be for
the spectacle I was witnessing. I was so hard I ached with
pain. I wanted to release my cock and jack-off, but I didn't.
I wanted to wait for my turn at her. I wanted to ram my hard
cock in her hot come soaked cunt.
I hadn't realized that I would have to wait so long.
Hawk turned her around so that she was facing me and continued
to let her use his cock. Then he got he on her knees on the couch
and fucked he from behind. The son of a bitch never went soft
like a human is supposed to do.
It wasn't until he got her on the bed that I got a turn.
Suzi took the change in personnel without loosing her stride
or any passion. While I fucked my wife like the bitch in heat
she was, Hawk went and got some drinks for us.
After a short rest we went back to it. Before the night was
over Suzi had a cock in every hole and once Hawk and I double
fucked her. Me in her tight hot ass and he in her cunt. She
squealed like a banshee, bucking and thrashing like mad.
I didn't count but Suzi used the forbidden F word a few
thousand times.
Hawk left us sometime after two o'clock in the morning.
I was only semi-awake when he left. Suzi was out for the count.
I went to sleep hoping that the reality for Suzi was as good
as her fantasy. ***
The next morning, Friday, Suzi managed to get up, get dressed
for work, and leave. I managed to lay quietly faking sleep.
I didn't know what to say or if I should even say anything.
I was torn between conflicting emotions. I was a little
bit sad, somewhat ashamed, and more than a little pissed
off at all of us. By mid-morning the emotions had diminished
and by mid-afternoon all that remained was the feeling
that I had been part of something magnificent. It was a sexual
experience like none other that I had been a part of or even
dreamed of. I developed a boner that stayed with me all fucking
day which I had to carefully hide from the others in the office.

I went home at the close of the day with apprehension about
when Suzi and I met. I still wasn't sure what, if anything,
to say to her. She beat me home and was waiting just inside
the door. She ran to me and threw her arms around me. I staggered
back but caught myself and hugged her tight.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you." she kept
saying over and over again. "I can't tell you
how much I love you, You don't know how much."
"I take it, you had a good time last night, "
I said finally peeling her from me.
"My God, Alan!" she said. "It was without
a doubt the most intense experience of my life. I thought
a couple of times my heart would burst. It was...just great.
Every moment of it." <br>
I grabbed a beer and went out onto the patio. She took her
wine glass, splashed some more wine in it and followed me.

"Tell me what you felt, " I encouraged her.
"I want to know how it was for you." <br>
"I knew when Hawk came in the house that we would have
sex, " she paused and looked off a moment. "No,
I knew we would fuck. That's the only word that really
describes it. Fuck. I could tell by the way you acted, by
the way Hawk acted, and by the fluttering in my stomach.
When you told me to model for you I nearly died. I wondered
if you would really go through with it. When Hawk started
telling me what to do, I knew deep down for certain that it
was going to happen. Part of me wanted to yell ‘stop
it' but most of me wanted to hurry it up.
"Posing for Hawk, and of course you too, was the naughtiest
thing I have ever done. It felt deliciously dirty exposing
myself to him." She lay her cool hand on my cheek. "Please
don't be hurt by what I say, Alan. Remember I love you,
but when he entered me I saw flashes of bright lights. I came
just when his thing...his cock, touched my pussy. I have
never had so many orgasms in my whole life. It was almost
like one giant climax. One that lasted for hours."
She was speaking in a rush of words without hardly a pause
between them. It was as if she had to say it all and say it quickly.

"Are you all right?" I asked. "I mean are
you sore?" <br>
"Hell yes I'm sore. Oh you mean down there. No,
not a bit. My legs and arms are the sorest. You guys had me
in positions I have never been in before. My butt is a little
tender." She laughed, "I've read about
double penetrations and I've seem some on video tape,
but I would have never believe how incredibly wild it could
be. Other than posing nude with Hawk staring lustfully
at me, I like the double penetration best." That surprised
me. Not the double penetration, but the modeling part.

"What was so great about posing for Hawk?" I
"His look and the feeling of wanton sexual power I
felt. I loved the way he looked at my most private parts.
I felt like the mother of all whores and I loved that feeling.
Did you like what happened?" <br>
"I did indeed, " I assured her. "I liked
every bit of it, and like you, a lot of it was feeling."
"Explain please. Tell me what you felt." <br>
"I liked it that my pretty wife could turn a man, other
than me, on. I loved the feeling of pride I felt for you. When
you were laying on the couch all spread open for Hawk to see,
I nearly busted a nut right then. I liked the idea that I was
in control and that I could stop everything with a single
word." I laughed. "Okay maybe I couldn't
have stopped it after Hawk got started, but you know what
I mean." <br>
"I think I do, " she said softly. "It was
a good feeling for you to share me with a man you feel you owe
a debt to." <br>
"Yeah, that's part of it I'm sure. But most
of all I was very aroused watching you fuck Hawk. I don't
think my puny little cock has ever been harder."
"Not so little or puny, " Suzi said laying her
head on my chest. "You are more than enough man for
any woman." I thanked her. "Besides, "
she giggled, "you have a cute dismount." <br>
Hawk called about eight o'clock that evening to see
if we were all right. I assured him that we both were in great
shape and felt wonderful. I could almost hear his sigh of
"That's good, man. I was a little worried. Sometimes
these things can get fucked up." <br>
"No fucked up people here, Hawk. Why don't you
drop by tomorrow afternoon?". I was expecting the
pool contractor to come Saturday morning to lay out the
"Can't man, " Hawk said. "I have
to go to Boston for a few days. Leaving in a little while.
Don't be spending all your money on a hole in the ground.
We got a business to get going. I'll see you late next
week." I tried to think of a way to tell him I didn't
want to invest in a call-girl business, but I couldn't
think of a way.
Suzi was disappointed that Hawk was leaving . When I mentioned
that I was having problems thinking of a way to tell Hawk
I didn't want to invest in his business she gave me a
funny look.
"Why don't you want to invest?" she asked.
"Aside from the legal aspects." <br>
"That's enough isn't it? Frankly I don't
want my ass belonging to some big dude named Bubba. That
and the fact I don't have the money. They start digging
the pool Monday." <br>
"Okay, all valid reasons, " Suzi said. "Hawk
said he would keep your name completely out of it. Do you
trust him to keep his word?" I nodded. "As far
as the money, five thousand is chump change. We have credit
cards with over a hundred thousand dollars credit. Put
part of the pool on your Visa if you need to. Alan, if you just
don't want to do it, don't. But stop making silly
excuses not to." <br>
"I take it you think it's a good idea?"
"Hawk called me at work this morning, " she
said. "He wasn't sure how you felt about it. He
didn't want to press if you had no interest in it. Personally
I think it would be fun to be a, I would be a
madam, I guess." <br>
"I think you're angling for a position on staff, "
I said grinning at her. "Come on, tell the truth."
"I won't deny I've given it some thought.
Would that upset you? Just until Hawk got his recruitment
done." <br>
"No, " I said. "I don't think it would
upset me, but in all honesty I have some reservations. Being
a call-girl is serious shit, Suzi. Not all fun and games,
you know. It could be dangerous." <br>
"Yes, I know. Anyway Hawk said if you didn't want
to get in business with him he'd like to borrow the money.
His words were, ‘Five grand today and in sixty days
you get ten grand back.' That sounds like pretty good
interest to me." <br>
"He thinks he can turn that kind of money? Maybe I should
give this some more thought." ***
They dug the hole on Monday, poured the concrete and finished
the deck on Tuesday and I started filling it late Thursday
night. I'll say this for my contractor and his crew.
They didn't waste a single minute. The fast sitting
concrete was ready for paint the day after it was poured.
By Saturday morning our twenty by forty concrete pond was
ready. In fact that's where Hawk found us Saturday
afternoon. Suzi and I were skinny dipping in our new pool.
The water was cool, but the sun was warm.
"You folks ought to lock your door, you know, "
We both looked up to the edge of the pool to see a grinning
Hawk. "Can't tell what might just walk in on you."
"Hey, Hawk, " I called, "Come on in the
water's fine." It didn't take him long to
strip and make a splashing dive into the new pool. He surfaced
between Suzi and I, blowing water like a whale.
"Damn, I was gone a week and you got a great fuckin'
hole in your yard, " Hawk said.
"Yeah, they got on with it once they started. Ain't
it great?" I said.
"I'll tell you what's fuckin' great, "
Hawk said gathering Suzi up in his massive arms. "This
is great, " he planted a long kiss on her lips, which
she returned. He carried her to shallow water, still kissing
and fondling her. She set her up on the edge of the pool and
dove between her legs right to her honey pot. He ate her pussy
for a couple of minutes. "That's just a sample,
little missy. Let me know if you want more." <br>
"I want more, " Suzi said in a husky voice.
"Then we're goina have to get out of this cold
fuckin' water, " Hawk said laughing. "Ain't
goina get no hard-on in here." <br>
"Later, " I told them. "Suzi, the neighbors
are coming over in a few minutes. Remember?" <br>
"Damn, I forgot I invited Jen and Tom, " Suzi
said. "It nearly time for them to get here, too. Let's
get dressed. You stick around big man, " she said
to Hawk. Jen and Tom England live across the street from
Suzi and I. Jen is about our age and Tom is several years older.
Nice people, but sort of an odd couple I think. Tom seems
to always have an opinion about everything and isn't
shy about expressing his half-ass thoughts. Jen is a sweet
gal with a killer body. I was looking forward to seeing her
in a bathing suit. I made a mental bet with myself that Tom
would be half drunk on arrival. I won.
"Hey Alan, " Tom said loudly when I opened the
door and let them in. "Got a swimming pool, huh? Damned
thing will end up costing you a million bucks. Water, chemicals
and upkeep. You are going to be sorry, buddy. I had one when
I was married to my first wife." <br>
"That's exactly what a new pool owner wants to
hear Tom, " I said. My sarcasm was lost on the stupid
"Thanks for inviting us, " Jan said. Her voice
always reminded me of tinkling bells for some reason. I
showed them to the patio.
It didn't take Tom long to make a fool out of himself.
Fifteen seconds after seeing Hawk was all it took.
"Who's the guy with the African persuasion?"
he demanded loud enough for Hawk to hear.
"Tom meet my good friend, Hawk, " I said. "Hawk
this is Tom England our neighbor from across the street.
This is his wife Jan." Jan's eyes were as big as
saucers as she took in the hugeness of Hawk. Hawk had put
on a pair of my shorts that were too small for him. The bulge
of his package was clearly visible and that where Jan's
eyes seem to be focused. Hawk stuck out his hand to Tom who
took it. Hawk stopped just short of crushing Tom's
limp hand.
"Damn, man, " Tom yelped shaking his hand to
relieve the pain. "Not so hard next time, huh?"
"Yeah, I'll try to remember that, " Hawk
said agreeably. "Hi Jan, nice to meet you."
Hawk turned on the charm for Jan who was eating it up.
"Hi everybody, " Suzi said backing out of the
door with a large tray of drinks. She and Jan hugged after
the drinks were distributed.
"You boys go ahead and get in if you want to, "
Suzi said. "I'm going to show Jan where to change."
"Why didn't you go ahead and get a big pool?"
Tom asked.
"This is as big as I could put on this lot, " I
answered shortly. I was trying not to let the stupid prick
get under my skin.
"So, Hawk is it? What do you do for a living?"
Tom asked. We were sitting on the edge of the deep end dangling
our feet in the water.
"This and that, " Hawk answered. "Right
now I'm a pimp." Tom's mouth dropped open
and he stared at Hawk who was ignoring him.
"Did you say Pimp?" Tom stammered. "Pimp,
as in a trafficker of women?" <br>
"Yeah man, " Hawk said turning his deep piercing
eyes on Tom. "Whoremaster, if you prefer. You got
a problem with that?" <br>
Tom shook his head and looked at me. "Is he serious?"
"Yeah, some of the time, " I answered. "He'll
joke with me and a few people he likes. You like anybody these
days, Hawk?" <br>
"No, not many, " he replied.
The rest of the afternoon went pretty much as I expected
except for one little detail. Tom got drunker and was reduced
to a muttering jerk instead of a loud obnoxious jerk. By
early evening he was passed out on a lounge chair. The exception
was Jan. She was fascinate with Hawk. She didn't take
her eyes off of him and if Tom hadn't been so drunk he
would had to have noticed it. Hawk played up to her and Suzi
seemed a little put off with his game.
"I'm recruiting, " he whispered to Suzi.
"The little cunt is fascinated with black skin and
I'll see to it she has plenty before it's over."
He cupped Suzi's barely cover breast as he spoke to
her. Jan noticed the caress and her eyes nearly popped out.
I could see the question she wanted to ask in her eyes.
"Suzi, can you help me?" Jan asked in her tinkling
voice. "In the house." Suzi followed her into
the house. They were gone about fifteen minutes and came
back out. Jan was glowing red, either from embarrassment
or heat. Jan went to the sleeping Tom and rousted him up.
They went home a few minutes later with Jan steering Tom.

"She'll be back, " Hawk said confidently.
"That bitch has jungle fever and she's got it
bad." I didn't share his confidence. I looked
at Suzi who was sitting on the edge of the pool with a satisfied,
bird ate canary, look.
"What was said?" I asked Suzi.
"She wanted to know about Hawk, " Suzi answered.
"I told her all I knew." Oh oh, that couldn't
be good. "She wanted to know if there was something
going on between Hawk and me. I told her the truth. I said
we were fucking now and again." <br>
"She'll be back tonight, " Hawk predicted.
He had gone over and was sitting beside Suzi. "She
has to sample my cock." <br>
"She better hurry, " Suzi said with a laugh.
"Otherwise there won't be any left to sample."
About that time we heard the front door close and soon Jan
appeared at the pool.
"Sorry about that, " Jan announced as if she
hadn't left in a huff. "It was kind of embarrassing
for Tom to lay there snoring. Okay Hawk, you said you had
a game we could play in the pool. I'm ready to play."
Wow, this was a Jan England I hadn't met before.
"Maybe you wouldn't want to play that game, "
Hawk said getting to his feet. "We all have to be naked."
"So how's the game played?" Jan asked.

"You get on Byrd's shoulders and Suzi gets on
mine. You each try to drag the other off. The girl who gets
pulled off then has to ride her man's shoulders...backward."
I could see Jan giving the rules some serious thought. "After
a while Byrd and I will switch girls." That seemed
to make Jan's mind up.
Jan's suit cover and suit were off in a flash. "Last
one in is a rotten egg, " she yelled jumping in the
"Where did you come up with that?" I asked Hawk.

"Out of my brain, " he answered chuckling.
Sounds like fun to me." <br>
Needless to say Jan was the first to have to ride backward,
but in all fairness Hawk cheated and slammed a shoulder
into me. I wasn't too pissed that Jan had to ride me with
her muff nearly in my face. That was fun. I think Suzi saw
the benefit of doing that because it wasn't but a few
minutes until she was in the water. Now both girls had their
crotch in our faces.
After a while we switched and Suzi was on me. Suzi isn't
a dummy. She didn't even try to pull Jan off. I was beginning
to think she didn't want Jan's pussy in Hawks face.
I had to remind her that it was business. Not that I thought
Hawk would talk Jan into anything, let alone hooking for
him. When Suzi did pull Jan off and she climbed up on Hawk's
shoulders backward, that shit didn't last but a few
minutes. Hawk took Jan to the pool's edge and set her
down when he could eat her properly.
He didn't waste much time eating her pussy. In just
a few minutes he had her on the patio table fucking her like
there was no tomorrow. As Suzi and I watched, I thought it
was a good thing Jan wasn't wearing spurs. Her little
heels were banging away on his back.
Jan's normally pleasant tinkling voice was now guttural,
and she swore and cursed Hawk encouraging him to fuck her
"Fuck meee!" she yelled. "Give it to me
you son of a bitch. Pound your cock in me, you big fucker!
Fuck my pussy, Hawk!" Fuck her he did.
"You like that black cock?" Hawk asked her.
"You like my cock in your sloppy cunt?" <br>
"Yes! I love it, " Jan cried have talking and
half sobbing. She was coming hard time after time.
"I want Byrd to fuck you, " Hawk declared. "While
Suzi sucks me hard again. You want Byrd to fuck you?"
"I don't care!" she sobbed. "Just
somebody fuck me, please." He pulled his still hard
cock out and I moved in. Jan's cunt was looser than Suzi's
pussy, but still it felt good to me. I pounded her hard for
a few minutes and was rewarded by her having a giant climax.

Hawk and I took turns with both women for the next several
hours. We managed to get to a bed. Hawk managed to fuck her
virgin ass before the night was over. God, you should have
heard her squeal. Jan begged him not to fuck her ass, but
he was relentless.
"You ain't no good to me until you can take a hard
cock in your ass, you stinkin' whore. Shut up and take
it like the slut you are." I'm pretty sure if I
had said that, Jan would have been highly pissed, but she
took his harsh words as well as his rectum wrecking cock.
About midnight Jan was worn out from her ordeal. Pleased,
satisfied, content, but tired. Hawk lay beside Jan, touching,
soothing and caressing her.
"You like that nigger cock?" he asked her. She
nodded several times. "You goina be wantin'
some more black cock in your pretty white cunt? Again she
nodded, her eyes closed, but she was smiling. "You
goina be doin' what I tell you to do? You goina be giving
some pussy to my friends when I say to?" She hesitated,
and then nodded her head. I really don't think the poor
thing had any energy left to speak.
"Wow how exciting was that?" Suzi asked when
Hawk and Jan was gone. "Watching a woman get seduced
right before our eyes." I was almost out of it. I lay
on the bed waiting for her to turn out the light. "Does
my pussy look like that when he fucks me? It looks so tight.
Am I that vocal?" <br>
I grunted an answer, but I'm not sure what I said. Whatever,
it seemed to satisfy her. That proved to be temporary, however.
She started asking question early the next morning.
"Let me put it this way, " I said hoping I could
answer correctly. "Like Jan, when Hawk fucks you,
you certainly seem to enjoy it. Yes, you are rather vocal,
but you are vocal with me. Your pussy never looked better
than when it has a big black cock in it. Now I have a question.
Will Jan let Hawk turn her out?" <br>
"Oh hell yes, " Jan said with a laugh. "Ain't
no doubt ‘bout it. She's hooked on black dick."
"Just like you are?" I said in a teasing tone.

"Yes, a little like me. The difference in me and Jan
is simple. My husband takes care of me and isn't a lush.
Jan told me some time ago that Tom only fucks her every couple
of months or so. I'd be on the hunt, too." She smiled
at me, "besides I have black cock when I want it, don't
I?" <br>
It was about one o'clock when I heard the doorbell.
I was in the den finishing us some paperwork that I had been
putting off. I glanced at the envelope that contained the
five thousand dollars that would put, in partnership
with Hawk. I still had some reservations but Suzi seemed
to think it was a good investment. Anyway I heard Suzi greeting
Jan, and I could hear them talk as the made their way to the
kitchen. I was curious what Jan had to say so I turned the
radio off so that I could hear them.
"I want to apologize for my behavior last night, "
Jan said. "I swear I don't know what came over
me. I've never done anything like that in my life."
"Don't sweat it, Jan, " Suzi replied.
"You got caught up in the heat of the moment...several
moments, I guess. Hey you saw something you wanted and you
got it. No big deal." <br>
"Yeah but, to engage in sex with a stranger with other
people watching's...oh shoot, I don't
know what I'm trying to say." <br>
"Did you like it?" Suzi said so softly that I
almost missed the question. Jan didn't answer right
away, but when she did she exploded.
"Oh God, Yes! It was...I've never had sex that
was so intense, so vivid. I don't know how many times
I climaxed. Many, many times, and all were those big ones
you crave, but hardly ever get. I had to douche twice just
to get all the sperm out of me." There was a long pause
before she spoke again. "My God, Suzi I sucked his...thing.
I never even did that for Tom. I even let him stick it in my
bottom." I laughed softly at that statement. She
didn't have any option about getting her ass fucked.

"Did you like anal sex?" Suzi inquired.
"Not at first. It wasn't bad after I got used to
it." She was half sobbing. "I even let your husband
do me. I can't believe I did that. I wanted to apologize
to you for my actions." <br>
"Nothing to apologize about, " Suzi said.
"We were all having some fun. You didn't say anything
to Tom, did you?" <br>
"No, I wouldn't know what to say anyway, "
Jan answered. "If he would stay sober maybe things
like that wouldn't happen. No, he go off the deep end
if he even suspected that I had sex with a black person. He's
packing to catch a flight to Washington this afternoon.
He has some kind of business there for a week or so. I'm
on my own for a while." Again there was a long pause
in the conversation. From the sounds I figured that Suzi
was mixing drinks. Finally I heard Jan ask, "is he
coming back today?" <br>
"Who? Oh, you mean Hawk. Yes, I think he was planning
on being her for another cookout by the pool. Why don't
you join us?" <br>
"Oh, I couldn't...Oh shoot, who am I kidding?
I have to see him again." <br>
"Yeah baby, " Suzi said laughing. "You
want some more of that liquorish stick, huh? Oh stop hiding
your face. You loved it and so do I. We're grown women
and we can say it if we want to. We, you and me, want some more
black cock. Say it Jan." <br>
"I suppose you're right, " Jan said with

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This article was posted by garru4er123 on Sept 22, 2005.
Who are you and why are you plagiarizing another's


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Many of the stories I have written over several years I have
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Good story but I've read it before written by another


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You are correct, I should not have accused you of plagiarizing
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