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A flat tire of our car made her change her plans.


[image] We had planned a week end on a region I had visited several
times in business, a week end just to relax and recharge
batteries, even Maria had advised me for don’t have any
extra ideas, she wanted a week end just to eat, drink, sleep
and eventually some sex, but no games, just we too, anyway
all the way she was teasing me while I was driving sometimes
by stroking lightly my cock, other by sucking my cock head
or by licking my cock from top to bottom.

I made the booking at the hotel I usually stay, and as I had
just finished checking into the hotel, Maria waited for
me at the room’s door with a wild look in her eye, we had
been on the road all day, unfortunately we had a bad ride
as 15 km far from that small town we got a flat tire of our car,
we started trying to stop any car passing by to help us, finally
one truck pulled over the road and the driver, a big guy with
massive muscles agreed to help us and gave me a lift to the
nearest gas station to get the tire fixed.

After the tire fixed and as the truck driver, Roger was is
name, was going to the same town as us we invited him to take
a drink with us, he started to give us a few polite excuses
but he finally agreed and we set up a meeting time at the lobby,
we then just followed them to the town and once there he went
to the truck parking lot and we made our way to the hotel,
Maria was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and I didn’t
know why, but just until later on when she told me the full

It all had started after we got into that unpleasant accident,
as it was summer time Maria was wearing small shorts and
a tight little white top, her bra was getting uncomfortable
so she decided to remove it, and as there was no one around,
she took off her top, and then unbuckled her bra, the warm
sun felt great on her free breasts and a slight cool breeze
brushed across her hardening nipples, Maria stood in the
sun for a while then noticed a truck driving over the hill,
so she put her top back on and climbed into the car.

The truck stopped by and Maria heard someone get out of the
car, as she was alone, fearing the unknown she rolled up
her window and locked the doors, the truck pulled over behind
and she closed her eyes hoping they would leave her alone,
Maria heard footsteps but no voices, so she opened her eyes
to see a young guy staring at her, then he began to wave at
the truck for his friends and 3 more men walked up, Maria
could hear them speaking and even what the oldest said:
“We should go or we will be late, I am sure this lady will
be fine” [image2] Then she heard one say: “Man look at those tits! I feel
myself dropping fucking load all over them!”

Maria felt all of their eyes gazing on her, her nipples began
to harden and pushed against the fabric of the top, while
they began describing loudly her attributes and the things
they’d like to do with her, and how it would be a great deal
to fuck her right there, Maria could feel her body starting
to get turned on and she began to writhe back and forth in
her seat, Maria usually never lose an opportunity to be
fucked great and hard but that time she was not in mood to
fuck or be fucked her planning was just a week end to relax.

Anyway Maria opened her eye slightly again to see they still
were standing there looking at her, while they rubbed their
crotches, and even if she wasn’t in mode to be fucked she
was very aroused with their comments, so Maria decided
to reward them with a small show, her hands found the way
to her tits rubbing and pinching her nipples, while exposing
her flat sexy stomach, they watched eagerly and commented
loudly when she played with herself, imagining their hands
allover her body, finally Maria opened her eyes and focusing
on the guy who was talking about her tits she sat up and pulled
off her top, then she grabbed her nipples and started kneading
her boobs, she squeezed them hard and pulled on them, then
the oldest guy roared with laughter and said: “Hey Tom,
that’s for you, what are you gonna do with her?”

The guy called Tom stepped forward, unbuckled his pants,
and pulled out his hard cock, and as she played with her tits
he stroked his cock harder and harder, Maria then pushed
her tits up to the window, and within a few seconds he surprised
her as he blew a huge load on the glass, they all laughed and
then another next guy moved forward with his pulsing cock
and began to stroke it vigorously, Maria thought for a while
trying to guess which one was his fetish, and then she smiled
and slowly undid her shorts, she pushed them down and her
panties to the floor, then she began fingering her now soaked
pussy, massaging her clit and pushing her fingers in and
out, Maria was so excited that she was starting to cum while
the guy never stopped jerking off his cock for her, that
one lasted longer than the previous guy but he didn’t
go too long too and he blew his load right there and his messy
cum landed all across the car window.

Now it was time for the third guy and Maria thought “I know
what you want”, so with that she leant over to the driver
side and raised her ass to the window, she rubbed her ass
spreading her cheeks for him exposing her tight asshole,
Maria was really horny and was making the guys crazy, she
then began moving her ass hard and forth against the window
while he pulled out his cock, and stroked it vehemently,
and as the others he came quickly on the window. [image3] Maria thought it was over and settled back down in her seat,
but then she saw the forth guy, the oldest one, he pulled
out his cock too and laid it on the glass by her face, so Maria
pressed her lips to the window and licked it feverishly,
she licked at the window and ran her hands across her body,
then she saw him began to shudder and released the hugest
load all over the car’s window, his cum didn’t squirt
out like the others, but it was much more, Maria pressed
her tongue tight to the window like to taste every drop of
that huge load.

When he was finished he stepped back with the others, they
talked quietly for a time then they nodded their heads and
waved a few kisses to her, then they all walked off and got
into their truck waving a last good bye to her, Maria sat
there quietly for a while, then as the truck disappeared
in the horizon, she got out of the car, leant over that window
and cleaned all the mess around, and after that she got dressed,
grabbed a bottle of water and her panties and washed their
cum off of the car.

Maria told me that it was a really fucking hot time for her
and that’ was the reason why she had a so wild look in her
eye, we laughed imaging the scene together and with Maria
showing me exactly what she had done to them, then we took
a quickly shower and we went to the lobby bar to meet Roger,
and much probably remembering her hot experience in a short
time Maria was pretty aroused, and as Roger went to the balcony
to have a smoke, Maria sat on my lap and started kissing me.

Roger came back and said to us like if looked offended: “Guys,
if you are going to have fun now it will make me hot…what
am I going to do alone after that”?

I was getting really hot first by her story and then for her
teasing me in front of everyone, so I just replied: “Well,
Roger, you are a nice guy, so maybe you will get something,
will he Maria?”

I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants while waiting
for her answer, her intentions for a calm week end seemed
had run away after her teasing the guys on the road, but I
was expectant about her decision, but she quickly replied
blinking to me “Well, why not? Roger is sure a nice guy
and was very helpful to us, so maybe it’s time to be helpful
to him too.”

And saying that Maria stood up and started kissing a speechless
and astonished Roger on his lips, I knew by his expression
he wasn’t expecting nothing like that with his light
joke, so I positioned myself behind her, I lifted up her
dress and started finger fuck her wet pussy, even I could
feel her hot juices on my fingers, I move my head on side to
see what’s going on her front and I could see that Rob knew
what to do, he started fondling the tits of Maria with one
hand and playing with her now wet clit with the other. [image4] Of course it made us very hot so we quickly left the lobby
bar and got to the hotel room, Maria immediately took Roger’s
cock out of his pants and played with it with her tongue for
a while, and then she started sucking it furiously, I could
feel like a bomb ready to explode in my cock, so I lay on her
back and started licking Maria’s clit for a couple of
minutes, then so I turned her around, she stopped sucking
Roger and I could shove my cock deeply inside her sloppy

Maria was very hot and wet inside, her pussy was embracing
my cock tightly, she then took Roger’s cock again in her
mouth and we started fucking her together, then Maria stopped
sucking his cock and whispered to him “Roger, now it’s
your turn”.

Kissing her, I helped Maria sit on Roger’s cock, it was
already wet and glittering with her saliva and I could hardly
hold myself from coming, so I lay on my back and Maria started
blowing my hard cock like if we didn’t have a tomorrow,
and soon I felt that Maria started cumming, and suddenly
I was also cumming like crazy into her mouth, getting over
the orgasm Maria said to Roger: Now I want suck your cock

Roger was not expecting that and got very confused for a
moment, then he smiled and answered “Well, why not?”

With his answer Maria took his cock in her mouth and soon
Roger was relentlessly fucking her in her mouth, she was
playing with her clit at the same time and then Maria said
to us: “Guys, I want you both on me”.

I understood what Maria was willing to do, so Roger lay on
his back and I helped her sit on his cock and driving it as
deep as possible into her, then I pressed my cock against
her lips, Maria started engulfing it all the way down her
throat and sucking on it with the same rhythm as Roger was
hammering her pussy, then Roger started moaning letting
us know that he was on the verge of cumming, so I took my cock
out of Maria’s mouth leaving her mouth free and then her
moans were clearly audible to all as Maria increased her
moves, and within a few seconds she felt him cumming inside
her pussy, the orgasm wasn’t as intense as the first time,
anyway I saw the happy face of Maria and her kind of a sly smile
as she came up to me and started blowing me, and soon I exploded
again into her mouth and she swallowed all my sperm, her
mouth was full of it and a few drops were dropping from her
mouth and running down her jaws. [image5] Roger sat in an armchair and lit a cigarette, we talked a
little and as Roger must be on the road early the day after,
he thanked us for the amazing night and left, we took a quickly
shower, Maria finished her shower before me and left the
toilet to the bedroom and lay in the giant bed of the hotel,
wrapped in a towel, still more than damp from the shower
and the fucked we both had gave to her, and as I finished and
entered the room quietly with my towel wrapped just below
my waist, I just stood there looking amazed all over her
naked body and watching her hands, Maria had one hand resting
on the inside of her thigh, the other sliding up and down
her still wet clit, and softly dipping in between the lips
of her pussy, probing and playing with it.

Maria heard the increase of my breath and pulled her fingers
away, blushing, I gave her a grin, dropped my towel, and
started getting dressed for the dinner at the hotel restaurant,
Maria followed me, just stopping a couple of minutes to
wrap her arms around me, wanting to feel her skin against
mine once more before our clothes separated us for the evening.

Throughout dinner, we were a little boring, so I decided
to try to change our mood and my grin came back as I suggested
we could take a trip to a glory hole place I had discovered
during my previous business trips to that area, Maria grinned
back and whispered into my hear “You’re fucking bastard,
how did you discovered it? It was not supposed you came here
just for businesses? I cannot let you be alone?”

I just laughed and blinked at her as she slipped her hand
in mine and we left the restaurant, I called a cab, Maria
sat close to me as I wrapped one arm around her shoulders
and lightly brushed my other hand inside her thighs teasing
the edges of her panties, bunching them up and wedging them
inside her while whispering into her hear. "Don't
adjust that."

Without a word Maria reached over to me in the darkness and
finds my mouth, her mouth waited open and her tongue searches
urgently for mine, her hand was in my lap and within seconds
was unzipping my pants, I smiled through the darkness at
the way she was teasing and put my arm around her, pulling
her close and letting my hand drift down her back and up again
to massage her slender neck.

The next thing I knew she was actually pulling my cock out
of my pants, I looked at her and glanced up to see if the driver
was watching us, but it seemed not paying attention to what
we were doing as he drove us through the gates, Maria didn't
even look back at me, she was dropping her head to my already
hard cock as her hot, wet, eager lips engulfed my cock and
I melt into them, Maria sucked me hungrily and I knew how
that was going to end, Maria was going to gulp down every
drop of my orgasm without spilling a drop, even though I
knew that, I still had that natural desire to beg her to do
it, maybe from the fear that for some reason she would stop.
[image6] No danger that time I thought as Maria kept sucking me in
long, steady, slow strokes, I glanced once more at the driver,
he worked hard to keep from appearing that he was glancing
in the mirror, but from his motions, I could see he peeked,
he also slowed down, figuring we won't care about the
additional fare, I couldn't stand it and I pulled Maria
up from a long slurping stroke and bring her to my mouth,
our tongues meet forcefully, and I could feel the thick
mixture of her saliva and the early pre-cum gathering that
she has worked out of my cock so quickly, then I couldn’t
resist and I whispered passionately directly into her
mouth, through our kiss, "Suck me dry, I need you to
suck my cock dry."

Maria fucked my mouth with her tongue ravenously, holding
my face hard with her damp hands, and then quickly dropped
again to my wet cock and started slurping me deeply again,
settling into those long slow strokes that would have only
one result, and surely that wouldn't take too long,
her hot wet lips were sliding up and down the full length
of my cock, stopping only slightly each time they reached
the top to encircle and suck it hard, then released to slide
back down as deep as possible and the wetness and heat engulfing
my cock was insanely delicious.

Maria sensed all those feelings in me and she was preparing
to send me over the edge, she twisted with her lips and sucked
harder on the tip, letting her hand slide down to hold my
balls, she just lets her mouth and my own contractions take
over the work, my mind erupted and my body froze with that
agonizing loss of control feeling my whole body was going
to shatter, and soon I was firing my sperm madly into her
throat and flooding her mouth, Maria was gulping down huge
swallows of my sperm, filling up immediately for another
swallow by the time she has swallowed the previous one.

Maria was cleaning me up thoroughly with her tongue, she
licked me dry and kissed my cock one last time, then carefully
slides me back inside my pants and lets me zip back up, we
kissed and I tasted the powerful mixture of her juices and
my sperm, but just a few minutes later the cab was slowing
into a private parking lot where a red and blue lighted door
was showing the entrée of the adult video store, Maria
has never spoken a single word during all our taxi ride,
and then she took chewing gum and offered me a piece and I
gladly accepted.

As we climbed out of the cab and paid the raid, the cab immediately
run on a high speed to a dimmer area of the parking lot, surprised
we tried to check what was wrong there, and we both started
laughing as the taxi driver jumped out the cab, run to the
nearest shadow of a tree and started stroking wildly his
cock, and within seconds we could hear his loudly moan as
he cum, we then noticed him cleaning his cock with probably
his handkerchief before climbed back on his seat and drove
away, we looked at each other and we started laughing like
mad, that was when we was sure that he was being watching
us through the rear mirror. [image7] As we stopped laughing we crossed the threshold of the video
store, the man in the counter smiled while he welcome us,
surely he had noticed we were new customers, the place was
busy and moans were coming from a number of stalls, we heard
a female cry from behind one propped open door, Maria smiled
at me and suggested I open it, so I opened the door to find
a woman completely naked on her knees and sucking a cock
through the wall, the woman looked at us, at first surprised,
but then lustfully and invited us to watch.

Maria with her eyes asked me if she would join her or find
our own stall, I thumbed up to Maria in agreement and she
joined the woman, she immediately stood up and very quickly
she took the clothes off for Maria, and as soon as Maria’s
dress, thong and bra were on the floor, the woman began exploring
Maria’s body, her hands probed between Maria’s thighs
and she found them to be already wet, of course she was, meanwhile
the man she was sucking through the hole came in and introduced
himself as her husband, he told me that his wife always love
to suck him through the hole as if he was a stranger, he then
invited me to join him in the other stall and let both women
sucked us through the hole, with what I agreed.

Just as the woman was about to go into Maria’s wet pussy
with her fingers, two cocks came through the wall, mine
and the woman’s husband, she left from Maria and felt
to her knees in front of my cock, Maria quickly followed
her and she was in front of the woman’s husband cock, both
cocks were already throbbing hard and with precum glistening
down the heads, Maria looked in delight to the cock she was
ready to suck, she wanted to taste it bad, her mouth was salivating
and she could feel her jaw fall slack in anticipation as
she leaned in and started eagerly lapping at the precum,
swirling her tongue around the head and sucking hard on
the end.

The cock was huge and its owner impatient, unexpectedly
he slammed hard against the wall with his cock shooting
to the back of Maria’s throat, but she managed to gasp
in a deep breath and start sucking it, Maria was aware of
me getting pleasured by that uninhibited woman next to
her, and as she heard me cry out, she looked to her left and
saw my cum pouring all over the woman’s face and lacing
her hair, Maria could have cum just then, but almost immediately
after, the man held his cock deep at the back of her mouth
and after a second of his cock twitching its way into her
throat, he poured his load deep inside her throat.

We came around the wall already fully clothed and pulled
the door open while looking down on the two naked women smiling
to us, Maria was still on her knees at the back of the room
and then the woman knelt in front of her, opening her legs
wider with her hands, and lowering Maria’s ass to the
ground, she got down low in from of her and dipped her tongue
directly into the folds of Maria’s pussy, sloppily letting
her spit drip over her body and she wasted no time putting
her fingers in and moving them around into her pussy.

The softness of her mouth and the additional wetness opened
Maria up just enough for her fingers to slip easily in, Maria
cried out loudly in ecstasy, only regaining her composure
when she saw the look of fascination on my face and my cock
growing visibly in my pants, then both of us pulled out our
cocks again and started stroking ourselves while watching
the women performance on the floor, the woman lay with her
tits pressed to the ground, ass in the air as Maria sat on
her heels, her legs shaking violently and her pussy slowly
stretching more and more under the pressure of the woman
widening fingers.

I could feel we two women tense up and I leaned in closer for
a better view, I could see Maria’s measuring my hardness
while she kept her eyes focused on my swollen cock, then
the woman started lapping frantically at Maria’s pussy
around her wrist, and she could feel her fingers opening
and extending into her pussy, then pressing against her
in-walls and running along Maria’s cervix, then both
started breathing heavily, obvious on a way to a new intense

I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I reached down and grabbed
Maria’s face with my free hand, but I didn’t get enough
time for my cock reach her already waiting opened mouth,
and I started spurting my cum directly into her face and
eyes and even into her hair, feeling the warm liquid running
down her face, Maria exploded under a wild orgasm, screaming
out my name and collapsing on the floor. [image8] The other man was luckier than me and could manage to shove
his cock into his wife’s mouth and erupted inside her
throat, we just stepped back and slides our cocks back inside
our pants and zipped back up, the woman quickly dressed
and joined her man then they thanked us and they left, I gave
Maria a couple of minutes to regain her breath then I came
behind her and firmly grasped her shoulders and rise her,
Maria collapsed into my shoulder slowly waking up to what
had just happened on the floor of the video store, and suddenly
she realized we were not alone, over my shoulder Maria could
see several men silhouetted in the doorway, indeed their
audience had grown from two, me and the woman’s man, to
more than ten watching us through the opened door.

Then one of them said, "Hey man, that's one pretty
lady you have there. Want to share?"

Without a word I rolled off Maria to check what she wanted,
she looked deeply into my eyes, and then she smiled taping
my face and lay back on the floor, so I just laughed and answered.
"Sure, why not?”

Maria lay there naked on the floor with my cum still leaking
from her lips as two of them approached her, a black and a
white guy, the black started to undress and the white followed
suit, I caressing Maria’s belly while waiting for them
to be ready, then the two climbed on her, the black one started
playing with her breasts, massaging them and rubbing her
nipples, while the white one climbed between Maria’s
legs and caressed her pussy, they all had full erections,
and the black one began to kiss her breasts as the white one
rubbed his cock on her pussy lips.

The caresses were starting to get Maria hot again, and in
a moment the white man slid his hard cock into her pussy,
it went in easily because she was wet, better she was sloppy
and stretched a bit by the previous use of her pussy, he started
to stroke in and out of her pussy as the black man’s cock
slapped lightly her face as it hit her lips, Maria opened
her mouth instinctively and immediately took it all the
way into her mouth.

As Maria sucked his black cock, she stared up into his eyes
and saw his lust reflected there, and he began to thrust
gently her mouth as the withe man pumped into her pussy,
Maria was having two cocks fucking her, one in her pussy
and other in her mouth, both fucking her at the same time,
at the same rhythm, Maria was really excited and I could
noticed as her hands moved probably without her conscious
thought, one to rub her clit and the other to grasp and stroke
the black cock in her mouth. [image9] As the two men fucked Maria she became aware of other men
entering the small stall, a small crowd surrounded Maria
watching her being fucked on her mouth and pussy and she
was aroused to the point that she came violently on the white
thrusting cock, and it made her gag on the black cock now
deeper inside her throat, and it was enough to bring that
white man off and he came noisily, pumping a load of cum into
her already filled pussy.

As he climbed off Maria, another man stepped forward and
replaced him in her pussy and soon the black man yelled and
his cock erupted and filled Maria’s sucking mouth to
overflowing, she tried to swallow the hot cum but much leaked
out around his cock to spill over her lips and onto her chin
and cheeks, she even felt it run down the sides of her face
and into her ears

Immediately another man stepped forward and replaced
him in her mouth and soon Maria lost track of who was doing
what to her, she just kept having orgasms, seemingly one
after another, as the men kept taking over fucking her pussy
and her mouth, some of them began pulling out to cum, shooting
it on her instead of inside her, so their cum splashed on
her face and breasts, on her belly and pussy and the scent
of it filled her nostrils and aroused Maria even more.

And then Maria said, "Hey guys I started to be very
sore, I’ve got another hole you haven't used yet!"

I could hear the sounds of joy as they heard that, they looked
at me as trying to find if she was talking serious, I signed
them a kind of “Yes, it’s ok but just after me”, so
they helped me to flip Maria over and pulled her ass high
in the air, immediately I pressed my already erect cock
against her asshole, it was easy as the abundance of sperm
that had leaked out of her pussy and down her ass crack was
enough to lube her asshole, so I pushed hard and plunged
past her sphincter and deep into her rectum, I was so excited
too that with a few strokes I almost immediately erupted
into her ass.

As I plunged my cock out of her ass another guy replaced me,
he then lifted her and rolled onto his back taking her with
him, and that presented her gaping pussy to the rest of them,
one other guy stepped forward and rammed his cock into her
pussy as one another stuffed his cock into her empty mouth,
Maria was being fucked in all three holes, and she was reeling
with lust and exhaustion, as one of the guys came and moved
off her, another would immediately replace him in whatever
hole had been left empty, by the time the last guy was coming
inside her the first team had recuperated and came at there
again, Maria was having one orgasm after another, her body
shuddering again and again each time she came, sweat all
over her and when her mouth wasn't stuffed she was crying
loudly in ecstasy what was surely calling more guys to our

Maria’s mind was running under her lust, different guys
were fucking her inside all her holes and on the different
parts of her body, shooting cum all over her body, climbing
on and off of her as they came, she could not keep track of
what was going on, all she knew was that every guy there fucked
her at least twice, some more, even when there weren't
any openings available, some guys had just jerked off on
her rather than wait, anyway when they were done with Maria,
not able to get erect again, they just backed off.

Maria just laid there with splayed legs, soaked in sweat
and covered in drying cum, her pussy and ass felt raw, and
her jaws ached Maria was limp, unable to move, spent and
used, she felt glorious but weak, they all stood around
the small stall and stared at Maria so well fucked nakedness,
then spontaneously they began to clap, one guy had started
and the others began to pick it up, soon the whole crowd erupted
in cheers and laughter, Maria tried to join in but she didn't
have the enough energy, she just smiled at them and tried
to sit up but didn't have the energy, so I came and sat
beside her and cradled her head and said "Surely,
are you OK?"

Maria just smiled at me and shook a yes with her head but with
that wild grin back on her face, the men left letting us alone,
I wiped her face and body with a cold cloth, then someone
enter the stall, I looked up and it was the counter man, he
just told us he had a shower on the locker room if we want to
use it before left it would be ok for him, as at that moment
all customers had left and he was just him and the two night
cleaners inside the video store.

We tanked him then he closed the door of the video store,
it was already empty of people, and we followed him into
the locker room, the two night cleaners stopped what they
were doing while looking mesmerized to a full naked Maria
crossing the room with us to the locker room, the counter
man put the shower running to warm the water for Maria, and
a dark fog spread around the room, Maria went direct into
the fog, into of the haze, and the first thing she noticed
was how hot it was, she adjusted the temperature of the water
and then she looked down at her naked body and saw she was
covered in a sheen of sweat and sperm, some even were stuck
to her face and hair, she noticed too there were a few droplets
of sperm precariously hanging off her erect nipples.

Maria didn’t know about that, but as I had noticed the
bulge on the counter man’s jean, I had started talking
with him about the previous events and why he didn’t had
joined us, but he told me he was working and he couldn’t
do it, but he watched everything and was really impressed
how sexy and hot Maria was and the great performance she
did, I then noticed someone on my back, so I turned my head
to see the two cleaners speechless and hearing in disbelieve
both of us talking about the previous orgy in a so natural
way, I looked better and I noticed their hard on was clearly
visible too, so I laughed and asked them if they want to join
Maria for a last fuck, they looked at me in disbelieve but
then they noticed I was talking serious and they gladly
nodded, so they quickly undressed and walked to the shower
where Maria was.

Maria felt someone pushed her from behind, and a pair of
hands started rubbing her tits as other pair of hands was
grabbing her buttocks, and there was another hand on her
face, its thumb entering her mouth, and Maria eagerly sucked

As her eyes focused, Maria saw two naked strange men standing
in front of her, two new wet cocks erect and pointed at her,
but then she recognized the two cleaners, so the guy on her
back would be the counter man, Maria thought, then she saw
me standing there smiling, she smiled back to me and just
lay on the floor, immediately the thumb in her mouth was
replaced by a cock, and then Maria felt a cock inside he pussy,
pumping a steady rhythm, as another cock, a really tick
one, was buried deep into her ass, then within seconds the
three were matching their strokes.

I was the only person in the room wearing clothes and I said
laughing "Hey darling I reserved for you a nice end,
I hope you like my surprise, and you guys what do you think
about her?” [image10] The counter man was fucking her mouth and shouted "She's
definitely a very hot woman, look at the way she's deep-throating
me, she so fucking hot!"

"Her pussy is really twitching my cock, absolutely
amazing!" the guy under Maria shouted.

The guy pumping her ass was the last one and shouted too,
"Hey man, you need to have a go at her ass, I feel like
I'm about to blow, and I want to do it in her mouth."

He pulled out and the counter man and him switched places,
the counter man started pushing his cock into her ass, slowly
first he pushed his cockhead, and then all his length in,
as the guy who had switched positions with him started to
fuck her mouth, as she could notice before he was really
thick, and Maria could barely get her lips around it, at
the last second he pulled out and began to jack it, pointing
it at her open mouth and he blasted all over her face, Maria
then took him back in her mouth and sucked him clean, swallowing
his sticky semen.

Not only Maria but the guys fucking her were very aroused
with that scene too, and she could feel the counter man’s
cock that was pumping her ass grow even harder, the deeper
he was fucking her ass, the more Maria liked it, then his
cock convulsed and she felt hot liquid fill her up, as he
howled with pleasure and she could feel his cock twitching
as he pumped cum into her ass, the guy fucking her pussy then
took off her and lay his back on the floor, his hard cock pointing
at the ceiling.

Maybe because Maria was tired she didn’t realized what
he wanted and looked at him in an interrogative way, I clearly
understood what he wanted and I said laughing "Ready
for number three in your ass, baby?"

Maria looked at me, then to him, then her eyes blinked and
her lips opened in a wild smile, she finally realized what
he wanted and just purred "Oh, fuck yes... Of course
I’m ready for it."

Maria slowly slid down onto his cock, her ass already well
lubed with cum and as she settled all the way down, the guy
who had fucked her mouth stood in between her legs with his
cock pointed at her swollen pussy, he eased himself in,
and Maria was getting double penetrated yet again, she
moaned with extreme pleasure, she felt like the center
of the universe, her eyes were half-closed and her mouth
half opened in ecstasy as Maria smiled wildly for me.

Maria then rubbed her clit as the two cleaners fucked her
holes, ass and pussy, bringing herself to yet another heart-stopping
orgasm, and sending her body into convulsions, the guy
who was fucking her ass said he was going to cum., the same
the guy on her pussy and Maria begged loudly "Oh I want
it on my face... Please!"

Both guys pulled out so Maria could get on her knees and before
she could even get her mouth on the closest cock, he exploded,
adding to the copious amount of sperm on her face, before
she was even recovered from him, Maria felt the other guys
load hitting her face, she turned towards him with her mouth
open, catching as much as she could, eagerly swallowing
what she could, Maria then felt a cock taping her lips, it
was the counter man who was back to live and ready for his
turn, Maria immediately engulfed his cock all the way down
her throat and within seconds he blasted waves over waves
of cum inside he deepest of her throat.

As all had finished with her Maria literally was dripping
from every orifice, covered in sweat and semen and climbed
back onto the floor exhausted but satisfied, and as much
as she wanted to get up and clean up with a nice, hot shower,
she was too exhausted, so I helped her dress and the counter
man drove us to our hotel, he thanked us by the fantastic
night and we walked from the car to the hotel with her head
high, even though her hair was matted with dried cum.

As I soaked Maria in a hot bath and washed the dirt and cum
from her hair and body she asked if I knew how many men were
there, I told her there were around twelve men fucking her
in the stall, then the counter man and the two night cleaners,
Maria laughed and laughed as she helped me wash her off,
later that night she told me over and over how proud she was
for could taking all that men up her pussy, ass and mouth,
while gently she was sucking me while I was eating her pussy,
until once again I fill her mouth with my cum, not too much
that time, and she reached another orgasm as I reminded
her great she looked that night absolutely naked and exposed
on the floor of the video store and taking in all her holes
by several total strangers.

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Man I came 3 times while reading this article!! good job Maria


vikingluso replies on 6/8/2014 5:03 am:
Wow, nice to know, thanks a lot for a so suggestive comment. Hope you like our other stories too!

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outstanding article, really turned me on,


vikingluso replies on 6/9/2014 4:49 am:
Thanks for your so kind comment a lot

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amazing story...more plz.


vikingluso replies on 6/13/2014 12:57 pm:
Thanks a lot for your comment

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Liked the details but was a little Unbelievable boss a story
must be a little believable boss it looses the charm


vikingluso replies on 6/13/2014 12:59 pm:
A little bit of madness can turn a regular story on s great adventure, anyway yes, we can agree with you, a few details can be a little unbelievable, but that's to make the difference!