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A first "slip"


After posting a few of my other stories AND making at least
some references to how my husband Steven and I first got
into sharing and swinging, I decided to fess up, and post
this story! It goes back to BEFORE Steven and I were into
swinging, and it IS at least ONE of the major reasons we finally
did enter the swinging lifestyle together! I've made
past references in my stories about how BOTH Steven and
I "slipped" a time or two, or putting it more
bluntly, we each fucked someone else, outside of our marriage!
Oddly enough, MY first "slip" was with my very
own, EX or actually at the time, soon to be EX, brother-in-law,

My husband Steven and I were hitting a few "bumps"
in our marriage so to speak and at the time. Sexual bumps
of course, as well as a few other factors. I wasn't actually
"looking" to do anything at the time, and yet
I already had my suspicions at least, that if something
did happen, "I" wouldn't be the first one
of us to have had a minor "slip" as we'd both
eventually refer to them! STILL, and as I just said before
I really wasn't looking for anything to happen and
I certainly wasn't looking for it to happen with my
very own older sister's soon to be, ex-husband Richard!
As they say however, fate and all that, IF you believe in
that sort of stuff!

From the moment my older sister Karen married Richard,
"I" predicted their relationship was doomed!
As much as I really do love my older sis with all my heart,
I actually knew Richard even before she did, and I knew my
sister, and so I KNEW they'd never last! Now I never
actually "dated Richard myself mind you, but I did
work with him, and so I was very aware of his reputation as
bit of a wild man and partier! While I won't exactly
say some of his past sexual exploits were legendary around
the office, he was also known as a bit of a playboy as well.
On the other hand there was my sister Karen, and of course
I knew her well too! Of the two of us, "I" was definitely
the wilder one, while Karen tended to be more conservative
and laid back. Of course I was happy she'd found what
she considered true love, and I'd even "warned
my future bro-in-law NOT to hurt my big sis, but alas, just
as "I" said in the beginning, I knew it wouldn't

One other aspect of this whole thing was the fact that from
the very beginning I at least always felt that Richard was
more attracted to ME than he was my older sister. He'd
even made a pass or two at me at work before meeting Karen,
my big sis, but I'd turned him down flat back then! Me
being married already and all!

Their first year of marriage seemed OK together, but it
was sometime during their second year that trouble began
to brew! The first I knew of it was a Saturday evening when
Karen and I were all alone at my place, and after a few glasses
of wine, she began to open up to me. Of course sex was 99% of
their problem (dah!) and it was a combination of several
things! Most importantly however was the fact that my big
sis just didn't feel like she either could or did keep
her hubby satisfied, and most of it boiled down to HER, and
HER inhibitions!

"SO, when's the last time you even sucked his
cock for him Karen"? It was one of the first questions
I asked her, after I was finally tired of hearing her whining!
Her answer shocked me, when she told me that even SHE couldn't
remember the last time she'd down that for him! SO when
I asked the next question about when was the last time she'd
actually sucked him OFF all together, of course I already
knew the answer to that one as well, or at least I thought
I did! When she answered "never" however, that
one really blew me away, and then her comment about how he
was just too big "down there" and it was just
so hard to do, and I'm suddenly thinking what a fool
my big sister really is! SO the guy is well hung as well? He's
got a big cock and a high sex drive, and you're NOT taking
care of him sexually? No wonder there's trouble in
paradise much less in your own marital bed!

Well in spite of whatever advice I'd given my big sis
that night, it was less than six months later they were separated!
Thankfully Richard no longer worked at the same branch
office of the company we both worked for, and so it did make
it a hell of a lot less awkward for me that is! Of course I heard
things through the office grapevine, and also through
my own sister, and so I knew at least some of what Richard
had been up to since their separation! Apparently not much
from what I'd heard, which really did surprise me given
the things my sister had told me, as well as his own past history
so to speak! Another couple of months passed, and then I
was selected to attend a company-wide meeting up in Dallas,
to represent our branch office. I had no idea Richard would
be attending the same meeting, although I later found out
that HE knew I'd be there!

I did learn Richard was attending the same conference I
was that very first night at the opening reception party
when he found and cornered me! The odd thing was he didn't
seem all that interested in talking about my sis, his soon
to be ex-wife, and I could have sworn he was actually flirting
with me as we talked. Now by then I'd had a lot to drink,
and I have to admit I was already feeling a bit tipsy, so maybe
I was just imagining him flirting with me, and in reality
he was just being nice to me instead! MAYBE, it was also my
frame of mind as well, because just before I'd actually
left to come to this conference, is when I'd found what
I felt was "evidence" that my husband Steven
might not have been entirely faithful in our marriage as
well. What I "found" isn't nearly as important
as my frame of mind when I'd left on my trip to Dallas,
as I was both hurt, as well as pissed off of course, even though
I had no proof!

OK, all that aside, Richard was still my brother-in-law
at the time, even though he and my older sister were not only
separated and living in different places, but even in the
process of getting a divorce! I know I'm making excuses,
but at that point in time, excuses was all I really had!

And so as the night wore on I kept on bumping into Richard,
and then finally near the end of the evening, we were even
sharing the same table at the party. Finally as the reception/party
wore down to an end, Richard insisted on escorting me up
to my room. I have to admit I was pretty drunk by then, and
I even leaned against him as we rode the elevator up to the
floor my room was on. As the elevator doors opened I told
him I'd be OK from there, but he just grabbed my arm and
walked me around the corner to my room anyway! I did have
a little trouble getting my room card to work, and so he did
it for me, and then pushed open my door. I turned to face him
and thank him, and that's when he just sort of gently
pushed me back against the wall in the hallway, and the next
thing I knew, we were kissing!

It was definitely a not so "family" kind of good-night
kiss, and I also knew I let it go on way, way to long! I finally
was able to work my hands up and onto his chest, and then ease
him back away from me to break us apart, and end that kiss!
I quickly backed into my room, telling him just that "we
shouldn't", and then I quickly closed the door,
leaving him standing outside all alone, and me standing
inside, breathless and confused! How I wish I could say
I went to bed and just forgot all about it that night, but
even by the time I did get in bed, I was still so very turned
on, that I masturbated myself to TWO orgasms, before I could
FINALLY, drift off to sleep that night!

Over the next couple of days and whenever Richard and I attended
the same meetings, he'd sit next to me whenever possible.
It was sometimes just too weird really , because we'd
talk of course, and yet he also acted like noting had happened
that first night at all! I even began to suspect maybe I'd
been a little drunker than I'd thought, and maybe I'd
just imagined it happening! AND YET, I knew it had happened!
I'd felt that kiss and I'd most definitely felt
his hard cock pressing into me though our clothes as well!
I tried not to think about it, I really did, and yet each night
I'd go to be oh so horny, and each night I'd masturbate
myself to sleep, just thinking about all the things my sister
had told me about him, as well as thinking about that hard
cock pressing into me the way it has as we'd kissed outside
my room that evening! I just couldn't get "it"
(his hard cock) or HIM, off my mind!

Thankfully we were nearing the last night of the conference,
and I honestly thought about NOT attending the final closing
party! I thought about it alright, and yet that final evening
I STILL found myself getting ready in my bathroom! I'd
taken a long, hot shower, during which I's shaved my
legs and pits, and I'd even shave my pussy and pussy
mound all clean and smooth! Later I found myself slipping
into one of my ALMOST, inappropriate party dresses, as
well as my three inch, "fuck me" pumps, and I
was even well aware I not only neglected to put on a bra under
my party dress, but somehow I'd also forgotten to slip
on any panties as well! Now just sitting there on the edge
of my bed, I fought with myself as to whether or not I should
really go! I finally opened the little complimentary cabinet
in my room, and poured THREE small bottled of scotch into
a glass, and DOWNED IT!

I was feeling much better as I rode the elevator down to the
floor the party was on, and then even better then I didn't
see Richard anywhere around! I even started to relax, and
since this was the last night of the conference, and since
my flight home didn't leave until late the next afternoon,
I even decided to hell with it, and I let myself drink as much
as I wanted! AND THEN ...

You know how you can be so drunk you just sort of say things
you probably wouldn't, IF you were sober! And yet at
the same time you're still not drunk enough, so that
you don't really know what you're saying, and
so that you DO remember it the next day? Maybe so, maybe not,
but I can tell you for sure, that's exactly the place
"I" was at, when Richard eventually found me
at the party, much later that evening! I had no problem accepting
the drink he offered me when he found me alone and in this
one corner of the room, and I had no problem at all, accepting
his offer to dance, a few minutes later! As we danced to a
slow soft song, I cold once again feel his hard cock pressing
against me, and for some reason I honestly found it amusing
right then! Pushing myself only slightly apart from him
at that point, but still continuing to dace, I looked up
at him and I spoke to him!

I actually giggled a little at first, and I wasn't even
embarrassed I'd done it! I then got a sort of half smile,
half serious look on my face, and then I told him that he MUST
be glad to see me, because I cold feel his hard cock pressing
against me, just like the other night when he kissed me outside
the door to my room! Now I'm guessing that Richard already
knew I was a bit, well lets just call it a bit wasted really,
and so not only was he NOT shocked by what I said, but he even
took it right in stride, with a quick comeback of his own!
"SO Teri, tell me, does it feel good to you or what"?
Now I KNOW I was definitely drunk right then, because his
answer (or question really) not only didn't shock
me either, but I even had yet one more comeback of my own!
I told him hell yes it felt good, and especially since I really
hadn't been feeling "that" all that much
back at home lately!

"Why don't we just get out of here then"!

That was his next reply to me, and then he just sort of lead
me right off the dance floor at that point! I don't know!
I honestly do not know what came over me then, because as
he lead me over to our table, and I watched as HE picked up
my purse, I the let him take my hand once again, and lead me
straight out of that big ball room! Walking beside him silently
down the hallway then, it was almost like FATE, the way the
elevators doors just seemed to instantly open, right after
he pressed the "up" button! Then fate once again,
as we were the only one's in that elevator, as the doors
closed behind us! I didn't even see which button he
pressed next, because right after he just sort of spun me
around once again, and after pushing me up against that
elevator wall, he leaned over and kissed me! This time I
not only kissed him back, but I even reached in between us,
and rubbed his hard cock, though his pants!

My big sister was definitely right about one thing! His
cock DID feel big, and it was most, most definitely hard
as well! I continued to rub it through his pants as we kissed,
and I was still doing it even as the elevator bell rang announcing
we'd arrived at our floor, and even as the doors slid
open! This time Richard was the one who had to push ME away,
but it was only so he could lead us out of that elevator, and
down the hallway, to his room! (Not that I even knew what
floor we were on at the time, much less whose room it was!)
The room door opened and Richard led me inside, and then
through the room and over to the edge of his bed! I plopped
down on it just like that, and then he turned and stood right
in front of me! Neither of us even said a word, as I reached
up and undid his pants, and then I pulled his big hard cock

Richard's hard cock was even bigger than I thought!
At least a couple of inches longer than my husband Steven's
seven inch cock! It was definitely bigger around too, and
so I just had to see what was "underneath it"
as well! I quickly yanked his pants and boxers shorts down
to his ankles, freeing his big, cum-filled balls! Apparently
HE must have either anticipated this happening to night,
or at least hoped it would, because although he'd left
a small tuff of hair on his pubic mound, his cock and ESPECIALLY
his huge balls, were all shave clean and smooth! I reached
up and hefted his big balls in one hand, and then I leaned
over and ran my wet tongue all around them! Richard moaned
as I did it, and then as I slid my tongue off his balls, and
then slowly up the length of his thick hard shaft, he groaned
out my name, telling me how good it felt! My tongue reached
the top, and then he groaned out:

"Oh God Teri, that feels so good baby, suck it, PLEASE
suck it for me now"!

I already had that in mind, and even as he uttered out the
last word, my mouth was opening, and my lips were sliding
over the head of his hard cock! Most of the time you can tell
you know, or at least I think "I" can! I can just
tell when a guy seems to want a lot of licking and a lot of teasing
before you suck him off, and when he just wants his hard cock
in your mouth, and he wants you sucking it for him! Right
then I felt that's exactly what Richard both wanted
AND needed! No talk, no teasing, no licking and NO games!
Just sucking, and more sucking, and nothing else! Oh, except
for the fact his cock was definitely too big to suck the way
I sucked my husband's hard cock for him! SO I wrapped
my hand around the bottom two-thirds, and I began to "jack
him off" as I sucked on the upper third AND his BIG,
mushroom head!

Richard moaned loudly as my hand slid up and down over half
his hard cock, while my mouth and lips slid up and down as
much as I could handle! His hips were moving faster and faster
at that point too, and I even reached over and guided his
hand to my head, so he could help me set the sucking tempo
he wanted! I had a feeling he wasn't going to "last"
much longer, and sure enough about a minute or two late,
he cried out! "OH GOD TERI YES" "I'M
GONNA CUM, I'M GONNA CUM NOW"! I braced myself
for his final few hard thrusts, as well as what "I"
anticipated would be a rather large, thick hot load! Richard's
hips jerked violently then, and a second or two later his
was filling my mouth with his delicious creamy cum! I could
feel his big hard cock just jerking inside my mouth, and
I sucked hard and swallowed, doing my best to keep up with
each large spurt of his hot cum!

I sucked and swallowed, as he shook and moaned. His cum really
did taste good to me, but what honestly felt best of all,
was knowing how I'd just made HIM feel! As soon as he'd
finished emptying the last of his big soft balls into my
mouth, he slid his still hard cock out! Still shaking slightly,
the next thing I knew he had me on my feet and he was kissing
me again, and then right after that we were both on his bed,
laying side by side and facing each other. I reached down
in between us and again took hold of his still hard, and now
slick cock. As I slid my hand up and down his full length,
he closed his eyes, and then whispered to me, telling me
what "I" already knew! Of course he told me that
what I'd just done was something my big sister Karen
rarely did for him, and then he added that she'd NEVER
let him cum in her mouth like I'd also just done! My only
comment back, was "I'm not her"!

As soon as I said it he pulled me up against him and he kissed
me once again, and then whispered back to me, telling me
I certainly wasn't my sister, and he well knew it! (Or
something like that) At this point he still had his shirt
on, which I quickly removed, and I was still in my dress,
which he then quickly stripped of of me! It was right then
I actually got nervous for the very first time! And to know
why I'd first have to tell you just a short family history!
All the women in our family, and I am talking ALL the women.
Starting from my grandmothers on both sides of the family
to my mother and my own big sister, ALL have big tits! All
that is, except for ME! None of them are any less than a "D"
cup, while I'm only a 34B myself! I am quite proud of
my big nipples, but still, when it comes to "tits"
I truly AM the "runt of the litter" so to speak!

In the past, it always seemed that Karen ended up with all
the hottest boys as we were growing up together! And the
reason of course was what she had hidden, underneath her
blouses and sweaters! So especially in a case like this,
a man who had seen my sister naked of course, sure I was anxious
and sure I was nervous, and I even slid my arms up, covering
up my chest right then! Almost as if he was reading my mind,
Richard immediately reached up and pulled my arms back
down. He kissed me again she then pushed me onto my back,
and then he quite literally began making love to my bare
tits! "God Teri, your nipples are so big and hard,
and they taste SO good". He whispered to me in between
sucking on them, and at that point all I could do was moan!
Richard definitely took his time. Exploring every square
inch of my small tits, and especially concentrating on
my large, hard nipples!

By the time he even began to kiss his way lower, down my body,
my pussy was so dripping wet, that I could literally feel
my own juices, running down the insides, of my thighs! "God
Teri, your pussy just looks so beautiful all shaved bare
like this"! "That was another thing I always
tried to get Karen to do, and she never would"! "At
least not for me"! At that point I stopped him, telling
him no more talk about my big sister! It was bad enough I was
about to fuck her soon to be EX, but I was even about to really
cheat on my own husband Steven as well! SO I honestly didn't
want anymore talk of family! I just wanted to loose myself
in the moment so to speak, and most importantly I just wanted
to GET FUCKED! Apparently right then Richard had other
plans however, as he then dove face first, into my crotch!
I moaned as his licked my wet pussy, and twice he came up for
"air" only to tell me how good I tasted!

I've got to admit that hearing a man telling me that,
REALLY DOES, turn me on a whole, whole lot! Richard had me
very close to cumming more than once, but this being our
first time together, and him not really knowing either
me or my body that well, he just fell a little short! It truly
didn't bother me however, because he was trying SO
HARD, and everything he was doing to me down there just felt
so damn good! Eventually however "I" wanted
something else, and so I slid my fingers through his hair,
I pushed his head even lower, as I lifted up my left leg and
twisted my body around slightly! It did take Richard a couple
of seconds there, before he took my hint! Then all of a sudden
he was licking "lower" and then I felt his tongue
sliding, right into my ass crack! I let out a rather loud
moan, just to assure him he was doing, what "I"
wanted right then!

Then a complete surprise to me, not only did Richard do what
I wanted him to do right then, but he even really took charge
so to speak! At this point rather than keeping me in the same
position, Richard grabbed my ankle and literally flipped
me over onto my stomach, and then yanked my ass up in the air!
Being in that position always makes me feel so vulnerable,
submissive, hot, horny and VERY turned on, and ESPECIALLY
when a man takes control of me like that! I moaned loudly,
but then I moaned even louder, as I felt Richard flatten
out his tongue and run it right down my ass crack, and then
stop and begin licking my asshole directly! "Oh my
God YES, baby YES"! The words were out of my mouth,
even before I could think! Richard's wet tongue felt
so very good on my asshole, and he honestly licked it like
a man going after something very special!

I immediately reached up under myself and began to masturbate
as he licked my ass and asshole, and in less than a minute
or two I was cumming, in one hell of an intense, and powerful
orgasm! Richard truly seemed to be enjoying making, or
rather assisting me in cumming like that, almost as much
as I loved it happening to me! Of course much later on I'd
find out; yes, you guessed it, once again something he'd
longed to do with and to my big sis, and something she'd
always refused! As far as I was concerned, Richard could
lick my ass for me, any time he wanted!

At this point I'd had my first orgasm however, and suddenly
I found myself being roughly flipped over and onto my back
once again! As soon as I was in position, Richard wasted
no time in getting back between my spread open legs, and
then after shoving them open even wider with his knees,
he was on top of me and his big hard cock was poking, at my wet
opening! I reached down between us and grabbed hold of his
big hard cock, and I rubbed the large head through my wet,
and swollen pussy lips! We both sort of groaned together,
and then as soon as I stopped, he thrust forward, and penetrated
me! His hard cock just felt so much bigger than Steven's,
and quite honestly so much better as well. THAT, would take
me a long time even after Steven and I'd started swinging,
to admit to either myself OR my darling husband!

Still, if anyone would have actually been there watching
AND listening, my sudden loud moan, quickly followed up
by my rather loud, "OH MY GOD YES"! Would have
probably told the whole story anyway! The last time I'd
even had a cock close to this size, was way back in college,
and it was a guy my husband knew nothing about! (Yet anyway!)
My first reaction by the time he had just half that big thick
cock inside me, was to slap my hands down hard onto his bare
hips, dig my fingernails in, and beg him to PLEASE, FUCK
ME! At this point I think Richard KNEW he had me, and I mean
he really did have me, and so he really, took control! He
immediately started this little game of feeding my hungry
wet pussy a little more of his thick hard cock, and then stopping,
even pulling back out some, before SLOWLY sliding hit back
in me! He was driving me insane and he knew it, and then I finally
screamed out:

"Oh God Richard PLEASE"!

"PLEASE Baby PLEASE, PLEASE stop teasing me and just
stick it in me and fuck me damn it"!

"I'll do ANYTHING you want baby and you can fuck
me ANY TIME you want from now on if you'll just please
fuck me NOW"!

Whether I truly meant it or not, and whether I'd live
up to those words in the future, I honestly had no earthly
idea! Right then however I most certainly DID mean them,
and I'd say it again and again for him, if he'd just
stop playing around and FUCK ME! For whatever the reason,
he'd either listened to my pleas, or maybe he'd
just had enough of his own little game by then, but either
way, as soon as I was done begging, he rammed that big hard
cock inside me! I arched my hips and ass up to meet his downward
thrust, and as his crotch slapped hard against mine, I instantly
thought I'd died, and gone to heaven! I wish I could
say that I'd instantly orgasmed as well, but I honestly
think that kind of thing only really happens, in porno movies
or books! It damn sure felt good however. Better than anything
I'd felt in a very long time! Purely on a physical level
only of course!

Aside from all the emotion stuff I feel with my own husband
of course, I instantly feel in complete and total love with
Richard's big, hard, long, thick, cock! I also almost
instantly thought about my big sister, but only in the context
that I now KNEW she was a fool! AS quickly as that thought
entered my head, I pushed it back out again! Right now, for
this moment in time, Richard's big hard cock was all
mine, and I very fully intended to enjoy it! After that deep,
hard penetration, Richard had held still on top of me. I
just held still myself as well, enjoying the feeling of
being so very filled up right then! Slowly however he began
to move, and with each slow movement he'd withdraw
a little more of his big cock, and then slide it back in me
just a little faster each time! Once again he was driving
me crazy, but this time it was a good crazy, filled with nothing
but pure pleasure!

As he began to build up speed however, I lifted my legs up
in the air even higher, and then even reached up and grabbed
my toes to hold my legs up that way! His big hard cock was going
even deeper inside me then, and suddenly without much warning
really, I did actually climax! I screamed out I was cumming,
and as I did I wrapped my megs around his back! Richard really
started fucking me hard and fast then, and the harder he
fucked me, the more intense my orgasm became, and the longer
it lasted! I finally reached a Point were I honestly needed
to stop him for a minute or two, and so I did, placing my hands
in his chest and begging him to stop! He smiled down at me
as I looked up at him pleading, and then he lowered himself
down on me, and he held still! That was only for a moment or
tow however, before he suddenly rolled us both over on that
bed, so that now I was the one on top!

At least in this position I could pretty much control everything,
or at least so I thought! I could control not only the angle
and depth of penetration, but also the pace at which I fucked
him, and so I could at least take a short break! Richard allowed
me to do just that! And so now I was the one doing the "teasing"
as I slowly raised and lowered my wet pussy, back down onto
his big hard cock! My God it just felt so damn good, and especially
when I lower myself all the way down, and then just sit there
on top of him, grinding my wet pussy, against his crotch!
Richard was definitely enjoying himself as well, and as
I sat on top of him grinding away, and he even began to talk
dirty to me, telling me about when we used to work at the same
office, and all the things he'd dreamed of doing to
and with me back then! We were both getting very turned on, and
"I" was very close to cumming once again!

My next orgasm was even more intense than my last one, and
once again Richard allowed me to moan my way though it, as
he just sort of rode it out with me! Also just like the last
time Richard allowed me to "almost" finish
cumming before he was once again shifting us around, and
this time I was on my hands and knees! BY this time my pussy
was so wet, and so stretched out I guess, that as he slammed
into my from behind, his hard cock met no resistance what
so ever! I quite lit4erally felt "impaled"
on his big, thick hard shaft! Not that I was complaining
mind you! If there was one thing that WAS different than
those first two times, it was that this time Richard certainly
didn't start out slow! I guess after making me cum three
times so far, once orally, and twice fucking me, he just
figured it was his turn once again!

As soon as he'd slammed that big hard cock inside me,
he'd first pushed my head down so that my face was now
into the pillows, and then he'd grabbed onto my hips
tightly with both hands! At this point I could literally
FEEL I was nothing more than a sex toy too him, and object
if you will, something to FUCK, and something to help HIM
get off! Believe it or not, that feeling is just SO intense
for me, so powerful, and so wonderful, and I absolutely
love it! I guess it truly is the submissive slut in me coming
out to play! I felt his fingers digging into my bare flesh,
and then he literally began ramming that big thick cock
in and out of me, as hard and fast as he could! All I could do
was literally dig my own fingers into the sheets beside
my head, and hang on as he fucked me, and slammed that big,
beautiful hard cock into me again and again!

I'm honestly not sure which one of us was moaning louder
at this point, but then suddenly something happened to
me, that I'd honestly never, ever had happen before!
I orgasmed again, and it was purely from him fucking me from
behind! Oh I've climaxed while being banged "doggie-style"
before but always, always, ALWAYS in the past, ONLY when
I'm masturbating as I'm being fucked that way!
I damn sure wasn't masturbating right then, and my
orgasm quite literally took me totally and completely
by surprise! it was alone quite honestly, one of the most
intense and powerful climaxes I'd ever had in my life
up until then! I really did see stars, but then what made
things even more intense if that's even possible,
was suddenly Richard grabbing my hips even tighter, and
then slamming into me very hard a few more times, before
just ramming that hard cock as deep in me as he could get it!

Richard literally lifted my lower half of that bed for a
second or two, as he held his big cock as deep inside me as
he could, and he filled me with his hot, thick, sticky cum!
His body jerked hard behind me, as I felt his hard cock jerking
deep inside me! As Richard unloaded deep inside me, I had
a sudden thought that both horrified me as well as TURNED
ME ON, to no end! I'd been off the pill for a couple of
months by then, after having some female problems while
using it! Steven and I'd been using either condoms
or the diaphragm the doctor had fitted me with, only right
then with Richard, we weren't using either! I have
no idea why the thought of us not using any protection, and
ME possibly even being "fertile" turned me
on so much, and yet it did! Drunk or not I should have known
better, and yet as I thought about it later, I was freaked
out, knowing I wouldn't have changed a thing!

Suddenly Richard feel to my side on the bed, his big cock
sliding out of me. I continued to stay there like that for
a few seconds more, my ass still up in the air, as I felt his
hot cum sliding out of me! I finally crashed down onto that
bed myself, and I curled up against him, my back to him as
he held me, and his wet, and now most soft cock rested against
my bare ass. Neither of us spoke as we lay there still breathing
hard, and as I began drifting off to sleep, I knew in my head
that in spite of what I've just told you, when he was
ready again, I was going to let him fuck me! Shortly after
that all I knew was darkness, as I drifted off into a peaceful
and dreamless, deep sleep!

I was the one who actually initiated round two a few hours
later, as I woke him up by sucking his big cock back to full
erection, and then climbing on top of him and mounting him!
This time he actually climaxed deep inside me before I climaxed
again myself, but it didn't take me long, and then we
were once again back to sleep! Round three didn't happen
until the next morning, and after a long hot shower together!
It was then I got this crazy Idea of making a fantasy come
true for both of us, and so I put my dress back on, and then
sat at this desk ion his room, after he'd also dressed
as well. He then walked up to me, pretending he'd just
entered my "office", and after I asked him if
I could help him with something, he picked me up out of my
chair, and bent me over my "desk" to fuck me!

Since or individual flights home were at least somewhat
close in departure times, I rode with him to the airport,
instead of taking the hotel shuttle service! Before he
turned in his rental car, we parked way out on one of the lots,
and I gave him one last blow job, and swallowed one last huge
hot load of his thick hot cum! It was sort of my own personal
"good-bye" to him, because in spite of anything
I might had said in the heat of passion, I honestly did know
that everything I'd done was wrong, oh so wrong! While
I couldn't honestly say that I wasn't in lust,
even love with his huge hard cock, still, I was married and
I did have a loving husband! I also didn't have any real
proof Steven had cheated on me as well, but even if he had,
I guess you could say we were more than even now!

THAT was my first time , ,, but it wasn't my last! And
to answer at least one question I know will come up: Yes,
I eventually DID fuck Richard again, but it was much, much
later, and AFTER Steven and I HAD, started swinging together!
Oh and this time HE got to watch!

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What a great story, got me so hard, more please


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I like your prose. Please write more about your adventures
towards self-discovery. How does Steven find out about
your lust? Do you get pregnant by Richard? Did not you not
think well of Richard? If Richard is not such a bad guy and
has the cock you desire, why not leave Steven for Richard?
It sounds like you would be much happier. In all your stories,
you never really state what it is you love about Steven,
especially since all your lovers have larger cocks than
his and satisfy you much more. What does Steven have that
keeps you wuth him?


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your a great sister and better wife alan


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What a lucky brother in law. I love how chances just end up
with sex and hormones raging...


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well written story, will have to look for others from you..silvergreyfox55


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Wow. Great writing. Great story. Thanks.


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OH what a wonderful story full of eroticism and excitement.
Made my very horny and hard wishing I was Richard pound your
sweet pussy.


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great story. have you taught your sister any new tricks