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A dinner out finished in a wild night


Maria wanted to meet me at a restaurant and have a nice dinner
out together, so she called me at work and said she would
take a taxi to meet me, she asked me even to book a table and
wait for her there.

There was a crisp nip in the air that Friday night as she sat
in the front seat, though she was usually sitting in the
backseat of the car, the driver was a nice young guy very
talkative, he was telling her some funny stories, while
looking at her sideways.

It was hot in the car so she undid her coat, her skirt rose
up a bit, but she didn’t set it right, moreover she crossed
her legs for the skirt to rise up higher, the driver was looking
at her legs, and she liked to tease him, when they got to the
parking lot of the restaurant he stopped on a dark corner
a little far away from the entrance and kissed her, then
he looked at her seriously and said “I want to fuck you”.

That made Maria really hot, and then his hand slipped under
her skirt, she really liked the sensation of his touch,
it felt so great, she wanted the driver too, and she really
wanted to please him, so she turned her face at him and said.
“Undo your jacket.”

He got what she wanted, Maria undid his belt and unzipped
his fly so her cock sprang free, his cockhead was shimmering
in the street lamps’ light, so delighted Maria took the
cock in her hands and caressed it, she was fondling the stem
and the balls, then she sucked on it deeply and it touched
her throat. [image] The driver sighed, moaning and pressing her head to his
cock, she was sucking, kissing and licking his cock, then
she sucked on both of his balls, the driver arched his back
impaling her mouth on his cock, as his hand reached under
her skirt to find her clit, and then he was speechless as
he noticed she has no paints on, but in a few seconds he regained
his breath and started rubbing her clit while she kept sucking
his cock.

Maria was speeding up, sucking faster and deeper, her fingers
were jacking off the shaft, her tongue was kissing and fondling
his piss hole, then caressing his balls and his asshole,
she was really wet but she wanted to please him, suddenly
the guy stopped fucking her mouth and Maria felt a cumload
hit her throat and she swallowed everything.

The guy was sitting still for some five minutes then he opened
his eyes and said “I’ve never felt anything like this
before, you’re just marvellous!”

Then he drove to the main entrance and as Maria stepped out
of the cab and onto the sidewalk in front of the restaurant,
she knew that a large percentage of the throng of people
waiting outside the door were looking at her as soon as she
stretched her long bare legs out of the cab, she knew that
her short black skirt had ridden up a little more than "acceptable"
and she was not wearing any paints, anyway she made no attempt
to pull it down and as she got out of the car closing door she
couldn’t help blowing a kiss to the driver and saying
“good bye” to him.

Maria moved a tassel of her hair from in front of her eyes
and strode up to the maître's podium and informed
him. "I'm meeting my husband for dinner tonight,
we already have a reservation."

He asked for the name of the reservation and after check
it he answered with a huge smile and did a better than average
job of hiding his ogling of her. "Of course, allow
me to show you to your table, Madam."

He escorted Maria through the restaurant to a back corner
booth partially closed in with a curtain which was tied
open at the moment, and there sitting in the booth wearing
a sly smile was me, I just greeted her as I kissed her lightly
on the side of her long neck. "Hello, Hum, you look

Maria didn't speak, just let out a low a short moan while
grinned at me, thinking back to her sexual adventure she
moaned, her pussy was so hot and wet, it was still leaking,
as a gentleman I helped her slide into the booth, laying
my hand on her back as she moved around to the back of the booth,
I followed her seating myself on her side and asked her as
I poured her a glass of red wine. "How was your day?"

Maria looked at me and I saw that little grin that I knew so
well, she stared into my eyes and in a soft whisper with a
slight edge to her tone of voice, she teased me, "I
have sucked the cab drive over here thinking about your
cock on my mouth and your hands on my body."

I just burst in laugh then I asked. "Should we order

Maria clamped her left hand on my right wrist, she moved
my hand down under the table and to the shifted hem of her
skirt, and then she told me as she grasped my middle finger
in her hand and dragged it beneath her skirt, shifting her
legs apart to make room for my hand. "I think you didn’t
understood me, I am in need of your attention immediately, "

When my fingertips touched her warm and wet pussy I noticed
she had not worn any panties, I raised my eyebrow and said
in a voice that made her shiver, "Well, I understand

And with that I slowly began stroking her swollen labia,
up and down each lip then over to the other lightly touching
her clit in the middle of each slow circuit, Maria was so
wet it was starting to drip down onto the leather of the booth
seat, I stared at her all the while I handled her, turned
in my seat to nearly face her side as she stared straight
ahead and out into the dining room, then the waitress came
to the table as she though they were able to order, without
words I signed a not yet, she smiled slightly at Maria, nodded
and walked away. [image2] "I saw you already had your appetizer while waiting
for me, now I'm having my appetizer now and I want to
savour every moment" Maria said to me giggling, I
whispered directly into her ear, "You may not have
room for anything else after."

And as I said that I gently but quickly slid my middle finger
all the way inside of Maria's moist cunt, letting the
heel of my hand slap up against her hard clit then slipping
my pointer finger alongside my middle finger, up and inside
of her and clamping down my palm over her mound, Maria convulsed
slightly on the seat and I started a slow in and out motion
with my fingers, sliding through her sopping wet pussy
lips, Maria tried to steady herself as she looked out into
the busy restaurant, watching all that people around whilst
she sat on that booth as I fucked her pussy with my fingers.

I whispered again in her ear while giggling, "Is this
what the lady ordered?"

Maria just smiled and reached over to touch the bulge rising
in my trousers, then she unzipped my pants and reached into
the fly, moving her hand to grasp my hard shaft through the
fly in my boxers, she tugged it roughly and quickly, freeing
it from its covers, my throbbing cockhead exposed to her
peripheral glances down at her prize, it was my turn to moan
slightly as Maria slowly and loosely stroked my erect manhood,
and then she took her hand off my cock and bringing it up to
her mouth, she licked her palm coating it with her saliva
before she dropped it back down to my cock, wrapped her palm
around my pounding cockhead and began pumping it slowly
but rhythmically.

I said softly. "That's much better, but your
other hand is idle."

Using her right hand she reached across her chest and tugged
on the side of her no arms blouse under the arm just behind
her breast, she loosened the opening there so that I could
see her braless breast, without even looked toward the
dining room I reached my hand into her blouse opened from
the side and it was then Maria realized she had not seen what
I had done with my hand before I moved it where she wanted
me, but she knew instantly that I had dipped my fingertips
in my ice water glass as she felt them grasp and pinch very
tightly onto her large, erect nipple.

"Unfff..." Maria uttered as my hands encompassed
her breast and I tugged her hard nipple away from the mound
of warm flesh it was atop, and at the same time, I began pumping
my fingers in and out of Maria's pussy in an earnest
and powerful rhythm, she tried to keep up the pace jacking
my cock as I finger fucked her and handled her breast, and
she started involuntarily rocking her hips to meet the
thrusts of my driving fingers, fucking my fingers back.
[image3] I watched her and noted her breathing, I knew she was close
to cumming so I twisted my fingers slightly and I started
lightly rubbing her clit with my ring finger, with each
in-stroke of my fingers I gathered a little more of her juices
dripping from her cunt onto the end of my ring finger and
then on one slower in-stroke I pushed the tip of my ring finger
into her ass, Maria jumped a little pleasantly surprised
and her eyes popped open form the dazed position they had
assumed as she felt my finger enter her asshole, then she
cooed while fucking my fingers as they pumped in and out
of her ass and I worked her breast.

Then Maria shifted her hips slightly forward and met my
next finger in-stroke sharper, pushing my ring finger
past the second knuckle up into her asshole while I kept
rubbing her clit with my thumb, Maria moaned louder than
she had intended, but she kept moving her hips as I drove
into her while she begged as turned to face me "Fuck

I kissed her as she gripped my hard cock like she was holding
on to keep from falling, gripping my fingers strong within
her pussy as I fucked her in the restaurant, close to another
couple oblivious to what was happening literally right
in front of us, Maria was getting close to cumming, she knew
it and I knew it, so I whispered watching her eyes roll, eyelids
flicker as her body twitched under the fuck of my hand. "Are
you ready for me to make you cum?"

Maria opened her full lips as she felt a wave of pleasure
building in her, and all that escaped was a breathy moan
as her orgasm shook her body, I watched her come down from
the heights of her orgasm, allowing her to relax before
slowly removed my soaked fingers from Maria's body,
then she told me giggling “Now, I’m ready to order.”

We both laughed and Maria went to the toilette to clean and
compose herself, she went downstairs and the first door
was the men's room, the ladies room was at the ned of
the corridor so she decided to take a look inside, she pushed
open the door and the site that greeted Maria turned her
on again, a black man peeing with a big semi-hard cock swinging
freely, and a white man peeing too but at the end of the room.
[image4] The black guy barely looked up at Maria when she came in,
but the older guy seemed to get a rush out of being watched
by a woman while peeing, Maria just stood there for a minute
or two watching them, then the black guy motioned her over
while asked her to stroke him, Maria did it and ran her hands
over his body until she reached his cock, then she began
stroking it, she noticed the white guy coming over, so with
her other hand she began stroking his cock too.

Maria was enjoying her time, stroking two guys at a men’s
toilette, she stroke them for a couple of minutes and then
she could feel from his grunts that the black guy was about
to come, and she was looking forward to having her hand full
of spunk from his cock and balls, but just then he did something
that surprised her totally, he reached over and grabbed
Maria by the back of her neck, pulling her forward and pushing
her down to her knees at the same time, and as soon as she was
on her knees, he stuck his cock against her face, it was obvious
to Maria even in her highly aroused state, that she could
either suck it or he would blast his spurt all over her.

So Maria opened her mouth and took that cock into her and
began to suck it, no sooner than she started he began to cum,
shooting spurt after spurt of his spunk into her mouth,
Maria swallowed the whole load, and as she finished cleaning
him with her tongue she began to get up, but he pushed her
down again and gave a look and a quick jerk of his head to the
white guy, who turned around and stuck his already hard
cock right into her mouth, Maria, of course, started sucking
him immediately, delighted to have another big cock into
her mouth. [image5] After a minute or two of Maria sucking his cock, the bathroom
door opened and another guy came in, Maria glanced over
at him, afraid for a minute that he was security or something,
only to find a young guy astonished and speechless watching
the scene, the black guy again gave a quick jerk of his head
to the new guy, he nodded in understanding and immediately
started pulling his cock out of his pants and starting to
jerk off.

Maria sucked another minute or two while getting aroused
by being watched, then she felt his cock stiffen as he grabbed
the back of her head by the hair and pushed his cock deep into
her mouth, then spurt over spurt of his sperm hit the roof
of Maria’s mouth, and as he pulled out of her the young
guy grabbed her arm and pulled her up off the floor, they
all together fight to push her skirt down to her knees, and
as they did it she could feel the young guy’s cock rubbing
against her ass cheeks, while the other’s guys cock were
rubbing up against her belly.

After a few minutes of that, the black guy put his hands on
her shoulders and made it clear he wanted Maria to turn around,
she glanced at him and winked smiling, then she turned and
bent over the sink, the young guy wet his fingers with as
much cum as he could from her wetness and used it to lube her
asshole, with one hand she guided his cock into her as his
other hand reached back and tried to spread her ass cheeks
as far as she could, and then he slid into her ass hole and
began to give her one wild ass fuck.

At the same time, the white guy looked much more confident
and came over and offered his cock to Maria’s mouth, which
she happily accepted, at some point the rhythm changed,
and Maria looked back over her shoulder and realized the
guy fucking her ass began make noises like he was going to
cum, she got her back over his cock pacing her thrusts with
his, just in time to take a big spurt of sperm from him and
into her ass. [image6] That must have turned the guy on her mouth on and he was ready
to shot his spunk too, so Maria told him she wanted him to
come in her mouth, he nodded and stuck his cock the deeper
he could into her mouth holding her head with both hands,
and within a couple of seconds he was jerking his spunk into
her mouth again, but just as he started to fill Maria’s
mouth with his sperm, she saw the black guy standing to her
left furiously stroking his cock, so once the white guy
finished shooting his sperm, she turned her head and took
the black guy in her mouth for the second time.

He, too, grabbed Maria’s head and fucked her mouth, almost
gagging her by pushing his long cock all the way down her
throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, it wasn't
long before he cum again and the sperm he dropped in her mouth
wasn't quite as big as the first time, but it was still
pretty impressive.

After they finished with her, Maria stood and kissed them,
in a minute, all three of them were out the door, leaving
her hard and hot, she rescued her skirt from the floor, cleaned
herself and went back to the table, for her arousement I
clearly noticed something had happened at the toilet,
I just asked her what she wanted to eat, and she giggled while
saying that she already had eat enough.

I almost burst in laugh by her answer so I called the waitress
to pay, by the waitress red face when she approached the
table we knew she had noticed what we were done before, as
I paid I went to the toilet to wash my hands before leave and
as I came back to the table I noticed the couple close to us
was looking complicity at Maria and she was smiling at them,
I didn’t say nothing I just asked her "Now, ready
for dessert at another place?"

"Yes, surely, what do you have in mind, " Maria

I laughed and whispered “a surprise” at her ear, then
as soon as we left the restaurant I called a taxi, he arrived
and without Maria hearing me I gave the taxi driver an address,
he sent Maria a wild smile while he nodded to me and as we went
into the taxi, Maria immediately started rubbing my crotch
through my pants and I responded nicely, so she unzipped
my pants and freed my cock and it immediately swelled again
to life, so there we were again, that time in the backseat
of a cab, my cock in Maria’s hand and her pussy getting
sopping wet, then she bent down and slid her mouth around
the head of my cock, sucking lightly and flicking the tip
with her tongue, while her hands stroked my shaft and played
with my balls.

I started to moan, and when Maria looked up she noticed that
the taxi driver was watching us in his mirror, she stopped
sucking for a moment and told him that if he wanted to watch
us he should at least pull over to the curb, so we wouldn't
have an accident and he did it almost instantly. [image7] Maria smiled at the driver, who was a pretty good-looking
black guy, and he smiled back, then she turned back to my
cock and resumed sucking it and flicking her tongue around
the tip, while she had one hand between her legs finger fucking
herself and playing with her clit, Maria was already very
wet and warm again, most probably because she had a spectator

Maria rubbed the tip of her finger in little circles around
her clit, and every so often she would plunge two fingers
deep into her pussy, while she continued to work on my cock
and was taking me deeper and deeper sucking harder and harder
and her slurping sounds were echoing through the taxi.

Suddenly we heard a noise, and Maria looked up to see the
driver climbing over the front seat and into the back, he
had already stripped naked, and his big black cock was bouncing
back and forth as he climbed in, Maria reached out and put
her hand on it, and then the driver got behind her and pulled
down her blouse, then he pulled her skirt down and as far
as did it he just started fucking Maria right there and then
while she picked up each knee as he slid if off her legs, so
she was kneeling there completely naked, in the back seat
of a cab, in broad daylight, with a naked black stranger
behind her and a half naked husband in front of her, who she
was sucking harder and harder.

I winked at the driver and told him to enjoy, he winked back
and put his hands on Maria’s hips and pushed his pelvis
up against her ass, and his black cock immediately found
her wet pussy lips, she arched her back a little bit to give
him the angle, and he plunged his whole cock right into her
cunt without any problem, Maria felt it go into her as far
as it could, and then he slowly started sliding that cock
in and out of her pussy, pulling it almost all the way out
and then fucking her deep again.

Maria paced her sucks on my cock with his thrusts and after
a while he reached around with one hand and started fingering
her clit as his other hand joining mine squeezing her tits
tweaking her nipples, and then moving to the other tit,
both of us going back and forth on her, Maria then felt that
he was about to cum, so she told him to slow down a bit because
she wanted us all to come together if possible.

Then I said I was about to shoot my load, so Maria told the
driver to do it hard again, and he did it, as her orgasm got
closer and closer she sucked my cock harder, she could feel
his cock start to throb and pulsate as he was moaning louder
and louder, and then Maria felt me stiffen, I grabbed the
back of her head by the hair and pushed my cock deep into her
mouth, and the first spurt of my sperm hit the roof of Maria’s
mouth, the next spurt hit the back of her tongue, and then
the rest of my sperm filled her mouth and she did her best
to swallow the much she could.

At that point, the driver’s cock in her pussy and his fingers
on her clit drove Maria over the edge, and she screamed as
best she could with a mouthful of cum and cock, her body shaking
all over as she exploded under a wild and strong orgasm.
[image8] As the intensity of Maria’s climax subsided, she sucked
my cock dry, getting all the come out of it and swallowing
it all, the driver was still fucking her wild and hard, and
at that point Maria asked him if he wanted to shoot his load
in her mouth or in her pussy, and all he could say was that
he was almost there, Maria felt him pick up his pace and then
his pelvis was smacking her ass with each down stroke, both
his hands were squeezing and holding onto her tits and pulling
at her nipples hard, that just made Maria had another huge
orgasm for the night.

Maria knew he was close to cumming, as he started to pulse,
and then he yelled and she felt his first spurt of sperm explode
into the inner walls her pussy, during the second spurt,
she felt it all wet inside her pussy, he shot so much spunk
that it felt as if he just emptied his entire body inside
her pussy, Maria then reached around to grab his softening
cock as it was sliding out of her, rubbing his sticky cock
along her pussy lips and against her clit, some of his sperm
ran out of her pussy and into her hand, and Maria rubbed it
all over her belly and tits.

Maria then turned around and trusts her ass in my direction,
I took the hint grabbing her hips and sticking my cock right
in where the taxi driver spunk was leaking out and started
fucking her really hard, Maria didn’t waste her time
and grabbed the driver’s cock and took it in her mouth,
sucking it for all she was worth, wanting that black cock
to explode in her mouth too.

After about five minutes of serious deep throating his
cock began to throb again, and without warning he shot another
load of his warm spunk that time into her mouth, Maria swallowed
what she could, but some of it leaked out the side of her mouth
just like it leaked out of her pussy the first time, shortly
thereafter, I started banging fast and furiously against
her ass, and then I let out a yell and she felt my second load
of spunk fill her pussy. [image8] Before long my cock felt out of her soaking wet pussy but
she continued to lick and suck the driver’s cock for a
little while, but then he said he had to get back to work,
so he climber into the front, got dressed and started up
the engine, Maria laughingly said, "I hate it when
they just fuck and run!"

Both of us had a good laugh with that, I got dressed also,
but as he drove us along Maria just lay there for a little
while completely naked in the back seat of the taxi in broad
daylight with two loads of spunk running out of her pussy
and another load on her face and tits, she played with her
clit and pussy for a while, rubbing the still dripping sperm
all around her pussy lips while put two fingers into her
twat and slid them in and out, rubbing circles around her
clit with her other hand.

When I told her we were close to arrive our destination Maria
threw her feet up on the back of the front seat, with her legs
wide apart, so the driver could get a good look in his mirror,
and then she frigged herself as hard as she could until she
screamed out in pleasure, wave after wave of intensity
pulsed through her, and Maria got a long wild orgasm for
what seemed like two minutes or more, then when it was over
she collapsed back against the seat and tried to catch her

Then Maria heard a round of howling, there had been a group
of guys in a car beside ours that witnessed the whole thing,
we didn’t noticed it but our driver even had slow down
his speed so they could get a really better view of her performance,
Maria waved a kiss to them and cleaned herself the best she
could then get dressed and composed still wondering where
I was planning to go with her.

A few minutes later we arrived, the taxi slows as he pulled
into the parking lot and immediately a flashing, red, neon
sign saying "Adult Entertainment. 24 Hours” catches
her attention and Maria started laughing and asked "We're
stopping here?"

With a mischievous grin and a wink, I just replied, "Didn’t
I ask you what do you want for dessert? Here I promise you
a great dessert, let's just take it."

Excited Maria followed me into the adult store, videos
and magazines line the walls, and all colours, shapes,
and sizes of vibrators adorn the shelves, then I bought
the tickets and she laughed at a sign announcing that the
store takes used magazines, I gave her a ticket to the adult
theatre on the other side of the store and I told her "Go
on in, I'll be there in minute."

As Maria went in and sat at a back row she immediately noticed
she was the only woman there, men dot the theatre and they
were all looking at her, a woman alone, the movie screen
dimly lights it and then one sat next to her and put his hand
on her leg, Maria looked back to check where I was, as she
didn’t saw me she stood up to leave and look at me, but the
man got up right behind her and as she walked away he reached
out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back into an area
of the theatre hidden by a half-wall divider as he pulled
her from the corner of her eye, Maria saw the other men were
watching them, and even two of them got up and follow them
and an excited curiosity pulsed through Maria like electrical

The room was small, furnished with only a chair or two, Maria’s
thoughts raced as she wondered what they were going to do
with her, then the man turned her around and pushed her back
up against the counter as he looked at her in the dim light,
Maria felt his hand move up under her skirt and pushed in
between her thighs feeling her wetness, other two men had
moved closer to watch them, she glanced down and saw a big
bulge in his pants, then he looked around and Maria heard
him say to the others in a loud whisper, "Come over
here, she didn’t wear paints, she was ready to be fucked."
[image9] The two guys come over, one on either side of her, as the stranger
moved forward and positioned himself between her legs,
then one of the men whispered in her ear, "Oh, yeah,
do you want some cock?"

Maria was fully aroused, the stranger reached forward
and ripped on her blouse as each button popped off and flied
into the darkness exposing her braless puckered and hard
breasts, Maria’s nipples stood out for their delight,
then shadows jumped on the wall as more men gather, Maria
felt the man reaching and raising her skirt to expose her
wet pussy, he lift her onto the counter so they all could
get a good look at her exposed pussy and then he yelled to
the others "She's shaved."

Maria could hear a few laughs while he unzipped his pants,
he was going to fuck her right there, and all the others are
going to watch and take their turns with her, Maria thought,
and her body shivering in anticipation, then he said "I'm
going to fuck your pussy wide with my cock."

All men around were whistling and growling as Maria felt
the tip of the stranger's cock in her entrance, and
then he shoved himself into her in one long hard thrust,
ramming into her, fucking her wild as the guys encouraged
him, he was just fucking Maria deeply into her pussy pumping
in hard rhythm, as the men crowd around her were stroking
their cocks in anticipation, suddenly the man fucking
her speeds up and she knew he was close to coming.

"Pump her full, man, quickly, we want to take our turn
with her too" a few onlookers urged.

He watched Maria’s face and her eyes as he pushed hard
and fast into her, then he lets loose a loud grunt as he thrusts
even deeper into her pussy and she could feel his spurts
of hot cum reaching her insides, then with one last shudder
and a satisfied moan, he pulled out and grinned at her. "You
like that? You like being fucked?"

Maria smiled as nodded to him, he then zipped his pants as
another guy stepped up and said as he dropped his pants "My
turn to unload."

Maria’s eyes widen in lust when his cock bounces into
view, he is enormous, Maria couldn’t move at all, she
was there just staring at his cock as he approached her stroking
himself, she could feel the liquefied cum of the first guy
dripping down her legs as the new man pressed his cockhead
against her pussy wetting it, then with one hard thrust
he shoved his cock all the way down her pussy and started
thrusting hard and deep into her, Maria bite her lip and
squeezed her eyes shut in ecstasy, but a gasp and a loudly
moan escaped her parted lips, feeling her pleasure he thrusts
again, slamming her hard, hitting bottom with each plunge
and again the other men offer encouragement grunting hoarsely
"Oh yeah, fuck that pussy."

Another voice admires, "Look at that pussy can take
that big cock! Hey, don't wear it out for the rest of
us, man!"

They all laughed as he kept ramming into her harder and faster
and Maria could hear him whispering on her ear "I’m
going to come in you too, do you like that? Do you want your
pussy full of come?"

With those words Maria’s body shivered as she reached
a violent orgasm, the man fucking her noticed it and he couldn’t
hold it any longer, he thrusts deeply one last time into
her, filling her pussy with his hot thick spunk. [image10] As he zipped his pants a third man stepped up for his turn,
he grabbed her arms, turning her and, bending Maria over
the counter as his hot breath tickled her ear as he said,
"I'm going to fuck your ass but cum in your pussy."

Maria loosed in her lust didn’t say any word, she was just
ready for him and the others, so with one hand tangled in
her hair, the other cupping the roundness of her ass, he
was spreading her open as he slowly slides into her asshole,
he moaned loudly in pure lust as he did it, then his hips slammed
against her ass in a frenzied rhythm, and Maria was wondering
if he'll be able to stop himself from cumming there,
glanced around she noticed the other men were stroking,
each one waiting his turn, suddenly, the guy in her ass pulled
out and jammed himself into her pussy, grunting loudly,
and he too filled Maria full with his spunk.

Each man took his turn unloading his sperm into Maria, some
into her pussy others into her ass, spunk were oozing from
her holes as she couldn’t hold it all, they all were empty
their balls into her until finally they were all spent,
while Maria was raw from the hard fucking, as the last man
zipped his pants and shuffled from the room Maria lie limp
on the countertop, she had been well fucked, and a satisfied
smile sneaked through her exhaustion as I approached from
a dark corner where I was watching them all the time.

"So, did you like it?" I inquired, Maria with
a wild smile just nodded her head yes, as my fingers slide
under her chin and lift her face to mine as my lips found hers.
"I've wanted to give you a great time, so do you
think it was good for a dessert?"

Maria just whispered as our lips melt softly together "Oh,
yes, it was the best dessert on my life, I love you, but now
let’s go home a need a hot shower and a good sleep!"

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