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A couple asks a best friend to take pictures of them and he joins in.


A couple asks a best friend to take pictures of them and he
joins in.
My husband and I had talked for some time of having pictures
taken of us during our lovemaking. We have taken several
pictures of each other while making love but wanted pictures
that showed the most intimate moments and even though we
had tried, it was awkward to work with a camera and the pictures
we did take were blurred or out of focus. After discussing
it several times, I agreed to allow his best friend, Mike,
take pictures of us.

On the day we had agreed, I prepared dinner for the three
of us and we polished off a bottle of wine with our dinner
to help us all relax. Even though we had agreed to this, I
think we were all a little nervous about what we were going
to do. Jeff and Mike had shared a woman before (Mike's
ex-wife as a matter of fact) but this was going to be different.
For one thing we had planned this to happen where before
it was spontaneous and we had all agreed that Mike was only
to take pictures but would not be joining into the activities.
I was still nervous about the idea of Mike being in the room
with us. Jeff and I enjoyed making love with the lights on
so we could watch each other's expressions as well
as see how our bodies reacted to touches but I wasn't
sure I would be able to keep my eyes open to see what Jeff was
doing to me and see Mike standing next to me or watching the
flash of the camera.

After dinner we all retired to the living room where Jeff
and I sat on the couch with Mike sitting in the recliner slightly
behind us. Jeff sat with his back against the arm of the couch
and I sat between his legs with my back against his chest.
As we all chatted and watched a movie, Jeff began massaging
my shoulders and neck, pushing his fingers deep into my
tense muscles to help me relax. I'm not sure exactly
what it is but Jeff is the only man I have ever meet who is able
to who is able to excite me with the slightest, most casual
or innocent touch. As I lay against him I can feel myself
getting wet as his large strong hands rub circular patterns
on my shoulders and his thumbs follow my spinal column up
my neck under my long light brown hair. I can feel his warm
moist breath against my ear as he talks with Mike.

Soon the hand closest to the couch comes up to caress my ear.
Jeff knows how sensitive my ears are and soon I am biting
my lip to keep from crying out as my body shivers against
him. I am pressing my hips tight against the couch in an effort
to keep them from squirming as Jeff continues his sweet
torment while keeping up his conversation with Mike. Jeff
brings his other arm around the front of me as if he is giving
me a hug but his hand cups my breast and he begins stroking
his thumb against my nipple. I was unable to hold back a low
moan when Jeff pinched the hardening nipple between his

I decided that two could tease as well so I arched myself
away from Jeff long enough to slip a hand between us. I allowed
my fingers to gently press against his hardened cock before
I squeezed it. My fingers wrapping as far around him as possible
through his jeans and stroking up towards the head, then
rubbing the palm of my hand across it. Jeff began rocking
his hips up to meet my hand and slipped his tongue into my

I could no longer control myself and began rocking my hips
to the rhythm of Jeff's thumb against my nipple and
his tongue in my ear. My breath was coming faster and I could
feel my other nipple stiffening against his arm. I rubbed
his cock harder, wanting him to cum with me. Jeff put his
hand between us and grabbed mine, pulling it away so I could
no longer touch him. Using the hand holding mine, he pushed
me away from him so he could stand; grinning down at me he
promised he would be right back as I lay down on the couch.


I tried to make small talk with Mike as I waited for Jeff to
come back. There was no way he could miss the way my breath
was still coming fast or the way I stumbled over some words
as we talked. I could only wonder at what he had seen as Jeff
and I sat teasing each other. I was glad I was lying down on
the couch because I wasn't sure I could face our friend
at this time and began to have serious second thoughts about
Mike taking pictures of us.

When Jeff came back into the living room, I started to push
myself up but Jeff sat between my legs. I began rubbing his
back; neck and shoulders as we talked with Mike and Jeff
soon pulled my feet up so that they rested on his lap as he
caressed them. I was licking and sucking on Jeff's
neck while he continued talking with Mike and stroking
my feet. Soon Jeff pulled off my socks and tossed them to
the floor so that he could run his fingers over my bare feet
and between the toes.

My toes curled as his fingers stroked over the tops of my
feet, then arched as his fingers firmly rubbed across the
bottoms. It felt so good when he pushed his fingers between
my toes that I couldn't help myself and gasped out loud
as my back arched against the arm of the couch and my pussy
rubbed on his back.

I could feel myself getting hotter and wetter from Jeff's
caresses and noticed that Mike had fallen silent as he watched
our foreplay. When Jeff pulled one of my feet to his mouth
so he could suck and nibble on my toes I used my other foot
to rub his cock through his jeans as my tongue curled inside
his ear.

Jeff pushed the leg of my jeans up so he could caress the back
of my knee as he sucked on my toes. I was furiously rubbing
the arch of my other foot against the hard bulge under his
zipper as my hips rotated, grinding my pussy against his
back. My body was shaking with my need to cum and I allowed
my head to fall back so that I was looking at Mike upside down
almost as he stared at the action we were providing.

I had forgotten that Mike was in the room with us, as he had
become so quiet, intent on watching us. I must have stiffened
when I saw him and Jeff noticed the change in my attitude
because he turned to look at me and saw Mike watching us.
Pulling my toes from his hot wet mouth, Jeff licked the arch
of my foot and gently bite down on my heel before turning
his body slightly so that he was sitting sideways between
my wide spread thighs.

Jeff pulled my face down to his with one of his strong hands
on the back of my neck to kiss me. At the first teasing touch
of his tongue against my lips, I once again forgot about
Mike watching us and turned my attentions to my husband.
My arms wrapped around his back, pulling his shirt up so
that I could stroke the muscles in his back as our tongues
danced together in my mouth. Using the softest of touches,
Jeff flicked his tongue over the sensitive roof of my mouth,
causing me to moan deep in my throat as my hips once again
began squirming against him. The way we were sitting caused
the seam of my jeans to press tightly against my clit and
I began rocking my body in an effort to make myself cum.

Jeff slid his hand between our bodies and gently cupped
my pussy. I broke our kiss with a moan and pulled back so that
I could look into his eyes as he softly stroked me. Using
the lightest of touches at first, Jeff slipped his hand
from my clit down to my ass again and again, each time the
caress getting stronger.

I tried slipping my hand around his shoulder so that I could
caress him through his clothing as well but Jeff always
gripped my hand and moved it after allowing me a few short
strokes. He would do the same thing when I pulled my foot
into his lap once more to rub the arch of my foot against his
hard cock.

"That feels so good, baby, " I moaned to him,
as his touch once again got softer. "I love the way
you make me feel when you touch me."

"I can feel how hot and wet you are through your pants, "
Jeff whispered to me as his hand moved up to undo the button
on my jeans. As he slid the zipper down, his tongue once again
pushed into my mouth and probed deeply. I sucked on his tongue
as his hand slipped inside my jeans but when his fingers
touched my clit, I broke our kiss once more with a moan as
my body arched into his touch and my head fell back again.

As Jeff rolled my clit with his fingers, Mike sat in the recliner
with his own jeans undone. Watching the action through
the lens of a camera, snapping pictures that from his angle
could not have shown much other than my jeans undone and
Jeff's hand disappearing into them. What held my fascination
though was that while Mike was holding the camera with one
hand, his other was wrapped around his dick, stroking himself.

Jeff began sucking on my nipples through my clothes and
his fingers slipped even further down to tease the opening
of my pussy. Biting down on one nipple, Jeff allowed only
the tips of three fingers to enter me before pulling back
out. My body was shuddering with my desire to cum and I began
begging him to put his fingers inside me deeper.

Instead, Jeff pulled himself away from me long enough to
pull my pants down to my knees before resuming sucking and
biting on my nipples through my shirt. His fingers lazily
trailing over my slit from just above my clit to my asshole
but never lingering anywhere long enough.

The teasing was driving my wild and as I ran my fingers through
his hair I was begging him to fuck me. Every time I tried to
touch his cock with my hands or feet, Jeff would pull me away.
I could no longer take his teasing touch to my tits and pushed
him away long enough to pull my shirt over my head and unfasten
my bra. I wanted to feel his tongue licking my nipples, wanted
nothing to dull the sharp edges of his teeth as he bite down
on me.

I was moaning and squirming like a woman possessed but every
time Jeff felt my pussy begin to tighten as I was ready to
cum, he would pull away from me. I was almost in tears with
my need to cum, demanding that he fuck me hard as my hands
stroked Jeff's chest, arms and back or tangled in his

"Please, baby, fuck me, " I was urging him.
"I want to feel your hard cock stroking the walls of
my pussy. I'm so hot, baby, please fuck me hard and deep."

Looking up from my nipples, Jeff whispered back, "I
want to taste you first. Can Mike take pictures of my licking
your pussy, sucking on your clit?"

"I would love that, " I answered him back and
heard Mike quickly get up from his chair, kick his jeans
all the way off and walk over to us as Jeff slide further down
my body.

My eyes fluttered close as I felt Jeff's hot breath
fan across my pussy and I arched my back to push my cunt closer
to his face. As my eyes drifted close, I saw Mike stepping
closer to the couch and bending over so that he could take
a close up of Jeff's tongue lapping at my clit. Just
as my eyes shut, I noticed drops of precum beading on the
head of Mike's cock, which he held firmly in his hand.
My tongue flicked out to lick my lips as I moaned but at the
feeling of Jeff's tongue against me or the sight of
the precum slipping out of the purple head of Mike's

"Open your eyes, baby, " Jeff whispered to
me as he backed away from my gaping pussy. "I want to
be able to see you watching me, please."

My eyes opened to see Jeff's brown eyes staring up at
me from between my legs. His eyes were dark with passion
and looked like twin pools of warm chocolate that I wanted
to throw myself into. My hand came down from behind my head
to cup the side of Jeff's face and he turned his head
to kiss my palm before once again pressing his tongue against
my clit.

My hand slipped around the back of his head to push Jeff closer
to me as my hips rocked under the assault of his tongue. His
fingers were teasing the opening of my pussy as he sucked
my clit into his mouth. My back arched, my breath panting
as I moved closer and closer to exploding all over my husband's
face. As a flash washed over my body, I turned to see Mike
standing close to my shoulder still intent on taking pictures
of Jeff and I.

"Oh, baby. It feels so good when you suck on my clit.
Put your fingers inside me, please. I want you to finger
fuck me, Jeff. Make me cum all over you, please." I
was begging as my fingers tangled in his hair, pushing him
deeper into me.

Kissing my clit as he released it from his mouth, Jeff pushed
his tongue deep into my pussy, twirling it around. My hand
came around to touch my clit as Jeff tongue fucked my pussy.
I could feel my pussy burning hotter and getting tighter
as I got ready to cum only to have Jeff pull my hand away and
suck my fingers clean. I groaned in protest as my hips continued
to rotate.

"Don't cum yet, " Jeff commanded me. "I'll
tell you when you can cum but not yet."

His voice was harsher than I had ever heard him speak to me
before and slowly my hips stopped rotating under his glare.
Never before had Jeff been able to resist watching me playing
with myself and I was stunned that not only would he not allow
me to do so now but was actually withholding orgasms from
me. I had always been one of the lucky women who could have
multiple orgasms and in the past, Jeff had always enjoyed
making me cum over and over before he would even enter me.
Tonight though he was pushing our teasing to new limits
by keeping me on the edge as long as he was.

Usually, I was the one who teased Jeff. Using my hands, feet
or mouth I would stroke, lick and suck his hard cock until
he was begging to be inside me. I could take his cock deep
into my throat but during oral sex, only a certain touch
in an incredible sensitive area would set off his orgasm
and I enjoyed teasing him as long as possible. I have to admit
it was thrilling to be on the receiving end of such intense

After my hips had stopped rotating and my breathing was
slowly returning to normal, Jeff once again bent his head
and pushed his tongue against my clit. He was not licking
it, just holding his tongue against me and my hips began
rocking so that my clit was sliding around under his tongue.
Gently Jeff bit down on my clit before pushing his tongue
inside my pussy. I could feel my pussy clamping down on his
tongue as he wiggled it deep inside me.

I once again began rubbing my clit as Jeff tongue fucked
me, moaning and rocking my hips faster as I rushed towards
an orgasm. Jeff pulled his tongue from my steaming pussy
and watched my stroking my clit. His tongue slipping in
to stroke my clit with my fingers until I removed my fingers
and turned myself over to his hungry mouth once more.

Feeling the muscles in my stomach and legs tightening,
Jeff once again pulled his mouth away from my pussy. Looking
up at me from between my thighs, I could see his face wet from
my pussy juices as he licked his lips and sucked the bottom
one into his mouth.

"You taste so good. I love how hot and wet you get for
me, " Jeff told me as his fingers moved to spread my
pussy lips wide open and he bent his head to lick me. As he
raised his tongue I could see my pussy juices pooling on
his tongue as flash after flash erupted from the camera.

Holding Jeff's eyes with mine, I moved my hand back
to my pussy. I gasped loudly as my fingers brushed against
my clit before burying two of my fingers inside. Slowly
I slide them in and out as Jeff's gaze dropped to watch
me fucking myself before I slowly removed them. I could
feel my thick cum coating them and when Jeff tried to capture
them in his mouth, I pushed him away by placing my other hand
on his forehead to stop him. As Jeff watched, I pulled my
hand up my body, stopping once to rub some of my juices on
my nipple before rubbing my finger lightly across my lips
then sucking them into my mouth.

I moaned as the taste of my pussy exploded on my taste buds
when I sucked my fingers into my mouth. I began fucking my
mouth with my fingers and sucking on them loudly as if I was
sucking on Jeff's cock. Pulling my fingers from my
mouth, I spread the fingers apart and licked between them
trying to get every drop of my cum out of between them.

"Oh God." I heard but when I looked down at Jeff,
I noticed he was looking over at Mike who was the one who had
moaned. As I turned my head to look at him, Mike pulled my
fingers from my mouth and pushed the head of his cock in.
I gazed up at him as the flash went off on the camera again,
momentarily blinding me as he tried to capture an image
of me sucking his cock for the first time.

As Mike pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, he kept taking
pictures. My hand came up to hold the base of his cock, bending
it down as I swirl my tongue around him. Using the tip of my
tongue I licked the slit on the head of his cock, tasting
his precum before opening my mouth wider to allow him to
push in further.

My hand squeezed around Mike's hard cock as he fucked
my mouth. I was moaning around him, the vibrations of my
mouth traveling down his dick while he kept snapping pictures
of me sucking his cock. Mike twisted to the side to take pictures
of Jeff's tongue licking my clit and his fingers fucking
my pussy.

I could hear Jeff's words of encouragement as he watched
me suck off his best friend. "I love watching you suck
on another man's dick. Knowing how good it feels when
you do it for me. Your pussy is getting so hot and wet, baby."

Jeff pulled my other hand down to touch my clit as he fingered
my pussy. I could feel Jeff's hot slippery tongue pushing
on my clit with my fingers. I pulled Mike's cock out
of my mouth and stroked it with my hand, moaning as Jeff pushed
four fingers inside me, the tip of his thumb entering me
as he tried pushing his entire hand inside me. I could feel
my pussy tearing as Jeff pushed hard against me but I craved
the pain, knowing what intense pleasure would follow and
I rocked my body back to help force his hand inside.

I swallowed Mike's cock to cover the sounds of my screams
as Jeff's hand ripped it's way into me until he
was buried to his wrist. The pain was incredible but Jeff
quickly began curling his fingers so that he was stroking
the walls of my pussy with his fingertips causing my hips
to begin rocking up at him. I used my fingers to expose my
clit to his hungry mouth and moaned as he sucked it into his

I turned my head so that I could stare down my body at him,
my mouth full of Mike's cock and my cheeks heaving as
I sucked on him. Jeff's eyes were wide open, looking
up at me. He pulled his fist out of me and then pushed it roughly
back into me, feeling my body stiffen and push back up at
him. I cupped his face with my hand, sticky with my own cum
from playing with my clit. My thumb tracing over his eyebrow
and lid, the muscles of his jaw bunching against the palm
of my hand as he sucked on my clit. As he watched my face, Jeff
gently bit down on my clit causing me to buck under him and
release Mike from my mouth again.

Squeezing Mike's cock with one hand, I began talking
to my husband. "Oh, baby. It feels so good to have your
fist deep inside of me and your mouth on my clit." My
hand moved from the side of his face back to run through his
hair, pushing his face hard against my pussy.

"Your hand is so big it feels like you are going to tear
me apart. Fuck me slow and hard, baby. I want you to fuck me
deep, please, " I was begging him.

Rather than giving me the fucking I was asking for, Jeff
began stroking the walls of my pussy with his fingers, gently
twisting his hand inside me so that he could touch all sides
of me. My body was quaking under him, rocking against his
hand to try to make him fuck me, as I wanted, needed right

Using his tongue to lap at my clit, Jeff would start at the
bottom, near the opening of my pussy and lick his way up to
the top of my clit. As his tongue would slip off the top of
my clit, he would talk to Mike and I, offering directions
on the pictures he wanted taken, encouragement for me to

"Take a picture of my hand inside her, " Jeff
commanded pulling his face back away from my clit to allow
Mike a clear picture.

Mike leaned over to take a picture, speechless as he watched
Jeff's hand coated in my cum and a small amount of blood
slip part way out of me before pushing back inside. "Oh,
God, " Mike whispered as he snapped several pictures.
Mike sat the camera aside and pushed his finger against
my clit.

"Ohhhhh, " I cried as my hands came up to cup
my breasts and pinch my nipples, my body writhing on the
couch under the touch of Jeff and Mike. My hips were bouncing
on the couch, pushing my pussy up against Jeff's hand,
and trying to get him deeper inside me. Mike's finger
rubbing circles on my clit while Jeff's fingers continued
to stroke the deepest walls of my pussy.

"Oh, God, baby. Right there! It feels so good, Jeff.
Don't stop. Please don't stop. I'm gonna
cum for you, baby, " I yell as my pussy begins to spasm
around his hand. The hot cum slipping down his knuckles
and fingers like lava as my cunt clenches at his hand.

This was too much for Mike to handle and he began stroking
his cock as he watched me cum, the expression on my face and
the sound of my screams causing him to cum quickly. I could
feel his hot cum splashing on my tits and face. I opened my
mouth wide to try to catch some in my mouth as my body kept
shaking with my own orgasm. All through it, Jeff kept pumping
his hand in and out of my pussy, timing it so that as my pussy
would open up before clenching back down on him he would
push in deeper.

As Mike finished cumming, he sank to the floor next to the
couch. Picking up the camera again, he began firing off
shots of my face, covered in cum, my expression one of pleasure
as my own orgasm slowly fades away. With my pussy no longer
going into spasms around his hand, Jeff pulled his hand
out of my soaked pussy.

Using his hand that was soaked with my cum, Jeff began scooping
up the cum that was splattered over my face and fed it to me.
With my eyes still closed I tilted my head back and greedily
sucked his fingers clean. Holding his hand with mine I carefully
licked between his fingers and the palm of his hand before
turning his hand over to clean the back of his hand as well.
My other arm wrapped around Jeff's back as he lay on
top of me, watching me lick, suck and nibble his hand from
the fingertips to the wrist until he was clean.

Sitting up on his knees, Jeff undid his pants with my help
and slid them off as I stroke his cock with both of my hands.
I heard his sharp hiss of breath as my thumb rolled over the
head, smearing his precum as it went. I brought my thumb
to my mouth and rubbed it over my lips before pulling him
down for a kiss. Letting Jeff taste his own cum before pushing
my tongue into his mouth, knowing he could also taste my
cum as well as Mike's from my mouth.

Using my hand, I guided his cock into my pussy, gasping as
it slid across my flesh still tender from Jeff's fisting.
It burned when his cock touched the fresh tears caused by
his large fist being inside me but there was enough pleasure
mixed with the pain to leave me trembling under him. Jeff
pushed his hips against me, trapping my hand between our
bodies as we strained closer together.

"Rub your clit for me, baby, " he whispered
against my lips as he began slowly pumping in and out of me.


My fingers rubbed circles around my clit, which Jeff could
feel against his pelvic bone as he pushed deeper into me,
careful to move slowly and gently. I moved my hand so that
only my first finger was touching my clit and slid the rest
of my fingers down my inner thigh so that I was also able to
caress his balls, teasingly massaging my pussy juices
into them. Jeff keeps his balls cleanly shaved, just like
my pussy, so my fingers slid over them, spreading my warm
sticky cum into them. Soon we were both gasping in pleasure
at the incredible feelings of his hard cock slipping deeper
into my swollen pussy then pulled out until only the tip
was left inside me and my fingers were teased us both.

"You're pussy is getting so hot, " Jeff
whispered as he leaned over to run his tongue lazily across
my eyelids. "I can feel it getting tighter against
me, " he said as his tongue blazed a trail down my nose
to my lips. Teasingly he flicked his tongue in the corners
of my mouth but would pull away every time I opened my mouth,
wanting to capture it so our tongues could dance together.

Mike was sitting on the floor watching us, too involved
in what was happening in front of him to even hold the camera
anymore. As I gazed over at him I could see that his dick was
beginning to stiffen once more as his hand wrapped around
it, lightly stroking it to the same rhythm that Jeff was
using to fuck me. Jeff turned his head to follow my gaze and
we both watched as Mike's stroking hand brought his
cock back to full attention. It was such an incredible turn
on to watch Mike's cock harden as I felt Jeff's
throbbing dick inside me.

Jeff could tell that I was moving quickly towards another
orgasm from the way my body squirmed under him. To drag out
my sweet torture even longer, he pushed himself into a kneeling
position between my legs and pulled his hard meat out until
only the tip of the head was resting between my puffy lips.
Groaning, I reached up trying to grab his shoulders and
pull him back on top of me but he grinned down at me as he evaded
my hands. My hands settled against his hips, trying to pull
him into me while he held himself away. When I tried to arch
my back to force him deeper inside me once more, Jeff placed
his hands on my hips to hold me down to the couch, a captive
of his lovemaking.

"Grab the camera, Mike, " Jeff commanded.
"I want a picture of this. The head of my cock splitting
her pussy open, all shiny with her cum."

Mike scooped the camera up from the floor next to him. Standing
on his knees until he was kneeling over me as well, he stared
down at the sight of Jeff and I joined together through the

"Hold your pussy open more for him, baby, "
Jeff demanded. Both men watched as my hands slipped up my
inner thighs, the thumbs dragging along the length of Jeff's
hard cock before sliding across my bare pussy. I gasped
in pleasure as my thumbs stroked across my clit, one after
the other, and tried to arch my back but Jeff held my hips
firmly in place, not allowing me to slide his cock deeper
inside me. Slowly my hands stopped on either side of my opening
and pulled my pussy lips apart so that they could see as the
puffy skin was pulled back to expose Jeff's hard cock
nestled just barely inside me. I shivered slightly as the
cool air touched my wet, hot skin.

My eyes had fluttered close as I began stroking my clit while
Mike and Jeff watched but quickly opened again when I felt
a hot tongue slither me, chasing my fingers away. I looked
down to see Mike's blond head between my thighs, the
camera resting in one hand while he sucked my clit into his

"Tastes good, doesn't she?" Jeff asked
as he began rocking into me again. His eyes watching my face
as I began moaning even louder. My body was thrashing on
the couch and my hands found their way to my nipples, which
I began twisting and pulling on.

"Oh, that feels so good, " I cried out.

"What feels good?" Jeff wanted to know as he
slowly slid in and out of me, careful not to dislodge Mike
from my clit.

"How deep you are going inside me. Mike's mouth
sucking on my clit, " I panted.

Jeff slowly pulled one of my feet up towards his mouth, forcing
Mike to stop sucking on my clit. Mike was not to be put out
though. He laid his head on my lower stomach and began licking
my clit. One of my hands went to Mike's head, my fingers
running through his short hair as his tongue flicked across
my clit again and again. Jeff had the heel of my foot resting
on his chin and my toes spread apart in ecstasy when his tongue
traced the arch of my foot. As Jeff's tongue pushed
its way between my toes, I could feel my pussy burning hotter
and tighter.

"Oh, God, baby, " I moaned, "Fuck me harder,
I want to cum all around you." My hips were rocking
harder and faster, wanting Jeff to fuck me hard, fast and
deep but not wanting to lose the feeling of Mike's tongue
against me either.

"Not yet, " Jeff said as he pulled his cock completely
out of me, leaving me feeling so empty, wanting desperately
to fly off the edge he had left me on. My fingers pushed Mike's
head harder against my clit, grinding him into my pussy
as I sought my release with him but Jeff pushed him away too.
My hips continued to rock, seeking what had been denied
me as Jeff told Mike to lie on his back on the floor.

Jeff sat on the couch and slapped my hands away as I tried
using them to push myself off the edge he had left me on. "Trust
me, " he said as he pulled me to my feet, "this
will be worth the wait." Holding my hand, Jeff led
me around until we were standing next to Mike. "Now,
lay on the floor right next to him, " Jeff told me.

Unsure of what was going through Jeff's mind, I cautiously
lowered myself to the floor. I eased myself until I was flat
on my back; close enough to feel the heat from Mike's
body but not touching him as Jeff stood over both of us. I
gazed up at my husband's body with longing. His strong
legs seeming to stretch up for miles before joining together,
his hard cock thrusting out from his body, so powerfully
commanding the attention it deserves. His hips tapering
to his torso, covered in dark hair that ran up to his chest
and the nipples, which stood out like hard little marbles.
His lips were red and swollen both from our kisses and his
habit of licking them when we make love and his eyes glittered
with passion.

Bending down to grasp my ankles, Jeff pulled my feet straight
up in the air making the muscles in the backs of my thighs
strain until my ass was lifted off the floor. As he licked
and sucked on my toes, I was almost unaware of him dragging
me over Mike's body until my ass was resting on him.
I could feel Mike's hard cock nestled between the checks
of my ass and his arm came across his body to cup my tit, his
thumb rolling over the extended nipple.

Gently Jeff lowered my feet so that my legs were stretched
down Mike's and he knelt between our wide spread thighs.
Grasping his cock in his hand, Jeff guided it into my pussy
again, using the thumb on his other hand to press down on
my clit as he entered me slowly. Mike's tongue climbed
my neck until it reached my ear where it playfully flicked,
causing my body to shiver as he pinched my nipple hard between
his finger. I ground my hips against his hard cock, pushing
my ass tighter against him before arching my hips to get
Jeff inside me deeper.

Once Jeff was buried completely he looked at Mike and said,
"Now take your cock and put it in her pussy too."


I rolled my hips to one side to allow Mike to grab his cock
from behind my ass and felt the hot tip roll across my body
until he was just at the entrance of my pussy. I could feel
the head pressing against Jeff's dick as Mike began
pushing inside me. I groaned at how they were spreading
me apart, my body shuddering in pain as Mike's cock
fought against my body to force his way inside me too.

"Easy, " Jeff told Mike as he began stroking
my clit. Jeff intently watched my face as he rolled my clit
between his slippery fingers like a marble coated with

"A little more, " Jeff whispered as he watched
my body's reactions. Judging from the way my hips rocked
and my facial expressions when I was ready for more and when
Mike needed to stop to allow me to relax and adjust. Jeff
continued reading my body's signals and directing
Mike until they were both buried inside me, being squeezed
by my pussy as Jeff's fingers on my clit finally pushed
me over the edge.

"Fuck me, " I cried out as my pussy clenched
around them both. My hot cum flowing over them while my hips
rocked against them.

As my orgasm began to subside, Jeff began stroking his cock
in and out of me, spreading my hot cum even further. Still
following Jeff's lead, Mike also began to pump in and
out of me. I could feel their hard cocks rubbing together
as they matched their rhythm. Having Mike's cock inside
me too meant that Jeff's dick was continuously rubbing
against my G-Spot, leaving my body quaking with one orgasm
after another.

I followed the pace they had set and rocked my hips against
them, arching up to pull Jeff in deeper then pressing my
hips down against Mike. "Fuck me, fuck me, "
I chanted as we all pumped together. I had one hand down under
Mike's hip, trying to push him up and deeper into me.
My other hand rubbed against my clit, wetting my fingers
with my cum which I then rubbed into my husband hard nipples,
my body writhing between them as I came again and again.

As my pussy began to spasm once more, Mike hoarsely whispered
that he was going to cum. "Cum inside me, " I
begged as I began fucking him harder. "I want to feel
your hot cum splashing the walls of my pussy and you hard
cock twitching inside me."

Just as his cock began spurting, Mike pulled out of my pussy
and shot his hot cum all over my pussy and Jeff's balls.
The feeling of Mike's hot cum dripping off him as well
as my pussy hungrily sucking on his cock sent Jeff over the
edge as well. Jeff grabbed my hips to fuck me hard, pushing
himself deeper as his cock erupted inside me, hot ropes
of cum squirting into me while my pussy milked him dry before
he collapsed on top of me.

Wrapping my arms around Jeff, I rolled off from Mike and
held my husband's trembling body against mine as I
kissed and licked his sweaty face. Mike turned onto his
side and slipped his arm around my waist. I could feel Mike's
mouth nuzzling the back of my neck as I looked into Jeff's
eyes and whispered, "I love you so much, " before
we all fell asleep curled together on the living room floor.

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WOW! Probably the longest story I have read, but also the
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Great story, loved reading it,


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Wow!!! What an exceptionally well written story and so
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Great Story... I loved it and now time to go play...woot