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A cab drivers story


I never thought that driving a cab would change my life forever,
but it did. Here is my story about my life and that one night
that started it all.

My life hadn't turned out exactly I like I thought it
would. I never made it through college which disappointed
my parents to no end. And my marriage was on the rocks and
I was living in a room near downtown that rented by the week.
I still had big hopes but didn't know how to find my big
hopes yet.

What made it all seem worse to me was that everyone else seemed
to be doing so well, while I seemed to be struggling with
everything. I spent a lot of time just walking around downtown
and looking at all the people who were dressed up and smiling.
I use to sit and imagine what their homes looked like with
the freshly cut grass and the shiny new station wagon in
their driveway.

It hadn't been that long ago when my life was rolling
along just like theirs. I had a pretty wife and as well as
a good job. Cindy and I had just brought our home, not huge
but nice and seemed to be perfectly happy with how things
were going.

And then from out of the blue my wife tells me one night she
has fallen in love with someone else and wanted a divorce.
It came as such a surprise at first I thought Cindy had to
be kidding. One minute we were happy and the next minute
we are no longer going to be husband and wife? I began to question
everything and everybody. Was I the dumbest man on earth
or was I just due for a string of bad luck?

And then Cindy walked out of the room and reappeared with
two suitcases packed and set them down. "I packed
up your clothes for you, this afternoon, " Were her
last cold words to me, as I sat staring at her and at the two
suitcases. I don't' know what I said to her if anything
as I got up, grabbed the bags and walked out of my house for
the last time.

My spiral down didn't take very long and before I knew
it I was spending more time drinking than I was working.
And once I lost my job too, I had to borrow some money from
my parents, just to survive. I didn't know it at the
time but I had to hit bottom before things would get better
and my bottom took me nearly a year to hit.

But I hit it and hit it hard before I dried out and got a job
driving a cab at night. I liked the job because it gave me
a lot of time to think, but also I got to meet lots of people
at the same time. I met business people at the airport and
enjoyed chatting with them as I drove them to their hotels.
And I met a few families too who I picked up and took them to
their relatives houses for a vacation. I guess the variety
of ordinary people was one of the reasons I also liked driving
a cab.

But there were also the tougher customers especially around
bar time when drunks tended to call for a cab. And it was on
just such a call at a bar I use to pick up a lot of drunks at,
that this story actually begins at. It was around one in
the morning when my dispatcher called to tell me I had a fair
waiting for me, at Dempsey's bar on Sixth street.

I was only a block or so away so I pulled out and made my way
over to the bar to pick up another possible drunk. At least
drunks usually tipped very well, if they had any money left
to tip at all. So I pulled up and parked my cab and waited but
no one came out of Dempsey's bar. That usually means
the person is really drunk or might have already passed
out. So I got out and headed just inside the front door and
called out "Did anyone call for a cab?"

I was twenty eight at the time so I was usually able to handle
any drunk, especially anyone I picked up at Dempsey's
because that was where older people hung out. And in the
middle of the bar, I noticed s a brunette woman with some
guy trying to stick his tongue down her throat. "Not
tonight Earl. Your just too drunk, " I heard her tell
him as she tried to push him off of her. But he had her pinned
to the bar and that bothered me but apparently didn't
bother anyone else in the bar including the bartender.

The bartender then spotted me and walked over to the woman
and I heard him tell her, that her cab ride was here. "Are
you going to make sure Earl gets home ok because I can't
take care of him every night, " The woman said to the
bartender. The bartender nodded his head to her before
he said back to her, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

And then the woman grabbed her purse and began to walk towards
me as almost every other drunk at the bar reached out and
tried to pull her next to him. She had not yet looked my way
yet but she did stop to chat with a few of the men. I heard her
say one time to one of them, "Maybe next week we can
do that again." And I heard her say to another drunk
at the bar, " I was just with you".

And then she finally glanced up at me and smiled as she approached
me. That is when it finally hit me. She was older, a lot older
but this woman had been one of my grade teachers a long time
ago. My brain quickly tried to remember her name but it didn't
pop right into it for a few more seconds. But as I opened the
door to let her outside, I suddenly remember her name, "
Miss Hutton. "

She had been this pretty twenty three year old teacher who
had been one of my favorite's Instantly I remembered
how Miss Hutton use to wear such pretty dresses in our classroom
and how slender and stylish she always look even if I was
only in fifth grade. . And I remembered her smell because
perfume was something I always like to smell, especially
hers. So when this older version of Miss Hutton passed by
me as she walked out of the bar, that very same perfume suddenly
filled my head again.

And I had troubling breathing for a second as she passed
by. She was older, probably in her forties but she still
looked the same, just older and definitely smelled the
same. But what in the world was Miss Hutton doing in a bar
like Dempsey's. And why was she making out with a drunk
like the man she called Earl as if she had been with him before.

So I quickly walked in front of her and opened the back door
of my cab feeling rather nervous for some reason. "How
much to take me to " and she gave me her address. I told
her the meter will eventually tell us the exact amount but
my guess is it would cost around ten bucks. "Well ok,
I might not have enough for much of a tip for you, "
She said from the backseat before I closed the door.

So I slowly pulled my cab back onto the street although the
traffic was light at the late hour and headed for the address
she had given me. And I kept glancing in my rear view mirror
to look at her again. She had gone from being cute petite
young woman to an older, harder looking middle aged woman
but all I saw was the pretty cute woman riding in the back
of my cab.

So I glanced at her a few more times as we headed towards her
place. It was just so weird to have Miss Hutton in the backseat
of my cab after all these years. And then I glanced once too
often and saw Miss Hutton looking back at me. "You
don't have to pretend any longer. We both know each
other, " She said from the backseat of my cab.

I smiled back at her and asked her if she was indeed Miss Hutton.
"Well I use to be but now I am Mrs. Freddrick's, "
she said. "So your married?" I asked her. She
looked into the mirror and saw my face before she told me
not to ask her so many questions. "I'm sorry.
I am just so surprised to see you again, " I replied
back to her.

"No, you're surprised to see me in a bar like Dempsey's
with those kind of men, " Miss Hutton said back to
me. I decided it was best to just shut up as I drove her to the
end of the block and turned so we could head for her house.
"So what's your story? I mean driving a cab at
night? What in the world happened to you?" She asked

"It's a long story, " I said back to her.
"I've got at least ten more minutes so tell me
the short version, " Miss Hutton said with a directness
and a dash of anger that I didn't expect from her. I explained
at a year or so ago was doing very well. "But my wife
fell in love with some other man and I began to drink too much
and lost my job. I guess that is my story in a nut shell, "
I explained to her.

Miss Hutton offered a half a smile, so I asked her what her
story was. "Well back when you knew me I thought I had
the world by the tail. I was dating a really nice guy who I
was in love with. We were going to get married, buy a house
and do the whole family thing. But a car accident ended that
dream. So I guess I just gave up, " She said back to

"Sorry to hear that, " I said to her. "I'm
sorry to hear your story too, " Miss Hutton said back
to me. "So did you ever get married?" I asked
her since she said her name was Mrs. Freddrick's. "No
I just use that name to people won't find out who I really
am, " She said smiling in the back seat. She then said
that teachers were supposed to behave.

I asked her if she was still a teacher and she said she was.
"But I'm not as good at it as I use to be, "
She added. We then pulled up in front of her house. It sounded
like we both had hit a bad patch in life and we were both coping
with it the best way we knew how.

"That will be nine dollar and twenty cents, "
I said to Miss Hutton who reached into her purse and handed
me a ten dollar bill. "I wish I had a bigger tip for you, "
She said from the back of my cab. I told her that was ok and
I was more than just thrilled to see her again. "It
was nice to catch up on old times for a minute too, "
Miss Hutton said smiling.

Miss Hutton just looked at me from the back seat for another
minute or so without speaking. "Do you need help getting
to your front door?" I asked her since she had not yet
gotten out of my cab. " Do you want to come inside for
a few minutes?" she asked me next. I knew she couldn't
be hitting on me but it kind of felt like she might be. My nervous
system began to suddenly go crazy.

"It might be fun, " She said to me still in the
back of my cab. My head was spinning as I sat there having all kinds of crazy thoughts.
I was still holding onto the steer wheel gripping it as if
it was the only thing I had to hold onto while dangling over
a cliff. "We're both adults now and we can do what
we want, " She then said.

Sure I can check out for a while, " I told her shaking
all the way down to my toes. . She then opened the door and
climbed out of my cab. It was already well after one and I
had already been behind the wheel for seven hours when I
called my dispatcher and told him I was taking a break.

Miss Hutton was waiting for me on her front porch when I walked
up to her feeling about as nervous as I had ever felt. "This
is going to be a first for me. I have never had a former student
in my home, " She said as she unlocked her front door.
I couldn't feel my legs, my arms or my feet as I stood
there close to her still not believing this was happening.
And I wasn't sure what was happening but I still felt
very, very nervous anyway. But her perfume was still drifting
my way and it was making me dizzy with a nervous energy.

I followed Miss Hutton into her house as she turned on some
lights and pointed to her sofa so I sat down. "Do you
want a drink"? She turned and asked me. I told I had
given it up at least for now. "Oh that's right.
Do you mind if have one, " She asked. I told her that
was fine with me if she had a drink.

She was still a rather petite woman, just not in her twenties
any longer. She was gone for a few minutes as my dick was beginning
to harden just being inside of her house. She had on a blouse
and a long skirt as she reappeared from her kitchen with
a glass in her hand. "This is kind of strange, don't
you think"? she said looking down at me sitting on
her sofa. All I could do was nod my head yes that I agreed with

She took a sip, before she asked me what grade I had been in
when she was my teacher that year. "I was in fifth, "
I told Miss Hutton as she nodded her head and said she taught
several grades over the years and it can get confusing.
"So do you pick up a lot of women?" she asked me
standing a few feet in front of me looking better by the second.

For some stupid reason I couldn't lie to my old teacher
so I told Miss Hutton I had not been with a woman since my wife
walked out on me, over a year ago. She nodded as if she understood
before she told me it took her four years after her future
husband was killed before she was with a man again too.

"So are you still interested in women?" she
asked me next. I smiled and told her I was very interested
in women. Miss Hutton didn't speak for another full
minute but instead just sipped her drink and stared at me.
It was very tense as I just sat there on her sofa looking at
her while she was looking back at me.

She then walked around her coffee table, set her glass down
before she sat down very close to me. I wasn't sure what
was happening but then Miss Hutton leaned towards me so
I leaned towards her and our lips finally touched. It was
the most intense kiss I had ever been part of. I didn't
want to hold her too tight and spook her so I let her take the
lead and within a few seconds her arms came up and held me
so I raised my hand to hold her back. There I sat with my lips
kissing Miss Hutton of all people.

Miss Hutton's lips were soft and warm as we continued
our embrace as well as share our first kiss. The more relaxed
she got in my arms, the closer I pulled her too me as our lips
remained touching. Miss Hutton responded well and remained
snuggling tight to me as our lips kept up their slowly romantic

When she finally did pull back a little to take another sip
of her drink, her face had a glow to it. She smiled back at me before she put her glass
back down and said, "Do you think we should stop before
this goes too far?" I told her I didn't want to
stop so she leaned into me again so I pulled her back into
my arms. And over the next ten minutes or so Miss Hutton and
I started a really big fire between us.

So when I felt she was warmed up like I was, I raised one hand
and slowly rested it on the front of her blouse. Miss Hutton
wasn't very big but just touching her breasts over
her blouse was still more than thrilling for me. "Oh
sweet heart, " She said softly when my lips began
to nibble on her neck. She also said to me, " I like
this a lot." My hand began to massage her breasts over
her blouse as my lips continued to kiss her lips and then
back on her neck which really seemed to turn her on even more.

"Where in the world have you been all these years?
" Miss Hutton said after another ten minutes of making
out with her, on her sofa. I couldn't believe I was making
out with Miss Hutton but what was even more shocking was
that she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. I left my
hand on one of her breasts as we continued to kiss each other
and slowly get lost in our passion and our lust.

By then my urges grew too strong so I began to actually unbutton
her blouse while we sat on her sofa. And with one button at
a time, Miss Hutton and I kissed as her blouse was coming
open. When I finally got the last button undone, Miss Hutton
shocked me when she reached up and slid her blouse off her
shoulders for me.

She was then facing me with her lacy bra holding her small
breasts, a foot from me. . "Do you want my skirt off
too?" she asked me smiling with her eyes a shine. "Yes,
I really want your skirt off too, " I told her as she
giggled before she stood up quickly, unzipped it and then
just let it fall on the floor right in front of me. Her panties
were clinging to her vagina as she just stood there and let
me soak up her womanly shape for a few seconds.

"I think we should move this into my bedroom. Are you
ready for that"? she asked me as I smiled and nodded
my head yes before I stood up too. Miss Hutton reached out
and took hold of my hand as she led me down a hall and into her
bedroom. She then told me to wait right where I was standing
while she rushed over and began to light some candles she
had on her dresser and night stand.

I was shaking more than ever, just watching Miss Hutton
running around in her bra and panties in front of me. "Oh
darn. I forgot my drink, " she said so I turned to go
get it for her. I carried it shaking so much, I was afraid
I was going to spill it until I finally walked back into her
bedroom. But she was gone, as I looked around the small room
and saw no signs of Miss Hutton anywhere.

The candles were still flickering and her bed was now turned
down like she had gotten it ready for us, but she was gone.
And then I felt her tap me on my shoulder so I turned around
and saw Miss Hutton completely naked, standing a foot from
me. She was a very slender mature woman with small breasts
and just a tiny patch of dark hair around her pussy.

"Is this what you were hoping for? She asked me blushing
for the first time. I told her she looked beautiful before
I reached out and pulled her into my arms all over again.
We kissed with each more passion as Miss Hutton clung to
me as our bodies touched one another's. After our kiss
Miss Hutton began to quickly unbutton my shirt and undo
my belt as she stripped me as if she was in a hurry.

"Are you one of those men who likes it rough?"
she asked as my shirt came off and my pants fell to the floor.
"Because if you do, that is alright with me too"
She said as she reached for my shorts and lowered them so
my hard cock could spring out in front of her. She did hesitate
at all as she grabbed hold of my throbbing cock and began
to stroke it as we remained standing facing one another.
I was now standing in my fifth grade teachers bedroom with
a hard on in her hand.

So I reached for her breasts first and held them before I
slipped one hand down until I felt her pubic hair covering
her pussy. "I don't know what rough means, "
I said to her as she smiled while she kept stroking my hard
cock. Miss Hutton said it meant I could do anything I wanted
to her when I wanted to do and she wouldn't care. And
she was smiling while she told me.

"Let me have one more sip and then I'm all yours, "
She said as she let go of my cock and took one last sip of her
drink. I waited until she put her glass down before I pulled
her back into my arms and forced my throbbing hard cock between
her legs as we kissed each other again. "Oh yes baby"
She said after our kiss. Just standing there holding her
while my hard cock was rubbing against her pubic hair and
wet pussy lips, nearly made me cum.

But instead I picked her up since she didn't weigh much
over a hundred pounds and tossed her onto her bed as she wiggled
to get in the middle for me. I then joined her on her bed and
began to explore every single part of her entire body while
she laid on her back and whimpered. I started with her hands
and then her arms. Her shoulders came next before I massage
both of her breasts with a bit more force than before. And
all Miss Hutton did was gasp more and whimper louder.

I made her literally squirm with excitement by avoiding
her pussy for as long as I could. I made her keep her legs tight
together while I touched her feet, her calves and her thighs
next. Her pubic bone was sticking up a little with the patch
of dark very curly hair she was growing around her pussy
and each time I got close to it, Miss Hutton gasped a little

"Now you just have to learn to wait, " I told
her each time my fingers got close to her pussy. "I'm
trying but this is torture, " She said softly to me.
But I still didn't pull her legs apart yet and instead
I watched as my finger tips slowly made their way to her dark
curly pubic hair. "It feels really good, "
I told Miss Hutton who was pretty much out of it by then.

"I really like how you look between your legs, "
I told Miss Hutton as she whimpered and managed to say she
was glad I was having so much fun. . Miss Hutton was going
out of her mind and that alone thrilled me to no end. I finally pulled her legs apart and revealed her true womanly
shape. Her outer lips were puffy and looked kind of slippery
as she trembled even more now that her legs had been spread
and her pussy had been totally exposed to me.

"But first I want you to suck me, " I said to her
as she opened her eyes and quickly moved down the bed while
I laid on my back and watched her. Miss Hutton stroked my
hard cock a few times with her hands before she slowly took
most of it into her warm mouth. I was only six or seven inches
but my wife had told me I had one of the thicker cock, that
she had ever seen before. So when Miss Hutton took it into
her mouth she gagged at first but adjusted quickly and really
began to work me over.

She may have done with for lots of men but I never had a woman
suck my cock like she did, ever before. Miss Hutton was just
relentless the way she teased my cock and balls with her
hands and her mouth. I felt the pressure rising with every
second my dick was in her mouth. "You are really good
at that, " I told her once as just concentrated on
making my cock as hard as she could make it.

"Now we are going to see how many times I can make you
cum" I told her while I moved her around and placed
her on her back in the middle of the bed. "Oh shit"
I heard her mumble before my tongue went to work on her pussy
and clit. Her first climax actually came quicker than I
expected but then I really like watching her explode in
front of me.

And once I had enough blood flowing in her outer lips and
in her pussy, Miss Hutton really got into her big time. The
first couple were quick and rather mild but by the time her
third orgasm got to her, she was twisting and turned as she
tried to get away from me as quickly as she could.

"Ok just one more, " I said to her as he entire
body laid in front of me trembling like crazy. So I pushed
my face back between her legs and slowly used my tongue to
move up and then down her pussy lips before I would dart it
into her pussy but just for a second. "I haven't
felt this in years, " She said once between her gasps.
But I just kept my tongue moving slowly on her pussy as she
shivered and quivered on the bed in front of me.

I felt at that moment in time, she was offering me everything
she had as a woman. And I was ready to take it. Then we began
this crazy back and forth, where she would tell me she had,
had enough and I would tell her I wanted her to cum one more
time. "Your just not going to stop are you? "She
finally said and stopped fighting it. I told her to just
let it happen. And when it happened, it happened big time
for her.

We were already well over an hour into our bonding thing
when I finally climbed on top of her ready to make love to
Miss Hutton, of all people. Her eyes looked huge and sparkly
as she laid under me and waited to be penetrated. "This
is the best night I have had in so many years, " She
said right before my hard cock began to squeeze into her
tunnel of love.

She was tight but not so tight that we didn't fit together
after a little effort of course. Her eyes looked like they
had rolled in the back of her head once my full cock was buried
in her. It felt more right than even my wife had felt when
I use to make love to her. And Miss Hutton felt it too.

I moved slowly at first and savored every inch of her pussy
while my dick slid in and out of it. And Miss Hutton just laid
under me smiling the entire time. "This is truly incredible, "
She told me once after we had fucked each other for about
five minutes. "Yes it is and I'm afraid I am going
to really cum hard in you tonight" I told her. She giggled
and said she had already figured that out. . "You are
definitely all grown up, " Miss Hutton said once
I began to ram her with more force.

I needed this more than I ever when I bore down on her so she
wrapped her legs around my waist and got ready for a good
old fashion hard fucking. Miss Hutton was also very excited
while I was fucking her hard and kept urging me to go even
harder. " Is this a good tip or what?" she said
once the tension was off the charts for both of us.

It didn't take very long at all before my cock swelled
up like a balloon in a space too small for it. A year of frustration,
a year of being alone, a year of disappointment all came
to an end when I began to flood Miss Hutton's pussy with
my cum. And Miss Hutton took every single drop I had for her
and never let up working with me to make this moment the most
special moment I have ever had.

When it finally ended it felt like we both just crashed.
Miss Hutton was still trembling as she clung to me covered
in sweat. And I laid on top of her keeping her pinned to her
bed with my cock still stuffed inside of her cunt. Neither
of us could speak let alone even catch our breath. She clung
to me while I laid on top of her with my head still spinning.

Miss Hutton continued nibbling on my shoulder while she
laid under me as I rested for a while longer. For the time
being, shooting my cum into her had exhausted me more than
any other time in my life. But I slowly began to recover and
kissed Miss Hutton a few times before I climbed off of her.
And when I saw what I had done to her pussy, it bothered me
that maybe I had been too rough on her.

But she rushed into her bathroom across the hall to clean
up all my cum that was now leaking out of her. And when Miss
Hutton finally walked back into the bedroom, I could see
how swollen and pink her pussy truly had become. I washed
up next feeling great for the first time in a long time but
still kind of odd that I had just fucked my fifth grade teacher.

I found she had put all my clothes back on her bed for me and
I noticed her glass was also gone from her night stand. So
I quickly got dressed and walked out not sure what to say
or what to do, since this was such an unexpected night. Miss
Hutton was in her living room with another drink when I walked
in and smiled at her.

"I really want to thank you. I had a great time, "
I think I said when I first saw her. Miss Hutton took a sip
of her drink and smiled before she said , "It was wonderful
but kind of different but in a good way. I mean you do understand
what I am trying to say?" She asked. I told her I understood
completely before she smiled again and walked me to her
front door. Miss Hutton and I kissed each other good bye
but that felt, very, very strange even though we had just
fucked each other a few minutes before.

I checked back in with my dispatcher and it was already after
three in the morning. But I was so wired I told him I would
stay out for a few more hours if he needed me too. I think it
was around nine in the morning when I finally got back to
my one room mansion and crashed on my bed. My mind just kept
replaying Miss Hutton and what we did, how she felt and what
it was like when we fucked each other. I still couldn't
believe that had happened but somehow I finally drifted
off and got some much needed rest.

I was back in my cab by eight that night and took a few people
to various locations but I all I really thought about was
going back to Dempsey's bar to see if Miss Hutton was
there again. But I was afraid I would make a fool of myself
so the closest I got was driving by the bar a few times but
I never stopped. Was Miss Hutton inside? Was she making
out with one of those other drunks again? Or was she waiting
and hoping I would show up again? My thoughts were all over
the place and I simply had no answers.

My shift came and went and so did the next five shifts come
and go and I had not seen Miss Hutton again. So I told myself
that it had been a fluke, a onetime thing and I shouldn't
, make too much out of it. She had probably been drunker
than I imagined and had ended up fucking me, just for the
hell of it. I mean, she was probably so embarrassed she never
wanted to see me, every again.

It was three very long weeks since Miss Hutton and I had been
together when my dispatcher called with a fair from Dempsey's
bar again. It was around one in the morning when I got the
call and drove right over there nearly running a couple
of red lights along the way. I pulled my car in front of Dempsey's
and waited but no one came out. So once again I went inside
the front door and told the bartender someone had called
for a cab.

"She is in the ladies room so give her a minute, "
he said as I stood there feeling myself getting more and
more excited. And then Miss Hutton stumbled her way towards
me nearly falling a couple of times. So I rushed up to her
and grabbed hold of her as she smiled and told me how wonderful
it was to see me again. But she was clearly very drunk and
wouldn't even remember anything in the morning.

I got her into my cab where she laid on the backseat during
the ride before we reached her house. I picked her up in my
arms, carried her to her front door where she handed me her
keys while she kept trying to kiss me. But that was not going
to happen, at least that night so I got her inside and carried
her all the way into her bedroom.

"Do you want me again tonight? I really want you, "
Miss Hutton said as she sat her on the edge of her bed. "No,
tonight I want you to get some sleep, " I said to her
as I removed her blouse and her skirt while she swayed to
one side and then the other. "You are just so cute, "
She mumbled to me as I undressed her. I then unhooked Miss
Hutton's bra but left her panties on as I covered her
up and turned off her bedroom light.

I checked out of my shift, found an extra pillow and blanket
and curled up on her sofa to get some sleep as well as make
sure she was ok. Miss Hutton was standing over me the next
morning in her robe, looking down at me. I don't know
how long she had been standing there but when I opened my
eyes, she smiled at me but didn't speak right away.

"I'm embarrassed that you saw me like that, "
she finally said holding a cup of coffee. I told her it was
alright and that I use to have some really bad nights too.
"You didn't touch me last night, " She
said as if she was surprised by my gentlemanly actions.
"No, I don't want you like that, " I said
as I sat up and ran my hands through my hair.

"Would you ever want me again?" Miss Hutton
said appearing to be getting quite emotional. I remember
I stood up, walked up to Miss Hutton and slowly pulled her
into my arms while we shared a morning kiss. She was surprised
but melted right away in my arms as her tender lips pressed
against mine. "You have to try and stop drinking.
It did me no good and it isn't doing you any good either, "
I said to her.

She was a fragile soul who had been lost for a very long time.
"Because I don't want my girl friend to be a drunk, "
I said next. Miss Hutton wrinkled her eyebrows for a moment
before a big smiled came over her face. "Ok, does that
mean you want me to be your girlfriend?" she said with
some reluctance in her voice. "We are both going to
start over, together, " I said as she finally offered
me a smile and rushed back into my arms.

A week later I moved my things into her home and Miss Hutton
made sure every single place was spotless and perfect.
We had still not yet made love again since that first night
so the first night I was living with her, Miss Hutton appeared
wearing a see thru top and matching pair of panties. I could
tell she wanted me and she definitely knew I wanted her.
We had been playing cat and mouse with our eyes all afternoon.

I could see her little pink nipples and her dark curl patch
of hair between her legs as she stood in front of me for a few
moments before she said "Do you think it's time
for us to try this again?" When completely sober the
woman was a totally different lover and liked taking it
slow, being held, kissed and touched softly.

And by the time Miss Hutton and I were both naked on her bed,
we were both so hot, it was nearly impossible for either
of us to breath. I was playing with her curly dark pubic hair
with my finger tips again when she told me she remembered
some of this but it felt so much better this time. "I
k now, it's going to be a lot better for both of us"
I said as she snuggled even closer and let my fingers roam
at will.

It took Miss Hutton longer to reach her orgasm but her orgasm
was much stronger and lasted a lot longer. And when she sucked
on my hard cock, she was so careful and touched me so gently
I just laid there loving it even more. And when we knew it
was time she rolled over on her back with her legs spread
for me.

She simply looked beautiful laying there under me waiting
for my shaft to fill her womanhood again. She appeared to
be a woman with the perfect combination of excitement,
nervousness and anticipation. My cock had been dripping
for some time so as I moved it closer to her outer lips a sticky
drop or two of pre cum smeared over her vaginal lips.

And then Miss Hutton and I began that wonderful adventure
when our bodies melt together and become one more perfect
body when we are together. She was tight for sure but opened
up as I probed her depths and quite honestly it took both
of our breaths away. I had never felt a more perfect union
as I did with her on that night.

Once my full cock was planted in her, Miss Hutton was on fire,
alive and nearly insane. "I haven't felt this
is so long, I don't remember, " she said trembling
under me. I told her she better get used to it from now on.
She smiled and lifted her head to kiss me while my dick remained
still but throbbing inside of her. I waited until she laid
her head back down before I began to move in and out of Miss
Hutton, gently at first and rougher near my end. And she
handled it perfectly the entire time. My orgasm was violent
and overwhelming for me but Miss Hutton took it all and still
smiled when I was finished.

Miss Hutton turned out to have one heck of a sex drive and
I mean everyday and sometimes more than once. We were happy
together both in our bedroom and out of it too. During the
first month that we lived together she slipped up one night
and got drunk but that was about it. The rest of the time Miss
Hutton was sober, loving and just plain wonderful.

I had also quit driving a cab and got a job at a local manufacturing
plant so I worked days and could spend my nights with Crystal.
The school year started again and Miss Hutton went back
to her classroom as a new woman .

It was in mid October when Cindy, my ex-wife somehow got
my number and called me one night crying. She sounded very
upset and asked me to meet with her so we could talk. I remember
Crystal was standing next to me while Cindy and I talked
with a worried look on her face. "I'll be back
in a half hour, " I told Miss Hutton before we kissed
and I left. I sensed Miss Hutton was afraid this call was
going to change what we had, and it did.

It turned out Cindy had been dumped by the man she thought
she loved more than me, but not until he had gotten her pregnant
and now she wanted me to take her back. There wasn't
even a decision to be made. I left Cindy sobbing in her car,
went back to Miss Hutton's and proposed to her that

And that is how one night of driving a cab changed my life.

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