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A Yerning


Lawrence, the photographer that I was apprenticed to,
discovered Belinda walking down the street. He was looking
for models and thought that she would do well. At first I
wasn’t so sure but Lawrence (He doesn’t like to be called
Larry) has a knack for picking hot women.

I had worked for Lawrence for about a year. He called me whenever
he needed an assistant for a shoot and to do other things
as he saw fit. It was valuable experience. Lawrence was
what most women considered a ‘hunk’. Tall, broad shoulders,
bulging arms and a trim waist. The guy had straight dark
hair and he sported a pony tail that reached the middle of
his back.

The first time I met Belinda was on her first shoot. Lawrence
called me in to help him with a series of newcomer shoots.
Belinda was the last shoot of the day. She arrived on time
and we were introduced. “A very nice looking woman, ” I
thought. She had shoulder length blond hair. It was a little
on the darker side of blond and was very pretty. Her face
was a perfect match for her hair, very pretty. She had a cute
sexy smile and blue eyes that you could get lost in. I couldn’t
guess at her age, but she was definitely youthful looking.

Belinda said, “Lawrence, I’m very nervous.”

Lawrence patted her shoulder and said, “Please relax,
Belinda, this will be fun.”

Standing next to Lawrence, Belinda looked tiny. She was
probably of average height and her figure was an eye catcher.
Belinda wore snug jeans and a white blouse that hugged her
curves. Her breasts appeared large for her small slender
frame but at close inspection probably required a C-cup.
She was wearing low heels suitable for a long day of shopping.
All in all, Belinda was an above average looking female
with the manner of a young housewife.

Lawrence showed Belinda to a stool placed in front of a cloth
backdrop. They made small talk for a while as he made adjustments
to the camera. Finally he said, “We’ll start with a few shots
of your beautiful face.”

Belinda blushed at Lawrence’s compliment as he began snapping
pictures of her. After several shots he stopped and said,
“Belinda, you appear to be uncomfortable. Is anything
bothering you?”

Belinda exhaled nervously and said, “I’m not sure what
to do. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Lawrence smiled and said, “Belinda, you look great. If
you didn’t I wouldn’t have ask you to model for me. Please,
just relax and give me that beautiful smile of yours. For
now that’s all you have to do.”

Belinda relaxed a little with Lawrence’s comforting words.
She flashed him a wonderful smile and he said, “That’s it, ”
as he began snapping pictures again. He began to move around
getting shots at different angles. Lawrence asked Belinda
to follow him with her head. She was now getting the hang
of it. “Now, a big smile, ” he said and she complied.

This went on for several minutes as he asked for different
poses and expressions. Belinda appeared to be doing a fine
job for a novice.

He stopped after taking two roles of film and said, “Now
lets get you into a nice evening gown. You’re a size four,

Belinda nodded but looked a little confused until Lawrence
pointed to the changing room and said, “The changing room
is right over there and the dress is on the rack. You should
find the matching shoes as well.”

Belinda disappeared behind the door of the changing room.

Ten minutes later Belinda reappeared in a stunning green
gown. The gown was cut long with a slit up the side. Belinda’s
smooth legs were visible as she walked. The matching shoes
had very high heels, six inches I’d guess. Belinda appeared
to struggle a bit with the height but she still had a lot of
poise and looked great. The next session was done without
the stool. Lawrence directed Belinda’s movements as he
took pictures. Belinda improved with each pose. She seemed
to have a natural talent for modeling. And boy was she sexy.

Lawrence stopped after another two roles and said, “Let’s
take a break. How about something to drink?”

Belinda flashed that great smile and said, “That would
be great.” She added, “How am I doing?”

Lawrence answered quickly, “You’re doing fantastic.
Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

Belinda face showed excitement as she answered, “No. Never.”
I poured them each a glass of wine. Belinda took a sip and
said, “What’s next?”

Lawrence said, “As sexy as you are in that gown, I’ve got
a dress that I know you’d really be hot in, if your game?”

Belinda nodded tentatively and asked, “Can I see it first?”

Lawrence replied, “Why sure.”

He went to the wardrobe and returned after a few moments
holding a black mini-dress of simple design. Its main features
were a very short skirt length and a low cut neckline with
a halter style strap. It appeared to be made of cotton lycra.

Belinda looked at it and shook her head. She said, “I don’t
know. I’ve never worn anything like that. I can’t imagine
what my husband Robert would think if he saw me in that dress.”

Lawrence said, “I’m sure he’d be impressed. Does he know
you’re here?”

Belinda replied, “No. I only decided to make the appointment
this morning.”

Lawrence smiled at the modest woman and said, “Why don’t
you just try it on. Check yourself out in the mirror and if
you feel comfortable then come out and we’ll take some shots.
If you’re uneasy about the dress then we can stop.”

Belinda frowned at the word ’stop’. She was clearly enjoying
the shoot. Belinda took the dress from Lawrence. “OK, ”
she said. Her face showed determination as she headed for
the changing room.

A few minutes later Belinda was standing in front of Lawrence
and his camera. She looked hot in the tight mini-dress and
six inch black heels. The dress hugged her curves and really
showed off her perfect ass. She had obviously removed her
bra and her nipples appeared to be hard. Belinda’s blond
hair looked wonderful in contrast to the black dress. As
Lawrence took pictures she swayed and posed like an experienced
model. Her face took on more sultry and sexy expressions.
She obviously was feeling very comfortable in the outrageously
sexy mini-dress. Lawrence asked Belinda to turn around
as he took shots of her profile and backside. Those C-cup
breasts of hers looked large above her tiny waist. I was
amazed at the transformation Belinda had made. She was
definitely enjoying herself.

Lawrence encouraged and directed Belinda through three
more rolls of film. Finally, he said, “Lets take a break.
You’re doing great, you know?”

Belinda thanked Lawrence and flashed him that killer smile.
That smile coming from Belinda in that sexy dress caused
my groin to tighten up. I suspected that she was having the
same effect on Lawrence.

I refilled their wine glasses and they sipped and chatted
for a time. Lawrence asked Belinda, “Are you having fun?”

She replied cheerfully, “Oh yes. I never thought that modeling
would be so much fun.”

Lawrence continued, “What do you think of that dress?”

Belinda blushed and said, “At first I wasn’t sure about
wearing something so revealing, but now I’ve actually
grown to like it. I feel sexy in this dress.”

Lawrence didn’t miss an opening like that, “You look sexy
as hell, Belinda.”

Belinda dropped her head in modesty.

Lawrence lifted Belinda’s chin and smiled at her bashfulness.
He said, “You better get used to the compliments. You’ll
be hearing a lot of them if you continue to model.”

Belinda’s eyes lit up with excitement, “You mean you think
I can make a career out of modeling?”

Lawrence nodded then said, “It depends on the type of modeling
you want to do. Becoming a fashion model is very difficult
and unfortunately you’re a little to small to do that type
of work. There are other types of modeling if you are up to

Belinda said, “I thought you wanted me for fashion modeling.
That’s what we’ve been doing, right?”

Lawrence nodded and continued, “The first few shots were
my way of introducing you to the camera and the process.
When I saw you in that mini-dress I knew you had a future in
lingerie modeling or nude modeling.”

Belinda’s mouth popped open at Lawrence’s words. Trembling,
she said, “I could never do nude modeling. My husband wouldn’t

Lawrence put up his hands to calm Belinda and said, “Whoa
there. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want.
I simply feel that you would do very well in that area of modeling.
The money increases the more you take off and the more sexy
you are. As for your husband, I bet he’d love for his wife
to be a centerfold.”

Belinda shook her head and said, “I don’t think so.”

Lawrence said, “You know, you could make three times what
I’m paying you for this shoot.”

Belinda seem to ponder this, “I don’t know.” She appeared
to be softening.

Lawrence added, “I know you’d be wonderful.”

Belinda looked at Lawrence with a sly little smile and said,
“Three times, eh? What would I have to do?”

Lawrence replied, “We’ll dress you in lingerie and have
you slowly take it off. With that wholesome face of yours,
cute smile and sexy body, I know you’d melt the film.”

I little giggle escaped from Belinda.

Lawrence really knew how to charm the ladies. In no time
he had her back in front of the camera in a sheer black bra
and panty set, black stockings and a garter belt. She wore
the same black pumps as before. Belinda’s face showed embarrassment,
however she looked hot. Lawrence had placed her on a sofa
in front of a different backdrop and was taking more still
shots of her.

I was manning a video camera. Its purpose was twofold. Lingerie
videos commanded a high price. If Belinda looked good on
the shoot the video could be sold. The second reason was
that Lawrence liked to have a record of the shoot in case
the model claimed some sort of sexual harassment. Lawrence
had been burned before.

Lawrence directed Belinda to move about on the sofa giving
us different views of her body. Her embarrassment was gone
now. She was moving like a cat now with an alluring look on
her face. Belinda may have been a novice at modeling but
I could tell that she knew how to get a man interested in her.
She seemed to be mastering the art of modeling quickly.

Lawrence asked Belinda to slowly take off her bra. I thought
she might balk at the request. Instead, she slowly and seductively
removed her bra exposing a pair of the best tits I had ever
seen. She squeezed them and pinched her nipples causing
them to stand out. She got on her hands and knees and lowered
her breasts to the cushions and began to slowly rub her nipples
on the fabric. Belinda’s mouth opened as she experienced
the sensations of the material rubbing against her nipples.
She was obviously getting turned on.

Next, Lawrence asked her to remove her panties. Belinda
got off the sofa and stood facing away from the camera. She
turned her head and looked seductively into the camera
as she lowered her panties slowly to the floor. Her cute
natural blond beaver peeked out from between her ass cheeks.
Then, with a modest look she seated herself on the sofa,
very lady-like with her legs together. Her look of innocence
gradually transformed into lust as she licked her lips
and parted her legs. Her right hand slowly slid down her
belly and stopped at her clit.

Lawrence and I kept shooting the sexy Belinda. She didn’t
disappoint. She lounged and rolled around on the sofa giving
a detailed tour of her incredibly hot and sexy body to the
cameras. I was in awe of the transformation she had made
from sweet and shy housewife to lusty sex bomb. I don’t know
if it was Lawrence’s looks and manor or if it was the wine.
It might have been the money. In any case Belinda had become
one hot lady.

When the shoot was over, Lawrence praised Belinda for her
looks and her effort. He also was amazed at her abilities.

Finally he said, “I have a project that you would be great
for. Are you game?”

Belinda’s face broke into a big grin as she said, “I sure
am. What is it?”

Lawrence answered, “I’m shooting a series with a man and
a women for a popular men’s magazine based over seas.”

Belinda’s look became wary. Lawrence added, “Before you
turn me down, let me say that if you are ever uncomfortable
on my shoots simply let me know. You are too valuable to me.
I want you to feel comfortable. This shoot will simply be
poses. There is no sex involved if that’s what you’re concerned

Belinda said, “Its just that I don’t know what to say to my

Lawrence returned, “Invite him along. I bet he will love

Belinda said, “I’ll think about it.”

Lawrence said, “Don’t think too long. The shoot will be
a week from tomorrow. Let me know, soon.”

A week later Belinda was back. Shortly after arriving she
began quizzing Lawrence about what was going to happen
on the shoot. He said, “John will be here anytime. I know
you’ll like him. We’ll start with you two fully clothed.
Next, John will undress you. Then, you will undress him.
Finally, I will pose the two of you together. Bye the way,
where is your husband, Robert?”

Belinda showed guilt as she said, “I didn’t have the nerve
to tell him yet.”

Lawrence said, “I think you would be better off telling

Belinda said, “I know. I will soon.”

Lawrence brightened a bit and said, “Tammy did a first class
job on your hair and make-up.”

Belinda beamed. She did look great. It appeared that she
had lightened her hair. It was no longer a dark blond. Belinda’s
hair was bright and shiny and her makeup made her look classy
and very sexy. She again wore the same black mini-dress
and black six inch heels. She also had on the black stockings
and the garter belt was barely visible at the hem of her skirt.
She looked like a high class call girl.

John arrived and introductions were made. Belinda surveyed
John with a sexy smile. There was definitely a twinkle in
her eye. John was tall and built like a weight lifter. He
took Belinda’s tiny hand in his big paw and bent to kiss it.
Belinda blushed slightly.

John said, “Lawrence, you have out done yourself. Belinda
is a knock-out.”

Lawrence piped in, “Don’t you think she looks fabulous
with that platinum blond hair?”

John answered, “Just fabulous. I love a woman with light
blond hair and sparkling blue eyes.” John looked Belinda
up and down and added, “And what beautiful curves. I think
we’ll be selling a lot of magazines.”

Belinda squirmed a bit with all the praise, obviously not
used to it. Finally she said, “You fellows are embarrassing
me with all the lovely compliments.”

John said, “Well deserved, Belinda.”

Lawrence gestured to the set and Belinda led the way. We
all craned our necks to get a good look at her back side as
she strutted along. That short skirt barely covered her

Lawrence began the shoot by posing John and Belinda in each
others’ arms. If not for the six inch heels, John would have
towered over Belinda. Lawrence asked John to nibble on
Belinda’s neck. Belinda had her arms around John’s neck
and he held her by her tiny waist. Belinda tilted her head
back to allow John access to her neck and shoulder. John
kissed Belinda’s neck causing her to close her eyes. She
melted into his embrace, pressing her breasts into his
torso. I suspected that Belinda was a very passionate woman
after seeing her previous nude shoot and the early stages
of this one.

Nature seemed to take its course as John and Belinda acted
like a typical romantic couple. There was no need for direction.
Lawrence snapped away as John continued to work on Belinda’s
neck and shoulders. Belinda began to kiss John’s ear and
cheek as he nuzzled her neck. John worked his way up to Belinda’s
ear and cheek as well. It was inevitable that the couple
would work their lips together in a passionate kiss.

John seemed to handle the situation calmly. Belinda began
to press her body harder into John’s as her breathing grew
to near gasps. This was one hot lady. I wondered if she was
getting enough from her husband. She seemed loyal enough
to him with her stated concern of what he would think about
her new modeling career. Now Belinda was kissing a stranger
passionately. Maybe she rationalized it as being part
of her job.

John finally broke the kiss clearly disappointing Belinda.
She started to reinitiate the kiss but was interrupted
by Lawrence. He said, “Belinda, lets have John remove your

Belinda was flustered but she smiled at what was to come.
John started by turning Belinda around and unsnapping
the halter strap. Belinda leaned back into John’s arms.
Her hands found his and pulled them around her waist. Belinda
then reached back with her hands and caressed both of John’s
thighs. John moved his hands up Belinda’s waist and cupped
her tits. She closed her eyes and rested her head on John’s
shoulders. Had Belinda done this to me, I would have taken
it as a sign of surrender to my sexual needs. Either she was
a good actress or she was horny as hell. Through it all Lawrence
kept taking pictures.

John eased the halter off Belinda’s breasts and let the
top fall to her waist. Before he pushed the dress to the floor
he squeezed Belinda’s tits and pulled on her nipples. She
moaned at his touch. John reluctantly let his hands fall
to Belinda’s waist. He grabbed her dress and pushed it over
her perfect hips. It fell to the floor revealing that Belinda
wore no panties. Her wispy blond pubic hair framed her pink
and perfect slit. She was noticeably wet. Lawrence seemed
very pleased with the shoot so far. So did John. I noticed
that a nice bulge was forming in his pants. Belinda noticed
as well and seemed anxious to get a better look at it. She
would soon get her wish.

Belinda began to remove John’s Tuxedo as Lawrence resumed
taking pictures. She seemed to be perfectly comfortable
standing naked only inches away from this stranger. Belinda’s
breathing seemed to get faster as she removed John’s shirt
and pants. John’s body was very muscular. He was obviously
a body builder. Belinda’s appreciative glances at John’s
body showed more than a professional interest. Her nipples
were rock hard. Belinda’s gaze lingered on the sizable
bulge in John’s briefs. John was equally appraising Belinda’s
naked body as she stripped him down.

Belinda’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she slowly
removed John’s briefs. She stared in awe at the massive
tool dangling in front of her face.

Lawrence broke her trance when he said, “Belinda, please
lie on the sofa. John, I want you to put your head next to Belinda’s
pussy and stick your tongue out like you’re about to lick

The couple complied with Lawrence’s requests. They were
becoming more excited with each new pose. It was no wonder.
They were naked and pretending to have sex. The sexual tension
was growing thicker and thicker. I’m sure that Lawrence’s
photos would show the sexual heat.

I thought for a moment that Belinda was going to suck on John’s
cock as she held it close to her mouth. She showed remarkable
restraint. John was having a hard time as well with his rock
hard 10 inch cock poised an inch from Belinda’s pink pussy
lips. They held that position for some time as Lawrence
took several shots. The couple looked longingly into each
others’ eyes. Belinda’s eyes seem to be pleading for John
to ram his hard cock into her pussy. John appeared to be straining
to avoid her pleas. It was no use.

Suddenly all hell broke loose. John plunged his cock into
Belinda’s opening.

Belinda screamed, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

John began to bang Belinda with all his considerable strength.
Belinda climaxed immediately and continue to orgasm as
he pumped her. Lawrence didn’t miss a beat. He continued
to take pictures as if the whole thing was planned. I half
suspected that he knew that this would happen.

The couple joined lips as passionately as their genitals
had joined. It was one of the hottest fuck sessions that
I had ever seen. After five minutes of missionary sex, John
lifter Belinda up with her still impaled on his cock and
sat down. Now Belinda had her turn at fucking. She didn’t
disappoint. She rode John like she was riding an untamed
horse. I was amazed that her small body could absorb every
inch of John’s cock. She took it full on each downward thrust.

Lawrence continued to record the action with his camera.
It seemed as though he was taking fewer pictures now and
watching more. Evidently, this scene was getting to him.
Suddenly, he put his camera down and unzipped his pants.
He fished out a hard cock that rivaled John’s for length
and girth. He quickly moved over to the sofa and knelt down
next to the thrashing couple. It was a testament to John’s
staying power that he hadn’t cum yet. Belinda’s pussy was
working his cock for all it was worth. Belinda noticed that
Lawrence had joined the action and fixed her eyes on his
thick cock. He offered it to her and she immediately took
it into her mouth.

I reflected on the situation. Here was Belinda, a married
woman, having sex with two men other than her husband without
his knowledge. She was obviously having the fuck of her
life. I have rarely seen a women as wanton and animal-like
as sweet Belinda was with these two men. And to think, I had
pegged her as a shy and reserved housewife. I was tempted
to join them but I didn’t want to risk my job.

They continued to fuck for several minutes. Lawrence must
have been very excited because he was making sounds like
he was about to cum.

Belinda took a moment to say, “Cum in my mouth, Lawrence,
I want to eat it.”

Right on que, Lawrence’s first shot went straight into
Belinda’s mouth. She latched onto the head of his cock and
took the rest of his load, swallowing the whole slimy mess.

John had more control than Lawrence. He was a profession
porn star and could control himself better. The determination
on his face said, “You’re not going to out fuck me, woman.”

John lifted Belinda off and put her on her hands and knees.
He re-entered her pussy and began to slam her against the
back of the sofa. He was grunting and she was moaning loudly.
Every two or three minutes Belinda would cum again. A noticeable
wet spot had formed on the sofa cushion below her pussy.
The sweet little Belinda took everything John could give
her. She was insatiable.

Finally, John had had enough. Belinda was too much for him.
He yelled, “I’m cumming!”

Belinda pulled off him and sat on the sofa. She looked into
John’s eyes and said, “Cum on my face, Baby.”

John complied. It was like a run away fire hose. Belinda
face was painted in white stripes. When John’s fire hose
was reduced to a dribble, Belinda took his cock into her
mouth and sucked him dry and cleaned him off. Once her cleaning
task was complete, she leaned back on the sofa and began
to feast on the cum covering her face like it was candy. I
noticed that Lawrence was back manning the camera. I’m
sure he had some great shots.

Now that the action was over, Belinda seem subdued.

John said, “Belinda, you are one hell of a hot woman.”

Belinda smiled at John’s words but was quiet. John dressed,
collected his payment and left.

Lawrence sat next to Belinda and said, “You are one of the
most exciting women I have ever seen. You’re a natural for
porn. I know you probably didn’t expect the sex to happen,
but you should realize that you’re great.”

Belinda looked up at Lawrence and with tears in her eyes
said, “What about my husband, Robert. I love him dearly
and now I’ve cheated on him. How will I tell him?”

Lawrence tried to comfort Belinda with an arm around her
shoulders. He said, “Belinda, I know you’re bothered about
Robert. You’ll just have to tell him the truth. Tell me this.
Did you enjoy yourself?”

Without hesitation, Belinda said, “Oh, yes. That’s what
worries me. I wanted to get fucked by John.” She added, “I
realized when I had both of you that I was acting like a slut.
Only sluts fuck two guys at the same time, but I didn’t care.
Its all that I wanted at that moment. The thing that worries
me is that I want more.”

Lawrence hugged the distraught woman in his arms. He tried
to comfort her by saying, “If you want more then go get it.
You have to be true to yourself. Talk about this with Robert.
If you decide that you want to continue modeling and maybe
try your hand at adult films then give me a call.”

She left a troubled woman. I didn’t think I would see her

Four months later I got a call from Lawrence asking if I wanted
to do some video camera work for a XXX video vignette. I jumped
at the chance. The work I had been doing at that time was rather
dull and I needed a break from it. When I arrived at Lawrence’s
place I was surprised to hear that the female in the video
would be Belinda. We gathered the equipment needed for
the shoot and headed next door where Lawrence lived. It
was an adjacent store front that he had converted into a
lavish apartment. The shoot was to take place in his bedroom.
We set up the cameras in front of the rather large comfortable
looking bed.

A knock at the door signaled the arrival, I hoped, of Belinda.
Lawrence opened the door and Belinda greeted him. I couldn’t
wait to see the sexy Belinda in action again. I was stunned
when I saw her. Belinda was wearing a red mini-dress not
unlike the black one in the previous shoots except that
this dress was made out of rubber. Another thing that caught
my eye was Belinda’s breasts. They were larger by at least
a cup size. On her slender frame they looked enormous. The
dress was cut low exposing at great deal of breast flesh
and a tremendous cleavage. The dress was also cut low in
the back. So much so that Belinda’s ass cheeks formed a nice
cleavage of their own. Belinda wore black fishnet thigh
high stockings and six inch red pumps. Around her waist
was a shiny black belt two inches wide. Her beautiful silky
platinum blond hair framed her face and sparkling blue
eyes. Her makeup was applied heavily. Her lips looked fuller
with the bright red lipstick she was wearing. The blush
made her cheeks stand out. Belinda wore long eyelashes
and her eye shadow was elaborately multicolored. She had
‘Fuck Me Silly’ written all over her.

Lawrence asked Belinda, “Did you go out of the house like

She replied, “Yes, but I dressed after Robert left.”

Lawrence said, “When are you going to tell Robert?”

Belinda looked down and formed a frown on her face.

Lawrence continued, “You know you have to tell him. What
did he say when he saw your new breasts?”

Belinda looked up and said, “He was surprised. He was a little
upset that I didn’t consult him about it, but he likes the
way I look. I just couldn’t tell him that his wife was a porn

Lawrence said, “He’s going to find out, you know.”

Belinda nodded.

Lawrence brightened his tone as he said, “Well enough about
Robert. Are you ready to get fucked?”

Belinda’s frown turned into a sly grin and she said, “I’m
dying to get fucked.”

Lawrence shook his head in disbelief and said, “I’ve never
seen a woman take to raunchy sex like you have.”

Belinda laughed sexily and said, “What can I say. I’m a natural
born slut. It took you to bring me out of my shell. You’ve
fucking corrupted me.”

Lawrence shot back, “Oh no, I never made you do anything
that you did not want to do.”

Belinda laughed at Lawrence’s defensiveness.

Belinda asked, “Whose going to fuck me today boss?”

Lawrence answered, “Today I have three studs for you.”

Belinda said excitedly, “That’s great. I love it when I’m
fucked in all my holes.

It was Lawrence’s turn to laugh. He said, “With these three
you’ll likely have three feet of cock at your disposal.
Do you think you’ll find a way to dispose of all that cock?”

Belinda groaned and said, “I think my cunt, ass and mouth
know just what to do.”

Soon, Belinda’s three gentlemen arrived and were made
up for the shoot. Belinda and Lawrence had already worked
out the details of the scene. When everyone was set, we rolled
cameras and Belinda went to work. The action started as
Belinda lit up a cigarette and took a couple of deep pulls
on it, her chest expanding as she inhaled. She exhaled slowly
through her bright red lips. The butt of the cigarette was
now bright red as well.

She showed her three friends into the bedroom and said,
“I think that you fellows will be more comfortable in the

She gestured for them to sit on the bed. As they became comfortable,
Belinda crushed out her cigarette in an ashtray and began
to do a sexy strip tease for the men.

Belinda danced seductively for a few moments, running
her hands over her tits and ass. She taunted them with sexy
talk, “Would you fellows like to see my tits?” She added,
“How about my cunt?”

The men smiled knowing that she would take the dress off
regardless of whether they answered her questions. Belinda
removed the belt and slowly began to peel out of the skin
tight rubber dress. She stopped to pinch her nipples, cooing
at the sensations. Her mouth pouted as she pushed the tight
dress over her hips exposing her bald pussy. She obviously
knew what she was doing. I suspected that she had been doing
porn steadily since her second modeling shoot.

Once naked she began to knead her tits and rub her clit. The
three men took the hint and began to get undressed. Three
very large and thick cocks greeted Belinda. Her eyes were
loaded with lust at the sight. Belinda’s index finger moved
from her clit to her opening and slipped in. She pushed the
digit in as far as it would go and then out again. I was amazed
that she could finger herself without causing serious
damage. Her finger nails were bright red and had to be an
inch and a half long. She continued to fuck her cunt with
one hand while pulling on her nipples with the other.

As the men stroked there cocks, Belinda continue her show.
She now had three fingers buried in her cunt and had move
her other hand to her ass. She had one finger buried there.
The stimulation she was giving herself caused her breathing
to intensify. She moaned with the sensations.

Her breathy voice asked, “You fellows like to see me fuck
myself with my fingers?”

Belinda now had four fingers in her cunt. She moved to the
side of bed and said, “I think I could use some help.”

Belinda’s fingers were quickly replaced by large male
fingers. The stud started with three fingers and began
a vigorous finger fuck. The other two studs got up from the
bed and began to work on Belinda’s big tits. Her new breasts
loomed large over her small torso. They stood out proudly,
obviously enhanced. Belinda had transformed both physically
and mentally from a sweet young attractive woman to a female
sex machine. Her whole purpose in life now seemed to be fucking.
Her body and manner had been designed for the sole purpose
of exciting men.

Belinda was now thrashing around on the hand working her
cunt and screaming, “Oh yeah, fuck my cunt with your hand.”

The stud now had four fingers in her and was working on getting
his thumb in her. He lifted her off the ground to get a better
angle. His other hand supported her ass. Belinda placed
her legs on the bed on either side of the man. Both studs working
on her tits support her back. Belinda continued to thrash.
The hands on her nipples kept her from moving too much as
they held her in place. Her tits were being stretched and
deformed as she thrashed from side to side on the hand in
her pussy. The man had succeeded in getting his thumb inside
Belinda and was now fisting her savagely. He also managed
to get three fingers into her asshole. Belinda began shrieking
as an orgasm overtook her.

I had never seen anything like it. I was convinced that Belinda
would be injured. She had a rather large hand in her pussy
and her nipples were being stretched to the point of being
torn off. Tears were leaking from her heavily made up eyes.
I suddenly noticed that while Belinda was being manhandled
she had both hands on the cocks of the men supporting her
back. She was stroking them expertly despite the overwhelming
stimulation she was getting. What a professional this
woman was.

After a few minutes of this seeming torture, the stud pulled
his hand out of Belinda’s cunt and let her sit in his lap.
The other two men finally let her nipples go. They were very
red and I wondered if they would be bruised. Belinda began
to come down off her high of continuous orgasms.

She looked at the man in front of her and said hoarsely, “I
just love a good fisting. I think you’ve loosened me up now
for that fucking log between your legs.”

Without hesitation the stud pulled her onto his cock and
began to ram her pussy again. I had done a few of these porn
videos before but I had never seen action like this before.
This woman was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I guess
Lawrence was right when he picked Belinda out of the crowd.

The stud in Belinda’s pussy was now on his back as she rode
his monster cock. The other two studs didn’t just stand
around. One of them lubed up his twelve inch cock and eased
it into Belinda’s ass. The last man fed her his cock which
she easily deep-throated. Belinda now had all three holes
plugged just as she had hoped. The fucking was just as furious
as the preliminaries were. Belinda’s muffled screams
could be heard as the cock pistoned her mouth. I had seen
triple penetrations before but had never seen one as coordinated
as this one. Belinda was expert at getting everyone in sync.
It was, in a way, as graceful as a ballet.

After a good fifteen minutes of this action, Lawrence signaled
the men to cum. As had been prearranged, the man in Belinda’s
mouth would come first. The man in her ass would come next
and finally the man in her cunt would blow his load. On cue
the stud getting the blow job pulled out and erupted into
Belinda’s mouth. She caught every single string of thick
white sperm. She let some of it ooze out of her mouth. Belinda
slurped it up before any of it could drip on the man beneath

Once we had good coverage of the first money shot, the second
man pulled out of Belinda’s ass, knelt on the bed and put
the head of his cock on Belinda’s tongue. Quickly he filled
her mouth up. She looked right into my camera and wiggled
her tongue around in the pool of goo. She let some of the froth
escape to her chin. Belinda quickly reclaimed the dribble
and swallowed the whole load. I got a great shot of the lump
in her throat as it went down. She finished the shot by licking
the man clean, her eyes never looking away from my camera.
I thought I might shoot my own load after that scene. I think
Belinda new it as well.

Belinda turned her attention to the guy pounding her pussy.
She began to fuck him with long strokes. Her ass would come
way off the bed then slam down on the guys’ legs. I knew he
couldn’t last long like that. Sure enough, after about
five minutes, he began to moan loudly. Belinda scrambled
off the cock and went down on it. She took the thirteen inches
to the hilt in one try. The stud unloaded. Belinda let some
of his cum go straight to her belly. She pulled back and let
the last few squirts shoot into her mouth then drool out
of her mouth and onto her tits.

When the flow had subsided she cleaned the guys cock real
good and then looked into my camera again and seductively
kissed the head of his cock gently. It was very tender. It
was as if she was making love to his cock head, all the while
looking me or my camera in the eye. After this mini love scene,
she scooped the cum off her tits and licked her fingers as
though she was licking left over cake icing. I almost blew
my load. I know my pants were wet with pre-cum. I wondered
if it showed.

Belinda smiled at me and my camera and said, “How’s that

The shoot was over and I was glad. I know I couldn’t have taken
another minute of that hot woman. Belinda continued to
sneak glances at me as she got off the bed and collected her
dress. I wondered why she was looking at me. After she had
freshened up she talked to Lawrence for a while then she
approached me now dressed in her red dress. She did have
the wild look of a just fucked woman. Still, it was hard to
believe the fucking that she had just taken. I was in awe
of her. To me she was a goddess. I think it showed on my face.

I complimented Belinda on the wild and wonderful performance.

She smiled and said, “Why, thank you kind sir. I thought
you looked like you enjoyed watching me getting fucked.”

I said, “You have no idea how much.”

Belinda’s sly look moved to my crotch. She said, “Oh, I think
I know.”

With that she slowly moved her fingers across the lump in
my pants. For the third time I though I was going to blow.
I could feel the blood move through my body. It was all I could
do to keep from attacking Belinda.

She looked into my eyes and said, “Would you like to fuck

I swallowed the lump in my throat and croaked, “More than
anything in the world!”

Belinda smiled at me with those crystal blues of hers and
said, “First, you have to take me to dinner.”

“Gladly, ” I replied.

Ten minutes later we were walking down the street to an Italian
restaurant. The feeling of walking beside this sex goddess
was indescribable. Every man we passed got a good look and
Belinda. She loved it. I never saw so much rubber-necking.

I asked, “Does all this attention ever bother you?”

“No, never, ” she replied.

I continued, “The way you dress, I would be concerned about
someone attacking you and forcing you to have sex.”

I was astonished when she said, “Its happened. I just fuck
them. They don’t have to force me.”

Still in shock I asked, “You just fuck anyone?”

“Sure, ” she said, “Just watch.” With that she grabbed
the first man that we passed.

Belinda rubbed her big tits into the surprised young man’s
arm and said, “Sir, I really need to be fucked.”

She pulled the man into an alley and behind a trash receptacle.
The young man was so stunned that he just let her unzip his
pants and pull out his cock. She began sucking it and in no
time he was hard. Belinda pulled the hem of her skirt to her
waist and turned to offer her pussy.

She said, “Use either hole you like. I prefer to get fucked
in the ass, but its your choice.”

The man chose her ass and impaled her.

Belinda started moaning instantly. I was glad that the
streets were noisy. Her noises could attract a lot of attention.
I suspected that Belinda didn’t care about that, though.
The young man was now pounding her pretty well. He was rather
short and Belinda had to keep her legs spread widely to line
up with his cock. It was then that I noticed something on
her ankle. I moved closer to get a good look. Belinda had
a tattoo above her ankle. It was the word “SLUT” decorated
with black and red roses.

This was too much for me. I couldn’t wait until after dinner.
I moved around in front of Belinda and unzipped my pants
and fished out my hard cock. I offered it to Belinda and she
sucked it down her throat. I couldn’t believe how great
it felt. I was amazed that Belinda could give me the attention
she was giving while another cock was working her ass. She
had excellent concentration. I know she had to be flying
high with that cock in her ass. After five minutes of the
best blow job that I had ever had, I filled her mouth. I never
saw my sperm. Belinda vacuumed it out of me and swallowed
it. When the fellow fucking her ass started moaning, she
pulled off him and gave him the same treatment. Once again,
I was in awe.

Belinda thanked the stranger and straighten her dress.
As we resumed our walk to dinner I asked, “Do you do that often?”

“Once a week, I guess, ” was her reply.

I just shook my head, and said, “That was the best blow job
I have ever had.”

She smiled and I caught a glimpse of the old Belinda. It was
a sweet shy expression that showed me that although she
acted aggressive sometimes, she was still a sweet and wonderful
girl. “What a great combination, ” I thought.

She said, “Thanks. I love to make men feel good. Its what
I love the most.”

We entered the restaurant and were seated immediately.
Its amazing what people do for a hot looking lady. We ordered
and then began to chat like old friends. Belinda was one
of the nicest women I had ever talked to. I asked her about
her husband.

She said, “He’s just wonderful to me. I love him very much.”

I asked, “What about your career and little incidents like
the one in the alley?”

She lowered her head and I was instantly sorry I had upset
her. Belinda raised her head and said, “That’s my problem.
I have to tell my husband about my new life. I want very much
to stay with him but I’ve changed. I’m a cunt slut now and
I don’t want to change that. I have to get fucked good and
hard and often by many different men.”

I’m sure Belinda could see the concern in my face.

She continued, “I don’t want to burden you with my problems,
but perhaps you could help me.”

“I’ll do anything for you Belinda, ” I replied quickly.

She said, “I’ve heard that you do a little writing.”

I nodded.

Belinda continued, “I want you to write a story about my
new life for my husband. I’ve never been able to tell him
face to face.”

I said, “I would be happy to do that. What would you like me
to cover?”

She replied, “Start with my first two visits to see Lawrence
and include what’s happened and will happen today.”

Puzzled I asked, “What will happen today?”

Belinda flashed me a lusty smile and said, “After dinner
I have to do a bachelor party. After that, I will spend the
night with you and fuck you silly.”

“A bachelor party, ” I asked?

She answered, “I dance, do a strip tease and fuck all the
guys. I get paid well.”

I nodded, “I’ll bet. What about your husband? Won’t he miss
you tonight?”

“I told him I would be visiting my mother, ” she replied.

We finished eating then headed back to Lawrence’s place
to pick up Belinda’s bag. She kept her boom box and other
items in it for bachelor parties. I volunteer to be her chaperone
and drive her to the party. She thanked me and called her
usual chaperone to cancel. Before we left for the party,
Belinda changed into a new outfit. I was surprised when
she did the changing in front of Lawrence and me in his kitchen.
She put on a matching red pair of rubber hot-pants and half
top. What an outfit. The top was skintight and left her areolaes
slightly exposed and her nipples barely covered. Her tits
looked like they might bust out at any minute. Belinda put
on a different pair of fishnet stockings that gripped her
ass cheeks. I had never seen a pair like them. The shorts
covered the “V” in front and back left uncovered by the stockings.
The strip of material between her legs was only an inch wide.
The outer folds of her pussy were clearly visible between
the stockings and shorts.

On the way to the party Belinda asked me to stop at a drug store.
I asked, “You’re going into public dressed like that?”

Her exasperated smile indicated her frustration with
my attitude. “Sure! Why not, ” she said? “I do it all the
time, ” she added.

“I’m going with you, ” I demanded.

“You don’t have to, ” she returned.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world, ” I said.

Inside the drug store, the scene was similar to the street.
People were gawking at Belinda. She picked up some lubricant
and other sexual aids. A middle aged man boldly ran his hand
over Belinda’s ass. She turned to face him and spread her
legs in invitation. He didn’t hesitate to put his finger
under her shorts and into her cunt. She pressed her tits
into his body and kissed him while he tickled her clit. Suddenly,
I heard a dripping sound. I looked down and was shocked to
see liquid pouring from between Belinda and the man. Most
of it was soaking into the man’s pants. I realized then that
Belinda was pissing on the man. Finally, the man realized
what was happening and back away in shock. Belinda turned
and headed for the checkout. I followed grinning at the
man who was shocked speechless.

Back in the car I asked Belinda why she pissed on the man.
She said, “I didn’t like him, he smelled bad.”

I laughed all the way to the party. We arrived at the residence
of the best man and knocked at the front door. A man answered
and dropped his jaw at the sight of Belinda. I think he expected
her to be wearing a coat or something to cover up. He finally
collected himself and invited us in. The best man introduced
us to the groom and eleven other fellows. Belinda took the
groom’s hands and placed them on her ass. She then leaned
into him and kissed him hard, swapping tongues and licking
lips. The groom was busy squeezing Belinda’s firm ass.
Her hands were rubbing the bulge in his pants. Finally,
Belinda broke the kiss and led the groom to a large easy chair.
She made the rounds kissing every man in the room. Everyone
got a good feel of her.

Belinda made her way to the center of the house’s main room.
She addressed the crowd, “Are you fellows ready to see me
get naked?”

A loud group of shouts affirmed the wishes of the men.

Belinda continued, “I recently had my tits enlarged just
so you fellows would have more to play with. Do you want to
see them?”

Again the shouts.

Slowly Belinda gave a peek of her nipples to the crowd of
men. They groaned at the sight. Belinda turned on her boom
box and began to strut to the hard rock music. She squeezed
her melons together in offering to the crowd. They were
mesmerized. Belinda finally ended the torture by pulling
the top over her head. Her implant firm tits jiggled a little
but stopped quickly like a firm set of auto shock absorbers.
The massive breasts stood out firm on Belinda’s small frame.

As she continued to dance, Belinda said, “Would you boys
like to see my cunt?”

More shouts were heard.

She teased for a while pulling the shorts down a little then
pulling them up. Every man now sported a tent in his pants.
Finally, Belinda pulled off her shorts exposing her bald
cunt for everyone to see. I could tell that the men were anxious
to take Belinda and fuck the shit out her. They would, soon

Belinda turned off the boom box and again addressed the
crowd. She said, “How would you fellows like to fuck me?”

They shouted “yes” in near unison. They were getting good.

Belinda said, “Good. Now let me tell you the rules. There
is only one. Before I mention it let me say that I am here to
please each and every one of you. I have prepared my body
for one thing, sex. I am a slut and whore. My sole purpose
in life is to get fucked as much as possible. The rule is that
every man in this room should treat me like a cunt, a piece
of meat. Use me hard. Use every hole in my body. Fuck me hard.
No gentle caressing love making. I want to be fucked of within
an inch of my life. Do you understand?”

Everyone was speechless. Belinda’s rule went against
everything that society had taught about how men should
treat a woman.

Belinda repeated, “Do you understand?”

Finally the men acknowledged Belinda’s rule.

Without hesitation Belinda approached the groom and removed
his pants. A nice 9 inch cock greeted Belinda. She immediately
impaled herself on the shaft and began to ride the groom
hard. The other men were undressing now. The first to finish
offered his cock to Belinda. She began an enthusiast blow
job. Another fellow lubed up his cock and plugged Belinda’s
ass. They fucked for several minutes before the groom exploded
into Belinda’s cunt. She continued to ride him as the other
men fucked her ass and face. The groom stayed hard and began
fucking her cunt in earnest once again. The cock in Belinda’s
mouth now shot off followed soon by the one in her ass. The
groom was still pounding Belinda’s pussy as another two
men filled her vacant holes. Belinda was at this point cumming
continuously. Her screams and moans could be heard in muffled
form around the various cocks that occupied her mouth.
I could tell that she loved her work.

Belinda took on three more pairs of men before the groom
final blew his second load. She got off and spit shinned
the grooms shrinking cock. Cum was leaking from her cunt
and ass and her chin was covered with white sticky goo. Belinda
moved to the floor and called for some pillows. She placed
them under her ass and told the boys to line up. One by one
they savagely fucked her in the cunt and ass, alternating

Belinda cheered the men on by saying things like, “Fuck
my cunt with your hard cock. Flood my whore ass with your

She had several orgasms during the session. After thirteen
men she was full of sperm. Her elevated ass kept the fluid
from running out. While the men rested, she asked the best
man to bring her a large sized bowl. He returned in a moment
with the bowl. The next act was one of the nastiest things
I had ever seen.

Belinda put the bowl under her ass and removed the pillows.
She sat up on the bowl and put her legs on either side of the
bowl. On her knees now, Belinda raised her ass off the bowl
so that the men could see the globs of cum dripping from her
ass and cunt into the bowl. Belinda sucked a half dozen cocks
hard while the strings and globs filled the bowl. After
the flow subsided, Belinda pulled the bowl out and examined
the contents. She smiled and licked her lips in satisfaction.
She put the bowl on the floor in front of her and crawled up
to it like a dog approaches his dinner. As we all watched,
she put her head into the bowl and began to slurp the contents.
After two minutes she raised her head and the bowl had been
licked clean. Belinda’s face, however, was covered with
remnants of the bowl’s contents. She spent a minute or so
collecting the stray juices and feeding them to her mouth.
Everyone looked on with awe. It was too much for one fellow.
He headed for the bathroom.

Several of the men left after that. Belinda had shocked
them, thoroughly. About seven remained. Belinda wasn’t
finished yet. She put on a show with a huge rubber dildo about
three inches in diameter and fourteen inches long. She
fucked her ass and cunt with it for a few minutes and then
asked the men to jack off into her gaping cunt and ass. It
was like target practice. The men tried to hit the bull’s
eye. Many got their cum to hit dead center in Belinda’s cunt
and ass. She again had a messy pair of holes. She did the bowl
trick again. By now the men were all fucked out.

Belinda tried to get the men to fuck her again, but they politely
refused. One fellow said that he had to piss badly. Before
he knew what happened Belinda was on her knees in front of
him begging him to piss in her mouth. Again I was shocked.
The guy obliged her. She took his soft cock into her mouth
and soon she was swallowing his piss. I couldn’t believe
that this nice and attractive woman would perform acts
this lewd and crude. Belinda had an orgasm while taking
the load of piss. Three more guys had to go as well. She took
them all on. It was incredible.

It had taken only two hours. I thought back to my recollections
of Belinda that very morning. I remembered her from the
first two shoots as a sweet attractive shy woman who was
worried about what her husband would think of her new career.
I remember her mostly that way although I did watch her fuck
Lawrence and John with a passion few women have. After four
months I guess the natural extension of that behavior is
what I saw at the shoot and then at the bachelor party. Man,
what a slut.

Belinda was paid and we left. On the way to my place I said,
“Belinda, I had no idea how nasty you were. That was incredible.
I’ve never seen one woman give so much pleasure to that many

It was late and I couldn’t see her face in the dark but I knew
by her voice that the old Belinda was speaking, “I guess
I get pretty carried away. I hope you don’t hate me.”

I said, “On the contrary. I think you’re just wonderful.”

Belinda replied, “Thanks. For that you’ll get a reward
tonight.” “I can’t wait, ” I replied.

We arrived at my house and Belinda immediately hit the shower.
She wanted to clean the results of her bachelor party off
so that she would be fresh for me. I was touched. This woman
was definitely a man’s dream. I crawled into bed and waited
for the night of my life. Thirty minutes later Belinda walked
into the bedroom and paused so that I could feast my eyes
on her.

Belinda was wearing a black leather bra and panty set with
black shear stockings and a garter belt. She wore black
six inch pumps. Her hair was wet and combed straight back
on the top and sides. She had reapplied her make up and wore
bright red lipstick. She was the most beautiful and sexy
creature I had ever seen.

Belinda walked over to the side of the bed and crawled onto
the bed and straddled my waist. “Do you like, ” was all that
she said?

“I’m in heaven, ” was my response.

She leaned down and kissed me softly.

For the next thirty minutes she kissed and licked ever inch
of my body. She lingered on my asshole and cock. I had my first
orgasm by her expert mouth. She gazed into my eyes with a
look of total devotion as my cum dripped out of her mouth
and around my cock. She slowly licked up every bit of cum,
never taking her eyes from mine. It was complete surrender.
I knew she would do anything for me. She continued to make
love to my cock, getting me ready again. Gone was the “Fuck
me hard” attitude. She was making passionate love to me
and only me. I was wondering how I could ever let her go. She
was the perfect woman, but she was married.

I put those thoughts out of my mind as we made gentle passionate
love. After we both orgasmed, Belinda snuggled against
my chest. Her body was warm and soft and made me feel like
the most important man in the world. After resting we would
make love again. Each time it was different.

Belinda was an extremely talented lover. I had never climaxed
this much. She had a way of making me want more and more and
my body responded. It was magic. She was magic. We made tender
love until ten the next morning.

Belinda got out of bed first. I was exhausted. I couldn’t
believe it when she cheerfully and energetically got up
and offered to make breakfast.

I said, “You’ve been up for over 24 hours, have performed
miraculously in a porn video, fucked a stranger in an alley,
took on thirteen men at a bachelor and made beautiful love
to me for the rest of the night and you now want to make breakfast
for me?”

Belinda smiled cheerfully and said, “That’s right.”

I shook my head and said, “I don’t believe you.”

Belinda cupped my face and kissed me. She said, “I love men
and I love to make them feel good. Its all I want to do.”

With that she bounced out of the bedroom naked and headed
for the kitchen. I was in awe again but I was dead tired. I
fell asleep.

Belinda woke me a short time later with a tray full of wonderful
smelling food. I may have been tired but I was hungry. I ate
quickly. When I was finished, Belinda took the tray to the
kitchen and returned. Before I could say anything she was
sucking on my cock again. To my surprise I responded yet
again. We fucked for another hour. I couldn’t believe that
I had the strength. It must have been this woman. She inspired
me to do superhuman things. The last fifteen minutes were
rough. Belinda wanted to end our time together with a rush.
I pounded her as hard as I could and she pounded back. We finished
with simultaneous orgasms. It was incredible.

Belinda thanked me for the wonderful time and I told her
that if things didn’t work out with Robert that she could
live with me. She smiled and told me that she would like that.
I wasn’t sure if she was being nice or if she was serious.
All I knew was that I was in love with her and I would have gladly
married her if I had the chance. I know that she would never
be content having sex with only me. I don’t care. I would
share her with the world as long as she ended up back in my
bed most nights.

Before Belinda left I told her I would write her story. I
have now done that. This is your Belinda, Robert. What do
you think?

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I think it is a sad story about a wonederfull woman who was
changed by two men that only wnated to use her for her body

Not very nice me eather...