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A Womens Tale


Hi, first I'd like to tell you a little about myself,
I'm 43 years old and single, I am a career women and enjoy
my independence. I've been told that I have a nice body,
my breasts aren't to large and because I work out allot
they don't sag too much, my ass is firm and round although
I think a little too large, I have long firm legs that look
great in short skirts and high heels. My story starts several
weeks ago, I hadn't been out in a pretty long time due
to work deadlines probably several months I'm not
really sure. Anyway lately I have been distracted at work,
you see I can't get sex out of my mind, during the day
my mind wanders and my pussy tingles and gets so wet that
I've had to take my soaked panties off so no one can smell
how horny I was. I even tried to go to the ladies room and play
with myself figuring I could get back to work but my office
has a hundred women in it and someone is always in there.
One day it dawned on me that I have to go out and get laid, I
don't like casual sex but what the fuck and girl has
needs. I was reading an article about men and women and the
single sex scene and became engrossed that more and more
women were going out, picking up a man and just getting head
then calling it a night. I said to myself you go girl, after
all a zillion years of men picking up women for blow jobs
and saying adios still happens. I decided tonight I was
going out for me. I went straight home after work instead
of going to the gym and began to get up my nerve. First I put
some sexy music on the stereo, opened a bottle of wine and
drew a very hot bath. I lit some candles around the tub, slowly
I took my dress off and let it fall in a pile on the floor, long
ago I had a complete wall mirrored so I was standing in front
of it admiring all my hard work at the gym, instinctively
my hands began to glide gently over my stomach, I felt like
I was in a trance, like I was outside myself watching and
I could feel my pussy begin to swell and release its juices,
I felt so good I couldn't stop. I had a sexy black lace
bra on and I could see my nipples sticking out through the
material, I moved my hands up to my breasts and unexpectantly
let out a moan as my fingers made contact, I started to squeeze
them gently until I got to my nipples, I like my nipples pulled,
twisted and even bitten, the harder the better, so I really
started to abuse them, I found myself breathing harder
and harder the more I played my little game with my nipples.
I then decided it's time to get rid of the bra, as I reached
behind me to unhook my tits bulged from the now tight bra,
with a quick snap it was open, I shook myself so it would fall
off and giggled as my tits swayed with the movement, although
the room was very warm from the hot water, my body was hotter
and the cooler air made my already erect nipples get larger.
I grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard this time and tortured
myself by pulling and twisting my nipples, I wish I were
larger because a lust to suck my own tits overwhelmed me.
My pussy was on fire, I never thought I could turn myself
on so much, I slid one hand down across my stomach and over
my panties down between my legs which I had to open a little
for better access, my panties were so wet I could have rung
them out and had a puddle on the floor. The longer I watched
myself touching myself the hotter and wetter I was getting.
I slid my panties over my hips and down my long legs and left
them on the floor with the rest of my clothes. For years I
have kept my bush very closely trimmed and now being so excited
my swollen lips were clearly visible. I reached down and
barely touched my pussy and chills went up my spine, how
wonderful I was feeling...
I took my glass of wine, which by the way was full and downed
the whole thing, I decided that I had better get in the tub
before my legs gave out and I ended up on my ass on the floor,
so I lowered myself into the hot water. I laid back and closed
my eyes enjoying the soothing bath when my hands began to
explore my body again, one hand was massaging my breasts
and the other as if it had a mind of its own went directly to
my pussy, ohhhh this is soooo good, one hand was pinching
my nipples just right and the fingers of my other hand were
spreading my pussy lips, even under water my pussy was so
wet and slippery that I easily push a finger deep into my
hole, I moaned so loud I hoped my neighbor didn't hear
me, it felt so good I almost came right then, slowly I started
to fuck myself with one finger then two and even three, now
I was in a frenzy, harder and faster I fucked myself, I was
pumping so fast that the water in the tub was now on the floor,
I felt my orgasm approaching and as much as I wanted this
moment to last I had to cum, Ohhhh God yesssss oh God yesssss
over and over until I couldn't hold it any longer and
came so hard I could hardly breathe, I laid still with my
fingers inside my pulsing pussy and one tit in my other hand
until I calmed down. I sponged myself got up and wrapped
a soft oversize towel around myself and went to my bedroom
to get dressed. When I opened my panty draw I saw something
that made me gasp, look at what I found, a friend of mine gave
me an 18 inch double headed dildo for my fortieth birthday
and I forgot about it, if I wasn't looking for a particular
pair of sexy panties I would never have found it. Immediately
my pussy started to tingle again and ooze its juice, wow
I said to myself, I must be really horny, I also said that
I had no intention of fucking some stranger tonight, I was
going to stick to my plan of getting my pussy eaten, having
a good orgasm and blowing off the guy, this was my night.
But I couldn't ignore how wet I got just seeing this
dildo, I lay on my bed and started rubbing my pussy with it.
Amazingly my lips opened up and it slid along my slit nicely,
every now and then I would rub it against my clit and the sparks
would fly. I tried to slip in into me but I didn't like
the position I was in, so looking around the room I came up
with an idea. My bed is fairly low so I picked up the mattress
and put the dildo between the mattress and box spring, Then
I got on all fours, which is a position I enjoy, with one hand
I guided the head into the entrance of my now dripping pussy,
after getting just the head in I went back to being on all
fours, little by little I backed up and this beautiful dildo
filled my pussy to capacity, I pushed all I could in me and
almost passed out at how good it felt, when I felt the side
of the bed I slowly moved away, I wasn't sure this was
going to work, there might not have been enough weight from
the mattress to hold the dildo in place. Slowly in and out
it went, before long and with out realizing I had a good pace
going, ohhhhhh this is to gooooood, I started to fuck myself
harder and harder, oh God here it comes oh yesssss, oh yesssssss
and again I came this time I collapsed on the floor and the
dildo came with me, this is too fucking good I thought...
. I finally picked myself up off the floor and got dressed,
black satin thong with matching bra, a short red mini and
white button down shirt, along with red spikes I looked
hot, and a little slutty. I decided to go to the other side
of town to enact my plan, I had heard about a place that was
older and always crowded. When I got, there were a least
a hundred people waiting to get in, I was going to leave when
someone tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around to see
a very attractive lady standing behind me, I asked if I can
help her, she said no but if I wanted to get in she could help
me, I thought about it for a second and said OK that would
be nice of you. We quickly walked to the front of the line
where she kissed the huge bouncer and we were let right in,
once inside the place was jumping, good music people dancing
and a ton of guys, I almost started drooling and that familiar
tingle in my pussy was back, I must have been in a trance when
the girl that got me in interrupted my thoughts and said
she managed to get a couple of seats at the bar. I thought
to myself that she must know allot of people to get what she
wanted in this place. Great I said and we headed to the bar,
We sat and ordered drinks, I insisted that I pay for them
because she was so helpful, she said that's not necessary
because her boyfriend owned the place, I was glad she said
she had a boyfriend for a while I thought she was after me.
She said let me introduce myself I'm Tina and she stuck
her hand out, I shook her hand and told her my name is Celeste
and it was nice to meet you. We shared some small talk when
she excused herself and asked me to watch her stuff, I said
sure. After she left I just looked around and thought to
myself OK fellas which one of you is going to stick your tongue
in my pussy tonight, that thought had my pussy dripping
again. Tina came back and hopped up on the stool, I noticed
her short skirt had risen to where I could see she was wearing
thigh high stockings and that she had very nice legs, I must
have been staring because she said you like, I blushed like
a little girl and apologized, she said no problem and raised
it higher so that I could now see she had a clean shaven pussy,
I quickly turned away, when I turned back I told her I didn't
go that way and I thought she had a boyfriend, she said I do,
but variety is always nice. I started to get up when she grabbed
my arm, she said look you had that I have to cum look on your
face and I thought I could help, I said no thanks, she said
OK but please hang with me and we'll find you a stud,
then she got us another drink. After a few drinks a great
looking guy came over to us and started flirting, we looked
at each other, she excused us and told the guy to hang out
while we went to the ladies room. She grabbed my hand and
across the dance floor we went, we also went passed the ladies
room, I pulled my hand from hers and she turned around looked
at me and cracked up, she said look you told me you're
not interested and I'm good with that, I just want to
show you something, she pulled a key from her tits and opened
the door we were standing in front of. She grabbed me again
and pulled me into the dark room, I couldn't see anything
until she flipped the lights on, WOW, I said what's
this, she said that sometimes when she and her boyfriend
don't feel like driving they stay in the club so they
built a nice love nest. She said that if I wanted to I could
use it to get lucky; she also said that I was too good to get
fucked in the parking lot. I told her before I could stop
that I was only looking for someone to eat my pussy and again
I blushed. She said that's cool, sometimes that's
all we need, anyway here's the key, and I asked what
about your boyfriend, she said that he was out of town on
business. We headed back to the bar.
After we got back to the bar I finished my drink and asked
the guy if he wanted to dance, sure he said, I was feeling
pretty good from the drinks and was wired because of what
I was doing so I started to grind my ass into his cock, I could
tell he was starting to get hard, the more I grinded the harder
he got, wow I thought this is great, but how do I get only what
I want??? After a few songs we went back to the bar and Tina
was just smiling, I asked her what's up, she said you
should have seen yourself, boy were you hot out there, she
leaned over and whispered in my ear that she fingered herself
watching me, without knowing what I was doing I leaned over
to her and kissed her on her cheek and whispered thank you.
I then leaned over again and asked her how the fuck do I do
this, how do I ask this guy I only want my pussy eaten with
no strings, while I was whispering to Tina I felt her hand
rub my leg, what surprised me was I didn't move and an
electric bolt shot straight to my pussy, she said while
moving her hand up my thigh just ask then turned and kissed
me on the cheek. I suddenly needed this now so I turned to
the guy put my arms around his neck and asked him straight,
I said that my pussy was dripping and I had to have his tongue
on my pussy but that was all I wanted, I also said that if he
was game to follow me and I turned and walked away, Tina gave
me a wink and a smile. As I was fumbling with the key I felt
a hand go right up my skirt and land a bulls eye at my pussy,
startled I jumped and he said sorry about that, I said that's
ok he picked up the key and unlocked the door and we went in.
As soon as I locked the door he grabbed me and kissed me, sliding
his tongue into my willing mouth I began to melt in his arms,
his mouth felt wonderful and I couldn't help thinking
I have to have this man between my legs sucking my pussy dry
now. I broke the kiss and led him to a big overstuffed chair
and I sat down, I couldn't help but notice the buldge
in his pants, I looked up at him and said that I was not interested
in that tonight, he said no problem I have two hands, I'll
take care of that myself. Then he got down on his knees, gently
his hands were on my knees, slowly he rubbed my legs up and
down driving me crazy, on one trip up he grabbed the waistband
and took my soaked panties down and off, all of a sudden I
felt like someone else was in the room and when he said he
you go darling I knew we weren't alone, I turned my head
and there in the dark corner was Tina, I started to get up
but the guy had my legs spread and skirt all the way up to my
waist and I couldn't move, I protested to Tina asking
her what she was doing and how she got in there, she said relax
honey there's a back door, then she said let me introduce
my boyfriend Tony. I yelled you bitch this was a set up, no
she said I know how good Tony is and you are so beautiful,
besides Tony likes to watch me with other women so this is
my chance to see him with another women so lay back, as she
pushed my shoulders back into the chair and enjoy Tony's
tongue, before I could say anything Tony was kissing and
blowing on my pussy and that's all it took, I laid back
and he spread my legs wider, his tongue finally made contact
with my outer lips and I was in heaven, slow long licks, my
pussy was gushing, he really was just as good as Tina had
said, his tongue went all the way down to my hole and snaked
itself deep into my pussy, ohhhhhh this is soooo good I said
out loud, Tina said yes sweetie I know how good it is, Tina
was now on the chair with me and I didn't mind, we looked
into each others eyes and she whispered let go Celeste,
let yourself go and enjoy, then she started to stroke my
face, Tony's tongue fucking took me to another plane
and was soooooo gooood, I started to feel my orgasm coming
from deep in my stomach, I was holding on I didn't want
it to end just then. ... Oh God yessssssss, suck my pussy
Tony, yesssssssss stick your tongue deep in me ohhhhh soooooooo
goooooood, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer
this was sooooo good, Tony pleasing my need and Tina stroking
my face was making me crazy, Tina slid down next to me and
started to whisper in my ear, let yourself go Celeste, go
with it you are so hot, she was so close to me her lips were
touching my ear, her breath hot and moist, then her tongue
started to play with my ear lobe and I let out a loud and long
moan, I couldn't believe what was happening, between
working my pussy and now Tina working my very sensitive
ears was almost too much, Oh Tina I said, your driving me
crazy, do you want me to stop Tina asked, nooooooo please
don't stop, do you want more Celeste, I didn't
respond right away and Tina started to lick my ear again,
ohhhh yes Tina more, give me more, Tina then leaned over
me and placed her lips on mine, she felt so good, I had no idea
I would enjoy kissing another women, gentle kisses and
then I felt her tongue touch my lips, God she tasted so good,
I opened my mouth just a little and Tina's tongue was
in my mouth, our tongues were dancing together, I started
to moan and so did Tina, Tina moved her hands down to my breasts,
before going any further she broke our kiss and called my
name, Celeste, open your eyes honey, I opened my eyes and
looked into Tina's, she asked me shall we continue,
or do you want me to stop, I looked at her and didn't answer,
her face changed, she look like she was about to cry, I think
I fell in love with her just then, I reached up and cupped
her face in my hands then raising my head I placed my lips
upon hers and my tongue went straight in her mouth and almost
down her throat, when we broke she looked at me and said I'll
take that as a don't stop now and smiled down at me, I
put my arms around her neck as she began to unbutton my blouse,
she was torturing me going slow, one button at a time, lightly
brushing against my breasts. When she opened my blouse
she lowered her head and began kissing down from my neck
to between my heaving breasts, oh yesssss Tina kiss me,
don't stop it feels soooo goooood, she reached up with
both hands grabbing both tits and was squeezing them together
and kissing the tops at the same time, between Tina's
kissing and fondling and Tony's tongue licking my
clit and two fingers deep inside my pussy I couldn't
take anymore, my body went into convulsions and began shaking,
DON'T STOP............... .OH GOD I'm so hot,
I never came so hard, I don't know if Tony was that good
or that another women was playing with my tits. I didn't
realize that Tina was now straddling my waist and I didn't
care, she sat up and said WOW I only wish that I cum that hard
later, you looked sooooo beautiful when you came. I was
looking in her eyes as she was saying that and I couldn't
help myself but I pulled her down to me and we shared the most
passionate kiss I have ever experienced, when we broke
our union she let out a sensual moan, I look over her shoulder
and saw that Tony was now eating her from behind, I couldn't
tell if he was eating her pussy or her ass but she was really
enjoying it, then she said yes Tony that's it stick
that fat tongue up my ass, ohhhh yes that's it, don't
stop. Tina had her back arched and I reached up with both
hands and cupped her breasts, they felt soooo gooood to
touch, obviously she wasn't wearing a bra and I could
feel her hard nipples through the thin material of her dress,
OHHHH baby that feels so good, she sat straight up and in
one quick move she pulled her dress over her head and was
now sitting on me totally naked, she had such a beautiful
body I almost came again just looking at her, she came back
down to me and kissed me again, then she grabbed my bra and
ripped it right off me, I felt so happy that she could now
see my tits, she came down and we kissed again and our breasts
smashed against each other, feeling her nipples against
mine was making me hotter and I thought I was going to pass
out, when she broke our kiss she leaned forward and whispered
to me to kiss her breasts, when my lips made contact I was
in heaven and I grabbed them both and started kissing them
all over, I decided that now was the time to put one of her
huge nipples in my mouth, I was drooling just at the thought,
I put one in my mouth and closed my lips around it and was gently
sucking, she yelled harder Celeste please suck my tit harder,
hurt me, yess suck harder that's it suck baby, OH GOD
you're gonna make me cum, bite my nipple oh yesssss
like that oh god here I go OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS I'M CUMMING
she screamed then she just fell on top of me, I hugged her
tight to my breasts and whispered to her thank you........
. After awhile Tina lifted her head and asked me if I was OK
with what just went on, I said are you kidding I never felt
so alive, so sexual, thank you, thank you, thank you and
I lifted myself so I could kiss her again, wow she said I think
I've created a monster. If you want you can stay with
us all night, the look in her eyes told me she only wanted
to hear one answer and that's what I told her YES I want
to stay. Tony was laying on the floor trying to get his jaw
back in place, between Tina and myself he ate pussy and ass
for a good hour, his cock stood at full mast and for the first
time I saw and it was truly beautiful and huge, being I was
staying all night I threw my plan out the window, I had to
have some of that beautiful cock. I asked Tina quietly if
she minded if I played with Tony for awhile, she looked over
toward him and looking at his stiff dick said somebody better
do something before he explodes, she turned back to me kissed
and said have fun, but first you need to let me finish undressing
you, I stood up and as she pushed my shirt and blouse off my
shoulders she bent over and kissed my nipple, electricity
went straight to my pussy, and although I thought I couldn't
get any wetter I felt my juices release and run down my leg,
then she reached behind me and undid the clasp and pulled
the zipper on my skirt down letting it fall to the ground,
we were now both totally naked and we hugged her leg went
between mine and her thigh was rubbing against my hot, wet,
dripping pussy and I was in heaven. Enough of this go help
poor Tony, so I walked over to where he was laying and laid
next to him, I started by kissing him, I could still taste
my pussy on his lips, I licked his lips and face to get all
of my juices, I have to say I tasted pretty good, I let my hand
travel down across his tight chest and rippled stomach
until I felt his pubic hair, I stayed there and started kissing
his nipples, to my surprise they became erect just like
mine would when they are being licked, Tony let out a low
moan, just then Tina said boy is he enjoying himself, I almost
forgot she was there and when I looked over to her she was
sitting in the chair with her legs spread wide stroking
her pussy, gently, just teasing herself, I never saw a women
playing with themselves and it was so erotic. I continued
to kiss down Tony's body but my eyes were watching Tina,
the closer I got to Tony's cock the more Tina played
with herself, I grabbed Tony's cock just as my mouth
made contact with his pubic hair and he again let out a moan
that told me please hurry I've got to cum, I stroked
him up and down and he started to move his hips, Tina now had
two fingers in her hole and was pumping them hard. I lifted
my head and just licked the tip of Tony's cock and both
he and Tina moaned in unison, then I put the head of his cock
in my mouth to just below the ridge sucking gently and sliding
my tongue on the tender underside of his shaft, all of a sudden
his hips jerked and more than half his cock was in my mouth,
after the original shock passed I took as much as I could
all the way down my throat, Up and down I sucked his cock for
all I was worth, occasionally stopping to just suck and
rub my tongue on the head, Tony couldn't stay still
and couldn't wait any longer, he grabbed my head with
both hands and started to fuck my face, I was playing with
his balls and I felt them tighten and knew it wouldn't
be long before he shot his load deep into my throat. I was
only able to move my eyes but that was enough, Tina now was
working her pussy with both hands, one deep into her hole
while the other was frigging her clit, I think she was trying
to cum at the same time Tony did.
The more I watched Tina finger fucking herself the more
excited I got and the faster I suck on Tony's cock, suddenly
Tony's hips came up off the floor and he screamed OHHHHHH
STOPPPP, Tina also started to scream OHHHHH TONY, CUM BABY
I'MMMMM CUMMING TOOOOOOO, and Tony began to shoot
load after load of hot cum down my throat, I tried to swallow
all of it but there was soooooo much some slipped out of my
mouth and covered Tony's balls, quick as a cat Tina
was on the floor next to me sucking and licking his balls
clean Tony started to relax and just kept moaning oh God
oh God that was GRRRREAT. I knew that I was pretty good at
sucking cock but with the added excitement of having Tina
watching and playing with herself I guess I got even better.
We all just laid there trying to get our composure back and
we must have fallen asleep. When I awoke we were all still
on the floor both Tina and I had our heads on Tony's stomach,
they were both still out and Tony was snoring so I guess he
was really gone, I got up and went to where Tina was lying
and I laid down next to her, I didn't want to wake her
so very slowly I managed to spoon with her and having my tits
against her back made me wet all over again, I just laid there
with my arms around her. I felt her gently stroke my arm that
was around her so I knew she was awake, I lifted myself on
one elbow and she turned over on her back, hi she smiled at
me, hi I said and leaned over to give her a small kiss, she
asked if I had fun with Tony, a big smile came across my face,
yeah I said, but I think that you being here watching and
playing with yourself the way you were made it better, I'm
glad she said as she brushed my cheek with the back of her
hand. I asked her if that was it though, she looked at Tony
and said I think he's done, look at the look on his face,
total satisfaction, I asked her if she could read the look
on my face, she stared at me for a few seconds and said, I may
be wrong but I think I see unbridled lust in your eyes, I felt
myself blush and I buried my face into Tina's breasts,
she stroked my hair and said I feel the same fucking way.
Tina started to push my head down until I was kissing her
stomach, I could tell she was getting excited by the way
her stomach was moving, slowly she pushed enjoying my lips
on her hot flesh, when I got down to where her panties would
be if she ever wore any I stopped, she actually whimpered,
I look up at her and asked what was wrong, she said I don't
want to make you do anything you don't want to do, I told
her I'm doing exactly what I want to do and went back
down to her tummy and continued to kiss and nibble on her,
she started to breath real hard and she said God damn you're
driving me crazy, Oh yeah I said Yeah she replied you're
killing me, what do you mean I said as I blew air on her wide
open hot wet pussy, I was never that close to another women’s
pussy before and the scent of her sex was intoxicating,
Oh god please don't stop, please touch me before I die.
I moved my hips around so my feet were up by Tina's head...
and I began to massage the insides of her thighs, she spread
her legs so wide I thought she was going to hurt herself and
her hips started to rotate, I just couldn't take my
eyes off her glistening pussy, I could actually see her
lips swelling as the blood was rushing to the area, then
I finally touched my first pussy, gently I pulled her lips
apart and I could see her juices, they started to run down
to her asshole, I used one finger and I traced it between
her asshole and pussy hole and was able to collect some of
her love juice in my nail, I looked toward Tina and our eyes
locked as I took my finger up to my lips, she moaned as my tongue
came out and licked her juices off my finger. ..My God I thought
to myself, she tastes wonderful, a wide smile came across
Tina's face when she saw my reaction to tasting her,
I said WOW you taste good, she replied please your making
me totally crazy, please do it, eat me, stick that beautiful
tongue in my pussy, do it now please...I looked down between
her legs and she was gushing like a river, as I got closer
I could feel her heat, before I touched her with my tongue
I spread her lips with my fingers, she was so soft and smooth,
I slipped my finger into the entrance of her hole and she
moaned, do it she whispered, stick your finger in me, feel
my insides I want you in me, please now, I was enjoying the
power I had now, I could tease her and get her to do just about
anything I wanted, but I wanted to be inside her so I slid
my finger in as deep as I could, she growled oh my God that
feels sooooo good, fuck me, I slowly started to move my finger
in and out of her lovehole, harder she said fuck me harder,
I said I don't want to hurt you with my nail, she yelled
fuck hurting me with your nail, you're killing me doing
what you're doing, now fuck me harder, I started to
move my hand faster and faster, my whole hand was covered
with her juice, more, she moaned put another finger in me
she then ordered, now I had two fingers going deep into her
and she was moving her hips to meet my hand we had a rhythm
and I knew she was close to cumming, I slid my other arm under
her outstretched leg and started to tickle her back hole
with one finger, YESSSSSS she screamed, do it , YESSSSSSS
stick that finger in my asssssss, she was covered with pussy
juice and the tip of my finger slid in easily, little at a
time and then my whole finger was up her ass, YESSSSS, more
give me more I'm almost there, I started fucking both
her holes as hard and as fast as I could when she screamed
MY GOD I'm CUMMMMMMMING, yesssssss fuck me, she tensed
up and let out a scream sooooo loud I figured everyone in
the club heard her, there was a puddle under her ass she came
so much, I removed my fingers from her holes and went back
up to her face, she opened her eyes and looked at me, I was
licking her juices off my fingers when she wrapped her arms
around my neck and pulled me to her, we embraced in a very
passionate kiss, which almost made me cumWe broke our kiss
and Tina said to me that was wonderful, you made me cum so
hard, she moved me off her and threw me on my back and then
said I have to return the favor, she forced her legs between
mine, like that was necessary I spread my legs wider than
I thought I could, she smiled at me and said, so you really
want this as she ground her pussy into mine, the shocks that
went through me every time her pussy hit my clit were unbearable,
and in short breathes I said yes, I want this, I want this
more than I wanted anything for a long time, good she said
because I'm gonna give it to you good. slowly she lowered
her body down, kissing my neck, then chest and finally my
breasts, my nipples were so hard waiting for her mouth,
finally she sucked first one then the other nipple into
her mouth, gently scratching them with her teeth, ohhhhhh
that feels soooo good Tina, suck my tits, yesssss soooo
good, still taking her time and driving me into a frenzy
she went lower to my stomach, my breathing was so erratic
and I couldn't control it, gentle kisses and long sensuous
licks, I started to move my hips hoping to make contact with
her against my pussy. I felt her breath on my throbbing pussy
and the anticipation was almost impossible to take I tried
to raise my hips to make contact with her mouth but she moved
away, she said patiance my dear, no I can't, I can't
wait I need you now pleeeease I begged, she said now you know
what you did to me, I'm sorry I pleaded please don't
make me wait any longer please eat my pussy now, I'll
do anything you want me to just please make me cummmmmm...
...Finally I felt her tongue, slowly she lick me from my
love tunnel up to my clit, when she touched my clit I thought
I was going to die, yeeessss lick me there, don't stop
pleeeease don't stop, but she did, back down to my hole
and then she pushed her tongue into me as far as she could,
in and out she tongue fuck my dripping pussy, I could hear
her slurping my juices, I moaned yeeessss drink from me
Tina drink my love juice, you're making me soooo hot
I can't stand it, lick me good please make me cum, I want
to cum for you. Tina again moved up to my clit, small circles,
ohhhh God I'mm almost there, please don't stop,
please take me alllll the way, I reached down and pushed
her face deeper into me, please make meeeeee cuuummmmm.
Suddenly she stopped, she said that me talking to her made
her hotter than ever, she swung her legs around and before
I knew it she had one knee on either side of my head and her
glistening pussy just inches from my mouth, she said that
she wanted to cum with me and that she was right on the edge,
then she lowered herself onto my waiting mouth, my tongue
went right into her hole and I slurped her juices as she had
done to me, then she lowered her head back to my pussy, oh
God this was soooo wonderful I didn't think I would
last long. Suddenly there was another pair of knees next
to my head, Tony must have woken up and saw us in this position
eating each other and his dick grew hard again, without
warning he plunged his entire length into Tina's pussy,
AGHHHHH oHHHH yes Tony fuck me, yessss fuck me while she
eats me, watching Tony's cock go in and out of her was
incredible, I would lick his cock and Tina's pussy
at the same time, Aghhhh Tina moaned as both me and Tony worked
her pussy, Tina stuck two fingers in my ass and another in
my pussy and that's all I could take and I came hard throwing
my hips up and down beating the shit out of Tina's face
but she never missed a lick, I could feel Tina was about to
cum too and boy did she, her juices were pouring out of her
all over my face, Tony was close too so I started to play with
his balls and he didn't last long spurt after spurt
he shot his load into Tina's waiting pussy, when he
finished he pulled out and I took him right into my mouth
the taste of his cum mixed with hers was delicious, when
he was dry I went back to Tina's pussy and suck all of
their cum out of her... I don't remember much after
that because I must have passed out, but we do get together
at least once a week, and sometimes we even let Tony join

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Holy shit that was HOT!!!


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This is an example of why men should not write about female protagonists in the first person. Has the author never read erotica by women? Has any woman ever had an orgasm similar to the descriptions?