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A Weekend trip to DC


“Now landing in Washington, DC. Please observe the no smoking
signs and seatbelt signs as we make our final approach.”
The captain’s words rang out through the PA on the airplane.
Nickie hadn’t been able to sit still since she left Columbus.
She was off to see him again. It had been a month since she
had seen him, but she talked to him almost every day through
instant message and a couple times per week on the phone.
He was with her everywhere she went and she could always
feel him inside her head. They had this connection she couldn’t
explain and didn’t bother trying, because she didn’t care.
Whatever it was that they had, she wanted and needed more
She pressed her thighs together as she remembered how they
had met two years ago, and about the incredible experience
they had had the prior month. Just the sound of his name pulled
a mischievous grin to her face. Anytime she heard the name
Bill, she thought of him. She stepped out of the plane and
looked around for a moment in case he decided to come to the
terminal. She didn’t spot him so she assumed he was going
to pick her up in the baggage claim area. She took off towards
the baggage area and ducked into a bathroom along the way.
Nickie checked herself in the mirror and was happy with
what she had chosen to wear. She was wearing a short black
flippy skirt with a cute white low cut blouse. Her hair was
pulled back and she wore a red and black scarf tied neatly
around her neck. She had taken special care to find the perfect
clothes to wear underneath. She was wearing a pair of black
almost sheer stockings and a black lace bra. She hadn’t
bothered wearing panties, as he doesn’t like them.
She moved through the terminal quickly, her body pulsing
as she followed the signs. She had to see him, she couldn’t
wait much longer; she was about to burst. As soon as she saw
him, she would be his. She had even signed a contract. There
was no turning back now, and that excited her. She didn’t
know what she was in for, but knew she would be pushed. She
was ready and open. She wanted to be his.
“Nickie, over here.” She heard his voice cutting through
the clamor around her. His voice moved quickly through
her body and touched her very soul. She turned in the direction
of his voice and moved to him quickly. He bent to give her
a soft kiss on the forehead and pulled her hair slightly.
Dipping his finger between her neck and the soft scarf wrapped
around it, he played slightly and whispered, “I like it.”
He stood back for a minute and surveyed her. “Turn around
please’” he said quietly. He grabbed her wrist as she finished
turning and pulled her to him. His breath was hot in her ear
and she shivered under his touches. “This is your last chance.
Are you certain this is what you want? You can’t back out
after this.” Nickie knew what she was doing, and she knew
this was something that she wanted.
“Yes, ” her voice trembled slightly.
“Good. I thought so. It is Sir though; yes Sir, from now on.
Do you understand?”
She shivered slightly, and with a confidence in her voice,
replied “yes Sir, always.”
“Good then, my pet.” With that, he pulled her wrist up and
clasped a small bracelet around it. “A reminder, ” he continued,
“of what you are to me.”
“Thank you Sir.” Nickie beamed brightly and followed him
to the parking area, moving quickly past the baggage claim
area, as she had no bag to pick up. She was looking forward
to a nice drive with him. She had longed to see him and had
grown quite excited about her trip. She followed him out
into the line of cars, and almost stopped when she saw his
RV. She started to ask him why he had brought that instead
of a car, but decided better of it. He must have his reasons,
and her place was not to question. She giggled softly, remembering
the time she spent in his RV the previous month.
He pulled open the door and got in, shutting the door behind
both of them. He kissed her; softly at first letting his
lips caress hers. “Tongue, ” he said and she obediently
slipped her tongue past her lips. He sucked her tongue into
his mouth and began biting softly, then more firmly. Nickie
moaned softly as she grew slightly weak in her knees. He
backed up slowly, her tongue still secured between his
teeth. Her body throbbed as he led her back to the bed.
He released his hold of her tongue and pushed her on the bed
and climbed on top of her. The look in his eyes was indescribable,
his eyes were almost menacing. He took her arms and held
them above her head fastening her to a pair of cuffs at the
head of his bed. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a
roll of duct tape and rolled it at her ankles tying her legs
together. He pulled off a smaller piece and placed it over
her mouth, kissing her hard through the tape.
Nickie felt the craving deep inside her. She wanted to touch
him, to taste him, but she couldn’t. She relaxed slightly,
waiting to see what his plans were for her. He lifted off
of her and pulled her skirt down and off her legs. “I see you
did as I asked and wore no panties. You do want to be a good
girl don’t you?” She nodded as best she could and watched
him quietly as he moved back on top of her, straddling her
“So, you want to be mine. You want to be my slave girl. What
an interesting thought Nickie. I don’t know if this is something
you are ready for. Let’s find out though, shall we?”
He pulled hard on her shirt, ripping the buttons off. Nickie
could hear them flying this way and that way, and she struggled
slightly as he pulled a knife from a drawer and cut her bra
open down the middle, before cutting the straps effortlessly.
Lying in front of him, exposed to him as she had been before,
she felt a strange vulnerability with him. It frightened
her yet made her body tingle. With the blade in his hand,
he traced lines against her skin. Her breath pulled in as
he poked at her tender nipples. The knife moved sharply
along her stomach, writing into her flesh. She gasped as
she made out the letters that the thin red lines drew. The
word “slut” appeared on her stomach in a raised fashion
from the knife.
He laughed and backed away, covering the lower half of her
body with a towel before opening the curtain to the window
she was facing.
“What are you doing, ” she stammered. “You wouldn’t leave
me like this would you?”
“Of course I would. It’s not illegal to go topless in the
states, people just don’t do it. It is a shame really.” He
bent down, kissed her on her forehead and pulled a blindfold
over her eyes. She groaned loudly and listened while he
moved to the front of the RV and started it.
They were off. She didn’t know where they were going, but
she was incredibly excited. They hadn’t talked too much
about what would happen this weekend prior to her trip.
He told her that he wanted to surprise her. She laughed as
she thought she was in for a lot more surprises. She had expressed
her limits and had written them into her contract. After
discussion, he removed a couple from her list. Almost anything
could happen this weekend. She would finally get to learn
more about him, to learn what pleases him. She wanted to
be used by him, for his pleasure and she had conveyed this
several times.
Nickie was lost in her thoughts; fantasies moving through
her head as she suddenly felt the RV pull to a stop. Bill approached
her and traced his finger across the markings on her stomach.
She moaned and wriggled under his soft touch and longed
to touch him back. He lowered his body to hers and kissed
her hard through the tape, his fingers moved lovingly down
her body between her legs. She shivered as his fingers moved
to her shaven sex. He penetrated her. His fingers grazed
against her clit and her body shuddered. She moaned loudly
and bucked her hips slightly upward to meet his hand.
“Mmmmmm so my slut does like this, doesn’t she, ” his voice
trailed off slightly as he pinched lightly on her clit before
removing his touch. “I think we’ll save this for later though;
it is time to get you inside.” He cut the tape holding her
legs together and pulled the towel up off her body. He pulled
her free from her cuffs and told her to stand up. She obeyed
and grasped his hand tightly as he pulled her forward.
She stood there waiting and he pulled the blindfold off
of her face and held out a robe to her. She put the robe on quickly
and followed him out of the RV. They approached a white house
with black trim and he opened the door and ushered her inside.
As he pushed her inside he pulled back the robe so she stood
there wearing only the tape across her mouth.
He glanced at the clock and noticed the time. He had not realized
it had grown so late. He took her by the hand and led her upstairs
so that she could shower and get ready for bed. He had a busy
day planned for her tomorrow.
Nickie got into the shower and closed her eyes as the warm
water trickled down her body. The little beads were like
tender kisses to her skin. She was finally there; she could
hardly believe it. She could become his now. She rinsed
off and pulled a towel free to dry off before stepping out
of the bathroom. Her eyes grew wide as she saw him. He was
lying on his bed on his back and wasn’t wearing anything.
She went to his side and knelt quietly on the floor looking
up at him. His fingers moved to the tape and he pulled it from
her lips.
“Come crawl up here and show me how much you have missed me,
before we go to bed, sweet.” She smiled up at him as he uttered
those words. She had been waiting for those words from the
moment she saw him at the airport. She crawled up quickly
on the bed and lay flay on her stomach. She tucked her hands
under his ass and began licking up and down his shaft. He
tasted like she had remembered. It felt so good, so complete
to have his cock in her mouth again. She pulled the length
into her mouth and sucked softly, letting her tongue trail
along the underside of it. He grew inside of her. She moaned
loudly against his cock, as she loved feeling him growing
and throbbing inside of her.
Nickie bit gently at first on the end of his cock, just under
the head. He moaned and she bit louder, while her tongue
moved to lick at the hole at the top of his head. She pulled
her hands from underneath him and began to squeeze his balls
with one hand while the other moved to play with his nipple
ring. His hands on her head felt amazing. He was holding
her close to his cock while she kissed and sucked on it tenderly.

Knowing she had broken his rule about touching his cock
with her hands, she let his cock slide out of her mouth and
she moved her tongue down to his ass. Even though she had
done it once before, she was reluctant to do so again. It
wasn’t the greatest thing from her perspective but the
responses it elicited from him were amazing. She lapped
at his ass, squirming on the bed between his legs as he moaned
loudly. She moved to pull his balls into her mouth but stopped
as he grabbed her by the hair pulling her upwards.
He got up and slapped her ass a couple times before pushing
her head downwards onto the pillow. She felt his cock pressed
against her from behind and her pussy grew even wetter than
it had been previously.
“Oh god, oh god, oh yes, Sir…yes please, ” she moaned loudly
as he entered her. He pushed his long cock inside and buried
it deeply in her. She tightened her muscles around him,
trying to keep him inside as he pulled out to stroke her.
“Oh Sir…thank you, please Sir, yes Sir…oh fuck me hard Sir,
please.” She continued moaning and talking loudly. His
cock pounded her from behind and she found herself on the
edge already.
“Please Sir, can I cum. Please Sir, please please, please
may I cum.” She continued to beg him as she felt her body shuddering
around him. She knew she was close, and couldn’t hold on
much longer. “Please, please, please, please Sir, can
I cum, oh God, please Sir, mmmm oh Sir.”
“Yes, cum now girl.”
“Oh God. Thank you Sir, thank you.” Her body contracted
and she held him tightly inside her as he continued to tease
her, his cock still rock hard. “Oh Sir…oh Sir, thank you.”
He laughed and looked down at her as she relaxed. “I’m not
done with you yet.” As she tightened down on his cock, he
pulled free and pulled a bottle of lube out of his drawer.
She watched him, knowing what was to come next. She tensed
up slightly and waited. She had never had anyone in her ass
before, but had heard it was painful. He was so big that it
scared her to imagine him in her tiniest of holes. He sensed
her fear and leaned over her body whispering, “I’ll be gentle,
at first.”
She felt the cool liquid against her opening and moaned
loudly. It felt nice as it slipped down her warm skin. The
head of his cock was against her opening, and she cried out
as it slipped inside to the head. His hand rested against
her back as he pushed himself further inside her. She moaned
and ground her hips back. The feeling was strange. She was
in pain, but it was a good pain. She wanted more. She didn’t
know how it could feel. He began moving inside her, faster
and faster. His hand moved from her back and curved underneath
her and teased her clit. She moaned loudly and tightened
her muscles around him as he throbbed tightly inside of
“Cum, sweet pet…NOW, ” his voice rang in her ears as she
came. She felt him pulsating inside of her as he came with
her. It was the most incredible experience she had felt.
He collapsed on top of her and touched her softly, pulling
lightly on her hair now and again. They moved into the bathroom
to shower together and later drifted off to sleep, with
the promise of what was to come hanging over her.
Nickie awoke the next morning lying next to Bill. The memory
of the previous night flooded her mind and she wriggled
softly and stretched. She glanced at the clock and remembered
something Bill had told her once. She crawled to the middle
of the bed and pushed his legs apart and began tasting him.
She had never woken anyone up before by going down on him,
and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. She lapped
lovingly at his cock, pulling it into her mouth and letting
it fill her. She smiled to herself as he started to stir.
She hoped he would find her pleasing this late morning.
She didn’t know what he had in store for her that day, so she
wanted to start his day out the right way.
He put his hands in her hair and pulled her up to face him and
kissed her softly. “Not yet pet; we have plenty of time for
that later. I want to relax for a while. Besides, I am hungry,
and you must be as well.”
Nickie took off to the kitchen to see what she could come
up with. She quickly found bacon and eggs and began cooking
them. She giggled and moved around as she tried to keep the
grease from burning her. When she was done, she found a tray
and added some orange juice and quietly walked up the stairs
to serve him breakfast in bed.
She climbed into bed with her tray and sat beside him while
he ate. When he was finished he placed a collar around her
neck and told her to enjoy the day, that he would be back later
this evening.
Nickie spent the afternoon trying to decide what cute outfits
she could wear for him that evening and spent much time pondering
what exciting things he had in store for her. She was so excited
to finally be able to spend an entire weekend with him, she
could hardly contain herself. Nickie cleaned up a bit and
learned her way around his house and pampered herself while
she waited for Bill to return.
That night when Bill returned, Nickie greeted him at the
door with soft kisses and tender touches.
“I want to finish what I started this morning Sir…I’m hungry.
Please feed me.”
Bill laughed quietly and handed her a bag. She looked in
and giggled as she pulled out Chinese food.
“Not exactly what I had in mind Sir, but thank you.”
“All in good time my pet; I promise I’ll feed you.”
After dinner, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs.
“I have a surprise for you Nickie. Take a shower and relax
a little while and when you are finished come into the bedroom,
but do not get dressed.”
“Yes, Sir, ” Nickie replied quietly.
Nickie got undressed quickly and started the water. She
got under the showerhead while the water was still cold.
She was so overly excited and couldn’t wait to find out what
her surprise was that she only showered for a short while.
When she was finished she got out and dried off and moved
down the hall to the bedroom. She pushed the door open quietly
and stood there shocked.
She stopped dead in her tracks. There was another man there.
She looked at Bill and at the other man and attempted to cover
“Drop your arms and come here now, ” his amused voice said.
“You are in for a real treat tonight. This is Dave. I won’t
tell you why Dave is here, you will find out in due time, but
understand that Dave is my friend. Now go greet Dave properly.”
Nickie sunk to her knees and crawled across the floor and
stopped in front of Dave. She rested on her heels and leaned
forward pressing her lips in the shape of a kiss against
his pants, before returning to Bill. She was instructed
to climb into the chair and wait. Dave pulled a hood out of
his bag and slipped it over her head while Bill duct taped
her to the chair. There was no way she would get free.
Someone started hitting her with his hand. She wasn’t certain
who it was. She felt a repeated smack, smack, smack against
her thighs. She cringed as the hand repeatedly contacted
her skin. She turned her head in the direction of a noise
she heard. It sounded like one of Bill’s stun guns. Before
she could locate the sound, she felt it on her body. Someone
was running it against her foot. She jumped and quivered
every time it made contact. She was flying. The smacks and
the electrical play made her high. She relaxed into the
Her back was arched and she felt someone brush against her
nipple with his lips. She would give anything to see who
was doing what to her. It was incredible. She was at the complete
mercy of these two men and when the evening was over, she
would not know who had done what to her.
As it turned out, it was Dave who was nibbling and licking
on her nipples. While he was sucking, she felt Bill’s breath
on her neck. He told her was going to pierce her nipple. She
stiffened in her seat. Dave continued to tease and suckle
her nipple. “Relax my pet, ” came Bill’s calm voice. She
couldn’t relax though. The thought of being pierced scared
her. She had heard that it hurt and she didn’t want one.
She felt a pressure against her nipple and a sound that she
couldn’t place and she screamed. When she collected her
thoughts, she heard laughter in the room. Why were they
laughing? She didn’t understand what was so funny. As she
relaxed, Bill pulled up her hood and slid his toy underneath.
It was the toy he had showed her at the Ohio Leather Fest.
She laughed softly, realizing she had fallen for his trick.
Dave was still teasing her right nipple with his tongue
and applying pressure to her left while she relaxed back
into the chair. Then the pain hit. She screamed out again.
“Breath, girl, breath. Calm down. You are all right.” Bill
tried to reassure her while she trembled before the two
“What happened, Sir, mmm what is that?”
“You are mine now, and I pierced you to prove it.”
“No, you must be, no, Sir, really?” She took a few deep breaths,
trying to calm down and place herself. “May I see it Sir?”
“Certainly.” He lifted the hood from her head and she stared
down at her left nipple. It ached, but felt amazing. Dave
blew on it softly before rising and leaving the room and
she cringed again. She looked at him with a tear streaming
down her face.
“It is, beautiful, Sir. Thank you.”
“I thought you might like it my pet. Now, off to bed with you.
You need your rest. You have had a very long day, and I am not
finished with you yet.”
He pulled back the covers on his bed and helped her in and
kissed her softly on the forehead leaving her to sleep until
later that evening.
Nickie awoke to feel him pulling on her collar.
“Come on, wake up pet. I have a surprise for you, ” he said
She stood up and followed him quietly downstairs. He told
her to get a dress from the closet and follow him to the car.
She pulled a short black dress from the closet and pulled
it over her head. The metal from the chain straps caused
her body to shudder. She moved out the door and pulled it
shut behind her before getting into his car.
She didn’t say much during the ride. She didn’t even ask
where they were headed. She waited quietly, knowing that
he’d reveal his plans for her shortly. They pulled up to
this dark building and they got out of the car. He took her
by the hand and led her through a door into a room where many
people stood. They mingled for a little while and as she
met more people, Nickie realized they were at a play party.
She grew excited very quickly.
The sounds she heard coming from the back area of the building
were intoxicating. It sounded as if someone was being caned,
and she wanted to go look. She asked his permission and took
off to the back area excitedly. She stood off to the corner
and watched while two girls were caned together. She got
caught up in the excitement and her body responded without
her knowing. She was moaning softly, while she wished it
were her up there being caned. She was lost in all that she
was watching and didn’t realize that Bill had come up beside
“Close your eyes, slut.”
“Mmmmm, yes Sir.”
“Good girl. So, you wish you were up there don’t you?” She
nodded listening to him, still with her eyes closed. “Yes,
my slut wants to feel that sharp sting of the cane. You like
that don’t you. You like feeling that thin piece of wood
connecting with your ass don’t you? I know you do. I know
you are close to cumming right now just thinking about it.
I know you want to touch yourself, but I won’t let you. You
aren’t allowed. Do you understand me? You aren’t allowed
to cum until I tell you that you may.”
“Yes Sir. I understand.” Her voice was barely audible.
She was breathing heavily as he whispered in her ear. That
voice, it drove her crazy. That was how they met, and ever
since their last meeting, she hadn’t been able to get his
voice, his presence out of her head. It was as if he words
spilled out onto her body and traveled over her. He didn’t
touch her, he didn’t have to. He could make her feel things
just by being there, being in her head.
He continued to talk to her, to torture her almost. While
he did so, he began lightly stroking her inner thigh to make
her body quiver. “Please, Sir, please can I cum?” Her voice
was soft and needy.
“Louder girl. Make me believe that you really want to cum.
Prove it to me. Now!”
“Oh god, please Sir, please, please let me cum. Please can
I cum?” Her voice grew louder and she strained and wriggled
under him still trying to get the words to leave her lips
loud enough. He smiled down at her and just waited, still
touching her. “Please, please, please, please, please
Sir. Can I cum now Sir? Please, please, please can I cum?”
“Yes, now girl, cum!” As the words left his lips, her body
convulsed and writhed there in the chair. He watched with
an amused smile as people watched her. She was lost in her
own little world where it was just he and she and didn’t notice
others watching her until she had relaxed some. Her moans
continued as she looked around and her cheeks turned a bright
pink as she noticed that many people were watching her.

“Thank you Sir, ” she finally managed to whisper. He gathered
her up and pulled her away to a table in a back room and told
her to get undressed and lay on it. She quickly pulled her
dress over her head and climbed up onto the table lying on
her back. He pulled several strands of red rope from his
bag and proceeded to tie her down tightly. She struggled
slightly, testing the tightness of the bindings, as she
was not used to being tied.
“Relax slut. I just don’t want you getting away. I would
hate you to see this big knife and get all squirmy like you
normally do.”
She shivered as she glanced the blade he held in his hand.
She closed her eyes as it touched her skin. Her breathing
was deep and controlled as he pushed the knife against her
skin. Her trailed it up and down her body before setting
it aside and pulling out his needles. Dave, the man that
had pierced her was rubbing alcohol on her right breast
before Bill pushed the first needle into her skin. She moaned
loudly and winced slightly as it pinched. The next one went
in much the same. There was a slight pinch and then this free
feeling. The third one made her fly. She moaned loudly and
wriggled slightly but was confined tightly.
He continued pushing the needles through her skin and then
moved down her body to her labia. He touched her softly while
Dave rubbed alcohol over one spot. Bill pushed the first
one through and Nickie began crying. She hadn’t ever tried
any needle play down there before and the pain was different
than any other she had felt. She cried out again as he pushed
a second needle through.
Dave stood by her and touched her skin softly while Bill
moved away to get another bag. Nickie shivered as he pulled
it out. It was his electrical play bag, her favorite of all
his bags. He pulled out the toy that had two chains hanging
from it and ran it across her body. She moaned loudly and
struggled to squirm under the ropes, crying out as she bumped
the needles in her labia slightly.
“See pet. The rope is for your own good. Now, stop moving,
trust me.”
She stopped struggling and then he let the chains run over
the needles in her breast. She squirmed again and writhed.
Her moans came louder now than they ever had before.
“I warned you, didn’t I? I told you not to move.” He leaned
over her to talk to her and then retrieved his duct tape from
his other bag. He pulled a piece off and placed it firmly
over her lips, then pulled one of the needles out. She screamed
out underneath the tape and tears fell from her eyes. She
looked up at him, as if to say, “I’ll be a good girl.”
She shivered but stayed still as he ran the chains over the
needles on her breast. He stayed away from the new piercing,
but moved down her body. The electricity sparked on her
skin. It danced lightly on top of her and she moaned and enjoyed
the feelings. As it got closer to her labia, she tightened
up a bit, trying to relax. She screamed out, as she tried
not to cum under the attention. Her body felt like it was
He continued like this for a long while and finally pulled
away the toy whispering low to her to cum. She complied eagerly
and hungrily. She exploded on the table, her body wriggling
and moving even though bound. Her clit throbbed and her
body melted onto the table as she regained her breathing
and watched him.
He slowly pulled each of the needles from where they were
and disposed of them and pulled her close hugging her tightly.
She shivered as the air traveled down her spine and moved
to put her dress back on. He took her home and took her up to
bed. They talked and cuddled until they both fell asleep.
She woke the next morning to find Bill lying beside her.
She bent over and felt a sharp pain as her nipple connected
to his skin. She looked down and remembered what had happened
to her the night before. She glanced at the clock. It was
already almost 1pm. He must have been up late for him to still
be in bed, she thought to herself. She lay back down on her
back thinking. She would only be able to stay one more day.
The trip was far too short. Her thoughts ran through the
events of the previous day. He certainly knew how to test
her. She couldn’t believe how well she had taken the things
that had happened to her. She was beginning to change.
She was beginning to change. The last words of one of Bill’s
e-mails ran through her mind. He once told her that he “has
few boundaries, only to enjoy life and what it has to offer
the people that choose to experience it fully.” Those words
echoed in her head. She was opening up to him fully. She was
allowing herself to explore everything. She could choose
what experiences she enjoyed. By trying new things, he
was turning her into a more open person.
He stirred beside her, waking slowly. “How are you my pet?”
“I am doing really well Sir. I am looking forward to spending
more time with you today.” She laughed and continued, “though
I think I am sensory overload.”
He rolled up onto his side and let his fingers dance on her
skin lightly. She shivered and trembled and drew her breath
in as he approached her nipple. He bent forward more and
placed the gentlest kiss on her nipple before getting out
of bed. He returned shortly with a bottle of water for each
of them and they sat in bed talking about what had transpired
that weekend.
“I’m hungry, ” he said with a grin.
“Would you like me to go make you breakfast Sir, ” she responded
“No. That won’t be necessary pet. Just lay back and allow
me to feed.” He kissed her softly on the lips and pushed her
back, moving his lips down her stomach. His fingers moved
to her soft wet pussy lips and spread them open slowly, before
dipping his head down. Nickie moaned loudly from the touch
from his tongue on her clit. She remembered the heights
of pleasure he had given her the first time he had done that.
She had never been touched like that before. He nibbled
on her labia and blew on her clit sending shivers up and down
her spine. He clamped down on her with his face and she came
over and over. He wouldn’t let her squirm away; she tried.

“Sir, oh Sir, please god Sir, please fuck me. Please let
me feel you in me, please Sir.” She was breathless and moaning
from his tongue and his lips. It took forever for her to get
the words out, but once she managed he pushed her legs up
and pushed himself inside her. Her breasts bounced and
she felt the pain from her newly pierced nipple, but reveled
in the ecstatic heights he took her to.
“Oh god…oh god Sir. Yes, yes yes, can I cum…please Sir…please.
Please let me cum Sir.” He continued faster and harder.
She was on the verge and when she thought she couldn’t hold
out any longer he whispered to her to cum as he came deep inside
her. She could feel him once again pulsating inside her.
It was tremendous, the feelings that she had. It was incredible.
He made her feel amazing. She didn’t know she could feel
like this.
They laid on the bed, cuddled together and decided to spend
the rest of the time they bad before she left in bed. She rested
her head in his lap while they watched TV, waiting until
he had to take her to the airport. She suckled softly on his
cock, enjoying the time that remained of her visit.
At six o’clock the next morning, they woke up and he put her
robe back on her to take her back to the airport. When they
arrived, he parked and sat on the steps before calling her
to him. He slid his shorts down and she was allowed to taste
him one more time before heading into the airport. This
time he finally let her really taste him as he came inside
her mouth. After suckling softly and enjoying her very
last minutes with him, she cleaned off a little and got dressed
and left his RV. Her weekend was almost done. She had only
just left him, and yet she missed him already. Black Rose
couldn’t come soon enough. She only hoped that she had proven
herself to him. She wanted to be his.

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