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A Weekend to Remember


by Daytimer

*** Here is a little background to my story. I was looking
through women's profiles on another site and noticed
they had a lot of similarities and decided to create a story
influenced by these three profiles. I never sent it to them,
seeing how they would have probably thought I was a stalker
or something, but really enjoyed writing it. It is also
my very first attempt at writing. I did not realize how much
I enjoyed writing. Please pardon any bad grammar or misspelling.***

Chapters: The Escape Plan The Arrival Surprise An Unexpected Pleasure Eye Candy Ooo… That Smell A Stranger Comes Knocking or Tall Dark and Skewered A Just Dessert Seconds Anybody? The Great Outdoors Fireside Small Talk The Tune of Something New A Puddle of Melting Wax

Chapter One The Escape Plan

It had been a long hard week. Come to think of it, it just seems
like all of the weeks run together. Is this why we are put
on this planet, to do the same old thing… week in and week
out? This is how Summer felt and all she could think about
was the desire to get-away, go off to some secluded cabin
in the woods, without her spouse who hardly knew she existed
except when he wanted to know what was for dinner or if she
knew where his favorite shirt was located. Then there were
her two kids who she loved dearly but just needed a break
from. Especially the running all over town to keep them
and their friends entertained. Not to mention the constant
bickering over the most minute of things. In her mind she
was wishing there would be someone with her, not a girl friend,
but a man. One like you use to hear about when you were a small
dreamy eyed girl. All those fairy tale novels filled with
a prince charming coming to rescue the fair maiden. After
all, what could be better than some tall, mysterious, handsome
stranger who would simply sweep her off her feet and take
her away to a time and place in her mind where she often tried
to escape on a weekly, and as of late …daily basis. Finally,
after much meticulous and careful planning, to be sure
all at home were properly cared for, she put the steps in
place to go on that retreat as soon as she got off work. Making
sure it would be everything she wanted and to feel appreciated,
even if it did have to be self-gratifying, she stopped by
that trendy store in the mall which carries the more contemporary
articles of clothing, not the typical clothes she was use
to wearing to work or the outdated clothes she wore around
the house. She found a great denim skirt that road a little
lower on her hips and a little higher on her thigh then anything
she had worn since her college sorority days. To complement
the outfit she purchased a small red spaghetti strapped
top that hugged every curve and a matching pair of sandals
with a red strap. This outfit made her brunette features
really stand out.

While trying on her selected items and standing in front
of the tri-shaped mirror, she could not help but notice
a couple of young men across the store who were accompanying
their girl friends and looking quite bored at the whole
shopping process, looking over to the mirror to check her
out. Just to make sure she was not imagining anything she
twisted down to pick up a pin that she conveniently dropped
on the floor. One strap fell down off of her shoulder revealing
a little more cleavage. Yes, she was right and they were
totally checking her out as their eyes about popped out
of their heads. This was all she needed to complete that
sense of feeling sexy that she had much desired. And yes,
Mother Nature has set in, but there is still plenty of storm
left in this almost middle aged body. Now on to the counter
to pay for her outfit, she could sense that every move was
being watched and then it was on to the local liquor store
to buy a few beverages for the outing. After all, what would
a getaway be without a good quality wine to sip on while enjoying
the sights and sounds of who else …Mother Nature?

Chapter Two The Arrival Surprise

The trip would take several hours to reach her destination
in the mountains. It was so relaxing driving along the long
and winding road around the foot of the mountain. With her
window down she could feel a cool mountain breeze, and hear
the white water rapids rushing through the rocks. Already
Summer was starting to forget bout her worries and making
her even more anxious to reach the cabin where she could
kick off her work heels, work clothes and slip into something
a little more comfortable. The road went from a multiple
four-lane down to a two-lane road which was rockier than
the smooth pavement. She knew she was close and continued
to climb the base of the mountain in her mini van that was
accustomed to carrying a full load of rowdy middle schoolers.
The sun had slid down behind the mountain range and the sky
had now darkened with a purple cast blended in with a brilliant
red and a glowing yellow as she finally reached her destination.
Summer parks the van and picks up her lightly packed suitcase
which did not have many of the things she normally uses because
she was there to rough it a little and forget about getting
all dolled up for someone who never noticed anyway and a
cooler bag which was keeping her wine cold during the trip.
Once she reaches the front door she notices a piece of paper
with a hand written note by the individual she rented the
cabin from. It read, “All the elements have been put in place
so that you can enjoy your stay, hope you don’t mind that
I built a fire for you in the fireplace.” She enters the cabin,
and takes a look around, finding that no light except from
the fire burning in the fireplace. Next to the fireplace
was a Jacuzzi tub filled with warm water with steam coming
off the top and bubbles just waiting for her enjoyment.
Around the tub are five small candles, each one representing
a different day of her week. Each candle burns like the time
she has lost and can never have back. A sixth candle, larger
than the other five represents the weekend and the time
that is now and present.

Chapter Three An Unexpected Pleasure

Summer opens the cooler bag and pulls out a cold green elegant
shaped bottle filled with white zinfandel and precedes
to poor herself a glass of wine. From there she moves over
to the hot tub and gets an insatiable feeling of desire to
be taken away. She begins by removing her clothing not caring
where they land or whether they are getting wrinkled. She
steps gracefully into the tub so not to spill her drink and
gets an immediate feeling of tranquility.

Now, totally submerged and covered by the soft white bubbles
she turns on the jets for a steady flow of massaging water.
Her eyes close and her mind goes drifting off, listening
to the wood crackling in the fireplace and the relaxing
vibrating hum of the water jets. It is not long before her
mind starts drifting off, back to her place of creative
refuge, a firm but tender pressure starts to develop on
her feet that are so happy to be out of her work pumps and slowly
moves up the inside of her leg, gently caressing and expanding
its presence as it moves ever so slowly up towards her thigh.
Sweat is starting to form on her face and forehead as her
heart beat increases with tantalizing tingles running
up and down her spine. From her thigh the pressure moves
around to the back of her leg and firmly squeezes her somewhat
tense buttocks like a tight pair of pants just out of the
dryer. At the same time a cold tingle starts to run up between
the front of Summers’ pelvis causing orgasmic type twitches
and creates a shortage of breath.

Now as more sweat starts to bead up on Summer’s face her body
begins to shiver, but not from the likes of cold water, but
incredible sensual climaxing. The firm feeling is now
back around front and gently caressing both breast with
circular motions but not touching the nipple. She starts
to crave the feeling to cover the entire area while her breathing
gets harder due to the insatiable feeling that is running
through her entire body.

As if out of nowhere the feeling of soft kisses start to develop
on her neck and the feeling of fingers begin to run through
the back of her soft long hair. The kisses slowly move to
Summers’ lips where the lack of breath matters no more.
First, it is as if her lips are slow dancing to a steady soft
beat. Her body relaxes for only a quick moment as if it was
catching its’ breath in order to continue with what has
been building up to be one incredible rumbling climax.
With butterflies in her stomach she feels as if she has found
the fountain of youth. The kissing becomes more passionate
and the twitching starts to increase again as sweat beads
are now pouring in streams down the contour of her face and
down her neck before disappearing in the water. The long
desired pressure starts to penetrate up inside her body.
It is as if two people have become intertwined as one passionate
sole. She starts digging her fingernails into the side
of the tub as if they were holding firmly to the man of her
dreams, not wanting to let go because the feeling is so intense.
Her heartbeat has increased like the high point of a Beethoven
symphony. Faster and faster her heartbeat races as the
pressure penetrates deeper and constantly between her
thighs and into her body until she doesn’t feel like her
body can take it any longer and a burst of warmth explodes
inside her body cavity. She lies limp and numb, as she has
just experienced one of the most incredible orgasms ever
thought possible.

Slowly she starts to cool down and come back to her senses
wondering did it really happen or was it only a dream. She
opens her eyes and takes a look around, the five smaller
candles have burned completely out and all that was left
burning beside the fire in the fireplace is the larger candle
representing the weekend. With this she realizes there
are two more days left and who knows what will happen next
with this kind of a start. Taking a sip of wine, she smiles
for the first time in a long while and catches her breath.
Then she gets up, pats herself dry with a towel hanging from
a near by towel rack and proceeds to the bedroom where she
lies down and goes straight to sleep with a large smile on
her face.

Chapter Four Eye Candy

It is now Saturday morning and Summer wakes to the sound
of a squirrel scampering around the back deck collecting
acorns. The warm glow of the morning sun is shining through
the curtains creating long casting shadows across the
bed and onto the floor. She removes the covers from her nude
body and puts on an oversize t-shirt that drapes down like
a loose cotton dress just allowing the bottom of her derriere
to show. After fixing a cup of hot chocolate she walks onto
the back deck to get a breath of fresh morning mountain air.

The squirrel stops picking up acorns and scampers up a nearby
tree at the sound of the back door opening. Summer makes
her way to the rail of the deck and looks out over all the beautiful
fall colors. While surveying the landscape she realizes
that there is another cabin only about 30 yards away and
setting about 20 feet below the level of her cabin. She did
not notice this the night before because it was dark upon
her arrival. A nice looking gentleman with a full head of
hair and a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee occupies
the next cabin and is standing on the back deck. He is wearing
a rugged designed t-shirt, boxers and flip-flops. He appears
to have been reading the morning paper before stealing
a peek at Summers’ smooth legs and tight cheeks. He realizes
she has caught him staring and turns away quickly.

Without any other thought on her mind, she thinks back to
the night before and the exhilarating fantasy from the
Jacuzzi. How could this guy look so similar to the one she
was imagining? Now feeling a little draft, she realizes
that she only has on a t-shirt and her nipples are protruding
through the material. Summer turns and goes back inside.
Normally, she would have been embarrassed, however, there
was something exciting and erotic about just having on
a t-shirt with long legs and the bottom of your butt showing
and being noticed. She thinks again about why she was there
and how being caught half nude felt so exhilarating. After
all, he was nice looking and then decided to take advantage
of the opportunity and grabbed a magazine off the table
while returning to the deck, this time with a sense of voyeurism.

For the very first time since arriving at the cabin, she
began to feel a little disappointment, as the stranger
occupying the next cabin was no longer out on his deck. Summer
peeks over the edge of the rail and peers into his windows
looking for any trace of the gentleman but the morning glare
on the windows keeps her from being able to see inside.

Chapter Five Ooo… That Smell

It is now noon and Summer is still in her t-shirt. It has been
a lazy peaceful morning full fresh air and relaxation.
Finally, Summer makes her way to the bathroom, disrobes
and steps into the shower. The shower was very unique and
rustic. It had two walls made of stoned instead of tile and
the other two were made of glass including the door. Several
stones stuck out allowing a place to hold her shampoo, soap
and razor. “Razor, ” she thought to herself, I am on vacation
and I do not need this as she pitched it across the room and
into the waste baskett made out of an old gutted wooden log.
The shower must have been built and installed by a tall person,
she thought to herself. The showerhead was about a foot
higher than any she had seen in the past. Summer closes her
eyes and tries to think back to the night before as the warm
water starts to trickle down the curves of her body. It just
wasn’t the same when you have to force a daydream to happen.

Well, at least the warm water did feel good and now she felt
plenty awake and ready to enjoy a new day, a day with no plans,
no kids, no fighting over a remote and no grocery shopping.
Upon getting out and starting to pat dry with a long fluffy
soft towel, she catches the unmistakable smell of steak
and chicken being grilled on an open flame. Summer makes
her way over to the window and slides the draped curtain
to the side revealing the origin of the smell. The gentleman
in the next cabin whom she had seen earlier is standing by
the grill with drink in one hand and flipping what appear
to be skewers with the other. He is looking up at the deck
where she was standing earlier as if expecting to see her
appear again.

After drying off Summer starts to put on her normal undergarments
and then remembers how good it felt to not be wearing anything
under the t-shirt. Then she puts on her new red spaghetti
strapped top and denim skirt. Since she is here for rest
and doesn’t expect any company, Summer simply puts her
hair up into a ponytail and makes her way back to the living

Chapter Six A Stranger Comes Knocking Or Tall Dark and Skewered

The couch feels cozy as Summer has made herself comfortable
and begins reading a book she had packed. The book was titled,
“The Weekend Gettaway” a title she found relevant to her
weekend. It was quite and peaceful, something she had not
experience back home since the day her first child was born.
Summer had not been reading for more than five minutes when
she heard a knock at the door. A quick panic feeling comes
over her as she starts trying to think of who knows she is
here. She puts her book down on the end table and walks to
door. After opening the door she notices a tall man with
a full head of brown hair and a neatly kept goatee standing
with a platter of skewers and grilled corn in his hands.
It was the gentleman from the next cabin. He asks if she would
be interested in joining him for lunch. Since Summer had
not eaten anything for breakfast and feeling a bit hungry
after catching that smell from the grill, she decides to
invite him in. He proceeds to take the platter to the kitchen
table that is visible from where he came in. Summer follows
after shutting the door and grabbing a couple of plates
from the kitchen cabinet. She also grabs a couple of bottled
drinks out of the refridge and two cups of ice.

Showing that chivalry is not dead, he pulls a seat out for
Summer to sit in and then takes a seat down on the other side
facing her. Realizing he never got her name, he introduced
himself to her as Art, and she replied back by telling him
her name was Summer. The skewers were not cooked with vegetables
but instead with pineapples and cherries. The meat was
succulent and the fruit had a deliciously unique taste
being grilled. Art starts to tell Summer about a dream he
had night before and how much she resembled the person in
his dream. Her eyes grow big as she sits thinking the same
exact thing about him. Conversation had taken both them
down the same path and unveiling the real reason they were
there alone. It would seem that they both had similar reasons
and were feeling warm knowing that they could relate on
a level not shared by many, especially their friends back
home. It did not take long to finish off all of the skewers
since they were cooked to perfection. The conversation
stops as Summer gets up and walks over to him. Totally out
of character for her usual self, feeling a little sexy in
her new red outfit complete with the impressions of her
nipples standing out through the material, and showing
a bit of revived confidence, she proceeds over to sit in
his lap. Summer then asks if she could repay his hospitality.

Chapter Seven A Just Dessert

He doesn’t speak but places his arms around her and begins
to pull Summer in close. Talk time was over cause the mood
was sizzling like the skewers. With his lips drifting towards
hers, she moves to meet him. First the kisses are soft as
Summer can smell the cologne he is wearing, and then they
begin to get a little more passionate. His hands run up the
inside of the back of her little red top while messaging
her lower back and holding tight. Summer pulls her head
back for air and he moves his kisses down to the base of her
neck. He notices a gap in her top and gets a clear peek at Summers’
small perky breasts. Her nipples are still hard and her
breathing starts to turn into short rapid breaths as she
raises her arms into the air as if giving him permission
to pull off her top. In one swooping motion the new little
red top is off and lying at her feet. Now with her legs wrapped
around the back of his chair she leans back raising her breasts
up in the air.

While holding Summer firmly with one arm he takes the other
and gets a piece of ice out of his glass and puts it in his mouth.
He leans forward and starts kissing again, this time slightly
above her breasts. His kisses are both warm from his lips
and cold from the ice cube. He moves his lips in a circular
motion around each breast just missing the erect nipples.
It reminds her of the night before and she begins to wander,
how can he know, what a mean way to tease a person. Yet she
is enjoying every bit of it and is starting to get very wet
from anticipation. He moves down to her stomach and the
ice melts from his mouth causing Summer to go into a vibrating
body gyration.

He lifts his left arm and clears the table while still holding
her tight with his right arm. With one smooth quick sweeping
motion he stands up with her legs now wrapped around his
waist and lays her where his plate had just been. Before
letting her head touch the table he removes his shirt and
rolls it up into a pillow and places it where Summers’ head
will lye. Now before she looses the feeling of the moment
he begins softly kissing her stomach again while moving
his hand down the side of her skirt in order to unzip it. He
lowers the denim skirt slowly down her beautiful body while
looking intently as what he wants to see is revealed, the
skirt then falls to the ground and covers up her little red
top already lying on the ground.

Art moves down as Summer spreads her legs apart, raising
them up into the air. First, he kisses slowly down the inside
of one of her legs being sure not to touch her apparently
extra wet vagina and then up the other side. His cold lip
wet kisses combined with Summer’s desire for him to cool
off her pulsating hot spot sends shivers up and down her
spine. He continues with this tease for several moments
before parking it at the entrance to her anal canal. Here
he lets the remaining melted ice cube drop from his mouth
and it sends a instant sensation never felt before flying
through her spine. His mouth opens and his cold wide tongue
gently touches her and moves up towards the top of her sweet
spot but stopping just short of the clitoris. He does this
several more times before grasping firmly to Summer’s
breasts with both hands being sure to include her hardened
nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. His tongue
now goes a little deeper separating her hot wet lips and
ends up on her clitoris. Once here he begins to move his tongue
in a circular motion causing her clit to send out incredible
sensations. Summer’s body is now as tight as it can possibly
be and her breathing continues to be very rapid letting
out an occasional moan of passion as if to make sure he knows
just how much she is enjoying it.

He stands up and unbuckles his pants, her body relaxes for
a much needed moment but the rumbling orgasm continues
to build inside, now leaning up to see what it is he is about
to do she notices his shaft standing tall with a perfect
mushroom shaped head. He gently lays it in the cradle of
her hot spot but does not stick it in. He rubs it back and forth
several times causing even more anticipation an orgasmic
build up. Then as sudden as Summer’s last breath he slides
it deep inside, stroking every erogenous zone along the
way. Summer lets out a quick but louder moan and the rhythmic
motions begin. In perfect sequence with her body the two
of them begin to move in a pulsating motion. Summer’s orgasm
has erupted, as she is now cumming all over deep inside yet
the orgasm continues as with every stroke of his large rod.

Now wanting to penetrate even deeper in her, he helps Summer
off the table and enters from the rear as she bends over grasping
tightly to the chair in which he was sitting. With his strong
hands placed firmly on her hips he resumes a gentle pounding
until she feels a giant eruption of wet warmth deep inside.
Summer raises and turns facing him, he lowers down to give
her another heart warming kiss, this time from gratitude
and then leads her over to the couch where he lies down and
pulls her down over top of him.

It remains quiet as the two stare deeply into each others
eyes. For the first time, Summer notices that he has big
green eyes. Eyes that allow her to look deep into his soul
and know that this stranger really understands and cares
about how she feels. In return he can feel Summer’s warmth
and love. She lays her head down on his chest and together
they look out through the back windows and realize what
an incredible moment they have shared.

Chapter Eight Seconds Anybody?

Thirty minuets go by and Summer is still lying on top of Art.
She looks up again at his green eyes and he moves his head
down towards her for another kiss. This time the kiss has
a little more meaning, more of an emotional connection
and turns into a long passionate kiss, a kiss in which they
were both longing to share again. This kiss was so good neither
wanted to separate anytime soon, it was the kiss that dreams
are made of and never even imagined to be possible.

The kiss arouses him like no other and she can feel his shaft
start to grow and firm up as she moves slightly so that it
can find its way back inside her love canal. Summer rises
up to a sitting position as if to take it all in and he stares
up with a soft smile. The sun is cascading through the window
and over her shoulders. Summer’s hair begins to glow as
if she were wearing a golden halo. He reaches up to caress
her perky breasts and the rhythm begins. This time Summer
is providing the thrusting. Long… slow… deep… thrusts.
What an incredible feeling the two of are sharing. This
continues for a while until he can not hold back any longer
and erupts for a second time. Again they commence to cuddle
and embrace in each others warmth.

Chapter Nine The Great Outdoors

A couple of hours have passed as both have fallen sleep in
a well-deserved nap. Art wakes up first and with Summer
on his stomach he begins to lightly scratch her back with
his fingernails. Providing her with a nice feeling of added
comfort and enjoyment while bringing her back out of her
sleep. A little more time passes as he suggests freshening
up and taking a walk outside. He had noticed from his balcony
a small stream at the foot of the hill and thought it would
be a great place to explore. Feeling a little like a slug
from taking a mid afternoon nap, Summer agreed to meet back
in an hour to explore the creek and get a little exercise.

When she sees him next, he is wearing hiking boots, a pair
of faded blue jeans and a striped rugby shirt. His sleeves
were pushed up and he had an orange cap on his head. Summer
noticed that Art was slightly bow-legged and had a really
cute round butt, which was pretty evident from the jeans
he was wearing. With another passionate kiss upon seeing
each other, it is off to the creek.

A small slightly grown over trail runs along side the meandering
stream. While walking Summer thinks to herself about how
nice it is to be away from the city life, the hustle and bustle
of everyday events and being with a person who fully understood
where she had come from, someone who also needed a getaway
and some much needed attention. The walk proved to be a good
idea for Art as after a little ways down the stream Summer
was still feeling a little frisky and wanted more. This
time she wanted to do the one thing she had not done earlier.
Ahead was a large rock over looking the Stream with the path
wrapping around the rock. Once there Summer stopped and
turned towards Art for another kiss, which led to the next
as Summer’s hands slid down the front of Art’s pants.

Once inside she could feel his excitement growing as his
rod enlarged in her hand with the massaging of her fingers.
Art leaned back on the rock as Summer slid down to her knees.
With a look of anticipation, she begins to unzip his pants,
revealing his rock hard shaft.

She starts by kissing his balls as she runs her hands up and
down his shaft. The cool mountain air combined with her
gentle touch had Art broken out in goose bumps. Now Summer
is kissing and long licking up one side and down the other,
avoiding contact with his mushroom shaped head. It was
payback time from his little tease earlier and she was enjoying
every minute of it. Finally, as he could not stand it any
longer, she makes a move all the way to the top where he is
already wet with pre-ejaculation and then slowly makes
it disappear deep into the warmth of her mouth.

In and out she swallows while applying pressure at the same
time with her left hand. Her right hand slides up his leg
and tickles his butt. Now, Art, with insatiable chills
of his own starts to twitch, has shortened breath and begins
to let out a moan of pleasure. It is not very long before Summer
turns him into Old Faithful. She slowly pulls off as he can
see the load left behind in her mouth, then with a grin …she
swallows giving him a picture that would be forever etched
in his sole for eternity.

They continue their walk, each being silent, holding hands
and with her head leaning into his shoulder. Here are two
lost soles coming together at last, from different places
with similar situations. Now thinking and wishing this
weekend would never end, they come full circle and reach
the place where they had started.

Chapter Ten Fireside Small Talk

Summer invites Art to join her for the rest of the evening
and of course he gladly accepts the invitation. After all,
his cabin wasn’t anywhere near as hot or beautiful as hers.
And in the spirit of the newfound freedom, they decide to
add a little more adventure to the evening by taking off
their cloths in order to snuggle and feel each other’s body
heat in front of the fireplace. The remainder of the evening
is spent talking about their pasts, similarities, wishes,
uncertain futures and the fantasy that was currently being
fulfilled. Art suggests toasting marshmallows over the
crackling fire in the fireplace and the two feed each other
being sure to suck all of the gooey part off the other ones

After the snack is finished, Art reveals a hidden talent
of being able to give incredible feet massages. Summer
lays back and puts her feet across Art’s lap. She begins
to think how glad she was to have just freshened up the polish
on her toenails before making the trip. Art learns that
Summer can be quite witty and a ball of laughs. Summer had
forgotten just how much fun she could really be and how much
she enjoyed taking a moment to just goof off.

The time has slipped away like the smaller candles that
had melted leaving nothing but a memory of their existence.
The larger candle was still burning but was only a third
of the height from Friday night. Giggles turned to hugs,
and hugs turned to passionate kisses flickered by dancing
fire light and Summer falls asleep in the comfort of his
strong embrace.

Chapter Eleven The Tune of Something New

With the dawning of a new day, Art wakes up to find Summer
gone from his side. Being somewhat groggy from just waking
up he starts to think maybe he has been dreaming about this
amazing time. Then he sees a note tied to a hawks feather
lying on the hearth beside were he is lying. He also notices
the sound of Salsa music, the sound of Isaac Delgado singing
La Sandunguita coming from outside where he can tell the
back door has been left open. He opens the note, which Summer
had sealed with a fresh lipsticked kiss, and commences
to reading. “Follow the music and you will find what you
seek.” He rises to his feet, still bare from the night before,
and follows the music. It leads him to the open deck door
in the back of the cabin where he notices Summer leaning
over the rail, resting on her forearms with a cup of hot chocolate
in her hands like the morning before. The only difference
is Summer is not wearing the t-shirt and Art begins to grin.

He stops and stares from the doorway seeing what he imagines
a Greek goddess must look like. He sees her soft but firm
dairy-aire swaying back and forth to the beat of the music.
Raising and lowering with every chorus of La Sandunguita.
Art proceeds to tip toe over to her, with feather still in
hand and wraps his arms gently around her waist. Summer
now grins as she can feel the warmth of his body as he begins
to give soft kisses to the hair on the back of her head. Summers
grin widens to a smile and she begins to melt in his arms while
still swaying to the beat of the music. His body rubs up against
hers and she can feel his excitement start to rise as now
both of their bodies are swaying with the beat. Slowly he
moves his kissing down her back and starts to tickle her
fanny with the soft quill of the feather. Unlike the last
two days where all was calm and relaxing, today’s moves
are more in celebration mode. Celebrating the love and
good times that have been shared.

Knowing this weekend would soon be ending, he took advantage
of the opportunity to go down and enjoy one last moment of
exploring her normally covered sweetness. Once both were
satisfied he again shared his treasure, only this time
to the Latin beat of love. Instead of slow and smooth, it
was fast and spicy, while being just a little rough as the
beat of the music was really kicking. Making love outdoor,
with not a care in the world, was one of the most incredible
feelings… and a perfect way to cap off a perfect weekend.

Chapter Twelve A Puddle of Melting Wax

When the moment was over, Summer turned and gave Art another
deep passionate kiss, a way of thanking him for making this
weekend one to remember. The deep stare into each other’s
eyes, while tightly embraced, was broken by the sound of
an acorn bouncing off the rail of the deck. The squirrel
from the day before was still active in a nearby tree. The
sound had spooked Summer and she twitched in Arts arms.
After a short giggle she noticed her twitching pelvis next
to his manly-hood had caused him to get excited again. By
this time, it really didn’t take much to excite Art. She
just softly strokes him with her hand and gave him another
kiss. Summer replied to his rise, “Later big boy, I am a little
sore after all you have shared.”

After several hours of feeling like one with nature out
on the deck they returned inside to get cleaned up and start
preparing for the departure. The weekend comes to an end
as Summer and Art discuss the possibility of doing it again
the following fall and wondering if they will be able to
make it that long before seeing each other again. Art leaves
to his cabin to pack and they decide to follow one another
off the mountain and grab lunch together before departing
their separate ways. It is just their little secret and
one large fantasy fulfilling adventure.

As Summer starts to close the front door for the last time,
she turns and catches the last flicker from the flame burning
on the larger candle, which is now just a puddle of melted
wax and smoke. Gone… like the time she spent.

Oh, Summer and Art managed to keep in touch and occasionally
took a walk on the wild side. :c)

*** If you enjoyed this story please let me know. I have written
several more since this one but am a little hesitant to share.
Thanks! ***

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