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A Walk In The Woods


“Looking really good, babe!” Mike said to his wife, Diane,
as she walked to the car with her day pack. She was dressed
in her khaki hiking shorts and a thin t-shirt that showed
clearly that she was braless. Mike was given tantalizing
glimpses of the darker color of her nipples through the

“Thanks, hun. You’re the only guy I know who finds hiking
boots good looking!” Diane laughed as she put her pack in
the back of the jeep and slipped into the passenger seat
next to Mike.

“They just haven’t seen you yet, is all, you make everything
you put on sexy!” Mike chuckled, reaching over and giving
Diane’s left breast a squeeze, “I especially like the shirt.”

Diane playfully slapped his hand away, eyes twinkling
at her husband as she said “Down boy; there’ll be time for
that later, but let’s get on the road, I wanna get out of the

Mike responded by putting the jeep in gear, beginning the
drive to the national park. They had been planning this
trip for three weeks, and teasing each other unmercifully
about what they intended to do to, and for, each other sexually.
Diane had deliberately skipped any underwear, as she knew
that Mike would react to the lack by having to adjust his
erection repeatedly. Her goal was to have him hot and hard
and ready for her by the time they had the first campsite
set up.

For his part, Mike had been extremely vocal and graphic
about sharing his fantasies with her, and touching and
caressing her at any possible time to try and work her up
as much as possible. As a result, each of them were beginning
the trip in an aroused state, with the possibilities for
gratification wide open.

As they drove along the interstate with the sun beating
down on them in the open jeep, Diane continued to tease Mike.
Moving and squirming in her seat, “fixing” the fit of her
shorts or her shirt so he could have just teasing glimpses
of her tan skin, doing anything possible to keep him aroused.
She knew her efforts were successful by the ever growing
bulge in his hiking shorts, and his own squirming as he drove.

As they neared the park, they were quietly chatting about
their plans for hiking, where they’d go and when they would
set up camps. Mike moved into the left lane to pass another
jeep similar to their own, also with the top removed. Diane
could see that there were three men in it, one crammed in
the miniscule backseat with packs piled around him. The
driver waved as Mike passed, obviously recognizing kindred
spirits in the vehicle. Diane waved back as Mike pulled
back to the right lane, now in front of the other car.

“Should’ve given them a show, sweetie, let them see what
I have waiting for me, ” Mike teased, reaching over and
lifting the hem of her shirt, pretending that he was going
to help her flash her tits. Diane startled him, however,
by simply smiling and lifting her shirt to her neck, leaving
the material gathered above her breasts as they drove along
the interstate; Mike knew that the following vehicle wouldn’t
really be able to tell, but it turned him on regardless to
have his wife’s beautiful tits openly displayed.

“Like this, you mean?” Diane asked

“Yeah, and I dare you to stay that way for five miles!” Mike

Diane laughed and said “Fine. I’ll take the dare, but you
know that anyone we pass, or that passes us, will be looking
at your wife’s bare chest!” With that, she slipped her arms
out of the sleeves, and pulled the shirt off her head, leaving
her completely topless in the open car as they cruised.

Mike started, the car swerving just a bit as he attempted
to regain his composure. “You know I didn’t really think
you’d do it; if you’re not comfortable, you can cover up, ”
he said, eyeing her as best he could while driving.

“Oh, no. You wanted me topless for five miles, that’s what
you’re getting, ” Diane replied. “Check the odometer,
please; I wouldn’t want to be caught short on the mileage!”

“And what if someone catches up to us, ” Mike asked, “are
you planning on staying like that?”

“Yep. I’m going to let anyone that comes by have as good a
look as your driving will allow. After all, you control
who can pass, or that we pass, which means how good a look
they get!” Diane said, feeling her nipples growing rigid
at the thought of strangers looking at her. It had been a
long time since she’d indulged her exhibitionist tendencies,
and she was loving the feeling of the sun and wind on her skin.

Mike gripped the wheel a little tighter, finding himself
torn between wanting to pass or get passed, and asking Diane
to cover up quick before someone really did see her. He wasn’t
sure if having others see his wife’s tits was a turn on or
if he’d be jealous. He didn’t notice that the following
jeep had sped up a bit, and was overtaking, until they were
just pulling alongside. When he did catch sight of the jeep
in his mirror, it was very clear that the men aboard had seen
that Diane was nude from the waist up. The passengers were
openly staring, and the driver was stealing glances whenever
he could spare his eyes from the road.

“Honey, we’re being passed, and you’re being looked at,
right now.” Mike said to Diane. She turned, looking over
at the passing jeep, which of course presented the men with
a full frontal view of her lovely tits, hard nipples pointing
at them like spotlights.

“Yep, I am, ” she said, “and I think it’s really hot, to have
a group of strangers looking at me. Are you okay with it?
Do you like to think of other men staring at my tits?” She
asked Mike.

Mike was a little surprised to find that he was indeed more
turned on than anything by the situation, answering “Yes,
I find it really hot to have them seeing you, watching you
show off your gorgeous body.”

“Too bad we’re in a car, I’d get naked!” Diane said, giving
a playful touch to her own nipples, showing the onlookers
that she was aroused.

“God, you are incredible!” Mike said, “I never realized
what an exhibitionist you are!”

“Well, now you know, ” said Diane, “I love to show off, and
had kind of forgotten how much fun it is.”

While the two jeeps kept pace with each other, the men continued
to admire Diane’s breasts, calling things across the gap
that were hard to hear clearly, but had an admiring tone
to them. At the five mile point from when she’d removed her
shirt, Mike let Diane know that she’d reached that goal.
Diane gave one last tweak to her nipples before pulling
her shirt over her head, covering herself again.

The other driver honked, and all three men waved, as they
accelerated past Mike and moved away from them, continuing
to speed out of sight.

Mike and Diane continued their drive, discussing the event,
and agreed that it was a major turn on for both of them. Mike
asked her if she’d be willing to do similar things again;
Diane immediately agreed, finding it incredibly arousing.
She slipped her hand into her shorts, dipping a finger to
her pussy. She slipped that finger to Mike’s mouth so he
could taste how much she had enjoyed showing off.

They arrived at the park at 10:30, checking in with the ranger
at the gate, paying the entrance fees and picking up the
latest map. Mike pulled the jeep into a parking spot at the
furthest lot, noting that there were only two other cars

“Looks like it isn’t to crowded, at least” he mentioned,
as he and Diane pulled their packs on and began moving up
the trail they’d chosen to hike.

“Which is a good thing, ” Diane laughed, “Because then
I can do this!” as she reached out and gave Mike a rub through
his shorts, caressing his hard cock. Mike responded by
putting his hand on Diane’s ass, feeling the smooth muscles
clenching and relaxing as she walked, putting pressure
on the material of her shorts to pull them tight against
her pussy lips.

“Yea, but then I’ll do this, ” he said.

“Mmmmm. And this is a bad thing? For who?” Diane laughed,
enjoying the feeling of her shorts pulling into her lips,
rubbing against her clit. Her nipples were starting to
harden again as Mike continued to touch her, feeling his
strong hands on her body always aroused her.

They arrived at the clearing where they had planned to have
lunch by 1:00, in an extremely aroused state. They had touched
and teased each other the entire walk to this point, until
both knew that they had to have release or they’d go mad with
lust. When they walked to the picnic area, with its rustic
table and fire pit, Diane dropped her pack to the ground.
Looking around and seeing the area was deserted, she immediately
pulled her shirt off, and dropped her shorts, standing
in front of Mike clad only in her hiking boots and socks.

“Hurry up! Get naked and fuck me, I need you so badly!” she
commanded Mike, fumbling with his zipper, trying to get
his shorts off.

“Here, let me, ” Mike said, undoing his shorts and letting
them drop to the ground.

Diane knelt in front of him, sucking his cock directly into
her mouth, so aroused she wasn’t waiting for him to undress
completely. Licking the length of his cock, from tip to
balls and back up again, cupping and caressing his balls
in one warm hand while she used her other to stroke his hard

“Please, fuck me hard and quick, ” she said, lying back
on the ground, spreading her legs wide and opening her pussy
to Mike; he could see her juices running out of her pussy,
down her ass cheeks and into the dirt of the clearing floor.

He lay down above her, placing the head of his cock at her
wet slit; she guided him into her opening, telling him “Now,
fuck me, cum in my pussy, I need you to fill me with your sticky
semen.” Mike thrust into her, hard and deep, extremely
aroused by her need and her wetness.

He pushed into her, hard and fast, as deep as he could, slamming
against her clit and filling her pussy with his hardness.
She groaned under the pressure, moaning and pulling him
tighter into her, saying “Harder, yes, I’m going to cum
so fast, cum with me, fill me up, shoot it in my pussy.” Mike
could feel her orgasm beginning, the pulsing of her pussy
on his cock turning him on even more.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to shoot, I’m gonna fill you with my
jism, I love to feel you so wet and tight on me, I’m cumming
in your hot pussy, ” as his cum started to pulse out of him,
deep into her pussy. Mike could feel Diane’s pussy squeezing
around his cock, cumming with him, her pussy hot and wet
around his cock.

She continued to squeeze and milk his cock with her pussy,
drawing all of his cum from him and into her; moaning as she
came all over him, their combined juices squeezing out
around his cock, running down her ass, tickling her.

“Oh, yes, I needed that so much, I needed it ever since those
guys were looking at me, since you told me that you liked
it when they saw me!” She groaned into his ear, kissing and
licking him as she spoke, still clenching around him.

“Yes, me too, you are so hot, you turn me on so much I can’t
stand it, I love you so much!” Mike responded. “You are such
a hottie, I love being with you, fucking you like this!”

Diane chuckled, looking up at him, and said, “You just like
this kind of lunch, is all!”

Mike pulled away from her, laughing, saying, “Yep. Now
you’ve given me what I need, let’s get something to eat!
Love ‘em and leave ‘em, that’s my theory!” he joked, “Wham
bam- thank-you-ma’am!”

“Barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen?” Diane asked
mischievously, “Shall I take off my boots to get lunch ready?”

“Nah, ” Mike said, “Keep the boots on, but leave the shorts
and shirt off. That’s an even better look!”

Diane looked around at him, and said “Goody! I was hoping
you’d say something like that!”

Mike grinned as he realized that she was serious. She was
leaving her clothes off, as she reached into his pack for
the lunch that he carried, sitting at the rustic table in
the buff except for her boots and socks. Her pussy hair was
matted with cum from both of them. He had to pull his shorts
up to walk to the table, as he couldn’t get them off over his
boots. He asked “Do you want me to undress too?”

“Not unless you really want to, ” Diane answered, eyes
twinkling, “If you prefer to have me nude while you’re dressed,
well, that’s a turn on too!”

“Baby, anything you do is a turn on, don’t you know that yet?”
Mike asked, as he sat next to her at the table, reaching for
some of the fruit they had packed with lunch.

“Thanks sweetie, you are an incredibly nice man. Just be
sure you don’t forget that if there’s anything that I do
that isn’t ok, you have to say so- just like when you tell
me something is ok, so I know what to do more of!”

“Hmm, I think you need more of this, ” Mike said, as he reached
between her legs and pressed a grape into her sopping pussy,
using a finger to poke it into her. “Nothing like fruit with
a little extra juice!” he grinned.

Diane squirmed at his touch, at the feel of the cool grape
sliding into her hot canal, enjoying the sensation. She
spread her legs, allowing Mike better access as he gently
caressed her mound, while they ate lunch. She was enjoying
the feeling of being nude in the woods, where anyone who
happened by would be seeing her; she especially liked the
feeling of being nude and freshly fucked, the squish of
their combined fluids seeping from her was keeping her
aroused and hot.

After lunch, and after they’d cleaned up the trash, Mike
went to his pack and picked it up; turning to Diane, he said
“Better get ready, if we want to get to our campsite in time
to cook dinner.”

“I am ready, ” Diane answered, stuffing her shorts and
shirt into the pocket of her pack, and pulling it on. “I thought
it’d be a bit cooler this way. Yeah, that’s the ticket, I
was too hot before!”

Mike loved it! His gorgeous wife, wearing her pack and her
boots- her breasts squeezed forward by the straps of the
pack, her blonde hair free in the breeze, her matching blonde
pussy hair showing the signs of their recent encounter-
he had never been so aroused so soon after sex before in his

Diane started walking up the trail, calling “Come on, slowpoke!”
over her shoulder, and Mike fell into place behind her,
once again admiring the flex of her ass, but this time with
an even better view than before!

He found himself hoping that they would meet someone on
the trail, that someone else would see the wonderful picture
his hot and horny wife made as she strode along in the woods,
the sunlight alternating with shade in dappled patterns
on her lovely tan skin. He felt that she was the most gorgeous
person in the world, and told her so as they walked along.

Diane stopped, and said “Turn around, I need to get at your
pack a minute.”

“What do you need?” Mike asked as he turned his back to her,
feeling her unzipping one of the exterior pockets on his

“Here, take this, ” She said, closing the pocket and handing
Mike his little digital camera from his pack. “Use it as
you wish, but I get final approval as to what happens to any
pictures you take.”

Mike immediately took a picture of her, just standing in
the trail, nude under her pack. “I’ll start with that, you
are soooo hot! Thank you!” he said.

Diane grinned, and turned to start walking again, pulling
him forward to walk beside her, holding his hand as they
strolled through the woods.

Mike shrugged his pack off his shoulders, placing it against
a fallen log near the creek where they had decided to camp.
Diane turned her back to him, as he helped her slide her own
pack off and set it next to his. She stretched her neck and
shoulders, lifting her arms to the sky to work the kinks
of the pack from her back and neck. Mike snapped another
picture of her silhouette, admiring the lift of her breasts
as she stretched high, her lightly sweating skin gleaming
in the sunlight.

They had walked fast, enjoying the exercise, teasing and
touching each other but meeting no one. Mike found that
he was slightly disappointed in that, and was a little surprised
to find that he wished that someone had happened along to
admire his wife in her naked glory. He himself had certainly
enjoyed watching her walk, the extra thrill of being outside
and with her clothing tucked into her pack, where she couldn’t
have covered up quickly even if they had encountered someone
giving rise to his excitement as he’d never felt before.

Diane moved nearer to him, slipping her arms around his
waist and hugging him close to her. “Enjoying yourself,
lover?” she asked, knowing from the erection pushing against
her belly what the answer was.

“Oh, yeah. You are the best!” was Mike’s reply, as he cupped
her ass cheeks in his hands, massaging them gently. Then
he slid his hands up along her back, gently rubbing her shoulders
and neck, working the muscles to relieve the tension.

They quickly made camp, experience and good planning making
the setup a matter of habit and routine, and soon had the
tent up, bags ready, and the fire prepared.

“Honey, I want to swim, what about you?” Diane asked, sitting
down and removing the boots and socks she wore.

“Yes, that sounds great, I’m melting!” Mike responded,
as he began to remove his clothing as well.

Naked, they walked along the creek to a small pool, about
50 yards upstream of the campsite. Wading in, the water
was a perfect temperature, clear and clean and cool on their
warm skin. The pair floated and drifted around, chatting
quietly, occasionally touching one another until Mike
moved to the shore, saying “That’s enough for me, I’m getting
chilly now.” He stepped out of the pool and sat on the warm
earth, feeling the sun begin to dry and warm his skin.

As the sun soaked into his body, relaxing and warming him
he watched fascinated as Diane floated on her back, her
beautiful breasts bare and bobbing at the surface of the
water. He could see little hints of her trimmed pubic hair
showing now and then as she kicked softly to move around.
He used his camera again, snapping a couple of pictures
of his bathing beauty.

Seeing what he was doing, Diane grinned and turned so her
feet were pointing at Mike, and began frog kicking away
from him, opening her legs wide so he could clearly see her
pussy lips, then bringing her slim thighs together and
blocking his view.

“Too bad the pool isn’t wider; you could keep doing that
all day!” Mike called, taking another picture as his wife
had to turn around and swim back toward him. He found the
angle just as enticing, though, looking along the length
of her tan wet body as she moved nearer to where he sat.

Diane rose to her feet, walking toward him as she pushed
her wet hair back, lifting her breasts to the sun as she moved
to stand in front of him. Mike sat up further, looking up
at her, wanting her. He reached for her legs, pulled her
closer to him and placed his mouth on her dripping wet pussy
hair. His tongue began darting into the folds of her lips,
pressing for her clit as she stood above him.

Diane moaned softly as his tongue found her swollen clit,
slowly opening her legs and lowering herself down until
she straddled him, riding his mouth as he pushed into her
wetness. Mike could taste the tanginess of their earlier
sex in her, warm and sticky. He loved the feel of her skin
where her legs pressed against his arms and shoulders,
cool from the swim but warming fast in the sun, and with his
lapping. He looked up to see her caressing her tits as he
licked and sucked, tweaking and twisting her hard nipples.
Her eyes were half open as she looked into the woods while
he gently sucked her lips into his mouth.

Without a word, Diane lifted herself from his face and slid
down Mike’s chest and belly, slowly slipping her wet pussy
along his skin. When she felt his erection pressing against
her ass, she lifted just enough to pull his head up and kept
moving toward his feet, reaching down to guide his hard
cock and slide it into her warm and ready pussy. She clenched
her internal muscles tightly around him, sucking him deeper
into her; Mike felt as though she wanted to pull him in and
feel his head against her throat from inside. He gasped
as she tightened and relaxed around him, not sliding up
and down but with little circular movements of her hips
she ground her clit against his pubic bone.
Diane leaned forward, slowly lowering her lips to Mike’s,
running her tongue around his mouth, licking at him and
teasing his lips and tongue, not letting him kiss her as
he wanted to do. All the while she kept clenching herself
around him, using her pussy in a milking motion to keep them
both climbing toward their climax.

She pulled her head back a bit, looking deep into her husband’s
eyes, and whispered to him: “Do you like this? Do you like
fucking me, totally naked, outside in a public park? Do
you like to see me in the sunshine, spreading my legs for
you, riding your cock, knowing that anyone coming along
will see us? They might be watching me suck your cock with
my pussy, seeing my nipples hard, seeing your cock is buried
in me as far as it will go?”

“Oh, god, yesss, ” Mike groaned in response, growing even
more aroused as she spoke to him. “I love to see you like this,
I love the thought that someone could be watching as we fuck!”

“You’re sure you wouldn’t mind, it wouldn’t make you unhappy
to have someone watching us fuck?” she whispered into his
ear, her breath hot and moist.

“No, I think it would be very hot, ” he answered, “Would
you like to be watched, have someone see you fucking me?
Looking at your body, your tits and beautiful ass and pussy?
Probably they’d start playing with themselves, would
you like that? You would, wouldn’t you? You like to think
of someone getting turned on by seeing us, wanting to fuck

Diane squirmed on Mike’s cock, gave a little thrust up and
down on it as he spoke, adding to his arousal. “There is someone
watching us, you know, ” she said softly, “I can see their
jeans through the bushes, about fifty feet from us. They
stopped walking when I was on your face, and they are watching
us right now.”

“Which way?” Mike asked, lifting his head, trying to see
where they were. “Are they really watching?” He was turned
on and excited by the thought of someone seeing his lovely
wife riding him. “Male or Female? How many people?” he asked

“Behind you, I’m facing them, where the trail runs. I don’t
know if they’re guys or girls, and I think there’s at least
two; at least, I saw a couple of different colors flashing,
I think it was their shirts, ” She whispered, still moving
slowly on him. “Don’t you dare stop, though! I am so turned
on right now I can’t stand it! I love being watched, having
strangers seeing us fucking.”

Mike slid his hands to her breasts, feeling her hard nipples
between his fingers, squeezing them and giving little
rolls to the erect tips. Diane moaned in her throat as he
did, feeling as if there was a direct connection between
the stranger’s eyes, Mike’s fingers on her tits, and her
cock-filled pussy, all combining to lead her to an intense
orgasm, even better than before.

Mike couldn’t help himself now, he felt the cum building
in him, he felt as if it was boiling right out of his balls
as he watched Diane try to see the watchers, straining to
see if they were looking at her fucking in the woods. His
cum shot into her pussy, filling her and making her gasp
as he groaned out loud, unable to hold back.

“Don’t you dare stop, ” she said again, moving faster on
him as she felt his cum deep inside her. She lifted herself
up, putting her hands on Mike’s chest, riding his cock faster
now, grinding her clit on him. She tossed her head back,
blonde hair falling down her back as Mike thrust upward
into her, caressing her tits, bouncing them up and down
for the watchers to see. Her eyes were open as she looked
at the place where the watchers were, wanting them to know
that she enjoyed being seen, wanted to be looked at.

“I can see them now, they are watching us fuck, a man and a
woman, looking at us, seeing your wife naked on you, watching
you fuck me; oh, she’s stroking his cock, they’re both watching
and he’s got his cock out and she’s rubbing it, he’s playing
with her tits under her shirt, ” Diane breathlessly reported,
and Mike could feel her pussy soak with even more juice,
as she continued, “He’s lifting her shirt, playing with
her nipples while she’s jerking him off. They’re both looking
at us, they can see everything clearly, I’m so fucking hot,
I’m going to cum, oh, yesss…“ as her words turned into a hissing
moan, her pussy almost vibrating around Mike’s cock as
she climaxed again, eyes closing now almost against her

“Yes, cum darling, you love knowing that they are turned
on by you, by us, cum now, let them see you cumming as we fuck,
watching your tits bounce, you love to be seen naked and
hot, showing off your body and being fucked.” Mike said,
squeezing her tits more firmly, seeing the flush of her
orgasm on her face and chest. He loved watching her cum,
loved even more the thought that two strangers were seeing
his incredibly sexy wife cum on him.

“Oh, yes, I love to cum, I love to have people see me fucking
you, I get so turned on knowing that they are looking at us
and getting turned on by seeing us” Diane whispered, as
she collapsed forward onto Mike again, kissing him deeply
this time, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She nibbled
on his lips, tugging his lower lip with her teeth, still
squeezing his cock with her pussy.

“Can you still see them?” Mike asked.

“Yes, ” as she lifted her head a bit, “They’re still watching,
she’s rubbing him fast now, he’s got both hands on her tits,

“I want to see them, roll sideways but stay on me, ” Mike
said. He held her hips and turned, keeping his cock in Diane’s
pussy as he rolled her onto her side so he could look over
her head.

He could just make out the couple in the brush, could see
that the woman had dark hair and very dark nipples on her
smallish tits. He could see that she was stroking her companion
but couldn’t actually make out her hand or his cock from
where he lay.

“Do you like her tits?” Diane asked, “Does it turn you on
to see her jacking him off?”

“Yes, it does, a lot.” Mike replied, as he started caressing
Diane’s ass, “I can’t see her hands, but I can tell what she’s
doing, and I can see him rubbing her nipples and tits- I think
he’s going to cum too.”

“Oh, I want to see that, ” Diane murmured, twisting her
head so she could see the couple as well.

The two stayed cuddled close, Mike’s cock in Diane’s pussy
as they caressed each other, watching the strange couple
getting off in the woods. It wasn’t long before the woman’s
hand motions had sped up, and the man threw his head back;
the intertwined couple could see her hand movements slowing,
and knew he had just spurted a load of cum on the ground.

“That’s so hot, ” Diane said, “think about them watching
us, getting so turned on by seeing us fucking, makes me sooo
wet.” Mike was aroused as well, seeing the petite brunette
lovingly bend and lick the still unseen cock clean, then
straighten up and kiss her lover deeply.

The couple glanced their way, obviously aware that they
too had just been watched. The woman squatted down out of
sight a moment, screened by the bushes. When she stood again,
she had a pack on her back. Taking her partners’ hand, she
led him along the trail; as they walked past the point where
the trail came closest to where Mike and Diane were still
lying, the couple looked directly at them.

“Thank you, for letting us enjoy ourselves. You are a lovely
couple, and it was perfect. Have a great time!” the woman’s
voice was clear and slightly husky, as she and her partner
passed by, he tipped his head in a nod to them, looking closely
at Diane’s figure as he went by.

“Thank you, as well, ” Diane called back “Be good!” with
a mischievous grin, she nestled closer to Mike. “Think
we have to be good, too, or can I keep on being bad?”

Mike chuckled, and kissed her hard. “You just keep on being
you, honey, you’re exactly what you should be. The hottest,
most beautiful and sexiest woman alive.”

Grinning, Diane moved off Mike, and pulled him to his feet.
“C’mon, honey. Camp is over there, and you’ve seen nothin’
yet!” As he followed Diane to their campsite, Mike wondered
if he’d be able to survive this trip- and then decided, even
if he didn’t, there were worse ways to go.

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