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A Very Special Adventure


So finally the night we spent so long talking about, and
fantasizing and anticipating is finally here. In some
ways it is surreal, but no more so perhaps than alot of what
has transpired since we first met several months ago. This
is definitley different however in that for the first time
we will be letting someone else into our private little
world of intense and unparralleled sexual chemistry.

I sense you are nervous so I bring you the glass of wine I poured
just a few minutes earlier. "Here Lexie...have some
more of's all gonna be fine". "Well
not just "fine" I say with a smirk, "it
will be absolutelyfuckingunbelievable". You manage
a half hearted laugh but deep down you trust that I'm
right and take a short but deep breath and do your best to
try to relax a bit. Just then we hear a knock at the door. She's

You're heart skips a beat and I instantly get those
butterflies in my stomach. I move first and head toward
the door and open it and welcome Kira in. We had told ourselves
that we wouldn't move forward with this unless we met
the right person and she certainly fit the bill. Kira like
you had for years fantasized about D/s and BDSM but had for
the most part kept it bottled up inside. Tonight in fact
was going to be her first actual live experience and as such
she looks every bit as nervous as you. We had exchanged emails
and chatted online and talked on the phone several times
and even met for drinks but obviously this was going to be

"Come on in", you say to her in your friendly
and welcoming tone. You then let out that cute little nervous
giggle you do which I love, and then showing once again how
in sync we are you say "You look more nervous than me
if that's possible"!. She manages a quick laugh
but it does loosen her up just a bit and she willingly accepts
the glass of wine I bring her. "Let's just move
to the couches and go over things again before we get started"
I say, as I begin in the simplest of ways to assert control.
"So obviously came here because you
want to see first hand what this is all about. I know this
doesn't exactly sound modest but I think you are in
for quite the treat". She responds with a smile that
is a mixture of nervousness and excitment but clearly she
is very much looking forward to what we have in store. "So
we don't need to go over all the do's and don'ts
and all that we've discussed already but I do want to
reiterate the most important rule. You are here of your
own free will. You can leave at any time. If you choose to
stay however while you are here you will do exactly as you
are told. If for any reason you don't do as your told
you willl have to leave. Understood?". "Yes"
she says, I understand. And from what we've discussed
I don't think that will be a problem but thank you for
clarifying it for me. "Ok. Great" I say. Let's
get started then shall we"

The first thing that I need both of you to do is to change into
something more comfortable..... or should I say suitable"
I say with a mischevious grin. You know what that means"
i say referring to the fact that I decided that it was best
if you two started off on "equal footing" so
to speak both dressed in your own favorite cute bra and panty
sets. Nothing else. While you two are changing I take the
plants down that are hanging from the "O" rings
in the cieling. I'm laughing both at the fact they are
really called "O" rings, and that is not lost
on me, as well as at the idea of the numerous visitors to your
place who have seen the plant holders and not thought a thing
of it. If they only knew. I get busy then getting up on a chair
and looping the rope through first one ring then the other.
I take out the special cuffs we bought and fasten those toward
the end of the ropes. Simple but effective. I had thought
of tying your legs but for tonight this will be sufficient.
The hands in the air will give you that feeling of exposure
and vulnerability you love and its not worth trying to rig
something to tie your legs. Especially when i know you'll
be a good girl and if i tell you to stand still you will stand
still. If i tell you to spread them for me...err for
will do that as well. No need then.

You come out of your bedroom looking radiant. I can tell
you are wicked turned on. Right afterwards Kira emerges
from the bathroom. She too looks very sexy and alluring.
"Okay Kira go sit on the couch and face toward where
you see the ropes". She moves quickly and takes her
position and her eyes follow us attentively with both lust
and anticipation. "Okay's time"
I say. You stroll toward me and look as excited as you've
ever looked. I've seen that look and know that look
and it triggers a stirring in my groin. I then take your hands
and slide the cuffs on...and pull the rope taut so that your
arms are extended above you. I then tie the rope off using
the arm of the wooden chair i stood on to secure it . And for
good measure I put a 40 pound weight on the seat of the chair.
"There...that should work actually quite nicely"
I say very proud of myself. So there you are on display for
both me and Kira...looking stunning..and not even trying
to hide your excitement. Your breathing is shallow and
heavy..and we can see the slight rise and fall of your beautiful
breasts. That image serves as a reminder as to what I'm
going to do next. But first I come in behind you and move so
my body is right up against you. I reach and put my hands first
on your hips...and then on your breasts. I lean in and softy
whisper in your ear "Lex...thiis is going to be incredible".
You instantly shudder with excitment and then let out a
small sigh. So sexy.

"She looks beautiful wouldn't you say Kira"?
"Ahh...Absolutely" she manages to stammer.
"And part of you is wishing you were her right now aren't
you?" You want to feel helpless and at someone else's
mercy with them having complete control don't'
you?" "Yes" "Yes I do she says"
as if this is final confirmation for her that it is indeed
not just what she desires, but what she needs. "Well
for sure that is what Lexie enjoys...and you are going to
be lucky enough to see that first hand".....She's
already soaking wet trust me. Would you like to check for
me please just to make sure" I say with a smirk".
She looks hesitant until I say "that's not really
a question...I"m telling you to go do it". Hearing
that she bounds off the couch and moves toward you and as
she gets closer she hesitates a bit. You watch her unsure
whether you like this, dont' like it or what. The feelings
are confusing and coming at you 100 mph. "Go ahead"
I tell her. It's pretty simple...and she won't
bite...slide your fingers in and tell me if she's wet".
She does and you are surprised at your reaction. The feeling
of her touch is somewhat taboo to you but intoxicating.
Her fingers move quickly to your slit and she dips them inside
just enough to feel the sopping wetness there. "She's
soaked" she says almost matter of fact. "Of
course she is" I say with a smile. "Now sit back
down and let me show you how we are going to warm her up and
move her from soaked to shaking and moaning. Hand me those
clamps over there as well as that flogger.....

I then move behind you again and lean my warm body against
you. "It's time to get serious now Lex"
I whisper in your ear. I move quickly then to unhook your
bra in back. You feel your breasts released from the confines
of your bra awash now in the cool air which instantly makes
your nipples hard. I lean in again and reach around and pinch
your nipples...which elicits a part moan part sigh from
you. "See how beautiful these are" I say looking
over at Kira as she nods and fixes her gaze directly on you.
"Fuck yes" she says her voice laced with lust.
"Well" I say with an impish smile". "So
soft, so smooth so pretty...but looks can be deceiving.
Don't be fooled" I say as I cup them both in my firm
hands, "these beautiful breasts can take ALOT".
"And tonight we are going to find out just how much.
It's time to push the limits". "Come here",
I say with authority to Kira. "Stand in front and I
want you to take both of her nipples between your fingers
and pinch and roll them between your fingers...and then
tug on them..pull them and stretch them......see how naughty
you can make them look". As she reaches for you I pull
your hair so that your head moves back toward me my tone is
harsh "Now cmon' take it and you show
me what a good little girl you can be". Your breath
comes sharp and quick and shallow as you reply....."Yes
John". Then you feel her fingers on your nipples...shy
at first...probing but then a bit more assertive....pinching...twisting....and
then finally pulling and let out a soft
moan but its interrupted by my stern interjection "you
can do MUCH better than that Kira"...cmon....don't
be afraid..she LIKES me she WANTS more".
Emboldened now she gets a firm grip on each nipple using
her thumb and forefinger for leverage and bites her lip
with determination and pulls so that your nipples stretch
further than you ever had imagined they feel
the pain as she tests your limits but there's no mistaking
the simultaneous jolt of pleasure that is delivered almost
direclty to your clit. It's a now familiar dichotomy
for you. A mysterious mix that serves to excite you beyond
reason. "Ohh fuck..yessssss" you manage.
"I told you she likes it" I declare with a knowing

I move in front now and pinch both nipples and just start
shaking your breasts using the nipples as my pivot point..."so
fucking naughty" I say almost to myself as I smile
with satisfaction. You moan again and then I stop jiggling
your breasts and pinch the nipples hard until it elicits
a low moan from you. "Okay, enough of that" I
say...."Time to warm her up even more before we put
the clamps on. We haven't even come close to pushing
her limits". I then bend forward just slightly to
pick the crop off of the couch. You watch intently...secretely
longing for the sweet sting you know will be coming soon.
But I start slowly. I slowly move the crop over your breasts...circling
your nipples..manuevering deftly to the underside of
your breasts...then over and around each breast as they
quiver ever so slighty from both my machinations as well
as your excited breathing. I"m teasing you...and
we both know it. You WANT to feel the sting of the crop..but
I"m making you wait...and that serves to make you
want it even more. I enjoy this immensely and so continue
to tease....In fact I move the crop to your lips....and
you part your lips ever so slightly kowing what I want without
me uttering a word. Your tongue slowly circles the crop..and
then gently you begin to suck it. "That's a good
girl....get it nice and wet for me" I say. Satisfied
with your dutiful response I pull the crop out of your mouth..and
snake it very slowly....down over your chin....wet now
with your saliva....down your neck...veering right then
left to each breast and further down to your sexy stomach....pausing
ever so slightly....then finding my mark....the waistband
of your panties. I then move it first horizontally....from
your left hip tantalizingly and deliberately to your right
hip....and then finally back to the middle...where I then
probe vertically from the top of your slit...down your
slightly protruding lips and then pressing inward with
pressure so that you feel it as it digs right in your wet slit.

"Close your eyes, I say...close them and just enjoy
what i'm doing". Your eyes gently close...and
you involuntarily begin to rock your hips as I move the crop
in and around and finally underneath the side of your panties
so that there is now nothing standing between the crop and
your warm wet pussy. I manuever it deftly....turning it
in my hands so it goes from flat to vertical on your pussy...and
i then find your clit and very gently "rub it"
over and around your throbbing clit. When it look like you
are enjoying yourself too much I slide it out from under...and
its glistening and wet with your juices....I remind you..."Keep
your eyes shut until i say open them", then gesturing
toward the crop now shiny and soaked with your juices I say.."Look
at that Kira"...Is that not delicious looking or
what"? So who gets to taste? Lexie wants to i know that...and
just as i finish saying it a slow moan and the tiniest of whimpers
escapes your lips. I hold it up now and say "I really
should get it as I've done most of the work conjuring
up her juices"......but considering we have a guest
with us tonight she really should have first dibs....Kira's
eyes light up...and seeing this i take two paces toward
her and offer the end of the crop to her...and as she goes
to take it in with her mouth I say "no may
taste but you must use ONLY your tongue. Kira complies and
like a kitten to warm milk she laps away with her tongue....licking
in earnest.....until all the juices have beeen wiped clean.
I then slide it out of her mouth...give her a gentle pat on
the cheek twice with the crop and say "now spit on it".
She does..............and then instantly I move the crop
away and without missing a beat move closer to you and spank
first your left breast and then the quickly
suck in air both from the shock/surprise of being hit but
also because it felt so naughty but soo good.

Instantly you feel the familiar tingling in your groin
and wonder again how there can be such a direct connection
from your nipples to your clit. Just as you are mulling this
over you feel two more strikes across each nipple with the
crop..hard and swift. Again the flood of electricity to
your groin and this time you can't help but moan. "Naughty
girl wants more doesn't"? And as I say this I see
Kira's eyes once again fixated on your and she's
totally mesmerized by this first foray into discipline.
"God yess" you manage to stammer..."Yes
what Lexie". "Yes John I want more" you
say this time your voice tinged more strongly with lust
and desire. "Well let's see if you are going to
want more after this" I say tantalizinly. I want you
to count each stroke I'm going to give you lound and
clear for me understand? " Yes" you say, panting
now. "The catch is that each one is going to be harder
than the last". You bite your lip sexily as you brace
yourself with what is to come. The first lash comes and you
clearly call out "One" is followed quickly
by three more blows...each a bit harder than the last "two,
three, four" you say the last number an octave or two
higher as you feel the sting. Then with virtually not respite
I deliver four more sequential lashes "five,
ME " you say as the last blow strikes particularly
hard. I smile and taunt you "No the next two numbers
are going to be 9 and 10" not fuck me. You glare at me
but know better and just say "sorry...those last
two were tough"...I run the crop now over your tender
nipples and breasts..."ohh but you can take more
Lex...I KNOW you can....and not only that but you WANT more,
and I don't even need you to respond to that...I'm
certain you do. And with that i strike two more times with
short but intense lashes to each nipple..."Nine
and...ahhhh TEN" you say with an emphasis on the ten.
Your eyes are starting to glaze a bit now and I can tell you
are losing yourself in all that is happening. I move to you
and slide my fingers along your pussy lips and then dip them
into your warm inviting pussy...."My my you are WET
my pet".....And I just realize you haven't even
had the chance to taste yourself. We KNOW how much you love
that. My how remiss we are in not taking care of that".

I then go to move my fingers drenched with your juices to
your sexy mouth but just as I get close I veer away and taste
them myself...."You did'nt think I was going
to give those to you THAT easy did you?". "Nnnnoo
John" manage. But you still want to taste don't
you? "Yes...fuck yes John...I want to taste my pussy
juice soo fucking bad". "I'm impressed
I say, . "I didnt even have to ask you how bad you wanted
to taste. You're learning." "I'm
going to give you the chance to taste but you have to earn
it". Just as you are wondering what I have up my sleeve
i say, "Kira...come here...let's show Lex how
she can taste herself. First slide your bra off though so
we can see those beautiful breasts of yours. Quickly Kira
moves off the couch and slowly somewhat hesitatingly removes
her bra. Her breasts are medium sized and firm with average
sized aereola's but good sized nipples that are quickly
erect as they are exposed to the cool air. "Rember
how you commented on how nice Kira's breats were Lex?"
Ahh uhhhm yess" you hiss..."yesss John I do".
Well I think your exact words were "I'd lick those
nipples" were they not? " "Yes John".
Well you are going to do that indeed but with a
will lick your slick sweeet juices...but must do so off
of Kira's breasts and nipples" . "Oh my
god" you say....thrilled at the prospect of that.
"Okay Kira....get on your knees in front of Lex now
and I want to see you use your breast and nipple to tease her
pussy...rub it up and down her slit....dip the tip of your
nipple into her hot pussy....rub that erect nipple all
over and around her clit....but most of all make sure your
get her slippery tasty juices all over your warm and inviting

I see Kira is actually shaking herself now as she drops to
her knees..she gazes intently at your pussy and grabs her
right breast using her left hand to hold the middle side
of it and her right hand she places close up on her breats
close to her nipple so as to be able to guide it where she wants.
She leans in a bit and then carefully makes contact with
your slit....shaking still....her hands a bit unsteady...but
she rights herself and proceeds to manuever her senstive
erect nipple up and down your slit...the tip of her nipple
becoming slippery and wet and glistening with your juices.
"Now tease her clit with it" I interject...and
Kira needs no more coaxing..her face the picture of concentration
she's biting her lower lip as she dectly moves her nipple
around, and around your clit....then over it and across
it...and finally she begins to flick it. "Good girl"
I say....'that's it....get it nice and wet....if
you keep that up you might even make her cum all over it.....and
as soon as I say that my mischevious mind is racing. "Stand
up now Kira"...and reluctantly almost she does...."Now
Lex show Kira how much you love the taste of your own juices...and
make sure you lick up every last drop". Your hungry
mouth finds her nipples and licks and sucks and even slurps
your are intoxicated by both the scent and
taste of yourself as well as the soft warmth of Kira's
firm globes and the sexy tautness of her erect nipples.
You can't get enough as your breathing becomes labored
and you devour her breasts.

"Okay...stop" I say. You are so lost in what
you are doing you don't hear me immediately so I take
the flogger and whip your ass from behind....hard. Not
once. Not twice.. But three times. "You need to play
closer attention don't you Lex?" Since you couldn't
do that you are going to watch while Kira gets to cum. With
that I grab the hitachi vibrator and immediately move it
in between Kira's legs. "Spread your legs Kira...that's
a good girl", I say as I flip the switch and the incredibly
powerful vibrations jolt her instantaneously..."oh
ohh my...gggod..that is SO powerful" she says her
voice betraying the pleasurable effects. "Come
on lex...kiss her nipples..don't stop licking.....this
is what happens when you can't follow
get to watch someone else enjoy the pleasure that could
have been yours". The pout on your face remains but
you do as you are told and move forward to take her nipples
in your mouth...tongue swirling over and around her nipples....she
respond with even louder moans...."Get your fill
Lex because she won't last long" I say smiling.
And indeed Kira's breathing is already labored as
she's beginning to lose herself in her own pleasure.
Seeing this I grab the flogger and move behind her. I see
her hips moving involuntarily as the hitachi is bringing
her ever so closer to her orgasm....seeing this and wanting
to hold it off a bit I reach over and grab the flogger and smack
her across the ass "THWACK" . She turns in astonishment
and just as she does this I do it again.."THWACK"
serves to pause the momentum of her impending orgasm...but
at the same time she realizes a new and different mixture
of pain and pleasure that seems to confuse her on one hand
but excite her on the other. I see a look in her eye that actuallly
is pleading with me to hit her again....and I oblige..."THWACK"....she
has collected herself howver and started to digest this
curious combination of pain and pleasure and when bring
the flogger across her ass the next time she moans in pleasure....seeing
this I turn the hitachi up one level to the high speed and
beging to use the flogger in quicker intervals over and
over...the effect is immediate and powerful.....her
orgasm can't be stopped now. "She's going
to cum Lex.....kiss her....I want you to kiss her and feel
the orgasm as it courses through her....the one you could
have had"....and as soon as your lips touch hers and
our tongue explores the softenss of her mouth she starts
to shake and convulse.....she can't hold the kiss
as it overwhelms her and she literallly starts panting
and moaning and making guttural sounds....ohh ohh "arrggggghhhhhh
...ccccummmiing " she says as her orgasm rips through her and her legs
start to shake and you see her eyes roll back in ecstasy.

Seeing her cum excites you more than you had imagined it
could and reignites even more if it is even possible, your
need to cum. "Okay what do you say Kira"?
"Ahh thank you...god thank you...the vibrator...and
the spanks....the god i can't
believe how hard I came". "I can believe it"
I say with a knowing smile. Now let me show you a little game
that Lex and I play. Something you'll need to learn
too if you are going to be a good little sub. It's all
about orgasm control. We've been working on it for
awhile but let's see how she does now when she's
completely on fire and has an audience....."What
do you think Lex" I taunt..."Are you going to
show Kira how much self control you have or are you going
to surrender easily and go down with nary a fight? Hmm?"
"I I ddd don't know John"..."I"ll
try"....."You better do more than try"
I say. Maybe you need a bit of incentive....I say as I move
toward you to adjust the ropes so i can get you in a kneeling
position...but with your hands still above you. "Now
we both know how much you love to suck my cock don't we?"
And as i say this i slide my jeans down revealing my hard throbbing
cock and rub it against your cheek. "God it smells
so good" you say unprompted...which only serves
to make me tease you more...rubbing myself all over your
face and then grabbing your hair from behind...."you
may smell it and kiss it just to get your mouth watering"..but
you can't suck it....until you can last for five minutes
with the hitachi on you without cumming". "That's
not fair" your blurt out realizing right away that
your protest is not only futile but will only serve to fuel
my devilsh game even more. "Not fair?"....I
think i'm making the rules and decide what is fair"
I say with a wry smile. Now just show me what you can do and
you'll get your reward. Show me that you aren't
just an uncontrollable orgasm slut and you can indeed learn
to cum only when i give you permission no matter what. I might
even be nice enough to use the flogger and crop on you to help
distract you but come to think of it if i do that knowing you
my little darling.....that might actuallly make you cum

I grab the hitach and wanting to give you a fighting chance
start it on low and don't put it directly on your clit....even
still you moan softly and bite your lower lip......For
the first minute I avoid any direct contact with your clit
but the hitachi is so powerful that the ripples still reach
your sensitive nub.....and you are squirming....I move
closer now and in the second minute actually let it graze
your clit every so often as I move it around...each time
I do you gasp......and moan we go into minute
three I decide it's time to tease you even more...."Good
girl Lex..but i've kinda been easy on you so far....time
to turn up the pressure so to think I'm
going to turn it on high but that's not what I do..instead
i maneuver it so its right on your clit.....and this time
leave it there. "oh god..oh god....John...i dddd
ddon't know if I ccc can hold off." "You
can and you will" I say and in fact instead of just not
getting to suck my cock....if you DO cum before five minutes
is up you not only don't get to taste me but you will watch
as Kira sucks me and enjoys what could be yours".....Your
face contorts as it shifts from projecting your pleasure
you are receiving to digesting the diabolical twist I"ve
added. "Nnno...Nno...I want it..I want to suck you...pppulhease
John". Seeing your predicament only fans the flames
and I grab Kira by the hair and move her head inches from my
cock....shiny....warm....hard....and throbbing....."Would
you like to suck it Kira"? She's totally torn....and
her eyes shift from me to you and back again. "Ahh I
I don't know" she says unsure....but her expression
betrays her as she bites her lip and looks longingly at my
cock in all its splendor. You also are having conflicting
feellings....anger that I'd have the gumption to
test you like this while at the same time in the back of your
mind having to admit that it is so diabolical that it is actually
turning you on....and that's when it
an instant you realize your orgasm is coming and there is
no stopping way no how......"ffffffuuuuccckkkkk
" ...."fuccck meeeee! ....."goddamn
it"......"fuck nno"...."oh god"
but soooo good" you say as your conflcting feelings
meld into each other. "Ohhh too bad"...You
only had 40 seconds to go and it would have been yours"....while
shaking my head. "That's too bad"...And
your panting abates now and you don your sexy put face. "I
warned you"...."Now come over here get up close
and watch".....You scooch over reluctantly...resigned
to your fate...and watch as I put my hand under Kira's
chin and say "Show her what she's missing"....

Kira is tentative for just a split second but once she decides
to move she does so with gusto. She first moves her tongue
around the head of my cock getting it all slick with her saliva.....then
up and down the shaft she goes again with just her tongue.....then
suddenly deciding she can't hold off anymore she takes
me in her mouth and slowly engulfs my entire shaft right
down to the balls..... Her eyes are closed which is not optimal
as far as I'm concerned. "Open your eyes Kira...and
stare right at her how much you are enjoying
it". She does so and at first her glance is tentative,
unsure....but then I spank her ass hard and say "Cmon
Kira...don't hold her how much you love
sucking me"....Her gaze moves then from tentative
to almost defiant....and she pierces you with her eyes
and smiles and begins to moan as she sucks. She's picks
up her pace and begins to devour my cock....alternating
between taking it deep in her throat and slowly taking her
mouth off while saliva and precum drip from the shaft and
her holding the shaft with one hand and fondling
my balls with the other while she concentrates on just the
head of my cock...sucking it hard...makiing lolipop noises
as it leaves her mouth...and then flicking her tongue on
the underside of the shaft and kissing it hard pressing
her lips in that same spot. You can't help but keep your
eyes fixated on her machinations and you feel an odd combination
of jealousy and yet pure lust while watching her suck me
which surprises you. You can feel your mouth watering and
if possible your pussy getting even more wet. Your mouth
is literally hanging open as you watch.

Finally having had my fill of teasing you and wanting to
move on to see how much the teasing has energized you I turn
toward you..."Do you want some Lex?"....You
don't need to be asked twice. "Fuck YESSSS John...I
want it...I want your fucking cock sooo bad"...Give
it to me...Please". "Well lets see how good
you are at sharing I say...and for a split second your eyes
betray dissapointment but then you are overcome with your
need to suck and taste and feel me throb in your mouth. I move
toward you...with Kira's mouth still on my cock.....and
when I'm withing reach you dive in...first licking
the shaft with is available to you as she has the head in her
mouth...then you surprise both me and yourself...though
maybe not Kira... when you pull her he mouth off of me and
push her down toward my balls and take my entire shaft for
yourself. "Mmm that's a good her
that that is YOUR cock and show her how much you relish sucking
it...and worshipping it.....there you go"....I
continue as your slurp and suck and make sounds with your
mouth i've never heard are literally
FEASTING on my cock...and I love it. "I ought to make you jealous more often" I say
smiling..and your eyes dart to me quickly...the first
time you've paused at me a look like you
could kill me if you weren't so busy trying to suck my
balls right up through my shaft....The feeling of your
mouth on my head and shaft and Kira's mouth and tongue
on my balls is exquisite.....and I"m doing my best
to soak it all in...not just the feelings but also the images.
So hot...two mouths...slurping and sucking noises......and
then when you push Kira's head further down to guide
her to licking my legs being to quiver.....there
are literally bolts of pleasure shooting straight from
my ass to the tip of my cock.....and my reaction seems to
invigorate both of you even more as her tongue lashes in
over and around my sensitive asshole...and your hot talented
mouth sucks my cock head greedily while you stroke me with
gusto....I realize there is no way I can take much more of
this...and sometime I willl let you both make me cum like
this, but I have one more thing in mind that is so hot I have
to stop. "Okay ...enough!" I say while panting
and trying to regain my composure. "That was incredible...and
Lex for being such a good girl I"m going to reward you.
Though not perhaps exactly as you might like....but trust
me by the end you'll be thanking me.

You are on your knees ..and I reposition you a bit....hands
back above you tied to the o rings but enough slack that you
can bend your knees and squat all the way to the floor. "I
know there is nothing more you'd like that to be fucked
hard right now"....and the moan that comes out of
your mouth just as i finish my sentence confirms that. "I've
already said though that I thought it might be a bit rude
to fuck in front of our guest"..and just as quickly
your sexy pout face comes to the fore. "However I think
I have a way around that...which could still work"...Hearing
that your eyes get wide with anticipation. "We can't
fuck per se but fucking or the act of fucking is a movement
thing is it not?" You look at me half puzzled..half
annoyed...wondering where I'm going with this. If
we don't actually move......then it can't really
be fucking now can it"..and with this even Kira is
wondering now what this is all about. "Here's
what we are going to do. I'm going to get behind you in
a sitting hands behind cock standing
straight up. And you are going to EVER so that
movement is impercetible.....THAT slowly..sink yourself
down on my cock. If at anytime you go too fast I will pull out
and that will be it. No cock for you. If you go real
slow that it takes five minutes even to go all the way down...then
you can have my entire cock". "Oh my god...fuck....oh
my god" you say...and you begin to shake even before
we begin. Seeing that I spank your ass hard "Concentrate
now...don't fuck this pun intended I say
with a chuckle. You can't help but let out a quick laugh
yourself but the you quickly turn to being all business..."Okay....okay"
say as you lower yourself ever so slowly...knees still
shaking but not quite as much as before i spanked you. "Easy"
.."Easy"...."that's a good girl"
I say..encouraging you..and then your dripping pussy
first make contact with my throbbing heat..."STOP"
I say...."i know ..i know" you say your voice
choked with lust.

"Hold it there"...okay now just a bit more....take
it"....and we both watch as your wet lips touch my
head and just barely start to cover the very tip...all the
while your juices are running down the shaft. "Oh
god" you say..."fuck me"....I meant
DON"T fuck fuck ME this isn't
easy...and again we both chuckle but its totally outweighed
by how turned on we are. "Don't worry about the
juices drippping....Kiva can lick those up in a bit"....'Ohhh are sooo badd..." you say
your legs starting to shake just a bit more. I reach up and
pinch your nipple hard..."Concentrate now....cmon".....and
over the next few minutes you manage to slide down without
hardly and discernable movement...and have taken 3/4
of me inside you....your legs are shaking from both excitement
as well as the muscle fatigue from squatting like you are....but
the feeling in your pussy is like nothing you've ever
felt cock feels SO swear you
can feel every single millimeter of it....and can even
differentiate between the head and the shaft...that one
spot.....and on top of all that you swear you can feel it
throb..a steady unmistakeable pulse...and
its taking every single ounce of your self control not to
just impale yourself on it in one swift movement...and
as if sensing exactly what you are thinking I say "You'd
love to bounce up and down on that hard hot throbbing cock
...wouldn't you Lex".....You bite your lower
lip....shake a bit after hearing my words...and look at
me and literally whimper...."yes...fffuck....yes....please
John can I fucking bounce on it?". "No"...I
say which is quickly followed by a hiss from you but like
a good girl you dont move. "Take the rest in slowly
then i have another surprise for you. You do this..each
centimeter excruciating....until my entire manhood
is inside you...."What NOW you say with a voice tinged
with exasperation and lust...."Now"? "Now?"....Now
you are going to stay perfectly still....and Kira is going
to lick your clit and lips and she's going to also lick
the itty bit part of my shaft still not inside you but full
of your juices....and she's going to lick my balls
which as you can see are now thoroughlly soaked with your
juices"....."Fuck...fuck" .."I
can't take it..I can't John".."Oh
yes you can...and if you move even a bit I"ll havae
her stop and I'll pull out of you and you'll get
nothing". "Understood"? "Yyes
John".....Kira's mouth had dropped and her
eyes had widened and she needed no further encouragement...she
moved quickly to position herself and licked and lapped
from your clit to my balls..slowly...down...and back
up...over and over.....

"Now listen carefully" I say.....I want you
to concentrate now just on her clit....and Lex its time
for you to cum but don't you dare move your hips....and
when you cum...i want you to concentrate on squeezing my
cock with your pussy muscles....THOSE you will be allowed
to move....."god oh god" all you can
manage...and then quickly Kira does as she's instructed
and lavishes all her attention your engorged nub....licking....teasing....lapping
over and over and over and over and over...her pace deliberate
but sensing you are close she inreased both the speed of
her tongue and the pressure....."Now!"..."Cum
Now Lex".....I own cock beginning to
twitch and that impending orgasm feeling spreading from
the very base of my balls to the tip of my cock.....You want
to just fuck so bad...and truth be told I want to ram my hips
and shove my cock all the way up so it comes out your throat
but we both remain fixated on completing the task at hand......and
then it happens...your orgasm rips through
don't move your hips but your legs shake..your nipples
are on fire....and most of all your cunt...yes that's
all you can call it now..pure lust has enveloped you...your
hot cunt begins to clamp and spasm on my cock...and as soon
as it does it triggers my own orgasm.."fuck...fuck
ohhhh fuck" I cry out...and as soon as you feel my hot
cum bathe your insides your orgasm goes from intense to are lost....feelling ripples of
pleasure throughout you entire body but yet you are almost
perfectly still..."Fuck....milk me Lex...milk
me with that pussy.....squeeze every fucking drop of cum
out of me"...oh fuckkkkkk me". And you do and
the more you do it the more you feel something bigger building......"oh
god..oh god"..then there it is...the pressure...the
arrrrghhhhhhh you are squirting now...your hot liquid
spits out past my cock and starts to spurt on Kira's
face.....she pauses for a second in surprise and then starts
to feverishly lick and lap...but she can't really
keep up with the flow.....he face is awash in your sex juices...and
you can't stop fact seeing he lap it
makes you expel even more.....

And then finally...things begin to abate...and we slowly
come down from the most intense pleasure each of us have
experienced ever...and we are drained..literally drained
of energy and fluids it seems.....yet you must up one last
bit of lustful exuberance....when I finally go to slide
out of you my cock emerges still mostly hard...with a mixture
of my cum and your juices all over it...dripping and shiny.....Kira
who has taken her instructions to heart and never stopped
licking...moves to take it in her mouth...but you will
have none of that.."Uh WAY...that is MINE"
you say with steely determination in your eyes..."I
want that"...and you move quickly and take me in your
mouth...savoring both our tastes so much you moan as you
clean me"...."so good" you
say......and i look at you with tenderness and lust admiring
and loving your incredible sexuality and sensuality.."That's
my girl...yes...that's my GOOD girl"....I
say with a big smile..and you turn to me and manage to smile
back..even with my cock still in your mouth......And we
both seem to know that as good as that experience
will not be our pinnacle.....


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