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A Vacation Adventeur


My wife and I spent our last vacation in Jamaica and it really
turned out well, so well in fact that I would like to share
it with you. In order to set the stage I should explain that
we were going to an all inclusive club type of resort for
7 days. This club provides a private and exclusive environment
for couples only. The atmosphere and food were only complimented
by the other amenities such as masseuse, hot tub, jacuzzi,
and any type of water activity you could desire. In addition
it featured a nude beach and that's where our vacation
really began. As is the custom we had made several friends
on the ride out from the airport and shared their company
at dinner the first night. There were three couples at our
table my wife who at 32 is in good shape with long slender
legs a nice set of tits that love to be sucked and a pussy that
just won't quit. She's about 5'10"
tall and likes just about any action she can get but never
had shown an interest in other women. I am tall and blond
in good shape and have a never tiring 10 inch cock. The other
couples were Linda and her husband Pete, Linda is about
5' 6" with jet black hair a medium frame carrying
35" tits above a slender waist and 36" hips.
Linda turned out to be the instigator of all the fun and likes
both men and women. Pete on the other hand is 5' 9"
handsome and well proportion and while not as randy as I
his 8" cock got a pretty good workout during our stay.
The other couples names were Nancy and Sam they were younger
than the rest and Nancy was the obvious knockout of the group
with her 36" tits, 24" waist and 35" hips
all looking ready for action on her 5' 9" frame.
Sam although younger than Pete and I was already showing
a bit of weight around the middle a condition that I suspect
made him reluctant at first to join us on the nude beach but
he did have a fat 9 incher that pleased all the girls. But
before I get ahead of myself I should explain how we three
couples came to be loving couples. It all started the second
day when I suggested to my wife we go sun ourselves on the
nude beach. Linda and Pete had not yet joined us on the beach
and my wife suggested we include them in our plans. After
waiting for about 10 minutes Linda and Pete came down and
I knew my first impression of Linda was correct she was wearing
a skimpy bikini and had a fresh fucked look on her face as
it turned out I was right and it was the reason they were late.
As they approached I told them of our tanning plans and they
said they would love to join us. What was going thru my mind
was the thought of joining my cock to Linda ten different
ways. By the look of lust in Pete's eyes I could tell
he was having similar plans for my wife Mary and the thought
of watching them screw themselves silly turned me on more.
We all headed for the nude beach with visions of what the
others would look like when all was revealed. As we were
the first people on the beach we had our choice of territory
and selected a spot with a mixture of sun and shade. I quickly
stripped off my t shirt and swim trunks revealing my half
hard dick. Linda's gaze was fixed on my cock from the
first minute and her appreciation of it only caused it to
swell more. Looking around I placed myself on a chaise lounge
facing the others as they began to strip down. Pete was next
and as he only had on his swim suit he too soon was sporting
his half hard prick for the ladies to drool over. In fact
I saw Mary stare directly at his crotch and lick her lips
with desire. Pete and I both asked the girls when they intended
to get naked laughing a bit Linda reached back pulled down
her bikini bottom exposing her nicely shaved cunt. I stared
directly at her as she unhooked her top and showed me her
firm full tits with 3/4" pink nipples that were hard
as a rock. I must admit seeing her this way made me want to
jump her and fuck her till sunset. She had a full lush pussy
which was neatly shaved showing off her full pink cunt lips
with a generous amount of hair on her mound. The most telling
sign of her desires was the moistness of her cunt which glistened
with pussy juice in the early sunlight. I had spread my legs
wide giving her a good view of my nearly erect dick which
was now lying on the lounge between my legs. Linda turned
giving us a great look at her firm ass as she bent down to put
her suit into their beach bag. As she crouched over her cheeks
spread giving Mary and I a great view of her pink puckered
anus and the bottom of those full pussy lips. Getting things
put away Linda pulled up a chaise lounge directly opposite
me and laid back spreading her legs with her knees bent giving
me and Mary a full open view of her sweet slit. To add to our
lust Linda reached down brushing her erect nipples and
rubbing her cunt opening the outer lips allowing us to look
into her wet pink hole. After Linda had gotten comfortable
Mary started to strip down first showing her full ripe tits
with her hard inch long nipples which were an obvious sign
that she too was more than a bit turned on. I saw a sly smile
appear on Pete's face as he gazed at Mary's tits
and erect nipples glancing over at Linda I saw too that she
was looking at Mary with more than a sisterly interest.
My mind raced at the thought of what this my lead to if we could
only get the mood right. Pulling her tank suit down to her
knees Mary gave us all a great view of her shaved pussy which
I had just cleaned off with my trusty razor the night before.
Pete's hand went right to his now turgid cock and he
gently pulled on the head showing his obvious approval
of what he saw. I by now had ten plans already going on how
to bridge the gap from here to a full blown orgy. Mary continued
to strip giving Pete and Linda a good look at her pussy which
had just a small tuft of black hair left above the start of
her slit. I did notice that Mary was fully aroused as her
crimson cunt lips were covered with her slippery juices.
Mary bent over to tuck her swimsuit into our beach bag and
gave both Linda and Pete a good show of her firm ass reaching
back she pulled her ass cheeks apart so they could view her
tight anus and she rubbed the rim of her asshole as though
it was somewhat itchy. I knew by this that Mary desired a
mutual paring and the pleasure it would bring as much as
I did. After packing her suit in the beach-bag Mary settled
into the chaise lounge next to me with her knees bent and
her legs splayed wide open giving Linda and Pete a great
look directly up her wet cunt hole. Just to make sure she
was attracting the proper attention Mary gently squeezed
her tits and absently rubbed her pussy spreading her crimson
cunt lips in order to afford our friends a better view. Before
long the sun had begun to bake us and I felt it was time to grease
up the important parts before they got burnt and spoiled
what I knew was going to be one hell of a hot time. Rolling
over I got out the sun-block and began to rub some on my half
hard prick making sure I covered the head well I glanced
up to see Linda, Mary, and Pete watching me intently this
plus the feel of the slippery lotion on my cock and balls
got me fully erect. Linda was the first to speak commenting
on my size, I told her 10" was good but a man needed to
be skilled in all the methods of love in order to really fulfill
a woman. This relaxed Pete and made Linda all the more interested
in what I knew would be a gut wrenching sexual adventure.
After I was well protected I moved to Mary who had become
strangely quiet during Linda and my little banter on size
and offered to protect her too. Mary was more than willing
and let me rub the lotion completely covering her exposed
cunt and then rolled over and asked me to do the same for her
ass. To say the least I was delighted at the prospect of rubbing
her tight back door as I spread lotion on the crack of her
ass and spread her cheeks working the lotion up and down
over her puckered asshole I could sense 4 eyes burning in
on the site before them. Looking up I could see Pete and Linda
looking on with lust filled anticipation, not wanting
to disappoint them I pulled Mary's legs further apart
and slowly pushed my probing fingers up her pussy and anus.
This made Mary moan and push back against my hand until she
too realized how she was exposed. Relaxing I suggested
that Pete and Linda made sure they were protected against
the sun and offered my lotion to Linda. Linda worked quickly
spreading the sun-block on Pete's cock and balls and
in the process bringing on a full erection. Mary was very
appreciative of his stiff condition and commented that
Linda was a lucky lady to have such an ample mate. Linda eyeing
my still erect prick responded that they were both lucky.
Once Pete was well greased Linda asked him to do her, damn
that's what I was thinking of doing!. Laying back with
spread legs and giving a great show Linda made herself ready
to receive her protection. Pete proceeded to comfort her
by rubbing the lotion into her hot pussy and then into her
puckered asshole not forgetting to ram his fingers up her
holes as he completed his work. At this point we were all
worked up and going nowhere so we all had to settle to lie
in the sun and take in the rays. I watched Linda's every
move keeping my level of stimulation at a peak and imagining
over and my throbbing cock penetrating her body. As the
morning heated up so did we and soon I needed to take a swim
in order to cool off from all the sun and stimulation I had
been getting looking and lusting at Linda. I suggested
the four of us go in for a swim but Mary and Pete were reluctant,
I think this was because going into the water would expose
them to the whole beach including the people in the regular
section. Linda was all for it and offered to accompany me
so off we went strolling down to the water I started to get
hard again thinking about what I might get to do once we were
protected from prying eyes by the water. This plus the site
of Linda's firm full tits bouncing and swaying as we
walked had me half hard by the time we reached the water.
Linda noticed my condition and commented on how much she
liked to look at stiff pricks adding that mine was definitely
one of her favorites. I returned the compliment telling
Linda that she was one of my favorites too, and that I hoped
we would get a chance to share our mutual admiration in a
more private atmosphere. Linda nodded her head with approval
and asked me if Mary was into swinging or was this only a one
way deal. I told her I thought Mary could be convinced and
would really like it once she got started. We floated on
the warm water and hatched our plan of attack as we molested
each other below the water. Before we had left the water
I had managed to plant my full 10 inches up Linda's fantastic
tight cunt while fingering her anus and playing with those
luscious tits. Our basic plan was to have Linda discuss
her and Pete's experiences with swinging with Mary
as both a way of feeling her out and getting her worked up.
All I needed to do was to make sure they had some private time
to discuss the possibilities and then to confirm the arrangement
with Mary later. This was not difficult as Pete and I were
signed up to play in a beach volleyball game right after
lunch and then we were all going on a shopping tour later
in the afternoon. When Pete and I returned from the game
we could tell all was going well because Linda and Mary were
lying naked in the sun sharing intimate conversation.
As we stripped down I heard Mary ask Pete to apply more sun-block
to her sensitive parts. I smiled my approval as Pete began
to spread the lotion on her cunt and ass giving her the full
treatment and finishing up with his fingers buried deep
in her cunt and ass. I followed suit and had a fantastic time
protecting Linda from the harmful rays of the sun. Now the
four of us made our plans for the rest of the day and evening.
After our shopping tour we would meet switch partners for
dinner, dancing and the rest of the night meeting again
for breakfast. We left the beach shortly after to get ready
for our shopping excursion once, we had reached the elevator
and had some privacy Mary was all over me rubbing my cock
and kissing me once in our room she stripped down and demanded
I fuck her which I did to a fare thee well. Mary admitted she
had wanted to suggest a swap but hadn't had the courage
or the words to do it herself. She also said Linda had told
her about our antics during our swim earlier that day and
said she wanted to do Pete that way tomorrow. As we had agreed
the swap was to begin at dinner and we met outside the restaurant
and exchanged wives giving our temporary spouses a kiss
before proceeding into dinner. Needless to say Sam and
Nancy who had been away all day on a fishing charter were
a bit confused at what was going on but said nothing and didn't
seem upset by our strange behavior. Throughout the meal
I and Pete would run our hands under our new partners cloths
and explore the new territory we would get to know later.
After a great meal we went to the disco for the show and dancing
where I more than once glimpsed Pete's hand stealing
up under Mary's skirt for a feel of her naked pussy.
I too had my fun feeling up Linda who like Mary had worn nothing
under her cloths. By this time Sam had tumbled to what was
going on and took me aside to ask how I had arranged so much
fun. I briefly shared the days happenings with him and suggested
that if he felt Nancy and he would like to join in we could
work on it the next day. Shortly after midnight we decided
that we could stand it no longer and left the disco for a short
walk before going to our rooms. It felt a little strange
saying goodnight to Mary as she walked off with Pete to his
room but my disquiet was relieved immediately as Linda
grabbed my cock thru my shorts as we walked to the elevator.
Just as I put my arm around her and grabbed her tit two couples
passed us they said goodnight and never blinked an eye at
what they saw. Once the elevator door closed I reached down
grabbing the hem of Linda's skirt and pulled it up to
her waist exposing her delicious twat. Licking two fingers
I pushed them fully up her hot tight pussy making her moan
with delight. Once inside the room I slowly striped Linda
removing her light sweater first and sucking her stiff
nipples until she shook with desire. Next to go was her skirt
showing me her full lush pussy already wet with anticipation
moving down I spread those pink pussy lips and began to tongue
and suck her sweet slit and hard clit in no time Linda had
a quaking orgasm covering my face and tongue with her sweet
juices. Linda now took charge removing my shirt and licking
and biting my nipples as she rubbed my now rock hard cock.
Linda pulled my shorts down allowing my prick to spring
out into her face. With one deft action Linda forced her
mouth down completely covering my cock and started to massage
my balls. This proved too much for me and I began to spew my
load down her silky throat. Looking a little dejected Linda
pulled her mouth off my cock and noticed it wasn't going
limp, looking up at me I returned her gaze and said that's
one. I moved our action to the bed where I positioned Linda
on her back in the same fashion she had been sunning in most
of the day. I told her I had wanted to lick her pussy out this
way all day and now I was going to get my chance. The look of
lust in her eyes told me she was more than ready so I pulled
her legs further apart further exposing her full slippery
pink cunt to my view as I descended to eat her hot box. Planting
my tongue up her hot hole I began slow up and down strokes
starting at her clit and ending at her asshole. I kept up
this tongue action increasing my pace slowly until Linda
screamed out that she was cumming again. I then forced two
fingers up her cunt and a third up her now slippery anus and
lashed at her stiff clit while pumping my fingers up her
holes until she came again. Rising from my work Linda held
my head and told me she hadn't ever been fucked like
this in her entire life cumming three times and I hadn't
yet probed her with my dick. Moving up on her I rammed my cock
between her full tits pushing the head in and out of her sucking
mouth on each stroke this action got me rock hard and ready
and I finished off this scene by pumping my prick all the
way down her tight slippery throat as she pumped her finger
up my ass. Changing position I pulled her legs up over my
shoulders and sank my full 10" up her gaping cunt.
I could feel the walls of her vagina squeezing every inch
of my throbbing dick as I pumped in and out of her with long
slow strokes. About 10 minutes of this deep probing was
all either of us could take and Linda came again crying out
squeezing her tits and nipples as I pumped a mammoth load
of sperm up her twitching pussy. Even in the air conditioned
room we were covered with sweat and needed a moment to rest.
Lying next to each other Linda thanked me for the best fuck
of her life and I replied I hope we are just getting started.
Linda ran her hand down to her sodden snatch and scooped
up my cum from between her legs and began to lick and eat my
sperm she then reversed her position and began to give me
head again. This action had me hard in no time and I moved
her to a position on all fours getting behind her I lubed
my fingers by pounding them up her cunt then pushed 2 fingers
slowly up her anus. Linda said this was very different for
her since Pete only did this for her once or twice a year.
I continued my work on her asshole and began to rub her clit
making her cum once more. Moving in close behind her I pushed
my cock fully up her open cunt hole filling her to rim and
keeping up a steady rhythm in her ass bringing her to the
brink of orgasm twice more. Linda reached under and grabbed
my swinging balls as she began to finger her hard clit this
was all she could take and she began to cum again. Moving
quickly I pulled out of her pussy and forced three of her
own fingers up her slit and removing my fingers from her
anus I pushed the entire length of my cock up her tight asshole.
Her tight back door was great and after she had cum twice
more I pumped my load up her asshole. Pulling out I saw a trail
of sperm run out of the now dilated rear and watched as she
rubbed her anus and licked the cum off her fingers. Being
fucked out for the moment we cuddled up and fell into a deep
and satisfied sleep. I awoke early the next morning to find
Linda sucking on my now stiff cock. She had evidently woke
up before me and took advantage of the situation, in no time
Linda had me fully erect and ready to go as she continued
to throat my throbbing cock I moved around spread her legs
and started eating her hot pussy and fingering her puckered
pink anus. This action brought her off to an explosive orgasm
and she covered my face with her sweet juices. Since I had
not yet gotten off I pulled her mouth off my straining cock,
got her up on all fours and sucked and licked her sopping
pussy as I continued to ram my finger up her tight pink asshole.
Moving to a kneeling position I rammed my rock hard 10 inch
shaft up her tight wet cunt and began to fuck her hot pussy
doggy style while continuing to probe her hot asshole with
two fingers. Linda reached back between her spread thighs
and grabbed my swinging balls and rubbed them against her
swollen stiff clit. This action along with my deep thrusting
brought us both off in no time and I filled her slick pussy
with a massive load of cum. Moving apart Linda laid on her
back with her head propped up by the pillows and dipped her
fingers into her cum filled pussy collecting my load and
bringing her cum slicked fingers to her mouth licking them
clean and swallowing the creamy mixture of sperm and pussy
juice. This site kept me hard and I moved up between her soft
thighs and tongued fucked her twitching asshole until
she got her fill of our juices and had cum again from her fingering
and my tongue up her anus. All of this had me ready to go again
and I told Linda to sit on my hard prick and make me cum again.
Linda descended on dick first licking and sucking it to
wet it then she squatted over me facing my feet and rammed
her pussy down completely taking my 10 inches up her sopping
slit and setting up a smooth rhythm. Linda continued banging
her cunt with my cock until she had another orgasm, seeing
that I was still hard she rose up grabbed my throbbing dick
and directed it up her tight anus forcing herself down until
I was fully inserted up her asshole. Linda then began pumping
my cock in and out of her ass with long deep strokes as I laid
back and watched my throbbing cock sliding in and out of
her stretched anus. Linda rammed three fingers up her open
cunt and pressed back squeezing my raging cock even more,
this was too much for me and I came shooting my hot load up
her throbbing asshole just as she came again. Linda climbed
off my now wilting cock and moved her sopping cunt and ass
back covering my face and commanded that I clean her up with
my tongue. As I was gratefully working on her sweet slit
and open anus Linda took my limp dick in her mouth and sucked
it clean. I suggested we rest a bit then shower and see if
we could find Mary and Pete for breakfast. Linda thought
that was a good idea snuggling up next to me softly stroking
my hardening cock while I rubbed her stiff clit and sucked
and fondled her firm tits. After a few moments of rest Linda
said she wanted me to shave her pussy like I had Mary's.
I was delighted at the prospect and went and got the razor
and the saving cream. I placed her on the chair with her legs
over the arms exposing her cute bush pink lips and open anus
and shaved her clean leaving just a small tuft of brunette
bush above the start of her slit. I then rubbed her exposed
pussy and asshole with coconut oil making her cum again
during the process. After we had showered with much rubbing
squeezing and fingering of exposed parts we toweled off
and relaxed on the bed. Linda began to rub my back as I lay
face down on the bed and slowly worked her way down to my ass
spreading the cheeks and tongue fucking my anus and pulling
on my throbbing cock until I was again ready to go. She stopped
short of making me cum again telling me she wanted to have
me showing ready cock when we went down for breakfast. Linda
spent several minutes licking the pre- cum from my dick
after which we dressed. As Linda had come to my room she had
only her skirt and sweater to wear leaving her tits free
to bounce and sway nicely and her newly shaved cunt free
to enjoy the morning breezes. I put on a pair of white shorts
which were light enough to make out my half erect cock thru
and a tee shirt. I called Pete and Mary to make sure they were
ready for breakfast. I talked to Pete who told me they would
be ready in 10 minutes as Mary was just finishing sucking
him off and from the sound of his voice as he came I could tell
Mary was drinking down a huge load of sperm. This excited
me and I told Linda that I would like to get the four of us together
for some hot coupling so we could watch as our spouses fucked.
Linda liked my suggestion and said she wanted me to fuck
her while she was eating Mary's pussy and Pete was fucking
Mary's mouth. The of that gave me an instant erection
that lasted until we had reached the breakfast line. We
met Pete and Mary walking up to breakfast and they like us
were holding hands and looking like they had the time of
their lives. At breakfast I related some of the details
of Linda and my evening and early morning lust and between
listening to some of the going's on that Mary and Pete
had to tell about I managed to suggest a foursome. Both agreed
eagerly and Linda slipped her hand under the table stroking
Mary's leg, Mary reached down and grabbed Linda's
hand and pulled it up pressing it into her twat signaling
her approval of Linda's advance. My last fear removed
my mind raced with anticipation of what the four of us would
be doing to each other later. We all decided we needed no
recharge our batteries before our foursome and decided
to spend some time sunning on the nude beach before we got
together for some heavy duty fucking and sucking. We returned
to our rooms this time with our spouses to change for the
beach and Mary filled me in on Pete and her activities. All
in all they had fucked and sucked for over 3 hours between
last night and this morning. Mary particularly liked the
way Pete reamed her ass with his cock something which she
loves me to do but sometimes can't take my full 10 inches
as deep as she would like. I told her some more of Linda and
my exploits and that I had shaved her pussy before we came
down to breakfast. Mary indicated her desire to eat out
Linda's cunt and asshole and hoped we would get to double
team Linda when the four of us got together Mary eating Linda's
cunt while I fucked her doggy style up the cunt and ass. This
got me hot and I moved Mary to a position bent over a chair
and spread her legs and ate her moist pussy from behind while
probing her asshole with my finger. After she came once
I probed her hot tight cunt with my hard cock until she came
again and I filled her cunt with my hot cum. Mary then returned
the favor by sucking my cock clean and restoring my hard
on to its full glory. We quickly dressed for the beach and
headed out to get some sun. When we got to the beach Pete and
Linda were already stretched out soaking in the rays. Both
were lying on their backs with their legs spread, Pete's
cock was standing about at half staff and Linda's newly
shaved pussy was glistening with cunt juice and her outer
lips were pulled back exposing the pink inner folds of her
slit. Since the four of us were the only ones on the beach
Mary and I took advantage of the situation. Striping down
quickly I moved to Linda's side licking her hard erect
nipples as I pushed two fingers up her hot pink cunt. Mary
watched as I began to rub my thumb into Linda's clit
making her moan with pleasure. Pete looked over and smiled
at the site of his wife getting finger fucked as Mary needing
no invitation when to his side and started to deep throat
Pete's now fully erect cock. As I moved down Linda in
order to tongue fuck her hot cunt I could see Pete's
stiff cock sliding fully down Mary's hot throat. I
sucked and licked Linda's stiff clit while reaming
her hot tight slit with two fingers as I probed her asshole
with the fingers of my other hand. Looking up I noticed that
Pete had moved Mary's ass around and was now finger
fucking both her hot holes. Just then I felt the warm sensation
of Linda's mouth surround my hard cock, taking it deep
into her throat she began to pump my raging dick deep into
her throat. Looking around to see how Mary was doing I saw
Pete arch his back as he began to pump his load deep into Mary's
mouth and throat. Mary kept her mouth firmly planted on
his dick Mary took his full load into her mouth and throat.
Pete now satisfied leaned off the lounge sucking and fingering
Mary's quivering cunt. Mary was ready to cum now and
as she did her mouth opened allowing some of Pete's
load to drip out onto his leg. This got me so hot I shot a big
load down Linda's tight throat just as she came to a
moaning climax. Resting for a second Linda reached over
to Mary and gave her a deep kiss exchanging Pete's and
my sperm in the process. As the morning progressed we basked
in the warm sun each with our own thoughts as to how we would
like our later foursome to proceed. By about 10:30 we were
all hot and sweaty from sitting in the sun and decided to
go for a swim as we ambled down to the water to cool off Nancy
and Sam approached us and asked if they could join us on the
nude beach. Although the meeting was a bit awkward us naked
with half hard cocks which Nancy kept stealing furtive
glances at, and the girls with hard nipples and their well
trimmed pussies which attracted Sam's attention,
I told them they were more than welcome to join us after we
had had our swim. I could see that Nancy was obviously getting
turned on as her nipples were almost as hard as Sam's
cock, and didn't want to miss seeing them strip down
while we watched. We left Nancy and Sam to collect their
things and join us on the nude beach and proceeded into the
water. After the initial getting wet things really started
to roll with the Mary and Linda who were showing real lust
for each other. Pete and I sandwiched them between us and
as they squeezed each others tits and finger fucked each
other Pete planted his hard prick up Mary's hot tight
asshole while I rammed my full 10" up Linda's
tight puckered anus. The girls were consumed with lust
for each other and it didn't take long for them to cum
with Pete and I shooting our hot loads up their tight assholes.
After a bit of splashing around I suggested we return to
the nude beach and have some fun watching Nancy and Sam strip
down and enjoy the sun. After we had dried off and settled
into our lounges to sun Nancy and Sam arrived. I could see
that they were both a bit apprehensive but none the less
turned on at the prospect of sunning in the buff and I suspected
they had other ideas as well. They pulled up two chaise lounges
and arranged their things. Sam wasted no time and pulled
off his T-shirt and trunks exposing a fat 9" cock which
was fully erect already. Mary and Linda eyed his hard cock
with open lust as Sam took up a position opposite them on
his lounge with his legs drawn up and his cock standing up
proudly. Now it was Nancy's turn to show us what she
was hiding under her skimpy bikini. Moving slowly but deftly
Nancy released her top and pulled it off her full firm tits.
Nancy had a fantastic set of tits with hard erect pink nipples
which jutted up from those firm full mounds. I unconsciously
pulled on the head of my now hardening cock as Nancy reached
down and removed her bikini bottom showing us her lush pussy
covered with a thick blond bush. Bending over slowly to
tuck her and Sam's suits into their beach bag Nancy
gave us all a great view of her pink rimmed asshole and firm
ass cheeks. Nancy moved to her lounge and took up a position
with her legs spread and fully drawn up exposing the pink
inner folds of her twat. By the amount of cunt juice showing
I could tell Nancy was fully aroused and ready for anything.
Nancy gazed fondly at my now fully erect cock and asked how
big it was just as I was about to reply Linda broke in and told
Nancy it was a full ten and was never tiring. Mary smiled
and asked if Nancy if they were into swinging too. Nancy
said she and Sam had discussed it often but as yet had never
taken the plunge. Mary and Linda told her that they liked
to swing and that She and Sam ought to try it with the four
of us. By the look on Sam's face I could tell he wasn't
about to complain. Pete chimed in that we were about to embark
on a foursome right after lunch and that they were invited
if the liked to try. Nancy began to twist the nipple of her
left tit and moved her hand down to her cunt slipping two
fingers up her wet hole, she looked at Sam and said lets join
them. I knew now this was going to be a hot afternoon. Sam
readily agreed but said they couldn't this afternoon
as he was going out diving and had already paid for the charter.
Not wanting this opportunity to be missed I suggested that
he and Nancy join us that evening and we could get it on after
dinner and the show Sam said that would be great and the orgy
was set. Mary and Linda advised Sam and Nancy on the necessity
for sun protection on the nude beach and we four watched
intently as Nancy greased Sam's cock and balls with
lotion bringing him to climax in her hand and then licking
down his sticky load. Sam repeated the procedure on Nancy
rubbing her slick cunt with sun block and reaming her anus
with well lubed fingers until she too came flooding his
hands with her slick juices. We all relaxed a while and waited
for lunchtime. As we dressed to go to lunch Nancy, Mary and
Linda were discussing something in a low voice but I suspected
it was about the coming evening or about what Mary and Linda
had planned for our foursome. After a rather uneventful
but tasty lunch we all parted leaving for our rooms to prepare
for the afternoon Linda Pete Mary and I for our foursome
and I thought Nancy and Sam to get ready to go diving. As we
walked away Mary asked me if it would be a problem if Nancy
joined us to make our foursome a five-some?. With a delighted
look I told her of course not but wasn't she going diving
with Sam?. Mary told me that only Sam was going diving but
not to tell him until later that evening after we all got
together and had been fucking a while. I told Mary I now understood
what the three of them were whispering about earlier and
Mary's eyes just twinkled at the prospect. Since Mary
and I had the largest room and a king size bed we were to host
the afternoon orgy and were to call Pete and Linda after
Nancy called us letting us know that Sam had left for dive
trip. While we waited Mary and I got in a great session ourselves.
Mary started it off by sucking my cock until it was fully
erect when I was moaning for release, she then mounted me
forcing my prick up her tight cunt setting up a steady rhythm
Mary had me moaning in ecstasy in no time. I asked Mary to
reverse her position so I could probe her hot asshole while
she fucked me with her cunt. Mary was more than pleased with
my request and settled back down forcing my staining cock
deep up her hot pussy. I licked two fingers and forced them
both up Mary's throbbing asshole as she rammed my cock
in and out of her hot cunt. After Mary came to a crushing climax
I laid her out and pumped my cock deep into her throat until
I shot a full load deep in her throat. In short order the Nancy
called to tell us that Sam had left for his diving excursion
and the orgy could commence any time. I told Nancy to come
right over and proceeded to call Linda and Pete to have them
join us Linda answered and was having a problem speaking
because Pete was eating her cunt she managed to say they
would be right over as soon as they had finished. Almost
before I could hang up Nancy's knock was heard at the
door. Mary who had slipped on a skirt and blouse with nothing
underneath went to answer the door as I scrambled for my
pants. I could tell Nancy was highly aroused as she and Mary
exchanged a lingering kiss and fondled each others tits
and cunts. I kidded the girls telling them they would have
to wait until Pete and Linda arrived for the orgy to start.
Nancy pulled up Mary's skirt and asked her how she managed
to shave her pussy so nice, Mary replied that I did her pussy
trimming and asked if she would like me to shave her cunt?
Nancy was very pleased and asked me if I would shave her now
so she could show off her cunt properly for our orgy. I readily
agreed and asked Mary to get the razor and shaving cream.
I then moved Nancy to the chair pulling her skirt up to her
waist exposing her wet pussy. Mary returned with the razor
and shaving cream and assisted by covering Nancy's
cunt with saving cream Mary then stood back and rubbed Nancy's
firm tits while I shaved her cunt and rubbed in some oil.
Grabbing a the hand mirror I held it up so Nancy could inspect
her newly shaved pussy. Nancy loved it and as she admired
my work I pushed my well oiled fingers up her throbbing cunt
and tight anus this pushed Nancy over the edge and she began
to cum moaning and wiggling on my fingers as Mary pinched
and twisted her nipples through her thin blouse. Just as
Nancy was recovering her wits a second knock told us that
Pete and Linda had arrived. I went to the door and welcomed
them to our party. After some small talk and gentle rubbing
and fondling we decided that Pete and I would strip each
girl one by one and then the girls would have the same pleasure
with each of us. Since Nancy was the newest member of the
party she would be first. Pete and I lead Nancy to the end
of the bed and Mary and Linda got on the bed to watch the fun.
Pete began to rub Nancy's firm tits while I undid her
skirt and lowered it revealing her lush pussy. Pete removed
her blouse and began to suck her hard nipples. I moved to
a kneeling position spread her pink pussy lips and started
licking her clit as I inserted my fingers up her cunt and
asshole. By this time Nancy was well on her way to a orgasm
and she spread her legs allowing me to probe her pussy and
ass deeper. As I pumped her holes and sucked on her erect
clit Pete squeezed her tits while sucking her nipples in
no time Nancy was cumming and moaning wetting my entire
face with her sweet juices. Mary was next and moved to the
end of the bed. I began by unbuttoning her blouse while Pete
pulled off her skirt and knelt down spreading Mary's
legs and burying his mouth and tongue in her cunt. I began
to suck on Mary's tits while I caressed her ass pushing
a finger into her anus. Pete stuck two fingers up Mary's
hot wet pussy and finger fucked her while he sucked and nibbled
her to an explosive orgasm. Mary then switched places with
Linda and I noticed that Nancy was frigging herself and
I told her to do that to Mary while Pete and I stripped Linda.
Mary smiled and took Nancy's hand putting it on her
own sopping slit as she slipped two fingers up Nancy's
pouting cunt. Pete removed Linda's sweater as I pulled
off her skirt and spread her legs pulling back her pink cunt
lips and slipping two fingers up her sopping twat. Pete
began sucking and licking his wifes tits while I ate her
hot cunt tonguing her stiff hard clit as I reamed her pussy
with my fingers. Pete pushed two of his fingers still slick
with Mary's juices up Linda's tight hot asshole.
This combined action was too much for Linda to hold back
and she climaxed hard replete with swearing and moaning.
Looking up I noticed that Mary and Nancy had brought each
other off too and were now sitting back with their legs spread
and each others fingers still fully inserted in up their
wet pink pussies. Now it was Pete's turn to get naked
the girls worked quickly pulling down his pants and allowing
his rock hard cock to spring to attention. Nancy took his
cock down her throat as Linda began to suck his balls and
Mary stared to lick and finger his asshole. All this attention
made Pete shoot his load early and the girls all joined in
drinking down his sticky cum and cleaning his cock and balls
with their tongues. Pete laid back on the bed and it was now
my turn to get stripped. Linda pulled my pants down as Mary
rubbed her full erect tits against my chest as she pulled
off my shirt. Nancy was already pulling my rock hard 10"
into her mouth, as she closed her lips over the head I felt
Linda's hands spread my ass and her tongue enter my
throbbing anus. Mary had joined in taking both of my balls
in her mouth and setting up a gentle sucking action as Nancy
proceeded to swallow the rest of my hard cock. Nancy then
began a deep sucking action pulling back about half way
and then ramming my prick deep into her tight throat. This
combined action took its toll on me and I started to shoot
my load down Nancy's throat. After my first shot Nancy
pulled off my cock and directed my second and third spurts
into Linda and Mary's mouths and the rest on their tits.
As agreed each of us would take a turn being the center of
attention with the others doing everything in their power
to pleasure the one in the center. Nancy was first and she
laid back in the middle of the bed and asked me to fuck her
cunt with my big cock. I move in between her legs as Linda
and Mary pulled her legs back and opened her pussy. Linda
grabbed my hard cock and guided me into Nancy's open
pussy. Once I was fully up her cunt and pounding her hot slit
with long deep strokes Nancy asked Mary to mount her face
so she could eat Mary's cunt and lick her clit and told
Pete to get behind Mary and fuck Mary's pussy while
she was eating it. Nancy had Linda get behind Pete and tongue
fuck his anus while she massaged his balls. She told Pete
he was to pull out of Mary's cunt and shoot his load down
her throat when he came. She then reached back with one hand
ramming three fingers up Linda's exposed pussy and
massaged Mary's tits and nipples with the other as
I and Pete began to set up a steady rhythm and Nancy began
sucking Mary's clit as Pete's throbbing cock
rammed in and out of Mary. Mary was the first one to cum from
the combined licking and fucking she was getting, Mary
drenched Nancy's face with her juices just as Pete
began to shoot his load. Pulling out of Mary's cunt
Linda grabbed her husbands raging cock and forced it into
Nancy's mouth. Nancy milked all the cum out of Pete's
cock with long sucking strokes. I was nearing orgasm and
slipped my hand under Nancy's ass ramming my finger
into her hot asshole just as both she and I began to cum, I
filled her cunt with my sperm and rubbed my cock back and
forth over her stiff clit. As Linda had yet to reach orgasm
Nancy directed her to place her cunt on her face and had me
fuck her doggy style until Linda came and flooded her face
with her sweet juice. Mean while Mary had moved down and
began to lick my cum out of Nancy's pussy as Pete fucked



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