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Dear Joan:

I was sure Ralph the idiot was finally going to meet you last
month and I suppose we're all sorry he didn't. He's just
too unreliable. I don't know what would have happened,
but since he seems to want two at a time, it might have been
interesting. It's funny. He almost always has two or three
going at the same time, but apparently he's never managed
to have them in the same place at the same time. Oh, well.
Maybe next time (if his relatively new wife lets him).

You're wrong about Nicholas seducing me. I don't think
he did or meant to and I'm sure I didn't seduce him. Maybe
the situation seduced us both. He didn't want Mona to sleep
with Fingers and, of course, as it turned out, she didn't
(and still hasn't even though I have with Nicholas both
in his place in Ohio and in hotels when he stayed in Washington).
But the first time, with the two of them closeted away in
a room together for hours, we thought
they were fucking when they were just playing photographer
and model. We didn't find out they hadn't done anything
until after we'd done everything, some of it twice. Not
only am I sure that neither of us seduced the other, but it
also seems to me that we were very reluctant to do anything
that might encourage them. When Nicholas (no one called
"Nick") was in me (for the second time), one of the times
Fingers walked by us on his way to the kitchen to get more
film, we tried to conceal what we were doing. It was too dark
for him to see us when he walked by, even though I had one of
my legs over his legs, one of his hands was around my neck
and the other against my ass, pressing me to him to
enhance his penetration. We were kissing as Fingers left
the bedroom and moved apart just as he passed by. Of course
Nicholas stopped thrusting while Fingers passed, but
I was sure he knew what we were doing and I suspected he had
heard me moaning a minute earlier. While Fingers was walking
by, Nicholas stopped thrusting, we both stopped
kissing and I stopped moaning. I hoped he'd come while Fingers
was going by, but he didn't.

But this was all later. Where you and I differ is whether
Nicholas was trying to seduce me at the beginning. When
we were first sitting on the bed, he in pajamas, I in a (very
unattractive nursing) bra, panties and (half-open) robe,
we were talking mostly about Nicholas' work, a little about
what Fingers and Mona might be doing in the bedroom, and
some about the backache I'd developed from nursing and
carrying the baby. After about half an hour, we finally
decided that, since neither of us wanted to try to see what
they were actually doing in there, we might as well assume
the worst. I knew Fingers and Nicholas had shared women.
I was reluctant to be one of them since I knew there had
been some hard feelings about it (mostly, I think, when
Nicholas had had them first). I was twisting my neck around
trying to relieve the stiffness in my back and neck when
Nicholas started massaging my neck.

He massaged very slowly. He had strong hands, but they were
rubbing me very gently. I moved a little so he could get directly
behind me and then opened and shook off the robe. He slowly
moved his hands down from my neck to my back. When he encountered
my bra strap, he massaged me through it. When I flinched
a little as he pressed it into my back, he unsnapped it and
resumed massaging me directly. I noticed the front of my
bra slipping away, but didn't think anything about it since
I'd already been nursing in front of him all day. When he
reached my waist, about twenty minutes after he'd started,
I felt much better and much more relaxed. When his hands
moved below my waist and under my panties to massage my buttocks,
it seemed perfectly natural especially when, after he'd
gone as low as he could with his hands under my panties, he
took them out and started massaging the backs of my thighs,
gradually working his way down the backs of my legs to my
ankles and then to my heels and arches. We were talking all
the time, about his work and about what to do the rest of the

I really did feel much better -- he was very good at this.
His athletic background was obvious in the strength of
his hands and arms. I don't remember having any sexual thoughts
around or before this point and none even when he started
back up my legs. He was using both hands on my legs, wrapping
them around one leg at a time, moving up to
my knee and then starting at the ankle of the other and moving
up to my other knee. After going from one lower leg to the
other for a while, he started just above the knee on one leg
and started going up. When he reached the top of my thigh,
he went to the other leg and again starting at my knee went
up to my thigh. Then I started anticipating where he would
go from there, what he would do when he was finished both
legs, what he would do when he reached my panties. After
doing all of both upper legs about three times, his hands
went under my panties. One hand pressed my lower abdomen
while the other pressed into my adjoining buttock. His
fingers, seemingly incidentally or accidentally, were
in my pussy hair and occasionally brushing the lips of my
pussy. I know I started to feel
something sexual then. Each time one of his fingers brushed
me, I grew more excited, although I still think I was more
relaxed than excited. It was a strange combination of feelings:
extreme relaxation with an increasing edge of sexual excitement.
He massaged my whole lower abdomen and my buttocks under
my panties before he took his hands out from under them and
began massaging my middle. I was wet by then, wondering
whether he was hard or excited, wishing he had touched me
more than he had or was still touching me. I had to lie down
when he reached my middle, of course, and I did. When he got
to my chest, he massaged it and my sides, pushing my bra up
and out of his way. With it ridiculously around my neck,
I rose a little and slipped it off. He seemed not to notice
as he massaged the bases of my breasts in passing and then
was above them massaging my throat and neck. I was more excited
by then. I realized I'd been hoping, when he was
touching my breasts, that he'd touch or squeeze my nipples.
We were still talking when he began massaging my face. I
was glad to shut up because I was getting breathless. When
he started down again, moving from my face to my neck, although
I was still relaxed, I was even more excited. When his hands
reached my breasts again, I thought I was going to come.
He massaged, rather than squeezed, them, and although
I could tell the difference,
I felt as if his touch now was more sexual than therapeutic.
I could feel wetness when he brushed my nipples. I wanted
him to take them in his mouth. Instead his massage moved
to my abdomen again. My halting conversation had turned
to how good what he was doing was making me feel. He had pretty
much stopped talking. I think he had forgotten Fingers
and Mona. I know I had. I was tingling when his hands went
under my panties again. This time, as he stroked me, his
thumbs found and lingered on the lips of my vagina. I sighed,
maybe even moaned, and without a word, he slipped my panties
down my legs. A moment later his thumbs were in me. I opened
my eyes and seeing his pajama bottoms in front of me, pulled
at them. He shifted so I could slip them down. I was pleased
and far more excited when I saw he was erect. Then his hands
were gripping my buttocks, his lips were on my pussy lips,
his tongue was in me and I had taken him in my mouth. He was
not unusually large -- bigger than Fingers, smaller than
Dom -- but he was very hard. I could feel him throbbing. His
balls were enormous. I came. I wanted
him to come. I caressed his balls with my palms and ran my
tongue from the tip of his cock to his balls. I took him back
in my mouth and thought it strange that this was our
first kiss. I wrapped my thighs around his head and my arms
around his ass. It was incredibly firm. My breasts were
pressed against his abdomen and I felt their slipperiness.
I explored his balls and the muscles in his back and came
again. Then we moved. He rotated to me and we kissed. I could
taste myself on his lips. I climbed onto him and then he was
in me. I sat up on him and squeezed my breasts as he moved into
me. I wanted to wet him, but as he began thrusting in me with
power I had never experienced before I fell forward onto
him. I kissed him again and his thrusts lifted me. With each
thrust he seemed to penetrate me completely. When the pace
of his thrusts quickened, I was moaning, almost screaming.
I wanted to scream, but didn't want us to be interrupted.
The frequency of his thrusts slowed when he came. He seemed
to explode. We were soaked. Afterwards he kissed me and
sucked my nipples and when he was hard again, slipped back
into me. We were entwined when Fingers walked through the
room. We subsided until he had gone by and back into the bedroom
again and then he began lifting me again. I felt open and

The massage theme ran through most of our other encounters.
The next time, when he was in Washington to lecture, I went
to his lecture and then went back to his hotel with him. When
we got to his room, he asked whether my back still hurt and
I said it did a little. He told me to lie down, face down. I
undressed and lay down and he lifted my hips and began massaging
my buttocks and abdomen and then entered me from behind.
Another time in his hotel room, he undressed me, lay down
on me, started massaging my
thighs and then started licking me. This time he did come
in my mouth. After that he almost always did whenever we
spent a weekend together. When he wasn't distracted by
what Mona might be doing, he was much more focused. Some
nights he would come six or seven times.

I was sleeping with Paul through more or less this same period.
On some weekends, I slept with Nicholas on Friday night
and Paul on Saturday night. Maybe the most important aspect
of Nicholas and me was what started as our adventure with
Richard. It was much better than when_20Paul and I pretended
I was his wife in a wife-swapping encounter with some people
he and Denise had encountered through a magazine ad.

It all started when I was staying with Nicholas for a long
weekend -- Friday afternoon until Monday morning. It was
the fifth or sixth time I'd spent some or all of a weekend
with him in his Washington hotel. It was late the first afternoon
-- in other words, we'd already bucked -- when we were lying
in bed talking about things we'd done or like to do or might
like the other to do. I had told him a lot of things we'd done
(but not all of them -- he didn't know about Paul), some things
I'd like to do and hadn't, and some things it would excite
me to see him do. I told him that, for some reason or other,
I'd like to watch another woman suck his cock. He told me
he'd like to see a man pay me to buck me. We were toying around
with ways of doing one thing or the other (we never did either)
and probably some other things when he told me there was
something he ought to tell me. I asked what and he told me
that his friend and colleague Richard wanted to buck me.
I knew who Richard was. He had been lecturing and spending
the same weekends in Washington Nicholas was. I'd talked
to him at least a little every weekend I'd spent with Nicholas
and twice I'd talked to him for hours. He was about 15 years
older than Nicholas, smarter but less attractive than
Nicholas, blind since birth and, I'd thought, indifferent
not only to me, but to all women. Nicholas told me I was wrong
about Richard, that however generally indifferent to
women he was, he wasn't to me. Richard, he said, had said
that I excited him more than any woman he'd ever met. Then
Nicholas confessed that he'd described some nude pictures
of me (I'd given Nicholas some and he'd taken some) to Richard
and that Richard had later told Nicholas that he'd come
a lot

It all started when I was staying with Nicholas for a long
weekend -- Friday afternoon until Monday morning. It was
the fifth or sixth time I'd spent some or all of a weekend
with him in his Washington hotel. It was late the first afternoon
-- in other words, we'd already bucked -- when we were lying
in bed talking about things we'd done or like to do or might
like the other to do. I had told him a lot of things we'd done
(but not all of them -- he didn't know about Paul), some things
I'd like to do and hadn't, and some things it would excite
me to see him do. I told him that, for some reason or other,
I'd like to watch another woman suck his cock. He told me
he'd like to see a man pay me to buck me. We were toying around
with ways of doing one thing or the other (we never did either)
and probably some other things when he told me there was
something he ought to tell me. I asked what and he told me
that his friend and colleague Richard wanted to buck me.
I knew who Richard was. He had been lecturing and spending
the same weekends in Washington Nicholas was. I'd talked
to him at least a little every weekend I'd spent with Nicholas
and twice I'd talked to him for hours. He was about 15 years
older than Nicholas, smarter but less attractive than
Nicholas, blind since birth and, I'd thought, indifferent
not only to me, but to all women. Nicholas told me I was wrong
about Richard, that however generally indifferent to
women he was, he wasn't to me. Richard, he said, had said
that I excited him more than any woman he'd ever met. Then
Nicholas confessed that he'd described some nude pictures
of me (I'd given Nicholas some and he'd taken some) to Richard
and that Richard had later told Nicholas that he'd come
a lot remembering his descriptions of them. I tried to imagine
these conversations and couldn't. I asked Nicholas to
tell me what he told Richard and found myself a little excited
when Nicholas told me. There was something strange about
listening to Nicholas tell me how he had described my nipples
and pussy hair to Richard. When the descriptions strayed
from the pictures to Nicholas' own experience -- he'd told
Richard, I remember, that my pussy hair was silky, how my
pussy felt inside, how my ass throbbed when I came. I'm sure
none of this pillow talk would have amounted to anything
if I hadn't later seen how
much just talking about all this excited Nicholas. We had
been lying naked in our bed when we started talking and as
we talked, he got very excited and more aggressive than
usual. Suddenly he was just in me and although he always
came abundantly and exuberantly, this time I felt as if
hail stones were ricocheting through me. I knew he'd
been imagining watching me buck Richard. We staled about
it some more and soon he was treating me to another hail storm.
So, although I didn't find skinny, blind, bald,
awkward, shy Richard attractive, I was beginning to imagine
fucking him. I still wasn't sure I could, but I thought I
might. Nicholas and I fantasied about Richard all night
he seemed to come as ferociously in the morning as he had
in the evening. We were already planning to have lunch with
Richard right after his Saturday lecture, so we decided
we'd see what happened at lunch and, if nothing did, maybe
Nicholas would talk to him alone. Lunch was more or less
the same as usual, but this time I was imagining Nicholas's
reaction to my doing something with Richard. We had more
drinks than usual -- I had three, I think, about two more
than I can handle -- but otherwise lunch was talk, talk,
talk. I went upstairs to take a nap after lunch and Nicholas
whispered something about surprising me later. When I
woke up, I had a phone message from Nicholas inviting me
to Richard's room for a drink. I was sure the two of them had
talked about the three of us doing something together.
When I got to Richard's room, they were waiting for me. Nicholas
had obviously been drinking and I suspected Richard had
too, but I didn't know
him well enough to be sure. The three of us talked and drank
more -- I, a little, they, more than a little -- and then Nicholas
suggested he photograph me. Nicholas left to go back to
our room to get his cameras and lights and stuff for me to
wear. While Nicholas was gone (far longer than necessary
to retrieve the stuff he'd gone for), Richard and I talked.
He asked me what I looked like and I tried to describe myself
to him. He asked about my hair and height and one thing or
another and then suddenly he asked how big my breasts were.
I told him they were medium and was tempted to tell him I knew
Nicholas had already told him about them, but I was curious
what he'd tell, so I didn't. He asked about other things
and then, again suddenly, he said he wished he could see
my nipples. I realized I was
finding his boldness exciting. I sputtered something
like why did he want to see them and he said so he could tell
whether I was excited. I was, but I didn't tell him I was.
He started telling me what Nicholas had told him about my
nipples. It was the first time he'd mentioned my pictures
and Nicholas' descriptions. I had found it strange when
Nicholas told me about his describing them to Richard and
now I found it even stranger when Richard repeated them
to me. I wondered how Nicholas would like finding me doing
something with Richard when he returned with his camera,
whether he and Richard had arranged what was or might be
happening, whether I was going to end up in bed with both
of them and, if I was, as by then I expected, just how it would
happen and what it would be like. While I was doing all this
wondering, Richard was talking about how big and hard Nicholas
had said my nipples were in some of the pictures. I was hot
-- probably all the alcohol -- and Nicholas had been gone
a long time. I got out of the chair I'd been sitting in and
turned off most of the lights. I sat down on Richard's bed,
unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra. Sitting in his
chair at the foot of the bed, he could tell what I was doing.
He was talking about a picture I remembered, one where my
nipples were erect and prominent (the picture with the
green lamp). I asked Richard how he'd liked that picture
and he told me he'd had erections whenever he remembered
Nicholas' description of it. He was obviously drunk now,
I slipped my hand under my skirt and panties. I asked him
what he did then and he told me he touched himself until he
came. I asked him whether he wanted to touch himself now.
He rose and took off his shirt and pants. He was wearing boxer
shorts and when I looked for the bulge under them, I didn't
see it. At first I thought either I'd just made the room too
dark to see or he wasn't as excited as I thought, but then
I realized his cock was not bulging under his shorts because
it was trapped in one leg of his shorts. It extended past
the leg of his shorts -- its tip was peeping out the bottom.
I thought he must have the longest cock I'd ever seen (and,
although I didn't know it then, it was nowhere near fully
erect). I thought Nicholas must never have seen it because,
if he had, he'd surely have mentioned its length to me the
night before. I asked Richard how many times he'd come imagining
my pictures and he said lots. I asked him whether he wanted
to come while he was telling me about my pictures and he slipped
off his shorts, sat back down in the chair near the bed and
began stroking his cock. It stiffened and rose. It was thin,
its head disproportionately large, certainly the longest
I'd ever seen. I wondered what it would feel like in me. As
he stroked it, he talked about my pictures and I reciprocated
by feeling how wet I was. I didn't know what I wanted to have
happen next. We were touching ourselves, with him naked
and me unbuttoned, when Nicholas returned. He said nothing.
He set up his lights, fired them a few times and then crawled
into the bed behind me. Richard and I ignored him. Nicholas
removed my blouse and bra, got out of the bed to take some
more pictures, got back in the bed, felt my wet fingers and
began to massage my back and squeeze my breasts. Richard
asked whether my nipples were very hard now and before I
could say anything, Nicholas touched them and said they
were. Nicholas was going to be Richard's eyes. He would
be blind; I would be dumb. Richard asked whether I was wet,
Nicholas slipped his fingers under my skirt and panties,
touched me and said yes again. I began synchronizing my
masturbation to Richard's while Nicholas provided play-by-play
and undressed himself. I was even more excited when I saw
how hard Nicholas was. I wished Richard could see Nicholas'
cock. I wet my fingers and touched Nicholas' cock and listened
to Nicholas tell
Richard what I was doing. Whatever uncertainty there had
been a day before or even an hour before, I knew now they were
both going to buck me and that Richard would be first.
I drank a large sip from Nicholas' drink. Richard said he
wanted to see me. I knew he meant he wanted to touch me. I said
yes (more enthusiastically than I write it here) and
Richard moved from his chair to the foot of the bed. He located
my feet and touched them with his fingertips for a second
and then his fingertips skipped up my legs and over
my skirt, up my sides to my face. He ran them over first my
face and then my throat and ears and neck. When his fingertips
touched my lips, I took them and moved them into my mouth.
He was seeing me, my eyes, my lips, my tongue. I took his fingers
in mine and moved them from my lips to my nipples, wrapped
my hands around the back of his neck,
pulled him to me and kissed him. While we were kissing, his
fingertips mapped first one nipple and then the other,
then one breast and then the other. I came. I was very excited.
I wanted to do what he was doing, to touch to see. I asked Nicholas
to turn off the remaining lights and he left the bed and turned
them off. When he came back, I touched him. He was very excited
too. Richard was still kissing me and touching -- seeing
-- my nipples and breasts. I moved his face to my breasts
and his tongue began exploring them. Nicholas' fingers
were in my hair and ears and as Richard's fingertips moved
down my sides, Nicholas kissed me. I wanted to start over
with Richard, to see him as he was seeing me, to forget what
I'd actually seen as he had probably forgotten what he'd
heard. Nicholas was kissing my face and ears, Richard,
my breasts and nipples. He had rotated so now his cock was
near me. I touched them both, cradling Nicholas' balls
one hand, running the fingertips of my other hand the length
of Richard's cock, then exploring its tip with both my palms
and fingertips. Nicholas was kissing me, Richard
lying next me, stroking and kissing me all over. Richard's
fingertips moved down my side and when he found my pussy
hair, he blurted "it really is silky" and ran his fingertips
all through it. When his fingertips reached the lips of
my vagina, I put my hands on his and pressed his fingertips
into me. Then I reached for his cock, found it and began exploring
it with my fingertips. I ran my fingertips on its underside
from its tip to its base. Richard moaned and started to come.
I held his cock and, maybe deliberately, directed his ejaculant
to my breasts. He soaked them and when he finally stopped
ejaculating, he fell into me, his facing resting on me,
his lips inches from my vagina. I wet my hands on my breasts
and began spreading his sperm on his cock and his ass. When
he responded by opening the lips of my vagina with his fingertips
and inserting his tongue, I moaned and Nicholas, who was
watching us while he touched his cock, came. I heard his
ejaculant splash against the ceil, wondered what the maids
would think when they saw the stains. I wrapped my legs around
Richard's neck to encourage his tongue. Nicholas was kissing
me when my orgasm crested. Richard's cock was touching
my side. At another crest, I moved and opened my legs to put
Richard between my legs. He kept his tongue in me for another
minute or two and then he turned around and entered me. The
enormous tip of his penis produced an extraordinary sensation.
I could feel it move from my clitoris to as deep as it would
go. I moaned and mumbled. I touched Nicholas's cock and
balls. He
gasped and came again. Richard stayed in me a long time.
When he came, I pulled him down to me and kissed him and squeezed
my sticky breasts against him until he finished.
Nicholas was hard again. Richard stayed in me and his fingertips
continued to move over me. Soon I could feel him again. He
slipped away from me, rolled me over, put me on my hands and
knees over Nicholas and entered me from behind. I lowered
myself to Nicholas to kiss him and shifted my arms so my nipples
would graze his chest. Nicholas and I petted while Richard
and I fucked. Some of the time Nicholas was touching my breasts
and some of the time Richard was. Nicholas came on my breasts
and abdomen while Richard and I continued fucking. Nicholas
was kissing me and squeezing my sticky breasts when Richard
came again. We collapsed in a pile and then, after a few minutes,
I felt Nicholas' cock. It was as hard as I hoped it would be.
I came the moment he entered me. Richard was touching my
nipples almost the whole time Nicholas and I were fucking
and was hard again before Nicholas came. Richard and Nicholas
each fucked me again before we all fell asleep. We slept
for hours until well into Saturday night. Richard and I
woke first. We left Nicholas in Richard's room asleep while
we went to Nicholas's room.
We undressed and showered and after we were in the shower,
I turned off all the lights. Richard began exploring my
whole body elaborately and minutely in the shower. He was
seeing me as no one ever had before. His fingertips were
everywhere on me and in me. I came over and over as he touched
me and washed me. He explored my pussy hair with
his fingertips and his lips. He mapped my clitoris until
I exploded. He fucked me until the water ran cold. I told
him his cock looked like a lollipop. We fucked again in bed
after the long shower and were asleep when Nicholas found
us hours later. We awoke to find him in the shower. I went
to get him and brought him back to the bed naked. His cock
was hard and thick. I closed the curtains, turned off all
the lights and climbed into bed with the two of them, both
naked, both excited again. I guided Richard's fingertips
to Nicholas' cock and helped him explore it. Nicholas understood
what I was doing. His cock stayed hard
while Richard touched it. I straddled Nicholas and Richard
began touching me and wetting Nicholas. When I came, Richard
moved the tip of Nicholas cock until it touched
me and then slowly pressed me down. While Nicholas was in
me -- he came after only a few seconds -- Richard straddled
him too, pressing his cock against my abdomen. A few seconds
after Nicholas came, Richard did too. We spent all Sunday
in bed together. I expected Richard would be in Washington
again (with or without Nicholas), but after that
weekend, I didn't see Richard again for years.

We ran into each other in Chicago where we were each attending
different conferences. I was having dinner with a guy I'd
just met that day with whom I thought I might spend the night
when I saw Richard. I invited him to join us and decided during
dinner to spent the night with Richard instead if he wanted
me to. During dinner, he told me he had married, but he didn't
say much of anything about his new wife except that, like
me, she was a political scientist. After dinner, I offered
to guide him back to his room to get away from the new guy and
the two of us went to his room (of course he didn't need me
to guide
him). On the way, he told me it wasn't a coincidence that
we'd run into each other. He knew about my conference and
he'd checked to see whether I was going to be there and
then switched his hotel from the one where his conference
was to the one where mine was. When we got to his room, I didn't
turn on any of the lights. Richard guided me to the bed. I
asked him how he liked being married and he kissed me. We
sustained that first kiss while we undressed and explored
each other. I was heavier, but he didn't say anything except
that my breasts were bigger. He kissed them while I sucked
him. He slipped away to lick me and said I was as silky as he
remembered. Then we fucked. I was so wet and he was so hard
that he entered me without any help from either of us. The
enormous head of his cock just slid through me. Later, when
he was touching me and arousing us both again, I asked him
again to tell me about his new wife. He fumbled with his pants
and asked me to turn on a light. When I came back to the bed,
he offered me a picture of her he was carrying in his wallet.
She was pretty, Asian, younger than I'd expected. He told
me to take an envelop out of his suitcase and look at what
was in it. I opened it and found almost a dozen pictures.
Some were of him and his wife nude in bed and some were of him
and me nude in bed. I asked him who had taken the ones of him
and his wife and why he was carrying all of them with him.
He laughed and reminded me that he'd known where I was going
to be. Of course Nicholas had taken the pictures of Richard
and his wife (whose name I don't remember). She had been
one of Nicholas' graduate students. He'd been sleeping
with her as well as me. After the weekend he and I had spent
with Richard, he'd persuaded her to include Richard too.
That was how Richard had met her. Richard said that except
that her pussy hair was coarse, she reminded him a lot of
me. He told me he and Richard had fucked her together regularly
for months before he started seeing -- fucking -- her alone.
He thought she might have continued to fuck Nicholas sometimes
then and maybe even still was now, now and then. While he
was telling me about her, we were both very excited. We fucked
twice more -- once very slowly -- before he finished telling
me about her. I was glad he had someone now and glad I had
him right then. I was a little irritated with Nicholas for
not having told me about his special student, but talking
about her, and the three of them and Richard and her kept
both excited all night. He was still in me when we fell asleep.
His conference ended the next day, so he went home that afternoon.
I spent my remaining night back in my room
with my roommate. When she asked me where I'd been the previous
night, I told her all about it. I was about half way through
telling her what Richard and I and Nicholas and
Richard and I had done the previous night and the previous
time in Washington when she turned off all the lights. A
minute or two later I could hear her coming and soon, I'd
come too. I know the thought that we could have helped each
other come crossed my mind, but neither of us did anything.
She was married too, but she and her husband had never done
anything unusual although, I would later discover, she
had, before she met and married him. I heard her come again
when I was telling her about how thrilling it was when a new
cock entered for the first time and yet again when I told
her about Richard's being so hard and my being so wet that
even though he was really big, he'd entered me without either
of us having to do anything. When we settled down a little
-- she had stripped and was still touching herself hours
later -- we speculated about what she would have done if
she'd had an opportunity like I'd had or even if she'd been
invited to join Richard and me. We were both very excited
all day the next day. I talked to her once or twice during
the year between conferences and she told me she'd excited
her husband by telling him about Richard and me while they
were in bed and by speculating about what she and I might
do with Richard. The next time my conference and Richard's
overlapped, I'd already talked to him and knew he was going
to stay in my hotel again. I was so excited by the prospect
of seeing him again that I met him as soon as he arrived at
our hotel. We went to his room and fucked all afternoon.
He told me he and his wife had had a daughter and that, while
she was pregnant, Nicholas had regularly massaged and
fucked her, sometimes with Richard present and participating
and sometimes not. I told him how my recital of our adventures
had excited my roommate. One of the times when he was just
starting to come, I asked him to stop thrusting, to stay
all the way in me while he came. I loved the way his ejaculations
seem to spread through me when he was deep in me. We naturally
speculated about my roommate -- what had she done? what
would she like to do? what would we like her to do? Unlike
Dave, who seems to have spent a lifetime imagining fucking
two women together, Richard seemed never to have thought
about it. I think I was more interested in watching him fuck
her than he was in fucking her. But we talked about it a lot
that afternoon. I had misgivings, of course, and so did
he. I think we finally decided that, given what she'd told
me on the telephone, it would be all right if we provided
her opportunity without any pressure or even any advice
or encouragement. Expecting her to arrive late that evening,
we spent dinner trying to decide just how to provide opportunity
without pressure. We finally decided we'd go to the room
she and I were to share rather than to Richard's after dinner
and see what happened. We decided
that if we were in bed when she arrived, we'd stop whatever
we were doing (unless, maybe, he was coming) and try to see
what she wanted to do.

When she arrived, we were under the covers smearing his
ejaculant on each other. She looked at us when we popped
our heads from under the covers and joked about how nice
it was to see the marital fidelity poster children. She
offered to leave and we offered to dress. None of us did anything.
She was obviously excited. I wondered whether she'd been
expecting us to do something like we'd done. Somehow, in
the midst of some superficial conversation, Richard asked
her what she looked like. I started to describe what she
was wearing. Richard said something like oh, I didn't realize
you were still dressed. I guess that was the moment of truth.
She stood up and undressed and said I'm not. Richard heard
her undressing, of course, and just waited. I started to
describe her again. I remember saying something about
her having long legs. She interrupted and said why don't
you see for yourself. I remembered then how excited she'd
been when I told her about Richard's examining me the first
time. Richard said something like oh, yes. She turned off
the lights and climbed into the bed with us. As soon as he
began exploring
her -- he started with her face -- she began touching him.
I was astonished by how uninhibited she was. When I heard
her say you're sticky I looked and saw she was touching his
balls. Then she climbed over him and lowered herself onto
him. When she gasped oh, my god, I knew he was in her. I thought
to myself, his is bigger than her husband's. I guess that's
what she was thinking too. He reached under my shoulders
and turned me toward him so we could kiss. We kept kissing
until just before he came. Then he wrapped both his arms
around her neck, pulled her down to him and kissed her. She
shrieked when he came -- I'm sure she was too -- and then,
when they were done, moved away from him a little and said
our first kiss. She'd only known him about 20 minutes. Then
she kissed me, said thank you and returned to kissing him.
I heard her moan and speak something like oh and knew he was
hard again. He really was amazing. The second time he kissed
her while they fucked. Her right hand was around his neck
pulling him to
her and her left was touching me. When her fingers touched
my lips, I kissed them and when they touched my breasts and
nipples, I caressed her ass. When she reached my pussy,
I opened my legs and she touched my clitoris. When I came,
she moved from Richard to kiss me. Then he kissed me. When
I heard her going oh, oh, oh, I knew he was coming again. She
moved back to kiss him while he came. Then she came back to
me, her fingers touching me more fiercely, her lips and
tongue exploring me. I heard her whisper, in for a penny,
in for a pound, as she began kissing my breasts and knew her
tongue was heading for my clitoris. I wrapped my legs around
her neck and found hers with my tongue. My arms were wrapped
around her ass. Richard touched and kissed us both as she
and I came over and over and kept whispering to us that he
wished he could see our faces while his fingers explored
them and the rest of us. Then he lifted me and entered me.
I kept my tongue in her and felt her responding to my increasing
frenzy. I thought I would explode when he came and got maybe
even more excited when he lowered me back onto her tongue.
Later, while he was in her, I straddled her so she could keep
her tongue in me while Richard and I kissed and fondled each
other. She was amazingly uninhibited. I suppose I should
have guessed how interested she was from her response the
previous year when I told her about Richard and me. She'd
stripped and stayed excited for hours while I was telling
her about us. Every time she came, she shrieked and sometimes
when Richard or I came as well. The rest of the time she moaned
and muttered. She growled each time Richard entered her.
We went on until we fell asleep. I went to sleep first and
woke last. They were fucking when I awoke and I came just
listening to them. We all thought it was the most excited
we'd ever been. That night all of were in love with each other.
The next two days, when we could, we were together and she
and Richard talked and talked. I suggested they stay in
his room alone together for a while or for a night and they
both declined. The next nights were like the first except
that I was expectant rather than surprised. We started
the second day a little differently, though. We sucked
Richard's cock together before we did anything else. We
took turns, one of us sucking the head of his cock while the
other one licked its shaft or his balls. We
teased him about whether he could tell one of us from the
other (he said he couldn't). He came for both of us. Later,
after we'd all fucked and licked each other a lot, she told
us about some of her premarital sex. She said she'd once
been studying with a pair of male roommates when, as it got
late and they got tired, she and one of them started necking.
The other one said he felt left out and she began kissing
him too. Before the night was
over, she'd fucked them both. After that, she told us, while
she was more or less normally dating other people and fucking
some of them, she and the roommates would study and
fuck. She hadn't told her husband about any of this -- except
that she'd fucked some of her dates -- until she told him
what I'd told her about Richard and Nicholas and me. When
that seemed to excite him, she told us, she told him about
the roommates too. Then, when that and their various fantasies
about other partners for each of them seemed to excite him
even more, she decided to accept whatever invitation we
might make, so when she arrived, she'd already made up her
mind to accept anything we offered. Things worked out well
between my roommate and her husband afterwards. They had
some of their own adventures and she told me about them,
but we were never at a convention together again. I was a
little jealous when she told me about a woman who'd shared
their bed and with whom she'd been as intimate as she'd been
with me. She thought the high point of her adventures was
her college reunion when she fucked the roommates again.
She said her husband was more excited then than she had ever
seen him when they got home from the reunion. She and her
husband wanted me to join them sometime, but it never happened.
I had phone sex with them a couple of times and once, after
I'd told Fingers a little about what Richard and I had done,
I called her and she described what she and I had done with
Richard. Her husband, who was listening, got so excited
that he started fucking her while she was still talking
and, before the phone call was over, Fingers
had fucked me. He said later her description of Richard's
cock entering me reminded him of the first time he had seen
Bart's cock about to enter me. Richard and I were at only
one more conference together after the one we spent with
my roommate and we spent it as we had our first. I haven't
seen him since, although occasionally I talked to him and
his wife. She joked about all our adventures and we talked
a little about fucking Richard and Nicholas. Nicholas
and I had spent only two more weekends together after that
one in Washington with Richard and I talked to him only a
few more times after that. We were inhibited, I guess, by
the fact that Mona never knew anything about what any of
us were
doing. I've seen Nicholas only once since then, at a party
where nothing could or did happen.

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