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A Swing Door Opens Wider


Tim had enjoyed Linda so much the first time that he knew
he would try her again. This story tells how he enjoyed her
once more. After that first time when we actually swapped
mates, it was obvious that each of us would want the other
again, and this is how it happened. Believe it or not, more
than six years later, Tim gave my wife a final fuck more than
two thousand miles from where this occurred. Linda swore
that it was as good as or better than it had been the first
time or the time described in this story. Remember, they
are all true. So was the enjoyment.

2a Tim Again

Tim had fucked her before, but it was while we were doing
it as a foursome, although in different apartments, his
and ours. Of course I loved the idea of doing Laura while
he fucked Linda. Linda was nervous. Today was the first
time she knew I would be watching as another man fucked her.
She had fought the idea of letting him come over by himself.
Laura hadn't been able to come, but she didn't
mind her husband coming over and getting a little without
her. When Tim had called and explained that he would like
to come over, I had spent hours encouraging her to say yes.
She wasn't happy about it at all, although Mike had
been fucking her for weeks before she told me, and I had told
her that I heartily approved of her having other lovers.
The idea of doing it right in front of me was hard for her to
accept although Tim had fucked her before. She still found
it difficult to believe that I liked the idea of watching
another man fucking her without my getting a little too.

I couldn't object to it at all. I was already planning
to get some of Laura's pussy after Tim finished with
Linda. And, as I had told Linda before, there was nothing
I liked better than slipping my dick into her pussy and finding
a thick, heavy load of hot cum already in her.

Freshly bathed and perfumed, she met him at the door. She
wasn't dressed particularly unusually. She wore
a thin white cotton top over one of the soft lace bras I had
bought for her for just such occasions after learning that
Mike had finally gotten to her. They held her 42DD breasts
up, but didn't prevent a man's hands from feeling
the warmth and fullness that all of us like so much. She had
on a full skirt that we both knew made it easy for a man to get
beneath it and feel the even warmer cozy nest of pussy pelt
that hid the secret to a man's happiness. She even wore
panties, despite my objections, but there were some things
that at this early stage of our experiences that she just
wouldn't give up. She had on thigh-high hosiery that
gave her legs that sleek, shiny look I loved and then put
on the high heeled pumps I liked to see her wear. They always
made her legs look beautiful beneath that full skirt.

Tim didn't give her time to say a word before he pulled
her into his arms and kissed her with one of those hot, passionate
French kisses that got my wife hot the first time he kissed
her at the party. From where I was sitting I could see their
mouths joined like the open hoses of two vacuum cleaners,
their jaws working against each other as their tongues
met and dueled for supremacy. I would have guessed that
it was a tie. Even as tightly as he was holding her, I could
see the material of her blouse being pulled toward her left
breast as Tim squeezed and fondled her, knowing how much
she liked a man to play with her tits. At first her arms were
at her sides, locked by his, but as the kisses and foreplay
continued her arms went around his hips pulling him toward
her even more tightly. Her hands moved further down, over
Tim's ass, urging him closer. It was the first time
I had really seen her reacting so overtly to the passions
a man stirred in her, and I loved it. Her own pelvis was tilted
and pushing against his throbbing cock, still hidden by
his trousers, but I knew she was feeling that hardness against
her belly.

"Hi, sweetie, " he managed to say as he finally
released her breast and let his hands slide down to cup the
softness of her ass. He pressed his crotch against her,
looking into her eyes, his already sparkling with anticipation
that I realized was already met by my wife's. Despite
all the protestations of "doing it" with Tim
before, the lust that had been building steadily since
the first time Mike had fucked her was coming to the fore.
I began to realize that I had let a genie out of her bottle
- and I didn't want to contain her again.

"Hi, Earl. Sorry Laura couldn't come. She had
an appointment she had to meet. She should be back in a couple
of hours though. I guess that we'll just have to share
Linda, won't we?" he asked, remembering how
Linda had told him about my having screwed her the rest of
the morning after I had worn Laura's beautiful snatch
into submission. Linda had come home with an enormous load
of Tim's cum in her and it had been enough to excite me
even more than the first time Mike had screwed that hot pussy
of hers. He ignored the hard look Linda gave him

Without another word, he put his arm around my wife's
waist and led her over to the couch opposite me. They sat
down side by side. Tim's arm was draped over my wife's
shoulders, one hand resting on her breast. Despite her
previous protestation, the swollen nipples were visible
through Linda's thin bra. They thrust hard against
her blouse, telling me easier than words that she had been
excited by his greeting. She didn't object when his
hand gave her breast a none too gentle squeeze.

We exchanged a few mundane comments, but this wasn't
the time for talking. We all knew it. Before long the soft
words were between him and my wife.

"Miss me?" he asked, taking her hand in his and
resting it lightly on his thigh. Linda only nodded, unsure
of her voice. She wasn't very happy doing this with
me in the same room with her, but she had promised and I intended
to hold her to it. Tim had that effect on her. She had known
from the first time they had met that he wanted to fuck her
and reluctantly she had admitted that she wanted him. That
first time, with the four of us in their living room had almost
reached that point, but she had managed to pull away just
before it got to the point where we were now. After swapping
mates for the night, she had admitted enjoying Tim's
hard dick pumping cum into her cunt while I did the same for
Tim's wife, and it left both of them ready for more,
lots more.

I knew it almost had to happen again after that first night,
but even I was surprised at how soon - just two days - it had
been before he had Laura convincing my wife that he must
have her again and promising to "even the score” when
she was available. I really don't think it took much
persuasion. Linda had told me of how long he had spent on
her belly (and I suspected how long she had ridden him),
ecstatic in his enjoyment of my wife's bountiful boobs.

Already he was weaving his spell over her. His hand was squeezing
her breast harder. He turned his upper body toward her and
began kissing her just as he had at the door. Her head sagged
back against the back of the couch, eyes closed, as his tongue
circled and struggled with hers. I watched my wife's
hand tightening on Tim's thigh, only inches from the
end of his already engorged cock. A spot of wetness signaled
his readiness on his khaki pants. There was the unmistakable
smell of lust in the air. Tim lifted his other hand and slipped
one button from the eyelet across the taut line of her blouse
where her breasts stretched it to the maximum. Her blouse
sprang open like it welcomed the release, showing the center
opening closure of her snow white bra. The lace cupping
her breasts couldn't hide the warm pink flesh beneath,
or the darker circle of her aureoles, tipped with hardened
nipples that stood even higher and prouder. His hand reached
higher and opened the next button above it from its captivity.
From top to bottom, the cleavage separating my wife's
breasts was open to his admiration. I watched as his hand
slid into the opening in her blouse to cup her breast through
the bra's cup. His kisses alone had been enough to forge
her nipples into a hardness of passion, but now, through
the thin fabric of her blouse and the bra covering it, I could
see her right nipple lengthen and press even harder against
its restraints.

Linda moaned deep in her throat as she felt Tim's warm
hands covering her breast. Her back arched as she pressed
that breast against the palm of his hand, urging him to take
it as a gift to be worshipped. His hand retreated, back to
the four hooks and eyes that held her bra together. He slowly
began unfastening them, one at a time until, like the blouse,
my wife's bra sprang back allowing her magnificent
breasts to fall free onto her chest. Tim didn't waste
any time once they were free. He cupped the right one from
beneath almost as though weighing it as he fondled the softness.
His head bent forward, covering first one nipple, then
the other in long, suctioning kisses to tell her how much
he liked these luscious melons. Tim, like me was a tit man
and, since his wife had only a paltry 34B front, he was entranced
by Linda's bountiful beauties. I smiled at my wife's
lover, as his head switched from one nipple to the other,
sucking and lapping at the feast of flesh.

Linda gave me that long, slow, dreamy eyed smile which told
me that she liked what he was doing with her. My wife's
breasts are very sensitive and once caressed by a man's
hand, they become the center of her erotic being, for a while.
One hand curled around the bottom of her breast, lifting
it for Tim's attention. The other, which had been in
Tim's lap until he began using both of his to fondle
those lovelies, now was clutching his thigh as his ministrations
excited her. I saw it slip higher along the inside of his
thigh, over the wetness at the tip of his still encased cock,
and then clamp down tightly, outlining the thick, long
tube of male muscle that he had fed her before. She knew what
was there and how to get it. Tim moaned with pleasure. His
mouth was full of her succulent breast flesh, one hand squeezing
the opposite one, gently but firmly, while his other hand
went to his zipper. The sound of its slowly opening was music
to my ears and I'm sure to Linda's too. Tim had helped
her by unzipping the long fly of his trousers, but she wanted
to help herself. Her hand moved from his thigh to inside
the fly and I could see it trying to wrap itself around his
organ. She couldn't of course. He was much to large
for that, but she struggled against its stiffness until
she managed to pull it from his trousers and expose the glistening
head to the light of day as she had done the first time he fucked
her. She was looking at me as she leaned forward slightly
and whispered an invitation in his ear. Tim didn't
need to be asked twice. The hand which had opened his fly
was already under my wife's skirt, sliding up the inside
of her thigh, heading for the loveliest of portals barely
hidden by the now transparent tricot covering of her crotch.
He stood up, still reluctant to release her breast, but
smiling his acceptance of her invitation.

"We're going into the bedroom, " Linda

Wild horses couldn't have kept me from following them
down the hall to the master bedroom. Tim and Linda were standing
next to the bed, his hand cupping one breast as he kissed
her. The other pressing hard against her crotch, still
hidden by her skirt. I watched him press her backward to
the bed and almost fall on top of her. His hand was busy tugging
her skirt upward and pulling her panties down at the same
time. He didn't even wait to take them from her. Instead
he pulled them down far enough to slip his hand between those
warm thighs and cover the chestnut mane of her muff. It was
my wife's turn to moan her pleasure as she felt Tim's
long fingers slide over her cunt, the middle finger slipping
into the coral colored slit and then into her to the second

She was yanking at his trousers, pushing them down over
his hips. They were sliding down his legs, exposing the
fact that he wore no underclothing as he stood up momentarily
and pulled my wife's skirt and panties from her body.
His cock stood like an alert sentry, almost vertical, bobbing
with the intensity of the smell of lust, already permeating
the room. He fell back on her just as she pulled the facings
of her blouse apart, giving him full access to her luscious
breasts. Linda held one in both hands as Tim sucked and fondled
it with one hand, the other returning to her crotch.

Her legs spread wide as she felt him enter her again, not
only with one finger but with three this time, sliding them
as far into her as he could, using his thumb to press and agitate
her clit as she gasped with pleasure. She turned loose of
her breast only long enough to reach for his cock and, finding
it, steer it to her hot, juicy hole. Her sigh of pleasure
as Tim pressed forward with his hips was a delight to hear,
but the sight of the first inch sliding into the warmth of
my wife's cunt was enough to send my own cock into spasms.

I walked over to the bed, watching, as Tim slowly entered
her, pushing past the tight ring of muscle guarding her
vagina and then deeper, inch by inch. I knelt on the bed and
then prostrated myself, aiming for the other breast not
in Tim's mouth. Linda knew what I wanted and didn't
lose a stroke bucking against her lover's crotch as
he probed her depths. Her nipple welcomed me as it had him,
standing high and proud, waiting to be sucked into my own
hot mouth. I closed both hands around the firm tit and began
slowly milking it, pushing the engorged flesh into my mouth
until I could not longer contain more, then sucking it slowly
while my tongue danced over the throbbing nipple. Tim fucked
my wife slowly, exactly as he had found she liked to be screwed,
slowly withdrawing his cock then easing it back down into
the farthest depths of her pussy until her cervix was penetrated
by the swollen knob oozing its passions into her. Her knees
raised, begging wordlessly for him to fuck her deeper,
and Tim again obliged, this time crushing his dick into
her cunt until his balls pressed hard against her pussy,
their pubic hair united.

"Oh, damn, Linda, " he whispered softly, "I
love fucking you."

I knew both he and Linda were near their first orgasm. "I
still can't believe how hot this sweet pussy of yours
is. I dreamed of fucking you all night." He raised
himself to full length over her body, concentrating on
not blowing his cum into her immediately.

Looking at me, he chuckled, "Earl, you ought to have
been there this morning. I had to fuck Laura for an hour just
to take the edge off. She loves the way you screw her, and
especially the way you eat her pussy. I promised her that
I'd invite you two over tonight so she can get a little
for herself and watch me fuck Linda." He looked down
at my wife, then down to where they were joined, slowly sinking
back into her cunt again, stretching the flesh around their
connection, pushing some of the flesh of her lips into the
hole with his cock as he sank full depth in her once more,
the imminent orgasm passing for a moment.

"She really likes the idea of seeing me sink it into
Linda while you fuck her, " he managed to say before
bottoming out. Linda clawed at his back as she felt his organ
swell and he pushed even deeper into her. She was beyond
caring that I was watching her and sharing Tim’s delight.
Her legs clamped over his back until her ankles and still
shod feet locked together. She was panting with the exertion
and lust that was consuming her, the heat of her body wafting
her perfume over us like a cloud of wonderment, mixed with
the even more enticing scent of a sexually aroused woman.

"Yes, yes, " she hissed as Tim's strokes
lengthened and speeded up. "We'll come over
any time if you fuck me like this. It's wonderful!"
she gasped, her breath coming raggedly, her eyes closed,
her head thrown back. "I can't get enough of you."

I watched a spreading color expand over her chest, and then
her breasts, as my wife had her first orgasm of the day with
her lover, begging for more. Her legs were jerking on his
back, her arms clutching him tightly to her, her eyes were
closed and there was a grimace of pleasure on her face as
Tim pumped her harder, pushing her own orgasmic juices
deeper into her. Still, even he could not prevent the ring
of frothy juices from forming at the point he entered her.

"Wow, you're tight!" he managed to exclaim.
"I can feel every muscle in your cunt squeezing my
cock. I've got to stop for a moment or I'll cum right
now and I don't want to do that yet.” Linda's eyes
opened slowly. With a final thrust up against his crotch,
she held her hips tightly against him, the orgasm slowly

"Why not, " she managed to gasp out. "You
did it the other night, and it didn't even slow you down."

"I know, " he told her, "but I didn't
know whether you would accept our invitation for tonight
or not and I've got to save a little of this for Laura.
She'll want some as soon as I get home and tell her about

"Send Earl, " my wife said. "He'll
take care of her for you, and you can take good care of me."
Tom knew a bargain when he heard it. He looked down at his
watch, and then turned to me. "She should be home by
now....would you really like to go over?” It didn't
take a second invitation for me either. Fucking Laura had
been an experience I definitely wanted to repeat. Still,
leaving this beautiful scene was too much for me to give
up easily. My problem was I wanted my cake and I wanted to
eat it too.

"How about setting up the video cam and letting it
run while you two are enjoying yourself. Then I can run over
and see if she's home." I was already scooting
off the bed, with a glance over my shoulder to my wife's
breast, still wet with my saliva, the nipple standing high
and proud from my efforts. Tom reached up and covered it
with his hand, letting the nipple push up between his fingers.
He smiled again.

"Sounds good to me. Would you mind, honey?"

"Unh unh, " Linda said, matching his smile,
"as long as you keep this all inside me."

It wasn't a long trip, just two buildings over from
our own. I looked for their car and saw it in their carport.
Laura was home. She answered the doorbell almost at the
first ring, pulling me inside and curling up in my arms,
looking up at me. She was still dressed for the appointment
that had kept her from joining us this morning.

"I was going to change and see if I could get over there
before Tim finished with Linda, " she said softly.

"Let me help you, " I said, returning the smile,
reaching between our bodies to begin unfastening the buttons
of her blouse. Laura didn't have much in the way of tits,
but they certainly felt good in my mouth or in my hands, and
she knew it, pushing hard against my hand when I slipped
it between the soft folds of her blouse. Laura's tits
were as sensitive as my wife's and, like her, once touched
by a man, she could be had easily as Tim had told me the previous

"Then come in here and help me, " she said, taking
my hand and leading me toward their bedroom.

"Did Tim tell you that we were going to invite you two
over here tonight?" she asked, as we undressed each

"Unh hunh, " I nodded, watching my cock spring
free as she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers, and
pulled them down over my hips. I already had her blouse off.
She wasn't wearing a bra. She had only a slip between
me and heaven. Her eyes went to my swollen dick. She sat down
on the edge of the bed, lifting the slip over her hips. As
I peeled off my shirt and tossed it into the corner, I lifted
it over her head, leaving her in panties, hose and high heels.
She leaned forward, kissing the already oozing head, squeezing
it gently between both hands. I groaned as I felt her lips
slide over the swollen knob, and the slight friction of
her teeth. I pushed her back until she was on her back, kicking
off my shoes and getting rid of those constricting trousers.

"All this is mine, " she whispered, her eyes
fixed on my throbbing cock, as I knelt astride her. Reaching
behind me, cupping that sweet pussy just beneath the fragile
tricot, feeling her juices that had left the crotch sopping
with cum. She lifted her hips and I peeled her panties from
her body. I leaned forward again, kissing her gently, feeling
her breasts swell beneath my hands.

"Tim fucked me this morning, " she whispered,
still clutching my erect rod. "I remember how you
ate me the other night after you screwed me. Did you like

"I love eating pussy that's freshly fucked, "
I grinned. "That's one of the things that really
turns me on when someone fucks Linda. I won't suck a
cock, but I love eating another man's cum out of her

"Well, it's not very fresh, but it certainly
is hot, " she teased, "and I loved the feeling
of your mouth on my pussy. Would you like to eat me first?"
I didn't even answer. Instead I rolled off of her and
lay, face up, alongside her. Taking her hand, I directed
her to a straddle position over my chest. The width of my
body made her spread her legs wide, opening her beautiful
cunt to my adoring eyes.

"Oh, yes, Laura, " I managed to say, my gaze
never leaving that succulent beaver, "I'd love

"Then open wide, honey, " she whispered, "here
it comes." She pulled my arms over my head and knelt
over my face. Inches away from that sweet pussy, I could
smell the results of their morning coupling. It was a scent
that made my cock even harder. I raised my head and kissed
that sweet smelling pussy, already wet with the desire
we both generated as soon as we had touched. She smiled and
lowered herself slowly until the lips of her cunt touched
mine. I held her hips and steered her to my mouth as she pulled
a pillow up and put it under my head, closing the final gap.
My tongue snaked out and touched her at this most sensitive
spot on her body. She gasped with the touch, using both hands
to pull my head up tighter into her crotch.

"Eat me, Earl, I want to feel your tongue in my box."
After the previous night I knew what brought her to orgasm
faster than anything else was the pressure of my nose rubbing
slowly over her clit while my tongue explored that luscious
cavern. I felt that first warm, soupy taste of her husband's
cum trickling down over my tongue as I buried it in her snatch.
Laura went wild, grinding her juicy box against my lips
and tongue, her hands tangling in my hair as she pulled me
even harder against her. She groaned with pleasure as my
tongue searched her vagina for the sweet taste of cum. I
pressed my nose tightly against her clit and felt it swelling
in response as I moved it back and forth.

"Oh, god, " she gasped, "I'm cuming

I could taste her juices sweeter than the sweetest nectar,
mixed with her husband's cum, sliding over my tongue.
I swallowed rapidly, determined to take as much as I could
from this luscious receptacle. Her hips bucked so hard
against me they were almost bruising my lips as her pelvis
slid back and forth in a sliding motion that soon covered
my face with her juices. She was gasping and jerking her
body in response. My hands slid up until they covered her
breasts. I felt the hardness of her nipples against my thumbs
as I stroked and rolled them back and forth.

It took more than five minutes for Laura to climb down from
the pinnacle of her orgasmic high. Her hips slowed, but
I could feel her breasts pressing tightly against my hands
while the last trickling rivulets slipped into my mouth
to be savored and swallowed. When it was over for her, she
slid down my chest and lay on top of me, kissing my cum coated
lips, her body still writhing with pleasure against mine.

"That was beautiful!" she gasped, rolling
off me and lying on her back. Her knees were pulled up and
in her relaxed position her legs were widely spread. "I
wish Tim would eat me like that, " she said softly,
her breath gradually returning to normal. "He just
kisses it a couple of times and then fucks me again."

"I know, " I told her, rolling onto my side and
covering one breast with my hand, "Linda told me about
it when he did her. That's one of the reasons I always
muff dive on her. I just can't stand the idea of her having
all that good stuff in her without my getting a taste of it.
Then, when I ate you, I could see that you enjoyed it. It was
beautiful. Linda doesn't care that much for oral sex.
I was so glad to see that you liked it.”

She rolled over to face me, closing both hands over the one
I had on her breast, looking into my eyes then leaning forward
to kiss me.

"I know. I could tell, and you have no idea how happy
it makes me. One of my boyfriends years ago taught me to enjoy
it and I was very disappointed that Tim didn't care
for it." She smiled again. "But he certainly
loves to fuck, and I love that too."

"I could tell, " I said, smiling back at her,
"and I love it too. It's just that I can't
resist the taste of hot cum in a woman's box."
I reached down with my other hand and covered her pussy,
still wet from my mouth. "I think you're a wonderful
screw, Laura."

She raised her hands and stretched, her thighs spreading
wider. "Then get with it, " she laughed. "I
want to feel your big bone in my cunt."

We went at it first in the missionary position, my hands
covering and gently squeezing her breasts as I kissed her
and felt her hands directing me to the generous opening
of her vagina. We both sighed when the swollen cock head
slipped into her on the bed of juices, and then slowly spread
the tight ring of muscle that guarded her core. Like Linda,
Laura had one of those hot boxes that is just a delight to
fuck. I didn't have to move as she lifted her legs to
cross over my back, and I felt my rigid cock sink deep into
that sweet pussy. The residue of Tim's cum and the juices
we had generated in Laura made my entry easy. Still, she
gasped slightly as I reached her cervix and pressed tightly
against it. Within a few strokes she was comfortable again
and we resumed the slow movements together that had caused
me to fill her with cum the first time I fucked her.

"Oh, wow, this feels wonderful!" Laura gasped
between thrusts that she was meeting with equal vigor.
"If you were mine, I'd never let you go."

"Are you sure?" I asked with a smile. "I
thought you said that you enjoyed watching Time fuck another
woman while you got your own jollies."

"Okay, okay, you caught me, " she laughed.
I like it with other guys too, but you have to admit it's
such a beautiful sight watching your wife getting fucked.
Linda likes to fuck, doesn't she?"

"Yes, and I love seeing her getting screwed, just
like you. It took us a long time to reach the point she was
willing to admit she wanted another man to fuck her, but
she certainly liked what Tim did to her, and she doesn't
mind a little extramarital sex at all now, although she'd
never admit it.”

"With Mike?" she asked. I had to smile. She had
suspected for months that Mike was her lover. I nodded.

"Unh hunh, ” I answered, realizing that I was giving
away one of Linda’s most closely guarded secrets to a woman
who would almost certainly use it to become a competitor
for Mike’s hard dick. He was the first, but I know now that
he won't be the last. Tim gave her a real ride and he's
so busy fucking her right now I doubt that either of them
will slow down before noon."

"Does Mike fuck her often?"

I laughed. "Every time they have a chance to get together.
He's an ass man and likes the feeling of her ass in his
hands when he fucks her. She likes the way he makes love to
her, taking his time and getting her all hot and bothered
before he screws her."

"Like Tim did the other night?" She smiled.
I knew that she was fishing. She wanted to know if Linda liked
the idea of my fucking Laura.

I nodded. "I thought they were never going to get around
to it at first. You had me so hot I wanted to screw you right
there and then, " I told her, giving her breast a squeeze
as I eased in and out of her hot pussy, "but it wasn't
quite right yet. I know she had been thinking about it, but
the moment didn't come until you called."

"I couldn't go to sleep, Laura admitted. "All
I could think of was how good your hands felt on me. I asked
Tim if he wanted to fuck Linda and he admitted that he did,
so I decided to push it a little."

"I'm glad you did. We were both wide awake. I had
already screwed her, but she wanted more. So when I asked
her if she wanted to come over while you came over to our house,
she was ready."

"I was a little worried. She didn't say anything
when we passed." She laughed again.

"She was probably already thinking of how much she
was going to enjoy it. She had been so hot when he was dancing
with her. Her nipples were still hard when I fucked her.
She damn near me when we got home. I could see the redness
that Tim's hands had left on her breasts, and her crotch
was soaked. She wanted him. There was no doubt about that."

I was hard as a rock with just the thought. I laughed. "When
I saw you in that slinky little nightgown with nothing beneath
it, you almost got screwed right there in the living room."

"I thought about that, " Laura sighed. "It
wasn't a bad idea, either, but when you took me into
the bedroom and began eating me, I couldn't let go of
you. If it hadn't gotten light so early, we'd probably
still have been at it." Her arms and legs tightened
around me again. "I wanted you even more this morning
when Tim fucked me and told me that he planned on going over
to your house today. I wasn't sure how you would take
to the idea of him fucking your wife again, especially since
you didn't have anyone to screw, but I couldn't
object." She smiled. I felt my cock swelling even

"I'm going to make sure now that he keeps wanting
to go over there. Don't be surprised if he broaches
the idea of a longer swap, like a week together, "
she giggled.

"Oh man, I'd love that!" I exclaimed, feeling
my cock swelling in her ribbed vagina like excited fingers.
"I'd fuck you every day, all day, and eat you every
time in between." I laughed.

"We're going to do it, " she sighed, with
a look of determination on her face. She slowly sank back
into the luxury of her orgasm, feeling my dick stroking
her sweet hole, lubed by the combination of our juices.
My hands and mouth worshiped her small but adequate breasts,
sucking and pulling on the hard nipples until she could
stand it no longer. The combination of knowing her husband
was fucking my wife while I took my feast from her own honey
hole, and the feeling of our bodies joined as I lay on her
belly with my cock wedged tightly in her cunt, sent us over
the edge together. We came together, feeling her vagina
filled with my own hot cum until it ran from her pussy in a
swollen torrent as we clutched each other, mewling meaningless
cries. She bathed my cock in her own juices at the end of her
vagina. Only when we had slowed and then stopped our mutual
lunging and jerking did we roll apart, still cradling each
other's head in our arms.

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"Me too, " Laura added, still gasping for breath.
"No one has ever fucked me like you do. When you put
that thing in me all I can think of is pulling it deeper and
cuming with you."

"That's exactly the way I feel. Sinking my dick
into you is like sliding it down the most luxurious tunnel
in the world. I can feel every muscle in your pussy milking
me when we fuck."

Laura rolled over on her side and began toying with my nipples.

"It's almost the same feeling I get when your
tongue is in there, " she laughed. "I can't
even imagine what it would be like to fuck you like this all
day and all night too."

"Well you're about to find out, " I laughed
with her. "It's already three o'clock.
We've been at it for over two hours already. Do you think
we should give Linda and Tim a call and see if they want to
just keep it like this, or would you like to watch him fuck
her while I fuck you?"

"Decisions, decisions, " she said softly,
watching me closely.

"Would it bother you if I said I'd like to watch
them going at it?"

"Not at all, " she shook her head slowly. "In
fact I think I'd enjoy it too."

I smiled when she added, "Why don't you clean
me up, " she purred, spreading her legs wide, exposing
her cum covered bush and the bright river of cum still oozing
from her pussy, "and we'll see if they object."
She gave me a knowing smile and straddled me again. I certainly
didn't want to leave her with all that good cum leaking
down her thighs, so I did her again, eating Laura's
well filled snatch, tasting my own cum and the residual
of what she and Tim had generated earlier filling my mouth
again and again.. It had exactly the same effect as before.
I sent Laura howling into her third and fourth orgasm, one
right after the other, until she couldn't stand it
any longer and rolled off me, onto her back. She gasped when
I dived between her thighs once more and went at her again.

"We can't have you leaving here all messy, can
we?" I asked, lapping at the swollen lips of her pussy
as she tried to push me away. I cleaned the cum filled pubic
hair of her pussy pelt, sucked cum from her clit and lapped
the lips of her pussy until she begged me to stop.

"No more, please, no more. I can't stop cumming, "
she gasped.

I smiled at her and got to my knees, reaching for her hands
to pull her up into a sitting position.

"Then let's get dressed and go over there, "
I told her once more. "Maybe you can get Tim to fuck
you again." She groaned.

I insisted on helping her get dressed, holding her breasts
in place as she put on a bra, continuing to hold them to "steady
her" as she pulled on her skirt. I reluctantly turned
her loose only when it was impossible for her to dress any

"I would never be dressed if you were with me, "
she said, leaning forward and kissing me as I started to
dress. "I want you all the time."

"And I'd be here all the time, " I laughed,
pushing her back slightly and then kissing her still wet
muff. She giggled.

After calling ahead to let them know we were coming, I let
us in through our locked front door. The house was quiet
except for a soft rustling sound from the bedroom. We walked
down the hall together our arms around each other's
waists, until we stood in the doorway of our bedroom.

Linda was on top of Tim, leaning back against his raised
knees. I could see his cock pressing hard against the forward
part of her cunt, leaving an imprint of its length still
inside her. As we watched, Linda leaned forward to get the
best leverage on that hard dick still punching her pussy.
Tim took one breast in his mouth and was gently grinding
the other against the wall of her chest as she slowly rode
her private pony.

"Come on in, " she managed to gasp as she noticed
us. "Maybe you can take over, " she told Laura.
"Tim has just about fucked me down."

Laura smiled, shaking her head. "We just came over
to watch and enjoy ourselves. You two look like you're
doing just fine. How about it, honey, are you enjoying yourself?"

"I never knew there were so many ways to fuck a woman, "
Tim answered, his grin spreading from ear to ear as he squeezed
my wife's breasts and thrust upward into her cum-covered
pussy. "As far as fucking her down, I'm not even
close yet."

I notice the strange look Linda gave Laura after her off
the cuff remark. She knew that I had been over at Laura's,
fucking her for hours, and she knew how much I enjoyed seeing
her fucked by another man but something still bothered
her. Whatever was the reason, it obviously wasn't
going to slow her down. Even as we began talking to each other,
clothes coming off once more, joining our mates on the big
bed, Linda began the jerking shuddering motions that I
knew signaled her orgasm.

Tim responded exactly as I would have hoped. Thrusting
up hard into my wife's well filled vagina, splattering
the cum that had leaked down into his pubic hair, grinding
himself into her own thoroughly soaked snatch.

"Oh, oh, oh, " she managed to gasp, leaning
back and letting the cum flow down Tim's rigid rod,
her head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes closed, savoring
the moment as Tim continued to ram his dick into her cunt,
holding her down by her hips for better penetration of my
wife's pussy. Her vagina full of Tim’s potent seed,
she fell forward as the orgasm peaked, giving Tim a mouthful
of her breast, held in both hands to his sucking mouth.

Tim was giving a good account of himself as I thrust my cock
into his wife's pussy, pounding my cock into her well
lubed pussy as she met me more than halfway. I caught her
legs in my elbows and almost turned her over onto her head
as I fed her cunt in punishing, long, hard strokes. It was
the first time all over again. I had fucked her just like
this. I think Tim was surprised when his wife began screaming
for me to fuck her harder. His hand went out to her, sliding
under her head. She caught at it, squeezing it hard as she
came again and I fucked her pussy harder. She let his hand
drop and I watched it snake down over his belly until she
had it caught between her third and fourth fingers, palm
up, cupping Linda's cunt while her lover continued
fucking her. I hadn't seen that look on Linda's
face before. It was months before she would willingly admit
that she enjoyed the feeling of another woman's hand
on her pussy.

What was an even greater surprise was the look that came
over Laura's face as her hand grasped my wife's
sodden cunt, now pressed tightly into her palm. Tim continued
pounding my wife's pussy, feeding her inches of hard
dick without regard for the peaking orgasm that now flooded
Laura's palm. Laura's thumb found its way to my
wife's clit and began grinding against it, making
her orgasm even stronger than Tim's hard dick. Laura
had obviously done this before and knew the effect it would

Linda leaned forward again, grinding her clit against
the rigid thumb that was intensifying her pleasure. Tim
caught on immediately and began bucking harder against
Linda, driving his wife's thumb even more directly
against Linda's clit. Despite the fact that she had
just been through an obviously earth shaking orgasm only
moments before, I was surprised to see the pre-orgasmic
flush creeping up Linda's body signaling another.
Laura, seeing the results of her efforts, pushed me back
slightly. She twisted her body beneath me until her head
rested on her husband's belly. She pushed harder,
pressing her head between the two lovers, until she could
kiss that inch or so of his cock that wasn’t filling my wife's
cunt. What was even more a surprise to me was when my wife
smiled and leaned back against Tim's raised knees,
giving Laura more latitude to kiss her way up until I could
see Laura's tongue exploring that connection, slowly
lapping my wife's pussy and her husband's cock.

Linda gasped when she began her next orgasm, just as Tim
filled her cunt once more. I saw Laura's lips coated
with the cum that poured from my wife's stretched pussy.
It seemed like it was never going to stop. Both women were
smiling when they slowly broke that connection. I kissed
Laura’s cum-coated lips, tasting Linda and Tom’s juices
as I squeezed Laura’s now very swollen tits. I didn't
see it happen again for a long time, but the wait was worth
it. Laura, on her knees now, was thrusting hard against
my cock as I gave her my own load of cum.

Hours later, well into the night, we separated once more.
I knew it would happen again, Linda wanted more of Tim’s
cum in her and I wanted Laura’s sweet pussy juices in my own
mouth. I just didn’t know when or how often I would enjoy
them, especially watching another man fucking my lovely
wife and seeing her squirm in orgasmic bliss.

Linda and Tim made it together frequently during the time
we remained at that location. Mike didn’t show any signs
of jealousy although there were times when he would fuck
Linda through a load of Tim’s cum. It did nothing to reduce
his pleasure and Linda couldn’t get enough of her now duet
of lovers. What happened next was so surprising that I would
never have guessed. That’s “A Swinging Door Opens Wider
3’”, hopefully early next month. Remember these are true
stories that show just how easily a door can open for those
who read of our adventures.

I don't know exactly when what I'm going to describe
happened, because it wasn't until years later that
I found out just how extensive the relationship between
my wife and Mike had been. It slowly leaked from both of them
as we became even closer and I saw my wife becoming exactly
what I had wanted ‒ a loving wife, and a fantastically sexy
woman who realized that she didn't have to limit herself
to one man. At the time that even this occurred, she was still
confusing lust with love. It took a long time for her to recognize
the difference and that, while she could feel the beauty
of a close relationship with other men, it wasn't the
same as our love for each other. I also began to realize that
I had created a situation that could be dangerous to our
own relationship. Still, I couldn't resist it. I had
started it; it was up to me to help her see the difference.

By this time, she was head over heels "in love"
with Mike. She not only enjoyed the sex with him, she wanted
more than he could offer. In reality, what she really wanted,
was to feel herself impaled on his rigid, thick cock over
and over, although she would have denied that it was her
primary interest. Later I learned that the two of them had
discussed their situation often during the years they
pursued their relationship, and never reached a satisfactory
solution ‒ until, as she gained experience, she realized
that it no longer made any difference whose cock was in her,
only that she had to have it often

But this particular day I'm going to describe was a
joyous one for them both. Obviously, since I wasn't
there, I don't know exactly what happened and I have
to create dialog that may not have been said. Linda told
me the night it happened, but was pretty light on the specifics.
As the two of them spent more time together and I succeeded
in convincing Mike I was aware he was fucking my wife, she
began to tell me more about her experiences. Mike helped
a great deal. Like me, he liked to remember the details,
even to the color of her lingerie. What you see here is what,
over time, I've reconstructed of the event. This is
what they told me happened, each in his or her own way.

Mike had been telling Linda for several days after the first
time he fucked her that he wouldn't be satisfied with
just quickie screws. He wanted more and, fortunately for
me, so did she. Linda had told him that I knew he was screwing
her ‒ not good news to Mike yet. He wasn't too sure yet
how I would take to the idea of him fucking my wife, but he
persevered, fucking her several more times in our home
and in his little Volkswagen before this time. It was all
a build-up to this event.

"Hi, you ready?" Mike asked as Linda opened
the door to our apartment. A glance told him that she was,
even to having her purse. She didn't invite him in;
instead she smiled and joined him outside the door. They
walked together to his car.

They were out of the housing area and down the hill to the
first stop sign before he kissed her, taking more time than
necessary at the sign since no traffic interfered. He had
his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close, his left
hand roaming over her full breasts as his tongue snaked
into her mouth and he fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

Linda slapped at his hand playfully. She didn't want
to, but she broke the kiss and started to refasten the buttons
before his hand reached across and stopped her.

"Where we're going, no one will see you, and besides,
I love the view, " he laughed.

"Where are we going?" she asked from curiosity.
Her hand stopped.

Mike laughed again. "Just lean back and enjoy, like
I am, " he replied, pushing her hand away and unfastening
the buttons below those he had already opened. "It's
not far." He smiled even more as my wife smiled and
spread the lapels of her blouse wide, disclosing the sheer
bra she wore and giving Mike the view he wanted..

"I hope not, " she almost whispered. Her glance
took in the ramrod stiffness of Mikes cock, already swollen
and leaking pre-cum in a rapidly growing circle at the end
of his visibly throbbing manhood. She let her hand slide
over his thigh and clutched it, earning a soft groan from
her lover.

"Oh, honey, I wish we were there now. Take it out. I
want you to see what I have for you."

She did as he asked and once again felt that warmth in her
crotch that she always felt when she realized that Mike
was going to fuck her. Gripping him tightly and still surprised
by the fact her fingers couldn't close completely
around his fullness, she wished she could suck him as she
knew he wanted her to, but the little car was just too small
for that. Instead, using her thumb, she circled the glistening
head, watching the silvery liquid of his lust spreading
as it oozed from the tip.

The gods were good to them. Traffic was light in the early
morning. Still it seemed to take forever to get there. Both
were in a state of instant readiness by the time they reached
the turnoff where Mike took his little bug up a dirt road
toward a sprawling building at the top of a hill.

"Welcome to the 'Push-Button Motel', "
he laughed as a garage door opened in front of them and he
drove inside. It closed as soon as his car broke the electric
eye matching the one in front that had opened it for them.
A dim bulb was the only light inside the dark garage. Mike
didn't bother to zip his trousers back up as he got out
and went to the door at the side of the garage and opened it.
Another light inside came on and he walked back to the car
to open the door for Linda.

He hugged and kissed her, pressing her back against the
car, feeling her breasts with one hand as his tongue filled
her mouth and was returned. She could feel his bare cock
pressed tightly against her belly, spreading its life
giving fluids over her dress front as he gently squeezed
her right breast.

"Let's go inside, " he said huskily. He
took my wife's hand and led her up the single step separating
the garage from the room at its head.

Linda looked around. A large, king sized bed seemed to be
the only furniture in the room. The coverlet was turned
back and the sheets were obviously fresh. She noticed that
there were no windows in the room, and the only door was the
one into the garage. Mike was carefully locking it even
as her gaze circled the sparse surroundings. She smiled,
and put her bag down on a small table by the door.

Mike picked up a phone hanging from the wall at the head of
the bed and spoke rapidly in Spanish. She caught the words
"all day" and "Margaritas" before
he hung up and turned to smile at her. "Watch this, "
he said, motioning to the back wall. He took some bills from
his pocket and placed them on a lazy susan affair that seemed
to go nowhere. He turned it 180 degrees and sat down on the

"Come here, honey, this won't take long, but
I want to get more comfortable."

Linda put her hands on his shoulders as she stood in front
of our friend and let him finish unbuttoning her blouse
and then slipping it over her shoulders. Putting it on the
bed, he unfastened the waistband of her skirt and then slid
the zipper down, allowing it to fall at her feet.

"Lovely, " he said almost in a whisper as his
hands closed over her, one on her breast, the other pulling
her closer. "Absolutely lovely." He allowed
his right hand to slide down over my wife's belly to
over the transparent wetness in the crotch of her filmy
panties. His hand remained there, gently caressing her
muff while the left slid to the fastenings of her bra. He
watched in fascination as her unclipped bra slid slowly
over her breasts until each cup hung on her erect nipples.
He squeezed her pussy gently as he pulled one strap over
her shoulder, then the other, leaving the useless garment
to slide down my wife's arms and expose her breasts
to his mouth. Her radiant smile showed her approval. Reaching
behind her, his hand pressed tightly against her ass and
forced her between his legs, allowing his mouth to cover
first one nipple, then the other. He sucked them gently,
purposely, and then his head moved back as he watched them
rise higher and strengthen until they became rock hard
little nubbins protruding a half inch from her warm breasts..
"You are so beautiful, " he managed to whisper,
squeezing her pussy tightly, sending a rush of heat into
my wife's sexual core.

A slight squeak at the lazy susan interrupted him for a moment.
He released Linda and went to the device. Pocketing some
small bills, he took the pitcher and two glasses from the
shelf and began slowly pouring the ice-filled beverage
into them.

"Nothing like something to cool us off before we get
too hot, right?" he smiled. Handing one glass to my
wife, he motioned for her to sit down and joined her on the
bed. "Well, what do you think?" he asked, putting
his arm over my wife's shoulder and lifting her breast
in his hand, his eyes centered on the now thrusting nipple
as he encouraged it by squeezing the bountiful boob. "No
one to interrupt us, no one to see us, just you and me, honey
‒ finally!"

Linda liked that. She liked the entire idea of being alone
with the man who had tempted her for so long and now, with
nothing to interrupt them, she gave herself completely
to him. Leaning forward, her lips touched his. Their mouths
opened simultaneously and their tongues fought for dominance.
Instead it came out to be a tie.

"I've been waiting for too long too, "
she admitted, straightening up and leaning back to watch
his reaction. "It's nice having you come over
to the apartment, but nothing compared to this."
She looked around. Remembering the way the door had closed
behind his car, she realized that no one would ever know
they were here together. It eased the last bit of trepidation
she had experienced that morning when he picked her up.
At last she could be frank and open with him. "You got
me started doing this; now I can't get enough. I want
you all the time."

"I feel the same way, Linda, " Mike said, his
face turning serious, then slowly returning to his endearing
grin as he continued, "but neither of us are going
to do anything except have a lot of fun together and make
the most of every moment we have, are we?

Linda shook her head ruefully and finally managed to smile
too. "No, and it's a shame. But somehow I doubt
it would be this good if it were legal."

That earned a laugh from Mike. He took her breast in his hand,
and gently squeezed it, watching her nipple rise. Without
turning it loose, he kissed her again. He put his glass on
the nightstand and pushed her back on the bed. In a stage
whisper he added, "Now I'm going to fuck you,
milady, all day, in every way I know of and a few we'll
make up as we go along. Are you ready for that?"

"I've been ready for you ever since that first
time, " Linda growled, and began tearing at Mike's
clothes, shedding them from his body as he had stripped
her. She stopped to admire his cock which stood like a flagpole
almost parallel to his body, bobbing as though in a breeze
and already glistening with pre-cum. "Is this for
me?" she giggled, trying vainly to wrap her hand around
his manhood, remembering the hardness of his flesh inside
her. She tried to pull him down on the bed with her, but he
pushed her back, staring at her with that gentle, devilish
smile as he completed taking off his clothes, shedding
his shoes and socks as her eyes devoured him.

"Now, Linda, I've got you just where I want you
‒ all alone, and all day." He bent forward and picked
her up in his arms, straightening her on the bed, then crawling
in beside her. They turned on their sides to face each other
and melded into one closely connected body.

Mike, Linda told me later, was a world class kisser. He knew
everything about using his mouth, his tongue and the rest
of his body to turn a woman into a whimpering, passion hungry
bundle of erotic nerve endings ‒ and he used every one of
them that day as he took her. His hands were all over her,
stroking and kneading her, from her hair to her toes. Kissing
and fondling her, making her feel she was being loved by
Casanova himself.

Her leg slid over his, exposing her already engorged pussy
to his throbbing manhood. Despite the disparity of their
height, she could feel it already pressing against the
slightly open lips of her vagina. She shuddered with pleasure
as she felt his lips touch one nipple. "They're
yours, " she whispered, pulling his head closer
to her breast, "just like they've always been
from the first." As she gave herself to her lover,
she remembered how her need for him had grown with each touch
of his hands on her body. Right from the time he had danced
with her, she remembered the almost ache her body had developed,
hoping that he too felt the need for him inside her.

Linda thought back as her lover began preparing her for
the enjoyment they shared. She was almost purring with
satisfaction as Mike prepared her for what she knew would
be one of the fantastic sessions they had together. Right
from the first time he had fucked her, she knew she had to
have more of Mike. It still seemed so strange to her that
she could love Earl and still welcome the sex she shared
with Mike. It had come as a shock to her that Earl was willing
to let Mike make love to her. She had been true to him alone
for those first twelve years of their marriage. When she
heard him say that he wanted her to allow Mike to make love
to her she was frightened. Did it mean he no longer loved
her? Was he leaving her? Then, as the days had passed without
apparent concern for his visits to their apartment, the
time they spent together being unquestioned, and the nights
when she knew Earl could feel her lover's seed still
warm and oozing from her vagina, she asked him point blank
if he wanted her to stop.

"Why should you?" he had asked her. "You're
enjoying it, aren't you?"

She had admitted that she was.

"Then I don't see any reason why you should, "
he had told her with a smile as he pulled her on top of him.
"You aren't thinking of leaving me for him. Are
you?" he asked seriously.

When she had shaken her head and bent forward to kiss him,
he had continued, his face split with a wide smile. "Then
why shouldn't you two be together as often as you want?
It doesn't hurt me, and you aren't property that
I can deny someone else using or enjoying. You're free,
white and over twenty-one. You can do anything you want,
anytime you want. Besides, I like fucking you after he has.
I like the fact that you're so open and ready for me,
that you're so juicy. And you've learned a lot
just from the few times you've gotten together with
him. Remember how you used to be so against me eating you?
Yet, ever since he did it to you, you've said you didn't
mind. In fact just like last night, when you had me go down
on you before we started, you've actually reached
orgasm that way a couple of times. That has to be one of the
benefits I'm getting from this ‒ and you know how I like
eating your hot, sweet pussy."

Linda had shuddered as she felt her husband enter her that
night. The glob of still warm semen in her vagina had slid
down the length of his cock and puddled in his pubic hair.
Still, she had admitted to herself, he didn't complain
and she felt wonderful riding atop that hardness, just
as she had with Mike only a few hours before.

"That's what I like, " he had groaned as
she settled down and began riding his rampant cock, "a
nice, hot, well-fucked pussy. I like for him to fuck you,
Linda. And I hope you'll let him continue. Every time
he's had you, you've been even better than you
were when we first married. Enjoy him, honey, " She
felt his hands pulling down on her hips as his own thrust
upward to meet her crotch. "I want you to fuck him as
often as you like."

That had been the end of her real concerns, she realized.
Earl hadn't tried to find another playmate, nor had
he questioned her about her absences during the day. He
hadn't been upset about the wet spots in their bed in
the early evening when he told her that he wanted to fuck
her, and he had reached the point where she welcomed his
mouth covering her pussy as she sat upright and let her lover's
semen fill his mouth. Sex was so much better and more frequent
now than it had been just a few months ago, and she owed it
all to this man who she felt entering her now, with her husband's

"Where are you, honey?" Mike asked her tenderly,
releasing her nipple for a moment. "You seem so far

"I'm right here, " she had answered, "with
you." She had replied, adjusting her hips slightly
to give him a straighter entrance into her pussy. She giggled
slightly and then added, "Just like I want to be, with
Earl knowing all about it and wanting me to fuck you."
She gave a small gasp of pleasure as she felt Mike pressing
deep into her. "I love the way you fuck me. Now do it.
Fuck me like you always tell me you want to screw me. I want
you to fuck me all day!"

"That will be my pleasure, Linda, " Mike smiled,
settling back down to the swollen nipple and sucking it
into his mouth once more. He barely had time to add, "and
I'm going to fuck you even more often now that Earl knows
about us."

Linda's heart sang. She hoped so. The two or three times
a week that her lover spent inside her were hardly enough
anymore. She wanted him constantly, often calling him
during the day to see if he could come over and give her some
of the loving that she enjoyed so much with him. She sighed
as she felt the swollen knob of his cock push past the muscles
protecting her juicy vagina. He took her slowly, advancing
and retreating, gaining just millimeters at a time until
she felt him reach bottom inside her. She sighed as she felt
his cock against her cervix and he adjusted himself so that
her face was buried in his chest. She could feel his arms
pressing down on her shoulders, trying to force himself
deeper into her hungry twat.

She loved it when Mike described what he was doing or planned
to do to her. It was such a departure from the early days when
she had been so uptight about sex. She realized now that
Earl had been preparing her for almost a year to enjoy this
as she was now.

She sighed with passion as she felt her lover's fingers
close over her breasts and gently begin squeezing them
as his hips began thrusting into her crotch. "I love
it." She whispered to him once again. It didn't
take much to convince Linda that she wanted Mike to fuck
her. The two or three times he had visited our apartment,
either during the day or on the nights when I had been gone,
had convinced her that here was a man who could provide not
only the most erotic experiences she had ever had, but some
of the best fucking she had ever enjoyed.

Mike liked the sound of that too. He had long before, even
the first time, found that this woman loved to screw and
could enjoy it as long as or longer than any man fortunate
enough to bed her. He had learned, bit by bit, about other
men who had screwed his wife since they had been married,
but still had never experienced anything like the lust
this one displayed when he took the time to make her as hot
as he had her now. She not only knew the moves, she knew the
language and wasn't afraid to tell him how she liked
his cock buried deep in her cunt, or how she wanted to feel
his sperm flooding her fertile womb.

As always, he was gentle. He had also found out that she liked
to have him do her gently, at least until the last orgasm
she could stand when she insisted her fuck her hard and shoot
his load into her pussy. Not only was the gentle touch more
comfortable for her, it insured that she could last through
the multiple orgasms of which she was capable. He never
ceased to be amazed at the fantastic heat he felt surrounding
his cock as it slid ever deeper into her, lubricated by the
juices that flowed so freely from both. And those tits…..god,
he loved them! Two mammoth mounds of female flesh that tasted
as wonderful as they felt pressed tightly against his chest,
into his hands, or his mouth.

My wife, I found out later, crooned with contentment when
she found a man who could satisfy her like Mike and some of
the other men who fucked her during the later years. Too
often it was more or less of a mindless hurry until they came
in her. Then, keeping them contained in her arms as they
nuzzled her full breasts, they usually found themselves
in the tender juicy trap and slowly rising to the occasion
a second time. The second time was always better and I often
heard her humming with pleasure as she felt the thick hardness
of her lover's cock filling her until it touched and
sometimes even penetrated her cervix, enlarging the opening
for his cum to invade her womb. She told me later that it had
hurt the first few times Mike had gotten that deep into her,
at least an inch deeper than I was now able to reach, but as
she grew used to it and found that the semen flooding the
delicate coral channel was so wonderfully stimulating
she wanted it as deep inside her as she could get it when a
man fucked her and she wanted it often.

Mike was always happy to oblige. Now, as he gently wiped
her vagina with his juices, he knew she would soon be wanting
him to fuck her senseless. Almost as soon as he had visualized
the thought, he felt her arms pulling at him, and her voice
whispering to him to fuck her harder, to fill her completely.

"Ah, that's better, " she told him as she
felt him reach beneath her legs and lift them until her knees
were almost parallel to her upper body and she could feel
the length of him striking bottom, swelling with anticipation
of what he planned to do with her. "I just wish Earl
was here to watch you doing me like this. He loves knowing
that you've fucked me and he wants so much to see you
do it."

"I'll be happy to show him someday, " Mike
huffed, thrusting into my wife. "But for right now,
all I want to do is to have you just the way I've been telling
you I want you ever since the first night we were together."
He raised himself on his hands into an almost upright position
and gazed down the length of their joined bodies ending
only where he could see his pubic hair grinding into my wife's.
His g

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